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ronshaan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 5:01am | IP Logged

this was a nice chapter

vikram did sugni's sardakaii and ma saheb could not stop it LOLWink 
it was nice ... gulabiya fall and became ill / vikram sugni to take her to the hospital
it was awesome !!
waiting for next chapter WinkLOLTongue

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ronshaan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 June 2013 at 5:02am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sara1993

Absolutely amazing Julie, i thoroughly enjoyed this chapter. I could have imagined the expression on everyone's faces when Vikram's scarf landed on Sugni's head especially Ma Saheb's LOL.Oh Julie, i really liked this part:

By this time Sugni who had removed her scarf, found herself staring at the most handsome man she ever seen. He had straight black hair, long lashed brown eyes and was handsome in a very clean cut, outdoorsy way. He was definitely not the curled-end mustached, chubby looking uncle of a thakur she had imagined!!

Here is a picture for youBig smile

It is so nice to see that you retained this quality  of Vikram that is, his care and concern for the well being of others. In PSH, this was one of the reasons why everyone loved him, 

I am eagerly awaiting the next chapter. You are doing a fantastic  job so far Julie. I admire your creativity.

agreed ... !!!
the very hadsome thakur Clap the most helpful and caring !!!

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JulieD IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 June 2013 at 5:23pm | IP Logged

Chapter Five


Vikram pulled on the side of the road about two streets away from the mansion. He looked at Sugni who was staring out oblivious to the fact that the jeep had stopped or that Vikram was looking at her. He figured that she must be worried about her mother just as he was worried about his. Both for different reasons of course.

When the tears started rolling down her cheeks, he held out a tissue for her but she still didn't take it. He reached across and snapped his fingers in front her eyes, startling her. She looked at him and wiped her cheeks. 


Vikram looked at her face then and realized that since they met, this was the first time that he was actually seeing her properly. She had huge brown eyes that were smudged with make-up.  Her hair was tied back in some arrangement on top of her head with a few tendrils bordering her face. She was still wearing all the jewelry and a red sari from the ceremony. Damn, she was beautiful but she appeared awfully young and somehow innocent beneath her bedni background.  

He wondered what she must be thinking about him. Her sardakai was supposed to be done by his brother but he had barged in and did it himself. She must be No she couldn't be because his mother had chosen her. In any case, she must be confused about what was going on and with her mother's ill health; things must be really scary for her. 


"Listen, I want you to know that your mother is in very good hands, there is no need to spend the night worrying about her ok?"

She nodded her head in reply. 

He wondered what to do with her. God knows he did not want a bedni. The thought of it just revolted him. But he had to take her home with him until he spoke to his mother and Bhushan and they could resolve the whole mess that was Bhushan's marriage. He decided to just level with her so that she would know his stance on Rai and sardakai and she would not have any expectations from him. 


Sugni looked at him and guessed from the look on his face that he wanted to say something. She dried her eyes slowly and wondered what was going to happen. When her mother had collapsed, she had forgotten that she was sardakaied to the wrong thakur. Now she wondered what his reasons were, what his intention was...She wondered if he was a ruthless thakur...or a perverted one at that... But he had taken her mother to the hospital and this was something no other thakur would have ever done. He had paid the bills and even reassured her mother. Sita maiya this is all so confusing. He did not behave like a thakur yet he did my sardakai. What does all this mean? Just who is man? Does he want to hurt me?


"Um Sugni? That is your name right?" he asked.

She just nodded her head again.

"Sugni, I am Thakur Vikram Singh, younger brother of the man who was supposed to do your sardakai. I...listen...I want to explain something to you before we reach the haveli'"


Oh gross! I knew it!! He wants to inform me about the extra money he paid for my mother's bills and wants to make sure that I remember! She thought to herself.


"Sugni? Are you listening to me? I said I want to explain something to you."


"Yes I heard you thakur malak. And don't worry; I know that you paid more than was agreed on for my sardakai. So what do you want in return? Do I have to stay for a longer period than the required time with you or what?"


"What? What are you talking about?" Vikram was shocked.


"Oh come on thakur malak, don't pretend to be surprised. I know you are worried that you would not be able to consummate this relationship because I am worried about my mother. You must be sorry that you paid her hospitals bills now aren't you?"


"Wait just one minute here Sugni!! I don't like what you are implying! I did not have any ulterior motive for helping your mother. I did it because it was the humane thing to do. There is no need to pay me back either. As for the consummation part, that is exactly what I want to talk to you about. I don't want you. I don't want a bedni!"


"What? You don't want...then what was...why did you do..." Sugni was at a loss for words. She couldn't have heard him correctly.


"Why did I do your sardakai? Believe me it wasn't intentional. I was in the city on business when my sister called to inform me of what my mother had planned.  Unfortunately or fortunately I arrived here just as my brother was hesitating to cover your head. I am happy that I took all those bowling practices and I was able to make a successful throw!!"


