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Hi All,
First of all a big applause and thanks to all story writers. ClapClapClap
Now it's time to read and comment on the stories.
Please appreciate everyone's efforts and read up these stories and write your valuable feedback, what you liked, what could have been improved etc.
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I hope to get at least 15 PMs with scores.
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Line of Fire

Disclamer: In Writing this Story, which deals with a Sensitive and Curious issue now a days, most Smallar parts taken from Real Life, it does not Portrayed to One Specific group aur targeted to a Sergemt. Its about masses belonging to different levels of Society.its a story of Stark Realism, taking No Sides, but giving you the perspective of Both Parties, its Fact with Factual and fiction mixup, Please don't take it personal.!

a Biker struck on a road, where bulk of people agitating about the hot issue now a days, this Spot Fixing really messing the life's, suddenly someone figure out and now he had no place to turn or do anything as Mob rounded Him either some local constable tried to wipe out but agitators were really in Anger.

Biker tried but can't relax the mob although He tried after leaving His Bike Seat to Quiet them and presenting His Point of view but who listens, these are the same public who reach them at heights but now they all line up in same category which made them suspicious in everybody eyes from family to fans, Biker really angry on Himself to choose that lane for reaching to His Destiny and now Mob really moving forward with Weird, although now Biker was entering in scaring phase after seeing constable failed attempts.

A car stopped with a jerk and then reversed back and again stopped with a high Scratch from which Someone coming out and started a teasing lecture against Mob, Biker was in Shock as the Person really Defended Him with great zeal and after some harsh comments, clutched Biker arm, sat him on Car and after tackling the Driving Wheel moved the Car in Speed.
He looked at His Savior who totally involved in Driving and started to Clear His Point of view at least.

Biker: Thank You so much, jub say ye Spot Fixing Issue hua hay, Jaan Musibat mein aa gayii hay, kabhi Police tou kabhi Media aur tou aur ab Public bhi,(irritate) Jis ny kiya hay usy kaho, Nahi sub ko apni Lapait mein lay letay hain.

Person: haan Kary koi aur bhary koi, apna formula Nahi.

Biker feels that his Savior did not take any interest on Him which is quite Painful for Him either from few Years He was at Hearts of Everyone, He looked the Person again and asked in hesitant tone.

Biker: ye Gadi aap ki hy?

Person: Nahi, Chori ki hy.

Biker completely Quiets and trying to shuffle his mind to some other stuff and heard a rash tone.

Person: kahan jao gy?

Biker: Crystalx.

Person changed the vehicle direction and exceeds the speed and after some silence with speed reached there, Biker stepped out with humble voice.

Biker: Thank You once again, Btw kya main apnay savior ka naam jaan sakta hun?

Person: Tina.

Biker: ohhh Tina, I m Naqsh as U already know but my buddies calling me Nik.

Tina: but I m not ur buddy.

Naqsh moved head and just for a chance tried to swash his tone and ask...

Naqsh: kya ap ka contact number mily ga?

Tina (raising eyebrow): tumhein kya lagta hy!

Naqsh (sigh): Nahi.

Tina: 1276890.

Naqsh: ary ruko, ruko,

He takes out His cell and Tina again repeats the Number which He saved, meanwhile Tina rushed and Naqsh back to Resort where He discussing such Messy event with Other Players, friends, Coach and Management.

On the other way, another corner of City, a bunch of Girl hit with the Table at the Restaurant section of a Hotel when coming out in running from play area to bar area and the wine completely soaked by a shirt of a middle age White man who comes in anger, standup in jerk and clutched the wrist of Girl lead the bunch who already in scare after that accident, few drops fell on White man hand which got the Girl wrist and he completely lost on those drops, grip lose and the bunch of girl rushed away in tension and with relaxation too.

Duo sat on Acp cabin with laying mode as Abhijit already in sleeping position on cabin two seater and Dayaa used chairs for this, so many laptops, recorders, fax, scanner, mobile phones, bugs, plugs, tracking devices, ipads, writing pads, maps, blue prints, cds, dvds, juices cans, tea cups, platter with sandwiches ketchup placed on table as they included one more table with Acp cabin table.
Abhijit reading a Magazines or pretends as he was half sleepy, Dayaa enjoying Chips with as long as u love me by backstreet boys collection. Door opened and both standup in alert, Dayaa take back his chips behind his back.

