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Rules of the Section

Hello Members. Big smileHere are a few rules to keep in mind before posting. Please go over each and everyone of them.Also, please go over I-F's COC: I-F Code of Conduct
Moderation: Not everyone on Development Team is a moderator. Coolbies and Videobies do not fall under the category of Moderation as they only provide written & video updates. The Moderation chain ladder is as follows: Viewbie >Moderator>Channel Moderator>Global Moderator.
a)     Your first point of contact would be the section's Viewbie/Moderator as they take care of day to day activities on the forum. If you have any complaints or are unhappy with daily moderation by VB or MOD then direct those to CM.
b)     In case if any members feels that a warning being given is not justified or there is an error then please pm the DT member first to sort the issue, but do not argue on the respective post and cause disruption. If you are not satisfied with the answer then please direct the concerns to CM.  
For any moderation issues please contact:
Channel Moderator :  jyoti06 (Incharge of ZeeTV Channel)
Viewbie: hinz , -RD- ( Looks after  forum on day to day basis, promote discussions & activity ,moderate i.e close/delete/ sticky topics,resolve disputes , increase/decrease Warning Levels)


Introduce Yourself
As members join everyday, rather then cluttering the forum with "Hi I'm New Here" or "New Member" type posts, please introduce yourself in the intro thread:   Members Introduction
Help Desk
Please post all questions/queries/etc. in the Jodha Akbar Help Desk! . Rather then posting new topics asking for something, all questions can be directed there and a member will reply to your query.
New Topics
Members are requested that before posting a new topic, please check at least 2-3 pages back to see if a similar topic has been posted. This reduces the number of repetitive posts.  

Updates: Updaters are volunteers who take time out of their busy life to provide one. In case the written update is not posted on any particular day, please be patient for the back-up updater to fill in.Do not post topics demanding updates. Also, do appreciate the updater's efforts by 'liking' them and post a comment to encourage them if possible. 
If you want to do written update for the show any particular day then please PM the respective updater a day in advance & take their permission so that the updater's efforts don't go in vain. Anyone posting the updates without DT permission, post will be trashed.
Organizing Contest/Activities: If you want to organize any Contest/Activities in the section please consult with the Dev Team & take their permission else your threads will be closed. 

Appreciation Threads:ATs of the cast/characters are allowed, but keep in mind no bashing or discussion about other actors is allowed in them.  If any AT is seen to breach the rules, there will be consequences including permanent AT closure. Refer to : New Rules & Warnings Regarding ATs:Plss Chk Also take the DT permission before opening the ATs.

TRP threads: Members are allowed to discuss performance of TRPs released weekly in a dedicated thread.Comparisons of numbers between shows in the same time slot will be allowed provided its limited to this thread and there is no unnecessary bashing of other shows.

Bashing/Name Calling/Personal Attacks/Sarcasm 
Bashing or any types of name calling towards a member/actor/character are not allowed. It is offensive as well as disrespectful and can hurt the sentiments of the person/fan groups it is directed at. Anyone found doing so will receive a warning.
Criticism towards a character and the plot are allowed and can be discussed .
India-Forums allow freedom of expression and so everyone has the right to speak out and give their POV, but keep in mind, you do not cross lines and get personal in heat of argument. If you disagree with a Topic Maker's opinion , simply state your own POV saying "I disagree with you for so and so reason" instead of saying "Just stop your nonsense" , "change channels" etc which comes under personal attack. If you cannot be civil in a discussion, please ignore that thread, and find another thread to discuss your views.
Making indirect attacks on a Member's family or upbringing or questioning their qualification in a particular field during a heated debate just because their views are different than yours will not be tolerated.
Bashing vs. Constructive Criticism

Bashing: an act of verbal abuse or the use of foul language that can be provocative or offensive!

Constructive Criticism: any feedback that is purely intended to improve someone else's work in future endeavors! Code of Conduct strictly forbids members from bashing celebrities, the characters they portray on screen and fellow members! This includes the use of foul language, as well as any personal remarks, i.e. how the actor looks like, as they have no control over it! We welcome members to share their constructive criticism on the absurdity of the series' story line and character, as well as to discuss the actor's talents, however, please refrain from engaging in any kind of bashing, which may have severe consequences.
(Credit: MP_Radha)
No Moral Policing: Please refrain from engaging in any moral policing in the forum. India Forums platform allows everyone to express their opinions freely within the COC and respectable limitations. Members have the freedom to express their own perspective, which may contradict someone else's POV. 

