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JulieD IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by ronshaan


this chapter was quite Romantic chapter
Oh the chickens LOL part was good
even sugni teasing vikram was great scene
well.. the best one was vikram telling his mother - sugni is my wife
i guess his mother on this - felt - what ...  how he claim she is his wife if he just did her sardakaii !!!
any ways that was short but ... great
Keep writing
good progressWinkLOL
Thanks you Ronit. I will try really hard not to take sooo long next time but sometimes while spell-checking, I change parts of the story and that causes the delays.Ouch

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JulieD IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by Vinnie79

Wonderful  Chapter  Julie,
 I  love that  MS.  hiding form her  "Samdhan" lol ... And Sugni  learning to drive awww  so sweet.  I  loved the entire scene.  I  can see  vickram falling in love with her... and she too...I can't wait for them  to  finally  confess.
  Keep it up and please update soon!!!!

Thanks Vinnie. I hope they aren't falling in love too fast. Sometimes I forget how long they really know each otherLOL

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JulieD IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by croziaxx

 its nice julie ..Big smile
Thank you Mansi.Big smile

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sara1993 Goldie

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Oh Julie  superb chapter. I loved it alllot . I have to say i really do like this Sugni  very much  and  you made the right decision by portraying her in this way ... you'll make Vikram love her more with each passing day WinkLOL...well, it is evident that he is completely in love with her...he just needs more time to convince himself and to work out this battle between his heart and mind and gradually Sugni is falling for him too...i absolutely loved the cute moment between the two of them...when she was troubling him with the grassBlushing...sooo sweet...i'm eagerly waiting for the confessionEmbarrassedBig smile .

You're doing  an awesome job Julie..each chapter just gets better and better...and can we  please have  the next one ASAP.Big smile

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JulieD IF-Dazzler

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Chapter Eleven

 Sugni was up at six preparing breakfast and humming a song that she couldn't remember all the words to. She turned, to find Vikram
lounging in the doorway of the kitchen, dressed for work. The early morning rays of light filtering through the window, illuminated his handsome face. "Good morning malack."

After Sugni and Vikram had breakfast together, he dropped her off at her mother's house and left for the factory. In a couple weeks they would be ready to show off the first set of furnishings to Suman's parents. Once they approved of those, then everything else would be smooth sailing. He thought about Sugni and was very grateful that she was going along with their pretense. If the truth had come out to Shalini and Sanjay {Suman's parents} then things could have been very bad. He decided that he would do something nice for Sugni. Maybe buy her no, maybe she would not accept jewellery from him...maybe some flowers. Yes that's it. He would buy her a lovely bouquet of flowers. She would definitely
love that.
 Vikram found  Bhushan at the factory. He was looking over some designs and was waiting for his input. After their meeting, Bhushan
told him, "I saw you teaching Sugni to drive last night."

"Yes, she was so excited to learn that I couldn't say no. She is a fast learner too."

"You looked like  you were enjoying yourself... teaching her."

"Actually I did. "

"Vikram, are you starting to have feelings for her by chance? "

"What? No no bhaiya," Vikram denied a little too quickly.

Bhushan looked at him thoughtfully and said after awhile, "You do know that it is okay to move on right? Reva would not want you to remain alone for the rest of your life."

"Bhaiya please, I know all that. Sugni and I are just living together because of the circumstances. She is doing us a huge favour with this pretense. Once your in-laws leave we will tell the truth to Suman and try to get her to understand, Sugni will leave  and we will all move on with our lives."

Bhushan looked away guiltily. "Maybe you should gift her something."

"Actually, I was thinking the same thing this morning and I decided to get her  flowers."

"Great, did you buy them yet?"

"No, I'll order it and give them to her this evening."

By five o'clock that evening, Vikram had completed his work. The only thing he didn't do was call the florist. But he thought that they would have something in stock but once he reached there, he saw a huge CLOSED sign on the door and the lights were off. Now what? he wondered.

Bhushan drove up in his white car and rolled down the passenger window. "I thought you might forget." he said.

"I didn't realise they closed this early."

Bhushan tossed a large ribbon-wrapped box at Vikram. "Suman said they are Sugni's favourite - pink roses." and drove off as Vikram said thanks.
As he pulled into the driveway, he saw Sugni. She looked a bit tired and he remembered that she did not get much sleep either
because of the driving lesson and then she had spent the entire day at her mother's.
He handed her the box, "this is for you."

