Pyar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyara Pyara


Pyar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyara Pyara
Pyar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyara Pyara

Happy Very 1st Anniversary Pyar Ka Dard Hai...!!!

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The story showcases the journey of the protagonists Aditya & Pankhuri who have polar opposite views about relationships. Aditya has lost faith in the institution of marriage & relationships because of his parents' separation. On the other hand, Pankhuri believes that the right partner completes a person. What happens when the two meet?

Hello Everyone ,

We welcome one and all to celeberate the very 1st year Grand Completion Anniversary of Very Popular show of Star Plus naming Pyar Ka Dard Hai Meetha-Meetha Pyaara Pyaara .
Today i.e 18th of june marks the completion of golden 1st year for our show , it started on 18th June 2012 .

This show started with the concept of how two strangers become close besides their opposite point of views , habits , life styles , life and way to tackle with surroundings and gradually it became popular on TRP Charts with consecutive TRPs of above average  3.4 as it comes into Top 3 show now and with every passing week it is giving cherishing ratings with its best screenplay , story and entertainment factor which makes it unpredictable in portrayal.
The main leads of show also got awarded in Indian Telly Awards for Best Debutants of year 2012 and are also very popular on Twitter for their friendship and fun onscreen and offscreen! 

We can always read their fun tweets , leg pulling tweets on twitter and see pictures posted by them on twitter from sets of show , which shows their healthy environment on the sets.
Also , We are trending our very 1st anniversary on Twitter as #Happy1stAnniversaryPKDH and so hence kindly trend with us by tweeting #Happy1stAnniversaryPKDH everytime when you tweet.

The show started with tagline of ''Kal Ki Parvarish Par Tike Aaj Ke Rishty'' which was very well portrayed by writers in the show , in which how two individuals met and got married which changed their point of views , specially for Aditya who got polished in his views with co-operation of Pankhuri .

Now , on this very ocassion We want to Thank The Cast and Crew Creatives of Pyaar Ka Dard Hai show and Star Plus for making a Best Entertainment Serial .

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Some Latest Pictures of Celeberations! from PKDH Sets :
Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink
Character Sketch

A story about two complete opposite families, one living in sapnon ka city Mumbai and other in small town yet beautiful Kullu . Two main leads, also different in their views, way of thinking but always come to a mutual understanding which is important for a married couple, no one has ever seen a love like them, dard and meetha meetha. They have Complete faith and blind trust on eachother. 


Pankhuri Aditya Kumar (played by: Disha Parmar)

Pankhuri is a small town, sweet, simple girl, who is ready to  risk anything to help the ones , she loves. Respects and worships her elders and makes a perfect Daughter-In-Law. Sometimes mischievous and bubbly who will always love her husband Adi .

  Her Personality - Loves to sacrifice her happiness for the others, positive thinker and always follows her heart. Brave, strong and bold, likes to stand up what is right and has good morals and values.

Her Bad habits -  Cries a LOTLOL Doesn't know whether she should be happy or sad, gets confused like a child. TOO KIND in nature.

Aditya Kumar (Played by: Nakuul Mehta)

Adi is the most loveable, cute and sexy guy, heart still like a child. Doesn't ever wish bad for others. Loves what he has in his life, considers his wife Pankhuri his everything in good times and bad times. Great bond between Nanu and adi, also with his mom and papa. Had trust issues but ever since pankhuri has come he has started believing in himself and others. Once he determines what to do, he will do it no matter what.

His Personality - Loves to see his family happy. Romantic Romeo, no matter how serious the situation may be he will eventually try to lighten the mood of everyone and keep smiling. Gets emotional easily.

His Bad habits - Impatient and short tempered. (but it doesn't last very long )

Avantika Harish Kumar (Played by: Manasi Salvi)

A strong modern woman who has strong views about how girls should be independent. She is the mother of Aditya and wife of Harish but also a business woman and use to think more practically rather than by heart but has realised the importance of family and own feelings with the help of her "GREAT" bahu Pankhuri . She has the mother caring nature, soft corners and emotions but can be bold to protect her family when needed.

