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..Amira.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 June 2013 at 5:41am | IP Logged

(Made by me)

Hello Evryone! M Amira. m back with a MAANGEET ff. I follow Geet from the beginning to their wedding so I decided to write an FF on them. I wrote it and now m sharing with all of you. It's short (only 12chapters LOL). It's a story of hate, care and love. And yeah I forgot to tell u that my english is bad so plzz ignore my mistakes. And please dont forget to give your opinions because it means a lot to me.


Geet was still in a shock because 3month ago she lost her parents and her little sister in a car accident. She felt so alone. She is only 18.  Now she lives with her Bua and Uncle.

Geet missed a lot his parents and her little sister. After the accident, they found only two deadbodies of Geet's parents, but they didn't found Geet's little sister's deadbody, the police said that may b she fall in the river.

Every night, when Geet is alone in her room, she cried.. Now she decided to have a job because her Bua n Uncle were having some money problems. Geet wanted  to help them. She doesn't wanted to make in trouble for her or to disturb them.

Geet: Hmmm... Bua! Main job karna chahti hoon.
Bua: Tum abhi bohot young ho.
Geet: Mujhe aisa laghta hai jaise main aap pe bhoj ban rahi hoon, please let me help you.
Bua smiled: Please Geet! Don't sat that. You're like my daughter. Lekin agar tumhe job karna hi chahti ho to tum meri friend ke yahan job karo gi kyon ki bahar walon pe yakeen nahi kar sakhte hum. Aur wahan tumhe salary bhi bohot achi mille gi.
Geet: Thik hai Bua!


Today It was Geet's 1st day of job. She was bit nervous because before that she never do a job. She entered in the office, Her bua's friend Ragini took her in a room, in which they were some girls, they were looking very pretty, they were wearing beautifull lehngas with make up n jewerly.

Ragini: Today it's my son's mehendi! So today no work go and get ready!
Geet smiled: Agar aap mind na kare to main yahin rehti hoon kyon ke mera logon ke darmyaan rehne ka dil nahi hai
Ragini: Com'on Geet! Talk to people, you will feel better. Aise khud ko band kar ke rakhne se tum aur bad feel karo gi.
Geet: Ragini Unty main koshish karoon gi.
Ragini smiled and went.
Geet joined the girls, A girl brought a lehenga n said: Geet yeh aapke liye hai.
Geet: It seems so expensive, How can I wear this?
The girl replied her: Aap iss ko pehen ke wapiss kar dena koi baat nahi, hum yahan sab bohot friendly hai, we share everything.

Geet accepted the lehenga. She went in the bathroom and wore it.

Then A girl did her make up and gave her some jewerly. Geet was looking very beautifull in this outfit with light make..

All girls were talking to each other excpect a beautifull girl, she was in front of the mirror and doing her make up, she was as beautifull as Geet, her name was Kajal.

Kajal to all girls: Aap sab bahir jao, Ragini Ma'am ki help karo ja kar!
Geet was also following the girl but Kajal took Geet's arm.


Now Geet n Kajal were alone in the room.

Kajal: Bhag jao! Go from there!
Geet: What? aap kya bol rahi hain?
Kajal: Tum ko jaisa lagh raha hai wahan waisa kuch nahi hai. Main yahan pe 10 saal se hoon, sab janti hoon. Tumhe yahan pe job nahi balke nachne ke liye aur bighre ladkon ki zarooratein pura karne ke liye rakha gaya hai. Yahan par tumhari izzat safe nahi hai.
Geet was shocked, she was not getting Kajal.
Kajal: Tum bohot young ho, kuch apni marzi se yahan ate hain kuch dokhe se aur hum dono unnme se ek hain. Meri life to barbad ho gayi hai lekin tum apni life barbad mat karo. Don't waste your time and run! Aaj ka jashn shuru hone me todhi hi dher reh gayi hai.
Geet was scared: Main abhi Bua ko call karti hoon.
Kajal: Don't do this! Woh bhi Shamil hai Ragini ke saath. Maine baatein karte huwe suna tha tumhari Bua ko, Woh iss bare mein sab janti hai.