"Oh so that is what your mother was angry about. That is what she meant by me being for your brother. But why then did he agree to the ceremony if he didn't want it?" Sugni was curious to know because an unwilling thakur at his sardakai ceremony was just not heard of!!


"That is exactly what I am going to find out. Bhushan bhaiya simply adores his wife and would not hurt her at all or so I thought!! I want to know what he was thinking!!  Neither my brother nor I believe in keeping bednis. Anyway I just wanted you to know where things stand between us ok."

 She nodded her head and resumed staring out. Vikram was about to start the jeep when she spoke again.

"I have never wanted to do Rai and sardakai. I have always hated the thought of all that. Of dancing in front of these have them leer at my body and throw money at me. You know before my mother got sick, we were saving to go to the city. I had so many dreams of what we would do there..." 


Vikram looked at her in surprise and then had a thoughtful expression, "Really? a bedni who didn't want to do rai and sardakai? I am surprised to hear that because you did do sardakai"


"Like you, I didn't have any other choice..." and she proceeded to tell him of her reasons.


"Well Sugni, it would seem that we both got sardakaied to the correct person. Let's just go to the haveli and see what solution can be reached and we can be rid off each other ok...And Sugni? I meant what I said about the money and your mother's bills at the hospital. Don't worry about all that," he told her and started the jeep.


"Thank you malak. And I am sorry for what I said a while ago. I just thought that...that..."


"It's ok. Forget about it now." He pulled into the driveway of the haveli and went around to help her climb down. "You know Sugni, when your mother recovers you both can still come to the city. I would be willing to help with a job if you like."


"You would do that? O thank you," Sugni said as they walked to the front door.


"Don't mention it. I am happy that you want a better life for yourself. I would be happy to help you in whatever way." He smiled back at her. She looked even more beautiful with a smile on her face. For some reason he wished that she would always smile like that. Before he could tell her that, the front door flew open to reveal his mother with a fake smile on her face and Jiji and Bhushan with worried expressions. He wondered why that was, until he looked past Bhushan to see Suman and her parents...




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sara1993 Goldie

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Posted: 24 June 2013 at 8:07pm | IP Logged
Amazing Julie, absolutely amazing. I completely enjoyed this chapter. I can definitely see a love at first sight happening with Vikram but i am sure he will  need  more time to convince himself that he is in love with  her. I am soo happy to see that they both made their intention regarding  their actions clear to each other and i know that  Vikram will surely do everything  in his power to protect Sugni. I have to hand it to you though  Julie, you made me feel that instant connection between Sugni and Vikram, the way Vikram looked at her, you could tell that he saw something special inside of her, he saw someone that was totally different form the person sitting beside him,his immediate concern and care for her well being to the blossoming of trust and understanding between the two of them...  was touching...

I completely  agree with this part:
"Well Sugni, it would seem that we both got sardakaied to the correct person"

It was surely a game of fate...

And  this part was funny LOL

"I am happy that I took all those bowling practices and I was able to make a successful throw!!"

It was a beautiful chapter  Julie, i just can't wait to see Ma Saheb's and the others reaction.

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ronshaan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 1:05am | IP Logged

hi julie

it was very nice chapter .. I feel if those cv would write the story this way it would have been much better and it would be loved by every one including the actors them self..
very good progress - vikram and sugni clear their doubts it was nice .. well written
I liked it .. waiting for next chapter to c what will happen at home

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Vinnie79 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 June 2013 at 6:29am | IP Logged
JUlie  good chapter,
 I am glad that they   started off open with each other. It seems they  will strike off a good friendship at the beginning...Vickram  is funny, bowling practice !!LOLLOLLOL  I hope we see the chapar chapar Sugni he so  loved. 
 Now  Lets see what Suman and  her parents apology will be nice ...but some how  MT seems  like she will not allow it... Can't wait for the ext chapter... Keep it up!!!!

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JulieD IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 July 2013 at 9:30pm | IP Logged
Chapter Six