Her Bad habit - shouts loudly and wears too sexy saari's for a MIL. HeheLOL

Purushottam Deewan - Nanu (played by: Mukesh Khanna)

The sweetest nanu alive, loves his grandson Adi a lot. Doesn't like to be called old, he is still young at heart forever 18 kya?! Always dreamed of seeing his broken family being one living happily under one roof. He sometimes is very lonely and helpless in the big mansion but has accepted that way of living. His biggest supporter is the care taker (shanky). He has seen many struggles/pain in his life but Pankhuri has brought the sunshine for his family and his dark mansion. He is usually a relaxed, plays like a child with Adi.

His Bad habits - Stays silent when he should speak up for whats right. Control and power issues (sign of being tooo kind and good)

Harish Kumar (played by: Nitesh Pandey)

By name, a small entertainer actor , probably a Comedian but famous!. Very funny and happy go lucky. Dad of cute Romeo Adi and husband of his lovely wife who he loves a lot, Avantika . Believes in living simple life with his small family. Doesn't complain and hides a lot of pain by himself.

His Bad habits - does funny embarrassing things on purpose to get avantika irritated. HahaBig smile

Sheila mami [Sheila Deewan] - (played by: Sonali Naike )

She is the one and only Daughter in Law of Deewan Mansion . Mami of Adi. Always dreams of taking control over Deewan mansion. Feels that she hasn't been treated or given the real authority of being a bahu of deewans . Gets jealous and annoyed that two daughters Avantika and Preity gets everything and she has no right in the house. Being raised in a small town, her mentality is slightly  Odd but isn't that bad from heart. She is cunning and knows how to get out of things, PhD in nautanki dramabazi.

Her Bad habits - fake smiling, dil mein kuch aur, and shows something different. Her grey shades. (but these are also her strong points)

Preity Deewan (played by: Ashlesha Sawant)

A daughter of Purushottam Deewan , younger to Avantika , who loves to live only on her demands and her rules. She loves to travel alot as if she is running from her reality and truth . She had a affair with Kailash Gupta and got pregnent but later aborted her pregnency as Kailash left her due to some reasons. She is a very happy , lovely , chirpy woman who loves Aditya alot and also loves her siblings from heart . She is strong by her views and says straightway anything bad too!.

Anuj Deewan (played by: Mehul Buch)

One and only brother of Avantika and Preity and one and only son of Purushottam Dewaan . Also helps control the family business but has never been good at decision making. He  is easily manipulated by his wife Sheila. Very confused, doesn't have his own character. He is what others makes him. Gradually . learnt to diffrentiate things between good and bad peoples.

His Bad habits - took him very long to realise his mistakes and to learn from them .

Rubel Anuj Deewan (played by: Khushwant Walia(Khush))

Son of Sheila and Anuj and cousin of Adi. Very jealous , angry and annoying type of person. Doesn't understand others views easily, only thinks what he says is right. Has some sort of weird problem with Adi.., wants to be the boss but doesn't have the capability to manage things perfectly. Later ,Married to Latika on Contract marriage.

Kaira Anuj Deewan (played by: Prinal Oberoi)

Daughter of Mama ad Mami. She is very different. Studied abroad and came back with lots of issues on her mind. Her life seems a mess , a puzzle more correctly but is getting better with the help Pankhuri and Adi. She is close to adi and one she trust the most. She wants her family to love her but is afraid of lettimg them come to close to her. She has her different views and hates interference.




Jagdish Prasad Gupta - Pankhuri's Dadaji (played by: Kanwarjit Paintal)

He has his own small business in kullu and is the head of the family but is a very sweet, kind heart and honest man. Pankhuri is very dear to him and they share bestfriends bond. He believes in living traditionally with entire family, but also keeps modern views. Wishes well of everyone and takes cares of each member of family so lovingly. Also, he loves his late wife  a lot and miss her !.

Pankhu's Mummy [Ambika Diwakar Gupta](played by: Leena Prabhu) & Papa [Diwakar Gupta]

Her mother is just like other mothers, with warm heart, caring nature and gets on well with everyone in the family. Soft spoken and easily gets teary eyes whether in happiness or sadness. She is proud of her daughter and considers her to be lucky to have such a family.

