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AR FF : I_Want_U_To_Hate_Me - (thread1 completed)- link of thread2 pg1

TenTinyBreaths IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 June 2013 at 3:49pm | IP Logged
Hello Everyone...

I'm Sargam...  I'm sharing this AR fanfic of mine here as well... Please ignore mistakes & state ur views... Thank u...
Smile Smile

my other works :



This is a story of Armaan & Riddhima... Armaan who is full of positivity... good, well-behaved, caring, mannered... in short the best son, the best friend, the best partner anyone can hope for... nd Riddhima?? juz the opposite... a full of attitude.. self centered... self obsessed.. arrogant.. proudy.. bi***... yeshh... dat's wat all think about her... but does she really like dat?? or she, too, has a heart hidden deep inside her body???

Hello my readers... yess.. this is the concept of this story.. why does riddhima behave so rude nd how armaan gonna bring her to life wth his positivity, care & love... hope it didn't sound too boring... fingers crossed ...

[links given below are hyperlinks]

PART 1 (scroll down)

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TenTinyBreaths IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 June 2013 at 3:59pm | IP Logged

PART - 1

It ws a sunny morning... A young girl ws jogging njoyng loud rock music on her i-pod... she ws wearing a sleeveless shrt top nd sweet shorts... her hair ws tied in a top-knot... she ws going to her usual destination... the BB court... every morning she practiced dere alone to burn her callory (although she has a perfect figure which mkes gals jealous nd drives boys crazy)... sooth her mind... set her mind 4 rest of d day... 2day ws no diff... she ws heading 2wrds BB court... but wen she reached dere didn't like d view in 4nt of her eyes at all...
"Wat The Hell !!!!!"
a young man had occupied her BB court... he was playing where kids were cheering 4 him... she was furious!!!! she removed d head set nd shouted...
"Who d hell r u???"


The guy heard a girl's shout nd turned his face... he was well-build, gr8 physic, gr8 looks bt above all gr8 eyes... blue oceanic eyes... very rare.. very soothing nd very attracting... he saw d source of d voice... nd couldn't turn his gaze...
"Gosh!!! she's super hot!!!"
he mumbled 2 himself but its made her more furious... she saw him saying sum thng under his breathe bt couldn't hear dat...
"will u tell me who d hell r u??? nd hw dare u enter in MY BB court???"


He was busy in checking her out... her dressing style clearly proved dat hw ultra modern gal she ws!!! she had pierced her ears several times... nd was wearing 4 shrt rings but nt wearing ring were usually gals wear, d bottom most 1... she had tattoos in her left arm like an armlet... making her bolder... she also had worn a navel ring... her top was enuf shrt revealing her lower stomach... nd she had another tatto on her ryt leg juz above her ankle... a wicked angel... hey!!! dats d tatto she had done dere... her sweet shrts helped him to notice dat well... he was busy in checking her out wen he heard her shout...


"dude, i'm asking u sumthing"
she was vry irritated... he shook his head... "nah... nt my type... she's too bold nd arrogant!!" finally he came near her nd replied... "hey ... i'm Armaan!!" he expanded his hand politely ... he dint want 2 create a scene on d very 1st day in mumbai... but she dint shook her hand but frowned... raising her 1 eyebrow, asked in an irritating voice... "so???"


he again calmly said... "i'm here 2 play BB... nd i think this court isn't a private property... so..."
he was a cool guy... calm, composed.. well mannered... but she was juz d opposite... "who d hell r u??? prime minister??? listen mister... wats ur name... aah... (thought a bit bt failed) watever it be.. who cares... listen mister, its my court... i practice here 4m years... u've no ri8 2 use it... so, its better u leave asap..."


Armaan finally lost his calm... he nvr met such an arrogant, proudy, self obsessed, indecent gal in his life... he replied firmly ds tym: "i'm telling u d truth... i think u've a bad habit of nt facing d truth!!! nd hey... i'm not leaving d court... evry1 has a ri8 2 use it" ...

"really???? then mister i-m-so-decent, i think u've practiced a lot...  so its my turn nw!!!" nd wthout waitng 4 his reply she picked up d ball lying in 4nt nd threw it directly to d basket...

