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Episode 1-100

Jodha Akbar is a sixteenth century love story about a political marriage of convenience saga between a Mughal emperor, Akbar, and a Rajput princess, Jodhaa. But much more then that it's the marriage of contrasts.

Maha Manga enquires Akhbar about the box that contained the poison after Akhbar presents the box. Akhbar stays curious on finding the culprit who was responsible for his son's death. Akhbar enquires Jodha about the box, but, Jodha mentions her unawareness. She also breaks a glass bowl in anger and asks Akbar to fix it up with a view to indicate the respect she lost after Akhbar insulted her. Rahim meets Jodha in person and informs her about witnessing Maha Manga immersing the poison in the box.

Jodha informs Moti about Mahamanga who was the culprit responsible for the death of Akhbar's heir. Jodha hence, decides to reveal Mahamanga's evil act to Akhbar with a valid evidence. Jodha pretentiously mixes spices from the same box in Mahamanga's presence to check Mahamanga's behaviour. Mahamanga hence, accepts her crime to Jodha but, creates a whole new story in Akhbar's presence.

Akhbar gets furious on Jodha as she accuses Mahamanga for killing Akhbar's heir. Akhbar however defends Jodha in Mahamanga's favour. Maharana and his army organize a meeting to plan a strategy against Akhbar. Jodha asks Rahim to act as a evidence and explain the entire scenario to Akhbar that he explained to her.

Jodha asks Moti to keep a watch while she changes clothes. Moti, however, allows Akbar to enter the room. Akbar informs Jodha that he will deliver the verdict into the accusations against Mahamanga. Akbar further reveals that he had discovered that it was Mahamanga's lookalike who had murdered their son. Later, he meets Mahamanga's lookalike and questions her motive behind killing the prince.

Mahamanga's lookalike kills the royal prince to avenge the death of her family members at the hands of Akbar. After learning her intentions, Akbar sentences her to death. Akbar informs Jodha that she would finally be visiting her parents at Amer. Though delighted, Jodha agonizes over the horror and pain she suffered in Agra.

Jodha's brothers receive a letter from Amer by King Bharval informing them about the war strike, by their enemy. Jodha's brothers hence, visit Amer by taking Akbar's permission. Aadam informs his mother Mahamanga about her lookalike- Lakhi's killing. Mahamanga hence, appreciates Laaki's sacrifice and asks her son Aadam to grant a huge reward to Laaki's family. Akbar gets furious on Jodha after she refuses to participate in the occasion of Meena Bazaar. He then, orders Jodha to participate in the occasion. Jodha however, decides to stay firm on her decision.

Akbar's mother signifies the importance of the Meena Bazaar to Jodha as an age hold tradition. Jodha, hence, willingly agrees to be a part of it. She also feels guilty for keeping her mother in law unaware about her return to Amer. Akbar appreciates Jodha for participating in Meena Bazaar. Though being a Mughal, he informs her about celebrating the festival of Holi in his kingdom, the other day, to make the Queen cherish her last days in Agra.

Rukaiyya appreciates Akbar's concern for Jodha after Akbar purchases all the clothes that Jodha exhibited in the Meena Bazaar. Jodha accidently splashes colours of holi over Mahamanga while celebrating the festival with her friends. Mahamanga gets furious and holds Jodha at fault by making it a religious issue. Akbar hence, gets bursts his anger over Jodha while, Jodha willingly accepts her mistake.

Mahamanga's son gets furious after he learns about his mother's insult by Jodha. With a view to punish Jodha, Akbar decides to send Jodha to Amer. He announces the same in his courtroom. Jodha's mother however, objects for the same and informs Jodha about her return, to be disrespect to their community. Jodha hence, assures her mother of her stay in Agra. Akbar gets restless after Jodha disappears from the kingdom the next day.

Mahamanga gets annoyed by Jodha's act of getting disappeared overnight. Akbar also stays bothered about Jodha. Jodha on the other hand, tries to commit suicide by jumping in a lake. Akbar also jumps into the lake and saves her life. Akbar's mother asks for a remedy from Saint Peersaab for the constant disturbances in Akbar's life. Peersaab hence, mentions Akbar and his wife's visit to Ajmer Sharif as a solution to the problem. He also mentions about criteria for Akbar's partner, for the pilgrimage, to be the one who receives the first light of the sun, early that day.

Akbar brings Jodha inside the kingdom through a secret route. He leaves Jodha in a dark room that falls in way of the route. Rukkaiya gets annoyed watching Jodha receiving the first ray of sunlight the next morning after Rukkaiya and Akbar's mother enter the dark room. Akbar's mother informs Jodha about the words of Peersaab and asks her to leave for Ajmer Sharif with Akbar.

Akbar's mother is cheerful after her desire to send Akbar and Jodha to Ajmer Sharif is fulfilled. Aadam Khan sends his boys to kill Akbar on his way to Ajmer Sharif. Akbar catches a live snake from Jodha's bed while, she is asleep.

Jodha feels guilty for getting angry at Akbar after she misunderstands his concern as his misbehaviour. Akbar and Jodha meet a group of poor Fakirs on their way to Ajmer Sharif. Jodha gets annoyed on Akbar, after he refuses her to lend her jewelleries to them. She gets further annoyed after he gives them his own jewelleries.

