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Inshi FF-Love Never Looses Epilogue/Pg 79

shafy_MN IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 June 2013 at 12:27am | IP Logged

Hello Everyone I am starting a new InShi..FF 

this is my first time so bear it please
This ff is already being written for Mayur so I thought to give InShi versions also...I mean My two friends in this forum are InShi fans

so PD And Paulo..this is for you..If you can think so much about my Mayur...

so here is your InShi

Indira:Is a bit bubbly..and lively person

Credit of Banner goes to Ketki

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shafy_MN IF-Sizzlerz

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Part 1 Page 1
Part 2 Page 1
Part 3 Page 1
Part 4 Page 2
Part 5 Page 5
Part 6 Page 7
Part 7 Page 9
Part 8 Page 11
Part 9 Page 13
Part 10 Page 14
Part 11 Page 15
Part 12 Page 16
Part 13 Page 18
Part 14 Page 19
Part 15 Page 21
Part 16 Page 23
Part 17 Page 24
Part 18 Page 26
Part 19 Page 27
Part 20 Page 28
Part 21 Page 29
Part 22 Page 30
Part 23 Page 31
Part 24 Page 32
Part 25 Page 33
Part 26 Page 34
Part 27 Page 35
Part 28 Page 36
Part 29 Page 37
Part 30 Page 38
Part 31 Page 39
Part 32 Page 40
Part 33 Page 41
Part 34 Page 42
Part 35 Page 43
Part 36 Page 44
Part 37 Page 45
Part 38 Page 46
Part 39 Page 47
Part 40 Page 48
Part 41 Page 49
Part 42 Page 50
Part 43 Page 51
Part 44 Page 51
Part 45 Page 52
Part 46 Page 53
Part 47 Page 54
Part 48 Page 55
Part 49 Page 56
Part 50 Page 56
Part 51 Page 57
Part 52 Page 58
Part 53 Page 59
Part 54 Page 60
Part 55 Page 61
Part 56 Page 62
Part 57 Page 63
Part 58 Page 64
Part 59 Page 64
Part 60 Page 65
Part 61 Page 66
Part 62 Page 67
Part 63 Page 68
Part 64 Page 69
Part 65 Page 70
Part 66 Page 71
Part 67 page 71
Part 68 Page 72
Part 69 Page 73
Part 70 Page 74
Part 71 Page 75
Part 72 Page 76
Part 73 Page 76
Part 74 Page 78
Epilogue Page 79

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shafy_MN IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 June 2013 at 12:28am | IP Logged
Part 1

A party was going on ,there were only boys present seems it's someone's bachelor party is going on.

Vidit:"Hy..Guys'!!! I wanna raise toast to my best buddy who is finally leaving his bachelorhood 'cheers for him and I wish him a great married life'"


Vidit:"You I know I still can't believe you getting married tomorrow afterall one day this has to happen..I am so happy for you dude.."

Kuljeet:"Congratulations Man..!!! I am so happy for you..!! Finally you are getting married'"

Vidit:*In Fake tears*"Now My poor friend is no more single.."

Uday:"What is this yaar..Sam got maaried,kuljeet too,Vidit is engaged to dids and here tomorrow your wedding bells will ring..when ..when..will I get married'Do I get a girl my life'"

Samar:"Of course dude..!!! The day you forget to use your brain..hope you will get it'"
Samar gives high fy to Vidit


Man:"Stop it..Guys..!!! Don't pull his leg..after all he is our friend'.!!!"

Vidit:"Yeah..!! Dude..we can't change the fate.."

Uday":Vidit",Playfully hit him on his shoulder"

Man:"Stop it guys..!!! Today is my bachelor party and here you all are just fighting..when will you behave mature Uday.."

Giving a high fy to Vidit
Uday:"What ..what did I do ..It's Vidit..who always starts'You all are'humph.."

Samar:"Uday..dude..chill'you know Rishi ones a sadu always a sadu.."

