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3 women takes it all Telly-Tadka *Read*

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Qubool Hai: The 3 Women takes it all !!!! Analysis and Symbolism.

Hello Readers and welcome to yet another Analysis and Symbolism of Zee TV's Number 1 Show- Qubool Hai!!!

The episode truly kick starts with Zoya's realization that Tanveer was missing the entire time, after her Dupatta gets stuck which reminds of their previous conversation where Tanveer asks Zoya to start practice wearing, using things that she has used  "Uttaran" including Asad, FB ends and that sets the episode into Motion this is followed by Zoya and Tanveer's phone conversation where the latter informs that she has gotten away with her with the challenge she made the other day is what creates the whole mood of the situation….Something was wrong, what Tanveer said couldn't be right after promising to be together forever, after assuring her that nothing or nobody could come between then what Tanveer said had to be a Bluff…Only one way to find out….Zoya leaves for the place that Tanveer had mentioned to her.

Wonder what is the connection between 4 Lions, Qubool Hai and such places….either it's a factory or it's a warehouse or a storage room? Wonder why the affinity towards such places??? Anyways Zoya is in for a shock, actually shock would be too small a word for the emotion that was going through her after seeing the image before her. Now many of you may feel how is it possible that Zoya trusted Tanveer's words so easily??? How come she did not trust Asad especially when she knew that Tanveer was behind all of this? Many of you may be of the opinion….Nahi Yaar Zoya is wrong she shouldn't have believed what she saw…..etc etc while everybody is entitled to have their own opinions, a theory of hows and why's….. the fact is that the CV's played this particular card (Track) perfectly and was completely in sync with their aim of targeting the TRP audience. In other words the 3 Women Tanveer, Dilshaad and Zoya enacted by powerhouse performers Amrapali Gupta, Shalini Kapoor and Surbhi Jyoti together was what created ripples once the episode went on air.

Tanveer/Tanu/Billo Rani is undoubtedly the most hated character in the show today and one played to perfection by Amrapali Gupta. You love to hate her and she makes sure that you hate her thoroughly. Viewers were/are disgusted at the way this woman has turned/turning out to be and even more disgusted that she WON, (Taking the whole thing at Face Value) won before Zoya by Consummating with Asad as she said she would. We are aware that majority of the Viewers are of the opinion that the show could have done without this particular CON scene…they feel violated that it happened but look at it like this…..Don't you think that this was the only way Asad would realize the truth? That he would wake up and smell the Coffee??? Tanveer always had the plus points of being Asad's Childhood friend which she used to her advantage….Being a player that she is not once did she give Asad a chance to doubt her….She always made sure that she was in his good-books and the extent to which she could go for the same be it inflicting cuts on herself, burning herself, confessing that the stone-eyed person was herself etc were always her ways to make sure that she does not hamper his trust and this made Asad turn a blind eye to Zoya too…..Tanveer is point blank selfish which is why there is no limit to the extent which she can go and she did. Look at the beauty of the Vision the Team/Director/CV's makes come into action here…..Asad's biggest fear of falling in love, being committed was him turning out to be like just his Father (Remember Dishaad-Asad Conversation) and Tanveer just made him come face to face with that fear by staging this whole thing. The truth behind Rashid's actions are still unknown to Asad and Family, even if there is a reason which in case there is Asad does not want to think beyond the fact that his father betrayed them 17 Years ago and this hates him the most in the world, that picture has been just replaced by his own…If the Con has happened like Tanveer claims it to be then despite of being unconscious the truth is Asad turned out to be another Rashid Ahmed Khan, at this juncture was his betrayal Intentional or Unintentional is not of importance…He did betray is the bottom line. Asad always kept pointing fingers at Zoya's upbringing, her values, her dressing style…he never left an opportunity go waste in reminding her that she wasn't the right girl for him and look at what happened today, today he stands as the one not right for Zoya……These things needed to come out Asad's love was never strong this incident will help him to grow, help him to become a stronger person when it comes to Love and Relationships. So like we said Tanveer sets the whole thing into Motion.

Had Dilshaad not been a part of the episode then it would have been incomplete…..Because this was closure, closure of the 10 Day Challenge and had she not been there, or had the CV's reserved her for another episode which in this case would be a Monday then the whole essence of the episode would have vanished into thin air…..The one thing that Dilshaad spoke highly of on the day she challenged Shireen was "My Kids are My Pride and she will not tolerate anybody pointing fingers at them" today as she repeats the same only to be followed by how he just broke that Pride…..Shalini Kapoor is simply one of the best balanced Mom in Tellywood today…Her love is unconditional but not blind…When the scene cuts to Zoya at the Khan Mansion breaking down the first thing she tells Zoya is, there is some Misunderstanding, that Zoya may have perceived things differently….Technically Zoya hasn't misunderstood the scenario before her (Will get back to her MU Asad soon) she saw the duo togther and unless proved that Asad and Tanveer did not Consummate the truth that Zoya saw will hold true…And so when Asad returns to the Mansion along with Tanveer (Her appearance plays Key role here) it's human tendency that you react to what you see… And that is the beauty of the whole thing, Dilshaas loves Zoya but wasn't ready to believe her because she knew her son but the moment she saw Asad and Zoya, it is natural for her mind to get clouded and to react the way she did today…. Zoya's tears acted like a catalyst to the whole thing and that moment Dilshaad saw history repeating itself……Here was a Girl who was betrayed by the Man she loved on the very day of her wedding…..As a Mother she feels betrayed that her upbringing got overshadowed by Rashid's blood. The dialogue writer has done an exceptional work here "Bewafai toh Tumhe Virasat Mein Mili hai" what a blow!!!! Once again the same factor, that is the fear of turning into another Rashid Ahmed Khan is the Key Note here…..Like said did Asad betray Zoya intentionally, unintentionally, was he framed at this point is not of any relevance 1) TRP's 2) More Drama more Public Sympathy 3) Asad has to realize Zoya's true worth and win her back again.