Akbar and Jodha visit a jungle together for hunting. In order to save the animals from being prey, Jodha empties Akbar's gun prior to their visit to the jungle. She informs him about it when he tries to kill a tiger. The tiger attacks Akbar but, Akbar manages to kill him with his knife. Akbar, however, gets seriously injured. Jodha manages to bring him back home. Akbar's mother gets furious on Jodha on watching her son's condition.

Akbar gets attacked by a tiger during hunting. Mahamanga announces about Akbar's ill health. Jodha wants to meet Rukaiyaa but is denied by her & her maids. Finally she manages to meet Rukaiyya & tell her about the whole incident. Akbar's mother sends some medicine made by Jodha to treat Akbar, which upsets Mahamanga & Rukaiyya.

Akbar's health gets worse and whole kingdom gets worried. Jodha prays to Lord Krishna for Akbar's recovery. A famous physician visits the kingdom and tells everybody about the magical benefits that Jodha's medicine could bring. Jodha's medicine helps Akbar in his speedy recovery which upsets Rukaiyya. Akbar's mother gifts Koran to Jodha.

Jodha tells her mother-in-law that she tried to save Akbar because he is a son, a brother, a husband and not because he is an emperor. Akbar's mother is impressed with Jodha. Jodha's father visits kingdom to meet Akbar. He tells that his daughter Sukanya's marriage has been fixed. Jodha comes to know that Akbar has played a matchmaker for Sukanya. Jodha's father requests Akbar to perform the rituals at Sukanya's marriage.

Rukaiyya asks Akbar why he played a match-maker for Sukanya and comes to know that it was a political move. Rukaiyya tells Akbar that she would not allow him to attend Sukanya's marriage. Mahamanga plans to stop Akbar from visiting Aamer. Jodha and Akbar get into an argument while talking about Akbar's plan to visit Aamer with his army. Mahamanga tells Rukaiyya about Akbar's decision to attend Sukanya's marriage. She provokes her against Jodha.

King Bharmal starts preparations for Sukanya's marriage. His wife and mother convince him to invite King Pratap to the wedding ceremony despite the differences between the duo. King Pratap accepts the wedding invitation. Akbar's mother plans to send precious jewels and gifts for Sukanya. Akbar and Jodha go for boat ride on a full moon night. The joyride turns a nightmare when the royal couple come under attack.

In the October 15 Episode of Jodha-Akbar, Akbar suspects the attack on him while boating in the river was planned by someone very close to him. He asks his guards to increase vigil. Jodha and Akbar reach Aamer. Mahamanga tells Akbar that he should remain within his chamber and not venture out as it could be dangerous. Akbar ignores and goes to visit the palace. King Pratap reaches Aamer and meets Akbar.

King Bharmal gets worried when Akbar and king Pratap get into an argument at Aamer fort.Jodha overhears the argument and requests Akbar not to get into a war with King Pratap. Akbar agrees, provided that nobody insulted his religion and Jodha stayed in his room. Mahamanga gets irritated on seeing Zaveda getting influenced by Aamer's culture and people. Jodha and Akbar visit a temple together where she gets a shock. Akbar had ransacked the temple during his campaigns.

Akbar bows down in front of the idol in temple and apologises to Jodha for desecrating it. Resham tells Mahamanga about Jodha and Akbar's visit to the temple. Mahamanga gets furious. She yells at Jodha for trying to change Akbar's religion and beliefs. She also questions Akbar for visiting a temple. Akbar tells Mahamanga that it was a political decision.

Sukanya asks Jodha for some tips to woo her husband as Jodha has been married for quite some time. A worried Jodha goes to Akbar's room and asks him if his people would have any issues regarding his visit to the temple. Maansingh tells Akbar that Jodha has been very famous for her bravery in her childhood. Akbar asks Jodha to show some archery skills, Jodha leaves him impressed.

Jodha tells Akbar about the bravery of Prithvi Raj Chauhan. Akbar seems to be impressed by Jodha. Sukanya gets emotional on seeing green bangles gifted to her by Jodha. It reminds her of their childhood days. Mahamanga fumes with jealousy on learning that Akbar has sent special gifts for her sister-in-law. She sets fire to the gift given to her by royal Aamer family.

King Bharmal prevents a showdown between Pratap and Akbar by announcing that the start to the marriage celebrations. Adham decides to strike again at Akbar and decides to use Hawai, Akbar's favourite elephant, to carry out his plan. Akbar is shocked when he sees Hawai rampaging through the marriage venue. Akbar rushes to Hawai and manages to pacify the pachyderm. Akbar suspects mischief behind Hawai's rampage.

King Bharmal is worried about elephant fiasco but relieved that Akbar did not get hurt. Akbar orders Adgha to find out the culprit. Jodha requests Akbar to leave Aamer because if something happens to him, it might create a problem in Sukanya's marriage. Mahamanga gets furious on seeing Jodha enjoying the Mehendi ceremony and Javeda getting happily involved in the rituals. Akbar learns about Jodha's dance performance to be held in a ladies function where men are not allowed. Akbar makes his mind to watch Jodha dancing as he is her husband.

Shariffudin asks the groom's father to show evidence about his promise to give away Ratangarh fort as part of dowry. Akbar refuses to giveaway his fort. King Pratap considers it an insult and leaves. Jodha meets Sukanya's groom and learns that marriage will be cancelled. Jodha decides to meet Shariffudin to discover the truth and save Sukanya's marriage.

