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MAYUR OS - Meherbaan Hua Mera Rab Page - 128.

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This is my first OS gallery on Mayur.I made this on the request of Faria.This thread will contain all my OS on MAYUR.Smile

Now I have one job for Faria.If you are listening to me Faria then you have to make the banner for my OS gallery.You will only have to make and PM me and no one else will do.As for you I created this now you have to do this for me.LOLLOL

From now all my OS on MAYUR will be posted here.Embarrassed


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Title Banner credit for the thread goes to FariaHeartand rest banner credit goes to me.Embarrassed

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Mayank Sharma and Nupur Bhushan work in the same software company.Mayank is smart,dashing,handsome,fun-loving guy and the heart-throb of all his female colleagues.He dated many girls but never fall in the trap of the so called concept known as 'love',whereas Nupur is a sweet,simple and typically a girl next door.Both are exactly opposite to each other or in short it can be said that they are like North-Pole and South-Pole.But,the one thing that connects them is their selfless and true friendship.

Its been almost 5 years since they are working together.Both share their happinessess,sorrows etc everything among each other.In short,both their lives are just like an open book in front of each other.But as it is said,"OPPOSITE  POLES  ATTRACT  EACH  OTHER."So,following that law,Nupur slowly fall for Mayank,but she didn't know what exactly he thinks about her because he always treated her just like a friend.

Now,recently Nupur noticed a strange change in the behaviour of Mayank.He was no longer that traditional Mayank whom she knew till now.He started remaining lost and in a dreamy condition and also showed some well known symptoms of being fallen in love.Nupur tried many times to ask him about it,but never got the opportunity.At last,the opportunity came but it was grabbed,not by Nupur but by Mayank.It was 14th February,the famous and most awaited by all lovers,THE VALENTINES DAY.In the afternoon,the moment Nupur got up from her chair to go to Mayank's cabin,she found,with utmost surprise,Mayank entering her cabin with a gift box.Nupur's heart bumped with most awaited anticipation.Though she was dancing from inside,but,still acted to make a straight face.She was about to ask Mayank about his activities now-a-days,but he stopped her in the middle and said,"Listen Nupur,I know,my activities,now a days have appeared to be very wiered to you and I also know that,this is bothering you very much and you,too,know that until and unless I share this with you,I won't be able to sleep tonight.So today I have come to answer all your expected questions and also to ease my anxiety."He stopped to take a breathe as he spoke all this almost breathlessly.Nupur,who was staring at him,said,"Please continue.Iam waiting."Mayank thanked her and after clearing his throat said,"I don't know whether you'll be able to believe or not,but I think'.."He took a pause,"Iam in love."Nupur remained open-mouthed.Seeing her reaction,he disappointedly said,"I knew it.I knew you would be shocked and not at all going to believe it.But it's the truth.Really."Nupur could see the purity of his feelings and the truthfulness of his words in his eyes.Though her heart was beating very fast,still,with a calm attitude,she mocked,"Who's that unlucky girl,who dared to choose you?"Mayank said,"Well she's not unlucky,actually'.."He said,with a dreamy look,towards the window,"Iam the luckiest person." Nupur blushed to the hell thinking about the way Mayank considered her.She,still,with a straight attitude asked,"How she looks like?"Mayank replied,with a smile,"Haaye what more could I say about her.She is just beyond any words.In one word I can say,she is the best and the most beautiful woman in the whole world."With those words of him,Nupur turned pale as she knew,she was not that beautiful,even Mayank said that many times.She,still,with a kind of friendly formality,lowering her eyes asked,"May I know her name?"Mayank gave her that gift box,"Well I won't tell you.This box contained her photo.If you want you can see it or you'll have to wait till evening,when I'll be officially proposing her in the valentine's day party."Before Nupur could say anything,Mayank said,"Ok I have to make preparations for tonight,so I have to leave.Meet you in the party.Bye."When Mayank was leaving her cabin,a drop of tear fall from Nupur's eyes.She felt like crying at that moment,but with much strength,she controlled her emotions.She didn't want to see the photo,so she kept the box inside her purse and left for her home.

In the evening,Nupur was crying,burying her face in the pillow,when Mayank called her.She wiped her tears and picked up the phone unwillingly and said,"Yes Mayank."Mayank asked,"Hey Nupur where are you?When you'll be coming?"Nupur replied,"I won't be coming today.I have some personal work."Mayank shockingly asked,"What???How could you say that?You know how special today is for me.Iam going to propose her today damn it."He stubbornly continued,"I don't know,you have to come,otherwise,Iam,too not going to the party.My whole planning will then be spoiled today and for that only you'll be held responsible remember it."He cut the phone angrily.Nupur,too,was upset,but she couldnot afford to hurt Mayank,so unwillingly,she made up her mind to go to the party.She imagined how angry would Mayank be,so she decided to wear a chiffon saree of Mayank's favourate colour that is royal blue to cool down his anger.

The party was given by the boss of the company,in his farm house,where Mayank and Nupur worked.It was arranged beautifully.There were musicians who will play soft romantic music to make the mood.Mayank was waiting for Nupur eagerly.Putting an end to his anxiety,Nupur entered the hall.Everybody's eyes were on Nupur.She was looking just ravishing.She pinned thepallu of her saree properly with the shoulder portion of her sleeveless blouse which exposed her bare waist alongwith her perfect figure.Her open hair with light make-up added more perfection to her dress-up.Mayank was too looking very hot in his white T-shirt,with white blazer and deep-blue jeans.He,with a smile,came towards her and welcomed her.Both came and joined the party.The musicians started playing the music.It was soft and beautiful but was not at all liked by Mayank.He stepped up to the stage towards the musicians and snatched the guitar from one's hand.He then dragged a chair onto the centre of the hall,turned it and sat leaning his chest on the back of the chair with the guitar in his hand.

Tu hi meri shab hai,subha hai,tu hi din hai mera.                                                                                             

Tu hi mera rab hai,jahan hai,tu hi meri duniya.

Tu waqt mere liye,main hu tera lamha.

Kaise rahega bhalaa,hoke tu mujhse juda.


Tu hi meri shab hai,subha hai,tu hi din hai mera.                                                                                             

Tu hi mera rab hai,jahan hai,tu hi meri duniya.

Everyone started enjoying the song and danced with it.Only Nupur was standing quietly with a sad face.

[ Aakho se parke tujhe,dil pe maine likha.

Tu ban gaya hai meri jeene ki ek vajah. ] (2)

Teri hasi,teri adaa,auro se hai,bilkul judaa.


Tu hi meri shab hai,subha hai,tu hi din hai mera.                                                                                             

Tu hi mera rab hai,jahan hai,tu hi meri duniya.

He got up from the chair and sang roaming around the hall.

[ Aakhen teri shabnami,chehra tera aaina.

Tu hai udaasi bhari koi haseen daastaan. ] (2)

Dil mein hai kya,kuch to bataa,kyu hai bhala khud se khafaa.


Tu hi meri shab hai,subha hai,tu hi din hai mera.                                                                                             

Tu hi mera rab hai,jahan hai,tu hi meri duniya.

Tu waqt mere liye,main hu tera lamha.

Kaise rahega bhalaa,hoke tu mujhse juda.


Tu hi meri shab hai,subha hai,tu hi din hai mera.                                                                                             

Tu hi mera rab hai,jahan hai,tu hi meri duniya.

Everyone clapped at Mayank's performance.His boss said,"Well Mayank,you did have many girls in your life in the past.But this is the first time in the last 5 years that you sang such a lovely romantic number.I think this time you are in love."Mayank blushed,"Yes Iam and today in front of all I want to say something."He took the mike and got up on the stage.He said,"Well I can't give speech like the boaring professors of my college.I have flirted with many girls in my life,told many lies,just to impress them. But today whatever I'll say,is just the truth,whatever I feel.There is someone,who has taken a special place in my heart,a permanent place,which can't be replaced by anyone.I want to say her that'.."With a pause and a serious expression,he continued,"I love you.I love you with all my heart and I'll love you till the last breath of my life.Till now,I have proposed many girls to be my valentine but today I want to confess my love to someone."Someone from among the guest shouted and asked her name.Nupur turned back to leave the hall as she didn't want to hear the name.Mayank noticed it.He continued,"Its said that a best friend have all the qualities to become the best life partner,the most important quality of whose is understanding.So'.."He called out her name,"Nupur,if you have no objection,then from Miss Nupur Bhushan,would you like to be Mrs Nupur Mayank Sharma?"Nupur stopped with a jerk and turned towards Mayank.Everyone surprisingly looked at her as they knew that both were friends and that was the least shock expected by all including Nupur.Mayank,with a smile,said,"You know what Nupur,you have a very bad habit and that is you try to hide your feelings at which you are very poor.Your eyes are like mirror which clearly shows my reflection.I know you do love me just as I do or may be more than me.Today I just want to ask you one thing."He stepped down from the stage and slowly moved towards her.He put out a small box from his blazer's inside pocket and opened it.There was a beautiful ring.He kneeled down and forwarded the ring towards her and asked,"Will you marry me?"Tears were falling from Nupur's eyes.She was so mesmerized at the way of his propose that she became speechless.With tears in her eyes and with a smile shivering on her lips,Nupur slowly nodded her head and with a slow motion,forwarded her left hand.Mayank inserts the ring in her finger and then held her hand.He slowly got up on his feet and pulled her towards him.He wiped her tears and said,"I love you Nupur."Nupur,too replied,"I love you too,Mayank."They hugged each other tightly and everyone clapped.

The dimmed lights were turned on and there was a slow Beethoven tune playing on which all the couples were dancing including Nupur and Mayank.They were lost in each other's eyes.After some time,taking the benefit of the dimmed light,Mayank grabbed Nupur's hand and both fled outside.

When they came out in the lawn,Nupur stopped Mayank.She confusingly asked,"Mayank,why did you then give me that box?"He replied,"Actually I wanted to see your reaction on seeing the gift matter and as I presumed you were upset.Then I thought you might have opened it at your home,but when you came into the party,by your facial expression I understood that you didn't open.Well if you want you can open it now."While opening the box,she said,"But you said,she's the most beautiful woman,so I'.."She opened the gift and found it was a mirror.Mayank,stood by her back and slowly said,"Probably you have never seen your image properly in the mirror,if you did,you would have realized how beautiful you are."She blushed like hell on seeing her image on the mirror.He turned her towards him and said,"Physical beauty gradually diminishes Nupur,it's the heart,whose beauty remains evergreen.By the way,you did the right thing,by not opening the gift.Otherwise'.."He put his hand on her back and pulled her closer and said,"The confession would have never been so beautiful like today."They were again lost into each other's eyes which was again broken by Mayank.He said,"Sorry I forgot to wish you,Happy Valen-"Nupur cut his words by putting her finger on his lips and said,"For us its Happy 'Confession' Valentines Day."Mayank came more closer to her and asked,"So,wheres my Valentine Day gift?"Nupur apologized,"Sorry I don't have now.I'll give it later."Mayank whispered in her ears,"But I can take it now."Nupur,guessing a bit his intentions,fearfully asked,"How?"Mayank looked into her eyes and very naughtily said,"Well in this way."He moved his hand from her back to her bare waist.As soon as he touched her waist,Nupur's feet started to shiver and in order to balance her,she put her hand around Mayank's neck.Without breaking the look,Mayank slowly,touched her lips with his for a second or two and then he removed it.Mayank slowly whispered,"Can I have this gift?"Nupur was so mesmerized with the warmth of that touch that she had closed her eyes.She slowly opened her eyes and said,"Yes."Now Nupur herself took the initiative and locked Mayank's lips with her in a deep and passionate kiss.

Woh Ek Pal...Strangers Turned Soulmates

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Happy Confession Valentines Day

NUPUR  BHUSHAN,the main female protagonist of the story,is a young orphaned girl,who used to live in an orphanage.After completing her studies,she started living with one of her orphanage friend Gunjan in her apartment and started searching for a job.

MAYANK  SHARMA,the main male protagonist of the story,is a young and handsome orphaned lad.He is the chairman of SHARMAS  GROUP  OF  COMPANIES after his father's death.