"impressive!!!" he thought... he nvr saw a gal soo gud in BB... bt said said... "do u ever heard d wrd "manners" ???? u cn ask dat favor decently 2... anyways... i dnt want 2 argue wth a gal like u... " nd he strtd moving outsde nt bcz she said 2 leave bt he ws really geting late 2 report on d 1st day of his internship... bt b4 he left, he heard another curt rply 4m her... "u're not my guardian 2 teach me manners... i'll do wat i'll feel like doing... u juz care 4 ur own business!!! nd wats d favor thing??? u trespassed in MY court..." armaan sighed... " dis gal is sooo irritating... arggg... i juz HATE HER..!!!"

sargam Smile

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Gudduluvs IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 June 2013 at 7:00pm | IP Logged

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anishaalluri Goldie

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Posted: 15 June 2013 at 12:14am | IP Logged
Sargam... im sooo happy that u started writting here..
n this is one of my fav among ur writing..
cont sooonnn

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KaJen_Ki_Mamta Senior Member

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Posted: 15 June 2013 at 5:11am | IP Logged
Di.. Ur junior loves dis ff of ursss
jaldi jaldi continue karoo
read des again.. Felt very good

jaldi new vala part dooo

lots of Lov
ur junior [:*]

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Prizi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 June 2013 at 12:04am | IP Logged
Gammy di u knw na i sooo loved this ff...plz blog pe cont karo

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TenTinyBreaths IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 June 2013 at 8:36am | IP Logged
Thank u Ani, Junior, Guddu & priyuu for ur comments... Smile 

@ Ani... i'm happy to see ur commnt dear... missed u lots...

@ Mamta Rajani... junior... i'll post new part soon.. dat's y gonna post alrdy written parts almost bck 2 bck... luv u dear.. missed u choo muchh..Smile

@ Prizi... Priyuu, i'll cont on blog soon.. dnt wrry.. yes dear, i knw u like ds FF of mine.. luv uu...Smile


PART - 2

Armaan zoomed his bike in d parking area nd took off his helmet... "Finally!!" a cute dimpled smile adorned his face... he reached Sanjeevani hospital... 2day ws his 1st day of internship... he was running late due to d morning encounter bt thnx 2 his speed he reached on time... he parked his bike nd entered sanjeevani... every young nurse was checking him out... he was wearing white short sleeved shirt nd blue denim... casual but hot... he was aware of d effect he had on gals bt he really dint pay attention to them... he dint like flirting.. he believed in love only... he asked a ward boy d way nd soon reached d locker room... all other interns were already dere nd their chit-chat disclosed dat they already finished d official introduction... so to catch their attention, he said...

"Hello guys...!!!!"

all looked at d gate nd saw a new member of their team...
"oh Hi... buddy... i'm atul, intern?????"

armaan nodded in yes nd smiled...
"hi... i'm armaan..."

"hey armaan... i'm anjali... u can call me anji"

nd shook hand with him...

he smiled showing his dimples!!!

"woww yaar!! u've cute dimples!!! btw, i'm nikita... in shrt nikki..."

gradually all met with him...

the group contained Armaan, Atul, Anjali, Nikita, Rahool, Muskan and Abhimanyu... soon dey left 4 d nurse station 2 meet their attending doctor...


~ at the Nurse Station ~

            All of dem reached d nurse station nd were still doing their chit-chat wen they heard a very strict voice...


all broke their conversations nd looked at d source...

"lagta hain aap logo ko yaad dilana padega ke ye hospital hain koi amusement park nhi jo aap log gappe lara rahe hain... dont u have any idea hw imp role a doctr plays... u've to be sincere about ur work... "
nd she carried on her lecture about another 10mins...

"hitler kahi ki..."
muskaan cursed her under breathe. thankfully d doctr dint hear her nd dey were saved frm anthr lecture...

"by d way, I'm dr. Keerti Mehra...ur attending dr nd i'll love 2 say dat... (paused 4 a sec) dnt u ever try 2 break rules or be late... if u do so, i'm going 2 give u a very tuff time, trust me!!" she concluded nd evry1 cursed their fate 2 have such a strict mentor...

"Dr. Abhimanyu Modi??"

yess mam..

Dr. Armaan Mallik??

yess mam

Dr. Atul joshi...

she carried on checking her list nd nw d last name left...

"Dr. Riddhima Gupta??"

no response... every 1 looked at each other...
"Dr. riddhima gupta???" she called 1 more time bt all in vain... There was no more intern 2 response... she closed her file nd declared... "ur duties are assigned on d board... check it nd report 2 ur duty now..." nd finally she left...

"Poori ki poori hitler hain yaar!!"
muskan said all frustrated ...

"sshhh... dheere yaar, ek aur lecture jhelne ki takat nhi hain mujhme!!" nikki said tiredly ...

"exactly... "
anji agreed 2 nikki..

"waise guys mujhe to uss riddhima gupta par taras aa raha hain... kal jab wo rprt karegi to hitler to usse kacch hi chaba jayegi..." anji said nd all agreed...

"usska jo hoga dekha jayega.. nw move guys... warna we wll be finished" rahul declared nd all move 2 their respective duties...


~ Day 2 ~

Dr. keerti was checking if every one ws present or not but once again their was no sign of Dr. Riddhima Gupta... she dint say a word... giving d duties she left...