Geet was shocked and hurted. Tears were falling from her eyes.

Geet was trembling: Lekin yeh lehenga aur jewerly?
Kajal:  Don't think about that! RUN Geet!! Don't waste your time.

Geet took her purse, Kajal gave her a chawl to hide her face then took Geet out from the back door. Before going, Geet hugged Kajal and thanked her. Then she runned...


Everyone was in the room, Ragini was in anger. Every girl was trembling, they are so afraid of Ragini.

Ragini: Neeche Jashn shuru hogaya hai aur yeh Geet kahan chali gayi? Maine unn sab admion se wada kiya tha ke aaj unhe kuch naya dekhne ko mille ga. Sara jashn barbaad ho jaye ga.
A girl: Maine har jagah dekh liya hai lekin Geet kahin par bhi nahi hai. May be she discovered everything and she runned.

Ragini was in anger so she slapped her.

Ragini: Woh tum sabke hote huwe kaise bagh gayi? Aur usske samne kisne mu kola?
The girls were trembling..  Ragini said to the security guards( GOONS): Woh zyada dhur nahi gayi ho! Usko yaahan par le kar ao, aaj wohi nache gi. I want that girl back!

The goons went to find Geet.

Ragini: Tab tak Kajal tum jaa kar unn sabko intertain karo!
Kajal smiled and went to them... She wasn't happy but now it was her work, she's doing that since 10years, a fake smile on her face n pretending to be happy..


Geet was running on the road, she was criying. She was wearing the lehenga and the jewerly.

She thought: Aab main kahan jaoon? Iss duniya mein mera koi apna nahi hai. Bua mere saath aise kaise kar sakhti hain?

On the other side Geet's Bua n her husband were sitting in the livingroom. They were so relaxed.

Bua: Geet ko to shaq bhi nahi huwa. Advance bhi kitna zyada milla. Aaj to aur bhi bohot paisa hath laghne wala hai. Baas todhi hi dher reh gayi hai.

Her husband was smiling. Both were exited n were waiting for Geet.
Ragini entered in the house with goons.

Ragini: Dhundo! yahin kahin hogi!
Geet's bua: Kya huwa?
Ragini: Geet bagh gayi, woh b humare lehenge ke saath.
Bua: What?
Ragini in anger: Haan! Agar aaj woh na milli na to jo maine advance paisa diya tha na woh le loon gi aur tum logon ki khairyat nahi.

Bua was also angry and worried, not for Geet but for the money, because she doesn't wanted to lost that money.

A goon: No Ma'am! Woh idher bhi nahi.

Ragini took back the money from them n went in anger. The goons broke everything that they have, like table, tv n chairs...

Bua's husband was in anger: Kisse Kaam ki nahi nikli woh kamini! Aur jo tha woh bhi haath se nikaal gaya. Mera ghar hi todh gayi.
Bua: Hum is Geet ko chorein ge nahi!

Both were in anger now.


Geet decided to leave this place, she was in the train. She was sitting in it, before going to work she took some money from her pocketmoney, she bought a ticket with that money.

Geet was criying, she took a picture from her purse. It was her family pics, of her parents n her little sister.

Geet in her heart: Kyon aap sab mujhe chor kar chale gaye? Aaj main bohot bohot akeli ho gayi hoon. Koi mera apna nahi hai.

The goons were on the station, were finding Geet with her photo. Geet saw them and hid her face with Kajal's shawl. Her head was covered. She was so scared.

The train started.. The goons left.. Tears were falling from her eyes. She thanked to God to saving her from the goons, from Ragini n from her Bua. In that world there are very bad people but there are also some who are nice like Kajol, who saved Geet.

