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Arhi FF MMA Thd3 pt 17& Thd 4 -pg139 31/7 (Page 22)

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Hello Hi Bye Bye...
I am Waiting...Day Dreaming Wink

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update chahiye
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update soon..plzzz

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He hung up his call after talking to his Khushi, turning around the immigration counter he proceeded towards the gate. It was a surprise.. he wanted to be a suprise for his Khushi to see him the next day afternoon at her room. He was sure she would come running into his arms.. A little smile played along his lips while he gazed at the gift he was clutching in his hand.. A pearl jewellery set.. which would bring the million dollar smile on her face.. Nothing has ever satisfied him than her smile even if it was forceful. She has never demanded anything till date.. still he knew her liking towards pearl. He carefully placed inside his coat only to make her wear the first thing that he is gonna do when he sees her. After switching off his phone in the plane ordering his office not to inform about his itinerary he set off his travel back to India..

After he took out the luggage from the conveyor belt he thought of switching on his phone. It was a Sunday after noon.. Khushi would be indulged in playing games with her neighbor kids or trying to catch up some sleep.. Deciding to switch on the phone outside the airport he walked towards the exit. He moved near the side of the TV screen  to switch on the mobile. It was pretty crowded around the screen.. He didnt bother to notice the reason for it.. His back was turned to the screen. The crowd was carefully watching Shreyas Gupta's interview in Vision Channel. The crowd were murmuring and discussing about the interview.

Look at the charisma of that girl. She truly deserves to be an anchor.. The spontaneity of her questions and the smile wow. She is truly gorgeous.

Yea.. She is damn hot than the previous one Rhea.. That girl never had this beauty.. Look at her face, charm, her eyes  and most importantly her rose lips.. I truly tell you the one who is going to marry her is damn lucky..

Wish I could be that lucky one.. Afterall who cant feel lucky if  beauty and talent compiles in one girl who could be a partner.

All of them had a big laugh while Arnav who was indirectly listening to the conversation clenched his teeth for teasing a girl.. He would have slammed them then and there but he had better things to do.. he had to meet his Khushi. When his phone switched on he found missed calls all from Khushi.   He knew she would have been desperate when he had switched off the phone.. He smiled and tried her number which was not picked by anyone.

Arnav : Khushi.. where are you ? Sleeping or at office today?

While he was mentally contemplating, the guys who were discussing drew his attention.. His constant ringing halted abruptly when he heard a familiar voice in the background.. He turned swiftly.. Utter shock.. it was his own Khushi who was interviewing that writer. He couldnt believe his eyes.. She had dressed like a professional anchor without her spectacles looking breathtakingly beautiful interviewing the famous writer. His blood began to boil. She had gone against his wishes. She never does that.. what was the reason for her overtaking decision?  On the top of it his rage doubled when he deciphered that the girl whom these guys were talking about was his Khushi.. His nose flared, clenching his fists he was about to punch that guys in one go..but to his annoyance they had left the place while he was watching the tv screen. He got riled up... He couldnt control himself to stand there for even one minute. He moved to the car which he had called up from Paris to bring to the airport without anyone's knowledge. The driver was trying to take the luggage but he just shoved off the driver took the keys and rushed out of the airport.. The driver was scared to see him like this.

He was no less than a beast. The accelerator would have cried if it had a mouth. He trampled the accelerator with such a force with utmost resentment. He didn't care about the vehicles from the opposite side.. All he was focused was on his path to reach her place.. to meet her to drag her to  question her.. The answers to which she was bound to answer ONLY TO HIM..


Khushi was standing among her colleagues who were showering praises for her excellent interview. Lavanya was attending a call from Aman who had been enthusiastic in seeing Khushi in TV.. Khushi was still tensed about Arnav. Her concerns of his safety and nervousness of confronting him with his questions was making her go mad. She was still happy a satisfaction of success that she could be considered as a befitting replacement for that post.

