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SS:The Seven Sin Series - Thread 2 - Completed!

mints23 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 June 2013 at 11:04am | IP Logged

This is a journey of our beloved couple Arnav and Khushi through the 
Seven Cardinal Sins. It encompasses their innermost emotions, a look into 
their wicked endeavors and how love rules over every sin. 
So, join me on this fun ride!

New Thread... Yipeee!!

Hey guys, finally we arrive at the epilogue of Seven Sins Series.
What a fabulous journey it has been'. And all thanks to you guys.
I really have enjoyed writing this story and truly hope you guys have enjoyed it as much.

To read my other stories just visit...


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mints23 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 June 2013 at 11:04am | IP Logged

Three men stood anxiously on the grand stage that was decorated like a beautiful bride itself. The gathering was planned magnificently as the three sons of the Raizada family were getting engaged. The who's who of the corporate world, the fashion industry and the bolly-world had graced this occasion. All the young girls were seen gossiping ruefully amongst themselves that the three most handsome bachelors were finally taken. A large number of people had gathered, some family, some friends and some just acquaintances. But amidst this crazy madness, the three men did not care about anyone. Arnav, NK and Akash had their eyes focused on the entrance of the garden from where they expected their respective women to walk in.

And then the spotlight suddenly turned towards the entrance, Lavanya walked in first looking extremely beautiful in a pink and purple lehenga. Akash had his eyes bulging out as he took a couple of steps ahead to hold her hand and lead her to the stage. Payal followed closely blushing prettily in an orange and gold saree as NK sprinted towards her almost knocking her down. She glared at him while the couple climbed the stairs leading to the stage. But our hero Arnav Singh Raizada had noticed nothing. As the pace of his heartbeats raced, his eyes sought the one face that had come to mean the world to him. And then she appeared in a lovely red and green lehenga, her open hair fluttering because of the light breeze that was blowing around them as if it was a scene from some romantic bollywood movie. And as Khushi raised her beautiful stormy blue eyes to meet his, he was just hypnotized by this black magic woman. He was drawn to her like a moth to a flame. He moved towards her never wavering from their eye to eye conversation and forgetting all about his surroundings he leaned into her and kissed her soft cheek. How he loved to see that blush rise up her cheeks. And as he heard quite a few throats being cleared, he slowly led Khushi to the stage and took their place.

Khushi had been nervous all throughout the day. Arnav had teased and flirted with her endlessly. In the hall, in the bedroom, at work, near poolside, in front of colleagues, in front of his family, in front of her family. He had teased her. Period. So by the time she was all ready to walk towards the stage, she had felt all jittery about what Arnav would do once they would get officially engaged. But as she walked behind Lavanya and Payal, she looked up to see directly into those soulful caramel orbs. And all that she saw there was tremendous love for her. She wasn't able to look away. He looked absolute debonair in a black jodhpuri, his chiseled face and gelled hair. Her heart was drumming loudly in her chest... 'dhak dhak'. And she knew the reason for it was surely not acidity. Then as he walked towards her, he swooped down and she felt his hot lips on her cheeks. For a second she was surprised and embarrassed that he was kissing her in front of so many people. But then the feel of his lips burnt her skin where they touched leaving a much more scorching desire at the pit of her stomach. He held her soft hand in his rough ones and led her to the stage.

As each of the couples exchanged their engagement bands the crowd roared with an enormous applause. The Guptas, Raizadas, Maliks and Kashyaps cheered for their sons and daughters and blessed each of the couple for a long lasting bond. An excited Anjali had made a call to Gupta House a few weeks back asking for their blessings for the young couples. The Guptas were thrilled that both their daughters would be getting married in the respectable Raizada family. And so a convenient date had been set for the engagement. Arnav and NK had gone to receive them at the airport like dutiful son-in-laws. The Kashyaps were no less ecstatic. They had known about Akash and Lavanya's relationship from quite a few months but also knew Akash's decision of getting his elder brother married off first. They had waited patiently for this moment. And so as everyone celebrated these unions, people stuffed themselves with food, some enjoyed their drinks and many danced to the tunes of the DJ. One couple was seen dancing crazily amidst the huge crowd.

