Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

*Happy Bday 'Right Kameena Vampire' Vivian Dsena*

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p p y  b i t h a y
v i v i a n  d n a


For you, he might JUST be Vivian Dsena.

For Shivu, HE makes her  h e a r t  s k i p  a  b e a t !

For you, he might JUST be Vivian Dsena.

For Ash, HE is the one who  b l o w s  h e r  h e a r t  a w a y .
For you, he might JUST be Vivian Dsena.

For Hema, HE is just an  a w e s o m  e  actor.

For you, he might JUST be Vivian Dsena.

For Saniya, HE is the  K i n g   o f   H o t m e s s .

For you, he might JUST be Vivian Dsena.

For Deepali, HE is the one who makes her wait daily, and when he comes, he  m a k e s  h e r  
s m i l e .

For you, he might JUST be Vivian Dsena.

For Prish, He is the one who brings smile after long tiring day when watch him on her screen, he show her what is an attitude... what is passion.. how to love your job... and how to enjoy your work... She is a  B I G  a d m i r e r  o f  h i m .

For you, he might JUST be Vivian Dsena

For Shreeya, HE is the  r e a s o n  t o  w a t c h  T e l e v i s i o n .

For you, he might JUST be Vivian Dsena

For Yukthi, HE is the one who m a k e s  h e r  h e a r t  d o  a  j i g .

For you, he might JUST be Vivian Dsena

For universe ka hayee  V D  t u  R o c k s t a r 

For you, he might JUST be Vivian Dsena

For bria, HE is her  d r e a m  b o y

For you, he might JUST be Vivian Dsena

For Shamma, HE is v e r y  c u t e

For you, he might JUST be Vivian Dsena

For Sonya, HE is  C l a s s i c  V a n i l l a (Too tempting and NEVER out of streak!)

For you, he might JUST be Vivian Dsena

For Srija, HE is d a r k  c h o c o l a t e

For you, he might JUST be Vivian Dsena

For Fate, HE is a  p r e c i o u s   p e a r l 

For you, he might JUST be Vivian Dsena

For Ashu, Vivian is like a Dark  y u m m y  C h o c o l a t e .

For you, he might JUST be Vivian Dsena

For Bes, HE is  h a r d   w o r k i n g  a n d   H o n e s t 

For you, he might JUST be Vivian Dsena

For Sweta, HE is the one  b e c o z   o f  w h o m  i  b r e a k  i n t o  a  s m i l e  even in the examination hall n d invigilator thinks im fooling her!!

For you, he might JUST be Vivian Dsena

For Aqeelah, He is a  c u t e  a n g e l

For you, he might JUST be Vivian Dsena

For Mani, HE is a  R O C K S T A R

For you, he might JUST be Vivian Dsena

For Ekta, HE is the guy  w h o  c a p t i v a t e s  h e r  m i n d   2 4 X 7

For you, he might JUST be Vivian Dsena

For Somi, HE is a  l a d y - k i l l e r

For you, HE might JUST be Vivian Dsena

For Faiza, He is her  S u p e r s t a r   H e a r t t h r o b  Embarrassed who makes me Mad LOL & Fell for Him each and everyday Embarrassed

For you, he might JUST be Vivian Dsena

For Radhi, HE is an  i n n o c e n t  d e v i l 


Vivian Dsena, known for his  G r e e k  G o d  l o o k s  a n d  c o o l - d u d e  attitude is an Indian TV Actor and a Model. This handsome hunk, who appears in Indian TV Serials, started a career as a model. Born on  2 8 t h  o f  J u n e  , 1988 to Mr. Duncan Dsena and Mrs. Shyamlata Dsena, Vivian Dsena is of Indian and Portugese descent. He completed his earlier education in a military school where he learnt various sports including horse-riding. He then went to Lokmanya Tilak High School followed by graduation in Engineering. It was then when he turned to take up modelling as a career and entered the Showbiz Industry.

Vivian Dsena started his career as  G l a d r a g s - 2 0 0 7   c o n t e s t a n t ( T o p 1 0 ) . He then turned to MODELLING and worked for Pepe Jeans, Jet Airways, Flying Machine, SPYKARS, Pantaloons and Levi's. He was a popular face for Fashion Weeks and Modelling assignments. His recent photo-shoot happened to be for I n d i a - F o r u m s .c o m ' s M o n t h l y  M a g a z i n e - Zing in  2 0 1 1 . 

On the sets of his popular TV show, Pyaar Ki Yeh Ek Kahanii, he  f o u n d   h i s  l o v e  i n  c o - s t a r  V a h h b i z   D o r a b j e e  who played the role of Panchi Dobriyal. They courted for a short while and then got engaged to each other in a  P r i v a t e  C e r e m o n y  i n  P u n e .

After a year of getting engaged to each other, the much in love couple tied a knot on 7th January, 2013 in a low-key affair in Pune. It was attended by his very close friends including Indresh Mallick(who plays the role of Bittu Ji in Madhubala-Ek Ishq Ek Junoon).

These two people got a lavish honeymoon in summers to the beautiful Australia as sponsored by a Popular News Channel - Aaj Tak. They visited the place for the first time.


 Vivian Dsena is a BRILLIANT cook and his dishes are very popular in his friends' circle.

 Vivian Dsena is a GREAT FOOTBALL FAN. He is a big fan of Christiano Ronaldo and Jaffery.

 Vivian Dsena played Soccer for a Charity recently before shooting for his show Madhubala.

 Vivian Dsena is a Cancer-ian and hails from Ujjain.

 "Emotions" happen to be Vivian Dsena's strength as well as weakness.

 Nature can easily impress Vivian.

 His favourite song is "What Goes Around Comes Around" by Justin Timberlake.

 Vivian Dsena is a BIG prankster, and his most common target happens to be Indresh Mallick a.k.a Bittu Ji of Madhubala.

 Vivian Dsena is incomplete without his wife, cell phone and wallet.

 Vivian Dsena is a big believer of Destiny.

 Vivian Dsena is a die-hard fan of Salman Khan and he happens to be his inspiration when it comes to physical fitness.

 Vivian Dsena has 500K+ followers on Facebook.


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Lastly, Thank you to all the CRAZY VD-fans without whom, this thread would have been IMPOSSIBLE! You guys encouraged and supported us through and through! HugHug 
Thank you all!!

We are proud to be CRAZY VIVIAN PANKHAS!Blushing


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V.I.V.I.A.N  D.S.E.N.A was first seen on Ekta Kapoor's Kasam Se playing the character " Vicky Walia " son of Jai Walia in Zee Tv

mera dil ka tu prince charming soniye Blushing

Dimple wali smile jo tune mujhe mari toh dil ko loveria bimari ho gayi,

Dhoti pehan ke jo tune mara thumka toh lattu AT ki sari ho gayi.