Like a thundershock the glass door of the newsroom slashed the corridor startling all of them.  All eyes turned towards the source of the noise.. Arnav Singh Raizada with his ferocious killing look entered in like a tornado into their room with red eyes. Khushi couldnt digest the reality.. Her ASR is here that too looking at him in this avatar, she was nervous like hell. She felt like stabbing herself out of fear. His one look was enough for all of them to move aside from his Khushi.. He took long strides to reach her thats when he saw her in knee length skirt and coat exactly opposite to what he wished. His eyes travelling over her could be easily detectable to Khushi who gulped in nervousness. He saw the eyes of all her colleagues most of them bend down their heads in fear. Lavanya was about to near the mad elephant who looked like crushing everyone in one go.

Arnav  didnt give attention to anyone. His eyes bore several questions to the concerned person who looked down not to know what she had to do.. He caught her arms and dragged her outside with full force.. His pull was such forceful that she felt like she was flying in the air. She closed her eyes tight till she was pushed inside the car and taken off from the office.

He drived recklessly through the roads of Delhi. Khushi didnt have the guts to even look at his face.. She was ready to bear the wrath.. Afterall it was her mistake.. but she didnt expect the fury had this much intensity. After pulling out the brake he got down dragging her outside the car.. There were some moments of silence.. If he had gone with the same intensity he would have killed her.. He stopped himself to get settled down.. She was fiddling her fingers bending her head down. He turned to look at her nervous wreck state but her clothes and appearance irked him.. He closed his eyes gulping a part of his anger. Gritting his teeth he started

Arnav : What the bloody hell was that?

It was a scary voice.. it shook her whole self who was already ready to get killed herself.

Arnav : Im asking you damnit..

Khushi trembled in fear and finally looked at his eyes..

Khushi :ASR.. I.. Im .. I.. couldnt...

He turned facing her his back.. The image of the crowd watching her admiring her through the TV screens flashed across his thoughts.. He closed his eyes in anger.Khushi could do nothing but open out instead of suppressing within.

Khushi : ASR .. Please.. I...

Arnav : Resign ...(He instantly commanded only to make her look at him in surprise)

Khushi: What??

He clutched her forearms pulling her close to him..

Arnav : I said Resign your job..Today itself.. No need for you to work anymore.. You did enough behind my back..

Khushi : ASR.. but.. how?

Arnav roared at the top of his voice making her shiver...

Arnav : I said Resign dammit..End of discussion..

Khushi was shell shocked. Just when she felt she was aiming to achieve  something in her life it is coming to an end. She couldn't control her tears but somehow suppressed her feelings..

Khushi : But why ASR ?

Arnav (raising an eyebrow in anger): Since when did you start questioning my decisions?

Khushi : I dont mean to question your decision. I just wanted to know the reason behind it.. I was given this opportunity considering the fact that my talent could be harnessed with a small step in my career. Just after giving the hopes to everyone surrounding me , one small light in the path of my career you just ask me to put off that light..

Arnav: So choose one.. Career or Me ?

Khushi :. of course you.. but dont I have that simple humanitarian concern to know the reason behind it.. Is it because that I decided without consulting you?  I even tried to call you several times to ask about this.. Your phone was off.

Arnav:  So you decided that you could easily convince me later. You didn't expect me to return back so soon.. uh?

Khushi (shrugging her shoulders) :Do you mean the ego in you wants to kill my career?

Arnav(roaring) : I am egoistic. I dont give a damn to what others think or you think about my ego..I dont like you being admired by the cheap public. Its just a show off , a public display of your  physical self.. Do you get that?

Khushi :ASR what rubbish? Do you think people would be looking at my face hands and legs instead of listening to my questions and the talk with the celebrity.. ASR its purely professional!

He pinned her hands at the back.. she didnt flinch at the sudden action.

Arnav : F*** with your professionalism.. Do what I say?  Or decide between the two !

Khushi was sure she couldn't convince him..He was at the top of dominance.. No one in this world could convince him.. There was no way than agreeing to his wishes.. Tears rolled over her cheeks which couldn't hold back for long.. It was the end of her dreams, her career. Not that she expected to shine in her career but the opportunity she had utilized and the compliments she received earlier gave some hope which has been crushed now..

