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AR FF: TMLS [Chapter 13: Pg.76] 30/7/14

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Hey guys. I'm Ananya. I am a huge KaJen fan. I did see a post where there were many people including me wanting an AsMud OS or FF, well here I am with one.



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A Magical Beginning 

"Sir, we got the perfect place" said a voice from the other side of the phone. "But the only problem is that it's quite far from Bhopal so you might not be able to visit the centre regularly."

"That's fine. I want to see this plot tomorrow. Give me the address and the place where it is located" said Asad Ahmed Khan, the biggest industrialist of Bhopal who was planning on building a hospital for the poor and was thus searching for the perfect land.

Next day, Asad set off to see the land. It was 12 hours before he could get there. He reached the place at 6 in the evening. After examining the land, he concluded that it was perfect for the hospital.

"Oh no, there's no signal here. How am I going to get someone to tow m car," shouted a frustrated Asad in the middle of the road. He suddenly became silent after hearing the sound of trinkets and decided to follow the sound, hoping to find someone who could help him.

He followed the sound till he reached a huge place filled with kids. He was looking around for an adult when he spotted someone in the dark. He walked to the person. The first he noticed was her 'kamar'. It seemed like 'she' was looking for something as she was bending. He walked up to her and tapped her on her shoulder.

"Aaah. Who are you? If you're a thief, let me tell you, you are stuck here since there are 15 of us here and if you're not, then who the hell are you and why did you scare the living daylights out of me?" Kumud almost shrieked.

"There are 15 people. Thank god. I thought I would have to deal with a crazy woman. I'll ask for help from someone else Miss?" Asad replied after rubbing his ears. Frankly speaking, he was fascinated by this beautiful woman and wanted to deal only with her but after hearing her shriek, he came out of his thoughts.

"It's Kumud. Kumud Sundari. And, sorry to disappoint you, but all the others are sleeping and only the kids are awake so whatever help you need, I'm the only person you can ask since you're not going to finding anybody at least in a 5km radius from here. So, what help do you need?" Kumud replied to him with a smirk on her face.

'Of all the people, I had to get to stuck with this crazy, mad, beautiful, gorgeous woman. God, what did I do to deserve this bliss' Asad was thinking when he was snapped out of his thoughts by Kumud again.

"Could you please tell me where I will get signal in this wilderness? My car broke down and I need to call the tow service and also inform my mother since she worries about me like I'm a teenager. And also, is there any hotel nearby where I could stay the night?" Asad asked her after seeing her angry face after snapping him out of his thoughts.

Kumud's face softened after she heard him talk about his mother. After all, how many do you find worrying about their parents so much at this age and seeing the love on his face for his mother, Kumud's heart had to melt.

"Well, you'll get signal if you go back to the camp site. There is unfortunately no hotel nearby but you can stay at the campsite. I can ask one of my colleagues to share their room or you can sleep on the ground and I can give you the blankets or you can convince one of the children to share their room with you but I don't think you'll be able to convince them so I guess I'll go and talk to one of my colleagues." Kumud replied to him with a smile.

She hoped he would go and convince one of the children since she couldn't go and wake one of her colleagues up or she would have to give him her own blankets so she had to challenge his ego. Hopefully, it would work.

"Miss Kumud, you don't have to wake one of your colleagues up. I'll convince one of the children." Asad replied. He walked to the campsite and went to one group of boys and somehow managed to convince them by going down on his knees and begging them and then bribing them with chocolates too. Kumud, who was watching all this from a corner, started laughing to herself at his adorable way of convincing the kids. Though she felt sorry for him, she couldn't help him since the kids were all devils in disguise.

Hearing someone laugh, Asad turned around and saw Kumud laughing like an angel when he was suddenly shaken by one of the kids. It was only then that he realized that Kumud was laughing at him. Determined to take his revenge, the prim and proper Asad Ahmed Khan did something which no one who knew would have imagined. He started laughing along with her. Kumud, seeing him laugh, stopped laughing and stared at him shock. Taking advantage of the situation, Asad bent down and picked up the pipe of water and ran to the tap and opened it. After seeing the water coming out, he slowly turned towards Kumud and with a smirk on face lifted it.