Rishi:"Samar you too'"

Samar:"Yes..!! Dude..Okay guys..comeon let's forget other talks and let's celebrate'"

Vidit:"Yo'A Toast for our best and sadu Buddy'Rishi'"

Uday:"Come on'today no one is there to stop you' aur vese bhi kal mere yaar ki shaadi hain.."

Vidit:"Uday..band kar yaar '.aaj celeberation wali night so let's celeberate.."

Rishi:"NO Uday..i won't..You know na I don't drink.."

Samar:"Come on Rishi this is your bachelor party..You can't say no to one drink.."

Rishi:"No Sam.."

Samar.."Come On..Come On.."Saying so Samar made him drink almost whole bottle.

The boys enjoyed danced a lot.They were celebrating the farwell of Rishi's bachelor hood.
Rishi who is getting to married tomorrow to his lady love,his life Indira.Tomorrow is a very big day for Rishi and Indira.
Rishi still try to maintain drink less comparetively to others,because he has promised his love that he won't drink much and how on earth he could break his promise that he had made it to his lady love.
After having Party boys decided to get back their room as tomorrow they had lot's and lot's of work.While going to their room Samar suggested Rishi,"Dude..you know Bride's family is also in the same hotel in we are,they are on the upper floor.."

Rishi:"I know..Sam..but I won't do'which you intend.."

Samar:"Come on'Rishi it will be fun'"

Rishi:"Sorry..But the answer is no..I won't go..to Indira's room.."


Rishi:"Rituals dude.."



Other:"Bye Rishi"

Though was still in senses rest to his other friends.

Entering the room he changed himself and lied down to his bed.Tomorrow his lif is gonna change,finally Indira will be his,it seems he will get everything tomorrow ;Indira is everything to him afterall'!!!
He wondered how loved has changed his life once there was a time he runs away from such type of feelings and has concentrated only to his goals and carreer but the day Indira entered his life everything changed,she bring love in his life'
Sometimes he felt so lucky that he got Indira as his life partner as her soulmate.Indeed love changes everything in your life.
He thought although he can't meet her but  still he could listen to his voice.Immediately he dialed her number.
A sleepy voice came over his phone,"Hello'"

Rishi lovingly," Mon Amour'."

Voice:"I love you too Rishi'"

Rishi:"You're sleeping'"

Voice:"May be but Not anymore'."

Rishi:"Sorry..!!! But I won't take your much time just wanna listen your voice before sleeping and will see tomorrow at our wedding."

Indira:"Rishi you no need to..Even now I also want to talk and share this day feelings,excitement with you.."

Rishi:"Indira..you know tomorrow is the happiest day of my life..To morrow you'll be mine'"

Indira:"Mine too Rishi..finally I'll be your and you'll me mine.."

Rishi:"I am always yours'Mon Amour'"

Indira:"You when ever you say this to me..I felt so special'so pleasant.."

Rishi:"Coz you are special you 'You're my life'"

Indira:"What does it stands..for Rishi.."

Rishi:"As if you don't know.."

Indira:"I know but stil I want to listen from you'"

Rishi:"Is that so.."

Indira:"Yes..!!! Rishi.."

Rishi:"Well it's a french word which means you are my love my life'you are my everthing.."

Indira:"Why do you love me so much Mayu.."

Rishi:"I don't know..But I can't help my self from loving you again and again'"



Indira:"I think it's late we need to get up early tomorrow'Tomorrow is our wedding.."

Rishi:"I know'sweetheart'.."


Rishi:"Indira listen.."


Rishi:"Are you feeling little bit of nervous.."

Indira:"Well..i am feeling little bit of nervous may be just an anxiety as tomorrow I am getting married will leave my home,my parent's that's it and above all I am happy as I am going to have you in my life,it's normal '!."

Rishi:"Are you sure.."

Indira:"Yes'Rishi I am sure..indeed you are also feeling little bit nervous.."

Rishi:"Me'mmm Yeah but a little bit because more than nervous I am hell excited'."

Indira:"I love you Rishi..Goodnight..Now.."

Rishi:"Goodnight Indira..Sleep well..as tomorrow night I am not gonna let you take a small nap...even."


