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2 AshNi OS/1 post:Kehna Hai & Tumhain Haq Hai

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(I wrote the 1st OS before, setting that in KGH environment but now I have changed it a bit...But feels are still of AshNi)

These two refer to the two starting promo's of KTLK

Which scenes they never showed In KTLK

So hopefully you will like my interpretation of those scenes

Kehna Hai Aj Tumse Pehli Bar
OS | 16

Kehna hai, kehna hai
Kehna hai, kehna hai aaj tumse yeh pehli baar
Ho, oh, tum hi to laayi ho jeevan mein mere pyaar, pyaar, pyaar
Kehna hai, kehna hai aaj tumse yeh pehli baar
Ho, oh, tum hi to laayi ho jeevan mein mere pyaar, pyaar, pyaar

It was her 24th Birthday but 1st Birthday that she was going to celebrate after joining Mathur Industries as Ashutosh Mathur's Secretary. She was excited as she dressed up in her peach color anarkali dress having beautiful embroidery on the neck and the elbow length sleeves. Smriti specially got this suit ready for her birthday but it wasn't her birthday part that was exciting her. It was the feeling that how, Ashutosh Mathur, her boss, her first crush in the office and now the man having her heart will wish him this day.

Will he come to her and wish her while shaking her hand, or will greet her with a warm smile? She wondered all along. She already had a dream of him last night and now, she just can't wait to see him.

After coming out from the room, she received warm birthday wishes from her father and mother as she touch there feet and took blessings before she hugged them. Her elder sis, Neha, had her way to wish by making her favorite breakfast dishes. They were were about to proceed to the dining table when Shefali, her childhood best friend and colleague on Mathur Industries rushed in through the door and throw her arms around her, twirling her around with herself.

"Happy Birthday Nidhi..."

Shefali said after stopping and hugged her the next second. Not to mention, breakfast was a very chirpy affair.

"God, please make me see his face the first thing as i enter in the office"

She prayed all through her way while driving the car. They haven't say those three magical words yet. Damn, they haven't even used the word LOVE in there discussion ever either but the small sweet gestures of him had took her heart away and give her a little hope of there future together.

Like the way he was concerned when she fainted while attending a meeting. Ashutosh quickly had dismissed his meeting and rushed with her to the hospital without thinking that he should sprinkle some water on her face first. She smiled as she remember his words while she was laying on the hospital bed while glucose was being injected to her vein.

"Get well soon Ms. Nidhi...I..."

He stopped hesitantly and look away from her face trying to clear his mind before he looked back at her.

"The company needs you healthy".

And giving a small smile, he left abruptly but she wasn't the one who was upto miss that hesitation in his voice. Not even in the worse of her body's condition.

She remembered the other incident when he give her black earrings back when she forget them on her desk one late evening. There hand touched that moment. That small tiny winy moment sent chills inside her body and she can still feel that sensation.

She parked the car in her spot and get out after holding her files and locked it. She took a deep breath and look at the building of her office. This office has given her everything. Power to fulfill her baba's and ma's dreams, motivation, encouragement, strength, taught her true meaning of life and let her experience this amazing feeling of LOVE. Her eyes turn to look at his parking spot and seeing no car parked there yet, she took a deep sigh.

"Sir is not in office yet"

She told herself and decided to wait in her car but Shaina, her colleague from Mathur Industries, who saw her standing outside the hospital after getting down from her car, pulled her inside with herself forcefully.


And to her utter dismay, everyone in the office knew about her birthday and was wishing her on the way as she went to her office room. After putting her files away and getting herself ready for the day, she took a deep breath and raise up on her toes to look into Ashutosh's cabin through the glass window separating there cabins. He was still not present there. She sighed and was on for her usual routine.


On the other hand, Ashutosh was standing in the mall, totally confused as what should he buy for her birthday. Dresses he can't buy as he don't know her size and he don't know, if she will like that or not. He don't hold a great taste in jewelry selection too. The ornaments were looking too casual and not special. Finally his eye's fell on a beautiful pair of earrings. They were small white crystal one, so delicate and he automatically imagined her wearing them.

