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||~ Tere Liye- Unforgettable 3 Year Bliss ~||

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Ye  Kahaani Hai...

Anuraag  Aur Tani Ki...
Uss  Ishq Ki...
Jo  Ibaadat  Ban  Gayi...
Par Khuda Ne Taqdeer Kuch   Aisi  Likhi  Thee...
Ki Anuraag   Aur   Tani  Ka  Naam...
Kabhi Na  Jur  Sakaaa...
Ye  Kahaani Hai...
Anuraag  Ki...
Jisne  Ek Naam  Chhor Kar... Sab  Bhula  Diya...
Ye Kahaani  Hai Tani  Ki...
Jisne  Poori  Zindagi...
Anuraag Ke  Intezaar Mein Guzaar Dee...

Lekin har kahani mey aik twist hota hai ... aur dou pyar karney walo ko alag karney ki kitni bhi koshish ki jaey ... unhey aik dosrey key ehsas sey alag karna na mumkin hota hai ... onu aur tani bhaley hi kai baar bichrey ... kai museebatoun sey guzrey ... magar unhien koi juda na kar saka ... kiun kai 99 kg ka wajood teekhi mishti key bina adhora tha aur hamesha adhora hi raha...

Rooh  Se Rooh  Ke Darmiyaan...Ishq Ke Hain  Hazaaro Jahaan...
Anuraag and Tani proved  themselves  to   these   very  lines...changing  the  meaning  of  love...teaching the world  that   love was  not  always about living  with each other...but living  for  each  other...
The  beauty  of  their  relationship  lay in  the  fact...that  they both always found happiness  in  each other...no matter how  much  destiny  tried  to  separate them...they defied everything...to  be there  for each  other...
Onu once told Tani..."Main Aur  Tu Hamesha  Hum Rahenge"...thereby  giving  a   new meaning  to the  word "Hum"...
People  say...falling in love...being  in love is  the most blissful period of one's life...but for Onu and Tani...they did  not   even  know wen they  fell   in love...because...the  feelings  they   had   for  each other  was  always there...even before the  times  they  could remember...
The  fact  that  Tere  Liye  was  not  an   ordinary love story...made the show all the more beautiful...a story  where all   that  Onu  remembered  was  his  "Teekhi  Mishti's"  name...a  story  where  Tani  spent her   entire  life  waiting  for her  Onu...because...They were  incomplete without   each  other

14th June taking us down the memory lane
As Tere Liye crosses another milestone today
The promos itself of the most promising show
Had hooked viewers by its superb rapport

Anurag and Taani the two unforgettable characters 
Made us fall head over heels in love, hats off to the actors
With the pure and selfless affection they shared
Mesmerizing viewers with their unconditional love and care

Standing up always for each other
Never letting misunderstandings bother
TaAnu shared the bliss of eternal happiness
Inspite of all the villainous obstacles

The Tere Liye family has always been one such
Where every character had a distinct punch
Maybe that stands as the reason why
The imprints so fresh on our hearts shall never die!

14th June turns out to be a very special day for all the millions of fans across the globe of Tere Liye not because on this very day Tere Liye entered in our lives but on this very day, an extra ordinary brilliant actor stepped on this earth, we met one of the most talented actor our Indian Industry could have ever got, Surpriya Shukhla, our Supriya mam aka Laboni ma.

Yes Tere Liye and Supriya Mam shares same birthday/ Anniversary

|~ Happy Birthday Dearest Supriya Shukla ~|

 *^Link to her B'day thread*

Write-up & Poem- Vandana & Manasi

Creations & videomix- Sugi & Vandana

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Anurag Ganguly

They say your name forebears who you are
Most people find their entire lives searching for love
Anurag was born with it
It was embedded in every fibre of his being
He just needed somebody who would share this feeling

And yet, like most people who have too much of something
He was unsure of himself
He was not your typical spoilt brat, suave and charming
He was 'Motu', awkward and unable to express what he felt
He shared an uncomfortable relationship with his strict, stodgy father
That being the one person he would never impress

Only his Taani and Laboni Maa accepted him with his flaws
And in return, he gave them his all
He started off only infatuated at first
It turned into petty jealousy when another entered his love's life
Became flaming passion when he thought that she was going away from him
And finally turned into madness when she was lost to him forever

And inspite of it all, he was only a simple human being at heart
Not given to huge declarations of love
He could be mean and hurtful and possessive
He could be funny and silly and sweet
And so painfully unsure about standing on his own feet
He could be the strict elder brother and the playful best friend
With him you knew he would be till the very end

However, all of that disappeared when he lost his love
And all that remained was emptiness where his heart used to be
He became Pagal Onu then, a separate entity

Pagal Onu didn't care for the world,
He lived in a fantasy where his Mishti was by his side
He spent his days scrawling on the walls of the asylum
Waiting for when they would finally be joined
Even though she was right in front of his eyes

But Pagal Onu had lost touch with reality
Time didn't matter, everything was the same
Even though some may have pity him for his condition
Remember, the madness was written into his name

Taani Banerjee

Taani, a young girl like any other
And yet she must have been special for Anurag to love her so much
In the age where she was not even supposed to worry about her future
She was married off to her best friend, a child at the altar

Yet, her friendship remained the same
She was willing to take the price for his crime on her head
And in her love, the crime became a proof of his passion instead

Inspite of the childishness, the blatant blasphemy of it all
Like any woman with a pure heart, once married, she considered him to be her everything
She spent her entire childhood, waiting for his return
Only to see him in another's arms, and to have her heart burn

Even then, she continued to care for him,
Even when his words were like thorns sticking into her heart
Though he ocassionally doubted her
She knew he was hers right from the start

Even when he descended into madness
She didn't leave, but continued to be by his side
Though he had sacrificed his sanity so that she could live happily
She would forever remain his bride

Ananya & Ritesh Basu

They say matches are made in heaven
But some matches are made in absolute misfortune

A foolish Daddy's girl, obsessed with dreams of finding her love
Met a normal middle-class man and saw it as a sign from above
Little did she know he was a filthy gold-digger
Who would destroy her family and her life, not even caring for their daughter

Ananya trusted Ritesh so blindly, she even tossed her godfather aside for him
And created a deep family feud, and tore Anu-Taani apart
Even though their love was strong enough to face the obstacles Ritesh sent them
It was as if being married to the man blackened Ananya's heart

She tried to feed Anurag with poison for Taani
Not knowing she was trying to kill her own brother
She never appreciated her Laboni Ma
Though she always considered herself to be Ananya's mother

Finally Ritesh ended up showing his true colors
At a time when Ananya was with child and needed him the most
She died, filled with regret and pain
But his dreams of usurping the empire were not lost