After that Vivian was shown as "Shiv"  in  Ganga (T e show is based on the life of a young village girl called Ganga who is considered by her neighbours to be cursed, as she has some white scars on her hand.) who takes Ganga to his village Rajgarh. During the journey they are attacked by Jeevan and his hooligans. Shiv saves Ganga and unintentionally falls in love with her. He takes Ganga to his adopted brother Harshvardhan, the head priest or mahant of Rajgarh. 

Tere lips ka main haye' curl soniye'


Tie ka tere main knot ho gayi.


Vivian  played the lead role in Star One's Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani,as a hot Vampire  Abhay Raichand. The TV show produced by Ekta Kapoor is called the Indian version of the Twilight Saga. . Vivian became heartthrob of crores of girls thanks to his outstanding act Vampire Abhay Raichand. A Vampire ,blood sucking creature made us fall in love with a vampire.he played a Vampire - which in Tellywood was shown for the first time. 

Jab parde pe aate ho hosh uda jaate ho
parde ke bahar bhi josh mein rehte ho Smile


tere black-forest cake ke upar ki main cherry ho gayi


 Abhay is a strikingly handsome boy who completely has a mysterious disposition. He is a recluse and very unlike the Dehradun college. Abhay Raichand is a vampire and comes with a dark secret. Abhay is portrayed as charming, attractive and rude from outside.However, what is unknown to the world is a mystery man has selfless and giving nature and kind heart hidden within himself. Abhay has had we can put abhay's story and how it's developing.. 

Tu meri muskurahat hoi 


Gaalon ke tere main haaye.. Dimples ho gayi !!


Abhay Raichand has a fair skin tone with a hard jaw. He has black, silky hair with a little bangish type cut in the front. He is very muscular and has broad shoulders. He is always seen in black and has a strike of pain sometimes in his eyes. Also, his eyes sometimes turn blue due to his super-natural powersAnd wow - the audiences were ready to be bitten. 

Nafrat na krna kbhi humse...HUM seh nhi paenge...
Nafrat na krna kbhi humse...HUM seh nhi paenge...
jyada kapde na pehne Rk hum utar nahi payenge 

Ankhon ka teri Haaye glow ban gayi 
Dil ke teri mein pump ban gayi 


He knows  how to put perfection in a character that is why he is the soul of  his shows..Abhay Raichand Still Remians Fresh In our Mind And Heart beacuse Of Your brilliant Performance..when he cried in season 1 of PKYEK when were about to froze,that was such a heart breaking moment we his fans also cried with him.Everyday we use to wait for the show. Abhay Raichand is an epic character and Vivian made it epic with his amazing acting,mind blowing attitude and innocent charms..

mere ishk ki tu haye chahat ho
junnon ka mere tu haye had ho


Vivian Dsena as Superstar RK .Well isn't Vivian a trend setter? First Abhay Raichand the Vampire then Superstar Rishabh Kundra urf RK! So Kudos to Vivian for accepting roles where he is an inspiration to try something new/different/challenging which was never played by anyone in tellywood

ab tak mile hai zindgi me bahut se dhoke
ab tak mile hai zindgi me bahut se dhoke
Rk hai to its ok its ok its ok 

Private Naukari karna Bachhon ka KheL nahin hai
Rk ko paana koi aag ka dariya paar karne se kam nahi

Arz hai Takdir me jo hai vahi Milega,
wah Wah
Takdir me jo hai vahi Milega,
wah wah


RK, Witty, smirky, snappy Superstar RK!  Rude, Arrogant, Egoistic, Snobbish, Lonely yet the one and only Charming Devil!!! No one can do anything once he decides against it...he is the guilty pleasure for all those girls out there who drool over him even after knowing that he is married and for his Biwi he is her Devil in name of Husband..a world where he is second to nobody...a world which raves about him and craves him as nowhere else... he carries this world along with him.! 

main patt gayi tere pyar mein ho balmaa


 RK A character who makes the show worth watching and has truly become the FACE of the show.. RK is RK only because of Vivian's outstanding , mindblowing performance as Superstar RK! He makes our heart skip a beat by  saying RK killer dialogs with a sexy smirk!!Superstar Rishabh Mohan Kundra is known for the "larger-than-life" dialogues which are his and the show's USP.

Tere shave ka main haye razor hogaya!


mere dil ki tu haye, dhak dhak ho gaya Embarrassed


Tum hi mera Ishq ho...tum hi mera junoon Cut! Cut!

Yes The very first dialog of RK in the promo of Madhubala made us go gaga over him <3

"Madhubala... Ahaan!"

The TRADEMARK of Superstar RK from Madhubala-Ek Ishq Ek Junoon. Depicting the not-so-good image of RK-The Snappy Superstar, this smirky line is on the lips of MANY of his fan-girls

Jailor tum pinjare mein band parinde ko udne ki chunauti de rahe ho...Pinjre mein band sher ko toh chuha bhi angootha dikha deta hai. Pinjra kholo, fir aanka jaaye ki tumhare daawe mein kitna dum hai aur hamari jurrat mein kitna zor."


"OUT!! OUT!!"

"Knock knock! Shaitaan ka naam liya, RK hazir!" 

"Aap Sab Se Guzaarish Hai... Aur Guzaarish ki spelling hai O.R.D.E.R"

"Yehi to baat hai biwi...RK kabhi acha nahi ho sakta kyonki acha hona RK ke standard mein hi nahi hai...kyonki RK Best hai aur rahega"

"Paglon ki si nafrat...Paglon ka sa ishq...Paglon ka sa Junoon...Dono ne milkar kya khoob nibhaya - Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

RK explaining the meaning of Madhubala-Ek Ishq Ek Junoon in RK style <3 

"Mere piyaa gaye rangoon...Wahan se kiya hai telephoon...Mobile tod gaya...Right Kameena Aflatoon"

"Maana Ki Hum Do Jism Ek Jaan Hai... Par Do Jism Ek Kaan Nahi Hai"

"Tumhi meri Chahat ho, Tumhi mera Dhadkan...Tumhi mera Ishq ho aur Tumhi mera Junoon"

Aana to main bhi ghodi pe chahta tha, par ek shart thi...ghodi hare rang ki honi No GHODI! No BARAAT!

So the MORAL of the drama is - ki RK ko kabhi challenge mat karna...kyonki challenge khud RK se darta hai ki wo haar jayega...aur ye kabhi mujhse mat kehna ki jab main chahun toh tumhe nahi dekh sakta

"Biwi tum ye acchi tarah se jaanti ho, main Right Kamina zaroor hoon, lekin zeher se bhara King Cobra nahi"

Ye Teekhe TEWAR.. Ye GUSSE Ki AAH, Ye Jeetna Haarna.. Bahut MISS Kiya Tumhe..Meri JUNGLEE BILLI..