Geet was feeling very alone... She doesnt know that now what she'll do n where she'll go, she doesn't had any idea.

On a stop, an old women came and sat near her. After sometimes...

Old Women: Waise tum kahan jaa rahi ho?
Geet(said without thinking): Delhi!
Old Women: Ghar se bagh kar to nahi kahin jaa rahi na?
Geet was surprised: Ji?
Old Women: Tum dulhan jaisi lagh rahi ho to maine andaza laghaya.
Geet: Nahi Unty Main ghar se baghi nahi hoon.

In Geet's mind " ghar se to woh baghte hain jinnka koi ghar hota hai aur mera to koi ghar nahi hai "

Geet doesn't wanted to disturb her so she lied to her: Main apni friend ki wedding mein jaa rahi hoon.
Old Women: Main apne baithi ke paas jaa rahi hoon. Do saal pehle uski shaadi huwi thi lekin woh usko bohot pareshaan karte the issliye maine ussko talaq dilwayi, aur phir ussne ek nayi zindagi shuru ki, aab woh bohot khush hain apni nayi zindagi mein.

Geet was listning that women carefully, because It was a lesson for her. The old women wasn't talking to much but all that meant a lot to Geet..

In a stop the old women went, now Geet was again completely alone.


In Delhi, Geet was walking on the road. It was midnight. She doesnt have much money to stay in a hotel. She couldn't disturb anyone because it was night. She was so scared.

Suddenly A man was passing, Geet hide her face with her shawl. Geet was trembling, she was afraid of the man. Both bumped into each other. It was none other than Maan. Geet's bangles got broke and Maan's finger get hurted,with little blood.

Geet's face was covered with her chawl.. Maan was wearing a dark blue shirt with black pant. It was so dark, both couldn't see each other's faces.

Geet was going to fall on the floor, but Maan saved her, She fell in his arms. While Maan was saving her, his blood was applied in Geet's maang. Both didn't noticed that.

Maan helped Geet to redress her. Geet was so afraid so she runned away from him.

Maan: Suno to! tum itni raat ko bahir kya kar rahi ho? Woh b akele?

Geet was already gone. Maan ignored her and walked to his car, there were some boyz and girls in his car. Maan went with them.

Acutally before meeting Geet, Maan was at his Maasi (his mother's sis) house, He loves spending time with his couzins because they had same ages. But when they talked to each other, they didn't realize what time its, It happened again todaay, but this time his couzins came with him.


Here the chapter end. Don't forgt to share ur opinions. Thank you for reading. <33

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..Amira.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Pg1: Chapter1

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-Shareen- Senior Member

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Hi Amiira! FF??????? this one is amazing. So unique n intresting. I really like it. Well maneet r my fav too. This ff is a unique piece. the story is so attractive.

1st of all, I hate that Bua n his huubby Angry I don't like this kind of people. Bleeedy Ragini, how can she do that?? Ouch

I like Kajol, felt sorry for her, her life is already ruined but I like her becoz she saved Geet.

M feeling so sorry for Geet Cry she lost her family n her sis, I hope her sis is alive so Geet will be happy n will find a reason to smile.

I like the women part how she gave her an idea of starting a new life.

Love d last part. Howw she met Maan <33 his blood on her mang,Embarrassed alreaadyy married?? How cuteee. Big smile

m Waiting to read d next chapter, want to know how they will meet again.. tank you for sharing. tank u for d pm. love u <33

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Angel13 IF-Sizzlerz

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very interesting concept
fantastic start
love it
grrr evil Bua
thanks for pm
continue soon 

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ambeern IF-Rockerz

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very interesting

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-Anonymous11- IF-Dazzler

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lovely upd
keep it up

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-PyaariBhootni- IF-Addictz

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niceee startClap

continue soonEmbarrassed

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fantesy IF-Rockerz

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superb start..geet bua is pthetic wanna her 2 rot in hell...kajal is so nice...

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