Privacy : Posting Email addresses or Private information about the cast of the show or members of this forum is not allowed.
Topics comparing two actors, shows, seasons, or anything that can lead to fights are not allowed. Any thread found doing so will be closed immediately and a PM warning will be sent.
Multiple IDs
Members are permitted to have one ID only. Those found using another ID will have it banned immediately as well as receive a warning and may also receive a raise in their warning level.

Language: Please refrain from using swear words like 'W*F, WTH, What the Fish, BS, F words etc.  . IF is a public forum where we have members of all ages come to read and discuss their favorite shows .Please do maintain decorum of the forum. We want to invite members here not drive them away with usage of inappropriate language.
Chatting/Spamming/One Liners
Chatting as well as spamming and one liners are not allowed. Spamming the forum with pics and no content , personal topics , one liner content just to increase the activity for ranking is discouraged. 
Topics posted on the forum are for the purpose of discussing so stick to the topic at hand. Threads that no longer serve that purpose will be closed. Posting just to say "Thanks", "tfs" etc. is also a form of spamming and instead, the "like" button can be used to express your gratitude.If you wish to chat or converse with someone, then use the PM feature or go to the Chat Clubs Forum.
Posting in CAPS is considered shouting and is therefore not allowed.
All articles should be posted here: . Also, when posting articles, refrain from posting articles from sites such as TellyChakkar as they are in direct competition with I-F.
When posting articles from TellyBuzz, post the link only, rather then copying+pasting the whole article.
All creations (siggies/avis) are to be posted in the  . Signatures are to be 550x500 max. and members are allowed to use 3 550x500 siggies as well as one small siggy.
Pictures of the cast are to be posted in the  Jodha Akbar Picture Gallery: NO COMMENTS!.Unless they are caps related to the show (epi caps, SBS/SBB/interview caps) or from an event during the course of the show (i.e. they perform in an awards show etc), they are to be posted in the picture gallery only. What is NOT allowed to be posted in the forum is, pictures from the cast's previous shows(PC,DV etc) or their personal pictures which would violate their privacy.
No Comments
Threads that say "No Comments" on them such as the Article Archive/Picture Gallery/etc. mean only those items are allowed. Any comments found will be trashed.

Posting videos from other sites as well as anything that contains a logo/link are not allowed and will be trashed.
If you find anyone violating any of the rules, please use the Report button and refrain from replying back directly as it can add fuel to the fire.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

P.S: Rules are subject to change and may be amended with the forum's environment .


Jyo , hinz & Pooja
Jodha Akbar - DT


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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Hola all  Cool... I guess this is my first ever post in the forum Ermm , but hopefully I will make more as the show gets interesting Embarrassed

I am making this important announcement on behalf of my entire Jodha Akbar Dev team ..

We are going to make a all new start with new set of IF Rules which will be implemented from today onwards and JA DT will take action according to the following set of rules ..

So plss read these Rules carefully since every single action from today onwards will be taken according to the following rules .. All Warning level restrictions and other issues which can result in warnings or ban are clearly written in this following post by our site admin Vijay and we hope every member of this forum will follow these rules from here onwards Smile...

Here is the new IF COC/Rules stated by our site admin Vijay .. Participation Guidelines & Rules

We hope Members will read the rules stated in the above post carefully and will follow it .. Along with these above rules , rest of the forum rules remain as it is ..

So like I said , from today onwards forum DT will take action according to the new IF COC and guidelines stated in the above post by Site admin .. So we expect members to abide by those rules and if you have any doubts , we are just a PM away ..

Hopfully everyone will co-operate with us ..

JA Dev team
hinz , -RD- , jyoti06

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hinz Viewbie

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New Rules and Regulations for All Appreciation Threads Across Zee TV Forums

Dedicated Appreciation threads (ATs) for celebrities across all Zee TV sub-forums will be subject to specific rules here onwards.

  • The word "Appreciate" it self means to have a highly favorable opinion of someone or something. You are supposed to appraise the value of the work of the actors and express them in positive light. A thread where all the fans of the Actor/Character/Couple gather to discuss what they liked.

  • In an essence Constructive criticism/Positive Outlook towards Actors/Characters/Jodi must prevail in these threads.

  • Members must understand discussions are restricted in ATs.  ATs are safe zones for the Actor/Jodi fans to exchange information without being subject to negativity. You have the main forum to present opinions negatively and debate...So Discussion of actors/ characters/ performances and story tracks that do not directly relate to the show or whom the AT is dedicated to should be kept to a minimum, in particular when they imply stating negative opinions. However we are allowing harmless Chit-chat in ATs but the chit-chat should be only limited to ATs only

  • Bashing of other Jodi/Actors/Characters in ATs is NOT permitted at all..If members of an AT are caught discussing other actors/couples negatively, then AT will be held liable for it and may be subject to warnings & eventual closure/Ban as follows ...