"Cut it biwi...Ishq wala love ke beech mein kameena wala promise yaad aa gaya..nibhana padega"

"Ye Ishq nahi aasaan bas itna samajh lijiye...Ek aag ka dariya hai aur doob ke jaana hai...Yahan doobna aur yahan aag... Ab tum batao - Jalna hai ya doobna hai?"

Picture abhi baaki hai mere DUSHMAN!!Stern Smile

I'd love to say that VD You are a Lucky Mascot for all those around you
Your hardwork shines.. your directors and script writers know how perfectly you will deliver - This is the reason why they give you awesome dialogues and challenges and you never fail them.You certainly are the luckiest boy to have the chance to play the best Tellywood roles. And no one deserves them more than you.
Although you wanted to be a prof footballer but became an actor - you have thundered the TV screens - I can only imagine how much you would have rocked on the football pitch.
 You have always and will always be a SHOWSTEALER and a HEARTSTOPPER
And will always be able to pull off any ICONIC Character with attitude and ease!

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Vivian Dsena has always been the one who doesn't follow styles...but CREATES them. While all other actors are known for their formal media-appearances, Vivian surely knows "Style doesn't create us...We create style" Most of the tellywood stars are shown in parties with a proper dress-code, Vivian knows...he looks D.A.S.H.I.N.G  H.O.T and H.A.N.D.S.O.M.E ANYTHING and EVERYTHING...

Be it...casuals

or Award functions

in vests

as RK

or as Abhay

He has it all... He defines perfection and has his own style which has enthralled millions...


Boroplus Gold awards 2011 Vivian Dsena Most Stylist Actor

Golden Petal Award Rishabh Kundra- Madhubala - Vivian Dsena & Drashti Dhami Most Lokpriya Jodi

Golden Petal Award Rishabh Kundra - Vivian Dsena for Most Lokpriya Face Male

Golden Petal Award Rishabh Kundra - Vivian Dsena Most Jaanbaaz Personalty

Indian Telly awards 2012 - Vivian Dsena for Best Lead Actor Male


Awarded a trophy as man of the match in Charity soccer match.

ITA- Gr8 Performer of The Year- Vivian Dsena

Golden Petal Award Rishabh Kundra- Vivian Dsena Most Lokpriya Naya Sadasya Male

Indian Telly Awards 2013- Vivian Dsena and Drashti Dhami best On-Screen Jodi

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU <3 <3 Many Many happy returns of the day Vivian . I love you so much not just because u are handsome but because you are a great human being. There's nothing more attractive than talent and ambition - and you got bucket-loads of both, making you so perfect!  you're funny, friendly  which makes you very, very attractive. There's no one like you in this world.. You never fail to impress me and I keep admiring you more day by day!!. Your off-screen and on-screen presence has made me a happier person. 

 Never change <3.I just love your fun loving nature.. the masti,pranks you do on sets!! You bring simle to everyone face!!

You are the most superb  actor I've ever seen. You brings life to every character you play  be it Abhay Raichand or Rishabh Kundra!! You just  nailed it!! No matter what! You are a treat to watch as RK<3  The way you say RK killer dialogs my heart skips a beat listening those!! I really love the way you say "Aahaan" specially when u say "Madhubala Aahaan"with a sexy smirk I go gaga on u Day Dreaming

May the God  bless you with many more years of success.  Always take care and don't stressed..I love you with all my heart and I hope you have the best birthday ever and all your wishes come true.  


PartyHappy Birthday VivianHug

You're the king of expressions, the rock star, the charmer

An unmatchable portrayal of emotions and the ultimate romancer

Your deeply emoting eyes, husky voice and your stylish demeanor

Your positivity, humility, modesty'.you make us fans prouder n prouder

Be it Abhay and now  Rishab

Your strong portrayal makes us love them, laugh with them, and cry when you portray pain

 You are My  Most Favorite Celebrity in this Entire World

 Here's Wishing You  All the love and Prosperity and here's Also hoping You Soar to great heights of success 

Hoping this  birthday is a blast & brings in bags full of happiness for you always and forever.

Party hard and keep up the amazing efforts as Rishab Kundra  in Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon...; you know you're appreciated much!

Lots of love Deepali

   Have a nice day SmileHappy birthday Vivian . May god fulfil all your wishes Smile

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Vivian Dsena! 

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Vivian Dsena! 

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Vivian Dsena! 

 Vivian Dsena you are indeed the most charming...talented...amazing and unique television actor onscreen-the one and only ''HEARTTHROB'' of television. Be it your talented acting skills, killer looks or down to earth character you are definitely one in a million.

From Pkyek you were my favourite you made me fall in love with the character Abhay and without hesitation I can only say you were certainly the BEST and most STYLISH vampire. Seeing you onscreen again with a totally new avatar as RK was great. It made me really happy to see prince charming back onscreen.Vivian you do true justice to the character RK, love seeing all the new styles you pull of everyday. Undoubtedly, no one could play the character RK or Abhay better then you. It is very pleasing to watch you onscreen everyday so a big thank you for entertaining us.

May God always bless you and may you always have success in your life and may your career reach many heights. Hope MB runs for many more years, cause your onscreen chemistry with DD is just so ''uff'' (in RK style). Also wish to see you win all the best actor awards in future, cause you deserve it!!!

Lots of Love 

Would love to see you in England soon


Wish you a very happy birthday Vivian Dsena

You have been rocking my world from  a blood sucker to the DASHING superstar 
Keep rocking my world ...RK the Right Kamina 
Proud to say i'm a fan of yours VD 
Hope This birthday brings you lots of happiness in your life 
Wish u all the best in your future 
May God Bless You  and Happy Birthday once again 

Lots of love  

Wish you a Very Happy Birthday Vivian DsenaTongue

Vivian Dsena !!!! 

Happy Birthday to the most Handsome and Charming man !! I wish that everything in life you want comes true , I wish you get all the success in the world !! I Pray that your You always remain happy as your smile is just soo 1 in a million...  Your such a nice clean hearted person and I adore you !! 

Enjoy the day and eat lots of cake !! And Have a blast with family and friends !!
Your Just simply the best !! 

Love you Lots

Many Many Happy returns of the day to most handsome, cute, adorable, sweet, naughty, lovable, dashing, stylish, powerhouse of talent, outstanding actor & lovely human being. 
May you have all the joy your heart can hold,
All the smiles a day can bring,
All the blessings a life can unfold,
May you have God's best in everything.
May you always fly high & achieve all the success & happiness in life.
Wishing you the best of best in your professional life & immense happiness & love in your personal life.
Love you Vivian! God Bless you always! Keep smiling! 
- Loads of luv from Shals

thanku so much shamlata dsena, coz u hav a best son in this world, u gave us a charming prince, dnt knw why bt love him so much, u hav to proud urself that u hav a great son... he loves u so much... 25 years ago u gave birth to rising superstar... he is non other than my own love VIVIAN dsena... happy bdy my love... may god always bless u... 