Mahamanga tries to convince Akbar's mother Hameeda to leave Aamer but Hameeda says the whole Ratangarh incidence is a case of misunderstanding and should be rectified through discussion. Shariffudin and Adham celebrate the success of their plan unaware of the fact that the Bandi standing there is actually Jodha. Jodha overhears their conversation and gets to know the whole truth about Shariffuddin's promise. Jodha goes to Akbar and tells him about the conversation between Adham and Shariffuddin. Akbar refuses to believe her and ask her to bring some strong evidence against Shariffuddin.

Jodha thanks Akbar for saving Sukanya's marriage. Akbar teases Jodha while performing riruals of Sukanya's marriage. Akbar's army wins the Aamer fort back from Dhawalgarh Kingdom. King Achal learns about the same and refuses to accept Sukanya as his daughter-in-law.

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 S t o r y  T i l l  N o w

Episode 101-150

Rukaiyya seems happy to learn about Akbar and Jodha's night stay during Aamer trip as it is a sign of Jodha's crushed ego. Aameena tells Jodha that Akbar is the one who has saved Jodha's rights to follow her religion. An elated Jodha decides to cook for Akbar. Saleema and Jodha decide to exchange their religious views and learn about each-other's religion.

An angry Rukaiyya asks Akbar about the rumours of his increasing intimacy with Jodha. Akbar denies all the rumours and persuades Rukaiyya. Akbar learns about Jodha's birthday and plans for a celebration ceremony.

Akbar gifts a flute to Jodha as her birthday present. Jodha feels elated with this unexpected gift. Everybody gathers for Jodha's birthday celebration. While enjoying the music and dance Jodha faints and is rushed to the royal Hakim. Hakim declares about Jodha's pregnancy which leaves everyone stunned. Jodha feels that Akbar has wronged her while she was unconscious and Akbar feels that Jodha has cheated him.

Jodha and Akbar perform the royal rituals before starting their journey as parents. Jodha confronts Akbar about the night incident during their Aamer stay. It leads to an increasing misunderstanding between them. Mahamanga talks to Akbar about Jodha's pregnancy and smells something fishy.

Jodha and Akbar clear the misunderstandings between them and wonder who must have wronged Jodha when she was unconscious. Mahamanga overhears Akbar and Jodha fighting over Jodha's pregnancy. She doubts that Jodha is not pregnant. She enquires about the same to Royal Hakeem.

Jodha learns about rumours of her relationship with someone else other than Akbar. She confronts Akbar and demands justice. Akbar calls Queen Salima and seeks her help to uncover the truth. Hameeda overhears the rumour and gets worried. Mahamanga instigates Hameeda against Jodha.

Royal Hakim tells Akbar that someone must have given some eatables to Jodha to bring pregnancy symptoms in her. Hameeda unaware of it, commands Jodha to leave Kingdom. Meanwhile, Akbar reaches there and takes the blame on him by saying that the child Jodha is expecting is of him only.

Salima clarifies to Jodha that whatever Akbar said was just to protect Jodha's honor as a queen but Jodha remains aloof. Akbar visits Jodha and returns the ring she had thrown in anger. He says that its Jodha's responsibility to keep it safe as it was gifted to her by Hameeda. Jodha feels like vomiting as the time passes by after taking the medicine. Salima gets relieved to learn that Jodha is not pregnant. She tells Akbar about the good news and an elated Akbar decides to find out who had plotted this plan to spoil Jodha's reputation.

Akbar discovers that Hakim Sahiba has been murdered. He finds the death note written by her in which she had described about the culprit behind the pregnancy conspiracy. Jodha and Akbar get ready for the celebration. Akbar teases Jodha about the night they had spent together.

Akbar and Jodha attend the royal ceremony held to celebrate Jodha's pregnancy. Akbar discovers that his sister Bakshi-Bano is the culprit behind Jodha's pregnancy conspiracy. Bakshi-Bano tells Akbar that she was forced by Sharifuddin to do so. Sharifudin overhears the conversation and leaves the kingdom.

Jodha learns that Baksi-Bano had planned her pregnancy conspiracy. She regrets blaming Akbar for her pregnancy. She visits Akbar and apologizes for misunderstanding him. Later she realizes that Baksi-Bano has committed a crime to save her marriage and hence she decides to Save Bakshi-Bano from Akbar's punishment.

Everbody is gathered at Diwaan-E-khaas. Akbar declares what Bakshi-Bano had done, how she had poisoned Jodha for producing symptoms of pregnancy. He commands Jodha to order the punishment. Jodha declares that she has forgiven Bakshi-bano. She explains that her guilt would remind her all her life about the pain she had caused to her family. Jalal gives his approval to Jodha's decision. Jodha tells Akbar that the real culprit is Shariffuddin as he took undue advantage of his wife's love.

Rukaiyya enquires if Jodha has started loving Akbar. Moti overhears Adham talking to a young Bandi. She tells Jodha about Adham's wrong intentions. Hameeda plans for Akbar's birthday celebration with Maham, Jodha and Rukaiyya.

Jodha tries to convince Akbar to forgive Bakshi-Bano but he refuses. Everybody starts preparing for Akbar's birthday celebration. Jodha wonders what she could gift Akbar as his birthday present. Everybody gathers for the celebration.

