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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

(MG-SS)Infatuation and/or Love THREAD 6

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Hey all... so here is THREAD Six(might be the last thread) of  Infatuation and/or Love... Thank you so much for your love to this one.. 

 I do not intend to copy any of the works out here .. still if anybody feels offended then do let me know ...Well its other way round..Ouch 

I have a hopeless crush on someone I have no chance with..Geet 

Infatuation can only held a mind for maximum of 4 months, if it exceeds that point then I guess you are already in love... Maan 

This is the story of a 19 yrs old girl who lives in her dreamy thoughts, Admires someone that will eventually become her love for him..will she be able to tell him about her feelings???? Will he understand her innocent and pure love????

The girl is GEET SINGHANIA and she believes that she is in LOVE with her prof. MAAN SINGH KHURRANA..

Feel free to ask me for pmzz or add me as Rose.Mahek22

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Character sketch 

Geet singhania:- she is a 19 yrs old girl … Has just passed out her 12th std..and has got admission in first yr MBBS  …bubbly and fun loving girl..loves her in-dependency and her free life style…

Maan singh khurrana:-  He is a 24 yrs old guy… A prof. ,has passed out his MBBS and just got job as a prof..A calm person…Never gets angry ..Always tries to solve the matters in his own sweet way…He is the heir of khurrana's but prefers to go to the teaching side, as once his princi took a promise from him  that he will teach in his very own college where he studied once…

Brij singhania:- 23 yrs old, Geet's one and only brother.. Loves Geet to the core.. A protector ..Always supports Geet whether she is right or wrong...fulfills every single wish of hers..He is studying library sciences ...

Naina rathod:- 

She is a family friend to Maan ..24 yrs old.. Loves him from childhood but Maan thinks of  her as only a good friend… A sweet and loving girl…..she is always concerned for Maan… she was Maan's batch-mate .. Also a dr but she preferred to be on practical side.. so she is doing job in a reputed hospital.. 


Dev singh khurrana:- Maan's younger bro…23 yrs old.. Likes a girl which he saw in a party of his friend and got lost in her beauty and innocence he doesn't know her name and all but likes her, may be loves her, as he thinks ..studying computer courses final yr …Maan loves and pampers dev a lot… He is also friends with Naina..

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Clarification Note..

Hey all.. okhh… so much hatred for Maan, so much pity on Geet and lots of gaalizz for dev and Naina.. well, am solely responsible for sketching this Maan's ch like that .. and I accept whatever readers commenting … but allow me to clarify few things .. 

Agree Maan did force her to accept , but he didn't force her to marry dev, its just , he brought dev's proposal for Geet and that was coz he loves his bro and he can see dev was serious for the first time for any girl… so is Maan that bad ??? its just when she accepted his decision and kept quite he did realize at that time how can someone sacrifice her love just coz he said to do that and she got ready to sacrifice  .. and so Maan has started feeling guilty .. dev and naina .. I have been saying from start , they aren't negative chrs here but yeah important ones … so wait for next and next part then you will know abt this story more …  

PART  19

As the music faded .. the hall echoed with round of applauses and excusing herself , Geet just went out … while Brij and Dev stood there looking at her retreating figure…  

Brij (ST):- what is she doing with her life ??? Its clearly visible she isn't happy .. then why is she listening to that good for nothing mr prince and agreeing to this alliance … Its high time, before it gets late.. I need to talk..  

Thinking so he left from there after Geet while dev came and hugged his bro then Naina.. Maan could see the happiness in his eyes .. but his eyes searched Her…

Maan(ST): -where is she ??? she left the floor and none noticed .. Not even me ??? (he sighed) Maan , why and how would I know ?? am not involved with her … but then why my eyes are restlessly looking for her … I hope she is alright … I need to go for her .. but as Maan was crowded with ppl so he left the idea for time being till ppl leave them for peace then he would go for her ..

Geet went to terrace and looked up the sky… she felt anger, fear, tears and betrayal ..but she couldn't have blamed that on Him.. as he never said he loves her .. even told her to move on… but was she really ready to marry a person whom she didn't know ??? just met a couple of times ??? whom she has known as a flirt.. was she really going  to forget Him thinking it was mere INFATUATION ??? and nothing else …. 