Giggling he called off his phone and drifted to his dreamland where his lady love is waiting for him.
He is desperstely waiting for tomorrow'.and soon sleep took toll over him.

Scroll down for part 2

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shafy_MN IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 June 2013 at 12:29am | IP Logged
Part 2

At the dead of night someone knock his door,he tried to ignored it but the sound was getting more vigorous by passing minute,sleeply he opened his door to find Samar was standing on his door.
Still In sleep tone,"What dude..lemme sleep'"

Samar panickly ,"Rishi..VO..Indira'"

Rishi whole sleep got vanished in a moment as soon as he heard his angel's name Indira,"What..what Samar:"

Samar:"She isn't in her room dude'"

Rishi:"What..but.."Rishi was certainly not able to understand what's going on..

Samar,"Let's go'.To her room .everyone is there.."

Somewhere in his heart Rishi wasn't getting good intutions while running to her room he juat prayed for her safety.He Room was on the other block of the hotel building.He reached her room,everyone was tensed ,where could Indira have gone.Rishi was really scared about where could Indira be he asked to the hotel manahger but they said they didn't knew anything.They searched the whole hotel but she couldn't found anywhere.Rishi was so tensed and wondering where could Indira be at this hour of night.He was pacing around her room thinking where she could be when he found a note on the nearby table.He took it and opened it,His world spins after reading that note,he grabbed the chair near by and sat down in shock,he couldn't think in his wildest dreams that it actually could happen.It states

"I am sorry Rishi but after thinking a lot I had decided I do not want to marry you,you will find someone else I am sorry Rishi but marriage ..!!! I thing it was a haste decision I am sorry'!!
I am going away I can't face anyone please forgive me and forget me I won't come back..don't try to search me..I leaving in my world..hope you forget mee soon.


His whole earth shaken after eading this,he couldn't able to believe his Indira..His Indira .He was completely shattered he couldn't think his life has left him ,his love had left him,he covered his face in his both hands he was totally smashed. After a while someone tapped him on his shoulder he looked above to see Mrs.Kadambri Sharma Indira's Mom was standing with confusion filled face ,with heavy heart he gave that tnote to her.She too was dumbstruck when read the note,she can't believe her daughter could do this.

Suddenly Kuljeet came running through the corridors," Rishi Hotel k CCTV camera mein Indira ki photage hain'Come let's see what had actually happened.."

Rishi instantly rushed to security room to check what had actually happened.But seeing the photage has just only crushed his heart into pieces.They Indira was moving out having a suitcase with her.Somewhere still Rishi heart was saying that all this is fake his Indira has not left him,she couldn't.Just 2 hrs before she was talking to him showing her excitement on the phone then how could all of a sudden,why did this happen why..?? this question was constantly ringing in his mind still he couldn't able to get it's answer.

They returned and Kuljeet told everyone that Indira had actually ran away from Hotel.They saw her going outside with her suitcase.Indira had actually flewed away from Marriage.

Mrs Sharma:"Indira ne mujhse kaha tha she is nervous but kya vo itni nevous thi that she had taken such a big step'I can't believe my daughter could do this."

Mr.Inder Sharma joined his hands infront of Rishi's parent's and apologitically said,"I am Sorry'!!! Mujhe Maaf kar dijiye Bhaisaab..mujhe nahi pata tha ki meri khud ki beti itni giri hui harkat karegi..I am really Sorry'.."

Mr.Ravi Diwan :"Arrey bhaisaab aisa kyu keh rahe hain.. sab thik ho jaayega..Aap fiker na kare..aapki beti bahut achi hain' vo aisa kuch nahi kar sakti'."

Indira's father:"But Bhaisaab she has committed this sin'She do not want to marry your son..Haven't you read this note'.Indira ne kisi k baare mein nahi socha ye bhi nahi socha uske iss ek faisle se dono parivaaro ki kitni badnaami hogi'Usne kisi k baare mein nahi socha..Meri beti itni selfish hogi..I haven't thought in my wildest dreams.."

Mrs.Simmi Diwan Rishi's Mom:"May she have her reason bhaisaab..aise nahi kehte'She was very nervous jab vo aayegi hum araam se usse puchenge 'aap please aisa mat kahiye uske baare mein.."