Khushi:  Fine.. I will resign today..I think you can better give explanations to my director..

Arnav :.. I will take care of it.

Arnav sighed but one look at her tears which was emerging continuously that stained her beautiful face stuck him.. He held her shoulders with the index finger raising her chin up. Her tears, beautiful eyes quivering lips made him go weak.. but the something hit him inside..

"Yea.. She is damn hot than the previous one.. That girl never had this beauty.. Look at her face, charm, her eyes  and most importantly her rose lips.. I truly tell you the one who is going to marry her is damn lucky..

Wish I could be that lucky one.. Afterall who cant feel lucky if  beauty and talent compiles in one girl who could be a partner."

He got infuriated at the gross thoughts. He forcefully held her nape bringing close to his face. Those lip which created desires in some random people was irking him so much.. He didnt think anymore..clutching her hair on one hand and the nape on the other he forcefully claimed her lips.. the maximum torture he gave her.. She couldn't even think for one second what he was upto.It was harsh more like a blood sucking vampire.She didnt respond.. Their lips were moistened by her tears.. the tears of submission, the tears of undeniable love..

Arnav : You are mine.. No one can snatch you from me.. Samjhi tum? ( Do you understand?)

Arnav backed off when the tears hit his lips.. He never liked those tears.. Never in his life. But why does she have to cry when she consider him above all her dreams and career. Wasnt he her dream ?He stared at the eyes that were blank in expression.. Nothing was conveyed through her eyes.. Her swollen lips created a pang in his heart.. He was never ruthless to her like this.. He held her face close to his chest. She rested on his chest not for solace but to listen to him like ever..Hearing the heartbeats of her man whose behavior was never predictable.. Never ever!


Director : Arnav whats this beta?  Do you even know how much we gained viewership with this interview of Khushi?  We have been flooded with requests to retain Khushi as the permanent caster of this show..She has just won so many hearts with her interview. Why do you want her to resign now ?

Arnav : Uncle I hope you got the resignation letter from Lavanya. Please dont indulge much in questioning about her career. We have already decided. I dont think Khushi's face value would increase your credibility of the shows in  ur channel.. Hope you understand uncle.  Bye.

Saying he hung up the call and saw Khushi leaning her head on his car window. He ran his fingers through the strands of her hair from the forehead.. A weak smile spread across her lips. Her tears had dried up which she had hidden with the spectacles which he had bought for her. He dropped her in her house.. She got down from his car but there was a pull by her duppata inside.. Obliging his urge she got into the car to face him with the same weak smile..

Arnav took out the the pearl set from his coat pocket which was kept at the backseat. Slowly taking her hands in his he placed the set on her palms. She was numb but her questioning eyes with silence was broken when he himself opened the set for her eyes to witness. The shining which he expected in her eyes were missing.. He saw her hands admiring the piece but the glee the excitement were surely missing. She smiled at him with contentment and uttered a thanks.

Arnav got annoyed at her expressions but didn't wish to show her again. He leaned forwards cupping her face. She was expecting one more kiss on the already hurt lips where her bruise was hidden of his previous assault.. He looked back at the bruise again but this time he was soothing it. A gush of warmth spread across her whole body by his act. This man cant express his love through words but only actions.. Sometimes his actions and assault shows his immense love she thought. She hugged him for his concern. Wishing him a good night she left the car.The next day would bring a new beginning she thought..


Khushi entered her room ignoring the hurling questions at her from her parents and sister. She closed the door.. inside the confines of her room she let out her cries loudly only to be heard by herself.. She didnt want anyone else to even get a slight doubt on her.. She cried the whole night battling out her emotions, her love vs her pursuit. Her love did  win the striking balance of her life.. She can withstand this disappointment.. she have to for her love.. She coiled herself under the quilt to get some sleep after wards..

Arnav on the other hand was welcomed by the whole family with questioning glances. Avinash was hell outraged at his act.. He never in his dreams thought about his chote would turn into such a ruthless soul.. Arnav expected this coming on his way. He was trying to walk past them but Avinash held his hands making him face them.