He was so filled with hatred, he tried to push Anu-Taani into the valley of death
Though they fortunately survived, they learned the hard way
He would remain evil till his last breath

Laboni & Bimlendu Banerjee

Laboni, meaning Graceful
Though she was emotional, she was full of dignity
Bimalendu, her loving husband
Unlike his best friend Shekhar, he was full of humility
Even though he had humble origins
He tried his best to provide for his family
Even though it ended in his downfall
He tried his best to save his best friend's family from their enemy
And finally died unhappily

Even though she had to see her husband dying
Scorned by his own best friend
Laboni continued to love Anurag's family like her own till the very end

For her Anurag was her Krishna
Their bond was so special, nobody could have guessed he wasn't her own son
She had known long before anybody did
That for her daughter, Anurag was The One

Even though society continued to cast its aspersions on her
She never stopped loving and forgiving
She is the ultimate example of how motherhood is ever-lasting

Jonaki & Robindo Ganguly and Maulie & Taposh Banerjee

Robbie, a confused young soul
Yet full of life, not as scarred as his elder brother
Unaware of his past, he lives to the fullest
Yet somewhere in his heart, he looks for another

Taposh, serious, the man of the house
He knows his responsibilities now that his father is gone
Yet slightly detached from family, like all youth, he seeks to change the world
And somewhere, even he desires The One

Two sisters, completely unlike each other
Now where have we heard that before
If Mauli was sweet, kind, the perfect best friend'
Jonaki was mean, selfish and spoilt rotten to the core

These four lives, unexpectedly entwined
Sometimes due to Taposh's foolishness
Sometimes due to Jonaki's scheming
While Jonaki gets the rich in-laws she'd always wanted
Robbie has to watch Mauli walk into Taposh's arms
And is left silently screaming

Finally, Robbie loses hope
And even the faith he'd had in his beloved sibling
He turns over to the dark side, and by the time he is rescued
He's too far gone for Taanu to do anything

Subodh Sengupta

Subodh, which means innocent
Indeed, he never wished Anurag and Taani any bad
Yet, Anurag always feared him
For he was filled with the confidence that Anurag never had

For Anurag, he would always be competition for Taani's hand
He was ready to get rid of him at any cost, even if it meant pushing him down a cliff
Though he had to walk with a limp, he never held anything against them for this tiff

Even when Anurag had been driven over the edge
He couldn't come between their love, he was a true friend
Ironically, it was only this competition that came to Taani's help in the end

Neelu & Shekhar Ganguly

Like any high society couple, they looked like perfection
Careful to hide the cracks inside

Shekhar, a mountain, at the peak of his success
And like any mountain, stubborn, difficult to move
Standing tall and arrogant in the background of his wealth
He had nothing to lose

Neelu, his loving wife
Who had to watch silently as her sons bore the brunt of her husband's temper
And who had no say as her son travelled seven seas across forever

For Shekhar, it was all about his pride in society
Whether it was being an obstacle in his daughter's love story
Or making sure his son didn't have a love story at all
Or whether it was resigning the one true friend he had to distrust and a great fall

For him Anurag would always be a par below what he wanted
Though he could never make Ritesh feel that small

Finally it was Shekhar's ignorance that was his undoing
He died with his family half torn apart
While he joined the friend he had treated so badly in heaven
It was left to Neelu to make a new start


Nupur, the only source of solace Anu had when he'd been away from Taani
His friend, his comfort, his guide in a new country
Just like Anu, she was from a high-standing family
Though some might say she'd been a substitute Taani. 

She wriggled like a snake into the love story
And didn't take long to turn into one herself
She wanted Anurag so badly
She failed to see that he'd been Taani's from before
And that she was the intruder
She tried her best to make their life hell

Fortunately, she did not succeed
In fact, she was never really the enemy in the situation
She was just a reminder of the bitter truth
That sometimes true love can be pushed aside for infatuation

Kuhu Basu

Though she was born from a foolish mother, and an evil father
Kuhu was one joyful character
Full of happiness and innocence, unaware of the curse
Her parents had cast on her family
She looked more like the child of TaAnu
And was as different from Ritesh as she could be
Unfortunately, even though she was the one good thing
To come out of his evil plans,
The misfortune of the Ganguly house finally lead to her death
And left the selfish villain a broken man

Joy Ganguly

Joy, that's exactly what her parents didn't have when she was born
Her father on the precipice of insanity, her mother's heart gone
Yet, she was their pyaar ka nishaani, and had a smile on her face
So eternal and so loving, its painful history could not be traced
When Onu returned back to his Taani, she was the first person he saw
And it was as if something primal and instinctual told her all she needed to know
She knew he was her Daddy, and nobody could fathom his joy
When he learnt that she was her child
She was actually the one who brought him back to reality
Who reminded him that his Mishti and their love hadn't died
For the story, she was a catalyst for their reunion
But for us,
admist the bittersweet realization our show had come to an end
She was a source of delight.

Writeup- Megz
Creations- Siddhi & Sugi
Compiling- Ashlesha

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27th August 10 - Taani comes to Anurag's room while he was getting ready and shies away seeing Anurag without shirt 

Anurag To Taani

'' Tu mujhse sharmane lagi hai ''

9th September 2010- Taani & Anurag wedding was announced in a party without Anurag's knowledge

Anurag to Taani

' I love you but I am not in love with you'

3rd November 10- Anurag is dishearten and loses confidences from himself

Taani to Anurag

'Duniya ke bade bade sach dekhe aur sune nahi, sirf mehsoos kie jaate hai'
1st February 2011- Anurag stops Taani from marrying Ritesh for him

Taani To Anurag

* '' Ek Hi Hai Anurag aur Taani ''
** " Taani hamesha Onu ki thi aur hamesha Onu ki hi rahegi "

17th January 2011- Robbie goes to meet Anurag in Jail

Anurag to Robbie

"Iss andhere main roshni hain Taani ki wajah, aaj main zinda hoo sirf Taani ki wajah se "

30th November 2010- Ananya comes to stop Anurag at station from stopping Taani to go

Anurag to Ananya

" Kyunki main Taani se pyaar karta hoo, haad se zyada pyaar karta hoo, iss duniya mein sabse zyada pyaar karta hoon "


17th January 2011- Nupur comes to Ritesh requesting him to prove Anurag innocent

Ritesh to Nupur

" Kya hain iss Anurag mein jo tum dono khoobsurat ladkiyan usk liye pagal horahi ho ".