One night,Mayank was returning from a party.It was raining heavily outside.Suddenly,his car got stucked in the middle of the road.He tried to start it but all his efforts were in vain.Without having any other option left,he came out of his car and checked the engine himself and after that he came to the conclusion that it has some internal problems and can only be treated by a mechaninc.Out of disgust,he kicked on his car and said,"Damn!Ab main kya karu?Ek to ye baarish aur upar se ye kambakht gaari.Isko aur koi jagah nehi mili kharaab hone ke liye?Yaha se ghar aur 3 kms dur hai."He tried for some lift but due to the bad weather,there were not many vehicles and the number of vehicles that were running,didn't stop for him.He cursed his luck,"Mayank beta,aaj to fursat se apni kismat kharaab likhwaakar laaya hai tu.Ek to mausam kharaab hai aur upar se ek bhi lift nehi mil rahi hai."Mayank was totally dripped in rain.Suddenly,he heard a very thin voice of yelling.He was trying to concentrate on the sound to detect its route.When the sound became pretty more clear,he guessed it was coming from his behind.The moment,he turned,a girl in a saree crashed with him.She was trembling in fear.She,without looking at his face,hid her own face in his chest clutching his suits' collar,started pleading in a shaky voice,"Please meri madat kijiye,please mujhe bacha lijiye.Mere peeche do gunde pare hai.Please help me."Mayank was shocked as well as confused with the sudden incident.He didn't get right at that moment what to do.He held her arms lightly and separated her from him a bit and asked,"Baat kya hai aap-"His voice stopped at his throat as soon as the girl raised her face to look into his eyes.At that moment the light flashed.It was Nupur.He was completely lost in her eyes for a couple of seconds but he was interrupted by two men who came running towards them.Nupur on seeing them with a low scream hid herself behind Mayank.She begged by clutching his sleeves,"Yehi dono gunde tabse mere peeche pare hai.Please mujhe inse bacha lijiye."Mayank softly patted on her hand and said,"Aap ghabraaiye mat aur yehi rahiye.Main inhe dekhta hu."He grinned and slowly moved towards those goons.The goons attacked him and he too fought bravely and at last,Mayank was successful and driving them away.After those goons run away,Mayank turned towards Nupur and found she was trying to cover up herself as she was totally transparent and the saree was kissing her body.Mayank was also embarrassed but the more he wanted to keep his eyes away,the more his eyes were pulled towards her.He slowly moved towards her.He opened his suit and wrapped her with it so that she doesn't feel uncomfortable.Nupur was simply touched by his gestures and she hesitantly looked towards him.They both had an eye-lock for a few seconds.Nupur broke the eye-lock and lowered her eyes.She thanked him,"Aapka bohot bohot shukriya.Agar aaj aap nehi hote to'."Mayank smiled and said,"Mujhe thank you mat kijiye,vo aap mujhse aakar takra gayi isiliye'Vaise aap akeli itni raat ko aur aise mausam mein kya kar rahi hai?"Nupur replied,"Vo main ek book-shop mein kaam karti hu na,to vohi se lautne mein aaj thori der ho gayi.Waapas laut hi rahi thi ke baarish shuru ho gayi aur ek bhi rickshaw nehi mili,aise mein vo dono'"Nupur stopped.Mayank understood and turned the topic.He looked at both of their conditions and said,"Dekhiye hum dono ki haalat bohot kharaab hai aur abhi to mujhe nehi lagta ke koi dusri koi gaari milegi iswaqt agar aap ko koi aitraaz na ho to paas mein bohot saare achche hotels hai,to hume vaha paidal jaana hoga'aur vaise bhi bheeg to chuke hi hai,to I think thore aur se koi problem nehi hogi." Nupur said,"Ji mujhe bhi koi aitraaz nehi hai mera ghar yaha se ulti taraf hai,main to bhaagte huye yaha aa gayi aur aise khare rehkar bheegne se to achcha hai ke kisi hotel mein'"Mayank requested that they should start walking and also asked her to wrap the suit properly over her body.Somehow,properly drenched with water,both stood in front of a hotel.Before entering,Mayank again asked,"Aapko sach mein koi problem to nehi hogi na?"She said,"Ji nehi don't worry."Both enetered inside.

Mayank asked the receptionist,"Abhi yaha koi room khaali milega?"She replied,"Sir,bas ek hi double room khali hai."Mayank became terribly tensed on hearing this.On one side,it was raining terribly outside and on the other side,if he booked that room,it will mean that they had to spend one night in the same room which is a kind of disgrace for Nupur.He kept on thinking what he should do.Nupur came up to her and asked,"Kya hua koi problem ho gayi?"Mayank replied,"Vo actually'In logo ka kehna hai ke'yaha abhi sirf ek double room hi khaali hai.Ek taraf bahaar itni baarish hai aur dusri taraf hum'ek saath'ek kamre mein'isiliye main ye tey nehi kar pa raha hu ke main kya karu?"Nupur also became worried.She said,"Ye to bohot bari problem ho gayi hai.Ab kya kare?Hum to abhi bahaar bhi nehi ja sakte."Mayank thought for a long time and then asked,"Aap ko koi aitraaz to nehi hoga agar'Please aap mujhe misunderstand mat kijiyega'"Nupur looked at him with a jerk as well as with lots of confusion.She hesitantly said,"Aapke saath'Ek kamre mein'"Mayank said,"Main samajh sakta hu aapki problem.Its ok main ek kaam karta hu main kisi aur hotel mein dhundhta hu aap yehi wait kijiye."Saying Mayank was about to go when Nupur stopped him and said,"Ji nehi koi zarurat nehi hai."She swallowed the lump that formed in his throat and said,"Jo insaan meri izzat bacha sakta hai,uspar itna bharosa to main kar hi sakti hu.Aapko kahi jaane ki koi zarurat nehi hai.Aap'yehi'ek kamra le lijiye.Mujhe koi taklif nehi hogi."Mayank again asked,"Are you sure?"Nupur softly nodded her head.Mayank went towards the receptionist and asked to book that room.The receptionist asked their name.Mayank now got really confused about what to say as he doesn't know her and moreover if he reveals the truth here that they didn't know each other then it'll create a big mess.So in order to save each other,Mayank said,"Uh'Uh'Mr and'Uh'Mrs'um'"He closed his eyes and then took a deep breath.After that he said,"Mr and Mrs Mayank Sharma."The receptionist took his sign and asked one boy to show them their room.

After reaching the room,Mayank locked it from inside and came towards Nupur.He said,"Mujhe aap se kuch kehna hai."Nupur said,"Ha please boliye na."Mayank said,"Vo actually maine'vo yaha aane se pehle'vo neeche'is room ki booking Mr'and'Mrs'Mayank Sharma ke naam par karvaayi hai."Nupur was about to say something but Mayank said,"Main jaanta hu aapke dimaag mein kya chal raha hai par'main bhagwaan ki kasam kha kar kehta hu mere dil mein kuch nehi hai.Maine ye sirf aapke liye kiya hai kyuki agar main ye kehta ke aapko main janta bhi nehi hu,to is vajah se log tarah tarah ki baat karte aapko lekar aur main nehi chahta ke meri vajah se kisi bhi larki ki izzat uchaali jaay.To please Iam really very sorry,mujhe maaf kar dijiye.Main janta hu mujhe aisa nehi karna chahiye tha par mere paas uske alava koi aur chara bhi nehi tha."He was not able to meet his eyes with hers and Nupur too didn't find any word in reply.Both remained quiet for a couple of time.Whenever Mayank looked at Nupur's silent face,his guilt pricks him more.That silent was intolerable for him.He,with a guilt driven voice asked,"Aap please kuch boliye na?Dekhiye main'"Nupur,lowered her head and replied,"Aap khamakha mein tension le rahe hai.Main samajh sakti hu aapne aisa kyu kiya hoga.Isme galti aapki nehi hai,aapke paas aur koi option bhi to nehi tha.Ek to bahaar itni tez baarish ho rahi hai aur agar upar se aap neeche agar vo jhut na bolte to baat aur bhi bigar sakti thi.Saara kasoor is mausam ka hai aapka ya mera nehi."Mayank was much relaxed after getting her answer.He thanked her,"Thank you so much.Aapne mere dil ka bojh halka kar diya."After some time,Nupur said,"Vaise hum to puri tarah bheeg chuke hai.Ab aisi haalat mein'soya'I mean'aise kaise soyenge?"Mayank said,"Arey ha'Ye baat to hai.Abhi bahaar bhi to nehi jaya ja sakta.Ek kaam karta hu,check karta hu main bahaar jata hu dekhta hu ke kya ho sakta hai."Nupur stopped him and said,"Iski koi zarurat nehi hai.Aap room service se hi baat kar lijiye na ya phir bathroom mein bath robe to hoga hi.Aaj'usise kaam chala'lenge."Mayank said,"Ha yehi thik rahega."Saying,he called the room service and said about their problem.The room service assured them for helping.

Nupur,by that time,stood by the window and opened it.She stretched her hand outside and touched the rain.Mayank,too,after closing the door,came towards her.He smiled and asked,"Lagta hai aapko baarish bohot pasand hai."Nupur,too smiled andreplied,"Ji ha.Bohot pasand hai.Baarish jaisa bariya mausam to koi aur ho hi nehi sakta aur sabse bariya pata hai kya hai,baarish mein bheegna.Vo to mujhe sabse achcha lagta hai."Mayank said,"Kamaal ki baat hai na,ke yehi baarish do ajnabio ko bhi milaata hai aur vo bhi aise."Both laughed.Mayank asked,"Vaise aapka ghar kaha hai?"Nupur replied,"Ji vo actually main apne ek dost ke saath uske flat mein rehti hu.Is sheher mein main naukri dhundhne aayi hu isiliye apna kharcha nikaalne ke liye main ek book-shop mein kaam karti hu."He asked,"To aapka apna ghar kaha hai?"Nupur became sad.She took a deep breath and replied,"MARIA ORPHANAGE,KULU."Mayank was shocked on hearing this.He asked,"Aap???"Nupur replied,"Maine kabhi apne ma baap ko nehi dekha.Jaayaz ya najaayaz aulaad hu ye bhi nehi pata bas jabse hosh sambhaala hai apne aap ko usi orphanage mein paaya hai.Waha sab log achche hai.Zindagi jeene ke liye jo jo chahiye hota hai vaha mujhe sab mila lekin pyar karne ke liye ma baap nehi miley.Jab bachpan mein dusre bachcho ko unke parents ke saath dekhti thi to bohot rona aata tha aur tab bhagwaan se ek hi sawaal puchti thi ke agar unko mujhe apne paas rakhna hi nehi tha to mujhe janam kyu diya?Pehle pehle bohot taklif hoti thi par baad mein aadat par gayi.Lekin aaj bhi kahi na kahi,dil mein kuch sikurta zarur hai.Ke aaj agar meri ma hoti to mere ghar na lautne par mera intezaar karti,mujhe apne goad mein bithaakar khana khilaati,mujhe kahaniya sunaati.Par'"Nupur's voice became heavy.She wiped her tears.She continued,"Apni paraai khatam karne ke baad main Delhi aa gayi aur apne dost ke saath rehne lagi.Yaha part time job karti hu ek book store mein aur ek achchi si job dhundh rahi hu."Mayank noticed fade line of tears in her eyes and gave a sad smile.He said,"Aap bohot lucky hai aapko pata hai ke aapne apne ma baap ko kabhi dekha bhi nehi par main'"He took a deep breath and continued,"Main 20 saalo tak ma-baap ke hote huye bhi anaath tha.Un dono ne sirf mujhe paida karke hi bohot bara ehsaan kiya tha baaki main unke ghar mein exist bhi karta hu ye baat unko kabhi pata tha bhi ya nehi,mujhe aajtak samajh mein nehi aaya.Jabse paida hua,tabse naukro ke haatho hi pala.Mujhe to shaayad hafto tak apne ma baap ki shakal tak dekhne ko nehi mili.Undono ne sirf mere liye apni formal responsibilities nibhaayi,baaki unke saath to jaise mera koi rishta hi nehi tha.Mere dad ko kaam aur paise kamaane se fursat nehi mili aur meri mom ko apni parties se.Jab main 20 saal ka tha tab ek plane crash mein un dono ki maut ho gayi.Aapko sunne mein shaayad bohot ajeeb lagega par maine unki maut par rone ki bohot koshish ki,par mujhe rona aaya hi nehi.Aisi baat nehi hai ke main unse nafrat karta tha par pyar ka vo ehsaas bhi to nehi tha.Tabse lekar aajtak main akela hu aur sach kahu to us akelepan se ye akelapan bohot behtar hai kamsekam ab mujhe rone ke liye apne kamre mein to jaakar chupna nehi parta.Unke death ke baad maine hi dad ka business sambhaala hai.Usme bhi mujhe kuch khaas interest nehi hai par iske alava mere paas waqt bitaane ka koi aur raasta bhi to nehi hai."Nupur stared at him for sometime and said,"Kabhi bhi na dekhne se zyaada dukh shaayad paa kar kho dene mein hai.Hai na?"Mayank sarcastically smirked and said,"Paakar khone ke liye bhi paana zaruri hota hai.Mujhe to kabhi mere ma baap miley hi nehi.Us naate mujhme aur aap mein koi zyaada fark nehi hai."By that time the room service informed that they are unable to serve him for that purpose.Mayank informed this to Nupur and said,"Aaj shaayad mausam ke saath saath meri aur aapki kismat bhi kharaab hai."Nupur smiled and was about to leave for the washroom when the pallu of her saree got stuck with his wrist watch.Nupur turned and both had an eye-lock for a few seconds.Nupur slowly moved towards Mayank and just tried to free her saree,when a loud thunder burst,almost crashing both their ear-drums.Nupur was so scared that she hugged Mayank tightly.He was totally stunned by this sudden act of hers.Nupur trembling with fear,somehow could state,"Mu-mujhe bij-bijli karakne ki awaaz se bo-bohot dar lagta hai."Mayank lightly patted on her back.She,too understood what she had done and so she slowly left him.Mayank and Nupur both looked at each other.The moment got frozen at that point.Mayank was taken back by her beauty from the moment he saw her but never thought that he would be able to admire it so soon and from such a close distance.The hair which was stuck on his face,Mayank removed it slowly with the soft touch of his fingers and Nupur too didn't oppose as if his touch made her hypnotized.At that moment,the thunder struck again.Nupur out of fear,this time didn't hug him but closed her eyes.Mayank,now,this time,slowy made her put her head on his chest.Nupur again didn't react,but as soon as he lightly wrapped her back,she felt a sudden and a very different feeling of being protected,which she never felt before.She felt like staying like that forever.She slowly raised her eyes to meet them with his.When they stared at each other,they realized the desperate need of being loved and being taken care.Both their eyes were speaking different volumes.They totally forgot that they are complete strangers to each other.At that time,they were not bound by the relation of two people in sudden crisis,but by a relation which they shared equally and that is lonliness.Nupur,for a particular moment felt that Mayank would never deceive her,would never leave her alone at any crisis,will never stop loving her and will always cover her in his arms saving her from all evils whereas Mayank too felt that the love which he had been craving for since his childhood,will be provided by Nupur,she will share everything equally whatever he possessed without any confusion and regret.Both felt a sudden desperate urge of not letting each other and that moment away.They couldn't control each other more and hugged each other tightly,thus melting in each other's ams.