Avinash : I want to talk to you.. Wait there.

Arnav :Not now.. Im very tired..

Anjali : How can you do this chotey?  How dare you?  Who are you to decide Khushi's career?

That flared up the already boiling anger in him. He had just calmed down for Khushi now this is getting out of his limits he thought.

Arnav : and who are you to question me ?Its mine and Khushi's life.. Better stay in your limits di..

The whole family got the shock of their life.. They didnt expect such a word from Arnav.. Right when they thought he was changing for good accepting the whole family thunder stuck again.. Anjali couldnt stop her uncontrollable tears flowing through her cheeks when she heard such words from her cousin brother.

Anjum : What are you talking chotey? Do you have any idea whom you are insulting ? She is your di.. who love you more like a mother..

Arnav : Yes.. I call her di..but as a matter of Fact if I could remind you all you are not my own parents nor di my own sister. Ask your son he would be the best person to explain this.

Akash closed his eyes in guilt. He never felt disgusted of himself like this.. The whole family was tonguetied..Arnav noticed their inability to react or respond took this opportunity to rush to his room. At the end of the stairs he stopped and turned back to face them.

Arnav : And if you think I still dont have the right to stay in this house, then I can get out from here first thing in the morning.

That was an ultimatum to the whole family.. They felt shattered.. All their hopes of getting back the Arnav in ASR has become vague now.They couldnt do anything rather than praying for that kind soul to get  strength to handle him..


Next morning

Garima and Sashi was waiting for Khushi's reply.. She had come out of her room after her shower with a smile.. She went quietly to prepare breakfast. After  the breakfast she took a mug of coffee with her newspaper sitting across the hall reading it. Sashi saw some determination in her face.. She didnt show the pain, she is crossing the hurdles of her life taking up her love as a priority.. He felt proud for his daughter but emotionally sad when he saw his daughter getting helpless for her own decisions.. Garima was expecting Sashi to start the topic but looking at his kind look at his daughter she couldn't hold back..

Garima : Khushi.. why did you resign? What was the need?

Khushi was trying to be silent but she was sure her mother wont stop her questions even if she remain silent.. it would affect her heart problems..

Khushi : Ma.. I dont think I can continue there. I mean I cant.. thats it.

Garima: You cant or your ASR cant ?

Khushi : Ma.. please.. understand.. It was my decision.. ASR had nothing to do with this..

Garima: dont underestimate us Khushi. We are your parents.. we know each and every movement of yours.. Dont try to defend him.. Whats his problem in you working as an anchor?

Khushi : He doesnt like to make me a show piece infront of the crowd. He is right .. and I dont have any objection to him. My love is above all of this ma.. Please dont take up this topic again.

Garima: So are you planning to sit at home hiding from the public for your ASR just to protect him from getting these insecurities ? Thats so stupid of you Khushi.

Sashi : Garima enough dont torture her.. You get ready for your school. Prepare my lunch box ready now..beta you go and rest now..

Khushi soon got into her room thats when her eyes fell on the gift that he had presented her yesterday. She opened it and saw a pearl jewellery set shining white as she liked.. She remembered all those cute moments with him .What can replace those than his happiness she thought..


Ashok and Payal were discussing about Ashok's parents arriving India the next day. He saw Payal's lack of interest & enthusiasm which she had till yesterday. He had been informed about the events yesterday which had made her worried.. He had no guts to talk to Arnav about this too. All he could do was consoling Payal.

Ashok : Payal, we cant do anything about this. Now since Khushi is stubborn in her decision.Its her life.. She should decide.. I hope she has much maturity to decide for herself.

Payal : Thats not the point Ashok. How long Bhai is going to  and dominating her life? I hope he gets a little flexible once..

Ashok : You cant blame him Payal.. he may be right in his POV. I have seen  a very posessive lover in him.. Not to forget I still remember his dhamki when I was trying to flirt with you at first.. His warning that he wouldnt tolerate if I come behind you even if you reject my proposal still shivers me.. He is not that bad.. but he doesnt express himself goody type too. Now my worry is your parents would accept me being Arnav's friend or not?