4th February 2011- Anurag arranges surprise date for Taani

Anurag to Taani

" Main kahan chota mota Anurag "

12th November 2010- Taani thinking about Anurag and his success

Taani to her ownself

" Har aadmi ki kamiyabi k peechey kisi aurat ka haath hota hain, ONU k kamiyabi mein ye auda/jagah mujko milega "


11th November 2010- Taposh asks Anurag what can he give to Taani

Anurag to Taposh

" Jab mere paas paisa hoga na dada, apni baba k liye bhi bara ghar banaunga Taani k liye "

Anurag to Nupur

" Galti hogayi mujhse, galti hogayi, galti.. kyuki main pyar ke mainey nahi samjhta tha.. abb samajhgaya hoo, pyaar ka matlab ek doosrey ki akhon mein akhey daalker dekhna nahi hota, pyaar ka matlab hai ek disha mein dekhna.. pyaar ka matlab dou kaaptey hue haath ek doosrey ke haato mein woh nahi hota, pyaar ka matlab hota hain ek kaaptey hue haath ko doosra insaan sahara dey, sambhaley ussey.. pyaar ka matlab ek doosrey ko apnana nahi hota , pyaar ka matlab hota hai ek doosrey ki galtiyo ko apnana.."


1st November 2010- Shekhar comes to Laboni's house

Anurag to Shekhar

** "Baba jab apne mujhko ghar se nikala tha, i hated u. bohot gussa aya tha, bohot bura lagatha mujhe.. lekin abb lagta hai k apney jo kiya sahi kiya ..ek tarikey se ahsan kiya mujhpe, kyuki baba jab inasaan akela hota hain usko tabhi pataa chalta hain k woh kitna strong hota hain.. Main akela nahi hoo Baba, mere saath meri strentgh, meri taakat Taani hain.. Aagaar zindagi ki kisi bhi mod pe main gira, mujhe pata hai ki koi ho na ho, lekin Taani mere pichey humesha rahegi "...

25th October 2010- Anurag says Sorry to Taani

Taani to Anurag


" Maaf kardiya, aur promis kar k aaj k baad aise koi harkaat nahi karega, aur humesha mera pehle wala Anurag bankar rahega.. aur main vazaan baraney ki baat nahi karrahi hoo, tere behaviour ki baat karrahi hoo.. Promise ? "

7th March 2011- Taani talks about Onu and herself to Warden Aunty

Taani to Warden aunty

" woh haasi aaj bhi meri kaano mein gunjti hain, woh haasi mein kitni umeedey, kitni masoomiyat thi.. Umeedey iss baat k abb humarey zindagi mein kuch galat nahi hoga.. par woh haasi humari zindagi k akhri haasi sabit huyi.. kehtey hain k jab diya bujhnewala hota hai toh tab uski lou aur bari hojati hain , humari saath bhi yehi hua. "

23rd November 2010- Ananya tries to poison Anurag's mind against Taani

Ananya to Anurag

" ek baat bataa ONU, ek khoobsurat ladki kyu ek motey se pyaar karegi "

11th September 2010- Neelu talks to Anurag about Taani

Anurag to Neelu

" Maa agar mere tootney se Taani k aasu kaam hojatey hain tou main tootney k liye taiyyar hoo... agar mere barbad honese laboni maa ko khushi milti hain tou main taiyyar hoo maa.. Taani se pyar karta hoo maa, aur uskey pyaar mein main mitt sakta hoo "


13th September 2010- Anurag comes to Laboni's house

Anurag to Laboni maa

" Aap Taani liye ladka dhoondna chahti hain na maa, main dhoondoonga usk liye ladka.. Jiska ghar mere ghar se bara hoga, jiski karobar, jisk hesiyat mere se bara hoga maa.. lekin woh ladka aisa bhi hoga jo Taani ko bohot pyaar karega, uski ankho mein kabhi aasu nahi anedega , uski haar sapney ko, haar khushiyon ko pura karega. "


10th December 2010- Taani and Anurag meet at waterfall

Anurag to Taani

" Taani mujhe nahi pata, mujhe nahi pata k zindagi humko konsi mod pe le jayegi.. Hum saath hongey ya nahi.. Main zindagi bhar saath rehna chahta hoon par zindagi ka koi bharosa nahi .. lekin main tujhse waada karta hoo, zindagi mein jab bhi tujhe meri zarurat hogi, main tere paas hounga.. tere saath hounga, humesha .. "

11th October 2010- Taani talks to Anurag

Taani to Anurag
"Bachpan se aaj tak joh bhi kiya hai, woh sirf tere liye"

"Tune jo kiya woh mere liye kiya aur maine jo kiya vo tere liye."

9th November 2010- Anurag sells his watch to get Taani's chain

 Anurag to himself

"Mere liye Taani ki muskurahat se badh kar kuch nahin hai"

24th Septmeber 2010- Taani gets upset with Onu for trying to find groom for her

 Taani to Anurag


" Kitni baar , kitni baar main tumhe ek hi chiz samjhati rahungi Anurag ?.. Mr. Anurag Ganguly, akhri baar tumhare samne haat jorti hoo, mujhe meri zindagi jeeney dou, uska khilwar maat banao.. ek taraf meri maa hain jo apna challenge lekey bethi hain, doosri taraf tum ho, tumhari dosti hain, uski zidd hain aur tumhari guilt.. tum sabb yehi chahtey ho na, k meri shaadi hojaye, kyuki meri shaadi k peechey, tum saabka apna apna swarth hain, apna apna guilt hain.. kyu tum mujhe jeeney nahi detey, kyu mazak banakar rakha hua hain, hazaar baar samjha chuki hoo aur aaj akhri baar bolrahi hoo Anurag maat karo aisa, mere saath jo horaha hain na honey do.. aapni zindagi ka faisla main khud lesakti hoo, tumhe uspe parney ki koi zarurat nahi, tum apni zindagi pe dhyan dou.. one and all apni dimag mein ye bethalo k mujhe shaadi nahi karni hain.. who kitna bhi acha ladka ho.. par woh who ladka.. Anurag who who ladka nahi hain jiskey saath main shaadi karma chahti hoo.. aur ek aur baat, agar tu mjhkko dard mein nahi dekhsakta hain, meri takleev tujhse bardasht nahi hoti hain na tou chala jaa yahase, door chala ja.. "


 24th November 2010- Anurag blasts Taani for hiding Nupur's truth of going away and because of her closeness to Subodh

