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Part 30

Arnav: "You are needed.." She frown his brows..

Khushi: "Why..??" He give her a dangerous glare..

Arnav: "No more argument.. If I say.. Pack your bags then you better do.." She stood up in determine to fight back..

Khushi: "NO'" He raised his brows in disbelief.. He didn't expected this kind of reaction but one thing he was sure.. She have gain the courage to fight with him.. Even sometime he like her fighting with him but not always..  For him he would be the one gives order and she have to obey them not vise versa.. So in this matter he won't give her any excuse..

Arnav: "One more word Khushi.. I swear I won't spare you.." He glued hearing this.. He wasn't in his usually tone.. His face was also changed.. Seem his temper was increasing.. "Go and pack your bag now.."with rough tone.. Her eyes welled up.. She wasn't pretending to gain his mercy.. But the sudden outburst of his make her heart ached in pain.. She slowly walked towards the wardrobe and took the bag and some clothes.. She started her packing while her eyes was busy shedding tear..

He turn when he heard her sobs.. That's when he jump in sudden and cursed himself of being rude with her.. He didn't mean to hurt her.. He only wanted to take her along with him so they can spend some time together but he would never ever tell her that the meeting was just an excuse.. Actually he wanted to spend some time with her.. He only have 2 hour meeting there and the whole day he would be free.. He slowly took his step towards her and held her hand which was moving in doing the packing.. She didn't look at him.. Her gaze was the bag..

Arnav: "Khushi'" He called her softly.. That's when she can't hold her sobs anymore and she burst in crying loudly.. He felt a big lamp in his throat.. He immediately cupped her cheeks and make her look in his eyes.. The view was too blur for her to notice his expression.. He wiped her cheeks.. "I'm sorry.. I did.. I.." He stammered.. He took a deep breath before he could continue.. "You don't have to follow me if you don't wish too.. It's okey.. I won't force.." It was too hard for him to utter this one phase.. He didn't want to leave her alone her.. He would feel lonely.. yea that's true.. He would feel lonely if he didn't hear her nonstop talk and her immature speech.. He hurriedly took her in his embrace and grip her tightly.. She was crying on his chest.. "I'm sorry'" he spoke with moist eyes..

Khushi: "You.. You.. Said.." She sobs hardly.. "You said.. (Pause).. You won't (Pause).. Scold me.. again.." He closed his eyes hearing this from her..Her words and her crying voice stabs his heart..

Arnav: "I'm sorry.. I'm sorry.." She too respond on the hug and continuing crying in his embrace.. they were in this same posed for almost twenty minutes.. She looked calm a bit.. Even her face was red after crying a lot.. But she manage to console herself that she was needed there with him.. She need to do the wives duty even this marriage was still in the border line.. She can see him changing.. She can see him melting.. And more importantly.. He asked for a apology after doing mistake.. This was something new for her.. As she knew Arnav Singh Raizada never asked for a apology.. He was too hard to crack but with her.. He have utter this word not only once but for several times.. She agree to go Nanital with him..


They started to Nanital in the early morning.. He prefer driving then using his private plane.. He saw her sleeping on the passenger seat beside him.. She looked truly angel when she sleep.. He stop the car at the side road and look at her.. He open his coat and put on top of her.. He didn't want her to catch cold.. She was having asthma and this early morning breeze wasn't good for her health.. He put her head comfortably on the seat and arrange the seat for her.. He make the seat a bit down so she can have a relax journey.. Once he was satisfied, He gently kissed her forehead and cares her cheeks..

Arnav: "Sleeping Angel.." he utter softly.. His concentration was back on the driving.. He start his SUV and drove to Nanital.. In between he never leave a chance to see if she was comfortable or not..

They reached at the Hotel after few hours, The service boys took their luggage to the their suite.. Her hand was in his.. She didn't protest when he held her hand.. while she like being in his hold.. They comfortably settle in the room and she was mesmerized with the suite.. There were small dining room and a large living room with expensive sofa and one bedroom with a king size bed..

Arnav: "Khushi.. I have meeting to attend now.. If you need anything to eat then call the room service.. Just order whatever you want to eat.. They would make for you.." He thought her few things before he leave..

Khushi: "But Arnavji.. What if they deny..?? Then..??" She look damn innocent to him.. He smile on her nave antics..

Arnav: "No one can deny Arnav Singh Raizada's wife.. Remember that.." Her heart beat skipped hearing this from him.. "Everyone knew you Khushi and they don't have the guts to deny Mrs.Arnav Singh Raizada.. So you don't have to worry.." He assured her.. "Anything call me.." She nodded and he walked out of the suite not before giving a final glare to her..