A part of her heart wanted to cry out loud on her helplessness.. A part of her wanted to laugh,on her  craziness… A part of her wanted to scold her for her childishness.. and a larger part of her, wanted to go to him still, to accept her pleas to be with her for her entire life … yet she stood facing the sky.. silently crying .. 

She felt a hand on her shoulder and got alarmed .. trying hard to not to cry and breakdown.. she knew who it was … just a whisper came …

Geet:- Bhai …

Brij:- why are you doing this … ???

Geet (composed herself somehow and said):- what are you talking abt ??

With a jerk , Brij made her look at him… she looked down in order to hide her vulnerable state …

Brij :-  Am talking abt the engagement .. . what are you doing Geet ??? why are you doing this ???

Geet(sighed):- Bhai.. I have to marry one day right ??? so, its just the beginning … nothing else ..

Brij:- and what abt your Prince Charming ?? your Maan Sir .. ???

Geet (looked away feeling uncomfortable as Brij directly came to his point ):- He is my SIR only .. and Prince charming .. (she laughed) there is no any bhai… what made you think so... Me and Maan sir ???

Brij(looked in her eyes and spoke):-I heard your convo with him just a while ago, up stairs … The whole convo Geet.. your pleadings …. And his denial .. Everything Geet.. and in no way, am gonna let you sacrifice your love for him or anyone else .. Am not going to let you get engaged with that guy.. whom I don't like..whom you don't like .. 

saying so he grabbed Geet's wrist and walked but Geet stopped him..

Geet:- Bhai… Maan sir is also getting engaged with Di.. I don't want to come between them..I have always respected Di and Di loves Maan sir .. How can I come between them???

Brij:- but Geetu you love Maan …

Geet:- No!! I don't .. .I thought, I love him but today, he made me realize that it was just an attraction and not love ..Its just mere attraction that will fade away with my maturity.. He was saying right … I will get over it, one day..for now lets not talk abt that bhai … Believe me , am going to be fine with time ..

Brij :- Geet … am always with you.. you know that … if you want I can cancel this engagement and then the wedding as well…

Geet(hugged brij):- I know bhai … I want to give Dev a chance … may be he just turns out to be perfect for me …

Brij closed his eyes and nodded silently just then his gaze fell on the person looking at them and he gave that person angry glares then looked away… 

It was Maan… Maan couldn't get in him to face the duo after what he heard from her and went down … thinking deeply…

Maan(ST):- If she is trying to move on then I shouldn't  come between  … but why am feeling sad with her decision… was I expecting her to deny ??? but why would I think and expect that from her …??? Is she heartbroken coz of me ??? but I was just stating the facts … (He took a long sigh and then said to himself) leave it Maan .. everything will be alright with time ..

After a while Geet and Brij came down the Hall and the engagement ceremony began.. as Maan was the eldest son so first Naina and Maan exchanged the rings .. while Geet stood there trying to give smile and happy expressions … then Dev and Geet also got engaged … once again she faked the smile ..  

Soon guests left after wishing the couples and Maan, Naina and Dev, Geet settled along with their parents… 

Geet was feeling uncomfortable with the discussion going on of their marriage and that too in front of Maan Sir..She tried to avoid looking at him , but the traitor eyes of hers, kept glancing back at him every now and then…

Soon it was decided after Geet's 2nd yr is finished , they will tie the knot ..and then Maan and Naina will get tied in to relation... as Naina's parents had to go abroad for a year or so... so their marriage was fixed after Dev and Geet's .. 

At the decision Geet looked at Maan with tears .. Maan too looked at her at that instant and felt really bad.. but then he quickly excused in pretext of a lec preparation and left from there.. to which Geet just smiled .. A broken and hurt smile … Brij looked at that exchange and leaving a sigh he went out …

Precap:- Does anyone want Brij-Maan confrontation ??? coz thats gonna be in the next part ... Wink

I/L is gonna end soon.. few more parts to go ...Smile 

Have a look at my New OS ... 

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Again updating blog in a day or so... 



much love RoseWink

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PART 20 

Soon it was decided after Geet's 2nd yr is finished , they will tie the knot ..and then Maan and Naina will get tied in to relation... as Naina's parents had to go abroad for a year or so... so their marriage was fixed after Dev and Geet's .. 

