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Monday 03.06.2013 - Sumi varuvala ? Jolly jolly update ellam sumi vanda piraguthan . Till such time brief updates only. Indha serialukku idhuve yetheshtam .

Monday 03.06.2013

Gopi- Malar talking. Gopi asks her to be ready to go to Nelli's house to inform about Ramesh matter & from there go & meet Kamu.  Meenu watching this. Gopi then asks mother also to accompany them to meet Leelavathi who is recuperating from heart attack. Meen refuses point black . Mahes comes , overhears Malar's conversation with Kamu on the phone where Kamu asks Malar to get pongal for her. Amma – ponnuku vaiku aval. Both indulge in Thavil kacheri – oru paatam Malara thitti theerthing.  Hello Malar Oru kai paarkiren – neeya –naana  , wait & watch

Kutralam inspector  Jayakumar – Prasad BIL [ ivar name Subbu , ippathan therinjudhu], comes & informs about Prasad's request , hands over the photo. Jaykumar says he already received the messge over the phone & will do the needful & leaves.  Now one Virumandi meesai man comes [ ella serialilum Virumandi get up fashion pola] . Virumandi tells Subbu about some money lending business – lot of money – good commission- Subbu mind does overtime – Prasad's money with him , decides to play with it [ Govindha Govindha]

Mallika comes to meet Leelavathi. Major drama  enquiring about her health , once leela tell her to help Vanitha in house hold chores madam jooot.  Leelavathi realises Marumagal' s true colours – Kamu  puranam paading. Gopi – Malar arrive with the photo. Nelli – Leela very happy. Gopi informs that action  already taken thru Prasad.

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Wednesday - 5.6.13 - Today konjam good day for you LaksWink PM Story Ku Gear Poduranga

Maha comes inside home,pus ask why did she fight with that pass by baju lady. as she started to link prasad with you. She says pirai is now a days much worried on your life.. he is not eating properly, not sleeping.. not talking too much.. i obligate you that we believe something good will come to your life,by then please don't raise objection nu solluranga.maha is bit moved on this convo n goes inside silently.

Sr.pp palace. Jr.Meen is telling that if we decided to pull legs of malar then we should do immtly nu goes to kitchen n ask malar to take of kolambu from stove n keep milk to boil.malar goes n checks if baby is awake but its sleeping well. she tells mahes to take off milk as she needs to finish off dinner sidewash ..but mahes asusual jumps on n talks off.. there comes rags n geets from outside get to see this n keeps watching..malar starts to give back left right centre.. meens comes in to pics.. but malar ask her shut n stay away in corner as she didnt call off any judge hereClap..n mahes tells that she will slap off her.. malar says that she also can slap back very well.. n adds if she really ate food with salt .. she shouldnt come back to this home. mahes takes offLOL.. takes her baby n goes away.. malar takes a book n sit in corner reading it.meens comes n jumps off.. malar says u only came in support for ur daughty right .. go n finish off the cooking am done i cant do it anymore nu sollitu stays off with book..meens comes to other 2 daughtys n look for support.. they put her down n goes with malar n talking on book.. meens is buz buz moochu vitingsLOLLOLLOL

Prasad place.. kaja comes n tells he gets nice chicken smell.n tells since kobi told to take care of him he came to look off nu .. prasad ask kaja to treat him too like kobi n call annan not sir.. kaja agrees n pulls leg on kuppai fight..prasad says it was horrible..kaja tells that maha was also like this long back nu sollitu oru small recap on maha's life..prasad was shocked to hear maha past  n kaja tells that shes jus coming back to normal life nu ..prasad feels bad for her n goes into kitchen to continue cooking.. there comes in sam boy .. n ask kaja whts cooking.. kaja says chicken.. both plans to drop to prasad place every day for dinner.. they gets to see dairy.. n sam started to dig it for matter(same way he may come to know on prasad love for maha nu ninaikuraenDay Dreaming)n gets to see family photo.. he is looking at new girl in that photo.

Sokku n Kobi comes inside home n moves on with some new katcheri.meens opens her mouth n tellls that malar shoos off mahes.. malar n duo sis keeps quiet.. meens bp full high.. ask her to speak off..but malar doesnt..Sr.pp ask her to bring mahes to have full convo..n leaves off.. kobi is also not showing interest on this panchayat.. n tells even malar wants explanation on mahes acts but he kept silent.. now also he will do that only nu solluran..meens gets call from mahes ..she says that some male is wandering in her backyard ..she is scared for being alone nu crying la sollura.. meens shares the kobi n all there..