Mayank picked her up in his arms,without breaking the eye-lock.He slowly moved forward the bed and then put her on the bed.He joined her in the bed.They had completely lost their control and consciousness over what were they doing or what was happening between them.Mayank cared her face and rained kisses in there and Nupur was enjoying his each and every touch.Mayank slowly started becoming more and more cosy with her and Nupur,too was permitting him.It was appearing to both as if the love they craved for and the love which they had in their hearts,which they were unable to shower due to their past,they were showering on each other as if the love which was suffocating inside them has got a new light to glow and a fresh air to breath.Slowly their closeness broke all the barriers and they committed the biggest crime according to the social world.Nupur felt completed that night.Both were exhausted and they slept in each other's arms.

Next morning,the sky became totally cleared and it did not have any trace of the horrified weather of last night.Nupur was happily sleeping by cuddling inside Mayank's arms and he too wrapped her completely.A smile was there in Nupur's lips due to the comfort of his warm body.She slept so close to Mayank as if not even air was allowed to pass between them.Slowly Nupur's dizziness of sleep broke and she slowly started moving.She slowly opened her eyes and raised her head a bit and saw Mayank's face.She,with sleepy eyes stared at Mayank for a few seconds as if getting accustomed to surroundings around her.Slowly her eyes became widened as she remembered in flashes what happened with her.She wanted to get up but she could not because Mayank hugged her too tightly.She slowly freed herself from his grip and sat on her bed.She looked at her condition and then her eyes fall on their dresses on the ground which were gathered like a heap.Nupur closed her eyes and covered her face with her hands realizing what blunder both made.She had tears in her eyes out of disgust as well as disappointment.She wept for a long time.After sometime,she wiped her tears and looked at Mayank.He was still sleeping very comfortably,with not a single sign of knowing what happened last night.She,very silently,got up from the bed,covering herself with a bed-sheet gathered her saree and went inside the bathroom.

She put the dress on the desired place and opened the shower with full speed.After completing her bath,she stood in front of the mirror.She noticed a teeth-mark on her shoulder.She closed her eyes and the memories of last night flashed in front of her eyes.But,to her surprise,instead of feeling guilty or repentful,a light smile appeared on her lips.She could still feel the loving roaming of Mayank's hand throughout her body.She said in her mind,"Main to usko jaanti bhi nehi hu yahatak ke pehle kabhi dekha bhi nehi.To phir kyu'Kyu uska'Kyu uska chuna mujhe itna achcha laga?Kyu uske baaho ke us garmi se khudko alag karne ko mera dil nehi kar raha tha?Kaise main kisi anjaan aadmi ke saath itna'"Nupur wore her saree and came out of the washroom.When she came out,she found,Mayank had already woke up and had changed.

Both were not able to look into each other's eyes and were unable to face each other.Mayank silently called the room service and ordered for breakfast.He steal a glance to Nupur and said in his mind,"Shit!Ye kya kar diya maine?How could I do this?Kya soch rahi hogi vo mere baare mein?Kal raat ke apne us harkat ke vajah se unse to dur main to khud se hi nazre nehi mila pa raha hu.Aaj lag raha hai jaise ek pal mein saari kamaai hui izzat meri mitti mein mil gayi.Vo to yehi samajh rahi hogi ke maine unke bebasi aur majboori ka faayda uthaaya hai.Kal to maine drink bhi nehi kiya phir mujhe kal raat ko kya ho gaya tha?Par'"He confusingly thought,"Pata nehi kyu kal raat ko jo kuch bhi hua,aisa laga jaise kuch bhi galat nehi hua aur aisa to hona hi tha."He brushed away those thoughts and said to himself,"Ab to main unse maafi bhi nehi maang sakta.Kya kahunga main unse?Aaj mere vajah se ek larki ki izzat par itna bara dhabba laga hai."On the other hand,Nupur's condition was also exactly similar to Mayank.She was too feeling very guilty.She thought,"Inhone meri sabse musibat ke waqt meri madat ki aur maine kya kiya?Mujhse aisa kaise ho gaya?Pata nehi ye kya soch rahe honge?Shaayad yehi ke maine ek amir aadmi ko apne jaal mein phasa liya.Par ye sach nehi hai."With all these dilemmas in their minds,Nupur and Mayank completed their breakfast.

After having the breakfast,Nupur and Mayank left the room and went downstairs.Both were standing silently on the lift.Both were blaming themselves for the blunder of the last night,but they didn't know what they were actually thinking about each other.They came downstairs and Mayank cleared the bills.After that,he hired a taxi for Nupur and due to courtesy,he decided to drop her home by himself.Both sat close to the window on each other's side,but didn't speak a single word.Their mind-to-mind convo :-

M :- "Kya soch rahi hogi ke main kitna begairat hu,ek baar maafi bhi nehi maangi."

N :- "Kya maafi maangu aur kis muh se?Kuch bacha hai kya maafi maangne laayak?"

M :- "Dunia ka sabse ghatiya aur cheapest kaam kiya hai tune aaj Mayank."

N :- "Tu to aaj ke baad kabhi apne aap se bhi nazre nehi mila paayegi Nupur.You are gone now."

While continuing like this,Nupur reached her destination.She came out of the taxi and said to Mayank,"Th'thank you."Mayank just nodded his head in reply.Nupur entered inside and Mayank headed towards the place where his car is kept.He called for a mechanic who came and checked his car.After that,Mayank took his car and left for his home.



2 months passed by after that incident.Both got settled down in their lives.They were leading as usual life like before,Mayank occupied by his business matters and Nupur searching for a job.Everything was normal but the only thing that was common between them was that they never ever forgot each other and the incident of that night for a single moment.The more they tried to brush it off,it occupies their heart with much depth than before.Each and every moment,they used to curse each other for not talking after that incident.They repented for not clearing their misunderstanding or mistake or whatever it is for a single second.They tried to search each other but all their efforts were in vain because they even didn't know their names and their addresses.These 2 months,they could forget to eat but didn't forget to remember each other.Their close friends became very worried for each other.

Nupur was standing near the window and staring outside.Her friend Gunjan,worked in an NGO and knew everything about that night.She put her hand on Nupur's shoulders and brought her back to the world and asked,"Aisa kab tak chalega Nupur?"Nupur asked,"Kya hua?"Gunjan asked,"Tu kabtak aise uske baare mein sochti rahegi?"Nupur replied,"Main ehi chahti par main jitna usko bhulaane ki koshish karti hu vo mujhe aur bhi zyaada yaad aata hai.Tujhe pata hai us din'that day,he didn't make love to me'he'he just'he just loved me.Itna pyar kisike paas hota kaise hai.Aisa laga jaise usne usdin apne andar ka dabaa hua saara pyar mujhpar lutaa diya ho.Us din ke baad maine usey kitna dhundhne ki koshish ki hai bas usse ek baar baat karni thi par vo mujhe kahi nehi mila.Us din se mere andar jaise ek'ek ajeeb sa tufaan chal raha hai,mere liye jaise saans lena hi mushkil ho raha hai.Mujhe kuch samajhme nehi aa raha hai ke mujhe in sab se kaise chutkaara milega.Is tarah se to main puri paagal ho jaaungi."Gunjan could easily understand her impatienceness,her anxiety for Mayank.She said,"Main peechle 2 mahino se tujhe dekh rahi hu par aaj se pehle tujhe kabhi bhi itna bechain nehi dekha."Nupur replied,"To meri madat kar na Gunjan."Gunjan said,"Lekin isse pehle tu ye sawaal khud se puch ke tujhe aisa ek ajnabee ke liye mehsus kyu ho raha hai,kyu tu chain se reh nehi pa rahi hai.Kabhi socha ye sab tere saath kyu ho raha hai?"Nupur was now confused.She asked,"Kyu?"Gunjan smiled and replied,"Kyuki tujhe'us'ek  raat ke ajnabee se'pyar ho gaya hai."Nupur slammed,"Kya bakwaas kar rahi hai tu?"Gunjan replied,"Jo bol rahi hu sach bol rahi hu.Usne tere sharir ko nehi tere dil ko,tere aatma ko chua hai.Chahe tu is baat ko maan ya na maan par yehi sach hai aur is sach ko jitna jaldi maan jaayegi,dekh lena zindagi bohot asaan ho jaayegi."She went away to get ready for office leaving Nupur all confused.



Mayank was the chairman of SHARMA  GROUPS  OF  INDUSTRIES.Now they gave advertisement for the post of manager for a new project.Many people applied for the job and among them Nupur was also there.On a particular day,all the applicants were called for the interview.Mayank was out for a meeting so his C.E.O took the interview on his behalf.Some of the candidates were selected,including Nupur and called for the final interview which will be taken by Mayank himself and the date will be informed to them later on.So everyone left.