Our first couple, NK and Payal were enjoying themselves to the beats of the song 'Angrezi beat' that blared from the speakers. They had been the first to declare their love for each other. And somewhere due to them, Khushi and Arnav had been forced to make their relationship official much sooner than they had wanted too. But to some, people fall in love at first sight and some it takes years. That had been the case for these two. Once they were sure of their feelings they couldn't wait to be to be bound for eternity. Their wedding would take place in a month's time along with Akash and Lavanya. Arnav & Khushi had asked for at least 6 months to properly enjoy their courtship. Akash had disagreed citing that Arnav is the elder brother but Arnav had managed to convince him in the end that even Payal was the older sister and she should be getting married first. So the dates had been fixed and our assistant director and photographer had captured each other for a lifetime.

Moving to our next couple, Akash & Lavanya. They had quietly moved to a corner of the grand party with drinks in their hands. They toasted in celebration of successfully executing their plan which they had accidently stumbled upon. Lavanya and Akash had been in love for a couple of years now. And Lavanya's family wanted them to get married soon, but Akash knew that his nani would want his bhai to marry before him. So he had tried to convince Arnav a few times along with Di to look at prospective girls. But they had been failing miserably. Then Khushi had walked into AR designs and Akash and Lavanya both had found her to be perfect for Arnav. But Akash knew his brother would never fall in love. He would actually run far away from the idea of it. And the day of Arnav's return from Paris when Akash had walked into his cabin, Akash had seen both of them blowing their fuse over each other. But he had also noticed something else there. An unusual glint in his brother's eyes, a little bit of jealousy with his closeness to Khushi. And so, the next few days he had purposely flirted with Khushi and spent time with her when Arnav would be watching. He had also noticed Khushi's reactions to Arnav and he knew ki 'aag dono taraf barabar lagi hai'.

After Lavanya's return, thankfully NK had walked into their plan like a lifesaver. So NK became the reason of Arnav's envy. And somehow the whole universe was helping him and Lavanya to get Arnav and Khushi together. Because Sheetal became Khushi's target. The party that began with an envious green ended up in a romantic red. It goes for the other couple NK-Payal too. Fortunately both the couples  had taken the next steps pretty quickly. But Akash's main agenda was to get Arnav and Khushi officially hitched. So when Lavanya overheard Khushi and Arnav discussing their dinner plans and later Arnav telling Aman to reserve a table for him, she immediately told Akash about it. And with careful planning by the duo, Anjali Di and Jijaji had walked in on Arnav and Khushi in a very compromising position. As mentioned earlier, they were just supposed to see Arnav - Khushi together and not on each other. But things happened for the best and Khushi started frequenting Shantivan. To their pleasant surprise Payal and NK went official. And then arose a need to give his older brother a gentle push. So Akash told Anjali about Sumer Singh Khurana, his friend and how he could help us make Arnav confess his feelings for Khushi. And Di played her part perfectly. So three weeks ago, after the grand celebration bash of the fashion show Arnav & Khushi had finally declared about their relationship to everyone. This tough sinful journey had finally reached its destination called Love. And then began the beautiful repentance. So as Akash and Lavanya sizzled in the glory of their victory and love, our third couple was nowhere to be seen.

As soon as the ring ceremony got over and the families had gotten engaged in conversations, Arnav had held Khushi by the hand and dragged her along towards a secluded area of the venue. He had to see her alone. He had to touch her, feel her, kiss her urgently. She was now officially his and he had to celebrate their love. As he looked at the beauty in front of him, he stood in awe. How did she manage to look so beautiful, so sexy and so innocent at the same time? Her mesmerizing smile always brought a smile on his own. Her beautiful warm heart had melted him completely. He stood by the private pool of the hotel, which he had made sure was completely secluded. The water from the pool was reflecting ripples across her perfect face giving her a very divine feel. As he looked into her stormy blue eyes which held so much love and desire for him, his heart swelled with extreme love for this woman. He leaned into her small frame and kissed her gently. His one had cupped her face to bring it more closer while his other hand went around her waist pulling her body flush to his. The contact igniting flames across their bodies. The kiss had now grown more frantic and passionate as if he could not get enough of her. Khushi had designed her own outfit but Arnav had made sure to tell the tailor to reduce the length of her choli and give it a dangerously deep neck. No wonder Arnav Singh Raizada was known for his presence of mind, as at this moment he got a chance to roam his hands around her luscious curves liberally. He could get a generous view of her delicious fullness. Their tongues were dueling at a fiery pace when he moved his hand towards the dori of her blouse to unravel her exquisite beauty.