Acp: Dayaa tum chips chupa ky kha rhy ho.

Dayaa taken out it and presented against Acp who took 4/5 pieces and during eating asked.

Acp: haan sub theek hy?

Abhijit: Sir abhi tak kaam plan ky hisaab sy chal raha hy, Naqsh bhi Crystalx mein hy aur wo Morgan bhi apny hotel pr.

Dayaa: bus Sir Naqsh ki life mein ek new entry hui hy.

Acp: kaun hy?

Abhijit: malum nahi Sir, ek larki hy, shayed koi dost ya girlfriend, Jogeshwari sy us nay Naqsh ko lift di, public ko bhashan deny ky bad.

Dayaa: aur Naqsh ko Crystalx tak chora hy.

Acp: hm aur Morgan!

Dayaa: wahan sirf peeny pliany ka daur chal rha hy.

Acp: chalo theek hy, us new entry pr bhi nazar rakkho.

Duo: yes Sir.

After that Acp again took some chips pieces and left the cabin, Dou went on their previous position.

White man tried to find out the Teary girl who must take his heart with those warm drops but failed although he searched the hotel by himself but, his colleagues making fun of his effort, His friend Naresh teased Him a lot on His First look Love but he did not take much interest and bother about all, He wanted to search that girl at any cost.

Next morning, Naqsh called at that number, he was anxious to call at night but then relaxed himself that might be its police or management stunt to take out any information about links with bookies, batting and that damn spot fixing. He manages himself that he tried to take every step with calm mind either he really feels to spend some time with Tina as his heart really adore her presence and wanted to expend that time span.

white man went to play area again today morning and demanding about showing him the CCTV footage, which was completely unacceptable but money makes everything acceptable, he watched it and got the girl, tried to make her photo with his mobile camera and asking management and staff about her in which one staff member of Play Area recognized her as Sonia, Regular Customer of weekends.

A sleepy Hello heard by Naqsh ear when he dialed 1276890, Naqsh got the voice but be humble so ask.

Naqsh: may I talk to Tina, I m Naqsh.

Voice: she is in Bed now, call later.

Phone shuts, Naqsh really calm himself with force, the girl is much more difficult for him to handle, he moved to dining hall for taking breakfast.

White man gave extra money to that Staff member who broke the news about Sonia with an Order to provide him the detail of her, he hesitated but after counting the Extra Money, showing his teeth and back to his work.

It's difficult for Duo to keep eye on the New entry in Naqsh life from Yesterday night as they did not get anything about her, they kept an eye on Naqsh but after leaving from that road, they did not know about anything except their destination place, Duo stick bug on Naqsh Bike and a man always behind him who told about His Destination while the Bug was already wasted when Naqsh left His Bike and went with a Girl on her car so they still wait for their Next meeting which will be soon, according to Duo assumption.

Here Naqsh got a call at Evening, the whole day he was so Anxious but did not dial the number again, he picked that 1276890 number call in first bell either had a tension that Tina cuts the call and chances of meeting her again totally flushed away.

Tina: U called!

Naqsh at one moment could not get either it's a Question, comment, remark or what, he dealt really a difficult girl this time.

Naqsh: haan, wo, how are u?

Tina (laugh): Alive

Naqsh again Quiets so now he convinced himself to be direct with the girl after leaving the consequence he dealt after that.

Naqsh: could we meet...

Tina (cutting): what rubbish, how dare u, u are such a.

Naqsh dumb, he did not expect such harsh comments although just thought about Yes or No but it's beyond to hear such Insulting words, before he starts to speak, hear.

Tina: talk to U later.

Naqsh boils at his place, so many wait, no extra demand and in result got what, such reaction.

Naqsh (mumble): Yuck,.

He moved at main hall with murmuring and exhaling his anger after lightening Cigarette.

Dayaa taken out Air Phones and look at Abhijit who was in Shock and asked.

Dayaa: Boss.

Abhijit: uff, itni Gussy wali larki aj tak nahi dekhi.

Dayaa (corrected): dekhi nahi, Suni.

Abhijit: pata nahi Jis ky pally pary gi na, (sigh) us ka tou.

Dayaa starting laughing on Abhijit long term assumption about the girl still not see and meet her yet.

Sikander sit and taking Drug with the help of foil and sucking pipe at a road corner, he was too much involve, when he was about to suck, four long fingers with a thumb snatched the pipe as well pulling the foil having Drug and sucked it in One go and now after giving back all, enjoying the attempt, Sikander turned as fire and trying to hit a leg on that four fingers and a thumb body and in return fell backside with force and got a big wound and heard a laugh with.