Screen Freezes

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Yeppo seat potta yenna - Yellam orey Koothu than... LOL

Tuesday June 4
Malar mom and dad and Mama and his wife talking. Mama wife bhuvana mad that he went and apologized to magesu and Meenakshi and sorry the way they talk and treat malar. Mama says as her uncle it is his responsibility to make sure Malar lives in peace. Jagan and wife impressed.

mama tells he came to inform that since they fixed the date for Siva-Rohini engagement - he wants to invite everyone. jana and wife upset says why this big for engagement? Mama says we are not hiding anything. So why wory. Lets make it a nice event. They agree. jegan says to go invite Malar family. mama tells after all that happened they might be angry with him,  besides Malar family is only Jegan sammandhi so it is better for him to go invite. jegan agrees.

Next - Malar and Gopi visit kamu. Kamu happily welcoems them, Malar gives Pongal tastes the food she is cooking and praises kamu. she asks kamu you cook better thrn why did you ask me to bring Pongal. kamu says more than anything I wanted to see you. She ask about Kathu kuthal, Malar starts to polambufy of what happened and sees gopi face becoming smal land stops and changes topic. Deivanai and kamu pray for ramesh and Paramu return.
While walking back malar says sorry I mistakely talked like that. I should not have said anythign about Magesu. Gopi says yo ualso started becming like them. Malar says she won't any more - ipp othan both smile.

Next stop - they go to see Siva. tell Siva about Rohini question if he reall wanted to marry her or forced. He says wait one minute, picks up the phone and call rohini. he asks her if she has any doubt, came to know from Malar and Gopi. She hesitates, Siva says don't worry. I reall ywanted to marry you. i do have feelings for you and wanted to marry you. if my father didn't ask then I would have talked to yo uabout this. I am only marrying out of love nothing else. In future if any questions then call me directly. I will do the same. Rohini happy.
Siva comes back and tells Gopi and malar the same - the are happy. He sys he knows how to take care of Rohini. (Very nice and decent.Clap  Hopefully atleast dir shows this correctly and no other ulnokkam from mama family Ermm).

next also nice...
Prasad pouring kuppai from madi(intha kuppai podum pazhakkam innum stop agalaya? Malysialayum ippadi than kuppai thukki poduvangalo???)

Kuppai falls on a lady head sariyaana vayadi.  prasad coems down and apologize to her and vayadi doesn't stop keep h=going on and soem ladies feel sorry for Prasad. Hearing the noise maha comes there and (we know her vai) she gives left and right to her. She cannot bear maha vai and runs away. But she tries to talk bad about Maha and Prasad together.

After she leaves Prasad says sorry only because of me bad, she says no problem only how we feel inside is important not what people talk. She walks away. Prasad seeing her walk smiles to himself. mangalyam thanthunane plays in the background. (Athukulla mangalyam va?) No romance??? Day Dreaming LOL


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Thursday Updates
Episode 793

Shocked innum 7 episodes for 800!!!! Kodumae paa..

Mageshu ku semma bulb Dancing

Continues with mageshu crying to her mother about some guys walking behind the house.  Next some stone throwing sounds. All this is done by the useless BIL of her husband Angry Meenashi freaks out and ask her to wait while she comes there. She immediately ask Gopi to follow her to check on mageshu. Gopi ask her not to panic and stay at home while he goes and see whats happening. Gopi leaves and Meenashi taiya takka adufy to malar who still keeps her face straight Clap meenashi  warns her if anything happen to her daughter nu ... malar calmly answered "adhuku taan avar poikar" and leaves the annoyed meenashi.

Mageshu cuts the line and both she and the useless motta discuss about this plan. All this is overheard by her husband who tupparan  her badly ..  Just then Gopi comes and ask what happen there was few guys nu ... Husband ask Gopi not to panic and reveals his wife dirty plan. Gopi is shock and silent.  He tells his sister that he is proud that she know if any danger comes her anna will stand  first nu and he leaves the thiru thiru mulikuraning mageshu. She is upset her plan failed Angry

Prasad friend the inspector comes to house and inform his parents that Ramesh is not staying there. He only comes by lorry to the markets there that also not often. Inspector has already told the market people if he comes to call him immediately. He then ask prasad parents eppo marriage for their son nu and parents says prasad is avoiding it. Inspector calls prasad and ask if he is in love with someone and prasad denies it. He cuts the call upon seeing maha coming ...  maha says she is going to school and prasad ask her to go ahead while he needs to see gopi regarding Ramesh issue.