The water hit Kumud straight in her face and Kumud finally came out of her shock. She ran towards Asad and he started running towards the other side, thus beginning the cat and mouse chase. They ran for 10 minutes when Kumud stopped and started huffing and puffing. Asad, now observing Kumud saw water droplets trickling down her forehead and couldn't take his eyes off her flawless beauty. Kumud, noticing him drifting off into his dreamland yet again snatched the water pipe and turned it towards Asad. It was Asad's turn to be drenched. He stood there till he was completely drenched and then started chasing Kumud who had already sensed this was going to happen.

Asad couldn't reach and he caught hold of her dupatta causing her to turn and fall backward on Asad. She immediately got up and after seeing Asad in his dreamland yet again, she stamped his foot bringing Asad back into the real world.

When Asad stood up, she gazed at him intently. His shirt which was white was now completely drenched and had become translucent. She could see glimpses of his six packs when took a breath.

"Miss Kumud, are you mentally unclothing me? Because, looking at the way you're staring at me, that's exactly what it seems like. Please stop doing that, since it's awkward and weird." Asad asked her after seeing her staring, and practically drooling at him with her mouth open.

Finally, the children who were controlling themselves, burst out laughing hearing Asad's statement. Asad and Kumud too finally realized that there were people other than them there too. Kumud, now turning bright red turned towards the children and gave them a smile which meant they were dead. The children started gulping seeing her walk towards them. With the same smile, Kumud said, "My dear children, do you want me to tell the teachers that you stayed up till" glancing at her watch "12.10pm because if you want me too, I can definitely tell them and then your trip will get cut short and then all of you will get long lectures from your respective teachers."

Asad who was quiet all this time blurted out without thinking, "You're a teacher? Wow, I wish I had a teacher as beautiful as you. Lucky kids." Hearing this, the children who were all serious again started laughing which resulted in Asad realizing what he said and Kumud glaring at him and then at the kids. The kids seeing her ran back to their rooms and Asad gulped again. "I would advise you to make your call now and then go to whichever kid you're sharing with within 5 minutes since you're definitely not going to want to deal with me after that. Hearing her, Asad ran away towards the rooms and Kumud walked back to her room in anger to change, cursing Asad Ahmed Khan with all the words she knew.

The next morning, Asad woke up early and was walking towards the exit when again he heard the sound of trinkets and saw Kumud behind him still scolding him but now was sneezing too.

"Let me meet him. He's so dead. Achoo! I got this stupid cold Achoo because of him. You're Achoo so dead Asad Ahmed Khan" Kumud muttered. Asad who saw her in a bad mood tried to get out of the camp site as fast as he could but then was spotted by Kumud who was giving him her if-looks-could-kill look. Asad then stopped and turned facing her with a smile.

"Bye Kumud. Thanks for helping me." Asad told her and then turned to go back. Kumud kept following him till they reached the exit. After reaching the exit, she called out to Asad, who had stopped and was searching for the taxi   and his mom who had come after catching the first flight coming into Gujarat. Kumud went to him and started scolding him and shouting at him. "What were you thinking when you poured water on me? Achoo Because of you, I'm stuck with this stupid cold. What is wrong with you?"

"What did I do? You were laughing at me so I had to take my revenge" Asad replied but thinking 'Even I don't know what triggered me to do that but one day and you've made me do things which I haven't done in 31 years of my life.' What Asad didn't know was that his mother, Dilshaad, was watching this scene with a lot of interest since she herself was shocked that her obedient son Asad had done all this. Kumud was still shouting at him when Asad spotted his mother. He said a quick bye to Kumud and then walked towards the taxi.