Payal : Ashok.. what did you say?  Why would they reject you?  Infact why should they be against Bhai?  He has not ditched my sister.. He has always held her with respect. May be she might be influenced by his decisions but that doesnt mean he illtreats her! I would not let anything happen to our relationship nor my bhai's relationship with Khushi..

Ashok : As you say Jhansi ki Rani.. Now I believe in the saying Opposites attract each other.. Me being kind and calm like your sister, you being fierce and vigorous like Arnav..

Ashok was successful in making Payal smile a bit..He wished his parents visit to her house should not create any problem for Payal or Khushi.


Aman was concentrating on the presentation by Arnav. Arnav had his eyes focused on the screen but his presence was somewhere else. He threw glances at the mobile which was kept on the table which was surely disturbing his concentration. Aman could easily detect his boss but not his friend. After the meeting he went near him placing a hand on his shoulders.

Aman : Relax ASR.. Something bothering you ?

Arnav : uh.. nothing.. Did you check on the matter which I told you yesterday ?

Aman :hmm. Sort of.. we cant be sure.. I think it would be a huge investment.not to forget involving high risks.As such its not like our business which focus on productivity.

Arnav :  I dont care Aman. Let s proceed.. I dont want to extend this.. May be we can meet them today itself..

Aman : Did you talk to Khushi ?

Arnav : erm. Aman.. I am not feeling well.. I will be back in an hour. You take care by then.

Arnav left a confusing Aman who sighed in disappointment of what was happening in Arnav's life.


Garima : I dont know what to do now beta.. This is getting really over the head. Khushi is not really in a mind to listen to what I say.. Its all his say.. My husband too supports her.

Sheetal : Aunty. Dont take tensions.. Just relax.. Only way you can get out Khushi from his trap is getting Khushi married to someone..

Garima : I know.. but Im waiting for Payal's alliance.. Its her illfate that she is not getting good proposals..

Sheetal : May be Payal might have any likes or something..

Garima: No.. She would never do that.. I have faith in her..

Sheetal : Aunty you must have had the same faith in Khushi..just imagine what happened to her now ? She is behind him for everything.. he has really cast some spell on her..I told you about his lineage already. What can you expect from the same blood.. He is much like his father. He has so many relationships aunty thats the main reason for frequent trips outside India. I wonder how come Khushi is blind to such issues?

Garima : You are right. I should somehow get her married to someone..

Sheetal : yes aunty.. by force or blackmail.

Garima : Thanks Sheetal.. You are really very nice unlike your family members.

Sheetal : Dont say thanks aunty. I just wanted to save Khushi's life.. Knowingly I cant witness your daughter's life getting ruined.. My family is just concerned about their chotey, his likes and his demands.. Never have they cared about Khushi or even me for that matter. My in laws always wants their children to be happy.

Garima : Ok. Sheetal.. I will talk to you later. I have class now.. bye.


To be continued.

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un res

OMG asr was so angry...

khushi resigned the job..only because asr said...

doesnt she have her own dreams...?

usually love supports to achieve all the dreams...Ouch

what mad love is this...?

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- loving them...

payal's wht me too thinking...

hope garima -shashi would accept ashok...
garima planning to marry khushi to someoneelse...

now wht will this bring to arshi life...

waiting for the next part

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--MISHTEE-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Loved d update
Sheetal is a pain AngryAngryAngry
looking forward for more
pls update soon

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avni_barun IF-Rockerz

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Perfectly Portrayed emotions...
Who is right who is wrong, m sooo confused...
But I know one thing Khushi should not have resigned...
But I trust ASR, he will make him join back...
Amazing update... Clap  Clap  Clap  Star

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What's the sheetal's problem????
Awesome update...
Loved this possessive ASR...
Felt bad for khushi...
Hopefully garima will not do something like sheetal told...
No precap!!! Cry

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