"Where did it come from?" she asked taking the box and looking at the packaging.

You don't want to know, he thought guiltity and wished that he had bought them himself early that morning.

"Open it and see." he told her.

She carefully untied the ribbon and gasped when she raised the lid and saw the two dozen pink roses inside. "Oh malack," she said,with a huge smile on her face, "pink roses are my favourite! How did you know?"

Vikram felt guilty. "Suman bhabhi." And that was true, he reassured himself. There was no way now that he wanted her to know how she really happened to get the roses.
"I'll go and put them in water," she said.

"Would you like to go out to eat?" he asked her. When she hesitated, he added quickly, "you didn't sleep last night and you look tired."

" ok. Let me just change first though," she told him.

Minutes later, she came out of her room wearing a green and purple salwar with her dupatta tied wrapped around her neck. She had her hair down and she looked very beautiful. Irritated to find his heart slamming against his chest, Vikram offered her a casual smile and asked, "Ready to go?"

"Yes. Let me just give Ramu kaka these herbs ma sent before I forget ok?" she told him and ran off through the back door.

Vikram went out the front door and locked up. He saw Suman on the patio and went to thank her for the flowers before sliding behind the wheels of the jeep to wait for Sugni. To his relief, she didn't take long but to his dismay, she no longer looked happy. In fact, she had a stiff  edge to her posture.

"What's wrong?" he asked as she climbed in beside him.

Sugni turned to face him, "What do you think happened?" she shot at him, so angry that she was trembling, "I know the truth about the
flowers Malack!"

"How could you?" Sugni stormed.

"Hold on Sugni, it wasn't my intention..well it was and it wasn't," he amended hastily, "I was going to send you flowers but by the time I got to the florist, they were closed."

"So where did it come from?"

"I got the flowers from Bhushan to give to you."

"So they weren't from you after all," Sugni's expression saddened.


"So why did you pretend they were?" she asked him and stormed out the jeep.
Vikram followed her into the house and tried to explain. "Sugni, I am sorry about the flowers. I really was going to bring you flowers but the florist was closed and I...I shouldn't have taken the easy way out."

Sugni snatched the roses out of the vase, "no malack you shouldn't have," and dropped them in the bin. "I am really tired malack, all I want right now is  to go to bed. You can organise your own dinner. Good night," and she walked into her bedroom and locked the door.

Sugni laid on her bed and thought about her reaction to the roses. She was so happy when she saw them and thought they were from Vikram. She couldn't understand why it hurt her so much to know they weren't from him. She buried her head under the pillow, trying to drown out her thoughts and feelings. Finally after a few minutes, she sat up and said aloud,"Okay fine. I admit it! I am in love with thakur malack."  But that just made her cry all the more until she fell asleep.



"Well ladies, are you all ready for lesson number two?" the instructor asked.
Sugni groaned inwardly and smiled at Suman who was clearly excited. "Sugni I am can't wait to find out what this lesson is about!"

"There is nothing more compelling to a man than the feeling of being lord and master of his own castle. I am telling you ladies, let your husbands take charge on the home front and he will reward you with kisses galore," the instructor explained.

"What? That..that is crazy!!" Sugni said feeling scandalized.

"Let's put it to the test shall we?" the instructor said. " Here is your assignment. I want all of you to give your husband free reign over his home for four hours starting tomorrow evening. You are to anticipate his every need. But most importantly, you are not to tell him what you are doingor why. Not even a hint."

"Why not?"

"If your husband thinks this is a game, then he will treat it as one. Now naturally, I want you to keep a record of your efforts and the results so we can share them in the next class."

Sugni sighed. Could this get any worse?



 Vikram walked through the front door just as Sugni came out of her room. His gaze moved to the pink roses displayed on the side table
in the front hall. "Are those my flowers?"

"Yes they are."

"I thought you threw them out," he narrowed his eyes at her.

"I decided it's the thought that counts," Sugni choked out. In this case, she wanted him to think that she appreciated the flowers whereas in truth,she was using them as a visual reality-check. No more getting caught up in playing husband and wife the way she had for the past few days. No more falling in love with Vikram. Thakur Vikram Singh!! She was going to forget everything she was taught in that class and live in the real world. Because the reality was, no matter how wonderful the idea of being really married to thakur Vikram was, it was not possible. He was a thakur from an
influential family and she was the daughter of a bedni living on the wrong side of the society. It would never survive. The truth was, had she not agreed to do sardakai, she would never have met Vikram. And this so-called marriage was just a farce to protect his brother's marriage and their business.
Once everything was sorted, there would be no need for her. Therefore the only way to protect her heart was to keep herself emotionally distanced.

