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ParinConnects IF-Sizzlerz

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suggest title for the AT

ShaktifanSwati IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by pkarvi

suggest title for the AT
1) pyaar pana hi nahi khona bhi hota hai...
2) love u forever...
3) jeena sirf tere liye...
wat say...Smile
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so guys half punar milan track coming apne dil bachake..
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Credit goes to LINDA...


After saying how he planned to create a rift between purvi and himself with the help of Shalini and Kinshuk, he left Mumbai without informing anyone. Lastly he left just giving a glance to Purvi and their daughter Pari. 

No one knew where he went and where he was.

ShaktifanSwati IF-Rockerz

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Credit goes to LINDA...

Character Sketch 

Before 5 Years - Characters same as in show

After 5 Years

Purvi Dutt 

Wife of Onir but now leaving alone without Onir and mother of Pari. She is also a working in Manav's other company names Pari Industries but has never let her work affected her upbringing towards Pari.

Pari Dutt 

She is a cute little notorious but at the same time sweet and intelligent little girl. She loves her mother a lot and tries to be helpful to her as she knows how much Purvi does for giving her the best life. She is mumma's little girl but at the same time also misses her father Onir.

Onir Dutt 

He runs a business with the name of P2 Enterprises located in Virginia, United States of America. In entire US he is the most successful businessman and every company wishes to tie up with his company. But he selects only few of them which he feels good. One such company that wants to tie up with his company is Manav's Company - Pari Industries. 

Arjun Kirloskar 

He had now shifted to Canada along with Ovi and both are leading a happy married life. Arjun sometimes have a talk to Purvi and Pari too. While talking to Pari his father's love towards her raises but he controls himself.

Ovi Kirloskar 

She is now a wife of Arjun and a mother of Vijan. She knews Arjun still loves his daughter Pari and therefore she allows him to talk to her sometimes. She has also changed a lot and now is also a good sister cum friend of Purvi. She doesnt every have any qualms against Purvi and Pari too.

Vijan Kirloskar (4 year old indian boy)

Son of Arjun and Ovi. Considers his father as the ideal father and mother as the best mom. He is four years old. 

Other characters -

Manav Deshumkh - Same as in the serial

Archana Deshmukh - Same as in the serial 

Stella - Personal Secretary and like an elder Sister to Onir. Know everything about his family background and his love for Purvi and Pari.
ShaktifanSwati IF-Rockerz

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Credit goes to LINDA...

Part 1 –

Onir explained to Shalini and Kinshuk that why he planned all this and he just wanted to reunite Arjun and Purvi just for Pari's sake as Pari is their daughter.

Shalini – Onir we understand your feelings. But see your sacrifice had led you nowhere. Today you don't have anyone around you. Neither your love Purvi nor your daughter Pari.

Onir – I know. And I also know if I stay in the same city then I would never be able to forget them and my love for them will make me weak. So its better for me to leave this city.

Kinshuk – We understand you Onir. But tell me one thing. Where will you go?

Onir (tears to almost flow from his eyes) – Where ever destiny takes me…


Shalini and Kinshuk looked helplessly at Onir. Onir opened his sack drawer and took some of his savings to give to Kinshuk and Shalini.

Kinshuk – No Onir..we wont take this.

Onir – But you have right on this. I mean you did so many things for me.

Shalini – We know Onir. But you have a very deed in making us do all this things. And you keep this with you as you might need in your future.

Onir – But…

Kinshuk – No Onir…we really won't take this. And now allow us to go.

Onir felt happy that in this process of his sacrifice he found really good friends in Kinshuk and Shalini.


The same evening –

Purvi got ready to go somewhere.

Archana – Purvi why are you getting ready? Where are you going?

Purvi – Aai…I am sorry..But I cant resist myself. I need answers to some of my questions and therefore I need to go.

Archana – Purvi do you still believe Onir will provide answers to your questions?

Purvi – Aai…I trusted Onir more than myself. And at that time I didn't knew he would do something like this to me. Please Aai…today either I will get all my answers or else I will break all my relations with him.

With this tears started to roll from her eyes.

Archana – Ok Purvi I wont stop you today. Take care of yourself.


Purvi was about to leave when suddenly some Police officers approached Karanjkar House door.

Everyone were shocked seeing Police at their place.


Archana – Inspector Saab…What happened is everything alright?

Inspector – Does Mrs. Purvi Dutt stay here?

Purvi (amuzed by hearing her name) – Yes Inspector I am only Purvi Dutt. Any problem?

Inspector (looking at his fellow mates and showing Purvi few things packed in a plastic bag) – Are these things of Mr. Onir Dutt?

Purvi was shocked seeing Onir's wallet, watch, gold chain and bracelet. She immediately rushed near the Inspector and grabbed the bag and started seeing everything in detail.

Purvi (choked up) – Y..Yess..Yes Inspector…these…these things are of Onir…But from where did you find these things…

Tears were flowing from her eyes when she saw each and everything related to Onir.


Inspector – Actually we are sorry to say this but…but Mr. Onir…

Purvi (breaking down) – Say Inspector..what happened to Onir…

Inspector – Mr. Onir is Dead!!!!