Voice: short term memory ho jati hy, sar pr chout aayey tou, Priya sy Panga (hit again) sochna bhi mut.
Sikander really Composed Himself, he met with Priya a week back at roadside dhaba, where Priya first shared her Drug Dose with Him and now from that week, he met her many times but still find her Short temper, she was a Black belt holder in Karate, swimming champion, either shooting is her hobby having a gun too relaxed Sikander not to create any scene, her pockets always fills with money that's why Sikander at Her feet as mostly She arranged the Drugs for him too.

Now staff collected all information about Sonia and gifted it to White man with a bonus too who did not ask once that how did u collect all these stuff, he examine the girl bio-data sheet with her photo's having some Party photo's too in which Sonia was with a lovely smile, White man feels after seeing Her Smile that Her smile are more adorable than her Tears.

At night, Watchman of Resort told Naqsh about His Guest waiting at Driveway, he went there and completely stunned having Tina there as in his opinion, Tina chapter was closed in His life, he look at her, who comes near and say.

Tina: Dad sy Fight ho gayii, I need a place for Stay!

Naqsh without any word takes Her inside after giving the Car keys from her and give it to watchman to parked her car inside Parking, She entered inside the Main hall and feeling Herself as the focusing point, those who were doing anything before her arrival, stopped and starring her, Naqsh entered after taking the keys from watchman and giving it back to Tina and announcing Her appearance.

Naqsh: Tina is my friend aur wo yahan Stay karay gi.

Everyone Quiet, exchange glances and after nodding, Coach Jeevan said in a teasing tone.

Coach: kyun in ky Relatives aur Friends kya Mar gayey hain?

Naqsh comes in Anger after hearing such Insulting comment, He glanced at Tina who look back to Him and asked.

Tina (tease): should I leave!

Naqsh fight for Her staying issue, some agreed but still some against as no one of them trust on any new person due to that Investigation period, everyone has a fear deep down, after some minutes, Coach again in Straight voice.

Coach: theek hy pr apni Security Assurance ky bad, (call) security, security.

Naqsh (angry): magar ye meri Friend ki be izzati hy.

Security comes with tracking devices and detector, Naqsh creating mess by rash tone as he did not like that His new friend take any bad image about him. Coach still in Issue and now Tina breaks the ice with.

Tina (to security): plz.

Security comes towards Her as She up Her arms, Security completely checks Her with Detectors and Tracking Device but can't get anything as Her Mobile Set still on Her hand which She placed on table before checking, Naqsh still in anger with.

Naqsh: this is Ridiculous, ye Insult hy.

Tina (calm): Nahi, ye Sawdhani hy (stare coach n tease) ya Darr.

Coach bubble ups but He did not do much as for Next Series, Naqsh would be in Squad and He did not want to create something this time where all were in Surveillance and trouble. After giving clearance by security, Tina picked her Mobile from table, comes ahead to Coach, placed Her mobile set with Sim over table and moved with Naqsh who takes Her upward where the Living rooms available.

Abhijit after taking out Prints of the Call Records of Coach jeevan Mobile Number, analyzing about any doubts, Dayaa entered and tells.

Dayaa: Boss, wo New Entry na Crystalx pohanch gayii hy, Sacchan ny kaha hy ky ye larki Naqsh ki Dost hy aur aj yahn Stay kary gi.

Abhijit: Theek hy, Sacchan sy kaho, Nazar rakkhy.

Dayaa: theek hy boss.

Abhijit: Sherya aur Poorve ki koi khabr?

Dayaa: Sherya kal jaye gi aur Poorve ny abi kaam start Nahi kiya?

Abhijit: tou Kub kary gi, Case khatam hony ky bad, already hum 1 week waste kr chuky hain.

Dayaa moved out after hearing all to contact Sacchan about the latest update and also Poorve to speed up her work.

Today Priya was very much Excited as Sikander takes her in a Drug Party, both entered, Priya looked Shocked after seeing so many well knowns totally enjoying the dosages, She mingled with People and enjoying the Party which turning into a Burning Hell with Smoke, Smells, Disguisting attempts.