At the decision Geet looked at Maan with tears .. Maan too looked at her at that instant and felt really bad.. but then he quickly excused in pretext of a lec preparation and left from there.. to which Geet just smiled .. A broken and hurt smile … Brij looked at that exchange and leaving a sigh he went out …

Maan was abt to sit in the car when he heard a yell…

Brij:- you happy now ???  Maan sighed and turned back…

Maan:- what are you ???

Brij (cut him):- stop it … I know what's going on here … why are you playing with her life ??? her love ???

Maan:- so you too think that its love ???

Brij :- Am not thinking Dr khurrana … I know .. she does …

Maan(looked at him and then looked away):- I don't think so… look ,its just …

Brij (again cut him):- Not an attraction or infatuation… It is LOVE Dr khurrana ..

Maan sighed:- Its Not..

Naina came there in search of Maan… as she found that weird that he left like that and happened to see Brij with Maan…

Brij:- she does …

Naina:- Hey Maan…. (She approached and called Maan, causing Brij to take a pause … Brij sighed and turned to leave but Naina's voice stopped him… )Errmm Brij??? You guys were talking on some serious issues ??? Did I disturb ?? I mean…

Brij(cut her):- That's ok…I think there is no use to talk now … 

He glared at Maan and left from there… He hated that girl.. knowing ,she was the bone of contention in his baby sis and her prince charming life and love …but her sweet gesture made him not to burst his anger on her … and so he left ,uttering some harsh words to Maan… while Naina kept looking at his back wondering (ST) what had happened to him…

Naina:- Did you have fight with him Maan??? He sounded so harsh ???

Maan:- Not actually .. I don't know what's his prob…anyways , you here???

Naina:- yeah !! I wanted you to drop me to hospital.. Gave an emergency … and also wanted to see you .. why you left all of sudden??? 

Maan:- Ahh !! that ??? ahh !! just like that .. He gave a small smile and Naina was convinced ..

Brij was angrily walking back inside when he came face to face with Dev, who just finished one call.. looking at brij,Dev got nervous and his sight made Brij to burn more in anger… he was abt to go in when Brij stopped him…

Brij:- wait … I have to talk to you …

Dev(turned and stood):- yes …

Brij:- If I ever found out you broke My sister's heart, cheated on her and tried to come close to her in this time of wedding I will kill you … without any weapon… clear ???

Dev just nodded , he was too shocked to reply… too scared to clear Brij's MU abt his LOVE and too nervous to even look into his eyes … 

so nodding he looked down and Brij walked past him…

Dev(ST):- Did he just threaten me to kill me ??? what kind of bro is he ??? sighing he followed Brij's steps and went in…  

For the next few days,Geet tried to keep herself busy as final exams of 1st year were approaching …but the thoughts of Maan sir's refusal, her getting engaged with his brother Dev and to get marry after 2nd year's exams-never left her mind.. she didn't seek Maan sir's help regarding his subject which he was teaching as she wasn't going to beg in front of him anymore for her love which he thought was Infatuation .. but her little heart was still craving for his acceptance that he too loved her… which never came …

Maan got to know,  her distancing from him and he thanked Geet for that as he was too occupied in his own probs that he didn't want to confront her and prove her right that it was LOVE for him too now …

Yes her ignorance and always hurt expressions made him realize, how much he wanted her to look for him in the entire campus .  

When there was a time students arranged for an extra class , requesting Dr. khuurana .. even then Geet didn't attend that class… that made Maan angry and so he called her in his office…

Geet:- May I come in Sir ???

Maan:- yes … (she entered and stood) take a seat Geet …

Geet(looked at floor ) :- am fine sir … tell me why you wanted to meet me???

Maan:- what are you doing Geet??? With yourself ??? agree, you don't want to come in front of me . but why are you neglecting your studies ???

Geet(sighed):- Am not

Maan(got angry):- oh yeah ???then why weren't you present in the last class.. ???

Geet (rudely):- It wasn't major class.. that I had to attend anyhow … It was an extra class.. so what,if I bunked that one ???

Maan(calmly):- you wanted to be doctor Geet … didn't you??? Your results are going to be affected by doing so…  you are even neglecting your health…

Geet(laughed):- oh !! why ??? does that matter to you???

Maan:- It does, Geet..

Geet:- why are you concerned ..??? you shouldn't be …

Maan rose from his chair and came facing her.. she tried to go but Maan blocked her way… tears started to form in her eyes ..