Malar parents comes to invite malar and family for Rogini engagement. Meenashi as usual does not give any respect for them.  They leaves and prasad comes .. meenashi greets him happily. Prasad comes and tells them about ramesh details and ask them to inform Gopi and he leaves.

Malar goes inside and tells gopi about the engagement and ask a small request from him. She dont want to invite magesh as magesh will create more problem but loosu gopi insist that they must invite magesh Ouch


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Marupadiyum naanethan

                        Friday 07.06.2013

Torture No: 1

Prasad's sister & bil on their way to a money lender's house to pledge some land documents & take loan.  BIL wants to play safe , wants to ask 5 lacs. But perasai nayagi wifey goads him to ask 10lacs- the mental case does some mental calculations – 10 lacs will give 10000 kutti [ vaddi ] per day which means 300000 per month. Overnight can become maadi veetu seemati with 2-3 bungalows , foreigh car, 10-15 KG gold & what not. Husband  awed at wife's brilliant suggestion . So they ask for 10lacs loan. The money lender hands over money after checking the document. { parasad's hard earned money – Govindha Govindha}   Bash Head emoticon (Fighting Emoticons)

Torture No:2

School PT teacher sees Maha talking to Prasad . Smoke from ears & nose. Does 1+1 calculation – matter should be nipped in the bud , his mind cautions.  Befriends Prasad , starts his ularals ,  torture him [ us ] with his achu pichu kavaidhais . Talks about the divinely love between him & Maha . Of late a small misunderstanding between them . Wants Prasad to act as a mediator & unite them. Sutham  Bash Head emoticon (Fighting Emoticons)

Torture No: 3

Malar calls dad to give invitee list of Sokku family . Further Gopi wants them also to bear insults at the hands of Mahes – though Malar not in favour Gopi wants Mahes to be invited for the function.Jags agrees – Mrs. Jags & DIL Dhanam not in favour – both scared of Mahes's venomous tongue – vamba vilai kuduthu vaanga vendam. But Jags insists – Mapillai'a wish , cannot refuse. Dhanam requests to accompany them.

Climax Torture

Meen & Mahes cutting vegetables with knife & vetting Malar & family with mouth. Mahes BIL Velu combing the wig while brain washing mummy & daughty. Jag's family arrive. The trio turn their face the other way. Poor Jags apologises for the past mistakes & cordially invite them for Rohini's Nischayathartham.  Mahesh's gutter mouth opens – kuppai pours out. Shrewd Dhanam stealthily calls Malar who listens to the verbal assault of Mahesh. She immediately records it [enna punyam – un Mannandhai Pusrushan will support only his sister & blame your SIL ]   Bash Head emoticon (Fighting Emoticons)

Mutti mutti Great Wall of China also on the verge of collapsing Thanks to TM

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Comp.  just back from hospital. Hence the delay in seat podal for Mon. Indha kandravi serial nightla paarthutu will post update.

Monday 10.06.2013

Sun network seems to have blocked the serial from all sites. Can anyone watched  on TV give a brief update.

TubeTamil has uploaded. So here is the short uppudatu

Monday 10.06.2013

Recap of Friday last scene – Magesh , Meenu Mangatha Attam continues. Mr. & Mrs. Jaggu statue standing , Malar silently listens everything on her cell. Thank God major part of the dialogues were muted. Thappichen.

Pushpa & family fish buying. Usual Sam's mokka comedy. Prasad comes , seeing Maha puts on kadu kadu face. Pushpa invites him to her house. Prasad venda veruppa accepts the invitation & goes inside. General talk, Prasad kadu kadu all thru & leaves. Maha is baffled , why the man has changed suddenly. Sam spells the reason -  may be Rangamma  & garbage matter.

Subbu's friend murukku meesai takes him to another murukku meesai. Subbu hands over ten lacs to the second murukku meesai  who tells subbu to collect his vaddi  Rs. 10000 / day  the next day. Subbu soooper happy. The friend now  asks  his commission of Rs. 2000 per day. Subbu soooper shocked – 2000per day means 60000 per month. Subbu in no mood to part with such huge amount.  Both fight , finally Subbu had to yield to man's pressures  & threats , but in mind vows to put an end to this.