"They will looking so perfect against her soft skin"

He thought and without further discussion he bought them without caring to know that the base of the earrings was white-gold and how expensive they were. He get them wrapped and out from curtsy, the gift wrapper has also attached a small card over it. Saying a sweet thank you, he take a look on his watch and seeing that he was getting late for the office, he rushed out from the mall.

He was the only son of Mr & Mrs Mathur who died few years back, leaving him to handle this business on his own. He was a hardworker and barely allowed any fun in his life but from the time, his secretary, Nidhi get into this office, his heart seem to give her special attention. He don't know himself when, how and why he started looking out for Nidhi...Her glimpse would feel like making his days, her laughter aould automatically bring a smile on his ever so strict face and her closeness, will make his heart jump.

He was loosing it, he knew that, But he don't want to loose her at all.

First time, a girl got that position, that space in his life that was referred for "SOMEONE SPECIAL" And today, he wanted to give her a hint of his intentions, so either, she could back out and walk away from his life before its too late for him or accept his proposal an make him world's happiest man, atleast in his own eyes.

Tum se kehne waali aur bhi hai pyaari baatein
Tum se kehne waali aur bhi hai pyaari baatein
Saamne sab ke bolo kaise keh doon
saari baatein
Aaj magar bas itna hi karna hai ikraar
Tum hi to laayi ho jeevan mein mere pyaar, pyaar, pyaar

The day for Nidhi was pretty hectic. While the few project's deadline has drained her, the bouquet of pink and purple orchids from an anonymous person made her feel so happy. She could guess who might have send that through the "Happy Birthday" card attached to it. Inside the card In a beautiful handwriting, a wish was regarded to her.

"Wish you the most beautiful day of your life"

And without further information, she knew who would have send that.
This was indeed coming out to be the best birthday of her life. But her heart still sink to think about Ashutosh as he still hasn't wished her in person. She wanted to hear him say those words She barely get a glimpse of him once in the whole day as he has back to back meetings in the office & outside lunch. Her day was about to end and no news of him.

Right then Shaina and Shefali entered her office and pulled her with themselves into the canteen of there office. Shefali ordered a sweet chocolate cake for her in the office as a surprise but was Nidhi really in mood to have this sweetness of chocolate when her heart was feeling too sour?.

"Nidhi, Cut the cake...na"

Shefali asked and Shaina, Aditi and few of her other collegues also insist.

 "Guys, I know you are not forcing me just so i can celebrate my birthday...I know all you want is the part of this cake get quickly stuffed into your mouths"

Nidhi said irritably but all giggled hearing her childish tone.

"You got us..."

Shaina agreed and all laughed once again and again started pressurizing her to cut the cake. She put the knife helplessly on the cake when on impulse, her eyes lifted up towards the open door of the canteen and strike with the man who was standing there with a dreamy look on his face.

Her heart explode with happiness seeing him present there and on feeling himself being caught, Ashutosh couldn't help but give his trade-mark smile.

She smiled back as for her, it wasn't just a smile but it hold so many wishes. She cut the cake happily after blowing the candles and look up to find him missing. She felt bad but there wasn't much time, she got to think about it as Shefali took a hold of a piece and after making her have a bite, smeared the left over on her face and that start a cake fight out there.


Getting back into his cabin, Ashutosh closed the door carefully as if someone might will get to know his hidden secrets. He sat on the leather chair and pulled out the draw to see the gift he got for her, resting there. He took it out and read the card on which, after a great mental argument, he finally wrote


But the problem wasn't the gift. Its the thought that how is he going to give it to her. Her office timing was about to end and he would no longer see her for the day and tomorrow, this gift will hold not much importance as its today, she is celebrating her birthday.

But he was founding it awkward too to give it to her, personally.

He placed it back into his drawer when he was called for the last meeting of his day.


But then he got an idea and popped into Nidhi's cabin

"Ms. Nidhi...Will you mind joining me in this meeting...I need you to take some notes"

Nidhi was all ready to leave for her home with a disappointed face but hearing his voice, she quickly put her things back on the table.

"For sure Sir".