Jodha requests Akbar to get dressed as a common man. Akabr roams around as a common man in his kingdom. Rukaiyya learns that Salim had given wrong clue to Akbar and hence he had not got Rukaiyya's gift.

Rukaiyya gets jealous and furious when Akbar declares that Jodha has given him the best birthday present. Akbar visits Jodha and thanks her for the precious and thoughtful gift.

Jodha learns about Adham's wrong intentions towards a young Bandi. Rukaiyya warns Akbar about Adham's incapability to handle his duties. Maham gets worried on learning that Akbar had distributed the important royal duties and Adham had not been assigned any of them.

Jodha finds Adham misbehaving with a young Bandi Tasneem. She confronts Adham and warns him that she will tell Akbar about it. She visits Akbar and tells him about the whole incidence. Akbar calls Adham to the royal court.

Adham declares in the royal court that he wants to marry Tasneem. Akbar delays the final verdict by a day and Maham gets worried about the same.

Maham is stunned to see that Rukaiyya is supporting Jodha's opinion of not allowing Adham to marry Tasneem. Akbar visits the kingdom as a disguised hawker and discovers that Tasneem is not ready for the marriage.

Akbar declares in the royal court that no woman in the kingdom would be forced to marry against her will. Hence, Adham cannot marry Tasneem as she does not want so. Adham refuses to accept the decision.

Akbar is undecided on realizing that either he has to divorce Rukaiyya or let Adham marry Tasneem. Jodha convinces Akbar not to consider Adham's logic and punish him for his misdeeds. Maham apologizes to Rukaiyya and instigates her against Jodha

Rukaiyya blames Jodha for conspiring against her. In the royal court, Akbar declares Adham Khan as a culprit and decides to divorce queen Rukaiyya as well. Hameeda blames Maham for the unfavorable conditions.

Rukaiyya visits Saleema and Jodha. She requests Jodha to help her getting ready for Akbar as she is going to spend her last night as a queen. Jodha suggests Akbar to convince Rukaiyya for putting her opinion in front of the kingdom as it might save their marriage. Rukaiyya addresses the people and everybody ets furious to punish Adham.

Akbar's people refuse to accept his new law and protests against Adham. Akbar decides to punish Adham but Maham requests him to forgive her son. Akbar takes off all the royal responsibilities from Adham and declares that he will not divorce Rukaiyya.

Rukaiyya learns that Jodha had saved her marriage. She thanks Jodha and apologizes to her. Akbar's two in-laws Sharifuddin and Abul Mali attack Akbar. Sharifuddin gets caught and declares that he does not approve of Jodha and Akbar's marriage and that is why he conspired against them.

Shariffuddin and Adham conspire against Akbar behind the jail bars. Jodha writes a appreciation letter to Akbar. Maham reads out that letter to Akbar and adds some extra information by her side to create misunderstanding between the two. Akbar invites the great musician Tansen to visit his kingdom.

Maham requests Ramtanu to play a melody that would arouse feelings of love in Akbar's heart. Akbar starts fantasizing about a romantic evening with Jodha while listening to the great melody played by Ramtanu.

Akbar visits Jodha to spend the night with her as per her message completely unaware of the fact that the message was made up by Maham. As he approaches Jodha she clears his doubt. Akbar gets furious and Maham feels overjoyed on success of her plan.

Rukaiyya calls the great musician Ramtanu to perform at the royal gathering. Jodha visits Akbar and tries to clear the misunderstanding between them but Maham keeps instigating Akbar against her. A furious Akbar insults Jodha at the royal gathering.

Maham warns Rukaiyya that Akbar will soon be trapped by Benazir's beauty and forget about all other queens. Jodha visits Akbar to returns his gift and feels insulted when he ignores him in front of Benazir. Later Jodha feels jealous on seeing that Akbar is teaching sword fighting to Benazir.

Jodha realizes that she has started developing affection towards Akbar. She feels jealous of Benazir's closeness with Akbar. Akbar finds that Maham is getting emotional on remembering Adham, he allows her to meet Adham whenever she wants.

Rukaiyya learns about Benazir and Akbar's closeness. Saleema visits Jodha and enquires about the reason of her distances with Akbar. Akbar decides to increase his intimacy with Benazir and make Jodha jealous.

Akbar orders Maham to organize Meena Bazaar event and asks all her queens to have a special stall at the event. Rukaiyya steps back from having a stall on learning that the real competition is between Jodha and Benazir. At the event Benazir gets awarded as the Kingdom's Kohinoor.

Jodha feels jealous on seeing Akbar's over-affectionate behavior towards Benazir. Maham instigates Rukaiyya against Jodha. She says Hameeda loves Jodha over Rukaiyya. Later she instigates Akbar against Jodha by saying that Jodha is plotting the revenge of her fianc's death.

Jodha gifts a shawl to Akbar. She gets furious on hearing that Akbar wants to gift it to Benazir. One of Akbar's soldiers learns that Benazir has visited kingdom with a special purpose. Akbar teases Jodha in front of Hameeda.

Everybody learns about Hakim, Akbar's younger brother, visiting the kingdom. Akbar decides to organize a welcome celebration for him. Saleema suggests Jodha to increase fondness with Akbar.