Khushi knew Arnav very well by now. So she did not fidget when Arnav dragged her out of the party as there would be absolutely no point arguing. And truthfully she herself wanted some private time with him, now that they were engaged. When he brought her near a poolside the only thought that crossed her mind was 'what is with Arnav Singh Raizada and pools'? But as soon as she looked into those lovely caramel eyes, she was lost into the whirlwind of love that he carried around him. His kiss was drugging making her lose all senses. She could feel his rough warm hands roam freely over her body. His every touch awakening new sensations through her. She trembled in his arms as he reached for the dori of her blouse. His skillful fingers opening it instantly. As he pulled down the choli from one shoulder his mouth left hers and she couldn't stop the frustrating moan that left her. But soon she felt his lips leaving a burning trace along her jaw down her neck. He was kissing, biting, nipping, licking. Overwhelmed with multitude of emotions she pulled him closer to herself running her hands through his soft tresses. And as he pulled her blouse lower still, she couldn't help but express what she felt, "I love you so much Arnav."

Through the thick passionate haze Arnav just heard these few words that snapped him out of what he was doing. 'I love you so much Arnav' resonated in his ears as he straightened up and looked at the beautiful angel in his arms. Her closed eyes, her swollen lips, her trembling body made him harden. But he knew that this was not the right time or place for their intimacy. Even though this area was secluded it was still in the open and they also had a family waiting for them. With tremendous self control he pulled up Khushi's blouse back over her shoulder and pulled her to himself. Tying her dori behind her he mumbled in her hair, "I love you too Khushi. I love you more than anything in this world." Drawing back from her he kissed her forehead. The rosy blush was now stark on her cheeks, but he did not like the fact that her eyes were still lowered. He wanted to look into those beautiful blue eyes that always spoke what she felt. So he tilted her chin up and said, "Open your eyes Khushi. Let me see the love for me in them." And very obediently she did.

After the admittance of her love, when Arnav had drawn back from her she had felt a pang of hurt. But he had soon pulled her into an embrace and closed the dori of her blouse. At that moment she realized the intensity of their passion and where it was leading too. Thankfully Arnav had stopped in time, but she couldn't help thinking of her desperate need for him. So with embarrassment she just could not open her eyes to face him. He had said those beautiful words, the words of his love, the words that she had heard over and over again in the past few weeks. And yet she felt like this was the first time he had said them. And then he held her chin lightly and commanded her to open her eyes. And she couldn't help but oblige. When she looked into his warm eyes, all her embarrassment went flying out of the window. The love and affection she saw in them overwhelmed her and she hugged him close to herself. Just feeling his warmth, listening to his rhythmic heartbeats, holding onto the man she loved with all her heart. He straightened her tousled hair running his fingers through them.  And then she heard him say, "Sweetheart, we must get going. Or our crazy families will barge in here." He kissed her lips once more, a sweet lingering kiss and spoke as he broke off, "I promise to continue this soon love." With a wink and a smirk on his face, he dragged a flustered Khushi following him.

As they walked back into the party, they were met with a smiling Anjali & Shyam. "Where had you been Chotte? Everyone has been looking around for you and Khushi." Arnav groaned at her question. "Di! Stop calling me chotte at least now" he said pointing his eyes towards Khushi. "Chotte! I am going to call you that even in front of your children. You will always be my Chotte. Now go, get on the stage. People really want to wish you guys." Arnav gave up, nodding his head and walked towards the stage holding Khushi by her waist. Tears of extreme happiness welled up in Anjali's eyes. An equally happy Shyam hugged his wife and gave her an encouraging nod. Anjali had been estatic when Akash had told her about Khushi. She had wanted Arnav to get married for some time now, and she wanted him to settle down with a girl who would love him as much as she did or more. So she had whole heartedly supported Akash in any way she could. She also knew the fact why Akash was so interested in getting his brother married. But why should she complain if she was getting two bhabhi's in one shot? And to her surprise, she actually got three! Life could not get more perfect for her as soon after the engagement, Shyam and she were going to tell the family about a new expected guest in the family. They were expecting a baby.