Kab se dil ne mere maan liya hai tumko apna
Kab se dil ne mere maan liya hai tumko apna
Aankhen meri dekh rahi hai jaagte sote yeh sapna
Mere gale mein daal rahi ho tum baahon ka haar
Tum hi to laayi ho jeevan mein mere pyaar, pyaar, pyaar
Kehna hai, kehna hai aaj tumse yeh pehli baar
Ho, oh, tum hi to laayi ho jeevan mein mere pyaar, pyaar, pyaar

Ashutosh did a happy dance in his mind as he went towards the conference room with a broad grin on his face. Nidhi with her own smile, followed him few steps back.

All through the meeting, Ashutosh keep on stealing glances at Nidhi. He just couldn't get enough of her innocent face. Totally focused on taking notes, the pen cap sandwiched between her lips, she was looking an epitome of sheer beauty. Her hairs were carelessly falling on her face. The kohl was enhancing the depth of her perfect almond eyes. After they were done, Ashutosh bid bye to his clients and turn and look at her who was alone with him right now, in that conference hall.

"Ms.Nidhi, Will you mind having tea with me?"

The words escaped his mouth before he could stop it. Nidhi looked up shocked. She felt butterflies already dancing in her stomach on hearing his request and a sweet smile formed on her lips.

"Sure Sir"

She replied without taking a second or giving him chance to back-off. Ashutosh gave a stretched smile and lead her towards the canteen.


Nidhi get the tea and served him. They both took small sips of the tea in fear to not let this moment end too quickly. They both were alone in the office right now. Ashutosh mind was working too much on do's and don't's of this current situation while Nidhi's gaze was fixed on him from over the rim of her cup. The run-down of emotions on his face, confused her too.

"Sir, Are you feeling alright??"

She asked hesitantly as he was constantly making weird faces. Ashutosh looked at her after getting out from his thoughts. He kicked himself mentally. He should enjoy this moment rather than worrying over it.

"Yeah...yea...Absolutely fine"

He said fumbling with his words and give a re-assuring smile.

"Just a little headache"

He added after a moment as he got a plan set in his mind.

"Should I bring you adol?"

She asked next feeling too anxious on hearing that he was in pain. Even if its a mild headache.

"Ummm...yeah...Ms.Nidhi, can you please bring the pill from my cabin, its in the 2nd draw of my desk"

He said and Nidhi nodded.

"For sure"

She didn't even think as why could't Ashutosh go and get that pill and leaving the cup on the table, she left for his cabin. Love make you do strange things.


Nidhi get inside his cabin and quickly came towards the desk.

"2nd draw"

She reminded herself as she bend down on her knees and pulled out the draw only to be left spell-bound. There placed a gift wrapped in a blue shinny paper, waiting for her to hold it. She thought to ignore it thinking that this might be a gift given to Ashutosh by someone and she shouldn't bug, but even then, her mind and heart wanted to know, who gave him the gift.

She looked around to see that no one was around before she took out the gift and open the small card.

"Happy Birthday NIDHI..." and there it was written in his perfect curve writing.

Nidhi was spell-bound with the feeling that he got her a gift. While her heart tell her that he feels something for her too, her mind tried to warn her saying that he just got the gift for his employee.

"Now for how many employees, he ever brought a birthday gift"

She shut off her mind and let her heart take-over for now. She keep looking at the card for sometime and sigh as the feeling dawn upon her that he just sent her here so she could take that gift.

Softly, as if she might hurt the gift, she unwrapped it carefully not letting the paper tear up a little from anywhere. The box became visible and she open it to find the sweet pair of earrings resting there, shinning looking at her. She touched them slightly.

Her eyes filled with tears as she realized that he must be loving her too. Her heart filled with the warmth of first love. She took out those small earrings and put them in her ears after removing the one she was wearing before. She stand up and move towards the window that was showing her, a blurred reflection of herself and saw those earrings settled beautifully against her ears.

They were perfect.

She smiled and was about to took them off when she stopped and getting a blush on her cheeks, she left them there. She arranged her hairs in a way that totally covered her ears and left the room to go back to canteen after holding the box that now contained her earlier earrings and an adol.


Ashutosh was feeling edgy as he don't know what she would think about him now.

Will she be happy or angry? Will his gift be able to show her that how much he like, actually love her or she would just consider it a gift from her boss?

 He was still lost in his thoughts when Nidhi entered with a smile and after taking small steps, get back to her seat infront of him.