Hearing this everyone were utterly shocked. Purvi was not able to believe this. She was about to trip off when Soham went near her and handled her.


Archana (crying) – Inspector Saab…are you sure what you are saying… I mean this all happened.

Inspector – On NH8 there was a major accident of a bus. The Bus fell down from the hill. Few people were saved but many died. The people who died were very difficult to be recognized as their body is completely damanged. And therefore we recognized them only due to things laid around them. From these things we found out Mr. Onir's Identity Card and therefore we confirmed that this body is of Onir only.


Hearing this Purvi now started crying profusely.

Purvi – No…this is not possible…Onir cant leave me and go…Say this is wrong…

With this she embraced Onir's stuff in her hands and sat on the floor and broke down.

Purvi – Onir you cant leave me and go…


While every family member were mourning for Onir's death, Inspector signaled his fellow mates to bring the body inside.

While Onir's body was being brought inside. Purvi was just staring at the body blankly. Archana too couldn't believe all this. She informed Manav about Onir's death.



Next Part Teaser –

Purvi comes to know about Onir's sacrifice and his drama of showing Shalini as his wife.

ShaktifanSwati IF-Rockerz

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Credit goes to LINDA...

Part 2 –

Everyone arrived at Karanjkar house for the funeral of Onir. Onir's body was laid in the middle of the house and everyone were sitting besides the body. No one was able to believe yet that Onir is dead. Purvi didn't responded anything neither she cried. She was just staring blankly at Onir's dead body and remembering and getting flashes of all the moments she spents with Onir. Arjun too arrived there and he saw Purvi in this condition. He was also not able to still believe that Onir is dead. He went inside and sat quietly besides Manav.


After few minutes –

Kinshuk and Shalini arrives there and is shocked seeing Onir dead. They were already shocked hearing the news but still didn't believe until they saw Onir's dead body. When Kinshuk and Shalini arrived everyone looked at them with anger in their eyes. Purvi too noticed Shalini and then she remembered the betrayal of Onir. She immediately got up and moved away from Onir.


Seeing this Savita in an angry tone said, "See here comes the dayaan who didn't left any space to destroy my granddaughter's life. Are even dayaan leaves seven houses and attack one house but here look someone attacked her own house."

Saying this she gave a smirked look at Shalini and Kinshuk.

Manav signaled her to not say anything.

Savita (ignoring Manav and continuing) – Arey but why am I cursing these two. The main culprit is now lying here in front of us.

Manav – Aai!!

Savita – Thank Bappa that you took the most dreadful man away from this earth. This man got so many bad omens by this family and especially by my granddaughter for spoiling her life that he deserved this only. Arey this is our good deeds that atleast we are allowing to do his funeral from this house. Otherwise this man doesn't even deserve our this much bit of respect.


Shalini and Kinshuk were now not able to hear bad word about Onir from Savita's mouth and now Shalini shouted.

Shalini (shouting) – Stop it!!!

Hearing her shout everyone got shocked even Purvi too.

Shalini (with tears of concern) – Please stop it. You don't have any right to judge this person. In my whole life I have never seen such kind of person who for the happiness of his wife was ready to even sacrifice his love. And after whatever he did what he gets. Just bad omen and bad words about him. No he doesn't deserve this. He doesn't.

With this she broke down.

Kinshuk (going near Purvi) – Purvi you would never know this truth if Onir was alive. But now when he is dead its our duty to tell you. Because we want that you always remember Onir with a good memory rather than consider him bad for the lifetime.

Hearing whatever Kinshuk was saying everyone got up getting suspicious.

Arjun – What do you want to say?

Manav – Kinshuk be clear what you saying? What Onir did?

Kinshuk (clearing the lump in her throat) – The truth is Shalini is not Onir's wife.

Hearing this everyone got the biggest shock of their life.

Kinshuk (conti) – Actually we both are actors in Kolkata. Onir hired us so that he can do all this drama in front of you and the entire family so that you all hate him. He did all this just to make you hate him and to reunite you and Arjun for Pari.

Hearing this Purvi was not able to believe her ears.

Kinshuk then explained how they did all the drama and how everytime they were together only when Purvi was around.

Purvi hearing this slowly started making move towards Onir's body. She didn't knew what to and how to react. Archana, Manav, Arjun, Savita were also utterly shocked hearing about the confession and the real truth of Onir's such behavior. They didn't knew that Onir could do such a big thing in his life.

Purvi staring at Onir's body now was not able to control herself and she sat near the body which was covered with a white cloth and she started crying profusely.

Purvi (crying and hitting Onir's body) – WHY ONIR????? WHY????? WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME???? WHY????

She now lost all her control and hugged Onir's dead body.


Next Part Teaser –

Purvi thinks, "Onir you have gone too far from me. But I will wait for you always. I will wait for the day when I will come and meet you in heaven. And this time even God cant separate us"

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Originally posted by afreenaamna

so guys half punar milan track coming apne dil bachake..
I hope sirf half Milan ho Cry...nahi toh stone ke saath ready raho... AngryAngryAngry LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL

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