Queen saleema learns that Abumali is conspiring against Akbar and Mughals. Benazir is shown to take snake bites as a regular medicine and hence having a poisonous body. She kills maqsood khan when he tries to get intimate with her.

Maham tells Akbar that a common man 'Imtiaz' has challenged Akbar for wrestling. Akbar accepts the challenge. Hameeda and Jodha disagree with Akbar's decision. Benazir and Sakeera talk about their master Abulmali's conspiracy against Akbar and plan out their moves to meet Imtiaz and proceed with the plan.

Mirza finds out Benazir's letter to Abulmali with a hidden message in it. Benazir plans to poison Akbar but fails. Whole kingdom gathers for wrestling match between Imtiaz and Mughals. Imtiaz wins the first wrestling match. Maham suggests Akbar to release Adham Khan and ask him to fight against Imtiaz.

Akbar releases Adham Khan to wrestle against Imtiaz. Adham Khan wins the match as well as faith of Mugals. Akbar returns him his designation and frees him from the jail. Hameeda gets impressed with Maham's decision-making ability.

Sharifuddin calls Jodha to meet him. Jodha visits Sharifuddin in jail and learns that Abulmali has ran away from Kabul and has sent one of his man to Agra for murdering Akbar. Jodha's younger sister Shivani visits Agra with a motive of running away with her lover Tejwan. Mirza tells Akbar about Benazir's secret letter to her mother.

Akbar calls Benazir and enquires about the letter she had written to her mother. Benazir tricks him and rescues herself. Jodha notices that Mirza has been mesmerized by Shivani's beauty. Akbar decides to celebrate his victory in wrestling match.

Benazir decides to poison Akbar while performing in the celebration ceremony of Adham's victory but fails badly. Mirza and Jodha find a dead snake in the garden and doubt that Abulmali must have sent some poisoned lady to kill Akbar. Mirza tells Jodha that he wants to marry Shivani.

Jodha asks Akbar about Mirza's special feelings for Shivani. Akbar feels elated on hearing the same. Hameeda and Akbar invite Jodha's family to Agra to ask for Shivani's hand for Mirza Hakim. On the other hand Shivani's lover Tejwan visits Agra to meet her. Maham reads Shivani's secret message to Tejwan and learns about their plan to run away.

Maham is dancing with joy when asked about the reason, she shows Adham Khan the love letters between Shivani and Tejwan. Maham informs Adham about her plan to tell Akbar the truth, in process humiliating Jodha publicly. In court, Jodha's family and Akbar are discussing Shivani and Miza's wedding. Adham ask Maham why she hasn't shown the letters to Akbar. She tells him that she has changed her mind and instead has shown the letters to Shivani, forcing her to marry Mirza.

After seeing Benazir so upset, Maham tells Benazir that she will finally get a chance to get close to Jalal as she has found out a way to get rid of Jodha. Maham tries to manipulate Ruqaiya by telling her that Jodha is more important to Jalal than her. Ruqaiya confronts Jalal and asks him whether Jodha is more important to him than her.

Jodha is shocked to know that Benazir is the 'Vishkanya' and tries her best to keep the emperor away from her. Akbar makes an announcement that Benzair will be his next wife.

Courtesy: Zee TV

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 S t o r y  T i l l  N o w

Episode 151-175

After hearing Dadi has forbidden Shivani to go to the temple, Jodha tells Dadi that she should allow Shivani as the rituals are yet to be completed . Jalal gives Mirza some advise and a gift. Jodha asks permission from Jalal to take Shivani to the temple. Meanwhile, Maham is pleased to see Jodha going with Shivani. Later, Jodha comes to know about Shivani plans to run away with a man.

Resham reads the letter which Shivani has written to Jodha citing her reason of running away to Maham. After hearing about the contents of letter, Maham is happy about Jodha taking all the blame. Meanwhile, the priest tells Jalal that the time for the wedding is over and nothing can be done about it. Maham tells Ruqaiya that she found the letters in Jodha's room on which Ruqaiya tells her that she won't forgive Jodha. Ruqaiya shows Jalal the letters and tells him that Jodha knew about Shivani and was playing mind games with him. Jodha tells Jalal that she didn't know anything about the letters but Ruqaiya accuses Jodha of lying. Jalal tells Ruqaiya that Jodha is not lying and that he believes in her which leaves Ruqaiya very angry.

 Jalal tells Raja Bharmal that he will be punished as he lied and forced Shivani to marry. Maham tells Ruqaiya that Raja Bharmal was proud of his daughters but now look at him, its because of his daughter he is being punished. Mirza tells Jalal that he wants Raja Bharmal to be released which angers Jalal. Jalal tells Mirza that he can't forgive Raja Bharmal as he lied to all of them but Mirza says that he loves Shivani and that he doesn't want her family to get hurt. Mirza tells Jalal that Raja Bharmal has already gotten the punishment and he has decided to forgive him. Meanwhile, Jodha is asking for forgiveness on the behalf of her father and sister, Jalal remembers about Mirza and what he said about love and sacrifice. Later, Jodha gets the news that Jalal has released her father and she tells her father that she won't ever forgive him.