"Sir.. pill"

Ashutosh was like HUH...Didn't she saw the gift or he indicated a wrong draw? He wondered


Her hand was still stretched out and Ashutosh hesitantly took the pill and gulp it down with the tea. Nidhi was feeling like laughing on seeing his reaction but it was fun. First time, she was seeing him in such a state.

"Thank you"

Ashutosh said a moment later with a grumpy face and Nidhi felt like pulling his cheeks then. They kept sitting for a few more minutes when Ashutosh got up after ending his cup.

"I need to leave now..."

His stretched lips showed his anger. He wanted to run off and see if the gift he put back in a wrong drawer. Nidhi couldn't help but nod while holding her giggle as he turned on his heels and left the canteen as fast as he could.


He reached his cabin and quickly settled down on his chair before pulling out the drawers to see the gift. He checked one side drawers but when he couldn't found anything out there, he turn to other side before he heard.

"Are you looking for this?"

Nidhi's voice made him turn to look at her as she was holding the box in her palm now. Ashutosh stood up slowly realizing that she had got that and only did this act to irritate her.

Nidhi bit the corner of her lips while taking steps towards him and this time, she tuck the hairs at the back of her ear that reveal his gift placed out there against her earlobe.

Ashutosh heart filled with love seeing her wearing it and looking back at him with a warm smile.

"Thank you for the gift"

She said in a soft tone as she looked straightly into his eyes through her kohl one's and Ashutosh knew that the message he wanted to convey was "ACCEPTED & REPLIED IN ACCEPTANCE" as he smiled back at her with all the love shinning in his eyes that he hold inside himself for her.

Tum hi to laayi ho jeevan mein mere pyaar, pyaar, pyaar


Tumhain Haq Hai
OS | 17

"Iss barish ko bhi aj hi hona tha"

He cursed the rain that was continuously pouring right from this afternoon. Though the morning was clear and bright but as the day proceeded, the clouds started to gather on the sky and around afternoon, it started to rain heavily. Today, Ashutosh Mathur, the owner of Mathur Industries was going to have a date. His first date and that too, in his small but pretty house. Everything was arranged as he planned it to be. His cook had made few dishes he was instructed off and after helping Ashutosh in serving, he had left for his cottage that was at the back of his house. The marble floors of his house were clearly cleaned by his maid. The fresh flowers from his garden were being plucked which were now giving a romantic look to that 4 seater table, Ashutosh specially got ready for the dinner. The table was covered with a fine black linen spread. The black vase was in the middle having those adorable pink roses and orchids. Pink marble dinning set and metal utensils were neatly arranged. Ashutosh made sure everything was in order. Although he was excited about this evening with her, alone, in his house but was scared too of her reaction. Her car got park infront of his house. On hearing the screeching sound, he gave a last look to the room and came out to stand in his door to greet her, but was only left mesmerized by the utterly beautiful scene infront of him.

She just got out from the car and was locking it with her keys but in those few seconds, the merciless or merciful rain had drench her enough to enhance her body curves. Ashutosh tried to avert his eyes but his heart started pumping the blood with double speed in his system seeing the seductive way, the sari was clung to her slender body. Her hairs were open that were now sticking together, giving her more of a sexy and appealing look. Nidhi, holding a small gift bag, rushed in quickly and come to stop infront of him. His eyes lingered on her drenched self. Her eyes were full of excitement but there was also shyness present in there. Her lips were pink and trembling. Her one hand was caressing her other arm. The rain drops were trailing down on each part of her body. The rosy cheeks, sweet lips, long arched neck...


She said with a hesitant smile that stopped him to look further on. He mentally kicked himself for being so...DISTRACTED.


He replied, sticking to his same position.

When he didn't make a move to let her in, she spoke up.

"Main...ander aoon"

A playful smile was gracing her lips.

Ashutosh closed his eyes for a second to curse himself for his stupidness and moved a little back.

"Come in..."

He gestured with his hand and she get in.

Her eyes roamed around the small living room of his house while his eyes were fixed on her sexy revealing back that was barely covered by her hairs and 4 hooked strap of her blouse and a dori above. He never saw her in any exposed dresses except the few sleeveless kurti's and frocks that she used to wear in office.

"App yahan akele rehte hain...?"

She asked when she found no one around and turned to look at him.