"What is going on here Sugni?" Vikram questioned her. Since the roses incident two days ago, she had spoken to him only when necessary.

She looked at him innocently, "I am trying to be nice," she said carefreely, "so play along with me. What would you like to have for dinner?"

"You're offering to cook for me?" he asked a bit skeptical since he had also been preparing his own meals for the past two days.

Sugni felt a bit anxious. "If you like," she replied while secretly hoping he had other plans.

"Okay. What are my choices?" he asked. He was pleased she offered to cook because he really missed her meals. Her food was delicious!

"Well pretty much anything you want. Fried chicken or grilled fish..."

Vikram got a thoughful look on his face. "Butter Chicken  takes a while, right?"


"Aren't you tired?"

Never too tired to make you happy least for the next four hours. "It'd be my pleasure,"Sugni said avoiding his question.

"To serve me?" Vikram asked her, "I don't think so. What is going on Sugni?" He walked up to her and lifted her chin. "Are you trying to pay me back for the roses mistake?"

"What? No no malack," Sugni said and moved away from him.

"Then why are you trying to please me? Is Suman coming over or something?"

"Not to my knowing," she answered honestly, then started to walk past him, "I'll start dinner."

He grabbed her hand and tugged her back to face him, "I haven't decided what I want yet."

"Oh right!"

Vikram looked at her as she folded her arms and tapped her feet softly waiting for his decision.  "You know what? I will have the fried chicken."

Sugni smiled and didn't reply.  She decided that the assignment would go alot easier if they spent a few minutes apart. "Your mail
is in the living room, malack," she said as she started for the kitchen.

"My slippers too?" he asked innocently.

Sugni paused at that. As far as she knew, he did not wear slippers but she supposed for the sake of the class, she could play along. "I haven't seen them."

"But if you had, would you go and get them?"

"If you needed me to get them," she said in a sugary tone. It dawned on her that he was aware of the sudden change in her behaviour. She slipped into the kitchen to escape him but to her disappointment he followed her there too.

He rolled up the sleeves of his shirt  and poured himself a drink while Sugni went about preparing the meal. He watched her work while he sipped on his drink. "You've done this many times before?"

Sugni nodded, "My mom taught me. She is a great cook," she told him proudly.

"Do you want a salad to go with it?" she asked him.

"Yes of course. Shall I make the salad?" he asked and went to the refrigerator.

"No! I have to do it!."she said quickly before she could think.

Some of the happiness left his eyes to be replaced by hurt. Sugni could have kicked herself for the slip.

"What do you mean by you have to do it?" he questioned her.

Sugni flushed. Now that he was alerted to her deceptiveness he would never just let it go but she still tried to bluff her way out. "You know what I mean."

"No but I am starting to. If I didn't know any better, I would think that you would do just about anything to please me tonight," he said

Sugni said nothing and just looked at the carrots in her hands.

"That's it, isn't it?" Vikram asked her the hurt shimmering in his eyes. "This is just some sort of experiment for your class!"

"Malack, I am just trying to be friendly," she said softly not looking at him.

He studied her down cast eyes and knew that he had figured it out. "Suppose I changed my mind about the chicken and wanted fish instead?"

Sugni looked up him, "Then I would finish the chicken and put it in the refrigerator and get the fish started."

"I will sort through my mail," he said and walked out the kitchen with his drink in his hand. And Sugni spent the next hour alone in the kitchen.

"You outdid yourself with dinner," Vikram complimented her. And that was a surprise. He had half expected her to ruin it on purpose, after he'd caught on to the reason behind her change of heart. Fool that he was, he had thought it was because they were getting to know each other and liking what they found. He should have known that the idea of Sugni and him making this temporary marriage work was too good to be true. She had been obligated to do it and she also had that class to deal with. But it still didn't excuse what she'd done by raising his hopes unfairly.

"Thank you malack. I am glad you enjoyed it."

Not as much as I am going to enjoy this, Vikram thought. "You know what I feel like doing?"

"The dishes?"