Mrs.Sharma:"Kyu na kahe Simmi Ji iss ladki ne hume kahin muh dikhaane laayak nahi choda..likh k gayi hain ab kabhi wapas nahi aayegi.. are koi pareshaani thi to kam se ka bolti ho'aisa koi karta hain kya'"

Mr.Sharma: "Nahi ...ab Indira se humara koi rishta nahi hain,mein aabhi se usse jude saare rishto ko todta hoon...she is not my daughter anymore".

Everyone was now blaming Indira saying that she shouldn't had took such a big step in nervousness ,she didn't thought about anybody, how much humiliation they have to bear now.

"Indira said that she was nervous but she will take such a big step in nervousness well I still can't believe."
"I think there is some other reason..May be she realized she don't want to marry Rishi'that's why.."
"But just a nigt before her wedding..she didn't thought about her family.."
"I really pitied on her family'" 
"I really pitied on the bridegroom and his family'what we can say now'"
Rishi silently listening to these talks ,these were nothing but just testing his pateint he tries to be as calm as possible but these people are actually insulting his love.

Rishi's P.O.V

I was constantly listenting to their barbering,I thought soon they will stop but not they were now insulting my Indira how could they , I couldn't able to control my temper and shouted on them,"Shut up..Just shut up you all..how dare you to say such about my Indira..she loves me a lot you do you all understand and she can't leave me'she can't leave me I just don't believe in this stupid note'it could be fake .My Indira can't betray me she really loves and I could 100% say that something else has happened to her ,she didn't left this place willingly do you underdtand'" .

Saying so I sat down on the bed I was feeling devastated I don't want to believe that she had left me she had betrayed me this is killing me from inside.I had covered my face with my hands when someone tapped on my shoulder it was Indira's Mom,"Rishi if she hadn't left you that why she left you engagement ring behind and all the wedding stuff which you had gifted to her.."

I instantly looked to the ring she was holding ,it was ring when I had proposed her to marry me.I took the ring from her hands words were not coming from my mouth and tears were making their way from my cheeks.
"No..Aunty..no'My..Indira'!!!..No'I still believe she didn't left me'Indira where are you...
Please come back'!!!!!"

Saying I Hugged her mother I had been totally wrecked.The wedding was called off and we all moved from the hotel.I was so lost and devastated that I didn't talked to anybody afterwards.

Hope you like it

Scroll Down for Part 3

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shafy_MN IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 June 2013 at 12:29am | IP Logged
Part 3

After this incident Rishi didn't spoke to anybody rather he cut himself off with everyone.
Neither he talked with Indira's parents ,their last meet was after a week of this incident when they came to inform him that they moving Sydney and will hope to stay there for a long run.He just greeted them and left them there ,he hadn't talked with them after that.
After a week of time his parent's too moved to London .
Mr Diwan:"Rishi beta why do you want to stay here you could come with us'"

Rishi:"No Dada I can't leave this place'It's really attached to me.."
Mrs Diwan:"Rishi beta kab tak chalta rahega'..one or the other day you have to forget her and move on in your life.."
Mr Diwan:"Your Mom is right Rishi'.you better come with us'Uski memories se door jaaoge your mind will also change and also you may able to move on in your life.."

Rishi(Still in a smashed situation):"No Dad ..I am Sorry Mom..but I can't leave Manali'You know na..Indira ko hill station kitne pasand the..Humare pyaar ki shuruwat bhi yahi se hui hain and yahi per pehli baar mene use propse kiya tha.Kitni memories attach hain meri usse' can't leave this place'Mein Indira ko apni yaadon se door nahi kar sakta'I can't do it..I can't move on in my life..meri life mein ek hi ladki thi and that's Indira vo nahi to Koi bhi nahi Maa..koi bhi nahi I can't think about someone else other than Indira..You both please go.I want to leave ..atleast for a time..please'whenever I feel I need you I'll call you or will come to you..but please don't force me ..Please Mom.."