Ashutosh thankfully averted his gaze before it can get caught by her and tried to answer in a normal tone.

"Nahi, Kaka or aik maid hai...par wo peeche cottage main rehte hain"

Nidhi pursed her lips and nodded. A shiver ran through her body as the realization dawned upon her that she was alone with him in his house. On one side where she was feeling butterflies in her stomach, a normal fear of being alone with a person, preferably a man also haunted her.

"Par main in se pyar karti hoon...aur main janti hoon, ye aise nahi hain"

She told herself though he was looking absolutely handsome in his grey skin fitted suit white a white shirt underneath and that baby pink tie was giving a great finish to it.

"Umm...Dinner karain..."

Ashutosh asked and as she nodded, he lead her to the table arranged in the open dinning room beside the kitchen.

Nidhi's breath got caught in her lungs. The view of the table was beautiful. It completely gave the aura of Perfect Romance. A dreamy kind of view.

"Chalo na..."

Ashutosh broke her trance and was about to lead her when she stopped.

"Can I...?"

She started but felt embarrass somehow. Ashutosh turned and raised his brow in askance.

"I need to freshen up" She said with downcast eyes. The corner of Ashutosh's lips lifted up in a soft smile. She is just so cute, he thought.

"This way..."

He said and lead her to his room.

Though Ashutosh's house had a spare bedroom having an attached bath to it which is only used by his friends and cousins which came here to visit him, but instead, he lead her to his room. It was more of a way for him to let her enter in his private space. He rarely allow anyone in his room, but this time, he was feeling like opening up.

He opened his room door and turned with a small smile.

"Main wahen intezar karta hoon"

Nidhi nodded with a smile and he left.

She get in and look around. The whole room was done in navyblue, grey, black and white.

"So like him..."

Nidhi mumbled as she remembered Ashutosh's office was also having same color's interior. She left the bag on his bed and get inside the washroom.

The first smell that hit her was of his spicy cologne. Her insides tingle just with the thought of using his bathroom.

"Kia patah...Kal main ye sub..share karonn"

The feeling and realization made her have goosebumps all over.

She took a deep breath as she get to the sink and after opening the tap, splash warm water on her face.

Turning around, she found the towel hanged and dry her face with it when his musky smell hit her nostrils.

She smiled and inhaled his smell till there was a knock on the door.

"Nidhi...You...you OK...You need something"

His ever so hesitant voice reached her that make her smile.

"No sir...I will be out in a minute"

She said and turning over, corrected her sari when her eyes fell on his comb.

She bit her lower lip and took it up and started running it through her hairs.

Small things of him that she was sharing. It already started giving her a feeling of belonging.

She came out and found him standing near table.

Her steps got more softer as she approached him in a graceful way and he pulled out a chair for her to sit. Ashutosh took a deep breath inhaling her intoxicated smell before pushing the chair forward and moving towards his chair, opposite to his.

He took off the lids from the pot and pour white wine in two glasses while she served herself.

The whole dinner passed in silence while both keep on stealing glances at eachother through under there eyelashes.

When they were done, Nidhi helped Ashutosh in putting away the dishes. She carefully tugged her sari's pallu on her waist after deciding to wash them too.

Ashutosh groaned. Nidhi was already affecting her too much today. He couldn't bear a lil more torture from her so he politely stopped her when she just put the cleaning liquid on sponge.

"Rehne do inhain...kaka kar lain gay"

"Par sir..."

She tried to argue but Ashutosh pulled the sponge away from her hands

"Ms. Nidhi...App aj yahan guest hain...Tau please...Rehne dijiye"

And Nidhi agreed but then something else got her attention and she looked up with a tilted head.

"App abhi bhi mujhe Ms Nidhi bulaiyein gay"

She teased.

Ashutosh felt embarrassed and rubbed his temple.

"Aur kia bulaoon?"

He asked with a slow grin and raised his brow, making her blush.

"App mujhe kuch bhi bula sakte hain...Par Ms.Nidhi sirf office k liye theek hai"

Her ever do innocent face an those love filled eyes. If Ashutosh wasn't in love before, he fell just now.

"Oh My!!! Main tau app k liye aok gift laye thi?"

She hit her head feeling stupid and came out from kitchen with quick steps.