"No Sugni," he sat back in his chair and folded his arms, "the dishes can wait."

"What did you have in mind then?"

"I want to play a game," Vikram told her, looking at her uncertain reaction and smiling inwardly.

"Wha..what game?"

"Simon Says. And I want to be Simon."

"But that is a child's game!"

"Not the way I intend to play it."

"Malack I don't think -"

"So you are refusing to do as I say, hmm?"

"I thought you might have wanted to play checkers or something," she said finally.

"No I prefer the game. Shall we give it a try?" he asked in a soft tone meant to provoke her. "Or are you afraid to play games with me?"

Her temper flaring, Sugni glared at him and announced, "I am not afraid. "

"Great! Let's start. Simon says to put your arms around Vikram's neck."

Sugni's eyes flashed daggers at him but she followed his instructions.

Vikram smiled. Lucky for her, he had scruples. "Simon says close your eyes."

A dark red colour flooded her cheeks and she reluctantly lowered her eyelashes almost the whole way.

"Are you cheating?" Vikram asked.


"Sugni c'mon. Close your eyes all the way. If you're going to play at least play it right," he scolded.

Mumbling under her breath, she started to shut her eyes completely. "Aha! caught you!" he said victorious.

"Caught me?" Sugni asked and her eyes flew open.

Vikram shook his head at her, "Simon never said you could open your eyes either," he teased.

"This is not fair!" she protested when she realised that she'd been duped.

"No Sugni, that's the way the game is played. You lose."

"I want another turn," she demanded to his surprise. He had thought that she would be eager to get away from him.

"Are you sure? I could confuse you even more."

"Just start playing!"

"Okay," he grinned at her as he thought of a quick end to this game. "Simon says to touch your lips to my cheek."

But to his utter dismay, Sugni didn't flinch. She lifted a brow at him, "You think I won't do it, don't you?"

Vikram looked straight into her eyes, "Babe, I know you won't do it."

"Ha! Just goes to show what you know!" Sugni muttered and leaned forward to touch her lips to his cheek just as he turned his head and her lips ended up touching his instead. Shocked, they both looked at each other. Vikram meant to walk away then.  But there was something about the softness of her lips  against his and before good sense prevailed, he threaded his fingers through her hair and kissed her deeply.

Sugni felt butterflies fluttering in her stomach. Vikram, realising what he was doing he drew the kiss to an end. He expected to see anger on her face and he saw it, but only after the wonder and the stars in her eyes faded. "I'm sorry Sugni. I guess I got carried away," he told her.

"I guess you did," Sugni said almost too sweetly. " Now it's my turn to play Simon."

"Give it your best shot."

"Simon says to stand straight."

Vikram stood straight.
Sugni looked him up and down, like a farmer examining a bull at the fair. Vikram felt uneasy.

"Simon says ...turn toward the back door."

Keeping his shoulders relaxed, he turned towards the back door and away from her.

Her smile widening, Sugni said, "Simon says turn toward the sink."

He turned toward the sink.

"Simon says wash the dishes!"

Vikram groaned aloud. It was alot of dishes!

"And Simon says don't stop until you're done!"

Sugni stomped out of the room and Vikram turned to watch her retreating back. His lips still tingled from the kiss. Maybe he had overdone it, but it sure had been fun.






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Vinnie79 IF-Rockerz

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Oh my  word!  Simon Says...I  love it...ClapClapClapBRAVO Julie another  brilliant   chapter. And interaction between  these two.  I  am  trying to picture Vickram  doing the dishes ...LOLLOLLOL. And that   kiss...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Way  unexpected...but to good.
   Keep it up can't wait for the next installment... Please  hurry!!!!

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 great work julie...keep it up .. next part hurry !!!!! Embarrassed Hug

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Originally posted by Vinnie79

Oh my  word!  Simon Says...I  love it...ClapClapClapBRAVO Julie another  brilliant   chapter. And interaction between  these two.  I  am  trying to picture Vickram  doing the dishes ...LOLLOLLOL. And that   kiss...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Way  unexpected...but to good.
   Keep it up can't wait for the next installment... Please  hurry!!!!

Thanks Vinnie. Yup I could picture him doing the dishes. As for the kiss, I really was not expecting that either. It just sort of happenedLOLLOL 
I was thinking that my story reached chapter eleven already and there was like no progress in their relationship so I focused this whole chapter on them.

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