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Tu Tu Mein Mein Contest |Winners|

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"Tu Tu Mein Mein"


First of all thanks for participating in "Tu Tu Mein Mein" Contest I hope you all have enjoyed.

I am here to announce the winners of the contest.


A very very special thanks to -Srushti- for picking up the winning questions and answers for each group. It was surely a big task for her looking at the number of entries we had received.

-Srushti- thanks buddy.

Here is a small token of appreciation for you i hope you like it.

Here were the two teams of the Contest.

free to use

ChhanChhan Group

1) Mylosthopes 

2) CrazyAmie

3) Kodhai (CAPTAIN)

4) sadhnasoumya

5) princessunara

6) Unknowndesire

7) krishmita

8) CrazzyBusy

9) TazLuvArShiAsYa

10) JohnyLovesSanz

11) cool127

12) jeb1

13) .SilentPrincess

free to use

UmaBen Group

1) -Kina-

2) -Swetz-

3) cruze

4) ..hrideyy..

5) JAJfan_Inshifan

6) .Chanchan.

7) cute00ish

8) GodhuliLogon (CAPTAIN)

9) OldieDezard

10) khoshidarling

11) DiehardYMfan

 12) Nichuss

13) ajaved

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Questions and Answers

Questions from Team ChhanChhan
Answers from Team Uma Ben

a. Will u let me be with Manav for 24 hrs a day for 365 days in a year? 

---Are you nuts, you want to join him while he is pee#######

b. Can you write to a fashion magazine and start a new trend of wearing jhmkas on your 

--Yeah whats the problem in it 
It makes no difference whether the  jhumka is on head or ear as long as it is not in the 
belly button

Q.5. Why are you so "kharoos"? And will I be the same when I'm at your age?
-- You will be much more as you have already began to show the signs
a. Will u eat food cooked by me?

--Definitely! I am dying to eat food cooked by you, because as it is I have had enough of 
theplas and dhoklas by my bahus. Now I am dying to eat food cooked by you because they say 
confident people make good cooks and so I m sure looking forward to your cooking.Just make 
sure you dont add too much sugar as I m diabetic

b. Do u prefer me or my dogs?

 --For me (and most probably all of us) you and your dogs are inseperable. You eat breathe 
and live dogs and I appreciate that, so the question of preference does not arise . However 
if, in case, such a situation arises we will have to choose you because you are 
indispensable all of us!

2. if I want to visit my parents home once a week after wedding ?

--Definitely! Even I have a daughter and I would also like her to visit me after marriage. 
Just because she is married  does not mean she has snaped all her links with me. Same goes 
for you, because you know what parents love girls a lil more 

a. Will u ever get a 0 size figure like me?

--the question is for an MIL soo MIL's are generally of age 45+ soo here is the answer from 
the point of view of a MIL
see,you have a zero figure its great.but at my age getting a zero figure is simply very 
difficult.if i would have been 0 size from start then i could have maintained my figure.
but you know what DIL you r 0 size but have u ever thought... whenever air will blow with a 
high speed you will blow with it.. when you wears some clothes which are a little oversized 
u look like a hanger and top of that u cannot even handle 3 kg of wait...
soo dont get over confident with your zero size coz it has disadvantages too..

b. Why did you accept me all of a sudden? 

---i accepted ou all of a sudden becouse i wanted my son's happiness.
i didnt wanted to see him bieng devdas and drinking entire day i wanted to see him smile 
all day for my son i can bare you for my son. waise bhi i know you will spend most of your 
time in teaching dogs.

Q.6. What qualities do you hate to have in your daughter-in-law?

i will hate if she has these qualities.
3- disrespectful towards elders
4-she must not back answer.
5-she should be modern but not tat much modern tat she forgots her values and cultures.. 

a. Why do you prefer illiterate daughter in law?

--I prefer an illiterate daughter in law because its my choice. Me being the main lady for 
the house, I can choose whatever I want. I don't want my "bahu" to outsmart me!!! Jokes, I 
am an undercover saas. My true form is a master manipulator. I manipulate people and use 
them for my own advantages. Kamudi makes me awesome and delicious good. Ranjana entertains 
me by causing me to taunt her. And the last Babu makes me laugh and shake my head at her 
naivety. I teach illiterate Daughter-In-Laws and make them smart and strong. Me being the 
world class saas I am, I fulfill my duty of taunting them while taking their advantage and 
teach them street smart. I cannot do that with literate bahus. This is Agent Saas!!!

b. Are you expecting dowry from me?