Anurag to Taani


Taani main tujhse kuch poochna chahta hoo, main chahta hoo k tu uska sach sach jawaab de.. tu job hi jawab degi who mera sach hoga, main uspar palat kar koi bhi sawal nahi karunga.. kyuki aaj bhi main tujhpar vishwas karta hoo, pooja karta hoo teri.. mujhe poora yakeen hain, tu mujhse kabhi kuch nahi chupayegi, kabhi jhoot nahi bolegi mujhse.. Jab nupur mujhe chor kar gayi thi, tou kya tujhe paata tha k who mujhe chorkaar jaaney wali hain ?. Taani main tujhse kuch poochraha hoo, kya tujhe paata tha k who mujhe chor kaar janeywali hai ?  matlab tujhe paata tha, aur tune mujhe nahi bataya ??. Taani itni bari baat tune mujhse chupakar rakhi ?.. kyu Taani ??.. kyu kiya tune aisa ??.. main tujhpe aapney aap se zyada vishwas karta hoo, tunmey mera vishwas nahi , tuney mujhe tordiya..  jab nupur mujhe chorkar gayi thi tab bhi itni takleev nahi huyi jitni aaj, aaj horahi hain.. kyu kiya tuney mere saath aisa, kyu kiya ??... main janta hoo tuney ye saab kiya aapney khud k liye.. Taani agar pyaar k liye kiya hota na tou main tujhe maaf kardeta, lekin tuney ye pyaar k liye nahi kiya, tuney shekar ganguly ki betey anurag ganguly ko paaney k liye kiya ye saab.. main tujhe kabhi maaf nahi karunga.. jab nupur mujhe chorkaar gayi, tab mujhe laaga tha k tuney mera saath diya, saath nahi diya tha tuney mera, who tera swarth tha, tu chahti thi ki who chali jaye, tu chahti thi ki who jaye aur tu meri zindagi mein wapas aye, tu chahti, I hate, I hate doing this, lekin yehi sach hain..tuney sirf mera isthamal kiya tuney mera saath tabtak diya jabtak mere paas paisa tha,  mera haath tabtak pakarkar rakha jabtak tere paas umeed thi k main paise kaama paunga, aur jab who umeed margayi, u moved on, tu mujhe chorkar who subod k paas chali gayi..  jab dekho, jidhar dekho, subot taani subodh taani, jaha dekho subodh taani subodh taani, tumlog haar jagah saath saath hotey hou, mujhse jhoot bol bol kart u ussey milti hain.. Mujhe kyu takleev horahi hain ??.. I m sorry, I m sorry, my bad.. main tujhse aise kaise baat kar sakta hoo, ye tera personal mamla hoga na ??..i m sorry.. KOn hoot era, dost??.. jab nupur mujhe chorkar gayi thi, tab tune mera saath diya tha, kon hoo main tera dost ?.. aaj subodh k baarey mein tujhse pooch nahi sakta kon hoo main tera, dost ??.. jab nupur mujhe chorkar jarahi hi, tujhe pata, tha, tuney mujhe batay nahi aur ussey janey diya, kon hoo main tera ??.. Dost ??.. uss waqt jab mere paas paisa tha, tab mujhey dost se zyada banana chahti thi, aur jab aaj mere paas paisa nahi hain tou, kon hoo main tera dost ??..jab mere paas paisa tha, tab tuney nupur ko mujuhse doour kardiya, aur aaj jab mere paas paisa nahi hain, tu mujhe chorkar subodh k paas jarahi hain, kyu, kon hoo main tera..??.. Dosttt ??.. kya rishta hain humara, kon hoo main tera, dostt ??.. kyu tujhse itni lagaav hain ??..kon hoo mai teraa ??.. jab nupur mujhe chorkar gayi thi, mujhe aisa laga ki mere sharer ka ek hissa tootgaya.. lekin aaj , aaj mujhe laagta hain k meri aatma, mujhe chorkar chali gayi hain.. Nupur ne mujhe zakhmi kiya tha, tune mujhe maardala, maardala.. jaa taani jaa, jeeley apni zindagi, apni khushiya subodh k saath.. main dua karunga, k zindagi mein, kabhi koi takleev kabhi koi pareshaani na, aye.. meri, haar saans, haar aas, haar jaasbaat, aaj bhi sirf tere liye.. jaa taani jaa, main chorta hoo tujhe, aur terey saath, apni duniya chorta hoo. "

6th December 2010- Anurag proposes Taani

Anurag to Taani


" Socha tha, jab tujhse ye baat kahunga, haato mein phool hongey, romantic jagah hogi aur humdono akeley hongey' sahi maukey ka intezar karraha tha lekin, sahi mauka kabhi aya hi nahi..pehli baar tujhe bolna chata tha tout ere akhon mein aasu the, doosri baar bhir bhara station tha aur aaj jab finally ye baat bola tou iss sunsaan si sadak pe, apney sabse badey dushmaan k samney.. aaj samajhmei aya taani, sahi mauka nahi hota hain, baat sahi hota hain, aur baat sahi hota hain tou, mauka aapney aap sahi hojata hain..

Kehtey hain sabse paak jaasbaato ko hoton pe anekey liye bohot waqt lagta hain, aur ekbaar jab who hoton pe ajaatey hain tou unsey bara saach aur kuch nahi hota..mujhe bhi bohot waqt laggaya taani, pehle ehsaas, honemey, aur phir uss ehsaas ko pehchanney mein.. aur sabse zyada waqt tujhe ye baat baataney mein.. yehi mera saach hain taani..meri haqeeqat yehi hai taani, main tujhse pyaar karta hoo.. maine phir se wahi kaardiya na, tujhe sabse bari khushi deni chahi, aur phirse teri ankhon mein aasu dediye hain "'


 4th November 10- Shekhar accuses Laboni and Taani

Anurag to Shekhar

" Baba aap shayad bhulrahey hain k ye aapke baudi hain.. lekin ye maat bhuliye k ye meri laboni maa hain.. aap iss ghar mei akey mujhe jo chahiye bollijiye, lekin laboni maa aur taani k khilaaf ek lavz bhi nahi bolenegy aap.. aap nupur ki baat karrahey hain ??.. nupur se maine jee jaan se pyaar kiya, aapney aap se zyada apni zindagui se zyada ussey pyar kiya.. lekin nupur ne mujhse kabhi pyar kiy hi nahi.. maine apney aap ko badaldiya uskey liye.. sabkuch chorne k liye taiyyar thga uskey liye, apna ghar, apna p[arivaar sabkuch chorkey america jaaney ko taiyyar tha, lekin woh mere lkiye kuch bhi chorneko taiyaar nahi thi.. mujhe chorkar jaaney se pehle ekbaar sochatak nahi usney.. aap nupur ki baat karrahey hain ?.. nupur agar chahey bhi tou bhi kabhi taani jaisi nahi bansakti.. baba taani ne mujhe tab support kiya jab mere paas kuch nahi tha, tab mera saath diya jab nupur mujhe chorkar chaligayi thi.. baba maine taani se kabhi pyar nahi kiya aur usney mere ilava kabhi kis aur se pyar nahi kiya.. taani ko har mod pe maine sirf dukh aur takleev diye hain, aur usney har mod pe mujhe sambhala hain.. aapney mujhe ghar se nikal k bahar phekdiya, mujhpe vishwas nahi kiya, taani ne mujhpe mujhse zyada vishwas kiya hain baba.. aur aap nupur ki baat karrahey hain.. areey nupur kuch nahi hai taani k saamney, nupur mera pyar thi, taani meri vishwas hain, meri yakeen hain, meri saachi, meri apni, mera sahara hain.. aur baba yakeen, viashwas aur saharey k saamney pyaar kuch bhi nahi hota.."