Akbar on seeing his brother Mirza, becomes sad, while he was sleeping in his room. Akbar takes off his moccasin and tells the maid to bring a blanket for Mirza. Later, Jodha asks Akbar why he is not saying anything to her, why he is silent and then Akbar tells Jodha your sister Shivani and her lover will not get any kind of mercy, they think they will escape from us but my soliders will capture them soon. On the other hand, informer of Sharifuddin tells him that he has come to know that who is informer of Abul Maale in palace, he immediately writes a letter to Jodha to meet her. Meanwhile, Rukaiya asks Maham Anga why Akbar forgave Jodha's father Bharmal, Maham Anga replys that day by day Jodha is coming closer to Akbar and definitely something is happening between them. Later, Jodha's maid asks Maham Anga they want leave for tomorrow due to Shiv Ratri but she tells them that they will not get any kind of leave for tomorrow. On the other hand, Jodha after receiving letter of Sharifuddin, she immediately goes to meet Sharifuddin in the jail. There Sharifuddin tells Jodha that Benazir is the informer of Abul Maale who came here to kill Akbar that's why she is getting closer to Akbar. Later, Akbar gathers all his family members and tells them that Afgani is getting ready to fight them.

Jalal goes to Mirza and tells him that he wants to make him ready for war. Further Jalal asks Mirza to stop speaking useless things and clarifies that he does not love anyone. Jalal thinks of Mirza''s words and goes to Jodha where she was praying. spend night with her. Jalal later goes to Atgah and tells that he ignored and chose Mirza because he was depressed.

Moti tells Jodha that Mali has been arrested. Jodha replies and tells Benazir that she does not know what will happen to Jalal. Moti further adds that she is in no mood to any take command from Mali. Jalal goes to Ruks and tells her that he does not like to listen to anybody while solving political matters. Jalal asks Ruks not to be angry. But Ruks questions Jalal that why did he free the people who did so much harm to him.

Benazir goes to see Jalal and witnesses Jodha sitting outside and thinks that why was she there. On the other hand Zakira tells Jalal that she didnt allow Jodha to meet him. Jodha expresses her wish to meet Jalal, as promised to Masa. Later, Moti tells Jodha that she is not doing anything for masa as she developed feelings for her husband Jalaal. Listnening to this Jodha asks Moti to shut up.

Ruks praises Maham for her idea and Ruks tells her that she has control over Jalal's brain. Maham stells Ruks that jalal is doing the nikkah for letting Jodha down. Ruks further adds that she is very happy that once benazir wouldbecome a begum then she would become special in place of Jodha and as a result would be thrown out of Agra. On the other hand, Jodha is very much worried and tells moti that she has started going more close to Jalal with each passing time and now he is even ready to do nikkah with her.

Benazir sits with Jalal on the boat to share some private moments with him. Benazir further adds that she can easily sail and jalal asks the sailor to get down. To come more close to Jalal, Benazir delibaretley slips but Jalal holds her and asks her to be careful. Salima and jodha talk to each other in their palace, Salima praises Jodha for her bravery and jodha tells her that she took her formal war training in Amer. Jodha thinks that Jalal might have got an idea about know about her attack. Jodha further tells Salima that Jalal came to know about her attack as his talks were mysterious but refrained himself from scolding her. Salima reacts to this and tells Jodha that maybe Jalal loves her.

Rukaiyya storms in to the place where Jalal and Jodha are sitting and asks her husband that why is he tampering with his security. To this, Jalal replies to Rukaiyya that he knows that she genuinely cares for him but also at the same time wants her not to fake things. Rukaiyya further, instructs Jodha to stop interfering between Jalal and her. Later, Rukaiyya Begum goes to Mahamanga and tells her everything. Mahamanga gets furious and out of her disgust tells Jodha that she could not notice the trap and fell into it by applying her medicine on Jalal's injury. Mahamanga further; instructs, Rukaiyya to plan and send Jodha far from Agra. Meanwhile, Jodha tells Salima that the only thing they can do is bank upon Benazir committing a mistake and use it to their advantage. Later, Jodha decides to follow Benazir, but Salima decides not to leave Jodha alone. What is Benazir upto and will Jodha succeed in her ideas?

Common people decide that Jalal should know that a well in his kingdom has turned poisonous. After a while, Jalal's mother tells him to think about Jodha's ideas once. He tells his mother that he is still not being able to understand that why is Jodha against Benazir. On the other hand, Aadam Khan tells Jalal that the poisonous well consisted of few poisonous snakes which led to the water stagnation. Listening to this, Jalal asks Jodha that why is she so jealous about Benazir. Later, Aadam Khan goes to Benazir and tells her that he knows about her plan to kill Jalal. Moti tells Jodha to keep patience and investigate about Benazir and her plans.

Benazir is confident that nobody will know the secret that she is Vish Kanya and has come to kill Jalal. Jodha is worried as she knows this secret, but she is not able to prove it. Later, in the mehandi rasam Benazir impresses Rukaiyaa begum and Rukaiyaa praises her and taunts Jodha begum on other hand. In Mehandi rasam each begum of shehanshah has to put mehandi on the new bride Benazir's hands. When Jodha's turn comes, she falls on Benazir hands and Benazir Mehandi gets spoiled.