The three couples stood on stage, thanking people for their wishes, accepting gifts and getting themselves clicked. Arnav left no opportunity to hold Khuhi's hand, touch her waist, play with her dori. He kept reminding her of the so very passionate moment they shared a while ago. She would blush with his every teasing comment, and how he loved to see his favourite colour adorn her cheeks. They looked completely like a couple smitten by each other. Just like the other two couples who stood besides them.

While Arnav was greeting a few of his colleagues, his eyes fell on one face that he would never want to see in his life again. He saw the tall, handsome Sumer Singh Khurana taking long strides towards the stage. And as he reached closer, Arnav saw Khushi jump in excitement and walk a couple of steps to hug Sumer. What the! What was happening here? He rushed besides Khushi and pulled her by the waist towards himself. He felt such possessiveness and jealousy take over him that he shook with anger. But before he could threaten that Kamina Khurana to keep his hands off his fiance, Sumer spoke "I know Arnav she is yours. I remember!" And he pulled a beautiful girl from behind him and said, "She is MINE!" Looking at a stunned Arnav's face everyone burst out laughing. Akash came to his rescue and said, "Bhai Sumer is a friend of mine and that is Idanya, his wife. And we had just used him to get you to admit your love for Khushi. And I was the one who changed the reports about Sumer that you requested Aman for, a few weeks ago. Sorry Bhai." Arnav was shocked at this revelation. His own family had gone against him. He would deal with all of them later. And forgetting everyone else for the time being, he glared at Khushi and mouthed, "You knew?" And before he could say anything more she just hugged him tightly to herself and whispered in his ears, "I am so sorry sweetheart. But all's fair in love and war. And I am ready for any kind of repentance. I promise anything." She licked his earlobe while drawing back from him. And that just made him shiver with pleasure and smile with love. His rare lopsided smile blooming into a full blown laughter.

The moment when Arnav had seen Khushi hug Sumer had made him feel so many emotions all together, for the woman he loved the most. But that's how it should always be for them. Because the perfect recipe of life is lots and lots of love garnished with a little bit of anger, pride, envy, lust, gluttony, sloth and greed in equal measures. They actually do spice up the love life don't they? 


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Celebration of their love, finally 
The stage was decorated be fittingly
The bigwigs from every industry, 
Friends and family, gathered happily
Amidst everyone chatting excitedly 
Ignoring the guests ...were the brothers three,  
Their eyes on the entrance anxiously 
Focussed ever so lovingly ...
Waiting for a glimpse of their brides to be.

The girls in no less of a hurry 
To see their men dressed so handsomely 
The moment did arrive eventually,
La, in pink and purple leading them gracefully
Akaash, her hand he grasped instantly 
Followed by a gorgeous Payal in a saree ,
NK to her ran almost clumsily
None of this did Arnav notice, you see, 
For he was waiting for his Khushi
His love for her increasing rapidly
She, his life had filled completely ...

He looked at her mesmerisingly 
Dressed in red and green was she
Her hair in the breeze fluttering gently
Their eyes spoke like always, silently,
Hypnotised by her stunning beauty. ,

Khushi at Arnav looked anxiously
By him, all day being teased mercilessly 
Whether in public or privately 
He had with her flirted incorrigibly
What would he do ? she thought nervously,
Once they were committed officially  
She looked into his eyes questioningly
And for her,she saw love undeniably

An unknown force just like gravity 
Pulled them together magically, 
And he scooped down immediately 
And on her cheek he kissed her gingerly
Causing her to blush so innocently
Embarrassed and surprised momentarily
It was desire for him she felt strongly
And in his hand she gave hers willingly..

Rings exchanged ever so proudly,
The couples blessed so generously 
By the four overjoyed families
The Guptas gave their permission wholeheartedly 
For this rishta when approached by Anjali
The Kashyaps, had been waiting patiently 
For La and Akaash's unity..
Akaash had stated clearly,
Only after Arnav would he marry

The dates fixed for matrimony
Payal, La in a month would be  
Raizada daughters in law officially
Khushi would in time follow obviously 
Their courtship period they wanted to enjoy freely

La and Akash partners in this conspiracy 
Toasted their success ecstatically ,
To adhere to nani wishes respectfully
Akash and La had waited obediently 
But Arnav opposed marriage vigorously 
Anjali and Akaash  attempts failing miserably 
Till the day, Khushi in to AR appeared miraculously  
And a plan they stumbled upon accidentally 
When they witnessed Arnav and Khushi's chemistry