Dialogue Collection- Sundas

Creations- Sugi & Siddhi

Compiling, Editing & help- Ashlesha & Kalindi

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Loosing my life in this place we call the world, so you are mine in another.


" Is duniya mein jaan gavaa, tujhe us duinya mein haasil kar loon. "  < 3


A beginning of a love story that starts with two people being in each other's world. Two people who are intertwined to the extent that what was his, was hers '  and what was hers was his. Where, at first glance you don't realize where she was, is actually not the place she should call home. But it feels more like home to her then her home itself.  The initial promo's of the show showed people  who know Anu and Taani giving an example of how deep their love is, how their love is altogether, from a different world

^^ This picture pretty much sums up their relationship.  That it is a relationship  of devotion < 3


 Tanni looking at a distance , the dreams she had as a young girl about the BIGGEST day of her life. Seeing her 99kgs Anuraag Gangully.  He, in spite of everything still  tied to his Mishti emotionally.  The young teenager who  adored his best friend, was all grown up now, but he still adored her. 

"  Love is friendship set on fire "  - Anuraag and Taani < 3

Bound  by friendship...strong  in love...aptly describes the bond Onu-Tani  shared as  friends...a   friendship   which  was  beyond boundaries...beyond   times...a bond     which could   not be broken  ...nor  could be weakened...no matter  what    stood    in  their  way!

Creations- Sugi
Write up- Chandni and Vandy

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Success is not in staying forever
Success is in leaving an ever lasting impact
No matter how long it lasts

Tere Liye might have lasted only 10 months, owing to a rift between channel and production house but it still managed to grab 5 awards … proving its success and popularity. Tere Liye was a blend of attractive storyline, refreshing screen play, beautiful title track and some powerful acting, so no surprises the awards it got reflect that as well

Best title track

Jism paak ankhoun mey bhar loun … saans saans mey shamil kar loun … iss duniya mey jaan gawan tujhe uss duniya mey hasil kar loun 

Tere Liye's title track was indeed one of the best title tracks of any Indian television shows ever, beautiful lyrics coupled with soulful voices of Kelash Kher and Himani Kapoor made it a melody that made people go crazy. Best title track at the Telly Awards was indeed well deserved, it is a song that will remain etched in memories, giving goose bumps to its listeners forever, for its lyrics define the eternal love that only a few are able to get

Favorite Maa

Laboni maa … a name that instantly brings a smile on your face. She was Tani's mother and both shared a beautiful relationship but it was actually the connect between her and Onu that melted many a hearts, made you smile and giggle often, filled you with warmth. It was a bond that was deep, lovely and delightful. Played by Supriya Shukla, Laboni Maa was indeed one of the best MOM characters ever sketched on Indian television, if not the best! So when she picked up Favorite Maa award at Star Parivaar 2011, it was indeed a deserving one! 

Best Debutant Female

If I say in the very first episode of the show at the asylum Anupriya Kapoor as Tani had proved her worth, it won't be an understatement. That emotional scene with Onu in asylum, her dialogue delivery, reaction to seeing Onu in that condition, talking about their love and bond, telling their childhood story … it was all so perfect. Though we had seen her in promos and already liked her, it was this episode that actually removed any doubts one had that if she was the right choice to play the character. Anupriya played all shades of Tani's character beautifully and no one else deserved that Best debutant female award more than her that year!

Gr8 Face of the year

In 2010 Harshad Chopda was no longer an unfamiliar name for TV industry, he already had a huge hit Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil in his kitty, where his character Prem Juneja had won many a hearts and the Jodi of Premeer had left an ever lasting impact. When Tere Liye started doubts were cast by many that with Prem still fresh in memories, will Harshad be able to get acceptance in his new character as Anurag or would Prem prove to be excess baggage for his new show. The doubts were removed from the moment promos went on air … it was clear if Prem was magic … Anurag is going to be splendor. Anurag was a character Ekta had written for Harshad and how could one expect anything less than sheer brilliance from an actor, as hard working and dedicated as him. Tere Liye promos were all over the place, the posters, the hoardings … Anurag, running around with Tani, getting a tram ride, holding her dupatta, blowing on her face with all the love any pair of eyes could hold, falling of the cliff to a mad man shouting Tani … those images were enough to make people go crazy … it was the fan fare created around those promotions that won him Gr8 Face of the year award in 2010 … he was indeed the face that stood above the rest as Anurag Ganguly. 

Best Actor Award

"The actor should not play a part. Like the Aeolian harps that used to be hung in the trees to be played only by the breeze, the actor should be an instrument played upon by the character he depicts." Nazimova Alla
There are innumerable actors in the industry but very few who live their characters the way Harshad does, so much so that you can't tell you are watching an actor perform … you only see the character and relate to him as if its' for real. Putting life to a character and taking the viewers to a journey with it is something Harshad excels at. Many of us thought he deserved a best actor award for Prem too … but it finally came for his brilliant portrayal of Anurag Ganguly, a character he put lifein to. What was even more brilliant was how he made you instantly connect to younger Anurag played by Darvesh, so brilliant was HC as Anurag that you could hardly feel if they were too different people. We Tere Liye fans are proud that Harshad managed to grab best actor award for Anurag … because sure as hell no one deserved it more than him! He is an actor par excellence, who puts so much to his characters that you can't help but fall in love with them.


Tere Liye FB Page

These are not the only awards or achievements TL had in its kitty … it also got tremendous love and appreciation from viewers … back in 2010-11 Tere Liye had the biggest fan page on Face Book any Indian show ever had … such was the buzz and appreciation that when channel and Production House rift resulted in the ending of the show Star Plus actually made FaceBook delete the page by claiming copy rights … something the channel has never done for any other fan page of its' shows. 

The page long over, the show long ended … but the memories will last a life time! 
Tere Liye was beautiful show that is etched in the minds and hearts, to be cherished forever. 99kg and Tikhi Mishti's relationship will be long remembered so would be the performances of a brilliantly assembled cast.