Mahes house – the trio – mahes , meenu & sotta thalayan  still in abuse mood , three take turn in disparaging Malar & her family. Selvarangam comes &  gets to hear the nonsense.  Tells Meenu to stop her  sindu mudinging job. Mahes gets hyper & starts fighting , as usual her nasty comment about having illegal relationship . Selva's anger now reaches saturation point – proves porumaikkum ellai undu- whacks Mahes left right & center & asks Meens to get out of the house with some  sane advise . Selva gives a stern warning to Mahes – behave properly or else face the music.

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Tuesday 11.6.13
                                      Update by Migan


Sokku talking to Gopi about Ramesh, Meenakshi puyal enters and starts scolding Malar, her parents her mama saying they threaten them, who told them to come and invite etc Sokku tries to stop her but she goes on, Malar loosu standing not showing the recording on the phone.

Meenatchi because of them Mappillai hits Magesu asked me not to come. Sokku calls SR and SR tells Sokku I want to be man- you cannot control your wife but not me. Sokku happy.
He hangs up Meenatchi asks what, Sokku says I am glad Magesu life will be good. Meenatchi asks what, Sokku tellshe told me I cannot control my wife. 

Next Sokku walks runs into Malar Mama, Malar mama talks nocely, tells him to come to the engagement for sure, he tells Annai tane scold, it is ok but you al lcome. Sokku melts.

A guy opens the door to a house. Calls rajesh and keeps looking the house and finally opens the door and finds psycho 2 return Rajesh drinking. Friend asks about Rajesh condition and tells him that his father told he is dead nnu.  

Rajesh cries, tells I lost my life. That Ragini ruined my life. The whole family hit me with Chappals.  I lost my job and my dad disowned me. I had to beg to live here. I could have committed suicide but could not come around. That Ragini ruined my life with her Kalla kadhalan and she didn't let me live with my lover. 

He says leave it - and asks about friend and when he came back from Gujarat, friend says I had to come back as my uncle doing business in Karaikudi and I had to take care.
Rajesh kku orey bulb. He begs his friend to help take revenge, shows Ragini photo and asks him to act as good guy and go behind her and muted dialogue. (Plan pola)

Next Sokku comes to eat, gopi comes too, Sokku praises Malar Mama saying periya manushan etc and tells them they need to go to the function.  Meenatchi opens her Thiru vai and staarts her polambal that they scolded her, daughter so no going, no connection with that family etc.

Spineless father and son let her talk and Malar says ok mama let me cut my relationship with my family will Athai treat me ok va?
Meenakshi face Asta konal...
What she says Laksh will tell us.


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 Wednesday 12.6.13

                                 Update by lakshmikr

LOL's New Menu & SR new AvatarLOLClapClap.

Meens asusual shouts n goes off.. sr.pp says not to give up any relatives for meens nature nu advice pannuraru.. Kobi n malar in their room.. talking about mahes ill talk.. kobi accepts that he shouldnt his FIL to go n call mahesAngryAngryAngryAngry.. talk continues.. geets also joins there.. kobi tells there is an chance jags also might have leaked words.. but malar she is sure that he didnt n shows the mobile recording.. geets n kobi hears it.. feels disgusting..kobi asks why she didnt reveal before Sr.pp.. Malar says sr.pp would not spare meens nu sollura.. kobi ask malar to come with him.. malarsays if he really wants to ask thi let him go alone nu solluraClapClapClapClapClap..kobi n geets goes out n calls meens but didnt find her.. geets says may be at mahes place.. kobi leaves to mahes place. meens enter home from backyard..geets scolds her for stupid talking n tells abt mobile adharam. meens says that she will put plate the other way nu solluranga.

Lola to kamu place.. DIL n MIL ore konjings.. devs ore happy.. kamu tells abt her kadai growth.. MIL Says u make pirandai thuvayal for tamarind rice.. its best combination nu solli tells recipe..both decide to do it immtly.. dev goes to home garden to get pirandai.

kobi comes to mahes place.. mahes asusal disrespect him.. when he ask why he did it.. SR comes from backyard n scolds kobi for making his home as panchayat madam..n scolds him more n make him to go out. n screams at mahes to get inside home n tells not to poke noce anymore n bring nu sense to his home nu sends her in .. slowly comes out.. ran towrds kobi n apologize to him n tells he has take this to correct mahes nu solluran.. kobi is smiling says we are lucky to have you.. again SR Scolds n tells henceforth he will have to be like this with all nu sollitu goes back to his home.. Kobi is smiling at him

Screen Freezes..

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