Pankhu's dad is typical father, who loves her daughter very much but sometimes fails to express. He knows where he stands in the family and respects everyone's opinion. He is very understanding and calm by nature, thinks thousands of times before saying and has a lot of things in mind but shares it with his dear wife and keeps positive attitude.

Pankhuri's father is a soft spoken and loving person. He along with his brother runs the family business which had been started by their father. He had earlier taken the help of his brother- in -law Govardhan Nath to keep the business going.

Bad habit - Love their daughter pankhu TOO MUCH . HahaaWink

Pankhu's Chacha [Pushkar Gupta] & Chachi [Sushma Pushkar Gupta played by: Ajita Kulkarni]

They also have a daughter, Neha but considers pankhuri to be their own daughter as well. They are cute couple just like in films, they are bubbly and light up the house. They have the same morals and values as Pankhuri's mum and dad. Care and concern for family member and ready to do anything to help.

Neha (played by: Shreya Arora / Urmila Tiwari now! )

Neha is Pushkar and Sushma's daughter. She is very chirpy and a big chatterbox, but she is also Pankhuri's friend and confidante. Pankhuri's cousin. She is very close to Pankhuri and always shares everything with her. She is now married to her choice of life partner Naman and is doing her job well as a housewife.

Govardhan Kaneria [Mamaji]

He is very close to Pankhuri's family, always willing to help in any circumstances, soft corner for pankhuri. Although he has his weird ways of doing things, very fond of DM shahab, chutki bajake arranges everything over night. Concerned, helpful and caring nature but also has short temper, once he loses his patience, he will explode. He always speaks up for pankhu's family, whatever he feels is right he will says it straight out.

 Kamini Kaneria (played by: Bharti Sharma)
Kamini, Pankhuri's Mami, is a big fan of her husband, Govardhan Kaneria. She loves to talk about the power and wealth her husband has. She looks down upon the Gupta family and keeps showing off.

Latika Rubel Deewan (played by: Alefia Kapadia)
Latika is very clever spoiled brat girl who always worked as her mother told her . She wants to get whole Deewan property on her name with support of her mother and hence , got married to Rubel Deewan on a Contract marriage and now carrying a child , pregnent.

Nisha (played by: Priyanka Nayyar)
Priyanka and Alefia
 Friend of Avantika and Sheila and mother of Latika . She is a modern woman , yet very clever who can do any cheap nuisance to get money .

Late Dadi (played by: Meenkashi Sethi )

 Naman (played by: Anubhav Krishna Shrivastava)
He is a husband of Neha Gupta.

Manan (played by : Raj Singh)
A close friend of Kaira , who gives her drugs so that he can make use of her , gradually want to do marriage with Kaira and also involved with Latika in this plan , but His marriage with Kaira was stopped by Aditya and Pankhuri by proving him culprit and wrong .

Shanky (played by: Mehmood Jr. )
A old caretaker of Deewan mansion.

Kailash Gupta (played by: Late Abir Goswami / Vimarsh Roshan now! )
He is one of uncle of pankhuri , who loves her alot . He had a affair with Preity Deewan but he left her due to some reasons .

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||Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara Poem Thread

By Tacker_Holic (aka Sonia)||

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai bought out a passion in me.. writing poetry.. this was the first jodi i have ever written a poem for and they still are the only one! Aditya's naughtiness and Pankhuri's innocence made me go crazy for them. Not only Aditya and Pankhuri.. every cast member has bought something special into their character and also won the hearts of millions! So to celebrate this joyous celebration I have decided to write a few poems in dedication to this beautiful year that has passed with great memories of love, pain and happiness.