White man waiting from Morning as today is Saturday and according to staff, the Girl who took his heart two days back must be there, his waiting prolonged and makes him irritate, before he left the Play Area, figured the Girl wearing Eastern outfits and looking so much Pretty, first when he had seen her she wore Blue and He thought that this color made for Her, but today after seeing Her in White, He again changes his views.

Naqsh had visited to Tina room at Midnight on Her staying night, he knocked, Tina opened the door and found Naqsh who was trying to enter but after a Rough comment by Tina as She said.

Tina: hr Rishty ky kuch rules hoty hain Naqsh and I m sure, U Follow them.

Naqsh freezes and completely moved out from the Corridor and from that Night He did not once try to jerk the Girl, he understands well that the Girl was really Difficult so at Saturday Night, when She was busy with Her mobile which was back to Her on next day morning by Coach himself with an Apology, Naqsh invited her to play Flush which is quite weird for her in Hearing but after a minute, She sat on Floor Cushion.

Sonia marked that White man at Play Area, internally she was scared that might be the Man tried to do anything with her but nothing happened, he only starred her which really irritated her and she mostly distracted from the game which was not liked by her friends, when she was about to leave, White man comes to her and requested her to spend few minutes at Food Bar section with him if She did not have any Issue, Her Friends encouraged Her so she moved with him and sat opposite to him, find him much sober and down to earth as He apologized first on gripping her wrist on that day and also introduced Himself as Morgan from Australia but stayed at India from few years.

He was a Painter/Tourist and really fond of Indian Classical Culture/Beauty and all and feel that She is really like an Indian Beauty and He wants to make Her Painting if it's Possible, she will give Him some time, Sonia after Introduced Herself, feeling Happy about His Demand tell that when She will get time on Weekdays, She will be here so both after making a plan to meet at Same hotel, room # 27 in coming days.

Priya felt that now the whole Scenario was not acceptable by Her as She always enjoyed Her Drug session Alone or with some Specific Friends but this Party was beyond of Her Imagination. Here Sikander angry on that man who distributed New Drug but demanding High Price, Priya asked.

Priya: kya hua Sikander?

Sikander: ary saaly, Mujhy kaha tha 10 hazar ki dose mily gi, ab dekho jub Nasha toot raha hy tou bol raha hy ky 50 lao, ab batao, main kahan sy arrange karun.

Priya: dy kya raha hy?

Sikander: Opium aur Cocaine ko mila kr kuch Naya banaya hy, yaar sach buht talab hy, ek bar cakkha tha, ufff kya Nasha hua tha bhulayey Nahi bholta.

Priya: choro Saalun ko, Tum bolo abhi Intaizaam Karwa dun.

Sikander: kya, is Drug Ka.

Priya (tease): O Choozy, ab Bara ho Ja, kya Opium ky Chakker mein Para hy, bus Dimagh thanda karti hy aur kya.! Mery pass Naya Maal hy, pr shayed (laugh) Choozy usy Bardasht na kr payein.

Sikander (anger): chal Mangwa, dikhata hun.

Priya (wink): bus Aik Chooza.!

Sikander: ruk, bata kis ko laana hy?

Priya pointed some known and unknown Ginea Pigs for Her Experiment, here Sikander went and when coming to Her, a Big Smile comes on his lips, He was with Bulk of Choozas.

Tina sat and look at all with Her Rough and Tease shade and asked in Her usual Strong Tone.

Tina: Daam kya?

Coach: 10 hazar.

She laughs and then taken out Her Car key from Her Pocket and dropped at middle of the table with.

Tina: khareedi 12 lakh ki thi, do maheeny chalai hy, hr maheeny ka ek lakh kum, tou 10 bana, ab .!

Naqsh also taken out His key and now all Four who played doing the same, they did not want to down from a Girl, it Hurts.!

Sonia's meeting with Morgan was Good as She was enjoying it much, she left with her friends after exchanging Mobile Numbers and face book Id's with an Off mood as she found Morgan a Fine Man having Excellent Humor and Main reason about His Studies either Sonia felt Herself Ashamed that She did not much aware about Her country as Morgan, She really feel Sad when about to Leave, Morgan Smiles on Her Stern smile which she flashed at time of Leaving and went to Bar section for celebrating in Advance.

Abhijit gets Poorve call who told him that it's really a good moment to Raid there, Abhijit did not convince as after this Raid the Output which comes was not according to their expectations, he ordered Poorve for Wait and after cutting, discussed it with Dayaa.