After a few hours,Mayank returned to his office.He was very very tired so he closed his eyes and leaned on the chair.After sometime,his C.E.O,who is his best friend Samrat entered in his cabin with the documents of those selected candidates.On seeing him,Samrat put the papers on the table and asked him,"Mayank kya hua bohot thak gaya hai?Meeting bohot tiresome thi kya?"Mayank opened his eyes and said,"Aajkal kuch bhi achcha nehi lagta hai Samrat.Na kaam karna,na ghar jaana kuch bhi nehi.Kiske liye jaau ghar,koi intezaar karne waala bhi to nehi hai."Samrat too knew everything about that night.He asked,"Tu abhi bhi us larki ko bhula nehi paaya?"Mayank said,"Kaise bhul jaau vo mere dil se nikalti hi to nehi hai."He got up from his chair and said,"Vo meri zindagi ka dheere dheere ek atoot hissa banti ja rahi hai Samrat.Mere liye uske bina saans tak lena mushkil ho raha hai.I can't live without her anymore Samrat,I can't."He grabbed Samrat's hand and said,"Tu sahi tha,Iam in love with her.I do love her."Samrat became very happy to hear since he always tried to explain him this fact but Mayank never agreed.Samrat replied,"Agar tera pyar sachcha hai na Mayank to dekh lena vo tujhe zarur milegi."Mayank smiled and asked about the interview.Samrat told him that some candidates were selected and the final interview will be taken by him.Mayank took up the papers to check about the candidates.He was checking it but suddenly his eyes got stuck in the document of Nupur,since all the documents had the passport size photo of the candidates.Mayank could not believe what was he seeing.Samrat noticed his expressions and confusingly asked,"Anything wrong Mayank?"Mayank gave a broad smile and replied,"Tu sahi tha Samrat.Agar pyar sachcha ho to vo hume milta zarur hai."Samrat asked,"Matlab?"Mayank showed him Nupur's photo and said,"Yehi hai vo larki Samrat,yehi hai vo."Mayank checked the name and said,"Yehi hai Nupur Bhushan."He checked her address and phone number.Mayank tried to call her but it was giving NOT  REACHABLE tone.So Mayank went to the given address and she found Gunjan there.Gunjan told him that few weeks back,she shifted to a rented house near the book store.Mayank took the address of that book store and went there.On reaching there,he asked for Nupur but they informed that she didn't come today.So he asked for the address of her new house and left for it.When he reached there,he found lock in her house.Mayank was greatly disappointed by it.He said to himself,"3 mahine se usey dhundh raha hu.Vo mujhe milkar bhi phir se gum ho gayi.Agar aisa hi karna tha to usey laaye kyu bhagwaan?"A drop of tear fall from his eyes.With slow steps,he moved towards his car.

While driving,he put on the FM.After a song,the RJ said that if they wanted to say anything to their beloved one,they can call on a particular number and give their message.Mayank's eyes widened.He stopped the car and called on that particular number and said that he want to say something to someone so he needed their help.Mayank took the address of that Radio station and went there.

Now that particular station was very famous in the town.Mayank,after reaching there searched for that particular RJ.The RJ welcomed him and gave him the speaker.Mayank took the speaker and slowly said,"Hi mera naam Mayank hai Mayank Sharma.Main aaj kisise kuch kehna chahta hu,koi bohot khaas aur uska naam Nupur hai'Nupur Bhushan.Nupur tumhe shaayad yaad hoga na'us raat baarish mein'Maine usdin tumhe apne baare mein sab kuch sach sach bataya tha par aaj main tumhe ek aur sach bataana chahta hu jo tumhaare liye janna bohot zaruri hai.Usdin ke baad se aajtak main ek pal ke liye bhi chain se so nehi paaya,jab bhi aakhe bandh karta hu to mujhe sirf tumhaara chehra hi dikhaayi deta hai.Har roz,har pal sote jaagte,uthte bethte mere aas paas sirf tum hi tum hoti ho.Main tumhe chahkar bhi bhula nehi pa raha hu.Tum dheere dheere meri zindagi ka ahem hissa banti ja rahi ho.Main tumhe peechle 3 mahino se paagalo ke tarah dhundh raha hu.Agar tum ye message sun rahi ho to  please'please ek baar aakar mujhse milo.Please."He also said that he will be waiting for her outside this particular radio station until and unless she comes to meet him.Saying he ended his message and thanked the RJ for his co-operation and left from there.

Now Nupur,was in a shopping store to buy important household materials.Now the shop was playing that particular station through a loud-speaker.She was not even hearing what was playing,but as soon as she heard Mayank's voice and her name in his lips,he turned towards the speaker with a jerk.She listened to the whole message keenly.She had tears of happiness in her eyes.Everyone listened to that and started wishing for Mayank's prayer to be listened.One young woman said,"How sweet!Kitna pyar karta hai ye banda us larki se.I hope ke vo larki jald hi uski baat sunle.Main us larki ke jagah hoti na to abhi ke abhi uske paas chali jaati."Nupur listened to all the comments.She could not held herself more and ran outside to reach to Mayank.

It was heavily raining outside.Nupur called for a taxi and asked her to go to that particular radio station.The driver said,"Aap bhi us bande ko dekhne ke liye ja rahi hai na madamji?Hum bhi vohi ja rahe hai.Banda kitna pyar karta hai usse.Mujhe agar us larki ke baare mein pata hota na to main to uske pero mein girkar usko waapas le aata."Nupur was sobbing.The driver said,"Aap roiye mat madamji,vaise na meri gharwaali bhi ro pari uski baatein sunkar.Aap dekh lena usko uska pyar zarur milega.Sachche pyar ki hamesha jeet hoti hai."By that time,they reached the radio station.When she came down of the taxi,she found there was a lot of crowd around Mayank and he was sitting on the stairs of the radio station.All are standing and talking with each other.

Nupur slowly walked towards him.Mayank was sitting idle when suddenly his eyes fall on her.He got up and looked at her.Everyone understood that she was the one.The driver was surprised and said,"Arey baapre ye vohi larki hai?Ye meri taxi mein aayi?Vaise achcha hai kamsekam main in dono ke milne ka zariya to bana."Mayank too slowly walked towards her.Both were completely drenched in the rain.They stood very close to each other.Mayank smiled and said,"Hi."With teary eyes,Nupur asked,"Yaha hi bolne ke liye bulaya tha?"Mayank nodded her head and said,"Nehi ek zaruri baat bolni thi."Nupur curiously asked,"Kya?"He replied,"Is baat par meri puri zindagi depend karti hai."He took a pause and said,"Vo'vo na'us raat'uh'jo hua uske baad main tumse maafi bhi nehi maang paaya.Us raat'ke liye Iam really very sorry."Nupur gave a smirk with a teary eyes and asked,"Kya sirf maafi maangne ke liye public announcement kiya tha?"Mayank said,"Nehi'Vo kuch aur bhi kehna tha."She asked,"Kaho?"He was just stammering but could not say anything.She,in order to annoy him,said,"Thik hai agar kuch bolna nehi hai to main chalti hu."She turned to leave,but Mayank stopped her by grabbing her hand.He asked,"Main tumse ye puchna chahta tha ke'"She asked,"Ke?"He asked,"Ke jis tarah se humne us raat ko apne saare dard baate the'Kyat um'uh'usi tarah'mere saath apni puri zindagi share karogi?"Nupur was stunned to hear that.He continued,"Kyat um zindagi bhar mere saath meri humsafar bankar,mera haath thaam kar chalogi?Kya jab bhi mushkilo mein mere kadam dagmagaaye to mujhe sambhaalogi?"Nupur's lips started shivering.In front of the whole public,Mayank sat on his knees and then put out a small box of ring.He opened it and forwarded it in front of Nupur and asked,"Kya tum mujhse shaadi karogi?"All the public were excited and constantly requested Nupur to say yes.Nupur was already overwhelmed with the way of his propose but still made a face and replied,"Par meri kuch shartein hai."All the public as well as Mayank became silent.Nupur said,"Shaadi ke baad tum kisi aur larki ke taraf aakh utha kar bhi nehi dekhoge.Main jab bhi gussa karu ya tumse naraaz ho jaau,to agar tumhaari galti na bhi hui,tab bhi tum aakar mujhe sorry bologe aur mujhe manaaoge.Purey din mein kamsekam 50 baar I love you bologe.Aur kabhi bhi,agar main bhi bhul jaau par tum hamaari anniversary nehi bhuloge.Aur'mujhe akela chaorkar kabhi bhi kahi bhi nehi jaaoge aur hamesha mere paas rahoge."All were so tensed when she mentioned about her conditions,but after listening to her conditions,all gave a sigh of relief.Mayank smiled broadly and bowing his head said,"Mujhe saari shartein manzur hai."Nupur smiled and gave her left hand.Mayank put the ring on her finger.He then stood up and moved a bit away from her and then opened his arms.Nupur,with tears of happiness in her eyes,ran into his arms and hugged him tightly.All the public shouted with joy and clapped in applause.Mayank broke the hug and pointed to the rain and said,"Dekho yehi baarish hamaari pehli mulaaqaat ka zariya bana tha aur aaj isi baarish ne hume hamesha ke liye mila diya.I promise you main tumhe kabhi bhi khud se dur nehi jaane dunga.I will always love you."Nupur cupped his face and said,"I love you too."They hugged again.



One fine morning,the sun rose shining the whole city and a big mansion and its rays passed through the window and fall on a big bedroom,thus glittering it and annoying a couple who were happily sleeping in each others arms.The name of the mansion was SHARMA  MANSION and in the door's name plate,it was written MR  &  MRS  NUPUR  MAYANK  SHARMA.When Nupur,after entering in SM asked the meaning of this name plate,Mayank replied that its because,he might be the boss in his office,but in his home,Nupur is the boss and Mayank will always behind her forever.

The couple who were sleeping in each others arms were Nupur and Mayank.They married within one week after they confessed to each other since they had no one in this world to seek permission.It was a simple court marriage and later on Mayank threw a grand reception party,to welcome Nupur socially,in his life.Mayank took her to Europe for their honeymoon.Its been 6 manoths,they got married,but still,for them,it is like as if they are a newly and fresh married couples.

Nupur was happily cuddling inside his arms and sleeping peacefully.It was her favourate posture of sleeping and Mayank too likes to sleep with her in his arms,so that whoever first opens eyes,should see the other's face first.Nupur,at first woke up and saw Mayank's cute sleeping face.She lightly pecked his lips and turned a bit and found all her clothes were fallen on the ground.She smiled and then again turned towards Mayank.She slowly rose up and tried to remove his hand from her waist.At this attempt,Mayank made an annoying sound.Nupur pressed her lips to control her laugh.She called him and said,"Mr Patiparmeshwarji uthiye.Dekhiye subhe ke 7 baj chuke hai aapko office jaana hai ya nehi?"Mayank replied,"Please sone do na."Nupur said,"Arey aaj office nehi jaana?Chalo jaldi utho,mujhe bhi dhero kaam hai Mayank please utho na."Mayank slowly opened his eyes and looked at her and said,"Subhe subhe tumhaara chehra dekhne ko mil jaaye na to bas mera to din ban jaata hai.Chalo dono so jaate hai."Nupur said,"Mayank please utho na mujhe abhi naashta banana hai,tumhaara lunch pack karna hai,ghar ki bhi saaf safaai karwaani hai.Please utho aur mujhe bhi jaane do."Mayank asked,"Ghar mein itne saare naukar hai phir bhi mera har kaam,mera khaana ye sab tumhi kyu karti ho?Tum is ghar ki maalkin ho Nupur,meri biwi ho,meri governess nehi."Nupur moved her finger in Mayank's hair and said,"To kya biwi ke rehte tum naukro ke haatho ka khaana khaaoge?Tumhe apne saamne beetha kar khilaana,tumhaara khayaal rakhna ye mera farz hai Mayank."Mayank suddenly tuned and moved on top of her and said,"Patni ka ek aur dharm bhi hota hai aur hai apne pati se pyar karna and for your very kind information,aaj main office jaanewaala nehi hu."Nupur said,"Jabse shaadi hui hai tumhaari yehi ek rat lagi rehti hai office nehi jaaunga."Mayank replied,"Maine office mein 7 dino ki chutti ka announcement karwa diya hai.Pehle akela tha isliye samajhme nehi aata tha par ab samajhta hu,mere saare jo married staffs hai unka bhi to dil karta hoga apne partners ke saath tym bitaane ka jaisa ab mera karta hai isiliye chutti de di."Nupur was about to say something and Mayank annoyingly said,"Bolti bohot ho tum par iska bhi ilaaj mujhe pata hai."Without giving Nupur any more time to protest,he sealed her lips with hers.