    If the DT see more than 3  people breaking the AT rules constantly for a week , then the DT is allowed to punish the whole AT by closing it for 24 hours [during which another AT cannot be made in CFC or CC] and then if it happens again then it will be locked for 48 hours after which it will be shifted to CFC/CC?

     This rule is applied so that members and Admins of a AT can  tell their own friends not to  break rules as the entire AT is effected due to the misdoings of   2-3 members
    This may sound strict and very harsh, but unfortunately we are forced to take these measures to maintain peace...
    So remember guys, if you see a friend breaking a rule in an AT, make sure you tell them to stop or else you can say  goodbye to your AT for a certain period of time which the DT finds liable. So in easy steps: Don't break rules/bash and don't allow your friends to either!

  • Admins/Monitors of the AT (Those who are opening the AT will be called the Admins/Monitors) will report who the troublemakers are to the Dev team in a timely manner, so that the AT/other genuine fans are not penalized...Here the Admins have a big responsibility and so we believe them to be totally unbiased as the whole responsibility of a AT is on you ..

  • Constant negativity or repeated discussions/bashing of actors unrelated to the AT in spite of repeated warnings from DT, will result in AT closure and moved to CFC...But dont assume that every report submitted by opposite fangroup will be entertained .. We will go through the reports and only if we find the report valid based on above rules , then we will speak to the Admins of the AT and action will be taken accordingly as state above ...

Credit for penning down the Rules : -Deepzz-

Edited By :jyoti06

Zee TV Dev Team

NOTE: All AT admins are required to post the above in each of their appreciation threads for members to be aware of the rules at all times.

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hinz Viewbie

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Posted: 15 December 2013 at 1:56pm | IP Logged

FINAL WARNING:Regarding Religion,AT Violations & Other Concerns

This is last and final warning regarding certain restrictions we will be putting in the forum from today onwards and if not followed then members will face strict action mentioned below in the following points ..

1. AT violations reminder: We have observed irrelevant spamming , discussing other fan groups or members , even occasional bashing of other characters. 
Do not post emoticons or one picture per post several times in a row just to increase post count/bump the thread , with no discussion just to  finish 150 pages and open a new AT .
AT is to be utilized to only appreciate the respective actor to whom the AT is dedicated to.  criticizing other characters can be done in discussion topics in the main forum. 
For clarification, chit chat about irrelevant stuff in an AT should not be more than 5-6 pages in a thread. You have a Chat thread/forum to spam non AT stuff. (
AT admins are expected to report and keep chk on  AT members violations, so the other genuine members are not penalized if we are forced to lock down in spite of warnings(PM/DT Note).
Hence forth , if we come across such reports , we will issue a 48 hour shut down . This warning applies to all the ATs in the forum.

2. Issues with Moderation : If the DT has posted a note in any thread, members are not to question the DT decision or assume they are biased or make rude comments that a particular DT is agent of other fan group in the forum.
DT values a members freedom of speech. We DO NOT like posting warnings or locking topics unless there has been rules violation. It is nothing personal towards any member or fan group. All fan groups are equal to us. None is superior to the rest.  If you have an issue with a decision, members are requested to PM and sort out the issue. If still unsatisfied with the answer then approach higher DT( CM/GM) to seek counsel. 

3. Personal Attacks/Name calling/sarcasm : Of late there have been many issues with regards to character bashing. Ruqayya is not a Malika -e -bimbo or Jodha (******) . 
To defend one's favorite does not mean to put the other down. If you do it , there is no point expecting other fan group to be courteous to your favorite. This also extends to calling other members / fan groups:  bashers , haters , fanbots etc .All such name calling , targeting any specific fandom will result in WL raise with NO notice.

4. Comparison Posts : There has always been a law in India-forums TV shows sections. No comparisons between actors/TV shows/Characters BECAUSE they lead to silly fan-fights. In JA forum there has been rampant RT is better Vs PS is superior OR Jodha vs Ruqaiyya comparisons. Enough!!! The show does not run due to one actor. Its a team work. Fighting among fan-groups , proving which actor is supreme is all moot. It is our show , our forum , our members. Be tolerant of fellow members views . Co exist peacefully with your likes & dislikes. 

5. Report Button Abuse: In continuation to above fan wars issues, members from various fan camps have taken to abusing report button just for tit-for-tat recently. Please refrain from doing that. We attend to reports and take action IF & only IF any of the report hold merit , not just to appease fans just because report button is abused .

