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Nayi Umr Nayi Chunauti - Parvarrish - Agla Padav
Nayi Umr Nayi Chunauti - Parvarrish - Agla Padav

OS- Iska Kuch Nahi Ho Sakta

Shwets1502 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 14 June 2013 at 10:40am | IP Logged

This OS is about how things should be when Rocky comes back home drunk. He may not actually get drunk in the show..I am just using it here. For me..this is how Sweety will behave whatever may happen and however she is made to understand. Through Lucky..I am venting out our frustrations. I am not giving an end to this track. Hope you guys like it. 


The cake is ready to be cut. Rocky's 18th birthday is being celebrated in a grand manner. Everyone is waiting for the moment, birthday boy cutting the cake. Family and friends are standing around the table with the cake in the center. But where is Rocky? Sweety asks Ginny to check Rocky's room. Ginny comes back running.

Ginny: Maa! Rocky bhaiya is not there in his room!!

All are very confused. Sweety goes upstairs to check while the kids go outside. Lucky goes to Rocky's room again but no one can find him. 

Sweety: [angry] Where did he go? And how dare he is..going somewhere without informing me? 

Lucky comes from Rocky's room. He is looking very serious. 

Lucky: [to Rocky's friends] Sorry bachon! Woh..uhmm...Rocky just called. He suddenly has got some important admission he has gone..and will be back late..So...[embarrased]

Rocky's friends leave. Only Ahluwalias, Ahujas, Khannas and Mathurs are there. All are looking confused. They are in the living room.

Sweety: What admission? What are you telling Luckyji!

Lucky: I think Rocky has ran away from the party. Probably he did not like it

All are shocked. 
Sweety: How dare he do that? He once did not think about me. Let him come..I will give him one tight slap!!

Lucky closes his eyes in anger. 

Sid: I will call and ask where he is. He will definitely tell me.

Sweety: Whatever is happening is because of you. Because of you my son...

Lucky: [cuts her] Mathurji! You are right...Please call him and if possible bring him back.

Sweety looks disbelievingly at Lucky. Sid leaves with Meera and his kids as it was not appropriate for her to stay with the family.

Sweety: LUCKYJI! What do you think you are doing? You have send that Mathur..Are you mad? It is because of you leniency that Rocky is like this. You just don't know to handle anything. How many times have I told you not to interfere in matters like this? You just don't understand!

Nanu: [awkward] Sweety! Cool down. Let Rocky first come back.

Sweety: I do everything for Rocky...this party is for much special I have made it for him...and he leaves just like that? He has learned all this from that Mathur..or else my boy is not like this. I have given him such good upbringing but where is he listening to me nowadays. He has learnt to rebel against his mother. He just wants to do what he thinks.

Lucky: Rocky or You?

Lucky does not want to start an argument now with the family around. He goes to the dining from the living room and sits there away from Sweety. Ahujas are sitting silently. They don't know what to do. Nanu is trying to make Sweety calm down. 

After sometime, Sid comes with Rocky home. Rocky has drunk. Sid informs that Rocky was partying in a pub. All are shocked. Nanu thanks him for the help and signals Mathur to leave now as situation is not good. Sid leaves.

Nanu: Rocky! Go to your room. 

Rocky slowly moves towards his room when Sweety stands in front of him furiously.  Rocky does not meet her eyes. He slowly looks at her. Sweety with all her anger raises her hand to give a hard slap on his face. Rocky closes his eyes waiting for the impact, which did not come. He opens his eyes to see Lucky catching Sweety's hand. Lucky comes in front of Sweety looking directly at her with anger. 

Lucky: Rocky! Go to your room! NOW!
Rocky goes to his room quickly.  Lucky and Sweety are still looking at each other furiously. Sweety looks at Lucky holding her hand tightly. Lucky releases it.  

Lucky: Go to our room Sweetyji. 

Sweety: Why! Why should I...

Lucky: Sweetyji! I said go to our room...means go to our room. 

Jeet signals his family to leave. Lovely leaves too. Nanu decides to stay back. Sweety gives one look to Nanu and Ginny and leaves upstairs.  Lucky stands there thinking. He is very angry. 

Lucky: Ginny! See what Rocky is doing and give him some lemonade. [Ginny leaves] 

Nanu comes to Lucky. 

Nanu: Lucky! I understand your state of mind. I am on your side. You have my support and I am sorry! 

Nanu is very ashamed of Sweety's behavior. He feels responsible. Lucky acknowledges his support and goes upstairs. He enters the room and locks it. Sweety is pacing up and down and sees Lucky in the room. 
Sweety: [angry] What was that downstairs? What did you want to prove? That I am a bad mother? Which mother will plan all this for her son. What have I not done for my children?

Lucky: Whatever happened today...YOU are responsible for that...It is because...

Sweety: What? How can I be responsible...

Lucky: Listen to me first.

Sweety: You mean to say that because of me Rocky has started drinking...


Sweety: Why? Why should I..
Lucky: SHUT UP! 

Sweety stops stunned. Lucky stands right in front of her. He is mad.

Lucky: Do you ever listen to anyone? Do you ever understand anyone? If you had done that..Rocky would have had a memorable 18th birthday. What did he want? Just a bike. But you made a big issue out of that!!!! Sweetyji...Rocky is going away from you because of YOU. He is partying like this because of YOU.

Sweety starts to reply back.