Naya Mehmaan

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Woh Ek Pal...Strangers Turned Soulmates



A young woman,got up early in the morning.She looked beside her and found that her husband was sound asleep hiding his face on her shoulders and hugging her by her waist.She slowly removed his hand from her waist and without making any sound got up from her bed.With baby feet,she moved towards the kitchen.After entering the kitchen,she looked around to see whether anyone was there or not.She climbed on her feet and opened the highest rack of the kitchen and put down a glass bottle.It was a bottle of pickels.She opened it and tasted the first one.After licking,she made a content smile.She then started eating them like greedy and forgot the whole world around her.After sometime,suddenly she realized that someone was standing behind her.She turned on her back with a jerk and found her MIL was standing with a confused expression on her face.She asked,"Tu yaha itni subhe subhe kya kar rahi hai?"The young woman stammered,"K-k-kuch-kuch nehi mummyji,vo-vo vo bas aise hi'"The MIL suddenly noticed the bottle of pickels opened on her back.She asked,"Ye achaar ki burney khuli kyu hai?"She then noticed the young woman's hand filled with pickels.Her MIL asked,"Tu subhe subhe achaar kha rahi hai?"The young woman was very embarrassed.She made a guilt stricken face.Her MIL smelled something very fishy.She asked,"Teri zabaan khatti ho rahi hai?"The young woman lowered her head and nodded.The MIL excitedly asked,"Tere muh ka swad bigar raha hai?"She again nodded her head.A glow of happiness touched the MIL's face.She cupped her face and happily asked,"Kya sach mein'"The young woman now blushed and replied,"Ji mummyji."Her MIL hugged her and asked,"Arey paagal itni khushi ki khabar pehle kyu nehi batayi?"The woman replied,"Vo mummyji,vo'doctor ka report aana abhi baaki hai.Bina confirm huye kuch bolna thik bhi to nehi hai na."The MIL replied,"Aise maamlo mein doctor ke report ki koi zarurat nehi parti.Chehre ki chamak dekh kar hi pata chalta hai.Tere nalaayak pati ko pata hai?"The woman replied,"Nehi."Hearing this,she didn't wait for anything else and called everyone on the drawing room.All came in a hurry.The head of the family Anand Sharma asked his wife Shobha,"Kya hua Shobha is tarah se chillayi kyu?"Anand and Shobha's eldest son Adhiraj said,"Yes mom,aapne to hume dara hi diya."Natasha,Adhiraj's wife and the eldest DIL asked,"Bataiye na mummyji kya hua hai?"Shobha said,"Aap sab na to khaamakha mein hi dar rahe ho.Baat darne ki nehi khushiya manaane ki hai."Anand asked,"Hua kya hai saaf saaf bataaogi please?"Shobha looked at everyone and found her youngest son missing.She asked,"Ye Mayank kaha hai?"Mayank is their youngest son.Natasha went to his room and called Mayank.He came by rubbing his eyes and asked Shobha,"Kya hua mom aapne mujhe bulaaya?"Now Shobha said,"Baat ye hai ke main'ek baar phir se'"She shouted,"Daadi banne waali hu'"She went towards her youngest DIL and cupped her face,"Nupur ma banne waali hai."Nupur is Mayank's wife and the youngest DIL of the house.Everyone were happy about ths news.Natasha hugged Nupur and said,"Congrats Nupur.Chalo achcha hai ab mere Karan ki ek bhai ya behen ka rat lagaana bandh hoga.God bless you."Nupur thanked her,"Thank you didi."Since Mayank just hurriedly woke up from sleep,so he was still not able to gather himself properly after getting the news.It appeared to him as he was still dreaming.When all were rejoicing,Mayank went near Nupur and asked,"Uh Nupur'Sachchi mein tum pregnant ho kya?Ya phir main sapna dekh raha hu?"Nupur at first stared at him with a disgusted look and then kicked on his leg and asked,"Ab nikle sapne se bahaar?"Mayank shouted with pain.Shobha asked,"Kya hua?"Mayank replied,"Maine bas usse itna pucha ke vo sachchi mein pregnant hai ya nehi to gusse mein aakar mere per par maarkar chali gayi."Anand replied,"Aise sawaal puchega to yehi haal hoga."Adhiraj said,"Baap banne chala hai lekin abhi tak iska bachpana nehi gaya."Mayank made a face and went inside.

In his room,Mayank found Nupur was angrily keeping his dresses on the bed.He smiled and hugged her from behind and apologized,"Iam sorry.Iam really very sorry.Actually vo kya hai na,maine ye expect hi nehi kiya tha aur upar se gehri neend se utha tha na to dimaag bilkul sunn ho gaya tha isliye'Ab tum gussa mat karo na please."Nupur cooled down a bit and replied,"Its ok."Mayank turned her towards him and said,"That's like the sweetest mother of my baby."He forcefully made her sit down and said,"Ab tum na zyaada der tak khari mat raho.Aise time par zyaada khara nehi rehna chahiye."He kneeled in front of her and held her hand in between her hands and said,"Main bata nehi sakta Nupur ke aaj main kitna khush hu.Tumne mujhe duniya ki sabse bari khushi di hai.I'I just can't believe Iam going to be a father.Main na apne bachche ka best papa banunga.Usey kisi cheez ki kabhi koi kami nehi hone dunga.Usey main bohot'"While he was saying,Nupur noticed the tears of happiness in his eyes.She put her finger on his lips and said,"Bas Mayank!Main jaanti hu ke tum is duniya ke best papa banoge aur ye baat tumhe saabit karne ki koi zarurat nehi hai."Mayank wiped his tears and said,"Achcha ab no more being emotional main nahaane ja raha hu varna office ke liye late ho jaayega."Saying he went for bathing.

After coming out of the washroom,Mayank found Nupur was standing in front of the window and caring her tummy very happily.Mayank too put his hand on her hand and said,"Hello baby!Main na aapka papa hu.Aap na jaldi jaldi na is duniya mein aa jaao phir hum dono milkar khub saari masti karenge aur aapki mamma ko bohot sataayenge."Nupur made a fake angry face and replied,"Oh to tum isliye khush ho ke tumhe mere khilaaf chugli karne ke liye partner mil jaayega.You are so mean Mayank!"Mayank replied,"Arey nehi baba main to bas aise hi bol raha tha."Nupur asked,"Achcha ab tumne der nehi ho rahi hai?"He replied,"Main soch raha tha ke aaj office nehi jaaunga.Aaj main pura din bas tumhaare saath bitaana chahta hu.Maine to ye bhi tey kar liya hai ke jabtak baby nehi aa jaata main tumhe ek pal ke liye bhi akela nehi chorunga."Nupur lightly slapped on his cheek and said,"Arey baby ke aane mein to abhi 9 mahine baaki hai.Tabtak kya tum office bhi nehi jaaoge?"He replied,"Nehi jaaunga."She hugged him and said,"Aww!The sweetest father of my baby.Abhi tum na office jaao aura ate waqt clinic se mere reports bhi lekar aana."He saluted her and said,"Jo hukum mere aaka."Both left for their breakfast.

In the breakfast table.Nupur and Natasha started serving the breakfast.Natasha grabbed Nupur's arms and scolded her,"Tumhe kaam karne ki koi zarurat nehi hai.Chupchap jaao jaakar betho."She said,"Par didi,aap ye sab akeli kar rahi hai."Natasha taunted,"Ab samajh mein aa raha hai mujhe tab kaisa lagta tha?Meri pregnancy ke waqt tumne mujhe ek kaam karne nehi diya tha.Ab main to badla zarur lungi.Betho aur bethkar apna naashta khatam karo aur aaj ke baad tum ghar ka koi kaam nehi karogi aur agar kitchen ke taraf maine tumhe aate huye dekha bhi na to mujhse bura koi nehi hoga.Kisi cheez ki bhi zarurat ho to maang liya karna."Nupur made a baby face and asked,"Aap daat kyu rahi ho didi?"She replied,"Kyuki daatungi nehi to aap meri baat sunengi nehi."At that moment Adhiraj and Karan came for their breakfast.Karan is 5 years old.He asked Nupur,"Chachi mamma ne bataaya ke aap na mere liye chota sa bhai ya behen lane waali ho?"Shobha said,"Ha beta."Karan said,"To phir na aap mere liye choti si behen laana.Vo na mujhe raakhi baandhegi jaise aap aur mamma baandhti ho aur main na uske liye roz ice cream aur chocolate lekar aaunga aur phir na har koi mujhe chota chota kehkar mere gaal bhi nehi dabaayega kyuki tab to main bara ho jaaunga na."Everyone laughed at this.Nupur replied,"Ha ha bilkul after all tab to tum bhaiya ban jaaoge aur tumhe hi to uska khayaal rakhna hai na."Karan agreed,"Ha to meri behen ka khayaal to main hi rakkhunga na."Adhiraj pulled Mayank's leg and said,"Mere bhai abhi zyaada khush mat ho kyuki dheere dheere tere raato ki neend haraam hone waali hai kyuki na pregnancy na har biwio ka legal lisence hota hai apni manmaani karne ka khaaskar ke apne patio ke saath.Ab dekh Nupur tujhe kaise nachaati hai.""Excuse me!Main Mr India ban gayi hu kya?"Natasha asked Adhiraj by putting her hand on her waist.Adhiraj joined his hands and said,"Maaf kardo Natasha galti ho gayi."Karan always used to get confused at his father's behavior towards his mother.He asked Anand,"Daddu,papa mamma se itna darte kyu hai?"Anand replied,"Beta shaadi ke baad na har koi darta hai."Adhiraj added,"Aur tere chachu to aur bhi zyaada darte hai."They continued their breakfast with their sweet and sour discussions.

Before leaving for office,Nupur asked Mayank to bring pizza for her.Mayank while returning collected her reports and brought her pizza.The doctor confirmed Nupur's pregnancy.Mayank was so much excited for his child that everyday he used to do shopping for his baby.He used to pull Adhiraj everyday to the nearby shopping mall and do marketing for his baby under his guidance since he was experienced.Everyday,Mayank used to secretly go into a room nearby his bedroom and did something inside it.He didn't say anyone anything about it.One day,Nupur asked,"Tum us kamre mein jaakar karte kya ho?Main bohot dino se dekh rahi hu ke tum dher saara samaan lekar ghar mein ghuste ho aur andar se lock kar dete ho aur phir bahaar aakar kamre ko taala laga dete ho.Aaakhir chal kya raha hai?"Mayank replied,"Sahi waqt aane do tumhe sab pata chal jaayega."That one act of him made Nupur grew more and more suspicious about him.One day,Mayank brought several dresses for Nupur and showed them to her.She found that those dresses were double her size.She made a face and asked,"Ye kya hai Mayank?Itne bare kapre???"He replied,"Arey jaise jaise meri beti tumhaare andar bari hogi,tum moti hoti jaaogi na to tumhaare kapre tumhe fit kaise aayenge.Isiliye tumhaare liye ye comfortable kapre lekar aaya hu taaki tumhe aur meri cutie doll ko koi suffocation na ho."Nupur asked,"Tumhe kaise pata beta hoga ya beti?"He replied,"Mera dil kehta hai ke meri ek choti si pyar si natkhat si Nupur hi hogi."She asked,"Achcha???Chota Mayank aaya to?"He said,"Ho hi nehi sakta beti hogi kyuki mujhe beti chahiye."She said,"Nehi neta hoga dekh lena."He said,"Beti hogi."She said,"Nehi beta hoga."They started quarreling on their would be child.