Their plan in motion they set cunningly
With Khushi, Akaash flirted openly
NK to this was pulled in unknowingly
And he became the cause of Arnav's jealousy
Sheetal become the cause of Khushi's fury
La and Akaash included everyone slowly
As a result Anjali intruded their privacy 
And Khushi at Shantivan was seen frequently
NK and Payal became one officially
This worked for them favourably
It was time to give 'bhai' a nudge gently
To admit his feelings for Khushi rightfully
Akaash called upon his friend Sumer slyly
Anjali played her part perfectly 
And  lo behold Khurana made his entry
To stir things up dramatically ...
Followed by the night that made history 
The love birds confessed intensely
Love conquered all naturally.

Khushi now his for eternity 
Arnav revelled in that glory
He held her possessively
By the poolside, privately 
Her choli gave him every opportunity
To feel her skin so teasingly 
Devouringly each other brazenly
Love they felt so overwhelmingly 
Their touch causing electricity
Claiming each other so sensuously 
Consumed by lovely totally
They were joined by destiny
Love, it felt so heavenly..
Their hearts beating in perfect symmetry

Controlling themselves with difficulty
They returned to the party reluctantly
Tears of joy was shedding an emotional Anjali
To see everything turn out so wonderfully
A perfect time to seize this opportunity
Shyam and she would announce her pregnancy

All three couples on stage once again we see
Arnav still could not stop touching Khushi
His hands all over roamed teasingly...
Her memory still fresh from their intimacy
The couples in love with each other as should be..

Everything was progressing smoothly
When Arnav saw Sumer suddenly
To his Khushi walking purposefully
Who in turn greatly him excitedly 
And ran to hug him friendly
Arnav charged to them angrily 
He never experienced such jealousy 
By her waist he pulled her possessively
About to threaten Khurana was he
When Sumer stopped him mischievously 
And pulled out his wife surprisingly
Arnav stunned, the rest laughing hysterically 
Akaash revealed everything eventually
How Sumer was used so effectively
To get him to admit his love for Khushi

Khushi embracing him tightly
Admitted to being guilty
And repent she would gladly
With her tongue teasing him suggestively
Pulled  away teasingly
He looked at her adoringly
And laughed out heartily
Anger, pride, envy
Lust, sloth and gluttony
All the ingredients for a perfect recipe...
And this is how their embarked on their wonderful journey!  
Their hearts beating in perfect symmetry! 

Mints and Chitra...what a wonderful and exciting journey it has been's not the end ..just the beginning in more ways than one...and Mints thanks for finally not dedicating our story to us...

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chitrajay IF-Dazzler

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Mints, Vandy!! We did it! We did it! We did it!PartyDancing

The end'.the conclusion of a beautiful story, Mints!! But not quite ' it heralds the beginning of beautiful relationships, in more ways than one''Hug


We started with a common bond, which was our love for IPK and Arnav and Khushi's love story'so many chats, so many days and nights of discussing a show so close to our hearts. So many thoughts on what could have been improved, what could have been done differently? OuchI am sure every IPK fan has had his or her share of similar moments spent wondering about the what ifs...'and then --- there were THOSE moments, which were truly sublime, some things could not have been improved upon, some things were perfect, just the way they were meant to be ' perfect in their little imperfections, perfect even with every little flaw'.giving us unforgettable memories that we will cherish for a lifetime.EmbarrassedDay Dreaming A story about relationships, between Arnav and Khushi, their families, between the show and its actors, the show and its fans, the actors and its fans, and between the fans themselves'I mention each of these separately, because this show was unique and every relationship that was formed truly unique. Never before have I seen so many people fall in love and hate at the same time ' in this, the show really lived up to its tag line ' mohabbat door jaane na de 'nafrat paas aane na de ' in the end, it was all mohabbat ' it really didn't let us, let go of the show, even though we hated so many things ' love overcame everything.Big smile I believe it's not just the show and its actors, its all the IPK fans who will remain unforgettable! Their love and loyalty!! Always and forever!Clap

Just look at us, we bonded over the show ending, then moved on to a true connection, a friendship that is unexplainable, considering we all live in different places and have never even met'.moving to writing about our obsession, maybe in some way, paying homage to something precious and truly unforgettable. Trying to find closure in our own little ways '.  And today, here we stand, having successfully completed your story, Mints and'' and at the threshold of new beginnings - of beautiful relationships ' for your Arnav and Khushi, for NK and Payal, for Akash and Lavanya ' between you, us and the readers ' we have all discovered something during the course of this journey - through SINS ---LOL Sinning has never been so rewarding before, Mints ' the reward of friendship being the best of all. Thank you for sharing this journey with us'the end of your first story maybe, but surely, just the start of many more. You have set the bar really high, Mints!! I am so so proud of you!!!! HugThumbs UpStarThis story ' this experience is unforgettable!