--No I am not expecting dowry from you. I do want some great gifts. No shaadi without 
gifts. LOL Jokes!!! Me, being the agent I am, I need some payment to do this role. Its hard 
work dominating bahus and I need my dowry gifts. They are a compensation for all my hard 
work. Like fees before education. No Pain, No Gain. Jokes, really, I don't believe in 
dowry, but PuchPuch would be a good dowry!!!

7. Give 10 tips on how our relationship can be a healthy one?

(1) Always get a gift for your hubby/wifey. They say that they don't need a gift or a 
surprise however they always expect it sometimes. It makes them feel special and loved. 
Plus it adds to the romance. ;-)
(2) Say what you need. Communicate. Sorry but your partner is not Edward Cullen who can 
read minds. Some people barely listen when you are speaking, then how cna they understand 
what you are not speaking. Talk People. Talk about your concerns, fears, hopes and dreams 
so it makes it easier to blackmail your partner!!!
(3) Always respect your Mother-In-Law. Because a woman scorned is a relationship fail.
(4) Always apologize even if you didn't make a mistake. We all know you are going to make a mistake soon. There is always a yet.
(5) Help your partner in house chores. Its a boring yet a necessary task. Use music to help 
you. Also maybe dress up like a superhero and try to clean up with super speed. Your 
partner will appreciate you and maybe you might get a rewardwa.
(6) If your partner is angry, bow down. Similarly to how we bow down and hide during 
tornado, apply the same advice while dealing with your partner's anger. After the storm has 
passed, talk the problem out.
(7) Try to cook together. If you cook together and attempt new recipies, you can laugh at 
the bad recipes and eat the good ones. It will also be fun to blame the other person and 
also having fun making up. It will be good bonding time.
(8) Act silly with your partner form time to time. Pretend to act crazy and just bond with 
eachother. A couple thats crazy together stays together!!! ;-P
(9) Work as a team in everything. Act like the hero and the sidekick who are fighting 
problems together like crime.
(10) Honesty is the best policy. Always be honest with your partner because if you lie and 
get caught, only god can save your and the relationship.

a. Why you don't involve your daughter in laws with your social service?

--if the head of the family is doing Social work,that dose not mean that whole family or my DIL have to follow their elders,and doing social service is not a simple work it's very hard task and i do not want my DIL to pressure  them by giving them household work n the social service too,they should first manage their family,coz i believe Family comes  first.

b. Will you watch English movie with me?

-- First of all i do not understand english very much so it's meaning less to watch English movie, n second i do not have spare time  for movie and all, but if there is some interesting Gujarati Movie ,i may think of it.

a. How wil u convince me if i doesn't let you watch d show u like ? ?

--i will show my keys...which can attract you... 

b. What wil u do if ur son meets wid an accident d next day of our marriage wil you blame 
me, ma luck , if d society do so??

--never ... i will take it as fate and will accept u as my daughter

1. if i don't wear sari after marriage ??

u can wear the mini skirts..

3. If you get to know the pot in the garden was broken by puchpuch ?

broke the Pot... ohh noo... loss hogaya ... i wish it was Manav ki dad's head instead of 
POT ... useless head hai .

a. Wat wil you do if i wear a tee and capri , or a comfortable nite dres at home, wen ur 
close frnd happen to come to meet u? ? 

-- I will do nothing I will just make u wear the same dress everyday till u beg me to let u 
take it off n swear never to wear it 

b.  How wil you react if i find dat your bed iz broken ? ? ?

-- I will firstly take u to my bed room show u the broken bed n make u sleep on just to.make sure that you dont expect me to react at ur stupid little finding that are nt impo in this house

a. Wil you allow adoption ? ? Even if i vry wel can concieve?

--No. I dont see the necessitiy of it. Its not that I am against it but I feel its not 
required if my DIL can conceive. I want my grand children to be given utmost care by their 
real parents. I would rather help some orphans to build their lives as much as I can.

b. What would you do if your daughter in law has no idea about how to do chores? Would you  still accept her as your bahu. 

-- Yes I will definitely accept her . I will treat her as my own daughter and try to teach her what her parents could not teach her before. 