~Our Family is a Circle of Strength~

A family is the one that gives you unlimited love

They form a circle of strength and guide you when times are rough,

They listen when you need an ear

They will hold you tight when you fall,

They wipe your tears when you are down,

So if you need comfort you know where to go,

Their love is never hidden but it is always shown,

They always boast about you to whoever they meet

Family, friends and even strangers

A family is truly divine,

A family is a gift from God,

They are what makes a house a home

Dont ever feel you are not loved,

Because your family loves you just the way you are.



||Dil Ka Rishta||

Every moment we cherished together
Has touched our lives, our hearts forever
The things that we shared
Is what we have earned today

The person that I have grown into today
Did not get there by chance, no way
I am who I am because of you
And you are YOU because of me, too.

You taught me the ABC of love and relationships,

The man I was before was incomplete,

But you came like an angel and made me complete.

The changes I see
and what I have learned about me
are a response to how you changed my life.

No matter what the future will show
No matter what we are told.

We are connected together in eternity
That no one can remove.
Our feelings for each other will only get stronger.
Because we are joined by the strings of love.

A part of me will always be you
and a part of you will always be me.
no matter what happens ,that much is certain
our souls are one.

I will love your forever
For worse or for better

You are tattooed in my heart
And nothing can tear our souls apart.
Because we share a relationships from the heart.

This siggy above is created by my dear friend Sio_Angel! She created this for me on request so a big appreciation for her! Heart

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Some Signatures and Creations made by various makers :

By .Siham.

Family Moments -

Ist Montage of show :

IInd Montage Of Show : Holi Specials :

IIIrd Montage Of Show :

Some Wonderful AVIs by .Siham. 



By xMidnightStarx

PaYa Romance :

By PayaDesire95 - Maariyah

By Naz

By Nazomal :

Some Moments and fun with RANBIR KAPOOR...~!

From Twitter :

By Fehreen :

By Anam Ali :

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PaYa Romance 

Yeah...dont get shocked...rightLOL as our creatives dont give us many romantic moments of our favourite jodi PaYa hence here you go with one and only Brst Romantic Moment of PaYa where their actual 1st night happened...!

Adi decorated the room beautifully with candles, flowers and of course his love for Pankhuri. He awaited her presence eagerly so he could wrap his arms around her waist and possess her with his love and affection. As he was lighting that final candle he heard a creek from the bedroom door, he knew it was his angel. He looked up to see who it was and then he stopped in the position he was in. He looked from bottom to top to see this beautiful woman in front of him in a blue and black sari. His jaw dropped slightly and his blue eyes became more expressive. Pankhuri wanted to surprise him by wearing this sari but she got the surprise of her life.. maybe better than her's. She captured every feeling linked to this room by gently closing her eyes. Adi was mesmerised. He slowly moved closer to his angel because he couldnt control another second being away from her. He slowly moved towards her as she opened her eyes she felt Adi. She could feel the love that was coming through his every expression as he approached her. She slowly moved into the room but not towards Adi.. she was facing away from Adi but his eyes were fixated on her. He wanted her. He slowly moved closer until he brushed his finger's gently up her arm. She shivered at his every touch. Vibes were running through her nerves. She was in love. In love with the man of her dreams. Her prince charming. He wrapped his arms around her bare waist and moved her hair towards the other side.

He went closer to her ear and she could feel his breath tickling her. A blushing smile appeared on her lips as he whispered "I love you Pankhuri!" her smile widened and she blushed even more creating a pink tone of her cheeks. Adi smiled and spun her round so she fell straight in his strong arms. Her eyes met his. She looked romantically in his eyes. He cupped her cheeks and kissed them slowly. So slowly that every moment could be captured beautifully. He lifted her in his arms and took her to their bed. He lay her down and watched her closely. He moved her hair so he could see his beautiful wife and kissed her forehead. Their souls reunited once again just like the moonlight and the stars possessing the sky with its beauty.

Some Video-Mixes Popular -

os : Story So Far
Hello buddies , so as a pleasure to read a PaYa scene , here we present a One Shot(OS) in which you can get touch with recent storyline and also a fictional touch...!Smile

"Yaar mera wallet kidhar hai, mujhe office ke liye der ho rahi hai"
"Aa rahi hoon! Aap cheezon ko kabhi sahi jaga pe kyun nahin rakh sakhtain hain Adi!" Pankhuri said as she handed Aditya the wallet.
Aditya walked towards her and grinned, "Tu jo hai mera khayal rakhne ke liye". 
"Chaliye, ab aap ko office ke liye der nahin ho rahi hai?" she smirked.