Dayaa: haan boss, acha kiya, abhi Raid maarny Ka Matlab Finish.

Abhijit: haan main nay isi Liyey usy Intaizar krny ko Kaha hy, wesy us kay sath kaun hay?

Dayaa: Nikhil.

Abhijit after moving head in Relaxing manner moved out from Acp cabin which Duo using because it's Sound proof.

Here Priya tell Sikander to take Her to Wi- FI zone as She was using Her Bank Account as well contacted to Distributer, He took Her at that area of Party Venue, Priya dialed Distributer number from Sikander Mobile set and open the Speaker so all Choozas hearing the conversation and from the other hand, she opened her Bank account on her mobile set.

Priya: Toby apny ko thora maal chahyey.

Toby (shock): is time.

Priya: haan, yaar dost aayein hain, pr sun cracked chahyey.

Toby: Cracked Nahi hy apny pass.

Priya (calm): theek hy, chalo phir apun Enter nahi press kary, hain na.

Toby (rash): Priya tery ko Black Mail karna na Khoob aaway (Priya laughs) acha pr Maal kum hay aur Daam zyada aur maal abhi Nahi kal mily ga.

Priya: kal.

Toby: Soch ly, yahan tery ko meray Siwa koi Nahi deny wala.

Priya look at Sikender and all in Helpless but Sikander after getting Green signals from others, signaled her to done the deal, she cuts call and pressed Enter.

She started to play but in First round, lost, smiles comes on all members of another Gender, for Second round she demanding about the New packet and starting shuffling it and after distributing, takes Her and looking at all faces, She showed the Cards and got the Success by Sharping, the Male Gender feeling Rash inside although from outside they Praise Tina and Her Chaal's.

Sherya called to Bureau and giving all Information about the Person handed to Her, She included.

Sherya: Sir, Sonia sy us ki kafi achi Pehchan ho gayi hy, aksar phone pr contact rehta hy, face book pr bhi, wo Mondy ko Sonia say mily ga.

Dayaa: hm theek hy, tum Dihaan rakhna.

Sherya: ji Sir.

The Game ended with Tina Victory which completely vanished the Smiles on all Male Gender faces as they really lost their assets in shape of Vehicles in 2013, She gets up, look at all Sorrow faces, pick her car key and went from the Hall, all got their keys in Hurry while She was moving upward after glancing all Players Sadly.

Sonia meets with Morgan at weekday as per plan and enjoying her time, she really complains after every hour that why she met him so late and Morgan just smiles on Her Childish Comments, after sometime, they went to Morgan room and after entering, Sonia found Naresh sitting there and enjoying Wine, She was little Feared, look at Morgan who after Intrducing both completely relaxes Her even He did not close the room door, She sat on Chair suggested by Morgan who was taking out His Canvas, Brushes and Colors.

Toby came with Cracked Cocaine usually known as "Crack" or "Cooked" as Filtration were Omitted from the procedure and it geared towards more Obtaining by the addict.

Tina sat on a terrace chair with Naqsh, She really paste a good impression as she lived alone in this Male oriented Resort but proved Herself that much Strong that no one have the Ability to come across, Naqsh look at Her and ask.

Naqsh: Tumhary parents Pareshan Nahi hain?

Tina: they only brought us, not own us, un ko fikr nahi, bus hosh hy, Btw right now Dad is in Africa, wahan Humarai Diamonds ki Kaanein hain.

Naqsh eyes sprakling like a Diamond cut just wipe out from Graphite, She smiles and tease.

Tina: hmm, Daulat chahyey?

Naqsh: kisy Nahi chahyey, ek minute, main zyada kum ki baat Nahi kr raha aur na hee jaiz ya najaiz tareekun ki.

Tina: tou phir tou ye Batting, Spot Fixing Tumhari Nazar mein Jaiz hoga. hain na.?

Naqsh: Tina, main bus ek baat jaanta hun, ye cheez humaray khoon mein Bachpan sy shamil ki jati hy, ek aam insan ka sapna hota hy, roti, Kapra, makan. Abhi hum Saheh tarah sochny Kay qabul Nahi hoty tou Competation ki Daur mein Humein Utaar diya jata hy, meray dost ka box acha tou kabhi paros waly kay pass gadi, class fellow kay pass mobile. Khud socho kya ye daur humein Najaiz raastun ki taraf Nahi lay jayey gi.
4 saal pehly main ek nakara larka tha, ghar waly, dost ristydaar munh Nahi lagtay thy aur aj hr kisi ki zarurat bhi main aur sahulat bhi, behan kay susral ko dena ho, ya bhai ki Parhai, maa baap ka Ilaj, ya Naukri, badshahun jesi zindagi kaun chorna chahyey ga, Behti Ganga mein Hath dhona kaun pasand Nahi karay ga.