Creations- Sugi

Writeup- Nadia

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"It's easy to get good players. Getting them to play together, that's the hard part." - Casey Stengel

So true stands the above quote regarding the most awesome and well-bonded team we might have come across in the history of Indian Television - the wonderful Tere Liye cast!

It might not have been the first time of getting good actors together in one show ... but these good actors can play their parts to perfection only if the environment they are working with is healthy, and the colleagues are joyful ... Gelling together as a team to work together is the real task ... And this is exactly what the cast of Tere Liye always excelled at!

The offscreen segments of the actors along the span of so many months is a full-proof evidence to the fact that they shared an amazing bond among themselves ... They have always been so positive about each other, not only during the segments but also when shows like SBS/SBB would take clippings of their offscreen masti ... They seem to have enjoyed every scene of the show and working together with each other ...

Harshad Chopda, aka Anurag, had once stated in one of their segments that the actors would actually look forward to meeting each other every day! Can there be anything more special a bonding than that! Anupriya Kapoor, aka Taani, had stated that the Tere Liye cast and crew is one close-knit family ... Supriya Shukla, aka Laboni Ma, considered Harshad and Anupriya no less than her own children LOL... It is indeed very rare to find such sweetness in a workplace that is so hectic to sustain at ...

Even after the show has ended, the actors still have their own lil get-togethers and catching up sessions ... Anupriya, along with the director of the show Muzammil Desai, had come over on the sets of TL to celebrate Harshad's birthday ... Also Harshad and Anupriya had met up for a special segment on friendship day that cherished their bond of friendship ... And the various tricks they do together and their conversations with each other reflect their fun-loving and caring nature! The team had also met up on Anupriya's birthday, to celebrate her special day and lift up her moral support ... The cast still meets up, for instance, Anupriya had visited Neha Saxena, aka Mauli's birthday party recently ... The special bond was clearly evident during the Tere Liye team's visit to Macau during the Star Parivar Awards'11 ... The segments, their snaps together, their conduct during the rehearsals as well as during the award function, setting the stage on fire with their joint performances everything indicated how crazy the team goes when they are together!

We, as the fans of this eternal show, are indeed blessed to have witnessed such a pure and lovely bonding between the team that made them fall in love with the characters and the show itself ... Congratulations to the entire team for their hardwork and efforts definately paid off since the imprints of TL - onscreen as well as offscreen - are still memorable in our hearts! We wish them all the best in their life and career and hope to keep seeing them together every now and then ... It's truly one pleasure to see the crazy and fun-loving Tere Liye family together! Day Dreaming 

God bless the cast and crew of Tere Liye

"It ain't over till its over ..."

How perfectly does this quote define the spirit of this place ... this wonderful Forum that stayed together throughout all those ups and downs!

On india-forums, with the journey of a show begins the journey of the Forum of that show; and also of its fans Tongue ... And needless to mention the beginning of this place LOL ... It started with so much of opposition, and negative remarks that it might have aimed at hampering even the creators of the show ROFL None of the TLians can forget the tough fight they had to give to the ones who underestimated the power in the cast and the characters of TL ... 

The journey of TL was itself a roller-coaster ride ... with our Pagal Onu staying missing for long long times ... and we singin "kabse khade tere liye" Disapprove ... with our mahan Taani's sacrificial syndrome striking up out of nowhere Ouch ... with our cute motu Onu always making us go awww over him and his acts Day Dreaming ... and our bubbly Taani always making us love her for her selfless love Embarrassed ... with our "Onu Taani k pati hai" chants becoming the hot n happenin talk of the town Day Dreaming ... with our prankster Robi suddenly turning negative and harassing my TaAnu Ermm ... with Shekhar aka Bhopu changing minds and shades every now and then Wacko ... with Jonaki's introduction, worse being her antics Dead ... with twists and turns in the marital life of Taposh-Mauli ... with Ananya's blindness to her pati parmeshwar Sleepy ... and ofcourse the agitation we faced due to Nupur and Ritesh D'oh ...

So much and much more ... Wasn't your journey of Tere Liye as spicy as might have been the journey of this show?WinkLOLAnd who can ever forget the fights we held together, the petitions, the spamming ... in favour of the show and against the PH and the channel ...

Guess what defines the spirit of this Forum ... The UNITY! Yes the unity and integrity is what defines our TL Forum!StarGoing through so much would have catalysed the collapse  of the foundation of any team that even stands strong as fans supporting their fav show and its actors ... But TL fanbase is one such team that never faultered, never stumbled, and even if they did trip they stood back straight up to stay with the show ... a show that kept facing injustice at every milestone from all around ... It actually takes real dedication to keep up with such fanatism!Clap

The Forum has always been filled with hot n happening discussions ... At any time of the day there would always be some or the other activity going on in this place ... Every smallest of milestone in the journey of TL has been celebrated and cherished with sheer enthusiasm by all the members of the Forum ... The Episode Discussion Thread of TL was one such place that you would always want to be part of and never get bored ... Simply post thoughts and opinion in this thread at any time and you shall always be not only welcomed warmly but also replied with courtesy ... This place has always been jumping with new topics coming up every now and then, and ofcourse new doubts too LOL ... The "reverse psychology" prevalent on the TL Forum might have been working great for even the CVs of the show LOL

From the desperate countdown for TaAnu to grow up inspite of loving the younger ones to awaiting the TaAnu confession ... from the TaAnu marriage mission to bus reservations to Pagal Onu's mental asylum ... we have lived through these lil lil bittersweet moments with all the possible masti and fun Party ... The Forum and its members must surely be famous for the wit and humour with which they had handled the losers who would often lose their way into this attractive place ROFL

Looking back at all that today, on the auspicious occasion of this show's third anniversary, although its an unofficial one unfortunately, just doesn't bring in sad memories eventhough the times were tough ... Know why? Because infact those times proved how united this Forum truly stands!Thumbs Up It gives a sense of pride to be a part of such a place and such a fangroup!Cool We bonded so well here in such a short time span, and we are still here together ...

Although the journey of TL ended two years back, our journey shall never end ... of memories ... of our togetherness ...Party

Creations- Sugi

Write up- Manasi

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Maan Singh TaAnuholic

Tere liye - My life's most imp. 2 words.It chaged me completly.Taugt me to respect relations nd friendship.14 june,is my Reborn day.
Peoples who dose'nt belive in god,I can tell them i saw my gods on earth...My harshiya..i worshiped them,only coz of them i am...