Happy Birthday To You..!! Happy Birthday To You..!!
Happy Birthday dear Vivian..Happy Birthday To You..

Wishing you tons of good fortune and happiness on your birthday
You are very special and you deserve the best
My best wishes for a furious and voracious day filled with plenty of smile and laughter.
Wishing you a cheerful and delightful birthday
May the best of your past be the worst of your future. Happy birthday! 
May every passing year bring you all the joy you're looking for. 
Wishing you good health and prosperity in all your life. 
I wish you a happy birthday full of happiness and joy, I wish that you never have to see a day of sadness in your life, may you gain wisdom but never have to suffer any pain, may all your hopes and dreams come true, may you grow old and wise in comfort, and stay healthy and happy for all the rest of your living years. 

Love You Always Vivian..My Handsome hunk..You Rock..<3
Be The way You Are
God Bless You..
Love you Hummesha Embarrassed

Happy Happy Birthday Vivian Dsena <3 
You mean the world to me Viv! I never knew during Pre-PKYEK days that I would fall for your Greed God looks. I started watching the show because I was a die-hard fan of Twilight series. When I saw you in the FIRST ever promo of PKYEK, I was really confused whether you could create the same thrill in my heart as Robert did with the character of Edward Cullen! But slowly and steadily after the show started airing, you made a place in my heart! I used to eagerly wait to see your blue eyes shining as a Vampire in the show. That 1-year of PKYEK was the most memorable period of my life! I used to rush back home to watch the show and then dream about you and AbhIyaLOL

PKYEK ending was like the BIGGEST blow to me! I was actually saddened and missed you for those 3-4 months that you were away from the screen. And then comes RK!! God! You are SO AMAZING as The Superstar!! Your looks, style, clothes, attitude and everything reminds me of some superstar!! You're a ROCKSTAR Vivian and I have actually fallen for you during this show!! You surpassed my previous crushes one by one!! 

I wish you ALL THE VERY best in all your future endeavours! Hope to see you as a SHINING SUPERSTAR!! May all your wishes come true! May you live for 274774839294848484939494 more years and ill-health may not even come near you!! May you have a HAPPY MARRIED life! A healthy family and a healthy life! Love you for what you are! And trust me, will love you FOREVER and EVER <3



Step by step the journey goes on,
Little by little it may seem so long.
Forget about your past,
you can't change it,
Forget about your future,
you cant predict it.
Just think about present,
you can handle it.
Enjoy presents every moment & be happy'.Embarrassed

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to U'.!Big smile

Many many Happy returns of the day..Wsh u very very Happy B'day Vivu
May u get evrythng u dream 4 nd all things u long for..
May the Lord almighty keep u safe and sound under the shadow of his protective wings..

U r the bestest..u make me feel proud of being ur fan.
thanx 4 giving us such unique and strong characters in the history of telly, which evry actor dream for..luved u as abhay the first asian vampire..u made me go crazy 4 abhay since the day 1 i watched pkyek..and nw luving u as rk the superstar...u play ur character so amazingly dat it becums the soul of the shw...
i must say, u put perfection in each shade of ur character whether its romance,anger,attitude,pain or junoon, u r the perfect in portraying it..keep rocking ma dashing hero..

wsh ur cute dimple smile nvr fades and u may reach at the huge heights of success..
May God shower all his blessings on u..
have a blessed and joyful day. Smile 

A v.v.v.v. Belated and bless full Birthday to you Vivian. May GOD grant you lots of love and success and happiness in many birthdays to come. May you prosper and get everything you wish for. Its your first Birthday after Marriage which has doubled the happiness and wishes for you. 
Wishing you lots of love and success in all phases of life be it professional or personal. 
Loved you as the first Desi Vampire on television now loving you even more as the Dashing Superstar. Your acting and your down to earth personality brings a smile to my face. Love ViVah and will always. Hats off to you, you make my day.
Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday Vivian !! May all your dreams and wishes come true and may you reach even greater heights ! Happy Birthday once again ! Party



happy birthday Vivian dsena

may u hav many many more my love
we love u like anything , u were rocking as abhay the most sexiest vampireBig smile
n now as rk hats offClap ur killer attitude ur dialogues ur persona makes me fall for u everytime.
hope this birthday brings u more happiness in ur life
may u get more n more success n fame
we are crazy abt u
love u loadsEmbarrassed

Happy Birthday to the hottest, cutest, the most adorable and the best actor in the world.Party Vivian D'sena you are the kind of person no one can ever be. On this beautiful occasion when you were born, I would like to wish you a great day ahead, an even more happy married life and lots of success ahead in your future, which you surely deserve to get because of the amount of hard-work you put in your profession. Keep rocking and always keep us hooked to your acting, be it any role Wink, and ofcourse your looks. Tongue you Mr. Gora Chitta whose cheek we fans can't see getting red. LOL Love You and May God Bless You. Hug

From your biggest fan and a girl who loves you more than anyone in the world. Wink 

vivian happy birthdayDancinggod bless you and i hope you become more and more successful each passing days! 
warn, friendly, loving and kind you are a true superstar.

happy birthday vivian dsena 
you are an amazing amazing person and you deserve all the happiness of this world. you have made me so proud of being your fan! you are an honest person and innocent at heart. i pray to god that you always stay like this and god blesses you with good health and bright future.

in this beautiful day
May ur special day...
Surrounded wid happiness,
Filled wid laughter,
Wrapped wid pleasure,
Brightened wid fun,
Blessed wid love,
Remembered wid joy

Birthday card photosBirthday cake photos

Happy Birthday Vivian Dsena. I will like to wish on behalf of my whole family. We love your acting a lot and everyone from my family sit back to see you daily. You have a great persona to carry yourself. God bless you and your family and you get lots of happiness. I pray to God that he gave you strength to fight from all difficulties of life too and you always come as a winner in end. We love you for a person you are. Love your naughtiness, voice, cuteness everything. Please be as you are down to earth type guy. Love you a lot and want to thank you big time to entertain us. Love you and Vahbiz a lot, you both look good with each other. My good wishes for Vahbiz too. God bless you and your family.


A Very Very Very Happy Birthday Vivian!!

Wishing u all d Love,Happiness,Success,Luck n Smiles in dis world or in any other world!!! U deserve dem all!!
U r not only a fabulous actor but such a fabulous person too! so sweet n down to earth!!
Always smiling n bringing smile to other's face is not something everyone can do!!
U bring all ur characters into life n make us fall in love wid dem n dis shows how much u r involved in dem!! Hatts off to ur hard work n Dedication!!

I always say n will say it again dat ur d only one i have ever been crazy for! n u fully deserve all dis crazyness! no one can help falling in love wid u!u have dat aura n X-factor dat very rare people have!!Not to forget those Greek God looks!! Love u as RK/AR but Love u all d more for being Vivian Dsena!!Heart

Im so proud to be ur fan n will always be!!i know u will nvr let me down!!No matter what ur fans will always be with u n will love u!!Heart

Enjoy ur B'day bt haan calory ka khayal rakhna!! LOL May dis B'day brings new hopes n beginnings in ur life!!I pray frm d bottom of my heart for ur Happiness,Success n Luck!!