As forecasted by Adhiraj,Nupur slowly became arrogant and started behaving like a kid.She made Mayank's life hell like waking him up in the middle of a night to take her to long drive and take her to a five star hotel so that she can have her favourate hot chocolate.One night,she suddenly,without any reason became so angry with Mayank that she kicked him out of his bedroom and said,"Tum aaj mujhe apni shakal bhi mat dikhaana.Mujhe pata nehi kyu kuch dino se tumhaari shakal se itni nafrat ho gayi hai,tumhe dekh kar itna gussa aata hai ke dil karta hai ke tumhaara sar phor du.Get lost Mayank,varna main'"She took up the vase and pointed it towards Mayank and said,"Ye tumhaare sar par maar dungi."Mayank immediately left his bedroom.In the morning,Adhiraj found him sleeping on the sofa.He sat beside him and woke him up.He woke making a sad face.Adhiraj smiled and asked,"Kyu beta biwi ne kaal raat ko kamre se bahaar phek diya kya?"Mayank nodded his head.Adhiraj said,"Tu sharminda mat ho,Natasha ne bhi mere saath thik aisa hi kiya tha yahatak ke'"He looked around and secretly said,"Dad ko bhi ma ne isi tarah se kamre se bahaar nikaala tha tere time pe."Mayank was very amused to hear that.He asked,"Kya baat kar rahe ho bhaiya,sach mein?"Adhiraj replied,"Karan ki kasam.Mujhe to lagta hai ye Sharma khaandaan ka tradition hai."Both the brothers laughed at this.



After 7 months,Shobha decided to send Nupur to her home as it was the tradition that the first child of a woman should be born in her own home.At this,both Nupur and Mayank became sad since they had to remain away from each other for quite a long time.Before one day,of Nupur's departure,Mayank said to Nupur,"Tum hamesha mujhse puchti thi na ke main us kamre mein jaakar kya karta hu.Chalo aaj main tumhe dikhaata hu."He took her to that room.When he opened that room,Nupur became stunned to see what was inside that.She found that it was a baby's room,with lots of photos of babies and cartoons.There was a small bed inside it and the whole room was covered with toys.She opened the wardrobe and found that it contained both boy's and girl's clothes.She asked,"Ye kya hai larka aur larki dono ke kapre kyu laaye?"Mayank replied,"To mujhe pata nehi hai na ke larka hai ya larki hai isiliye dono ke kapre aur khilone kharid daale par ghar ka colour abhi tak choose nehi kar paaya.Agar larka hua to blue aur agar larki huyi to baby pink lagwaaunga."Nupur looked around the whole room and there was tears in her eyes.He asked,"Tumne bataaya nehi tumhe room kaisa laga?"She,instead of replying hugged him and started crying.He wiped her tears and asked,"Achcha nehi laga?"She replied,"Nehi aisi baat nehi hai.Bohot sundar hai.Ab to mujhse bhi apne bachche ke is duniya mein aane ka intezaar nehi ho raha hai."He said,"Ab to bas 2 mahine hi baaki hai phir hum dono finally mamma papa ban jaayenge."She nodded her head.

When Nupur was there in her home,Mayank used to come to meet her every night when when everyone used to sleep in both the houses.Nupur used to demand something everyday and Mayank used to bring that without forgetting and everyday he used to enter Nupur's room by climbing though the window.One night,he was almost saved from getting caught.These activities and their hide-and-seek romance continued till her delivery.



After 2 months,Nupur went into labour and delivered a baby girl.Mayank was in the 9th clouds on hearing this.In the hospital,when the nurse gave him his daughter,he took her and gave her to Shobha.She confusingly asked,"Ye kya tujhe apni beti ko uthaana nehi hai kya?"He replied,"Ye kitni choti hai aur upar se kitni soft.Mere haatho mein gudgudi hoti hai.Kahi agar gir vir gayi to?"Natasha said,"Kya Mayank,tum bhi na'Uff!"Everyone went inside to see Nupur.At first Karan ran to hug Nupur.He hugged her and thanked,"Thank you chachi jo aapne meri baat sunli.Aap mere liye choti behen laayi hai."Nupur kissed on his cheeks and replied,"Welcome."Everyone congratulated her and Mayank said,"Dekha hui na beti.Maine kaha tha ke beti hi hogi.Ab na tum jaldi se ghar chalo,mujhse aur bardaasht nehi ho raha hai."Shobha replied,"Ha ha chalenge dono tu thora sabr rakh."Mayank looked at his daughter and asked,"Achcha bataiye na ye kiski jaisi hui hai?"Adhiraj replied,"Teri jaisi to bilkul nehi."Mayank made a face.Natasha felt pity and replied,"Arey Adhiraj tum bhi na.Ye to bilkul Mayank ki tarah hai."He became happy to hear that.Shobha took out a bundle of money from her purse and took all the evil eyes off the baby and Nupur and donated it to the hospital.She thanked Nupur,"Beta,hamaare ghar ko ek lakshmi dene ke liye tera bohot bohot shukriya."Mayank cut his mom and said,"Mujhe bhi thanks bolo mom.Usne sab akele kiya hai kya?"Everyone started teasing Mayank and made fun of him.He sadly said to his daughter,"Beta yaha to sab party badalte hai tu na kabhi mera saath mat chorna."The baby slightly moved her head.



After 2 months,Nupur and the baby were grandly welcomed in DM.The baby was named Pari.When they entered their room,Nupur found a very beautiful baby cought made of pure sandalwood.She asked,"Itna sundar paalna,tum laaye ho?"He replied,"Nehi bhaiya bhabhi ne diya hai.Chandan ka hai Pari ke liye."Nupur put her baby into that.After sometime,Shobha and Ananad entered inside their room.Shobha put a small golden bangle on Pari's hand and said,"Ye pehla taufa gudiya ki daadi ki taraf se."Anand gave a legal document in Nupur's hand and said,"Pari ke naam par ek naya bunglow kharida hai.Ye meri taraf se."They were talking when Nupur saw that Karan was standing on their door hiding something behind him.Mayank asked,"Hey hero???Bahaar kya kar raha hai andar aa na?"Nupur asked,"Ye haath ke peeche kya chupaaya hai?"Karan replied,"Vo chachi,sabne na choti ko itne saare mehenge gifts diye hai main to aisa kuch laaya hi nehi.Main to sirf ye laaya hu."He showed a small soft toy for Pari.Indra and Mayank were so touched by it.She brought Karan close to Pari and said,"Ye to Pari ke bhaiya ke taraf se hai na to ye gift maamuli kaise hua?Ye to hamesha Pari ke paas rahega.Tum khud do usko."He put the toy in Pari's hand and she grabbed it with her small fingers.Nupur said,"Dekha,Pari ko bhi bohot pasand aaya hai apne bhaiya ka gift."Karan gave a broad smile.

As time passed by Mayank became expert in handling the baby.He became a very good baby sitter.The baby too became very fond of her father.Karan always used to take care of his little sister like a real elder brother.Since Pari was the only daughter of that family,so she was the apple of everyones eyes.



A small girl slowly went towards the fridge inside the kitchen.The moment,she put her hand on the handle to open it,another hand stopped her and asked,"Ye kya ho raha hai?"The girl turned around and smiled.It was her mother Nupur.She said,"Mamma'vo na'maine na'ha bhaiya ke liye chotlat lene aayi thi."Nupur replied,"Achcha???Bhaiya ke liye ya phir apne liye."Pari said,"Sachchi mamma.Bhaiya ke liye."Nupur asked,"Achcha mamma se jhut bolti hai??Theher ja."Pari ran and hid behind Karan.He stopped Nupur and said,"Chachi sach mein Pari ko maine kaha tha mere liye chocolate nikaalne ko."Nupur said,"Apni behen ke liye jhut bol rahe ho.Sab ne ghar mein isko sar par charaake rakkha hai aur ye hai ke bas badmaashi karti hi rehti hai."Pari was hiding behind Karan and was continuously staring at the clock and waiting for her father to come because as soon as he will come,she will jump into his arms and will no longer have to face her mother's rage.

After a few minutes,he heard the sound of pulling the brakes of cars.She yelled with joy,"Papa aa gaye papa aa gaye.Ab mamma mujhe nehi daategi."She ran towards the door and found Adhiraj was entering alone.She made an angry face and asked,"Bale papa,aap mele papa ko office mein hi bhul kal aa gaye?Agal mele papa kho gaye to?Aapne unka haath kyu nehi pakla?"This thing was taught by Mayank that while walking if Pari leaves Nupur or Mayank's hand she will be lost forever.Pari made a crying face and said,"Ab mele papa kabhi nehi milenge."She started crying loudly taking Mayank's name.Adhiraj picked her up in his arms and wiped her tears and said,"Arey nehi beta,papa kahi nehi gaye hai.Vo to tumhaare liye nayi doll kharidne gaye hai.Abhi aa jaayenge."Pari asked,"Aap sach bol lahe ho?"Adhiraj replied,"Ha bilkul sach."At that moment,another car pulled its brake and Pari jumped down from Adhiraj's arms and exclaimed,"Papa!Papa!"She ran towards the door and as soon as Mayank entered she almost hanged by his waist.Mayank picked her up properly and noticed the tears in her eyes.He asked,"Arey meri gudiya ro rahi hai?Mamma ne kuch kaha?"Adhiraj replied,"Na baba main akela ghar aaya to isliye usne socha ke kahi main tujhe office mein akela to nehi chorkar aa gaya isliye ro pari."Mayank wiped her tears and said,"Ale meri gudiya itna pyar karti hai apne papa se?Main to tumhaari doll lene gaya tha isiliye thora sa late ho gaya."Pari said,"Aapko pata hai main aapke liye bohot palechaan thi."Mayank apologized,"So sorry baby."Nupur came and said to Pari,"Chalo tumhaare dudh peene ka time ho gaya hai."Pari squeezed her nose and moved away from Nupur and said,"Dudu chi!!!Bohot gandi cheej hai.Main nehi peeyungi."But Nupur pulled her from Mayank's arms and took her away.

Whenever Nupur was trying to make her drink her milk from the glass,she made faces and said,"Main nehi peeyungi.Ye mujhe hal loj peeni palti hai.Gandi badbu hai."Nupur scolded Pari,"Maine kitni baar tumhe mana kiya hai Pari ke khaane ki cheez ko chi nehi bolte.Vaise bhi achchi cheeze tumhe kaha pasand aati hai?Agar aaj papa pizza ya bahaar ka kuch lekar aate to uchal uchal ke kha leti."Pari scolded Nupur back,"Aap gandi mamma ho,hamecha mujhpal guchcha kalti ho.Mele papa sabse achche hai vo mujhpal kabhi guchcha nehi kalte."Nupur grinned,"Bari aayi papa ki chamchi.Abhi chupchap dudh peeyo.Tumhaara ye roz ka naatak mujhe bilkul achcha nehi lagta.Abhi ke abhi agar pura glass khatam nehi kiya na to bohot maar paregi."Nupur showed slap to her by raising her hand.Pari folded her lips and cried out loudly,"Papa!Papa!"Hearing her voice Mayank came running outside his room.On seeing Mayank,Pari opened her hands asking him to pick her up and Mayank did so.He asked,"Kya Nupur hamesha ispar chillaati rehti ho.Ab kya kiya isne?"Nupur said,"Vahi iska roz ka naatak dudh nehi peena hai.Ab tum hi pilaao bohot sunti hai na tumhaari."Pari said,"Mujhe vo achcha nehi lagta hai papa."Mayank said,"I know beta.Mujhe bhi achcha nehi lagta tha par peena to parega na aakhir Pari ko papa jitna strong banna hai na."He then whispered something to her ears and then took up the glass and gave it to Pari and she emptied the glass within a minute.Nupur was surprised.She asked,"Aisa kya bola tumne usey ke usne jhat se dudh pee liya?"He replied,"Tumhaare aur mere samjhaane mein fark hai na Nupur."Saying he made a mocking face to Nupur and took Pari inside their room.