Geet:- let me go sir …

Maan:-  I know , you are doing this coz of me … you are angry on me .. but plz, don't do that for a person like me ..who doesn't care for your feelings .. which you think is LOVE …

Geet (looked at him in anger):- I don't think on that anymore… Now leave my way….

Maan:- If you don't think on that , they why avoiding me ??? haan ??? tell me …

Geet remained silent … and then cried softly… looking at him.. Maan left her way, seeing her cry but Geet kept looking at him, and he was forced to move his gaze away from her..

Geet:- I can't forget you…None can forget the first LOVE, oh sorry !! its INFATUATION for you, isn't it .. ??

Maan:- Geet I … (they heard a knock on the door .. and both composed themselves… Naina entered) ST:- what was I going to tell her ??? that I too have started to feel something for her… ??? glad , Naina entered , else I had almost confessed to her.. No I can't .. I shouldn't ..

Naina:- Hey Geet… finally got to see you…

Geet(smiled back at her):- Hello Dr Naina..

Naina(frowned ):- Hey you can call me Di … He is Maan after all.. your would be JIJAJI…si no need to be formal in front of him... saying so she hugged Maan…Geet looked away and Maan looked at her…

Geet:- Excuse me ..and she started to walk out from there…

Precap:- Naina asking Maan to help Geet reg. studies …Embarrassed will both accept ???Wink

I/L is gonna end soon.. few more parts to go ...Smile 

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Pardon for any kinda mistakes ... am in hurry ... 



much love RoseWink

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PART 21 

Geet(smiled back at her):- Hello Dr Naina..

Naina(frowned ):- Hey you can call me Di .. He is Maan after all.. your would be no need to be formal in front of him... saying so she hugged Maan..Geet looked away and Maan looked at her...

Geet:- Excuse me ..and she started to walk out from there...

Naina:- wait wait.. uhh!! Actually I came to inform that am going to shimla for a well that's gonna last for 2 or so months ..(she took Geet's hand ) I know I had told you that I will be helping you with exams ..and I would have loved to help you with studies Geet..but ..this camp came in between.. (afrer a brief pause)Arey Maan will help you in that .. Hai naa Maan ???(right Maan) ???

Geet and Maan looked at Naina and then each other...and then both said...NO at the same time ..

Geet(ST):- I can't .. I will be falling for him more and then I will never come out from that LOVE of mine..

Maan(ST):- I can't risk that... what if, I told her abt my confused feelings for her???

Naina (ST):- what happened to them ???

Geet:- Di , ermm.. I don't need help.. ok, I have to go.. bye .. saying so she rushed out , before Naina could ask her something...and Maan sighed , but again in his heart he felt bad ..Maan (ST):- she is avoiding me .. Doesn't even want to be near anywhere with me now ??

Naina:- what is wrong with Geet???

Maan:- Huhh !! He wasn't ready for that question...

Naina:- yes, she has been changed after her engagement with Dev..I have noticed.. Is she not happy with that ??? we need to talk to her I guess...what do you say ???

Maan:- uhh !!.. errmm..yes, sure…

Naina:- I think let her finish her exams then we will.. ok ???

Maan:- uhh.. whatever you say..

Naina smiled and hugged him.. while he stood there confused, not realizing he was being hugged and kissed on his cheek...

Days went by, and somehow Geet finished with her exams but happiness was nowhere to be seen.. 

Her second yr of MBBS started and she was relieved  that in this year Maan Sir was not going to teach them any subject but at the same time  was getting hyper as to in 3rd yr pharma was the major subject and he was supposed to take classes for that and also some workshops were to be done in that subject ..

Geet(ST):- How am I going to face him ??? I would be his younger Bro's wife by then..How can I remain normal with Him around me then ??? No I have to start avoiding him.. but isn't that am doing from couple of months ??? but what's the use , my mind is anyways occupied with his thoughts ...

Her results came out exactly the same she was expecting ..she hardly got passing marks ,forget abt distinctions-which she once expected entering the college of medicines and allied .. but her dream was now fading away slowly with time .. Her interests were SOMEWHERE else...

Her father was very much down hearing her results and her mother refused to talk to Geet... but Brij knew ,his sis was breaking down .. she needed a comforting hand .. A shoulder to cry he tried to cheer her up and make her understand the value of that degree once again..