First of all, let me compliment you on the banners ' with every update, I wait to see what it will be like; somehow you pick the perfect pictures for every emotion, for every sin. Beauuutifulll!!!! (Day Dreamingimagine its a certain someone, with caramel soulful eyes, saying to you - "beauuutiful" in a bhang induced daze'sigh!!!)

I totally loved how you focused on all three couples. I loved the detailed description of the venue, the invitees and most of all, the grooms and their gorgeous brides!

"NK sprinted towards her almost knocking her down" 'LOL this brought out a laugh, as I could just imagine a scene like that ' It brought to mind, Arnav calling NK clumsy ' I could "see" his sheepish look at doing something so silly'hahaha -lovely imagery, there, Mints!LOL

Loved the choice of colors for each bride ' you haven't neglected any of them! You gave every bride her rightful due, Mints ' I know that you have a generous heart, and I see it in everything that you write too ' a sense of fairness, justice and a big heart!!! Love you, girl'don't ever change!!!!

 And then''Khushi' red and green 'I could just imagine a soft "rabba ve "playing ' a song only they could hear, a music only their hearts were attuned to'pure magic! Somehow I always liked this particular color combination on her, the bridal outfit she wore during the first grihapravesh made her look absolutely stunning'in fact I often wondered how Arnav stayed unmoved seeing her ' who would not have melted seeing her ' it went beyond mere beauty, the pain in her eyes, in her entire being seemed to have enhanced her innocence and delicate look.Day Dreaming 

Oh and then, Arnav has to show his "haq", huh? Kissing her right there, branding her ' his look and gesture saying "Mine" like nothing else could! LOL Again I have to applaud how you showed both their thoughts and emotions in every scenario. 

Your Khushi'she is just so perfect, Mints Thumbs Up'.I could FEEL every emotion she must have felt, being teased and flirted with- the girl must have been in a state of absolute blushing confusion'.nervous, excited, anxious ' a little bit in fear, and a lot in anticipation! And then, when she walks up feeling like this, all she sees is 'Love"'sigh!!!EmbarrassedDay Dreaming I stopped reading at this point, you know, because I wanted to savor that moment ' wanted to feel, be there'.Day Dreamingkhushi ke aansoo, MintsCry, for that pure feeling of love---that purity of emotion that you managed to convey brilliantly!!!! StarThank you-once again you gave me something I had longed to see more on the show ' I have always loved how Arnav looks at Khushi- a lost, soft, look that goes beyond love ' something that conveys without words how precious she is to him! (Am I making any sense here????Silly) Mints ' I loved it!Clap

Then the "dhak-dhaks" another crazy IPK trademark ' you have used it so beautifully too ' "and she knew the reason for it was not acidity" ' hahaha ' a glimpse of Khushi's cute paagalpan again -who can forget Khushi and her "khatti dakaar". And that next scene...what was that???? Kya tha yeh???(courtesy- Anjalidi post teri meri) I could feel "hot lips" on my cheek and "dhak dhaks" in my heart ' how did you manage to create that effect in just two lines, Mints??? Wow!EmbarrassedBlushing

I loved the next paragraph where you summarized the engagement preparations and the celebrations and Anjali's role ' doing what she does best ' bonding people together. Angrezi Beat is the perfect song for NK and Payal ' they truly are a cute couple- can imagine them a few years from now, teasing, fighting and as much in love as now. A couple who really are equals ' emotionally and mentally- in tune and in sync with each otherBig smile. Unexpectedly, Akash and Lavanya are the true plotters here, hai na? Haha ' I am glad bechara Akash isn't so bechara after all, and has managed to plot and plan in true Raizada fashion! Smart, observant and not one to miss an opportunity when he saw it!! And Lavanya is his perfect match ' had never thought of this unusal pairing until your story, Mints ' but it worked wonderfully for me!Clap

