Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

~sati~ maaneet SS THREAD 8

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I am the sky,
you are the earth.
I am the music,
you are the melody.
I am the mind,
you are the speech.
Let us walk together through
the journey of life
keeping the peace and harmony
between us always.
Let us promise to be together
not only in this world,
but the one beyond.

thanks to ashu for this poem
"...your gentle words hold me tight..
yet i wonder what to fright
the stars to blame or the moon to blush
drowning in love with your tender touch

my eyes and see thy smile
to hold you close in the flickering light
i am the sky and you are the sea
reflection of you is what is me!

You are the diamond and I am the shard
broken and rough but still your part
hold me close... close to your heart
'coz i am the rhytm that beats your heart"

chalo milke  ,
kahi se ,
ek nayi shuruat kare  !
rah gayi ,
jo adhuri ,
puri har woh ek baat kare !

jaana ,
kuch to chalo na ,
chahe phir ,
ruk jaana !
kyoki ,
mere chalne se toh ,
poora na yeh faasla hoga !
kuch kadmo se hi ,
mittegi duriya ,
mujhe yeh hosla hoga !

jaana ,
mujhe hai pyaar ka ,
ik ghar banana !
usse phir ,
tere mere 
sapno se hai sajaana !

par jaan 
yeh sab kaise hai karna
sirf tumhe hi 
hai mujhe bataana !
sir tujhe hi 
is puri duniya main
isss dil ne apna hai maana !

meri galtiyoono 
ko dekh kar ,
mujhe na thukraana !
pyaar mere
pyaar ko dekh kar
mujhe apna banana

loved it dear
thanks shruti for t banner
thanks for all t love & support
lots of hopes & expectation from my sweet readers

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Part 49
Next day was the wedding. Geet was royally angry with him. Maan tried to speak to her, but she just left the room very angrily. But this was sweet, she was not being indifferent. She was hurt. She was so pissed off with him. The morning meditation didn't go well. She could hardly concentrate.. not because of the other reason(wink wink) but because she was annoyed. She pushed her self to do yoga.. even that was not working. She was in a mood to fight. & Maan was all their to pamper her temper coming infront again & again unknowingly.
While getting ready for the marriage Geet was really confused. She looked at the big suitcase which Meera had packed. She kept looking at it.
He came from no where & pulled it out. She looked away angrily. He gave her space & went in the wash room to get ready.
Geet was not sure. She opened the suitcase & kept staring at the rich colors that lay infront.
Maan saw her sitting like that all the while. He had come out wiped his hair changed into the Shervani.. & she was still staring at those dresses. His heart pained to see her like that. His eyes followed her gaze that was fixed on the transparent jewelry box. The black & golden beaded chain. He remembered the very first time he had put around her neck.. it didn't take a moment for his steps to reach them to pick it up & slowly wrapped it around her neck softly pressing the hook together.
Her eyes filled up. Instantly her fingers reached to feel them.. she looked at the mirror to assure herself. He just stood behind her. She looked at him & at the dresses
He knelt down, dearly cupped her face ' tum mujhe aisen hi bahut pyari lagthi hoon
she snapped back pushing his hands off ' phir kal kyun kaha tha main nahi sajthi

he was rendered speechless with her anger ' wo main
geet was drawn back to the painful memories that led her to simple dressing.
She looked away sadly ' uss din tho mainne simple sa  cotton sari phena tha.. & that client
he clenched his fist.. like he knew wat ever she was going to say, was going just break him
Geet ' but he was only staring at my waist & hair

Maans eyes welled up, anger ran through his veins wanting to strangle that person.. aur issliyen u cut ur hair so short he spoke painfully.
She spoke lost in her pain
geet ' it was meant only for ur eyes .. she paused, a sudden fear engulfed her, will he too misunderstand her like all did. Will he think she did on purpose. Will he not trust her like that day in pari's wedding.
he squeezed her in a heart clenching hug.
She cried I didn't lead him, sachi Maan main ne
maan ' shoo.. shhh. Geet I know u could never. I trust u..
he took those pleading lips into a soft tender kiss.
Her heart for the first time felt at peace. His claim.. his trust on her.  Her heart cried...
Geet - but I am not able to trust u
she cried impotently.

He painfully searched her eyes that depicted the sincere effort to thrust him with her heart .. & how miserably every time it failed & how innocently she accepted it.
Maan - Some time u have to take that leap of faith
she looked at him trying to grasp his words
Maan - things have fallen apart
he whimpered
Maan - because of all my wrong doings, my mistakes, my assumptions
but here we r at the edge, where u go forward or backward, if you go forward
he looked into her eyes,
you have to jump taking that leap of faith the trust would follow.
He searched her eyes that was still lost in the whirlpool of battle. Like time just stood still.
It was too much to see & not to break down every time he realizes her pain all those years. He left to her to change.

He spend an hour sitting alone in the living room just thinking abt her feel, her sincerity to him all these years when according to her he was dead. She led go off her hair because she couldn't let any one impure it with their sight... the more he went into the depth of it, the more it made it difficult for him to breath.

His chain of thoughts where distracted when he heard a soothing chime. He looked at the source only to see the goddess herself descending down the steps. Her simplicity, her naked feminine bravery had already blown him. Dressed in red sari, her jhumaka that so boldly played with her cheeks, the payal that made that chup chup giving rhythm to his already thudding heart beat... just  took his breath away.
He definitely deserved to be burned in hell to have ruined every right thing ever happened to him.
Thanks for the likes & comments
lots of love
-  PREV  NEXT  PART 50  -

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cngrats 4 d new thread Thumbs Up

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me second yipeeeDancingPartyParty congrats for the new thread dear any chance of an update

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Congrats for new thread!!!!!!!!!!!

That was a heart wrenching one ... but blended with so much optimism for their future... 
For the first time she seems to open up to him ...
She has been so much into the flow of life that she actually didnt think of changing the type of clothing she wears...  especially the first part... the confusion in her .. and the reluctance .. and then the longing on seeing the mangalsutra... you had just penned all that emotions so beautifully blended with pain... 
And when he made her wear it, she was completely in trance and lost in that feel... and then her cute anger on his shouting... She is really opening up and defo this is such a positive sign...
I  especially loved the part where she tried to tell him the reason for her light colored clothing, but was choked in expressing them.. and yet again she was scared if he wud also misunderstand her like others did... and there he hugged and kissed her assuring her that trust he had on her... that was just amazing...
And she expressing her fear to trust and maan's reply was superb... whenever he finds out something about her, it just reminds him of what his mistake has cost her life...  it pushes him into the hurt where he feels so timid in front of her loyalty!!!

Loved the update muskan.. thanks a lots for the update.. 

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Congrats for new thread..
waiting for update..

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