Brij:- Geet, you can't let yourself down... Let your study suffer just coz of one person...who care a damn abt your feelings .. why are you sacrificing your dream to be a dr for mere Prof: of yours ???

Geet:- I let maa papa down bhai.. she said and cried .. Brij hugged her ...

Brij:- Geet , if you have let maa papa down then , its only you who can make them proud on you.. (he separated her from the hug) ok listen, just forget everything ... your Prof:, your engagement and the coming marriage... Just think what's your ambition at the moment ...(she was abt to say want to marry Maan sir .. but stopped as Brij glared her) your ambition was .. to be a successful dr.. wasn't that ??? (Geet nodded..) then do that Geet.. you can't let, your parents down..

Brij's encouragement was much needed for her ...and that boosted up Geet's confidence and her study was back .. and in the second yr , Geet  marked her name everywhere in the city.. yes she passed her 2nd yr with flying colors and got distinctions in all subjects...

Her parents threw a party for Geet's success.. and that's when Dev met her .. and realization came to her that she was supposed to marry Dev after this yr...

Dev wanted to spend some time alone with Geet.. so taking elders permission he took Geet in the backyards.. Geet was totally uncomfortable.. Meeting with him like that, that too after a long time .. but she couldn't have refused as her parents gave approval for the meeting...

As soon as they reached there, Geet tried to let Dev know abt her views, that she wasn't ready for the marriage ..

 Geet:- Dev .. I ... But to her shock, Dev didn't let her say anything more as he hugged her to him..

Geet gasped and tried to push him.. but Dev just wanted her in his arms , so didn't budge ...

Dev:- I have missed you so much Geet... let me feel you in my arms ...

He started to caress her back and  arms, though his intentions weren't wrong .. Geet felt like hitting him hard .. but tried to control him through her words.. and wriggles ..

Geet:- Dev plz .. Look, am not comfortable with this .. plz leave me ...

He didn't leave her and now she was getting scared thinking abt his next obvious step.. A kiss..Now Geet started to push him...but he was busy feeling his love in his arms..

Geet(pushed him with full force and shouted):- stop it..  you know what you are sick...I won't marry you...

saying so ,she ran to go to the hall where party was ... Leaving an irritated and confused Dev behind..

Dev(ST):- what did I do ??? I was just hugging her and feeling her after so many days of wait ...whats wrong with this girl.???  why is she behaving so touchy touchy types ...???

Geet ran and bumped on the person coming to the parking lot ..stumbling she hold his coat and cried .. for she knew who the person was...


Precap:- who can that be ??? Brij, Maan Or ... Confused

Well I know how this SS is making you all feel like ... But , seriously I can't help it as I had made this concept like that only.. the ONLY change am doing here from now on is, am making Dev well a sort of  Culprit here... though I don't want to but knowing none is gonna accept him goody goody types so here am taking his ch as in thora selfish types .. its not negative ... Smile 

I/L is gonna end soon.. few more parts to go ...Smile 

like and comment if you like to...



much love RoseWink

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Hey all... as the Holy Month of Ramzan has started I would be less active for the month.. but i will try and will give updates at the regular intervals and whenever I got access to PC and Net ... couldn't check all comments for the part 21, will check and reply rest of the comments after a while ... Here is next part... 


Dev(ST):- what did I do ??? I was just hugging her and feeling her after so many days of wait ...whats wrong with this girl.???  why is she behaving so touchy touchy types ...???

Geet ran and bumped on the person coming to the parking lot ..stumbling she hold his coat and cried .. for she knew who the person was...


Her Maan Sir..

Maan who was coming to go from there.. as he was feeling out there in the hall after the initial intros .. and of course Brij's glaring eyes … 

when someone bumped with him and as in instincts he got hold of the person's waist..soon he realized from her cries that it was Geet… He made her look at him and asked..

Maan:- Geet??? What happened ??? you were with dev …where is He???

Geet(looked down):- wo.. wo…  

she couldn't complete and once again hugged him …Maan patted her head looking at her scared face .. he dropped the idea to question her and looked around for Dev ..But he didn't find Dev… 

Maan sighed, he couldn't have left her alone here and go searching for Dev … so he waited for a while till she herself opened up and told him where was he..

Maan:- Geet plz .. what happened ??? where is Dev ???

Geet (pushed):- you are worried for your bro only .. Not bothered what he tried to do with me ???