4. I am overly attached to my dog..and after marriage I take him with me.. And now he falls 
in love with you. He stays with you, in your room, on your bed. And he doesn't allow your 
husband to stay with you...he wants you for himself only.. so I love my dog so I'd anything 
for his happiness, and your son wants my happiness.. sso for your son's happiness would you do as the dog wants? 

No I wont do that obviously. I would try to find some other way to solve this dog issue .. 
will take some professional helps to train it properly so that this household problem can be avoided. 

a. If you made a mistake would you accept it in front of your daughter in law?

- yes

b. What if i want to bring 4 dogs with me when i get married ?

--i will not let you from me if ur husband means my son let you then i will let you

a. What would be your reaction if i Cook better than you?

--I would make you cook everyday! Dhokla ,Phaphda ,chochda ,maaphda...All the gujarati 
dishes and even the dishes that dont exist so that you forget half of your cooking skills!

b. One quality your daughter in law must have. 

-She should know how to be 'invisible' . Her only job is to hide her face and show it if I ask her to!

a. If u come to know I don't know cooking what would be ur reaction? 

--first i will be shocked,will be angry,then i will try to teach. because i will not leave u so easily. 

b. if i want to work after marriage ur thoughts ?

-- first of all i will not allow but still if u will do then u have to manage both household as well as ur work,if they both are managed perfectly then i dont have problem. 

8. What is more important to you.. your son's happiness (Chanchan) or your 

--Everyone will think my ego but frankly speaking it will be son happiness because every 
mother want their children to be happy

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Questions and Answers

Questions from Team Uma Ben
Answers from Team ChhanChhan


1. Why DIL dont consider as their sasumaa as their mother??

It is not only that DIL's don't consider their saasuma as their mom but even MIL's don't consider their DIL's as their daughter in the fear that the DIL will snatch the san away from his mother.
2.why they come with the mission to snatch the son away from their mother?

No DIL will want to seperate her husband from her MIL becausethe DIL would have faced the pain of seperation from her parents and if the DIL loves her husband then she wouldn't want him to face the same.

3.why they dont like to do domestic chores in their sasural which they used to do in their maternal home?

Mostly in their maternal home the daughters are not forced to do the household chores but in their sasural they have to fulfill their duty as a DIL so they are forced to do all the work. No one will like to do work which is forced on them.
4. why they dont like their husband spending money on other family members?

Wives don't like their husband spending money on other family members because they feel that the husband will not care for them or spend money on them. Another reason is that the amount spent on family is large so they may feel that their husbands might not have enough money to spend on them.
5. why they want their husband to praise only them not others?

Wives are possesive. They don't mind their husbands praising their mom but if the husdand praises his mother more than his wife then she might feel that he doesn't love her.
6) as a married women what has to be the top priority pleasing the husband or obey the m/f in law??

As a married women the top priority pleasing the husband or obey the M/F im law has to be that the DIL/wife has to kee p the whole family happy, cheerful and free from problems.

7) within our society for a married women her husband is the most important person what if the parnter 
has lost intrest in their partners what should the partners do n y ??

If a partner has lost interset in his/her partner then he/she should find out why he/she has lost intrest. That will help in understaing each other better and maybe help them make their relationship stronger.
8) if a husband is allowed to beat his wife is it appropite the same women can beat up her husband in name or justice or revenge?

As per law a husband cannot physically assault his wife. So if he physically assaults his wife then the wife must register a complaint againt him.
9) in a marriage diffrent roles are played by the men amd women what role would you like to exchange with your husband if u had a chance ??

I'm not married but if I was then I would exchange the role of a son with my husband because mother son relationship is the most beautiful relationship in this world and I can show my husband that I am not jelous if he loves his mother.


1.Your child is closer to your in-law .She prefers to spend more time with her and not with you.As a mother this makes you feel uncomfortable...and your MIL is taking advantage of the are feeling your daughter is slightly turning against you...what steps will you take to ensure a healthy balance between all the relationships?? 
 I will try to find reasons why the hell my daughter is against her adorable mother and try to spent some time with her and get rid of her misconception and keep eye on MIL.

2.  Suppose your in-laws insist that you carry your husband's surname but your family wants you to carry your maiden name..what will you do and why??

 I will keep both name like Sussanne Khan Roshan to maintain peace of course, fighting over surname big no

3. Suppose there is a belief which your family opposes and you are also not too inclined towards it but your husband's family takes it as a very pious deed..will you perform the deed or not and why will you prefer one option over the other??