"Haan, ho toh rahi hai, magar main kya karoon, tum mujhe har waqt distract karti ho toh-"
"Toh, toh kya adi, khud mujhe roktay hain aur kehtain hai ke main distract kar rahi hoon, main ja rahi hoon mujh aur bohat saare kaam hain"
Aditya grabbed her hand before she could leave in a huff. "Hey rukh na Pankhudi, ghussa kyun kar rahi hai, main toh bas mazaak kar raha tha"
"Acha toh tum mazaak kar rahe the, main jaa ke Mom-"
"Oh please Pankhuri yeh mat phir se kehna ke tum Mom ko jaa ke bataogi, main koi Mom wom se nahin darta hoon, Okay"
"Acha?" Avantika stood with her arms crossed in the doorway.
Aditya hurriedly let go of Pankhudi's hand.
"Nahin woh main bas'office ke liye der ho rahi hai toh' main jaata hoon! Bye Pankhudi"

"Bye" Pankhudi smiled shyly.
Aditya rushed out the door.


"Pankhudi, main tum se actually baat karne aayi thi"

"Kya hai Mom, sab kuch theek toh hai?"

"Haan woh bus main Kaira ko leke pareshaan hoon, pehle Manan aur ab yeh Dad ke saat jo kuch bhi ho raha hai, you know what I'm trying to say na Pankhuri?"

"Yea Mom, main aur Adi usko normal karne ki puri koshish kar rahein hain". Pankhudi smiled, " Jab hum log usko dinner pe le gaye the toh pehle thodi si khamoosh thi phir thodi dair ke baad, jab who comfortable hogayi, maine usko pehli daafa haste ve dekha, jaise uski bachpan ki khoyivi khushiyan kisi ne phir se lautadi ho." Pankhudi rest her hand on Avantika's shoulder. "Don't worry Mom bohat jaldi sab theek ho jayega"
"I hope you're right Pankhuri, main actually yeh suggest karne waali thi ke tum aur Adi Kaira ko kuch dino ke liye bahar leke chale jao, tum aur Adi kahin ghoomnay ke liye bhi nahin gaye, aur jaisa ghar ka mahaul hai, I don't think Kaira should stay, besides tum dono hogay uske saat"
"Mom, main pehle Adi se poochna chahti hoon, ke woh kya sochte hain"
"Fair enough, just let me know ke tum log kya decide karte ho, alright?". Avantika smiled and left.

Pankhuri was in internal conflict, could she leave Nana without finding out who was blackmailing him? Or was Kaira more important? With all these new letters and strange things happening every day, it was sure to have an effect on Kaira the most. 


Introduction - *Dev.*
Character Sketch - Pooja_P  & *Dev.*
Signature & Banners - ..Siham..
Creative Poems & PaYa Romance & Song - Tacker_holic 
Compiling , Editing and Arranging - *Dev.* 
Quiz & Twitter Trend Idea - xMidnightStarx 
Wishes Collection - PayaDesire95 
VMs Collection & Twitter Signatures - Sushona
OS - Story So Far - Rahma11

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*WISHES from Members*




To live a successful life
Does not require
Money, fame, power, prestige
Or status symbols...
It's more a matter of

Being true to your own beliefs and principles,
Doing your best,
Even in the smallest of things,
And never taking for granted

The simple joys in life--
Such as laughter, a perfect day,
Or a loyal friend.
For all the money in the world
Can't buy self-esteem, character,
Contentment, love or happiness--
And these are the very things
That make life
Worth living.

However you define
Happiness and success,
May you find and enjoy them
Every day of your life.

Congratulations to the whole team for successfully completing one year!Clap

Hoping to see the show progress in the way that it has over the past year in the coming many years! With this kind of dedication and teamwork, it's no wonder the show successfully has managed to run a successful year in a an age where shows are plugged in a few months. 