His mother started enquiring about Kumud as soon as he got into the taxi and continued pestering him until they reached Bhopal. After reaching their home, Asad went straight to his bedroom and lay down on his bed recalling his moments with Kumud. He then shrugged off his thoughts thinking he wouldn't meet her after today.

Little did he know that fate had other plans for the two of them.


"Yes Bapu, I'll take care of myself. Don't worry; I won't go out of their house except for going to office. Bye Bapu. Bye Maa. Bye everyone" saying this, Kumud left her house to go to Bhopal for 7 months on an exchange program from her school. Though it was the holiday season for a month from now, she was sent one month before to get used to her surroundings where she was going to be living for more than half the year. As soon as she reached the arrivals centre in the airport, she saw someone holding a board saying Kumud Sundari. She walked up to the person and was shocked that it was the same man who she met at the picnic. Though she had forgotten his name, she recognized his face.

On the other hand, Asad who had not even read the name plate turned it around and saw the name after seeing Kumud. He had not forgotten Kumud either but he remembered her name and saw her in his dreams every other night. 2 months after he met her, he had become fed up of his dreams and went to talk to his mother about why she kept coming in his dreams. Dilshaad was the one who made Asad realize and accept the fact that Asad had fallen in love with Kumud Sundari at first sight. Asad did not know why he fell in love with her and only knew that he loves her. Dilshaad had found out that this Kumud Sundari was her best friend's daughter. When Guniyal called her to ask her about any good house in Bhopal, Dilshaad jumped at the opportunity and told her that Kumud could stay at her home.

After reassuring Guniyal, she had thought of telling Asad immediately but then decided to surprise him and just mentioned to him that a guest was going to come to their home and stay there for 7 months. Though initially shocked about the length of the guest's stay, he agreed seeing his mother's excitement. 1 month after the bombshell was dropped; his mother dropped another bombshell saying that he would have to pick the guest up from the airport and kept the placard in his car face down. When he asked her the name, she just ignored the question and forced him to go to the airport.

Now he had finally begun to understand his mother's antics and her weird behavior today. He just hoped that his mother wouldn't blurt out the truth about his feelings in front of Kumud because, knowing her, she might just do that, knowingly or unknowingly.

Kumud finally coming back to her senses asked, "I'm going to be staying at your house or are you just the driver of Dilshaad aunty?"

Asad replied, "Do you always make completely wrong assumptions about people or is it only with me that you make such assumptions? Do I look like a driver to you?"

Kumud stifling a laugh replied, "Answering your first question, no, I don't always make wrong assumptions with people but you're not unique either. The answer to your second question is, yes, you do look like a driver in that suit you're wearing. It's not my fault that you wear clothes like a driver but still, sorry for mistaking you for a driver. Shall we leave now? My legs are paining and my bags are not light either."

Asad nodded and then reached out take the bag from her hand when their fingers brushed. He took a sharp intake of breath in and heard her doing the same. He slowly walked back to the car with her following him dragging another one of her suitcases. After putting the bags in the car, she opened the door to the back seat of the car when she heard Asad say, "Miss Kumud, contrary to popular belief, or should I say your belief, I'm not a driver. I repeat, I'm not a driver so would you please sit in the front and not in the back seat."

Kumud smiled at him and mumbled a soft sorry and then got into the front seat. It took them around half an hour to reach the house. Both of them didn't speak throughout the journey and as soon as they reached the house, Dilshaad and Najma welcomed Kumud in while completely ignoring Asad except when Dilshaad told him to bring the bags in. Dilshaad wanted to know all about her son's love while Najma was excited to know more about her future sister-in-law.

Kumud felt overwhelmed at all the love and affection she was getting from these 2 people who she just met. She asked, "Aunty is there anyone else other than you, Asad and Najma?" Dilshaad replied, "There are 4 more people but they are not at home. My husband Rashid, my other son Ayaan and my other daughters Nikhat and Nuzhat are also there. There's going to be one more person called Humeira who is Ayaan's fianc. Their marriage is in a month. You can meet all of them at dinner today." Looking at Kumud's confused face, she said, "Don't worry, you'll get used to our family in a while. Asad will help you with that, won't you Asad?"