Zoha Khan

It was 14th june 2010 when Tereliye started.i was a bit apprehensive to watch the show as it was made by Ekta kapoor who is famous for breaking up her jodis and i didnt want to fell in love with a jodi made by ekta only to be broken up later.It was tereliye promos and title song which attracted me towards the show..Promos were brilliant showing Taani's love for Onu In the first episode itself when Taani reached Asylum to meet Onu she introduced herself as his wife.I was happy to know that they both were already married.Another thing which attracted me was Pagal Onu and the mystery of how he became pagal.Later when juniour TaAnu were introduced my first reaction to their introduction was Perfect.I thought that they were perfect in playing junior TaAnu.Laboni Onu and Neelu Tani relationships were shown beautifully.noone could had guessed that Tanni was laboni's daughter and Onu was neelu's son .The Serial itself was beautiful and amazing with a perfect cast.When junior TaAnu were leaving and Harshiya were entering in the show after the leap i was a bit emotional as i got attached to the junior TaAnu but finally Harshiya entered and stole my heart with their sizzling chemistry.

Proma Roy

Harshiya is one of those couples which has a special place in my heart and will always remain in my heart
Even though Onu getting Pagal reason was illogical but still i love my Pagal Onu and the fact that Taani didnt got remarried after everyone thought Onu died in an accident makes me happy that yes she was there for him
Love you and miss you Tere LiyeCry


it's 14th june today.. exactly 3 yrs before TL entered into my life.. 
tere liye.. i don't know actually what to say about it.. it's indeed one of d bestest things happened to me.i really don't like daily soaps.. but things are different with TL..i still remember that first ever amazing promo of TL n that one promo was enough to make me fall for not only d show but that amazing magical couple-Taanu..TL has given me so many gud things to cherish n adore.it was a beutiful journey of frndship,love..hat's off to harshad n anupriya who made taanu so real n special 4 me..hats off to all other cast members who made me feel connected to the show..never ever saw such an amazing cast n crew.. i know it's almost impossible but i'm still hoping to get my taanu back, to get my TL back..to get my harshiya back..a huge thanx to TL for those wonderful 9-months memories which can make me smile..thanx to TL and harshiya for giving me such adorable friends here..HAPPY TL ANNIVERSARY TO EACH AND EVERY TLian...

Patz TaAnu

Tere liye was one such show, well for me thee only show that i love above all others. It started 4m childhood friendship, best frnds waale fights, possessiveness for ur friend, then love of ganguly and banerjee, neelu ma and laboni ma. We fans laughed, cried, fumed, hated Ritesh :@, banged our heads on MUs, shook our head while they were being silly, and most importanly enjoyed and discussed in depth abt TaAnu besharam scenes TL resulted in a huge cyber family of TLians; & TaAnu gave birth to PTB and HarshIya HC-Apk do paagal besties even after a solid 2 years MA yeh dono hamesha aise hee rahe. Most of us have all the epis, promos, HarshIya seggys which we keep decoding

*hugs my TL cast and TLians*

Urooj Arif Khan

First of all, I would like to wish you a fabulous ANNIVERSARY Tere Liye Mera Pagal Onu birthday. May this ANNIVERSARY COUPLE birthday bring you more joy, luck and success. You are a beautiful person within and from the outside. I am very proud to be your fan. I appreciate your honest and confident personality. May you be blessed in your personal and professional lives. I am a very big fan tere liye all family of yours from Pakistan!!! your show from TERE LIYE days. ONU TAANI/TAANU/HARSHIYA still remain one of all my favourite jodi couple thankyou so much for showing All the best to you TERE LIYE ANNIVERSARY COUPLE for your future endeavours and may all the success and happiness of the universe be yours my hero prince onu pagal! Harshad Chopda in all great interview or show maybe good job together May all ur wishes come true 
I love you tere liye forever and always my
A house is built by hands..
But a home is built by hearts!
u can live without something..
if u have someone to live for!
Best wishes to you both on ur anniversary, May the love that you share Last your lifetime through, As you make a wonderful pair. 
Hoping that the love we shared years ago
Is still as strong today as it was
then Bringing us much joy, love
and happiness to celebrate again
be Blessed with love,
joy And companionship
For all the years of your lives!
All my love for you TERE LIYE HARSHAD CHOPDA-ANUPRIYA KAPOOR All Scene Romantic beautiful couple chemistry jodi !
How true my feelings were
I found out to be The best thing
in my life Was when you anniversary me
Thank you my loving TERE LIYE loving anniversary Couple
For the years we share I know one
thing for sure We make a wonderful pair
HARSHAD CHOPDA i love you so much my hero prince lots and Hugs teddy bear and kisses 
Your biggest fan Harshad Chopda
All the well wishers who are tere liye joining to celebrate. 
All the fans who helped to decorate this page.


" Tere Liye is very close to my heart...The show has given me HC...i started watching the show just for HC...but the show with all its characters and actors...have left a deep impact...Onu- Taani still remains my most fav pair of television...Anu as Taani was brilliant...HC immortalised onu in my heart...may TL memories live for ever...missing the entire team...waiting to c them back together...the title track is best that ever graced Indian tv...Thanks to all behind this master piece ...TERELIYE FOREVER"

Saba ( premeeristry)

Tere Liye for me starts from the echoing voice from promo
"jism paak ankhon mei bhar loon..." 
and i towards TV

"sans sans mei shamil karlun...iss duniyaa mei jaan gawaaa tujhee eee"

feeling all seeing a falling HC from cliff...

"Us duniyaa mei haaasilll karluunnn"

One Promo projected many phases of the story..the story for which i and evry1 was excieted..excieted to know wad happens with Anuraag..then came second promo were they high lighted through wad consequences Anuraag wud be going later which even more increased the anxiety level to get to the reason of his painful condition...of all this i knew one thing that its gonna be a beautiful love story which it was obviously ignoring the mess up @end.

Tere Liye was a superb journey from chilhood friends turning to lovers 1 day before their seperation...then coming to know about Anuraag's love interest...which was Nupur n not Taani.this track did made me have rifts with Anuraag n have a soft side towards a heartbroken taani...but time n he himself made it up to her it was beautiful time span from nov - dec's first week...

The story did every time gave the probability of reasons he became mad...once such probability was when taani decides to get marry to ritesh...actually ye second time tha i thought he wud get mad on note k taani helped him to become successful n left at the same time...

This track was so superbly done by HC ...his reaction towards "her wantedly getting into the dreadful relation" was just mindblowing ..even APK was none the less.. her grief of Anuraag going to jail n entire decision taking process of marrying ritesh was amazingly done .