Mahamanga informs that it isn't a good sign that the bride's mehandi gets spoiled. Therfore, Rukaiya asks the mehandi ritual to be done again. All the 'begums' of Akbar give their precious gifts to Benazir who is the new bride of Akbar. Jodha gives a Lord Krishna picture to Benazir and tells her that this picture depicts the win of goodness over evil. Later, a parrot who predicts future is asked about future of every Begum of Shehanshah Akbar. The parrot predicts Benazir will spend the least time with Shehanshah. He also predicts that Jodha will be the one who will save Shehanshah from evil. Later, Jodha visits Sharifuddin in jail who tells her that Benazir is going to kill Shehanshah Akbar just before marriage

Joddha prays to her Kanha that now it is in his hands to save her husband Jalal ud-din Akbar from Benzair's poison. On the other hand, Jalal ud-din Akbar reads Namaaz and prays to god to bless him. In the hall of Nikkah, Benazir is sitting and Jalal enters the hall. In the Muh dikhai ritual, Jalal keeps on remembering Joddha begum. Benazir and Jalal ud-din Akbar are asked to eat sweeet sevaiyaa before marriage. Joddha begum remembers that Benzair is a Vish kanya and if anyone eats from her food will die due to poison. Joddha begum interupts the ritual and takes away the sevaiyaa. She tells Jalal ud-din Akbar that there is poison in this sweet and she will prove herself right by having it. Joddha Begum faints after having the sweet and its proved that Benzair is Vish Kanya. Benazir reveals her plan and calls Joddha begum a fool who stood as a warrior to save her husband, though he not even loves or care for her.

Ruqaiya orders Atgah to open a pit, and tells that she don't want to see Benazir alive. Ruqaiya ties Benazir's hands,legs and mouth and throws her in well. Meanwhile, Jalal ud-din Akbar feels upset as Joddha begum not comes in consciousness and poison has reached her nerves. Jalal regrets that he trusted Benazir and now Joddha begum is fighting for her life. Jalal gets to know from Zakira that there is a anti posion medicine to cure Joddha in Benazir's room. After testing the anti poison on Zakira, Joddha begum is given the medicine. Hakim says its difficult to save Joddha AKbar and only miracle can save her. Watch the entire episode to know how Jalal prayers for Joddha and wants to get her back.

Jalal Ud-Din Akbar remembers what Joddha begum told him when he had entered the puja room of Kanha with slippers. Akbar's realisation that because of his mistake today Joddha begum is fighting for her life. Akbar does the aarti of Kanha and prays to Kanha for Joddha begum. Nothing could work on the poison of Joddha, therfore the last choice is to provide her steam of fire to take out the poison. Meanwhile, Ruqaiya shouts on Hoshiyar as he says that it is good that Joddha begum is dying, as she realises it is because of Joddha that Jalal Ud- Din Akbar is alive. Joddha's dadi goes to Shakuni Bai who predicts that it is a long night which would change everything in life of Joddha and it seems someone will lose life. Meanwhile, Jalal Ud- Din Akbar asks his sultanate to pray for Joddha's life. Hakima informs Akbar that it seems that Joddha begum don't want to live as she has no reason to live, and her body is not able to fight with poision. Akbar imagines Joddha begum requesting him that she should leave, and Akbar don't want her to go and confesses that he loves Joddha begum.

Jalal-Ud-Din Akbar announces victory of Maan Singh and Mirza. Later, Jalal tells Ruqaiya she has behaved strongly and has punished Benazir, therfore he is giving her Chanderi property as a gift. Ruqaiya disagrees to take the property as a gift as this place was of Bairam Khan and the rightful owner is Rahim and it should be given to him. Jalal is impressed with changed behavior of Ruqaiya. Then, Jalal apologizes to Jodha begum as she had almost given her life to save his life, though on earlier events Jalal had not trusted Jodha begum. Jalal announces that he is making a city named Fathepur which means win over the evil and this city is gift to Jodha begum. Jodha thank Jalal and says it is a special gift to her. Jalal tells that he had promised himself that if Jodha begum will be fine he will visit priest Salim Chisti in sikri. Jalal's mother wishes that he goes with his begums to Sikri, namely Ruqaiya, Salima and Jodha begum. Ruqaiya and Salima don't wish to go to Sikri for diffrent reasons. Salima wishes that Jodha and Jalal spend time alone and get close to each other again. Jalal decides that he will go to Sikri in common man's clothes for his security. Watch this episode of Jodha Akbar and find out how Jalal goes only with Jodha begum disguised in common man's clothes.

Jodha and Akbar begin their journey towards Sikhri disguised as common men. Aadam Khan meets Shareef-Ud-Din and asks him to support him in his quest against Akbar. Shareef however refuses the proposal. Jodha and Akbar decide to have meal. While having their meal the two listen to the public debating on the bravery of Jodha and Akbar. Jodhar and Akbar too share their opinions but as common people. The royal journey comes to a halt when the Mughal soldiers stop the troop. The king is surprised with the disrespectful behaviour of his soldiers, but agrees to go to the prison as ordered by the soldiers.

Akbar spents the night in the prison along with Jodha. Akbar is surprised with the unethical and unjust behaviour of his royal soldier towards common men. Shareef-ud-din is agitated as Asad Khan is trying to build his own empire and Jodha is not helping him get out of the prison, like he expected. Jodha and Akbar continue on their journey after getting out from the prison. The journey brings the two closer. Rukaiyaa, Akbar's another Begum decides to be part of the journey.