 No I will not perform it if I am not convinced with it.

4.suppose there is a dress code at your in-laws place which they follow religiously...but you want to wear all fashionable clothes...what will you abide by and why?? 

 I will try to do some modification with my dress code.

5.  Your mother-in-law wants you to accompany her somewhere or she will be mightily hurt but you have to finish the deadline of your work??Which one will you choose and why??

 It depends on emergency. If it's not that important then definitely I will finish my work first and find another suitable person to go with my MIL.

6. will she would be a good and faithful and loyal wife?

Faithful and loyalty of wife depends on husband, if husband is loyal, caring, loving and faithful then a wife should be faithful and loyal too.

7.will she will be able to treat her in laws as her own family.
 If her in laws treat her like a family then she should treat her like a family too.

8.will she try to manipulate his husband against his family . 

 No she should not manipulate her husband. If her in laws are really evil then she should give him choice between her and in laws to her hubby.

9. in a given situation who will be her 1st priroty her in laws or her own family.

   If her in laws are like evil then she should choose her own family, otherwise both should be prioritize 



 1-according to you how can a daughter-in-law can be an ideal daughter-in-law?

ANS: a daughter in law can only be ideal if if she gets ideal in laws. . . As no 1 is perfect. . .

2-According to you what can be the qualities of an ideal mother-in-law? give only qualities.{only write the name of the qualities}


3-suppose you are an daughter-in-law of an rich family. Your mother-in-law has thrown a big party but at due to some faults the arrangements dosent get completed. Your mother-in-law is very tensed and your passion is event planning but you dosent go well with your mother-in-law? Will you help her or will you let her reputation be spoiled in front of everybody?

3.aftr HELPING HER, REWARD BHI TO MILEGA . . . (hehehe)
4. MERI BADHAI BHI TO HOGI, and den MY MIL CAN'T DO MY CHUGLI also . . . (no1 wil believe her)

4-what kind of a mother-in-law you want to get when you will get married? Give reasons for your answer'{u will find this simillar to question 2 but its different in this u have to give reasons and explain explain what kind of MIL you want}
Ans- A. Understanding , life is wonderful with an undrstnding person... if she undrstnd my mood my nature my lifestyle my thinking, it wil be much easy 4 us to live our life cheerfully. . . !
B. Open minded, coz i hate ppl who just follow the world blindly, she should at least have open mind to change acc. To time and keep a broad perspective to life. . . She should atleast try to listnen to me and correct me if i'm wrong. i wil nly listnen if i know she's talking aftr trying to undrstand my point. . .
C. Frank, coz then i wil open up, and life wil be easy. . . 
D. Supportive, she should supprt me in my life, comforting me that she's there to help, its like inverter , when power is gone a hope remains :)

5-Be kind to your mother-in-law the same way you would like your husband to be kind to your own you believe in this? Why/why not? and will you be following it in your future. Why/why not?

Ans: Yes , i believe so to some extent because it is what marriage is al about, maintain new relations, but in exchange you should also get some love, if my mil gives me the same amt of respect or love as her son why shouldn't i follow it. . . ?

6. If your mother-in-law wants to learn guitar but your husband and father-in-law dont support this .. what will you do ?

ANS- MAI APNE PATI KO SAMJHA KE KHUD SIKH LUNGI AND THEN I WIL TEACH HER at home . . . (wese i know to play guitar) 
If datz n't possible you tube jindabaad. . . !

7. If your mother-in-law slaps you for some reasons while arguing with her what will you do?

Ans. I WiL AND JUST LEAVE THE PLACE and walk out. . . !
Then try to figure out the reason, MAN I'M SHORT TEMPERED , DEFINATELY I WIL BE ANGRY . . . ! ya i wil need time and lot of sweet words to calm down. . . ! and if i'm not at wrong, she wil have to come to me and atleast pacify me, if n't then my love respct and care is hard to gain again, SASUMA. . . ! AND IF I'M AT WRONG , i wil talk to her nly aftr she comes to me and start the talk. . ! ya i'm egoistic :)

8.will u leave ur career after marriage?

Ans : Yes but i wil first whole heartedly try to convince them about my job . If they want me to leave , i wil . . . !

9.what u know about mother-in law?