Surbhi Jyoti seems have overcome all her inhibitions. She just seemed to flow into the show's narrative. She's flawless, superlative in tonight's episode the episode actually rides on SJ's performance……It was hard to fathom that Surbhi had nothing to do in the 2nd Half of the episode except cry and sell it to the audience and she does it with aplomb. The registry of shock on seeing the man she loved, the man she was supposed to be married to in the arms of another woman, the pangs of pain when her heart broke the anger in her voice when she asked him to keep his hands off her, the feeling of betrayal and each and every scene that SJ delivered today she did Amazingly…Infact Amazing is an underrated word for the brilliant display of emotions and acting that this gorgeous actress showcased today…Beware reigning queens you guys have competition!!! Now coming to why Zoya believe what she saw….. Yes unlike Asad, Zoya has always been kind enough to give the benefit of the doubt but honestly would that option work here, at this level no….here the outbreak was needed, the feeling of betrayal was needed because this was not just a betrayal in love but by life too…..Lets take a Detour and remind ourselves of the Conversation Zoya-Asad had on the terrace after the Mehendi Sequence…..Her words were "I had promised myself that if I get married then it would be one which i would keep up/fulfill her entire life"….. She was ready to do it this time, she dreams of having somebody to call her own, to love and to be loved was going to come true…..Zoya had nobody her mom, her dad no-one, yes her Aapi and Jeeju never made her feel otherwise but that feeling of belonging to someone she experiences only when Asad made an entry into her life and that very feeling was betrayed today…..Zoya and Asad never exchanged I love You, they never even expressed the feelings they had for each other but irrespective of all that Zoya was confident that her Mr. Khan would never betray her, would never break her trust, her heart….which is exactly what happened today….in Zoya's words "Aapne mera bharosa thoda hai, mera Dil Thoda Hai"…..Another striking line that came from Zoya was " Sach toh yeh hai ki aap ek Kamzor Insaan Hai" Zoya may have said this with regard to what she saw before her, but in many ways it holds true for Asad too. By all means Zoya knows that all this has been staged by Tanveer, the one thing she isn't aware off is the way it was staged that is Tanveer getting abducted, Asad losig consciousness etc…..Sooner or later it is bound to come to the front but as of now nobody would have reacted any different had they been in the position that Zoya was.

Tomorrow Asad may come to know the truth that he was framed but Tanveer will have a trump card ready for that too…..Asad does not remember what happened he has no clue at all he remembers him trying to save Tanveer, getting hit on the head and then losing consciousness followed by a tearful and heart broken Zoya stand in front of him but soon there will be more…he will remember all those instances Zoya tried to warn him, tried to Expose Tanveer, tried to infuse some sense into him and asked him to trust her. And this it will be interesting to see how Asad goes out of his way to make amendments and how Tanveer's plan and her dreams will come down shattering.

SYMBOLISM: Asad in white symbolizes the purity of his heart and soul, he was set up, he had nothing to do with what Zoya had seen the red Dupatta that belonged to Zoya that was now in his hands can symbolized and interpreted in 3 different ways. Red co-relates with Blood and taking the whole scenario into consideration it could symbolize Zoya's Bleeding Heart which he held in his palms as she had already given him her heart long back….or it could also symbolize his heart because the Dupatta had been given from the Groom's side so it can be read this way too…. or it could mean the bleeding hearts of both….They may not have fessed up to each other but the duo were in love and both were in pain, both were bleeding inside she because she thinks he betrayed her and he because he failed to understand what happened and is responsible for the condition that she was in.

The Episode leaves a mark for it's flawless performances…..This will also mark the entry of Asad Ahmed Khan back in all glory and KSG who has been away from the limelight but made viewers cry along, feel the pain with his silent tears and eyes that spoke volume is about to make a grand appearance.

Author: Vijitha Rajan

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Tfs Yaari >>
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the performances were superlative yesterday...karan, surbhi, amrapali, shalini and vikrant nailed it

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Excellent article tfs yaari

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Lovely article. TFS.Smile

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wow..the author has written it so beautifully Clap 

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Long article.LOL

Thanx a lot for sharing.Hug
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People DO what they WISH to do and NOT what others want them to do. NO One makes you do things unless you really wished doing it, others might motivate you to do it but finally its your call always. THerefore I have never hated Tanveer, she is using people who WANT to be used. Did she ever succeed with Razia, NO. Razia is clever and she dictates to Tanveer. Asad is being blamed because he always chose to do what perhaps thought he should. Here comes Dilshaad's dialogue-"bewafee tumhe virasat mei mili hai"/"khoon ka rang badla nahi ja sakta". Hence whatever happened is Asad's fault completely. Coming to Zoya, she trusted people easily and felt everyone is kind and sweet as her. Tanveer will be her eye opener to what the world is like.
Dilshad and Zoya have been the consistent characters in the show till now. Their strenghts and  flaws have remained the same. Hope at least these two are not ruined by Ms GUL KHANErmm ( I am sure she will beat us againLOLLOLLOL)

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