"agar mere paas uss riddhima gupta ka koi contact hota to main usse kehta ki jald hi join kare... bechari... koi problem hogi shayad... par usse kya pata humare mentor kaise hain!!" atul said feeling pity 4 her... he had such a caring nature.. altough he dint knw her stll bt he ws feelng bad 4 her...

they all r in canteen during d break nd d main topic of d gossip ws "DR. RIDDHIMA GUPTA"

armaan smiled "chill yaar atul... aab hum kar bhi kya sakte hain aur waise bhi wo jo bhi hai i dnt thnk internshp ko itni lightly lena chahiye... agar itni hi badi problem thi to usse hospital in4m karna chahiye tha, nahi??"
all agreed nd dey continued their discussion through out d break...


~ Saturday, at Locker Room ~

"hadd hain yaar uss dr. riddhima ne abhi tak report nhi kiya... i dnt knw hitler kya karegi usske saath??" muskaan said...

"chor na muski... finally duty is over... mujhe ab hospital koi bhi baat nhi karni... i'm feeling sick..." nikki declared..

"guys, its saturday 9t... y dnt we go 4 a gala time, i mean we all r tired of d very 1st week of our internship... it wll soothe us, wat say??" anji being a party lover declared...

"awesome idea anji"
rahool said...

"so, guys lets go hme, get fresh nd meet at disc Blue Heavens... wat say??"
armaan proposed...

"disc???? means disco??? i mean hum kahi aur nhi ja sakte??"
atul asked meekly...

"chill yaar... disc is d best idea...aur hum sab hain na.. so.. dnt wrry."
nikki assured him... finally he agreed unwillingly..

"so all set then.. c u guys at 9 then.." armaan declared..

"mmm... guys i cnt come... i mean i've 2 go some where..." abhi said finally...

"wat's ds yaar?? aab tujhe kya problem hain?"
muski blasted...

"oh... mujhe ek dost se milne jana hain..."

"ooo" all teased...

"arrey, dost hain yaar, nothing else.."

"humne kab kuch kaha... kuch kaha kya muski humne??"
armaan hi-5 wth her...

"watever guys... u wont agree... fine... i'm leaving"

"okk okk.. chill yaar gussa q ho raha hain.. par tu ata to accha lagta.." armaan said

"i cant buddy... it's saturday 9t nd i've 2 be dere... nyways, njoy guys... bye"


all left 4 home 2 go 2 disc (excpt abhi)



"arrey hum to Blue Heavens jaane wale the, nahi??"
atul asked wen all gathered at d entrance...

"hmm... bt buddy i thought ye zyada karreb hain... we r tired already so its better 2 come 2 d nearer one, ryt??" Armaan stated..

"hmm... ye to hain!!"
atul agreed...

"so chale guys??" rahool asked nd all entered dere...

But d scene was quite diff 4m rest of d days... although its disc but they weren't dancing but all were gathered near d main stage nd cheering... "ridz... ridz... ridz... "

rahool asked a guy in d crowd who said dat a dance competition was organized by a famous fashion house... like every year dey r cheering 4 their fav ridz... who is super smart nd superb dancer... one who wins dis spicy dance competition got a chnce 2 sign d contract of modeling wth a fashion house bt dey stll dnt knw y ridz in spite of being d winner dnt sign d contract... soon d light got dimmed nd all focus of d guy shifted 2 d stage...

Rahool supplied d info 2 all but dey dint find it interesting... dey went 2 d bar 4 having drink... wen dey heard...

"chal yaar... ridz wll per4m nw... gosh!! she's soo hot... i came 2 ds pub juz 4 her yaar... aur aj to ye competition bhi hain..."

"ya chal... i juz hope wo meri gf ban jayee, dude!!"
dey hi-5 nd moved near d stage...

armaan nd gang settled com4tably nd ordered their drnk... juz wen armaan ws going 2 hav d 1st sip d performance strted...

nain pari tu de, beh ja beh ja beh ja beh ja
nain pari tu de le ja le ja le ja le ja
nain pari tu de, beh ja beh ja beh ja beh ja
karde rain dupehari dil le ja le ja le ja le ja
karde rain pari tu de

d chorus part of d song strted... d back stage dancers strted performing... he looked at d stage out of curiosity... after all he heard about Ridz... he wanted 2 c her 4 whom all d guys in d disc were crazy... finally he saw a shadow entering d stage stylishly... d focus fell on her feet... she was wearing very fashionable golden high heels nd then wat he saw made him gasp...


sargam.. Smile

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Prizi IF-Rockerz

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Awesum dii... Yup jaldi jaldi blog pe bhi post karo..we r so impatient specially me

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