Asad who had just caught up to them replied, "Yes, sure Ammi. Why wouldn't I? Did I tell you that I met her before? You remember I got stuck when my car broke down? She's the one who helped me." He silently pleaded with his eyes to Dilshaad telling her not to tell Kumud that he had talked to Dilshaad about her. They entered the house and Kumud was awed at the house's interiors. She was guided to her room by Najma. She freshened up and changed into a salwar kameez which her sister had forced her to buy along with many others telling her that it would be a good change since she's going to be staying in a city.

She came down when she heard someone reciting a shayari. Unknowingly, she burst out laughing hearing the shayari. Hearing someone laugh, Asad and Ayaan turned and while one smiled at her, the other glared at her. Ayaan walked up to her and knelt in front of her and took her hand in his and kissed her hand and introduced himself. "Hello, beautiful. I'm Ayaan. The most handsome, smart and dashing guy in this house who is unfortunately engaged. Had I known a woman as beautiful would be staying with us, I wouldn't have proposed."

Meanwhile, Asad who was getting jealous seeing his brother flirting with her interrupted him saying, "Ayaan, Humeira said she's going to be here in 5 minutes so you'd better get ready my brother." Ayaan gave a sorry look to Kumud and went up to his room when someone else came into the room shouting. "Hello. You're Kumud right. I'll call you Kumud Di okay. I'm Nuzhat and I'm 16 years old. You'll be teaching in my school so I'll show you around the school whenever you want to go. Are you always this silent?" Nuzhat said. "Nuzhat, she will speak only when you let her speak. And one more thing, she talks more than you. There's going to be some tough competition for you Aloo." Asad said and then chuckled. "Excuse me, Mr. Asad Ahmed Khan. I don't talk so much and even if I do, its none of your business. Your brother Ayaan is so sweet and you are so irritating." Kumud replied.

"Absolutely right bha- Kumud or should I say beautiful. I am very sweet but I don't know whether bhai is irritating. I'll let you be the judge of that." Ayaan said coming down the stairs after changing. "Ayaan, I would prefer you call me Kumud because judging by the looks that girl is giving since you called me beautiful, I definitely wouldn't want to be in your position right now." Kumud told him after seeing someone very angry at the door. Seeing her expressions, she guessed it was Humeira. Ayaan, immediately after seeing Humeira ran to her and started pacifying her while Asad, Nuzhat and Kumud burst out laughing seeing poor Ayaan's condition. Asad once again was lost in Kumud's beauty and came out of his thoughts once again when he heard Nuzhat clearing her throat.

"Bhaijaan, if you want me to tell bhabhijaan that you love her, I'll tell her right now because you seem to start staring at her at every chance you get that before she comes to know by herself, its better you or I go and tell her." Nuzhat whispered in Asad's ears. Asad whispered back, "No way. Don't go and tell her that I love her because then she'll again start her non-stop rant and by the way and" making his voice normal he continued, "there is no way I'm going to let you take Kumud to your school. Ammi has told me that I have to help show her around so I'll show her around." "Asad, if you remember, aunty only told you to help get to know the family better so showing me around is not part of the job." Kumud told him, not wanting to be stuck with Mr. Dobuu Ahmed Khan. Nuzhat stifled a laugh hearing this and converted it into a cough.

On the other hand, Ayaan had finally convinced Humeira that there was nothing going on between him and Kumud and they were back to being all lovey-dovey. Asad closed his eyes and turned away and he was followed by Nuzhat. Najma who was coming out of her room went back in seeing them. Kumud stood there not understanding what was going on. She saw Ayaan and Humeira going closer to each other and finally realized what was going and she too ran towards the kitchen and bumped into Asad and was about to fall when Asad caught her just in time.