Always keep smiling becoz ur smile is something which makes us smile too n always makes our heart skip a beat !!

Wishing U A Very Happy N Rockking B'day!!


Wish you a very very happy birthday Vivian Dsena. You are rockstar. May all your wishes come true. You deserve happiness and joy in your life. I wish you never have to face any hardships and burden in your life. I wish you stay happy all the rest of your days everyday and you achieve everything in your life. You are a wonderful person and you deserve the best. Wish you a awesome and cheerful birthday. Keep rocking. Stay blessed. Love youHeart

Many many happy returns of the day 


Vivian i wish your the best of the best thing life may this year gives u more love more happiness.
I wish you a day that is as special in every way as u r.
Have a wonderful happy healthy birthday and many more to come.
I love u vivian keep rocking.

Wish you a very very happy birthday Vivian Dsena. You are rockstar. May all your wishes come true. You deserve happiness and joy in your life...You did fantastic job as Abhay Raichand and As RK you again prove that you are Truly RockStar...  Vivian Dsena Love you As Abhay Raichand and Rishabh Kundra.. Today is the Day when DEVIL was BORN...

Devil was never look that GOOD... GOD BLESS Vivian Dsena... Wanted to meet you once in my Life and I MET YOU... You are truly Kameena thats all i can say... Wink

My small gift for you..

Happpy Birthday Vivian dsena my prince charming Smile Smile
I find it really difficult to put my wishes
for you into words because I seriously wish you all the
beautiful things in the world
May u get all the love, luck, success and happiness of the
world Embarrassed

you are soo sweet and down to earth. You make me so
proud to be your fan, and from the bottom of my heart I
pray and wish that you get everything you wished for
because you truly deserve it all.
you are fantabulous person
who deserves nothing but the best from life! You bring a
smile on our faces :D

Being your fan is something I can never regret Smile
Happy birthday again & eat lots of cake, from my side
too Lol..Forget your diet chart on this day LOL!!!!
I wish you all the
best for your future. God Bless You!!! keep smiling keep
rocking Embarrassed 

Happy birthday Vivian Dsena!

May you are blessed with all success and happiness in ur life!
Being a fan of ur onscreen characters as well as offscreen persona..i wish u keep entertaining us in a similar way with ur  happy-go-lucky attitude :)

happy  birthday  my  chubby cheeks  , dimpled  chin ,rosy lips, cute  vivian

"Happy Birthday Vivian Dsena"
You are the best actor in telly've got the looks which can kill anyone.your acting is amazing.
I'm a fan of you from PKYEK.Loved you as Abhay Raichand Heart.Abhay is my favourite character along with RK now.
You lived as Abhay and now as RK you are rockingThumbs Up.Your acting is so natural 
Thumbs Up.
'Rishab Kundra'Heart-Vivian you are the perfect choice to play this character.
Your voice,smirks,dimples,expressive eyes;I love everything about you Blushing.Onscreen or Offscreen,you are the best and a great humanbeing too Heart.
Love you the way you are Embarrassed.
VD-Superstar of tellywood. Smile
cute,hot and handsome. Embarrassed
I enjoy watching you on TV. Smile 

Today Is Just About You.
I Hope All Your Birthday Wishes Come True.
I Wish You All The Best.
Have Fun With All Your Loved Ones.
I Wish You Have Many Success In Your Career.
Hope You Enjoy Your Very Special Day.
May It Be Filled With Joy,Happiness,Laughter and Pleasure.
Love You and Will Always Support You Hug.   

May Life Lead You to Great
Happiness Success And Hope That
All Your Wishes Come True...
Wish You A Very Happy Birthday

A very warm Happy Bday to u Vivu 

Never has a person whose so practical fallen for any actor so hard as i have for u  Love ur portryal ur ating n more than tat love ur cute offscreen moments ur prankster ways specially with bittujiLOLEmbarrassed u r just so amazing as an actor as well as a person with child like heart  ...

Never have i seen an actor who smiles n does all the hardwork n never  seems to be angry nor annoyed Clap 

i didnt use tto see ur prev serial coz star one didnt use to cm  on my cable but the moment i saw u as rk i was totally amazed n floored the charac n hw u portray it love it simply amazing 

N no one cud have played RK so well as u do u breathe life into each charac u portray n Love your amazing smile n dimples Embarrassedawiee love u loads

god bless u n ur family n u continue to climb the stairs of success like this Day Dreaming

love ur smile awiee a creation made by me EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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.Mohabbatein. IF-Stunnerz

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Here is a self written poem for the birthday boyLOL

you are so rockingWink
that makes people shockingShocked
you are so sizzlingCool
that makes us smilingBig smile
You are the VIVIAN DSENA
you are a rockstarStar

you are so dashingBlushing
that makes heart thumpingWink
you are so charmingDay Dreaming
that makes everyone droolingBlushing
you are the VIVIAN DSENA
you are a rockstarStar

you are so magnetizingCool
that makes head turningSmile
you are so temptingBig smile
that makes us dreamingLOL
you are the VIVIAN DSENA
you are a rockstarStar

you are so enhancingDay Dreaming
that makes my heart beat racingBlushing
you are so shiningClap
that can be seen in your actingThumbs Up
you are the VIVIAN DSENA
you are a rockstarStar

you emote expressions so touchingThumbs Up
that makes our heart wrenchingCry
you are so distractingWink
that makes my mind bogglingLOL
you are the VIVIAN DSENA
you are a rockstarStar

At last...a very happy birthday to you VIVIAN DSENA...Big smile...god bless u dear...all my good wishes are with you...!!!!

A Birthday that is special
is what I wish for you
hours of love and laughter
to last the whole day through
a day to spend with family
a day to spend with friends
and when your day is over


Vivian Dsena! 