You had to bring in our dear vamp Sheetal in here too? Hmmm.Shocked I forgive you. SmileSince, she was the catalyst for Khushi to spill her feelings ' I loved how you have recapped the story with a blend of the seven sins- nice touch! Thumbs UpAnd Anjali "stumbling" over her "Chotey" and Khushi being all part of en elaborate ruse ' wow! So then a brother and a sister team up, and plot and plan to bring their other brother and his love  together. You are right ' they all have reached their destination ' love --and they will continue on a new journey full of love'now and forever. I love happily-ever-afters!!! I hate tragedies!!!

So whilst, Akash and Lavanaya gloat over their plan's success, where have our hero and heroine got to? Of course!! Duh!!!D'oh Where else?? And another passionate scene for us all'by the poolside- a place almost sacred to us for all the magical Arnav-Khushi moments we saw there and hoped to see more of'.Day Dreaming Arnav and Khushi'you are well and truly lost, aren't you? Moments of bliss, passionate surrender and then her loving confession brings him back to the present'.He becomes aware of the present and the lack of privacy'.

I loved the next bit'every little bit, in fact, the few stolen moments, in which they manage to convey to each other how they feel'.the trust, the longing, the love, the passion all there'.and loved that they managed to get these moments to themselves- making unspoken promises to each other. Then Arnav mentioning their crazy families ----haha Mints - I could not help but remember Arnav thinking about his crazy family during the Mrs. India track ' one of those rare moments of humor, at that crazy time.Big smile

"You will always be my Chotte" --- Gosh, would any grown man want to hear that??? LOLI honestly hope and pray that I do not make any such embarrassing gaffes Embarrassedwhen my son is all grown up'.(pssst'knowing myself, I would probably do it deliberately!!!Evil Smile) Jokes apart, I loved the Anjali in this story'a loving sister, who truly wants nothing more than her brothers' happiness ' and now there is a little bit of sunshine coming into her life too- a new life, a baby ' a gift really precious.

And then, my favorite topic ' Sumer Singh Khurana ' I love this guy!!Wink

How I loved the entire scenario unfolding next ' a jealous Arnav is dangerous Big smile' a fact even Sumer knows, so he sweetly defuses the tension with "I know Arnav she is yours. I remember!" "She is MINE!" LOLHahaha ' what a googly!!!! Idanya ' that is such a beautiful name! I am glad you took my HINT seriously and gave Sumer his own Khushi ' his Idanya! HugAnd then comes Arnav's realization that he has been well and truly had!!! Everyone braces for his explosive anger --- but he responds with his lopsided smile and laughter ' indeed so rare for Arnav Singh Raizada ' precious too for all its rarity ' this scene took me back to the golden IPK days ' Sangeet of Payash ' Arnav laughing and smiling at Khushi after her mimicry of him during the "Jiji, tere jethji deewane". Memories!!! Unforgettable memories!!!Day Dreaming

As you so rightly ended, Mints'the perfect recipe of life is lots and lots of love 'garnished with a little bit of everything'that indeed, is the true spice of life! Perfecto, my friend! You are outstanding!!!StarStarStar

That is why I wish to quote a few lines from the song Unforgettable sung by Nat King Cole ' it echoes our sentiments for the IPK the show, for Arnav and Khushi, for the entire experience, for SINs, for all the new friends I have made through this story, for all the old friends I did have here already, and most of all, for our friendship- Vandy, you and I  Hug

Unforgettable, that's what you are
Unforgettable though near or far
Like a song of love that clings to me
How the thought of you does things to me
Never before has someone been more

Unforgettable in every way
And forever more, that's how you'll stay
That's why, darling, it's incredible
That someone so unforgettable
Thinks that I am unforgettable too

Unforgettable in every way
And forever more, that's how you'll stay
That's why, darling, it's incredible
That someone so unforgettable
Thinks that I am unforgettable too

Thank you as always for the dedication and for this wonderful story ' true talent, Mints...that is what you have! Clap

Keep writing''

And waiting to peek in, at another place!