Then came the most entertaining track of their marriage
oh my!! that was something most awaited which disappointed some pankhas as they postponed their SR

Then robbie's surrender track it was really somthng which i din't wanna happen to see...n then kuhoo's death track even this was not suppose to happen. i thought these things wud become the reason of his madness...but it din't ...so it din't made sense

Then suddenly time flew sooo fast..,din't realize we were nearing end ...however the less i talk abt it ..is more better coz obviously it din't reach my expectations...
the reason is of course him becoming mad...even if he was not they wud have turn in more better way.

Wadever it was but it did ended on happy note that's wad all mattered even thought i wanted their kid to be just lik how Anuraag was in childhood ..but even that din't happen.

The only thing which made hooked to tere liye was how Anuraag became mad? may it din't answer this but in turn it gave a beautiful love story which included the hardwork of evry character involved splly HC n APK.

so i end this on a note k it was a beautiful story of a dedicated lovers which have made its special place in my favourites.


Happy Anniversary to my beloved show TERE LIYE..Even though the show is end but still alive through his fans...Tere liye have always close to my heart not only becoz harshiya but the whole cast...show was started on 14 june ..1st promo itself make everyone crazy ,the title track ,pagal ONu and wait of tanni make me so cursion ...This show was unique and magical One of best show on indian television...I miss tere liye so much . It will be etched in my memories forever...Thankyou tere liye for all the memories


Tere Liye has always been,,this..yardstick...benchmark for me when it comes to Friendship!! its a LEGENDARY friendship story...a..a saga...yes it was a love story...but it NEATLY and uncontroversially for the first time in a long time in history of Indian Television Delineates Friendship and LOVE...
To me Friendship is everything...and TaAnu are THE BEST PORTRAYAL of friends ever to me..
the undying loyalty of Taani...to Onu...the unsaid sacrifices Onu made for taani...its ...too good for words to explain..
it has a major significance in my life..in that IT TAUGHT me,..how to be more GIVING in friendship...and that Sacrifice is the only way to attain ZENITH of friendship..
If i EVER can be a Taani to Harshad Chopda (in STRICTLY BEST FRIEND way lol) ...my life will be meaningful..
Harshad Chopda...is an enigma..a mystery...a sublime experience..rare human..humble heart PURE soul..his eyes speaks thousands..even when he is silent..he lets his body language speak..be it angry Onu or pagal Onu..
and Anupriya is one of the most well behaved non-controversial..and dignified leading ladies of a show business...i love her simple..non starry..sweet fan obliging...and dignified nature..no hassles..no tags of being a star..and thsi quality was mirrored in Taani too..
May good bless them both...
Happy 3rd Anniversary to all fellow TLians HCians Harshiyans..Apk's angels..TaAnu fans..


i watched the show only after it got over!
in fact one got introduced to harshad i wanted to watch all his previous shows and thanks to my friend who had introduced me to harshu!
through her i got to hear about the story of TL
and then i catched it up in youtube!!
from its title song to the characters whenever i think of it i feel so happy!!!
and TL has made me eat kulfi onu style!

Sheema Sara

Creations- Sugi
Message Collection- Sundas
Compiling- Ashlesha

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Two years! 2 damn years passed since our beloved Tere Liye went off air..Alas! You all must be cursing me for starting this note from such a tragic point but just have a look at our 2 years journey, our relation with Tere Liye and everything about it...Undoubtedly u would say that whatever happened because of a childish fight between the Production House and Channel was really unfair n un-fateful but the relation we share with that masterpiece of art named TERE LIYE in spite of that void remaining within us is simply beautiful. This is what you call the beauty of sorrow and if I quote Harshad-the man who made fictional Anurag a part of our lives then even he said that "That abrupt end of Tere Liye made it even bigger" and in addition to this Dear Harshad n all TLians out their it made our bond with the amazing show and its superb cast much stronger..

Tere Liye-well Tere Liye portrays or should I say defines how beautiful pain can be when displayed in an art form...The poetry of pain and sorrow has a class of its own! Just imagine Tere Liye's story after we remove Paagal Onuand you will get my point. Some where it was the pain that always connected TaAnu...Off course their friendship started when both of them were too young to understand the harsh realities of life but if you see minutely then you will get that it was Onu's heartbreak in Minu Ma'ams marriage that made Taani feel for him...It was their brutal separation that made their bond so strong that Onu returned after 8 long years just for Taani's shop n Taani waited for him like a pillar!!!! It was Taani's sufferings at jail and the allegations on her character in childhood that made Onu take a stand against his dad's wrong ways it was Onu's series heart breaks by Nupur, failure at work n Taani Subodh relation that made him realize the biggest reality of his life i.e. his love for Taani!!!

And in her Macau interview Anupriya said that TaAnu relation is like "ibaadat"! So true... " ibaadat" is the pure offering of love without even a single ounce of self centered thoughts or anything else...We can see it in TaAnu's relation...It was Taani's ibaadat for her Onu that made her sit in ashirwaad ceremony just to save his reputation in spite of knowing that this is a dream which would never cum true...Whatever she did to bring his confidence back or bring HIS love back was neither a friendly concern nor a wife's duty...It was only and only her unconditional love for him...And how can we forget the way Onu left his house and his friend's house just because Taani was insulted in those places...

They say "A thing of beauty is a joy forever" and in this world there is nothing more beautiful than true love n when this divine emotion is portrayed by awesome twosome HarshIya then it becomes something out of this world..."Whatever you do with your heart and soul will reach people's heart"!! HarshIya proved it...No matter how many hurdles came in their way but TaAnu made a permanent place in our heart...And what better proof than this that each and every memory of TL is still fresh in every TLian's heart even after 2 years of its closure!!!!!

Even after two long yrs what does comes to ur mind when someone says kulfi o??? Our TaAnu kulfi dates!!! A Mishti is just not a Mishti for us after Tere Liye...Whenever we see rains we can feel the tiny droplets of water caressing TaAnu...Whenever we see any mother-son duo on screen our eyes search for Onu and Laboni maa...Whenever we encounter mother-in law and her daughter-in-law's strained relationship we can't help but feel proud of our Taani-Neelu maa...Bengali marriages are not the same for us anymore...Whenever we see a couple fighting all it reminds us of is our TaAnu and their fights!!! Whenever they show brothers chemistry, don't tell me that you don't miss Onu's countless smacks on Robbie's head...Two besties always reminds us of Taani-Mauli...We always compare strict fathers to our very own bhompu aka Shekhar Ganguly and I think we can't hate anybody more passionately than Ritesh LOL I can go on and on and on and on on Tere Liye so I will stop here by saying that "The place Tere Liye made in our heart is now every TLians dreamland and it is still flourishing"

writeup- Neha(silky)
Creations- Sugi
Editing- Kalindi
Compiling- Ashlesha

Edited by silky_harshad - 14 June 2013 at 12:30am

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