Khushi was feeling little bored in the suite.. Arnav wasn't back yet and she too need a fresh air.. She decided to visit the caf and have her tea there.. She been given credit card by her husband and she too feel secure roaming in this hotel.. There were strict security and she feel safe here.. She settle herself on the seat in the caf.. She order a cup of tea and some cakes.. She was wearing a pink anarkali and she was looking damn beautiful.. Heavy works on the Anarkali was showing her real status of being one of the richest business's wife in India.. She sipped her coffee and in between reading some magazine.. Even she wasn't that fond of news and magazine but for time passed she prefer reading them.. She took her own sweet time to relax herself.. But it wasn't sweet anymore when she been approached by a lady newly late 20.. She knew her very well.. She didn't wish to see her here.. This was the second time they met again.. First encounter was a shocked for her.. She still remember was terribly she was shaken seeing her husband that closed to her.. And now she again appear in front of her.. She didn't wish this to happen so soon..

Lavanya: "Hi.. Khushi right..??" Khushi nodded weakly.. "I'm Lavanya.." She extend her hand for a normal handshake.. She too extend her hand and have a formal greet with her..

Khushi: "Namesta LavanyaJi.." One thing that she can never forget.. Her culture.. The culture which she is living with..

Lavanya: "Khushi.. If you don't mind.. Can I have a seat her..?" She nodded in agreement and The both ladies share a table.. Lavanya order a glass of juice for her while they start to built the conversation between them.. "Khushi.. I need to tell you something.. something very important.." Khushi was little scared hearing all this.. But she still nodded as she want her to proceed.. "Me and ASR was in relation before.." That was a painful stab on her heart.. Her tear already make their ways.. But still she comfort herself to stay calm.. "Khushi I know what are you thinking.. But I wanted to clear all this.. I don't like to hide something which you surely need to know.. And I guess ASR would never tell you all this.. He would never let anyone come in his personal life.." there she receive the second pain in her heart.. Personal life ached her heart.. She too is a part of his personal life.. She is his wife.. The wife which he took seven vows with ritual.. "What happen that day in the AR.." Khushi immediately stood up.. She didn't want to hear anything regarding that night.. She didn't want to make her heart bleed again remembering the day..

Khushi: "Lavanyaji.. I have some emergency I need to go now.. Excuse.." She was about to move when Lavanya held her hand and sign her to stop.. They looked at each other..

Lavanya: "I need to clear all this Khushi.. Then only I can leave in peace.."

Khushi: "But I don't want to hear anything.." She start to walk once she free her hand

Lavanya: " There is nothing between me and ASR.." Khushi's legs glued on the ground.. She turn slowly and looked at Lavanya.. Signing her to continue as she was listening.. "Me and ASR are best friend.. We knew each other since we was in New York.. We knew each other move the 3 years.. When I was back to India I'm wasn't aware he was married.. I thought he was still single.. And get to know all this on that day when I saw you in his cabin.. I didn't mean to hurt you nor my attention to break your married life.. Khushi I knew you won't believe me.. I'm clearing all this because I don't want you to have any misunderstanding with ASR.."Khushi's heart soothe a little bit.. Even not fully but still those words surely vanished some of her insecurity..

Khushi: "It's okey Lavanyaji.. I d'" stop when she hear the most familiar voice..  She turn and saw her husband standing there.. His face expression changed seeing Lavanya here and more importantly seeing her with Khushi.. He walked to Khushi and put his hand on her waist.. This wasn't unnoticed by Lavanya.. Khushi too was little surprised with her husband behaviour..

Arnav: "What are you doing here..??" He asked Lavanaya..

Lavanya: "I'm attending Mittal's party.. Which is today.."

Arnav: "You are invited too..??" He asked without any emotion.. He don't care if his words hurt someone's feeling..

Lavanya: "My God ASR.. You will never change.. Of course I'm invited after all I'm the show stopper for his show.. So my invitation are extremely needed.." Arnav give a weak smile to Lavanya and looked back at Khushi who was hearing their small talk..

Arnav: "You had your lunch..?" He asked Khushi who was happy seeing his concern towards her..

Khushi: "I'm wasn't hungry.. I just had tea and a piece of cakes.."

Arnav: "When you would learn to take a proper care of yourself..??" She was silent and didn't utter a word against him.. "Come I order your lunch in our room.." She nodded.. Before that he keep few notes of money on the table for her tea and desert.. He held her hand and was about to walked out of the caf but been stopped by Lavanya.. They turn to meet her gaze..

Lavanya: "You both attending the party..??" She asked politely..

Arnav: "Yea.. Mittal is my client too so.." He remain the phase hang.. He held Khushi's hand and walked toward their suite..

To be continued..

I'm very excited for to draft the next chapter.. I'm giving another turn to this FF.. Which would be more lovable for sure.. And big Dhamaka for next Update.. 

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hey i have still time to comment dearWink
so he wann to spend time with her
bt wht divorce
is it a just word in the air
bt still wann kkg to tough nut to crak dear...
w8 fr the nxt

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aww lavanya is so nice i love her now lol
i can't wait to know wht will happen next heheheeBig smile

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Congratulations for the new threadParty

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Awesome update dear! I cant wait for the Dhamaka in the next update! :D Do update soon :)

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Congrats on the new threadSmile
Amazing update...Good to see that arnav wants to get close to khushi and hez possessive about her too

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They are slowly growing into this cute couple

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