But then, that is another story!!!! (Pun fully intended)!Wink


Edited by chitrajay - 14 June 2013 at 7:53pm

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chetna19 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 24 June 2012
Posts: 9965

Posted: 14 June 2013 at 11:09am | IP Logged


awesome ending mints diii...
i loved anjali nd akash part ws fabulous...
omg this ss in ended...
ab kya kre????
wonderful ss wonderful writing nd nd..wonderful writer u r...

Edited by chetna19 - 15 June 2013 at 10:16am

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Dee_J IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 04 March 2012
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Posted: 14 June 2013 at 11:14am | IP Logged

Day & night I am waiting...waiting Day Dreaming


I can't believe it's going to end! I will miss this story dammitCry

But the ending can't be more perfect!ClapClapClap
I am again at loss of words!

You have nailed the whole thing so properly that it couldn't have been better.

Arnav had eyes only for his khushi! No matter the world was watching them, but for him only she meant the world! This was proved in this update. And I so loved it <3

It had been akash's plan? I did thought that akash & lavanya tried to hook them up but had never thought that the whole plan had been set up by them!LOL 

And then NK's entry had been at the perfect moment. I loved his character a lot in the story. And this entry helped him to get payal too! 

So at last, it gave everyone happiness! 
Reading this story was a journey to a land of every emotion felt in love!
The start gave us smilesBig smile & the end tears Cry..

Because the perfect recipe of life is lots and lots of love garnished with a little bit of anger, pride, envy, lust, gluttony, sloth and greed in equal measures. They actually do spice up the love life don't they?

This is my personal favorite <3

The update was worth the wait. I so loved it. 

Glad that you have started another story! I am sure it will be a rock like this. 

I will never get enough of praising you for this piece of writing, its time to log off now!

Maybe, will write some more tomorrow!

At last, thanks for such a wonderful story <3 

Seven Sin Series

It started with their wrath..
A journey to an unknown path..
Pride made its easy entry in..
And they had already committed 2 sins..
Envy was something they had never felt..
It was a tough emotion for the first time they dealt..
In Lust, they lost their control..
But start of something beautiful it was, for sure...
Gluttony made them crave more..
Unknowingly, they became matalo d'amore(love sick)..
They lost themselves completely in sloth..
Oh kamina khurana he loathedLOL
But at last it was greed..
Which made the proposal perfect indeed!
The journey finally came to an end, after all above...
Which was known as a repentance called love..

P.S. I am  just 16 so, poor at poetry. Don't hesitate to tell if it was badLOL. My dedication to the storyWink

Edited by dj_arshifan - 15 June 2013 at 12:28am

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Afya IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 June 2013 at 11:14am | IP Logged

Mints, each of your update in this SS has been superb but this one dear is the clear winner. Clap
Will write more tomorrow. Good night!


Sorry for the late feedback, Mints. I wanted to write it with a fresh this one is my most favourite update. I also perhaps deep down didn't want to say good bye to this story.

I am not going to try writing a poem as I honestly can't. I will leave that to the great Vandana and Chitra.Big smile

Let me begin by thanking you for sharing with us such a beautiful story written exceptionally well. Clap

This update was the perfect ending. It closed all the gaps and yet, left us longing for more. And just like the rest of the story, this update was full of the way they looked, in the way they talked, in the way she almost everything they did.Embarrassed

Love how this was all Akash's plan..He has outsmarted the great Arnav Singh Raizada.Tongue. The whole family tricked him into acknowledging his feelings for Khushi. Aren't we all glad they did?Wink

They started making out by the pool side at the hotel?Shocked
Kuch tho sharam karo, guys! Thank God he realised they were doing it in public and stopped. 

And dear Sumer makes an appearance too.Tongue

Khushi is so right...All is fair in love and war. But I bet he will make her pay for it...when they are alone.Wink

I more than enjoyed the story, Mints. Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us.Hug

And I am so happy you are writing more.Smile

And last but not the least, Thanks for the dedication...Wink

Edited by Afya - 16 June 2013 at 6:34am

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pixiegirl IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 June 2013 at 11:33am | IP Logged
Awesome Epilogue Mints... Loved it...

It was really funny to see the reaction of the three grooms waiting for their respective fiancs... Arnav took the cake for kissing Khushi in front of everybody... Got really impatient there, didn't he??

Loved the little rendezvous by the pool...

All in all, an awesome epilogue... Clap

Edited by pixiegirl - 15 June 2013 at 9:31pm

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