Akbar and Jodha continue on their journey. Suddenly Rukaiyaa makes an entry and expresses her desire to join them. Rukaiyaa offers the Nazrana to Baba. Akbar tries to explain to Rukaiyaa the purpose of the journey. He asks Rukaiyaa to dress and behave like a common person if she wants to be part of the journey. Though reluctant Rukaiyaa agrees. Jodha decides to cook meal for the king. Rukaiyaa out of jealousy decides to join in and cook for the king as well. Rukaiyaa feels that the food is not worth offering to the king. But Jodha explains to Rukaiyaa that it is the love that matters. Akbar happily eats the meagre meal offered to him.

Despite Rukaiyaa joining the troop. Akbar and Jodha continue to get closer. The journey comes to an end. Akbar, Jodha and Rukaiyaa return back to their Kingdom. The three share their experience during the journey. Jodha continues to sing Akbar's praises and expresses that her journey was an unforgettable one. Akbar shows his concern for the dacoit affected areas. He asks Adam Khan to take the reponsibilty to find out who is supporting these dacoits. Mahamanga informs to Rukaiyaa that she has failed in her attempt to keep Akbar and Jodha separate from each other.

Courtesy: Zee TV

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 S t o r y  T i l l  N o w

Episode 176-185

Jodha goes to meet Bakshi Banu. Jodha learns that Bakshi Banu is pregnant. Akbar is busy discussing about the unfair means his royal soldeirs are practicing when he suddenly hears Jodha singing. He goes to her. Jodha decides to wash Akbar's feet. Akbar is reluctant but, agress. While Jodha is washing his feet he gets ticklish. Jodha informs Akbar that she had gone to visit Bakshi Banu. Akbar gets upset with Jodha. Jodha then informs him that his sister is expecting a baby. Akbar is happy that he is going to turn Mamu. Shareef-ud-din too gets the news of Bakshi's pregnancy. He finds this to be an oppurtunity to escape prison. Jodha tries to convince Akbar's mother to convince Akbar to forgive Bakshi Banu and Shareef-ud-din.

Jalal Akbar is in a dilemma as to forgive Bakshi Banu or not. He tries to take advice from all his family members. All advice him to forgive Bakshi Banu. But Akbar decides to maintain his decision of not changing the laws for his sister as it will not set a good example for the members of the KIngdom. Jodha decides to try and convince Akbar for the last time. She explains to Akbar that the baby should not be punished. She tries to convince Akbar that Bakshi Banu is innocent and doesnt deserve to be treate as a criminal. Jodha leaves after asking Akbar to give a thought to it. Akbar goes to visit Bakshi Banu and decides to take her back to the Kingdom. Bakshi Banu has tears of joy and is extremely pleased with Jodha.

Jodha is talking to one of her care-takers about Akbar's strict behaviour. Akbar enters the room. But, Jodha not noticing Akbar continues to talk. Jodha suddenly turns her back and to her surprise finds Akbar there. Bakshi Banu is thankful to Jodha but is missing her husband. Akbar decides to play a game of chess with Jodha. Although he plays it always with Rukaiyaa Begum, he decides play the game with Jodha for a change. Akbar wins the game. But is not happy as he feels Jodha lost it on purpose. Jodha asks Akbar to give Bakshi Banu a gift on the ocassion of her Godh Bharai. She wants Akbar to release Bakshi Banu's husband Shareef-ud-din from prison as a gift to Bakshi Banu. Rukaiyaa is upset with Akbar. Akbar tells her that he enjoyed the game of chess with Jodha like never before.

Akbar informs Rukaiyaa Begum about his victory against Jodha in the game of chess. Akbar is excited about Bakshi Banu's Godh Bharai celebrations. Gold and silver is weighed equal to that of Bakshi Banu's weight and is ordered to distribute among the people. Bakshi Banu is offered many gifts by her family members on this special occassion. But the most precious of gifts comes from Jodha and Akbar. Jodha and Akbar release Shareef-ud-din for Bakshi Bani. Bakshi Banu is overjoyed to see her husband out of prison. Asad Khan and his mother see this is danger to their plans as Asad Khan considers Shareef-ud-din to be a strict competition. Rukaiyaa and Shareef are extremely thankful to Jodha.

While Jodha is learning to write from a small child, Akbar notices her and goes to her. Akbar praises her for taking care of Rahim and calls her special. Rukaiyaa plans to spend time with the King alone. She decides to go on a boat ride with Akbar. She sends a message to Akbar about her plans. Shareef-ud-din secretly meets Abul. Shareef decides to help Abul in conquering Agra. Shareef-ud-din promises to hand over the King to Abul and in return wants Abul to ensure that no harm comes to any of the Begums. Akbar is upset at learning that many parts of his kingdom are being attacked. He takes away the responsibility given to Asad Khan and gives it to somebody else. Asad Khan sees this as an insult to himself.

Although Akbar does not interfere with the 'Haram', he decides to take this case. Ruksana, Mazhar and Aziza put forward their plea to their King. The king takes his decision and rejects the engagement. When he asks other Begums about their opinions, others begin to complain about Rukaiyaa and her injustice in the Haram. But Jodha supports Rukaiyaa and Akbar does not take any strict action against Rukaiyaa. Jodha discusses the matter with Akbar. Salima begum also agrees that Jodha would be a better person to handle the Haram. Rukaiyaa finds out this and is furious with Salima. Akbar warns Rukaiyaa to not think of her rivals as weak especially if the rival is Jodha.

Courtesy: Zee TV

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