6: Actors Personal Lives/Link Ups : As with every popular soap couple , we have fans who ship them and want to speculate link ups based on 'off screen' chemistry . If you are interested in having such discussions , please utilize PM service or other means of communication. Keep RT-MC & PS-RT comparisons and speculations out of this forum . We are here to discuss Jodha Akbar, show & Characters NOT the actors. The actors personal lives/spouses are off limits in this forum. 

7 : History/Religion : Discussion about  history and/or Religion  should be limited to only what is shown in the episode . Any discussion beyond the scope of what is aired , which can hurt sentiments of the members based on ones community/nationality/culture/religion/language will NOT be allowed and members involved in such discussion will get individual warnings/WL raises based on frequency . Members may have personal prejudices towards other communities/religion but DO NOT bring it in a discussion and throw pot shots. One would not like it if the same were to happen with them. India Forums does not permit posting of any content or material which is or can be construed as being offensive to any religion, race or community . 

8. Making MIDs to attract attention : Recently we have come across some members who are creating multiple IDs to deliberately instigate fights in forum or bash themselves just to grab eyeballs or promote activity to raise rank. All this is not new to IF Dev team. We can very well find out which members are involved in such activities. Just to remind you,  per MID rules , if any member creates any MID , then the MID will be banned and the member's original ID will get direct WL rise.

9. Spamming/Chatting: Many times Posts go till 50-60 pages(or more) of discussion but when one goes through the posts ,half of the pages are filled with Chit-chatting among the members or using only emoticons which are not really related to the show .These are considered as spamming and is against IF rules .So plss make sure such type of spamming is avoided . Private chit-Chats are allowed only in the CC thread (  and to some extent in ATs  but not elsewhere but even in Appreciation threads make sure there are no sarcastic comments made on other show couples ...If the discussion is really interesting then we won't mind it going for even 100 pages,but if we find that a post has turned into a personal chit-chat thread after a certain point , then we will close it with a note.

We hope the above rules are followed from here onwards and if you have any queries or doubts regarding the above rules feel free to contact the JA dev team via PM

Reporting and Issues Addressing:  JA Dev Team

Viewbies and Modertors (1st point of contact)

Channel Moderators (2nd point of contact)


Global Moderators (3rdpoint of contact)





Thank you for your co-operation!



JA Dev team

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hinz Viewbie

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Posted: 28 December 2013 at 3:22am | IP Logged

Regarding Forum Negativity: Please Read!

Hi All

The negativity on the forum is clearly evident and for a new member to join the forum has become extremely difficult.We wonder why the forum rank has been decreasing when all we see these days is a tit for tat kind of game between the two fangroups...Both Jodha and Akbar are equally important to the show along with all the supporting characters and so are their fans...As a genuine follower of the show, if I was to join the forum discussions today I'd be confused and put off with the ongoing issues and would first have to pick a side and make sure I stay loyal to it as well?

We totally understand that certain tracks may be frustrating and we encourage topics with healthy and constructive criticism to get through them but taking to unnecessary bashing of characters and derogatory remarks will only make the situation ugly. We appreciate a sense of humor. Sarcasm and play on words are common and fine as long as it does not cross the line over to rudeness/insult.

We need to remind ourselves that its a fictional show with a historic backdrop and negative characters always help up the drama quotient...When the makers themselves claim no actual reference to the historical facts, why drag sensitive topics like religion/caste/race into discussions that end up hurting members?. Dislike and criticism is okay but insulting/mocking comments with clear intention to put down in a derogatory manner isnt. We seldom see topics that are neutral and contain healthy discussions without favouring any one character.Is it so hard to agree to disagree?

Honestly, its not pleasant to see the forum divided into two sensitive fandoms that can't bear even the slightest comments made against their favourites and is a major turn off for the ardent followers of the show who like to discuss it as a whole...There are members who've quit the forum due to the utter intolerance that has taken over the discussions.One can surely express one's view but that needs to be made in a civil and respectful manner.

Kindly co operate with us so we are not forced to close down your threads and help promote positive and healthy discussions that will help with the forum rank and let us enjoy the show and forum in harmony.



JA Dev Team

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-RD- Moderator

The Ghamgeen Head
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Posted: 24 May 2014 at 5:44am | IP Logged


Character bashing:
Character bashing is where one character is ridiculed/put down repeatedly in order to raise another character up. It is NOT allowed. Remember another member in the forum loves that character and you are ridiculing their choices. If you don't like a character post /refer them in a way that doesn't offend anyone. Referring them with supposedly "fun" or innocuous names ( hukka, maata...) in a repeated pattern . Some members may say that such names are harmless or it's just for parody/satire, but Please remember NOT all forum members are exemplary writers. There's poking fun at a character, and there's bashing. Even consistently "subtle digs" comes across as passive aggressive bashing. It is understandable sometimes a character portrayed gets to be irritating, and members are free to voice out their frustrations. When putting down, ensure it does not get too vindictive and crosses limits of acceptance. What you think is annoying can be seen as the complete opposite to another person. These things are called opinions, but blatantly bashing characters just for the heck of it is absolutely not acceptable. If you have some true hate for a character then, express it in a mature manner.