"Both my brothers are romancing and I'm stuck in between watching them, then people say kids these days are very ahead in their thinking." Nuzhat said and sat down at the dining. Meanwhile, Kumud stood up and Asad trying to lighten the atmosphere after their intense staring session said, "Miss Kumud, could you please try not bumping into me from next time. It's very hard to catch you and then hold you considering your weight."

Kumud with fire in her eyes came closer to Asad and said,"Did I tell you to catch me?" Asad gulped thinking how his plan had backfired on him and then shook his head in a no. "So, mister, you have no right to comment upon my weight okay. It was your fault so do not try to put the blame on me." Kumud finished and then walked to the dining table and sat down with Nuzhat. Asad on the other hand muttered to himself, "Whoever kept her name should have kept her name as Kumud Spitfire and not Kumud Sundari. Best of luck to you Asad. You have to put up with her for the next 7 months and maybe after that too. You just had to fall for her didn't you?

Dinner was a merry affair. Kumud found out that Nikhat too was engaged to be married and she saw Imran's photo too. Rashid and Kumud gelled very well too and Rashid supported her in all the mini-arguments she had with Asad while dining. Even though Asad looked disappointed, he was very happy that Kumud was getting along with his family so well. Kumud offered to help Dilshaad with the dishes but Dilshaad kicked her out of the kitchen saying she was a guest and that she should not do work. Kumud tried to protest but became silent seeing Dilshaad glare at her.

Asad who watched this argument smiled to himself and went off to his room after the very long day he had. At around 2 in the night, Asad woke up to get some water. He went down to the kitchen when he heard someone. Curious to see who it was, he roamed throughout the house until he finally reached the garden where he saw a slim figure sitting on the bench. Going closer, he saw that it was Kumud who had her head bent. He was about to call her when he heard muffled sobs.

"Kumud, Kumud, are you crying? What happened? Are you upset because my mom didn't let you do the dishes? Asad asked her. Then trying to lighten the mood he said, "If you really want to help so badly, I'll talk to my mom and tell her to let you do the dishes. You know, I never thought I would see the day when Miss Kumud Spitfire will cry. Little did I know that she will cry over such a small matter?"

"Who said that I was crying? When I yawn, water comes out of my eyes and head was bent because I was very close to sleeping. And, wait a minute, did you call me Kumud Spitfire. How dare you? You are so dead, Asad" saying this, she ran behind him and Asad smiled seeing that he had succeeded in lightening her mood and Kumud too realized that he had made her forget her worries without using comforting words and just being himself. She was really glad and had started to see Asad in a different light.

Who knows? This might be the beginning of a two-sided love story.


That's it. Do review it and please do not bash because I do love both AsYa and SaMud but this is me fulfilling the wish of the KaJenian in me.


Ananya.. Smile

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awsm one.
Luvd it.
Cont asap.

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Originally posted by AMMY12

awsm one.
Luvd it.
Cont asap.

Ty. Glad you liked it. Smile
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M i dreaming...nooo... Embarrassed
Wow u just made me so happy yaar... Smile
Party 4r mee, my 1 more dream came true...
Itz beautifulll deary... Smile
Plz do continue or do write an FF on dem yaar plzz...
M so glad sweetie dat u did it... Hug
Love ya... Heart

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Originally posted by -Mith-

M i dreaming...nooo... Embarrassed Nope, you are definitely not. Big smile
Wow u just made me so happy yaar... Smile Glad to help. LOL
Party 4r mee, my 1 more dream came true... Mujhe bhi party dena! WinkLOL
Itz beautifulll deary... Smile Thank you. Smile
Plz do continue or do write an FF on dem yaar plzz... I'll try.  Smile
M so glad sweetie dat u did it... Hug 
Love ya... Heart Love u too. Heart 

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Yaa yaa hum milke party karenge...   Party
U kno i was waiting 4r dis frm so long,
at last kisine toh kiya... Tongue
N v KaJen fans shud b thankful 4r u,
n 4r dis amazing OS... Embarrassed
Really yaar jus try writin an FF on dem,
bt only if u nt busy okay... Smile
No Zabardasti ... LOL

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