Maan(shocked):- Geet ??? what he did ???(He shook her arms) Tell me what he did??

Geet(sobbed and closed her eyes ):- He tried to force himself on me .. kiss me .. hugged me .. .

Maan(was numb hearing her,ST):- Did I misjudge Dev ??? His feelings ??? He can't do that ??? Geet is not an ordinary girl .. but what if , he is thinking of her just another random crush… no , I saw his eyes . his genuine love for Geet… ??? he can't lie to me ... No…

Maan:- Geet, there must be some misunderstanding to..

Geet(cut him):- its not …

Maan:- ok fine , if he just tried to kiss you… ??? what's the big thing ??? He is going to be your husband in couple of days ??? what will you do after getting married with him ???  

He was trying to calm her but that explanation from Maan made her look at him in utter shock …and somewhere disgusted to  know that he still was defending his bro…

Geet:- Am not marrying him.. I thought you would scold or give a tight slap to your that flirty bro, (Geet smiled sarcastically) but your reaction is wow… you are justifying his acts … ???

Maan:- Geet , you are getting me wrong .. listen…  

Geet(cut him and shouted ):- No you listen… I can't let him kiss me coz I want  the kiss from someone who loves me , whom I love … I was the one who kissed you when we first met in the college … and I wanted you only be the person to kiss me .. Not like some flirt , who goes after every other girl.. kissing and doing things he pleases …(she cried) I was asking him to stop , as was not comfortable with his touches  but he carried on ignoring my protests … he is a cheap brat … disgusted..

Maan(shouted):- Shut up Geet… enough of my bro's insult.. I won't tolerate it .. I know he was flirty .. He always was , but after you came in his life , he started to change ..and am sure he didn't have ill intentions .. I trust my bro.. and what did you say (he pulled her to him)you are uncomfortable with his touch ??? and my touch doesn't repulse you Geet.. ??? haan ?? Tell me naa Geet, why is that  difference..

Geet (closed her eyes and wriggled):- Let me go sir ..

Maan:- No, tell me .. you aren't comfortable with even a kiss from your husband-the person who is going to marry you soon and you are comfortable with the touch by the person who is going to be marrying  your Supposed to be Di-soon… Huhh !!

Geet(pushed him with all force and Maan left her):- yes… coz I love you.. and I don't even like him… 

Maan looked at her in shock.. Dev stood on his place frozen.. He had heard everything …

Geet pulled him to her holding his collar…

Geet:- you know what !! I hate you.. you are a coward person .. who can't face the reality .. accept the love which is being knocking at his door, yet the door of his heart is so tightly closed that no one can enter there… 

saying so, she left his collar and left from there… Maan stood there .. too shocked to react or say something …

Dev (ST):- Geet loves bro ??? and he knows that ??? and never let anyone come to know abt that ??? why ??? why hiding ??? what should I do ??? will she marry me ??? will bro marry Naina???

Dev was too shocked at the info blasted in front of him, that he just left from there… but he was happy that Geet didn't say no to the marriage .. well, as of yet …

After few days, Maan got another shock that Naina was back along with her parents and his family wanted Dev and Maan's marriage after 2 days …. As now Naina's parents were there so they thought to marry both boys together… same day, same time…

Maan (ST):- what am I doing ??? Its getting all wrong … Geet is misunderstanding me and Naina .. oh no !! what am I going to do… I don't deserve both of them… I can't marry Naina and destroy her life .. already am ruining Geet's .. one more life's burden .. (he sighed) No.. I can't .. I shouldn't .. I should do something … stop these marriages …. That stupid girl still loves me .. how can she ?? how I wish, Dev hadn't done that to Geet .. I hope she denies to get married to Dev ..  whom should I talk to??? 

He thought a lot and then thinking on one name whom He knew would help him out in this matter .. he went to search that person…

Geet(ST):- So, he too is getting married now on same day .. wah !! what a destiny we got .. wish he could voice his feelings .. and settle everything … but why will he do that??? He doesn't love me .. 

she cried thinking so… and slept .. waiting for her marriage day … which was the next day…

Precap:- Hmm any guesses abt the person,whom Maan is going to seek help???Embarrassed

I/L is gonna end soon.. few more parts to go ...Smile 

like and comment if you like to...



much love RoseWink


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Congo for new thread

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congrats waiting

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