Sugni was pacing back and forth in the room, waiting for Vikram to come. She mulled over the events that took place from the moment the front door had swung open... 
Bhushan had rushed out to hug Vikram and whispered to them "Please just play along!!!Please!"
Both she and Vikram were confused as to what he meant when MaSaheb came forward and said, "Oh Vikram, my bahu is so pretty. I see now why you were in a hurry to get married without us!! Right Uma?"
"What?..Uh yes ma. She is so beautiful," Uma had stammered nervously.
"Kuhu bring the aarti quickly, I can't have my bahu standing on the porch for so long!!"
"Uh ma?" Vikram started to say but Bhushan started talking over him and his words were lost.
"Suman, come  and see the beautiful wife my brother has selected for himself," Bhushan went over to where Suman was standing with her parents. She looked at him suspiciously. She ignored the hand he held out to her and walked over to Sugni and Vikram.
"Devarji, I am surprised that you got married. In fact, I wasn't even aware that you were interested in  anyone?" Suman asked Vikram. She was looking straight into his eyes.
"Suman bahu, let's perform the post-wedding rituals and then you can ask them all that you want to know," MaSaheb said before Vikram could reply.
Kuhu handed the aarti tray to MaSaheb who began the ritual with a stunned looking Sugni and Vikram looking on.  Then a pot of rice was placed by the door and MaSaheb told her to hit it with her right foot and step inside. But Sugni was so confused and shocked that she could not move.
Suman looked at her parents and then back at Sugni who still did not move. 
"Bahu? what are you waiting on? Kick the pot and come on in,"
It was only when Vikram nudged her gently and whispered to her to kick the pot and go on in that she did what MaSaheb had asked her.  Bhushan looked relieved when she did and MaSaheb laughed "She is so shy."

Sugni was led to sit on the softest seat she had ever sat on in her life. She passed her hand over the seat in amazement and wished that her mother could have sat on it.
"So Devarji, you still didn't tell us what made you marry so secretly?" Suman was back to her questioning and Sugni became even more nervous.
She rung her hands in her lap and prayed that she wasn't asked any questions.
"Isn't it obvious? I wanted to keep my beautiful wife to myself. Besides I thought you all would object to my hasty wedding." 

Sugni was amazed at his smooth words and felt it was the perfect answer until Suman responded.
"Really? All this coming from the man, no offense Sugni, who had cursed love after Reva's death??"

"Bhabhi, a person should not live in the past forever. And just look at my beautiful wife, did you want me to leave her alone so that some other guy could snatch her away?" Vikram asked Suman and both he and looked at Sugni's blushing face.
"Devarji, I do believe my devarani is blushing!!!" Suman laughed.

"So uncle and auntie please forgive me for my rudeness. How are you?"
Suman's parents returned Vikram's greeting and had blessed them with a long and happy married life. Sugni had just kept her head bent because she could not believe that anyone actually believed she had married a thakur!!!

Soon after, they had dinner before MaSaheb told Uma and Suman to take Sugni to the guest house. Her excuse was that Vikram had requested the guest house when he had called ahead to let them know he was coming home with his wife. Something about wanting a bit of privacy with his wife!!! Sugni knew the truth of course. MaSaheb may have some sort of agenda for pretending that she was married to Vikram and even performing a few post-wedding rituals but she did not want a bedni sleeping inside her home. 
What possible reason could make MaSaheb pretend such a thing was what Bhushan and Vikram were discussing right now under the pretext of having a coffee together.

A knock on the door brought Sugni to the present. The door opened and in walked Suman and MaSaheb. Suman was carrying a basket full of what looked like rose petals. " Sugni, I wanted to apologise for my earlier behaviour. I was just surprised to see my Devarji married. Especially after what had happened with Reva...oh sorry!! I didn't mean to bring up the past. Please forgive me."
"It's okay..Thakurain.."
"What? No please just call me bhabhi okay? Now since we did not know until the last minute that Vikram was bringing home his wife, we could not make proper arrangements. To make up for that somewhat, I have brought these for the bed." Suman told her and proceeded to the room.
When she was out of sight, MaSaheb came towards her and said "Don't get any ideas that any of this is going to last!! You are just my son's bedni and nothing more do you hear me? Now I am tolerating all this from Suman because of her parents otherwise I would have taught her a  lesson as well. But her parents will leave soon and I will deal with her then. Until that time you will PRETEND to be Vikram's wife but don't cross your limits!"

Sugni just nodded her head. Suman came back out then and MaSaheb left. 
"Look Sugni, I don't know if I quite believe this story of love at first sight between you and Vikram. It all sounds so weird. Don't feel bad, it's just the state he was in emotionally and now suddenly he falls in love and marries without anyone knowing is so...not like Vikram. I have a feeling that something is not right you know?..You know what? never mind all that. This is your wedding night and I don't want to spoil it, ok." Suman told her.

Sugni looked up at her and then bent her head once more. She didn't know what to say and wished that Vikram would come back soon. Then she heard his voice and looked up with a huge smile on her face.  She was about to run outside to find him when Suman held her back.
"No you don't my dear devrani," she said smiling, "Come with me," and she pulled her to the bedroom. She helped Sugni to repair her make-up and hair before leading her to the bed. Sugni looked at it in trepidation but Suman didn't notice and tugged her forward.
"Come on sit here on the bed. Yes and now tuck your legs under you and...yes that's it. Now you will cover your head and wait for your dear husband to lift your veil...or at least that's what MaSaheb had told me!!" Suman told her and laughed.
"I am going now and I will send in your dear husband, ok?"
Sugni just nodded.