After making the dinner,Nupur entered her room and found both father and daughter were happily eating pizza.Nupur put her hand on her waist and mocked,"Oh!To is baat ki rishwaat di gayi thi usey dudh peene ke liye."Mayank said,"Arey main to tumhaara hi kaam kar raha tha.Tumhe usey dudh peelana tha ur agar mere is ek baat se vo bina muh banaaye dudh pee leti hai to isme buraai kya hai?"Nupur said,"Ha ha karo shaukh se karo kuch nehi bolungi.Jo dil mein aaye karo dono baap-beti milke.Meri to kisiko fikar hi nehi hai aur naahi meri baat koi sunta hai."She went towards the mirror and sat on the tool.Mayank on seeing it whispered to Pari,"Lagta hai mamma ko gussa aa gaya hai.Ab tumhe to pata hai hum dono ka hi mamma ke bina kuch nehi ho sakta."Pari nodded her head and replied,"Mamma ko manaana palega."She got down from Mayank's lap and moved towards Nupur.On seeing her,Nupur asked,"Kya hai?"In reply,Pari held her ears and said,"Cholly mamma!Ab main aapko dudu ko lekal kabhi tang nehi kalungi."Nupur totally melted at her gestures and she hugged her,"Aww!Mera bachcha.Meri jaan,meri sone ki pari."Pari suddenly freed herself and said,"Par mujhe loj pizza chahiye."Saying she ran back to Mayank and Nupur grinned,"Badmaash!"She kissed on Pari's cheek and asked,"Mamma se sharaarat karti hai?"Pari said,"Mujhe kichchi kalli ab papa ko kalo."Mayank agreed,"Ha mujhpar bhi bohot chillati ho.Mujhe bhi karo."Nupur kissed on his cheek too.Pari asked,"Ab mujhe I lub you bolo?"Nupur said,"I love you mera bachcha."She again asked,"Ab papa ko bolo?"She said to Mayank,"I love you Mayank."Before Pari could say this to Mayank,he said,"I love you both."Pari hugged them both and said,"Main bhi."The three gave a group hug.

Teri Meri Bindass Love Story

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Naya Mehmaan

NUPUR  BHUSHAN and MAYANK  SHARMA are the best of buddies since their childhood.They are the bestest friends forever.In their childhood,they used to eat together,go to school together,sleep together,fight together,play together and if someone scolds them,they used to stand for each other.In short,they can't live without each other,but they never understood it.They used to think that they have an unwritten right over each other and no one can BHatch it from them.Both the families,decided that they will get them married but Nupur and Mayank runs away from this topic of marriage miles away.

Mayank is a very playful kind of guy and used to flirt with each and every girl in the college.The girls also used to entertain him,but Nupur just disliked his attitude.Almost all the boys of their class like Nupur.Many proposed her also,but instead of replying,she just used to give a tight slap on their faces,so no one ever dared to propose her anymore.

Mayank's bedroom was a kind of mini gutter which was cleared almost everyday by Nupur.He could never find anything in its place and for that he had to call Nupur almost 100 times a day.One day,in his bedroom,Nupur said,"Dekh ek na ek din to meri shaadi ho jaayegi.Tab tu kya karega,tujhe to apni har ek cheez ke liye mujhe phone karna parta hai."He replied,"Ha to tere sasural mein phone karunga."She asked,"Aur agar mere pati ko achcha na laga to?"He said,"Divorce paper uske muh par maarke waapas aa jaana.Aise aadmi ke saath rehne ki tujhe koi zarurat nehi hai."Nupur said,"Isiliye to kehti hu ke saari faltu larkio ko taarne ke bajaaye ek dhang ki,ek achchi si larki dekh kar shaadi karle,jo tere har cheez ka dhyaan rakkhegi aur fir tu mujhe bhi tang nehi karega."He said,"Aisa to is janam mein ho nehi sakta jo main tera peecha chor du aur agar tera pati beech mein aaya na to muh tod dunga main saale ka.Tu na apne liye ek ghar jamaai dhundh lena tab to koi problem hi nehi hogi,tujhe bhi apne sasural nehi jaana parega."She asked,"Aisa hota hai kya kabhi gadhe?"He said,"Karna parega aur agar zyaada problem hui na to main tere se shaadi kar lunga."Nupur made a face and said,"Tere saath???Shaadi???Tera dimaag to thikaane par hai?Mereko apni zindagi barbaad nehi karni hai tere jaise aadmi se shaadi karke."He said,"Mujhme kya kharaabi hai?Dekh iske kitne saare faayde hai mujhe tujhe baar baar phone karke ye puchna nehi parega ke meri kaun si cheez kahapar rakkhi hai,tujhe bhi jab meri zarurat paregi tujhe bhi kahi aur jaana nehi parega.Hum dono hamesha ek saath rahenge jaise bachpan se rehte hai."Nupur got up from his bed and said,"Mujhe agar zindagi bhar bhi kunwaari marna pare na tab bhi main tere se shaadi nehi karungi."He said,"Thik hai mat kar,main bhi koi tere se shaadi karne ke liye mara nehi ja raha hu.Maine to hum dono ke faayde ke liye bola."Nupur taunted,"Bara aaya faayda dikhaane waala.Arey tere jaisa larka jisey dhang se apni cheeze rakhni bhi nehi aati usse shaadi kaun karegi?"He replied,"Ha to jo larki propose karte hi muh par chappal uraakar maare aisi larki se shaadi kaun karega?Tera pati to pata nehi kitni baar peetega tujhse."She taunted,"Har koi tere jaisa nehi hota.Bhaar mein ja tu!Chal hat!"Mayank said,"Tu hat!"Nupur and Mayank both turned against each other and left.

Nupur and Mayank showed that they don't have any feelings for each other but the truth was that they loved each other to the core and the main reason for Nupur to ask him to get married was that she can't tolerate him with any other girl and the reason of giving such marriage proposal to her was that Mayank can't think that Nupur will get separate from him and for that he could do anything.Days passed by and they didn't even realize how much strong their feelings have grown for each other.Mayank always wanted to say something to Nupur but he could never either due to his ego or due to Nupur's scare.They completed their education and Mayank got a job in a company whereas Nupur's parents were preparing for marrying off Nupur and her sister Gunjan on the same day.

After some days,Mayank returned from a foreign trip for his company.On coming home,his mother Suhaasini said,"Tujhe pata hai aaj Bhushan Niwas mein larkewaale aa rahe hai."Mayank,on hearing this screamed,"What???Nupur ko dekhne larkewaale aa rahe hai aur aapne mujhe bataaya bhi nehi?"She made a confused face and asked,"Par'"He didn't let her start and said,"What par ma???Nupur shaadi karne ja rahi hai aur ye baat aap mujhe ab bata rahi hai?Vo aise kaise kar sakti hai,usko to mujhe ek baar bataana chahiye tha na.How could she?Main nehi jaane dunga usko.Main uski shaadi kisi aur se nehi hone dunga."Suhaasini smelled something very fishy on his restless attitude.She asked,"Mayank aakhir baat kya hai?"He said,"Vo mujhe chorkar jaanewaali hai aur aap puch rahi hai ke baat kya hai?Main abhi jaakar khabar leta hu uski."He didn't wait for Suhaasini to say anything and left from there.

Mayank straight away entered inside BH and said to Gayatri,"Chachi zara apni vo chipkali beti ko neeche bulaana."He didn't even feel it necessary to see that the groom and his family were sitting.Gayatri and Girish were both embarrassed in front of their guests.Mayank looked at Gunjan and said,"Ae Gunjan bula na us churail ko.Mereko usse baat karni hai."Gunjan said,"Mayank bhaiya aap ye kaise baatein kar rahe ho?Please aapko dikhaai nehi de raha hai kya ke ghar mein mehmaan hai?"Mayank said,"To main kisise darta hu kya?Main to sabke saamne bolunga.Vo kya samajhti hai ke aise chori chupe shaadi kar legi to mujhe pata bhi nehi chalega?Bula usko."By that time,Nupur came downstairs.On seeing him,she asked,"Mayank tu yaha kya kar raha hai?"He said,"Aa gayi tu?Tu samajhti kya hai apne aap ko?Tu aise kaise mujhe bina bataaye shaadi kar sakti hai?Maine tujhe manaa kiya tha na ke tu  mujhe chorkar kahi nehi ja sakti?"Nupur gave a strange look to him and asked,"Main???Shaadi???Ye sab'"Pointing to the groom,he said,"Ye jo bandar ki shakal waala betha hai tu aise aadmi se shaadi karegi?Isse achcha chiriyaghar se koi sachmuch ka bandar hi le aati,kamsekam vo tujhe kele to khilaata.Iski shakal dekh,ye to channe khilaane laayak bhi nehi hai,teri favourate kulfi to bhul hi ja tu."Nupur grinned,"Apni zabaan pe kaabu rakh Mayank.Ye log'"The groom's father stood up and very angrily asked Girish,"Bhushanji ye badtameez larka kaun hai?"Mayank said,"Uncleji main na baro ki bohot izzat karta hu isliye tameez se keh raha hu aap beech mein na paro."He then continued with Nupur,"Tu agar shaadi karke chali jaayegi to mera kya hoga Nupur?Tujhe to pata hai na mujhe ek bhi cheez jagah par nehi milti hai.Main jab bhi kisi problem mein phasta hu to tere madat ke bina nikal hi nehi paata."Nupur asked,"To zindagi bhar kya main teri problem solve karti rahu?Mujhe shaadi nehi karni?"He said,"Tu meri karna main tera problem solve karunga'"The groom stood up and said to Mayank,"Dekho tum hamaari'"Mayank stopped him in the middle and said,"Tu dekh'Main baat kar raha hu na,baar baar beech mein toka mat kar.Bethna hai to beth varna kat le.Agar fir se muh khola na to tera haath tere muh par hoga aur saare daant baahar."At this,the groom's family could not stay anymore and left.Before leaving,they insulted the Bhushan's and in reply Mayank gave a tight slap to the groom and said that if he wanted to stay alive then leave without spending anymore word.

Girish and Gayatri dashed on the sofa.Gunjan was crying.Nupur by that time called Mayank's parents.They arrived and got to know what Mayank has done.They got very angry and Suhaasini said to Mayank,"Ye tune kya kiya Mayank?"He replied,"Maine kya kiya hai?Main Nupur ki shaadi kisi aur se nehi hone dunga."Suhaasini grinned,"Arey bewakuf ye log Nupur ko nehi Gunjan ko dekhne aaye the."He again screamed,"What???Aur itni der se main ye soch raha tha ke Nupur ki shaadi hai.Aapne mujhe pehle kyu nehi bola?"Suhaasini said,"Tuney mujhe bolne ka mauka bhi to nehi diya."She went to Gunjan and said,"Bichaari bachchi tere vajah se uski shaadi toot gayi.Tuney ye thik nehi kiya."Nupur and her whole family was angry with him.He said to Gunjan,"Iam sorry Gunjan mujhe nehi pata tha ke ye tere liye aaye the'Par tu fikar mat kar teri shaadi mere vajah se tooti hai na.Main hi teri shaadi karwaaunga.Tu theher."He called someone and asked him to come to BH.After half an hour,that person arrived.On seeing him,Nupur exclaimed,"Samrat!!!Tum yaha?"Mayank said,"Ye mera college ka best friend Samrat hai.Samrat Shergill.Shergill Industries ka ek lauta waaris hai.Ye na jabse apni Gunjan ko dekha hai na tabse uske peeche lattoo ho gaya hai.Bohot pyar karta hai isko aur shaadi bhi karna chahta hai.Lekin aajtak bol nehi paaya."He said to Girish,"Chachaji apni ma ki kasam kha kar kehta hu zindagi bhar na apni Gunjan ko sar par beetha kar rakkhega.Usko kabhi kisi cheez ki kami nehi hone dega.Iski guarantee main leta hu."Girish didn't know what to say.He exchanged looks with Gayatri and then went towards Samrat and asked,"Kya tum sach mein Gunjan se pyar karti ho?"Samrat was standing making an embarrassed face.Mayank said,"Phoot le phoot le varna aaj agar tu nehi bola na to zindagi bhar pachtaayega aur devdas banke beth jaayega."Samrat nodded his head.Girish then looked at Gayatri and then she nodded her head.He then looked at Gunjan and she blushed.Girish had a smile on his face and said,"Agar dono bachcho ko koi aitraaz nehi hai to mujhe bhi nehi hai."Samrat and Gunjan smiled looking at each other.