1.Any interest in cooking..?

Ans: Well.. I kow everything from Chinese, Desi, Continental, Thai, and lots of other names of food. 
2..Do you know driving..?

Ans:  Yes, I do. I feel its important thing, because it doesn't make you dependent on others.

3..Do you wear Saree or always in western outfit?

Ans:  Well.. I prefer both. After all variety is the spice of life . ;) I mean I feel we should respect a family's traditions, but we should also put a modern touch to it. And in this sense.. I would wear saree at times, to please by in-laws but I'd also like to wear western outfits because with time we should adapt things to our old traditions to enrich them. So i'd like to wear both.
4..Any crazing using accessories matching with dress?

Ans:  Well.. yes one..and that's my hubby/to-be hubby.. My best accessorie, that match perfectly with me. ;)
5..Are you intrested in watching serials?

Ans:  No, I like to watch them live at home.(Kitchen politics etc). Haha.. ;)
6) a husbands and wives realtionship is of the strongest relationship yet at the same time is a very declicate one according to what are the three most important elements are nessacary when looking for a life partner ( when she states them ) asks her if she thinjs sge has these factors 

Ans: 1. What he values in life, what his prorities are, how he wants to live his life.
2. And maybe the most important one, can we be together. If we can form a bond, and if we can really live together. And If I am compatible with his family.
3. And lastly someone who is strong minded, and can will stand up to what's right, for me and himself.

7.If you are an working woman and you have a job which transferred you to some other place than your husband's job place.. what would you do ? Will you stay back with your husband or go to your current job place by yourself ?

Ans:  I'd try to make things work, by staying where I am. If however it doesn't work and the transfer is must. Then I'd take my husband with me to work, IF the family is fine with it. If they're not, i would quit or anything else that would cancel the transfer. Work is definitely important, but not more than family.
8. If you stay with your in-laws and you saw a problem between your in-laws what will you do to help on that matter as a DIL?

Ans:  If its something i should interven in..then I will. If not then no. But whatever it is. It depends on what the problem is. As a DIL you shouldn't speak in all matter.. so it depends.
9. If your mother-in-law wants to watch dabaang and your husband wants to watch ship of theusis .. whom will you support in this case if you are the one who has to decide ?

Ans:  I'd go with both. We'll make a movie plan. On one weekend we'll go with sasu maa and the next weekend its Hubby's choice. We'll take MIL choice first as she's the eldest in the family and my hubby would ofc want that. 

10)  if ur in laws do not prefer u for doing any job , what u will choose
Ans: Well.. we're living in the 2013. I think girl have the freedom to choose what they want to do and what not. So I'll make them understand what my job is to me. I think they will allow me, because I will not let my job interfer in my married life. So there shouldn't be any objection.

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All Questions posted in the respective threads. The Questions which were not answers are also posted.

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The Winner of Best Question in ChhanChhan Team goes to



"If you get to know the pot in the garden was broken by puchpuch ?"

here is your prize hope you like it Embarrassed


The Winner of Best Question in Uma Ben Team goes to

khoshidarling DIL


"why they dont like to do domestic chores in their sasural which they used to do in their maternal home"

here is your prize hope you like it Embarrassed


The Winner of Best Answer in ChhanChhan Team goes to



"why they dont like to do domestic chores in their sasural which they used to do in their maternal home?"

"Mostly in their maternal home the daughters are not forced to do the household chores but in their sasural they have to fulfill their duty as a DIL so they are forced to do all the work. No one will like to do work which is forced on them."

here is your prize hope you like it Embarrassed

The Winner of Best Answer in ChhanChhan Team goes to



"If you get to know the pot in the garden was broken by puchpuch ?"

"broke the Pot... ohh noo... loss hogaya ... i wish it was Manav ki dad's head instead of POT ... useless head hai ."

here is your prize hope you like it Embarrassed

I am happy "Uma Ben" team, the best team considering the most participation, effeciant captaincy and best timing. A special mention to Godhulilogon for binding the team together and bringing out the best. A big round of applause for her guys.

And here is the siggy for your team which you can use as the winning team.


Last but not the Least Thanks to all the ChhanChhan DTs for letting me conduct this game. Thanks to GM for trasfering the CC threads from Misc forum to ChatClub

and Sano88 for approving the Game Idea

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congratulations guys

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congratulations to the winners. Clap

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