Accepting his plea  his Parent's too moved to London.He had already ditached himself with his friends only Samar was there who came to meet him occasionaly as Rishi had also convinced him not to company him much.
[This song is from Movie Jism2 Maula]

 Ishq bhi kiya re maula
Dard bhi diya re maula
Oo.. oo..

He want to isolate himself in the memory of Indira.

Ishq bhi kiya re maula
Dard bhi diya re maula
Yun toh khush raha magar kuch reh gaya baaki

Once he was a very jolly and happy person but now he hardly talks to anyone even to his office employees and hardly smiles.
It seems that Indira didn't left him rather his life has left him and made him lifeless.

 Faqr bhi kiya re maula
Ilm bhi liya re maula
Zindagi jiya magar kuch reh gaya baaki

Indira was everything to him and when he had gone everything has gone she has taken his soul with her and left a dead person behind her to lives in the memories of her.

Tu nahi dikha re maula
Sab nahin bika re maula
Aur jahaan ruka wahaan pe
Jaam hai khaali

Everday he searches for outside and inside him,in every face he tries to find her he thinks that somewhere she is calling him but unknown from the direction where she is calling.It seems his life has stopped after her.

Chaah ki kami mein tu hai
Aankh ki nami mein tu hai
Aas mein tu, pyaas mein tu
Saans mein tu

He was punching the punch bag wich was hanging at the middle of his room fircely,just too skow down his anger just to pour out his agnoy.

Tu bewajah haseen tu hai
Jo dikhe ussi mein tu hai
Askh mein tu, raskh mein tu, jaan mein tu

Remembering his each and everymoment with Indira

Ishq bhi kiya re maula
Dard bhi diya re maula

Slowly his punching bag was filled up with the blood stains,but he didn't stopped.

Yun toh khush raha magar kuch reh gaya baaki
Faqr bhi kiya re maula
Ilm bhi liya re maula

Swaet was dropping from his face,hands and his t-shirt has stick up to his body due to it.His eyes were red in anger ,in pain.

Zindagi jiya magar kuch reh gaya baaki
Tu nahi dikha re maula
Sab nahin bika re maula

But still he didn't stopped and due to his continouos punching his bag fallen down.

Aur jahaan ruka wahaan pe
Jaam hai khaali
Dum taram ra ra..

He opened his fist from were blood was oozing out,it has the ring which he had proposed Indira, the separation of Indira pains in his heart is much more and more effective than the would in his hand . 

Zeest ki sacchaiyon se, rooh ke gehraiyon se
Raat ki tanhaiyon se, tu guzar zara
Zeest ki sacchaiyon se, rooh ke gehraiyon se
Raat ki tanhaiyon se, tu guzar zara
Dum taram ra ra..

It's been four years to this incident but for Rishi it's like a four hundred years he is away from Indira.There is not a single not a single moment left when he didn't memorize her , everyday he thinks for her,thinks for a valid reason so that he could satisfy himself that why did Indira left him but all he could not still not able to convince himself that Indira had left him.Everyday he tries to forget her,he tries to hate he tries not to remember her as she has betrayed him but at the end of the day he was unsuccessfull in anyone these.How much hard he tried to hate but he can't he can't able hate her,everyday he tries to hate her but at the end he falls in love her all over again,though she is not with him still his heart beats for her,though he has betrayed him ,left him still his heart ,his soul says she hasn't betrayed him.How much he tried to ignore the feelings which his heart is carrying for her but these feels are so strong so much deep that it became impossible for him to ignore any feelings which is related to Indira.He doesn't carry any hatred for her in his heart.
One or the other day he scolds himself for loving her so much,he censure his heart for beating for only and only for her.But still he can't stop himself loving her .

Part 4 Page 2

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bahot mast hain. ek aur naya  InShi ff wow...Dancing Day Dreaming

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-Neha04- IF-Sizzlerz

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Shocked achanak ye change???? But mujhe dono ache lage very nice update thanks for pm

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ShivIka..Ketaki IF-Sizzlerz

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bahot mast hain. ek aur naya  InShi ff wow...Dancing Day Dreaming

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