The name says it all <3 You are undoubtely the best of the rest! You are the only reason because of which I watch Madhubala otherwise drama serials aren't my thing LOL 
You are so hot my hubby,no I didn't write anything wrong! YES! I wrote HUBBY because you are truly my husband! I'm your wife! for the world you are someone else's husband but for me you are only mine! You have got my copyrights on you SOMAIYAH'S PROPERTY! *RK style Cool*
Even though I'm just 13 but still I can't stop loving you and considering you as my hubby! my friends are like Somi, o.O you are 13 and vivian is a big man yaar and then I'm like so what yaar! Can't you see he is so hot and age is just a number.
Sometimes people don't believe that I'm so damn crazy about someone because my personality isn't like that,I'm a serious and a decent person but when it comes to you,then I become the most romantic and besharam girl LOL

I love you freaking much! You are so hot,cute,handsome! All in one package! I have never ever seen an actor like you,your acting is so natural! You are extremely nice and very much lively! Your interviews are a must watch! The way you talk and the way you answer the reporters LOL 

There is no other actor who like you,you are the limited package! Observing each and every nuance of yours is like second nature to me and I can't help but be amazed by your towering screen presence and par-excellent acting skills. Honestly, as cheesy as it sounds, I don't think there are enough words to describe how immensely talented you are.You are so dedicated towards your work and you truly love your fans! the best thing about you is that you aren't a show off even though you are the best where as the rest actors who doesn't even know how to act,consider themselves as the best Stern Smile You are P.E.R.F.E.C.T and sensational! You are the only Indian actor whom I love a lot! The way you potray RK is amazing! You have superlative acting skills! 

your looks can surely kill someone one day! 
I find myself very lucky,because its my birthday just after 8 days of your birthday! We both share the same star,Cancer Approve

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY HUBBY! MAY YOU MANY MORE! HugI'm not capable of blessing you LOL but I wish you become more successful with the passage of time,I wish you health and wealth! Hug

You don't know how badly I want to meet you and hug you tightly and kiss you! HugBlushingDay Dreaming
I am your biggest fan and as I wrote before your wife! 

Happy birthday <3
with love.

Celebrate each and every minute of your life, as everyday of life is special just like birthday. Happy Birthday Vivian DsenaParty


I hope that this year will be full of all the things that makes you smile and happy. Happy Birthday VIVIAN!!   Party

Happy Birthday Vivian Dsena Heart
Vivu, u're soo hott & dashing Love yewww...u're one & only handsome for me in the world..:) keep Rocking,smiling you are awesome as RK, RK rocks only because you are playing RK character!! love RK dialogs, the way he does BBB.. Enjoy n Many Many Happy Returns of the Day!!  & Stay bless..:) 


Partyhappy birthday  vivian we all  adore u  many happy returns of the day  Big smile

Happy birthday to my current crush...Vivian Dsena! 
I hope it's just as fantastic as you! <3

Happy birthday you good looking boy! hope you get all the success & happiness you deserve! lots of love

Happy Birthday Dashing Dsena, my chocolate boy .. Many many many happy returns of the day .. love you so much, you're one of the bestest actors  i've everrr seen and sooo amazing human being .. hope you have a mindblowing birthday ..  wish you a very successful and blissful life .. always keep smiling, be happy and keep rocking.

Love, hugs n cheers,
your crazy fan,

Dearest Vivian,

I have been a fan since PKYEK days, but I have to admit that your portrayal of RK bowled me over completely. You have performed the character with perfection so much so that sometimes, I even forget that VD and RK are 2 different people.
On this day of your birthday, I pray for your happiness, and hope that you would continue to give your best in all the characters that you play. Wish you all the success, and of course, a fruitful married life.
Happy Birthday<3

Lots of love,
Samridhi from Singapore

happy bday vivian dsena
love u so much


Happy Birthday to our Hearthrob Vivian Dsena Embarrassed 

may your coming year and life be as successful and prosperous as it has been Big smile 

I may be far away from you

But you are the resident of

my heart' Heart

So I am wishing a great

Birthday to the resident of my

heart. Embarrassed May you live in my heart

forever.  Hug Day Dreaming Heart

Happy Birthday Vivian! Party

wish u very very happy birthday vivianBig smile

hi vivi am biggest fan of u i love u a lot and hence wishing u HAPPY B-DAy... jsut rock ur day...and u r really really adoorable...<3 
                                                       i love u vivi

Glitter Text Generator
vivian since pkyek days i loved you in character abhay still loving u as abhay the sweet vampireDay Dreaming
missing you as abhay plzz come back as abhay.will love you and always love you as abhay.Happy Birthday  Vivian.May You Have A Great Birthday.May You Have A Great Year Ahead.May Ur All Dreams Come True.May Ur All Wishes Come True.The name say it all.vivian you are my fav actor.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ??'**'.?.'**'?? HAPPY BIRTHDAY T ??'**'.? .'**'?? HAPPY BIRTHDAY??'**'.?.'**'??
*Happy birthday to the most beautiful person on the earth.

With Love

Happy birthday Vivian!! Hope this year brings you loads of happiness, success and love. Stay the same and keep smiling and entertaining your diehard fans. We love you!!




Happy birthday Vivian Dsena

i am your biggesssttt fan. Hope this year brings you lots of happiness. I am verrryyy crazy about u.
HAPPY B'DAY         Clap   LOVE YOU.

RK  rocksss ! 


Happy Birthday, Birthday Wishes, Birthday Quotes, Birthday Cake Pictures


A very very vey happy birthday to you VD! Party
You are one of the finest actors in tellywood today...and one of the nicest people  i have known! Embarrassed
NEVER change yourself for anyone or anything are just PURFECT the way you are!
May you live to cut a hundred more cakes and all the success and happiness in the whole world!
May god bless you with everything you wish for..and have a really Blasting and Rocking Day on this Bday...ekdum RK STYLE! Cool
You have given me two of my biggest sweethearts..Abhay Raichand and Rishabh Kundra! Embarrassed
I am your biggest phanki EVER...and boy am i glad that we got you! EmbarrassedLOL
You are the bone of are what makes it what it is today!
Just keep rocking your way through the world this way..and i know you'll reach the very top one day! Big smile
A VERY VERY all the best for your life ahead..and I LOVE YOU!! Big smile
- Yukthi.

             Happy Birthday Vivian Dsena 

You are the very best part of MEIEJ. 
So moved by your portrayal of RK, nobody could've managed quite so impressively. 
I really appreciate you a lot for making unprecedented highs for Indian Television, you're truly the "King Of Tellywood" Clap 
Wishing you lots of love and success for all your future endeavors, hope you get everything you want from life. 

Happy Birthday Vivian Dsena!!!

Happy Birthday to you! May you have a million moments of joy, a million moments of love, a million moments of pure happiness and a million moments of good health and wealth.

You are a star Viv! Keep shining! As you start another fantastic year of your life, I wish that all your dreams come true. Have a great birthday and a smashing year ahead. May your carrier prosper day by day! Keep amazing us! Love you heaps!

Lots of Love & Hugs!!!


vivian u rock my world... u r amazing happy bday dear hav a great life ahead :)  

Many many many many many happy returns of the day VivianParty
Vivian you are the soul of MB,love everything about you&RK;your dressing style,your glasses,your cool jackets and stylish shirts,your superbb performance,your gorgeous dimples,your gorgeous hair,your intense and deep eyes,your attitude,your ego,your passion,your pride,your arrogance,your smirk,your evil smirk,your cute smile,your laughter,your obsession,love when you hate,love when you cry,love when you love,love when you get romantic,love how you walk,love you give those fabulous and amazing punchlines.

No one can ever play a role of superstar again,there was just one seat for it and you have possessed it forever.No one can be RK another superstar,VD you are an actor oer excellence.