Tina (clap): Good, pr is competation ka tou koi end Nahi, tou kya Jo jaiz Jee rahy hain, wo Ghalat hain.

Naqsh: pata Nahi, shayed Haan ya shayed nahi, wesay mujhy bhi offer hy, filhaal main ny save ki hui hy (naughty) Career mein kabhi downfall aaya tou dekhun ga.

Tina (scold): very bad, tou Bookies tak tum logun ki pohanch Kesy hoti hay?

Naqsh: arry humein khud Malum Nahi hota, un ko humary hr pal ki khabr hoti hay, kahan camp hay, training, ground, hotel, gym etc. khud wo hum sy contact krty hain, offer dety hain.

Tina: matlab Coach ya Management bhi is mein mili hoti hy?

Naqsh: shayed pr yaar network, u can't believe, they knew hum Kub Naha kr aayey hain, abhi khana kha rahy hain, ye log humaray Background ko bhi Moniter kartay hain, Blackmailing bhi chalti hay aur kabhi kabhi Khilari bhi bookie ki waat laga dety hain.

Tina (confuse): Kesy?

Naqsh: wo players apny Kaam ky master hoty hain tou wo bookie ko blackmail krna start kr dety hain, paisay laga kr bolty hain Ja Nahi karty, phir bookie paisay barhata hy, un ka hissa etc. wesy bhi Zindagi tou hy hee Juwwa, khel khel kr dao paich tou aa hee jatay hain.

Tina: interesting.

Naqsh: buht interesting.

Tina: aur Tum log Kesy bataty ho Bookies ko aur un ko kesy malum hota hy?

Naqsh: poora match Live Examine ho raha hota hy, un kay admi hoty hain Stadium mein, kabhi Unique cap pehan kr, kabhi chehrun pr paint laga kr, kabhi baalun mein rung, kabhi aisay posters hoty hain aur hum,

Dekho bowler ho ga tou Runup Chota bara lay kr, bekar mein pitch ko scratch kr ky, kabhi Ball towel say Saaf kr Kay.

isi Tara batsman kabhi bat Ka rubber change kr ky, kabhi pad ko idhar Udhaar ky Kay, kabhi balla Ghuma Kay.

Wicket Keeper kabhi Helmet lagayey ga, kabhi Utaar kay, haathun say ishara, gussa, larny Ka view dena, rash reactions

aur fielder catch pakr kr, drop kr ky, Sixer aur fours chor kr etc.

Tina: OMG,!

Naqsh (laugh): aur Match refree aur empires bhi tou, kabhi LBW Ghalat day kr, No ball ya shoulder height ya Wide day kr, kabhi Bii or leg Bii daal kr, Tina yahan sub biky huay hain.

Tina: tou tum log Police ko bataty kyun Nahi.?

Naqsh: bina Sabut, aur humara career, kal pata chaly kay hum wapis aayey, Wohi coach aur management ya Staff mila tou kya wo chup rahy ga, Gar day ga Ground mein hee aur Tum kya samjhti ho, Arry Borad hee Bik jata hy, khud socho, poori Series Ek player Kesy Fix Karwa skta hy, wo sirf apna Maal banayein ga, yahan tak Kay kisi ko shamil krna bhi risky, kaun Kub Leak kr dy. aur yaar ye sirf Cricket mein thori hay, Bahar ki Countries mein kub say chal raha hy, Soccer dekh lo, NBA, WWE, sub mein yehi hota hy, un logun ny Jaan churany ko isy Legal kr diya, bus.

Tina: it's too much, dunt U have Scare, kay main leak kr dun tou?

Naqsh: koi khas faida Nahi hoga, kuch month's shor rahy ga, phir jor tour aur sub set, Politicians, Businessmen even Govt bhi is Illegal Juwwy Ka hissa hoti hay my Dear Friend.

Tina dumb first time in this duration, She relaxes herself, Both exchange Smiles and leave the place whether Tina really appreciates Naqsh observation which He got in just few years and Naqsh humming the Song as.