Vikram walked in just as Suman exited the bedroom. "What are you doing here bhabhi?"
"Don't worry don't worry, devarji, I am leaving!! Your wife is waiting for you.." she told him with a huge grin on her face as she left the room with a little wave.

Vikram breathed a sigh of relief and locked the door behind her and then went into the room to find Sugni. He stopped by the door and stared in surprise.
The room was lit with candles and the bed scattered with red rose petals. On the middle of the bed sat Sugni covered in her...or rather HIS scarf.
"Sugni?" he whispered for some reason. She apparently didn't hear him so he went all the way to the bed. He heard some sort of mumbling and wondered if she was trying to say something. He knelt on the floor in front of her and listened carefully.
Sugni was nervous and hoping that Suman would leave soon. She just wanted Vikram to tell her what was going on. This whole day felt like some crazy dream that she hoped to wake up from soon. Sita maiya please help me, please help me. Sita maiya please help me please please."
"Sugni?" Vikram called out to her again but when she still did not acknowledge him, he reached over and lifted the scarf to see Sugni with her eyes closed and whispering "Sita maiya please help me."
He saw that she had freshened up. He snapped his fingers by her ear and she opened her eyes and looked straight into his. She really has the most beautiful eyes he thought to himself.

"Thakur malak!! Is Suman thakurain gone?" she asked him.
"Yes she just left. Are you ok?" he asked her.
"Yes I am fine. I was just scared about her questions because I don't know what's happening here. Did you find out anything?" she asked him while getting off the bed and walking into the living room. 

"Yes, I did." Vikram had followed her out to the living room. He ran his fingers through his hair and walked over to the window.

"Well? What's going on?" Sugni was anxious to know and Vikram delaying to say anything was just making her more nervous.

He turned back to her and said "We need to pretend to be married for a while longer."

"What?? But why? "

"We've recently opened up a furniture factory. We are trying to win a bid to supply the furnitures to Suman's parent's inn.  Their inn is a part of a big hotel chain. They have four star hotels in practically every major city in the country. So this could lead to other jobs and really put Singh's Furniture on the map. So much is riding on this tender that we just can't afford to lose this!!"

"I see," Sugni said, still not sure what any of that had to do with her pretending to be his wife.

" When bhaiya and ma reached home after the..the uh sardakai, they found Suman and her parents waiting for them. Ma could not get through to my mobile and she knew that I would be bringing you back with me so that's why they came up with the marriage idea. Her parents came here to personally offer us that bid for the furniture but if they come to know of what  was about to happen or what happened we would lose out on this deal as well as it would cause us some problems with some other furniture contracts. Thank God Suman did not tell her parents about Ma's 
intentions of finding Bhushan a bedni. She thinks that Bhushan was playing a prank on her to see how much she loves him. Hopefully, at least up to the time her parents are here, we have to make sure that she nor her parents come to know the truth or it will really be bad for our business."

"How long do you think we will have to pretend?"

"I am not sure...Sugni I know that I told you that we would go our separate ways after tonight but I am asking you to please stay on for a bit until this matter is settled. Nothing will change. It will be for show only. "

"Malak, I..are you sure they will believe that I am your wife?"

"Why not? We have already introduced you as my wife so I don't foresee any reasons why they would doubt...oh... I get it now. You think they will somehow guess that you are a bedni?"
Sugni nodded. 

"Sugni, no one but Bhushan, Jiji, Kuhu, ma and myself knows that you are a bedni. Believe me when I say that none of us will breathe a word to Suman and her parents because we know the consequences. Suman and her parents don't know anything about you so that won't ever be a thought in their mind. All we need to do is pretend to be happily married while they are here."

"What happens when her parents leave and it's just Suman?"

"We will cross that bridge when we come to it ok. For now I just need you to say yes."

"Well..if you are sure about all this then yes...I mean... if things were different, I would have had to stay as your bedni anyway so I could pretend to be your wife."

"Thank you it is late and it has been a long day so why don't you go ahead to bed and I will sleep out here."

"No no malak, you take the bed and I will sleep out here. I am used to it.."

"No Sugni. I will sleep out here ok. Now go ahead to bed. Goodnight."

"Goodnight malak," Sugni said and walked into the room.

She dusted the petals off the bed and blew out the candles. She lay on the bed, amazed at it's softness. She prayed that her mother would get better soon. She didn't know what she would do if anything happened to her mother...She dozed off...

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Vinnie79 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 July 2013 at 10:01pm | IP Logged
Absolutely  loved it   Julie,   So  the big and bold  MT   changed her tune  and was now covering up her tracks ...hahah  well played  MT.!!!
 Vickram and  Sugni are hilariouse together...I  love the  way  Suman gave Sugni instructions on how to sit on the bed ...
 Can't wait to see how the charade pays  off...great job  Julie  ...more soon I  hope!!!

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