RK/VD you are the best thing that has happened to Madhubala-ek ishq ek junoon.


Dearest Vivian Dsena,   

When I saw you for the first time in "PKYEK", I never thought that I would be a fan of yours, but I'm happy that I became your fan. When I heard of your comeback, that you were going to be seen in "Colors" show "MEIEJ", I was really really really happy.

Happy Birthday and Many Many Happy Returns of the Day!!!!PartyMay you achieve all the success in life and have a great life ahead and please take care of your health as well.SmileTake care. Have fun. I Heart you.

Happy Birthday Vivian!
Hope you have a blast and may God bless you.
Hope you get all the happiness in the world.

Happy b'day Vivian...
May the coming years bring you even more success in life, coz you totally deserve it...
Keep rocking rockstar...

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.Mohabbatein. IF-Stunnerz

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Happy Birthday Vivian Dsena!
May you have a very happy and prosperous life ahead!

Happy Birthday Vivian
May God bless u always.Have aawesome yaer ahead
May u win all the awards,  Get gud roles in movies & serials
Have a happy married life. May all ur wish come true this birthday

Always smile coz ur smile is worth it

Happy Birthday Vivian Desena 

Happy Birthday Vivian Dsena
You are my number 1 actor and will always remain my favourite
Because of you is why I am so into Indian dramas
Hope you have a great day and get everything you wish for
Love from one of your biggest fans

May your special day...

Surrounded with Happiness...
Filled with laughter...
Wrapped with pleasure...
Brighted with fun...
Blessed with love...
Remembered with joy...
& Enriched with hopes...

Happy Birthday Vivian! 
Wishes from Vinu 

Happy b'day Vivian ... More n more happiness, success n best wishes to you... Much love Smile

Happ birthday to my dear vivian Smile





Happy Birthday Vivian!

I hope you are very successful in life! Hope you are always healthy! You are absolutely amazing as RK. I started watching meiej when I first saw you at The golden petal awards! You are very charming. And I hope you enjoy your birthday with your friends and family. 

Oh and Today is my birthday too! Trust me, knowing that my favorite celebrity has the same birthday as me, makes me very happy!

From your fan

For my favorite Actor Vivan Dsena, I wish you all your favorite things on your lucky day.

May you have those in your arms whom you love in your heart.

I wish you to celebrate all the wonderful things that make you so special, not just on your special day, but on every day of the year!

May your birthday bring a smile to your face, happiness to your heart and many blessings to your life.

May the brightest wishes on your day shine every path of yours in good and bad times.

May your big day be as special as you are special to me.

May you sail through all the obstacles and challenges to success.

Have a magical bday with love and hugs.