When she didn't find any gift wrapped on the table, she quickly went towards his room without being hesitant, even for a bit.

Ashutosh was looking at her with amazed eyes. She has already made this home, her's.

She came out from the room and handed over the gift to him.

He hold it with such care as it will break if he is too hard on it. But then, it was his first gift of love.

"Zyada expensive nahi hai...par lujhe laga...app pe acchi lagay gi"

She explained with a bated heart, feeling too nervous of his reaction.

He pulled off the wrap and open the rectangular box that revealed a simple navy blue tie. His breath hitched. It was such a personal gift that someone gave him after his parents. caressed the material of tie with such a soft hand.

"Kaisi lagi?"

She asked playing with her fingers.

He looked up at her with one pure smile.

"Its beautiful...Thank you so much"

Nidhi gave a bright smile on hearing that and her hands raised up towards him.


But she couldn't complete her sentence, feeling too shy. His presence had a strange kind of effect on her.

Ashutosh got what she wanted so he pulled off his baby pink tie and move forward that box having navy blue tie towards her.

She was happy on his approval and took out the tie. She had learned how to knot a tie perfectly in the last two days after she bought this gift and as a model, she kept Neha, her elder sister, strictly sit on a place. Poor Her.

Nidhi took a step forward, close to him and wrapped the tie against his neck. Ashutosh avoided to look at her as she was standing dangerously close to him. His hands itched to wrap themselves around her bare waist but he stopped them and curled his fingers into a fist. He was hesitant to take 1st step...what if she misunderstood his action? He feared.

Her soft smell hit his nostrils. Her hands slowly were working on his tie. She wasn't immune of his reactions. Her eyes noticed his action of his control.

She bit her lip.

Why would she had bought a tie if he was just going to be such a gentleman? She knew he wasn't those flirty kind of man but she wanted him to touch her with a right. With a power. He love her, dont he.

"Looks like...Inhain sub kuch mujhe hi batana or sikhana pare ga"

Nidhi thought and get more closer to him.

Ashutosh took a deep breath but when no other reaction came out from him, she hold one of his hand in her's and put that around her waist. His touch send shivers down her spine. The softness of his usually rough looking hands against her pale cold skin, it felt marvelous.

He was shocked, that's an understatement.

He quickly looked at her with wide eyes while she kept her eyes low and again started tieing the knot.


He took her name in a soft questioning tone that melted her insides. It was the first time, he called her Nidhi instead of Ms.Nidhi.

She corrected the knot after being done with it and put her hands on his chest. Her eyes still low, her demur calm but that blush was explaining a complete different story.

"Apko maine ye haq dia hai sir...Mujhe chunay ka...mujhse pyaar..."

She stopped and bit her lower lip.

Ashutosh gave a side looped smile on seeing such a shy side of this usual naughty Nidhi.

"Mujhe haq hai...?."

He lifted up her chin with his other hand while with one, kept her close.

She looked at him and nodded softly.

"Haq hai.. Sirf aapko haq hai...Aj appne chu liya...Abh koi or mujhe nahi chu paye ga"

She said with a determination. Her voice was strong. She knew him enough to know that he will not take her words in a wrong manner.

And Ashutosh, just kept looking at this marveled creature of God who surly was born to spread happiness.

To express his gratitude, he bend forward and kissed her forehead. letting his lips lingered on for a few moments more than usual, as in putting a stamp of his love on her. He was not hesitant right now as she has given him rights on her. She belong to him and that was enough for him to break all barriers and accept the happiness and excitement, she was bringing in his life with herself.

"I love you Nidhi"

He finally whispered against her skin, making her caught her breath. She smiled and put her head on his chest where his heart was beating with a beautiful rhythm.

"I love you too"

She whispered back and all the darkness of his life was blown away by her mere three sincere words.

She was his and no one will dare to take her away from him. His precious possession. His perfect girl.

Take Care


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Jald Hoga AshNi KI Vivah ( AshNi's dance) - SBB

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Author: Fattoom   Replies: 22   Views: 4092

Fattoom 22 4092 03 May 2012 at 4:41am by cuttiee
Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna --- AshNi

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Author: Armu4eva   Replies: 74   Views: 6834

Armu4eva 74 6834 27 March 2012 at 2:25am by jayanti_dj

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