Mayank said to Nupur,"Dekh abhi Gunjan ki bhi setting karwa di hai maine.Ab tu meri baat sun.Dekh seedha seedha tikaau offer de raha hu mere se shaadi karle.Soch maayka aur sasuraal kitna nazdik mein hoga.Ek per is ghar mein to dusra per us ghar mein hoga."Nupur asked,"Shaadi tere liye deal hai?Aur main kyu karu tujhse shaadi?Tere mein aisi kaunsi khaas baat hai?Kya kar sakta hai tu mere liye?"He said,"Bachpan se jaanti hai mujhe,ye hai meri guarantee.Aajtak apne ma baap se jhut bola hai par tere se koi cheez nehi chupaayi yahatak ke mera first love letter bhi tune likh ke diya tha,jab pehli baar larki se thappar kha kar aaya tha tujhe bataya tha maine,ye hai meri loyalty.Tu jaise rehneko bolegi rahunga,tere ghar mein ghar jamaai bankar aa jaaunga.Tere se ma kasam kabhi jhagra nehi karunga.Tu gaaliya bhi degi to chupchap beth kar sununga.Shaadi ke baad main roz raat ko tujhe kulfi khilaaunga aur long drive par lekar jaaunga.Mahine mein do baar tujhe dinner karaane 5 star hotel mein lekar jaaunga.Saal mein do baar tujhe foreign trip mein lekar jaaunga.Tu bolegi na to main tere liye ghar ka saara kaam kar diya karunga.Tu royegi na to tujhe joker bankar hasaaunga,vaise bhi tere saamne meri yehi aukaad hai.Jab hamaare bachche honge na unke nappy se lekar kapre se lekar unka nahaana khaana dhona sab karunga.Buddhe hone ke baad na laathi ke bajaaye tera haath pakar kar chalunga.Tu mujhe sambhaalna main tujhe sambhaalunga,aise hi araam se zindagi kat jaayegi.Ye hai meri warranty.Ab to isse zyaada to koi tere liye kuch bhi nehi karega."Nupur,alongwith other people were literally giggling at the way Mayank was talking,but still controlling her laugh,she said,"Achcha thik hai maine maan liya ke tu mere liye ye sab karega lekin koi bhi deal ek tarfe profit se nehi hoti hai.Isme tera kya faayda hai?"He replied,"Is mahine tereko pata hai mere mobile ka bill 8000 rupiye ka aaya hai aur isme se 6500 tujhe call karne ke vajah se aaya hai.Mere itne saare paise bach jaayenge phone ke."Nupur grinned,"Tu isliye mujhse shaadi karna chahta hai ke tere paise bach jaayenge?"He said,"Isme bhi to faayda hamaara hi hoga na paise bachenge to hum future planning kar sakenge na.Dekh hamaare bachche honge,unki shaadi karwaani hogi uske liye paise chahiye,phir unke bachche honge aur phir unke'""Bas kar!Kitna bolta hai tu?"Nupur covered his mouth.He removed her hand and said,"Ha kar dena.Fevicol laga lunga apne muh par."Everyone burst out into laughter.Nupur grabbed his collar and asked,"Ab asli baat to bol?"He said,"Itne der se qawali ga raha tha kya?Khud hi kehti hai itna kyu bolta hu aur phir khud hi'"She wrapped her arms around his neck and said,"Tu sach kehta hai mere bina tera kuch nehi ho sakta."Samrat said,"Iski problem hi yehi hai.Jo bolna hai vo nehi bolega par uske alava sab kuch bolega."Mayank scolded him,"Oye tu apna muh bandh rakh!Ek to teri setting karvaayi aur ab tu mujhe hi suna raha hai ehsaan faraamosh kahika."Nupur said,"Tu mere bina pura ka pura dead body hai."He gave a broad smile and said,"Chalo finally tu samajh gayi."Mayank's and Nupur's family always wanted that so they were the most happy persons on the earth.They met Samrat's parents also and fixed the alliance.It was decided that Mayank-Nupur and Samrat-Gunjan will be married on the same day.

On the day of their marriage,Nupur and Mayank were sitting on the mandap.Mayank said,"Mujhe tere se ek bohot important baat karni hai."She asked,"Abhi?"He replied,"Ha par pehle promise kar ke tu mereko maaregi nehi."Nupur said,"Maarne jaisa kaam karega to maar zarur paregi."Mayank asked,"Tu shaadi ke mandap pe beth kar apne honewaale pati pe haath uthaayegi?"Nupur said,"Ab bol bhi de."Gayatri came and asked,"Shaadi ke time pe bhi tum dono ko larna parta hai?"Mayank said,"Dekho na saasumummy.Hamesha aapki beti mujhpar barasti rehti hai."Nupur replied,"Zyaada bak bak karega na uth jaaungi main."Gayatri scolded her,"Khabardaar agar mere damaad ko kuch bola to."At that moment,Suhaasini came and scolded Mayank,"Khabardaar agar meri bahu ko kuch bola to."The priest asked them to get up for their pheras.Mayank said,"Panditji thora wait kijiye na.Yaar Nupur jab bhi main tere se baat karta hu beech mein koi na koi tok hi deta hai."Nupur said,"Chal phere lete lete continue karenge."They kept on fighting during theit pheras.Suhaasini asked Gayatri,"Kya ye dono hamesha hi aise larte hai?"Gayatri replied,"Pata nehi."They laughed.

During their first night,Nupur was waiting for Mayank in their bedroom.He came and directly sat on the bed and asked,"Oye bahaar na mere dost bare tips de rahe the mujhe."She asked,"Kis baat ki?"He replied,"Arey suhaagraat ki.Mujhe ye to pata hai kya karna hai aur kaise karna hai par shuru kaha se karu?"She taunted,"Kyu ye tere dosto ne nehi bataaya?"He said,"Par har larki meri biwi jaisi nehi hoti hai na.Tere saath kuch bhi karunga to kya pata tu mujhe laath maarke kamre se hi nikaal degi aur phir mere dost mera mazaak uraayenge."She made a strange face and asked,"Tu unko jaakar sab bataayega?"He replied,"Sab puchenge na aur agar unko pata chala ke main puri raat kamre se bahaar tha to meri beizzati kharaab ho jaayegi yaar."Nupur turned her face against him.He said,"Ab tu aaj ki raat gussa mat kar.Bol na kaha se shuru karu?"Nupur looked at him and said,"Khara ho ja!"He did as she said.Nupur too stood up and then climbed up on his feet.She wrapped her arms around his neck and said,"Shuru yaha se karte hai."Saying,she slammed her lips with his.Mayank was too shocked to react.After sometime,she left him and said,"Chal shuru ho ja."Mayank took sometime to react.Then he asked,"Tu sach mein mereko maaregi nehi agar maine tere saath vo sab kiya to?Pakka na?"Nupur now got fully irritated and started opening her jewellery and threw it on Mayank and asked,"Ab kya sab kuch mujhe hi karke dikhaana parega?"He made a baby face and replied,"Tere pe bharosa nehi hai main kya karu."Nupur,making a fist grinned,"Oh God!Isiliye'bas isiliye main tere se shaadi nehi karna chahti thi.Nikhattu kahika!Mat kar kuch mat kar tu,betha reh yahapar."Saying she turned against him and slept.Mayank tried to persuade,"Meri baat to sun'Oye sun na'"The whole night he continued persuading her.



In the hospital,Nupur was sitting in her room,with her new born baby boy in her arms.Everyone entered inside her room.Mayank gave a strange look to the baby and asked the doctor such a strange question,which made everyone atleast Nupur totally mad at him.He asked,"Doctor saab ye kiska bachcha hai?"Everyone were staring at him.The doctor was embarrassed.He replied,"Aaphika bachcha hai Mr Sharma."He made a confusing face and replied,"Par ye to apni ma ki tarah hai bilkul.Meri tarah to hai hi nehi phir'?"The doctor made a weired face and left.Nupur said to Suhaasini,"Ma peechle janam mein shaayad maine koi bohot bara paap kiya hoga jiske vajah se mujhe aisa pati mila hai."Suhaasini scolded Mayank,"Ye kaisa sawaal hai?"Nupur said,"9 mahine tere vajah se maine itna dard jhela aur ab tu mujhse puch raha hai ke ye bachcha kiska hai?You idiot!You know what Mayank achcha hua ye mere jaisa hai varna do do paagalo ko jhelne laayak taaqat mujhme to nehi hai."Mayank made a face and asked,"Main paagal hu?"She replied,"Avval darje ka."He said,"Dekh peechle teen saalo mein tune meri bohot beizzati ki hai.Ab apne bete ke saamne main apni beizzati bardaasht nehi karunga."Suhaasini said,"Shaadi ke teen saal ho gaye,bachche ke ma baap tak ban gaye lekin abhi tak bachpana nehi gaya.Ab to kamsekam bare ho jaao."Mayank said,"Vaise sahi hai yaar kaise jhagar jhagar ke teen saal beet gaye aur kab beta bhi aa gaya pata hi nehi chala."He sat beside her and said,"Tujhe yaad hai main tujhse ek baat bolna chahta tha shaadi ke waqt par bol nehi paaya?Vo ab main bolna chahta hu.Ab iske liye tu chahe mujhe jitney joote maarne hai maar lena,par aaj to main bolkar hi rahunga."Nupur asked,"Kya?"He said,"I love you."Nupur and all others looked at him with a jerk.They all stared at him as if he was an alien.After sometime,Samrat said,"Kuch aur saal baad hi bol deta tere pote potia bhi sun lete."Mayank asked Nupur,"Aise ghur kyu rahi hai kuch to bol?"Nupur asked,"Shaadi ke teen saal baad tu mujhe I LOVE  YOU bol raha hai?Time mil gaya tujhe?"He said,"Is baat ko bolne ke liye pata hai maine kitni himmat jutaayi hai?"She said,"Yehi baat main usdin tere muh se sunna chahti thi duffer jisdin tune mujhe shaadi ke liye propose kiya tha."He made a face as if he fall from the sky.He exclaimed,"Really!!!To tune bola kyu nehi?"She said,"Larkiya kabhi pehle confess nehi karti."Samrat said to everyone,"Chaliye chalte hai ab hum baad mein aayenge."Saying he left taking everyone away.

At night,Nupur was sitting on the bed when Mayank arrived.He sat in front of her ad looked at their baby.He said,"Tujhe pata hai main na hamesha se hi tere se pyar karta tha par kabhi samajhme hi nehi aaya.Dumbo hu na.isiliye jab maine suna ke larkewaale aaye hai to mujhe laga ke vo tere liye hai.Main bohot dar gaya tha ke tu mujhe chorke chali jaayegi.Main nehi reh sakta tere bina."Nupur said,"Tu bhi jab larkio ko taarta tha na mereko bara gussa aata tha aur sach bataau main tere liye hi saare larko ko reject karti thi ye soch kar ke tu kabhi to mujhe aakar bolega.Main bhi tere se bohot pyar karti hu.I love you so much aur dekh ab to ye bhi hai na hamaare pyar ko baraane ke liye."He made a face on looking at him and said,"Dekh agar na ye chuza hamaare beech mein aayega na to main isko hostel mein bhej dunga."She giggled and said,"Ye hamesha hamaare beech mein hi rahega,hamaare beech ka fevicol banke.Ye hume kabhi alag hone hi nehi dega aur agar hum kabhi alag hona bhi chahe na to ye hume kaskar pakarke rakkhega."Suddenly he kissed her on his lips.It was a deep and passionate kiss.After the kiss,Nupur asked,"Ye kisliye tha?"He replied,"Tune bhi to kiya tha na aur jo aajtak kiye vo bhi koi kiss the kya?Ye to love waala kiss tha.Dekh hume kabhi romance karne ka thik se mauka hi nehi mila.Abse na hum dher saara romance karenge.Ekdum filmo jaise karte hai na aise."At that moment,the baby cried out.Mayank made an irritating face and said,"Lagta hai na teri meri love story mein koi na koi rukaavat aakar hi rahegi."Nupur put her fingers on her lips and asked him to pat the baby.He very softly patted the baby and it became quiet.Mayank took the baby in his arms and then kissed on his nose.He said,"Kitna chota hai na.Isko na tu mere jaisa duffer mat banana."She giggled and put her head on his shoulder and said,"Aur tu mujhse bas aise hi pyar karna."He said,"Itnaaa saaraaa karunga aur isko bhi karunga."Nupur said,"Hum dono milkar karenge."They then kept staring on the baby very lovingly.

Khatta Meetha Ishq

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read all the os
it was amzing
thx for the pm
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thanks for openeing the gallery..
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hehehe...It ws zaberdast.
Maza aa gaya.
Mujhe Nupur yahan dominatig lagi.
Baap re teen saal laga diye confess krne mein.
Is ki tube light ka starter kharab tha kya?
Thnx for PM.

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