There couldn't be a better day
To take a chance to say,
That you are wished a joy and luck-
Be happy everyday!

~~~From Trupti~~~

May God Showers All The Success, Fame, All The Love, All The Happiness In Your Entire Life..
You Are Such A Great In Person.And As An Actor, You Are Amazing. Which I Can'tExpress In Words For You!! 
You are 1 of the Best Actor I have ever seen. 
God Bless You!!

Wish you Happy Birthday Once Again. 

Lots Of  Love & Best Wishes For You.

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          May this year gives you more happiness, more friends and the person who loves you more. 
    Happy birthday Vivian Dsena 

Happy Birthday Vivian Dsena!!!!

Love u a lot!!! Wishing u a happy life with Vabhiz!!!!

May God Bless You Both for Happy And Long Life!!!

Hey Vivian Hug 
wish you many many happy returns of the day...!!!
May you get all the success in life and may all your dreams true Embarrassed 
You are one of the most amazing telly actor i have seen on Indian Telly and i am so prod to be your fan Smile 
keep rocking as RK


A special person like you deserves nothing but the best on this special day May you be blessed on your birthday. Happy Birthday!



               lllooovvveee u sooo muuucchhhHeartHeart
     tumhe aur kya du mein dil k sivay
     tumko humari umar lagg jaye...HeartHeart
     khuda diljalon ki nazar se bachaye
     muqaddar tumhara sada jagmagayeHeartStar
     Har khushi ho wahan tu jahan bhi raheHug
      Zindagi ho wahan tu jahan bhi raheHeartHeart
      Roshni ho wahan tu jahan bhi rahaStarStarStar
      All i ever wanted is to see u smiling
                               wid lots n lots of love n best


A very very Happy Birthday to You Viv , May u get all the happiness , success and love in your lifeHug Have a wonderful birthday:) 


Vivian Dsena Looove you

Vivian Dsena Looove you


Vivian Let me 1st wish u a Very Very Happy BirthdayPartyParty
May ur all dreams come true and u reach heights of success in ur lifeEmbarrassed
I must say U r an Amazing actorClapClap 
U mesmerized me as hot Vampire Abhay Day Dreamingand U r RockingG as RKCool  
Love ya lotsssHeart




HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIVIAN! May you live a 100 yrs and keep entertaining us. We love your acting in MEIEJ - Keep it up. LOVE  U RIGHT KAMEENA!! MWAH!!!!!


Happy birthday to you.. Happy birthday to you.. 
Happy birthday dear Vivian.. Happy birthday to you Party PartyParty
May god grant you many more such days to celebrate your lovely existence to this world.
May beauty and happiness surround you today and beyond. 
Happy birthday Vivian Heart Heart Heart 


Though this message comes from miles away it comes to wish you on your very special day.May your life be full of pleasure, discoveries and success . And may each day hold something that's new and special. And may the Almighty be always by your side.HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIVIAN!- with lots of love from your fan forever.


VD your one of the best things that we got to watch in television!!! TO have brought life to a character takes skills and  YOu NAILED MAN!!!  watching you grow with your characters was treat!! FRom a vampire to a have  come a long way !!!!Smile
YOU deserve all kind of  well wishes and I WISH YOU THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!!! MAy your life be  full of happiness and  prosperity!!! Let your success fly HIGH!! MY hearty wishes.


Wishing to the most favorite actor of mine in all over the world all the favorite things on his special day !

May God give you all his love and warmth in every step of yours...
May This day always brings abundance of happiness to ur life...
Happy Birthday...have a wonderful celebration...n ya...let ur Dil more badtameez on this day...WinkHeart


Happy Birthday Vivan aka RK aka Abhay.
God bless u boy n may u get success in evertthing u do in future,
I am following your shows since PKYEK..n it is still going through MB..Big smile

You are the soul of the show and hope you will continue  doing this good work Embarrassed


Dear Vivian,

Many many happy returns of the day. We love you as RK. You have made this character reach an altogether new heights, and if RK is a milestone in Indian TV, I attribute it only to your flawless acting, power packed dialogue delivery and your consistent hard work. 
Love you the way you are. May God bless you, and shower you with all health, wealth and goodness in life. 



Happy birthday vivian!!! May god fulfil al ur dreams! May ur days be fild wid happy nd prosperity in ur u soo much!!! Ummmaaah!!! Smile1nce again wsh u a vry vry happy birthday vivian Clap


Happy Birthday Vivian..Love You Loads..
                                        All my best wishes are always with you 


Firstly a very very Happy Birthday Mr. Sexy Dsena EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
I don't know what more i can say about you which i haven't said earlier.. I always run short of words when it comes to express you..! Day DreamingDay Dreaming Love you since PKYEK.. Haaayee that one jhalak made me go gaga over you.. Embarrassed
 I'll stop right here.. Once again wishing You A Very Happy B'day.. may you grt Tons n
 Tons of happiness..!!!!!
- Sid [CC LOL


Hey Vivian Wish you a very happy birthday and many more happy returns of the dayParty 
Started watching MB for your acting you are doing outstanding job as Superstar RK ...Love you Heartand god blessSmile
Once again Happy BirthdayClap


 A very Happy Birthday,Vivian!! May u have all da JOY ur Heart can hold,all da SMILES a Day can bring,all da BLESSINGS a life can Unfold!! May u get da World's BEST in Everything!!Heart
This Day is very Special for us,VD!! V got an "ACTOR PAR EXCELLENCE" n  a GEM of a Person on this Special Day!!Day Dreaming U have no idea how many faces u light up wid a SMILE by ur Performances,ur crazy Antics both Onscreen as well as OffscreenLOL 
I've liked quite a few actors before,have been a fan too,bt never been dis crazy for any1's acting,all thanks to ur potrayal of Abhay Raichand wid perfection to da T!!Cool Ur da First ever Actor to make me cry for a fictional Char n make me smile wenever AR genuinely smiled!! no matter how many chars u play in ur entire Acting Career,AR wins Hands down!!Approve he will always b my most fav character n da closest to my heart only bcoz of ur Potrayal!!Heart der can never b another Abhay Raichand everHeart 
U play ur chars so convincingly dat it luks real dan reel!! be it AR or RK,u do complete justice to every char!! ur Hardwork is so clearly visible in ur performances!! keep working hard like dis n u'll touch even greater heights n never let ur haters affect u in any way,however hard they try,if u r true to urself n ur work,they can never succed!!Cool Keep up ur HARDWORK n KEEP ROCKING N SHOCKING UR HATERSWink
Love u Loads n Loads!!Heart


Hey Vivian my cutie pie, Wish you a very very Happy Birthday...I wish I could wish you in person also...Never the less...My best wishes are always be with you...May you get every happiness, joy and success in your life...Wishing you all the best in the year to come. May your days be filled with sunshine and beautiful colors,And may your nights be filled with comforting dreams and wishes to come...I wish you nothing but the best on your special day...May the sun's rays shine brightest on you today with the wind at your heals... I am infinitely grateful that I came to know you and I am so proud to be your fan...I love you like anything and want nothing but best for you in every term... This is my earnest prayer for you. May the love of god be with you all day through with his endless, boundless grace May he richly bless your life with much happiness and success 3<3<3...Today is your day Vivian and I would like to ask god to give you as much years to live as he can..May u have all day joy your heart can hold. All the smiles a day can bring. All the blessings a life can unfold. May u have gods best in everything...Last but not the least I want you to know that there is someone on this earth who love you the most and want you to see smiling always...And this leave me to say  HAPPY BIRTHDAY..:)

 Lots and Lots of Love


(ur true admirer)


Many Many Happy Returns of the day VIVIAN DSENA!!!

You are the most amazing and down to earth person. May God take notice of even smallest desires of yours and bless you with most successful and beautiful life ahead.

Stay the way you are.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY once again.


DancingPartyHappy Birthday VivianBig smilePartyParty
You rock Dancing


many many returns of the day VIvian Big smile

A greeting on your birthday
For a very happy day:))
And then a year
That brings the best
Of everything your way

Enjoy your special day! 
& a very happy birthday Big smile


Hey Vivian Happy Birthday!!!! Got nothing much to say other than to remind you that you are the BEST vampire and superstar in the history of Indian TV. I am younger to you so cant tell God to bless you but I do pray that you achieve many more milestones in your career and emerge as the BEST in your field. God has already blessed you with a wonderful gift-Vahbbiz and hope the two of you live a fairy-tale.Thanks a lot for being so perfect and acting as a role model for many.Proud to be your fan!!!Smile


Wishing you a very very happy birthday Vivian! With many many 
more to come! Party
You are the reason why I smile! You are simply so cute, 
so sexy, so caring, so hardworking, so dashing, so funny, so sweet, just perfection! Every time I see you whether either in pictures or on Madhubala you take my breath away every single time. Never say you are a non talented actor, your acting is what made me fall for you in the first place.
and when I got to know the type of person you are I just fell in love 
with you all over again. Watching you onscreen always gives me goose bumps.Your hard work and dedication shines through 
every time I see you portray the role of RK and you do it with such grace and passion, you bring the character to life, doing beyond justice to the role! You are the True Superstar of Television!

Thank you so much for working so hard day and night to entertain us all. Your fans love you and will always continue to love and support you! 
I truly wish from my heart that you are able to accomplish everything you 
wish for. You deserve all the happiness and all the success in the world! 
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday once again Vivian!
A Very Proud Vivian Dsena Fan!Heart


Many more return of the day to you Vivian. May god bless and fulfil all your wishes. Be happy always with your love ones. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU...Party


Happy Happy Birthday Vivian,

You are one of the BEST & the Most Talented actors I've ever come across... liked you ever since I saw you on Kasam Se...  started loving you even more as Abhay Raichand in PKYEK.. and I strongly  believe that no other actor would have been able to play the role of Rishabh Kundra so perfectly.. 

God Bless You and May Guardian Angel protect you always. I pray sincerely that all your lovely dreams come true... 

Love you..


Happy birthday vivian!!! May God bless you with happiness and success...


happy birthday Vivian Dsena
Love you loads 
wishing you all the happiness and success
RK rocks..I love watching you onscreen and off-screen 


Happy BirthdayParty


Wanted to show you how much I love you, I thought of writing you a poem, thought
of sing you a love song, even thought of picking you the moon. But all diminishes at your
beauty, loving and caring heart.
When our eyes met for the first time, my heart skipped a beat, I can not breathe
without you; you are my Saul-mate and forever love.

I love your eyes, I love the way you kiss, the fact that you are always there and the way that you love me, there are so many things that I love about you, there are no words
enough in the world to express it better than I love you.
The moment our eyes met I knew you are the one for me, and I for you. And as the
years pass my heart even grow dipper in love with you... 

- Ishu


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photo edited for free at







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(Original Idea Credit: Gurmeet Choudhary's Birthday Thread)

VD-ians are "ordered" Stern Smile to decorate their dabbas in the same fashion! Using the siggies from below!!


















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