Religion Based Discussion-
Religion based discussions need to be confined to what is being shown in the show and nothing beyond that will be entertained on the forum and also no discussions around dynasties (mughals,rajvanshi )/castes/ and their practices will be allowed henceforth .

Historical Content -
All History based discussion need to be based on what is being shown in the show in the following thread  ..::Doubts & Discussions about Historical facts::..and keeping in mind that this a fictional show inspired by history and is no way ac actual factual representation of History .Any other threads opened to discuss history or historical content being found in any other thread barring the above mentioned will lead to the thread being closed immediately.
Any previous inactive thread based on history bumped up again will be closed without note .

Actor Comparison - In no situation will comparison of an actor/actress with another be allowed and any one found comparing actors saying this one is better than that one etc will lead to stricter action against the individual as well as the thread itself

Criticism -
Criticism of actors with respect to the show will be allowed but targeting an actor in thread deliberately and continuously and repeatedly and thus the veiled instigation of a fan group will not be allowed and any thread guilty of such will be Closed and action taken against the individual offenders.

DT Notes/Thread Closure- Once a thread is given a note by the DT under no circumstance is the note open to questioning or discussion by members /participants of that thread or members in general .
 All reasons will be given in the thread closure and members may refer to rules in case of concerns &  any PM's like why my thread has been locked will not be entertained!

Moral Policing -
Members should refrain from Moral Policing other members around ,this forum is for everyone and if someone violates a rules its the DT's job to point it out ,so members should effectively stay out from telling other members what to do !

Deviation from Original content /Spamming -
Also Note any discussion threads which deviate from original topic Or have exhausted the scope of initial premise and resulted in a spam zone or chit chatting will be closed as per DT discretion

Personal Life Based Discussions-
No personal life based discussions of actors of this show will be allowed and also personal off screen need to be shared in personal AT's of respective actors and not as separate threads.This applies to each actor who is a part of this show.Spouses/real life partners of the actors are not to be discussed at all. Even if they are referred as a byline in an article, discussing them , making assumptions is not permitted.

TRP Threads-
discussion revolving around TRPS should be confined and restricted to JA and no other show should be brought into the picture or discussed

These Rules are effective immediately and are in addition to

 Jodha Akbar Forum Rules


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hinz Viewbie

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Posted: 26 November 2014 at 5:34pm | IP Logged

Heylos Everyone

Please note that Fanfics/OS/SS etc revolving around real actors as in featuring the real actors of this show  ie Paridhi & Rajat and others  and not the characters they play ie JA etc will not be allowed on this forum henceforth as they are not in accoradance with IF rules.Please note all FF's past or present featuring PariJat will be locked with immediate effect .

We regret any inconvenience this may cause .



ATTN Everyone -VERY IMPORTANT Announcement

hinz Viewbie

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Posted: 08 April 2015 at 6:03am | IP Logged


Heylos Folks

And we r back with a new addition to the rules year means new additions to the rulesLOL as new year brings with it a changed flavour in the forum tooEmbarrassed

So the new additions as follows:-

No Moral Policing any fan group or members by telling them not to post or that the forum does not belong to them etc , be it Salim Anarkali fans or AkDha fans both have equal right to post in this forum as this is JA forum and not a fan club of any jodi or actors or characters, if any post is made on moral policing any fan base or  members are found targeting or threatening fan groups/members  then post will be trashed and TM and members indulging in breach  will be given direct WL raise .

No name calling , comparison to animals being drawn or mocking physical appearance or age of any actor/character/jodis will be allowed and this goes out to both fan groups.Anyone found guilty of breach will be given a direct WL raise.

Comparison -Comparison in the context of storyline is allowed .. For example Salim-Anarkali scenes vs Jodha-Akbar scenes if any scene has any sort of similarity since both are part of the same show as long as the post is having a healthy debate without any stereotyping of fan grps or mocking of actors/characters .. Such posts will however be  strictly monitored by DT and if we find the discussion is getting diverted to name calling /bashing or stereotyping , then topic will b straightaway closed  and offending members will get WL raise .

Please remember this is JA forum and not a FANCLUB of any actor/jodi etc


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