Lucky: Don't utter a word now! YOU have created all this mess..and you are blaming others? You are blaming Mathur who is trying to help you and your son? You are blaming Rocky who even after all your stupid restrictions still follows it and loves you? Are you out of your senses? [pauses] I am the one to be blamed for always supporting you and listening to you from the first. I should have stood up against you right from the beginning and never let you dominate me or the house.

I would not have got this mad if you were doing all this because of your love for your children. But you are doing this to prove to Mathur that you are the best! Who told you YOU ARE THE BEST? You just assume that you are. But let me tell you Sweetyji that you are not the best. Your kids are the best that they have given you that feeling. They know how bad you will feel and hence don't raise a word against you.

I am fed up now. How many times did I try to tell you that Rocky needs a bike and nothing else? Did I tell you that you should not be ruling your kids like this? But does it matter to you anytime? What I say ever mattered to you? Even now I am shouting like an idiot and I am damn sure it doesn't matter to you. You think all this is NONSENSE!!!

Sweety stands there staring at Lucky with anger. She is shocked to see Lucky angry.

Lucky: Rocky was right. It is always about you. You take everyone's decision. You don't even think whether we like it or not, we should just follow you. Leave me. What about the kids? Won't they have their own wishes. You keep assuming that your wishes is theirs and if they retort you do emotional drama and make them feel bad. At the end they end up apologising. I end up apologising. Do you ever think how we feel in this house? You think you live for our happiness but the truth is we live for your happiness. We listen to you for your happiness. I can live like that till the end Sweetyji! But why should the kids?

Lucky holds Sweety's shoulder. He has calmed down but stern. Sweety has tears.

Please understand Sweetyji that kids are growing. They want to be independent. They want to make their own decisions. We, as parents can only support them, guide them and help them when needed. [desperate] We cannot interfere anymore. [pauses, strongly] I won't let you interfere anymore in our kids life. I cannot see my children's life ruined in front of my eyes because of you.

Sweety wipes her tears and brushes Lucky's hand of her shoulders.

Sweety: Over? Completed your lecture?

Lucky can't believe Sweety still has not got the point.

Sweety: I am a mother Luckyji! I know what is right and what is wrong for my kids. You don't need to bother about it.

Lucky: [angry] Why? Don't forget I am their father and has as much equal rights on them as you have. Kids love you because I maintain balance in our parenting.

Sweety: Enough! I don't want to hear anything more. I am going down to Rocky and will give him a piece of mind. And next is that Mathur. How dare he influence Rocky like this? And don't ever think of giving bike to Rocky.

Sweety starts but Lucky stops her.

Lucky: Sweetyji! For Heaven's sake!! You need to give a break for our kids. For Rocky! For Ginny! and YOU need to take a break too.

Sweety looks at Lucky confused.

Sweety: What do you mean?

Lucky: Papaji is waiting downstairs. I want you to leave with him now.

Sweety: [shocked] You are asking me to leave the house, Luckyji?

Lucky: I am asking you to take a break from this house. Stay alone, stay away from us, the Mathurs. Relax and think over. Rocky too will get time to clarify his thoughts.

Sweety: [anger] Why should I...I won't...

Lucky: [angry] Sweetyji! You want me to say GET OUT?!

Lucky sees Sweety's shocked face and calms down again. He does not want to hurt her. He sees tears welling up in her eyes.

Lucky: I will take care of the house and kids. You need not worry. I will come and take you from Papaji's house in a few days. Promise. I am not angry with you but please try to understand Sweetyji! It is for our good only...for our kids..for the goodness of our house.

Sweety: [calmly] I understand completely. You people want to enjoy...Enjoy!! I will not stop you anymore.

Sweety opens the door and goes down angrily. He too goes down. Nanu is sitting worried.

Sweety: Let's go Papaji! I don't have any right in this house. They don't understand how good my PARVARRISH is. When my family understands my value, they will come back running to me.

Sweety leaves with Nanu. Lucky hits his head hard.

Lucky: Iska kuch nahi ho saktha [FACEPALM]

The EndLOL

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suhani.cipamisa IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 June 2013 at 11:00am | IP Logged
ROFL @ the facepalm moment

LOL @ nanu's reaction


and plz plz plz finish itTongueWink

ekdum WONDERFUL reactions of Lucky!!!

Cud imagine the scenes and Sweety's avatar!!!

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Shwets1502 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 14 June 2013 at 11:02am | IP Logged

Thanks yarSmile
There has been lots of facepalm moments in the past week...if something like this happens...this facepalm moment will winLOLLOL

I am not sure...ending this track will take lot of time..and it wont remain an will become a SSLOL

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skyforceguy IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 June 2013 at 11:05am | IP Logged
although i thought it would end within a part, but still, good "first part". Really good.

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suhani.cipamisa IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 June 2013 at 11:06am | IP Logged
@shwets-- Make it OS part 2 WinkTongue

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Shwets1502 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 14 June 2013 at 11:07am | IP Logged
@Pritam bhai...Thats all..One shot need not end the story...LOL I am just giving a scene thats all...LOL I already end to this track by meLOL

You did not tell what u thought?

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Shwets1502 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 14 June 2013 at 11:08am | IP Logged

Let me see the response...and then think of OS-2...
In OS-2 it will all be about realisation and emotional and all..LOL 
I will better see that on the show itself..
this venting out..we may not get itLOL

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Freethinker112 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 June 2013 at 11:18am | IP Logged
Great, that's how it should go down. ROFL

And for Sweety : 

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