Again, best of wishes to the entire cast and crew, you all deserve this Wink


one  year celebrations great...Party.congrats to whole team of pkdh...Partykeep rockingSmile...nice theard n thanks for pm dearHug





CONGRAGULATIONS to the entire cast n crew of PYAAR KA DARD HAI for successfully completing one yearClapDancing 




May there be many, many, many more happy years of Pyaar Ka Dard Hai. I congratulate the entire cast n crew of PKDH and all the PKDHians who have supported this show at all times. 

Congratulations 2 da entire team of PKDH 4 completing one whole year! 
This show deserves all da success. Hope it keeps entertaining da audience. Big smile

Congratulations and Thank you for the entire team of PKDH
It's been a treat to watch the show with all the ups and downs
We love, we hate 
we criticize and we predict 
It's all because we love the show
May the show keep going on great for long
May we get more anniversaries to be celebrated 

Congratulations to the whole team of PKDH..Tongue


Congrats to PKDH & its Team .Smile

ongratulations and celebrations PKDH Team Party

Wohoo its the first Anniversary...Long way to go...Keep Rocking!!

PaYa Rocks Heart

Hey Pkdh, Congratulations for your 1st anniversary Party 

May you complete many more such milestones to come. Your freshness & the theme attracted me. I have loved the way Pankhuri always confidently tackled every problem in her way. I love the bond between  Paya is shown in the show, its really a treat to the eyes & definitely one of my favorite aspects in the show...

Hoping for more & more milestones for it to achieve & keep improving. Keep Rocking team PKDH...   Hug

With love


Congrats PKDH Party

Lovely showEmbarrassed

Love Paya Heart


congrats Big smile

wow..Beautiful thread dear..!!!!Embarrassed   CONGRATS PKDH TEAM..KEEP ROCKING...!ClapBig smile 

CONGRATS to the whole team of PKDH! 

Guys , How about a Quiz for just have to answer Questions which you like :

here you go :

When did you start watching PKDH?

Who are you watching it for?

Your favorite character?

Least favorite character?

Favorite scene?

Least favorite scene?

Why do you watch PKDH?

Any funny moments while watching it?

Best character well dressed?

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Happy 1st Anniversary Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara!
The thread is looking beautiful and when it is complete it will look amazing :D
This is my comeback into the forum, have been away for exam season.
One year of romance, magic, relationships and drama! I have enjoyed every moment!!

Every cast and crew member, thank you for your hard work. The show wouldn't be what it is today without each and every one of you!
The forum is alive with the romantic, funny, admiration and critical posts.
It is one where you will find friendship at every post created!
Of course this has only happened because of PKDH.

Nakuul Mehta and Disha Parmar join together to make the beautiful Jodi Aditya and Pankhuri :')
Their determination, strength and trust is what makes their relationship unique.
Both Nakuul and Disha have a lovely friendship and put so much hard work into their roles!
The other additional cast members are fantastic actors/actresses, which complete the serial.

I wish PKDHMMPP a happy first anniversary! I hope the cast and crew have lots of fun on the sets, while celebrating 1 year of success. I wish them many more years and their future to be full of happiness! 

When did you start watching PKDH?
Right from the beginning.
Who are you watching it for?
For all the characters, was very interested from the promos.
Your favorite character?
Least favorite character?
Favorite scene?
Avantika finally accepting Pankhuri.
Least favorite scene?
No specific scene.
Why do you watch PKDH?
I was intrigued by the promos and Aditya's character. His character has developed from the start till now, because of Pankhuri.
Any funny moments while watching it?
Not really, haha.
Best character well dressed?
Has to be Avantika!

Sharna xx

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Updated my post!
Great Work Dev,Shira and Mariyam! Its just awesome! Heart


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..200 epiosdeee Celebration.Pyaar ka dard hai...


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MereMahiyaa. 14 2776 30 March 2013 at 10:01pm by ...Jes...
Prinal Oberoi to enter Pyaar Ka Dard..

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Pyar ka dard or Sir ka dard?

2 3

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Bhook ka Dard Hai or Pyar Ka Dard hai?:D

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-CrazyPraT- 7 1822 09 November 2012 at 9:16am by -CrazyPraT-

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