Naqsh: sub Ganda hy pr dhanda hy ye.

Toby coming with Drugs, obviously it's Less in Quantity as pr saying, Sikander with all Choozas there but the main problem was where to use it as it needs a calm place, they could not enjoying it in inside Vehicles, rushy places and roadside Dhaba, to use it in anyone house was already dismissed, Priya suggested to Sikander.

Priya: Sikander, kyun na kal us Party Waly Venue pr chalein.

Sikender: marwaye gi kiya.?

Priya: dekho bhae, Maal itna Nahi aur Saaf baat hay, humein koi oonchi Party dekhni hy, itna paisa Nahi hy apny pass ky tum logun Ka bhi Nasha poora karti phirun.

Sikender look at all his gang, who was trying to look at Sikender as their Savior, they have money but not much and they knew that if they Lost Priya today, they Lost their Life, Sikander says.

Sikander: wesy tou wo Jagah safe Nahi, pr shayed Kaam aa jayey, Ek Farm House hy, pr dekho, buht Sanbhal ky.

Priya (angry): Aby tu kya Samjh raha hy, kya yahan koi Police sy hay tou Jaan nikl Rahi hay Choozy.

Sikander: Priya, acha chal, bus dua kr, Khaal na Khench lay kahein.

Bunty: Sikander tu kahein Naresh Kay Farm house, Nahi bhae, pichli baar bhi Saaly ny Dad ko complain kr di thi.

Priya: theek hy (to Toby) lay Ja Maal, yahan sub Saaly Darpok Choozy hain, ye Nasha washa in Kay bus Ka Nahi.

Before Toby wrapped the Maal, Sikender signaled Bunty and done to move to Naresh Farm house at any Cost, He did not want to lose His Nasha without wasting any Penny.

Acp, Duo and Raajat discussing the matter at main hall having White Board with some Written Stuff, after Sacchan Call which he did after hearing Tina and Naqsh information.

Acp: Abhijit tum bolo.

Abhijit move ahead, picking Marker and cutting Names, adding some more with usual way.

Abhijit: Sir, mery khayal sy Naqsh, Sikander tou bekaar hain, Sikander pr Jo Idea tha wo tou Fail ho gaya aur wo Us Priya ky aany ky baad tou Mamala wesy hee Bogus ho gaya hy.
Naqsh seedha hy, Tina Kay sath raha tou buht ooper nikl jayey ga, buht Taiz hy.
Morgan hay tou pr shayed Pyada, Sonia ko kyun Trap kr raha hy, Samjh Nahi aa raha.

Acp: aur Tum Dayaa?

Dayaa: Sir Coach Jeevan Ka bhi hath ho skta hy.

Acp: Tum Raajat!

Raajat: Sir, mera idea tou kahein Set Nahi ho raha, agar Naqsh ki baat pr ghour karain tou koi ander ka Aadmi jisy in kay schedule Ka pata ho.

Sonia now could not resist Herself so Speaks in loud, Irritative and frustrated tone with Margan.

Sonia: Ohhh Morgan, I m tired.

Morgan: Sweete just 5 more minutes, i m done with Outline so after 5 minutes U' ll be a free Bird.

Sonia smiles as She was really tired after sitting in same position more than 25 minutes, Morgan started His Work and make an Outline in these Minutes, Sonia feels little odd after having Naresh enjoying Wine but now Realaxed as from 28 minutes, Naresh did not change His Position a bit.

Nikhal called Abhijit and tell that a New Name Naresh comes between Sikander and his gang and they must went there with Priya to enjoying the Drug dosage, they were behind them, Abhijit ordered Him to be in contact after reaching there.

Sonia standup and strolling on Morgan room, found nothing so move out at Terrace and engaged with mobile, suddenly Naresh hit her and She creating Chaos, Morgan comes between and scolds Naresh as.

Morgan: what rubbish Naresh, She is my friend and You.

Sonia (hit him): how dare U trying to touch Me, haan. Morgan He is ur friend but I could not stay for a minute in this Hell, Good bye.

She left the room in complete Anger, Her body was Shivering in peak of Anger, how a Man touch Her, She murmurs.

Sonia: bas***d.

Here Morgan look at Naresh, who was in Mourn state as His intention was not weird, just wanted to initiate step but the Girl created such Chaos, He was looking Regret and just moved out after an Apology pat on Morgan Shoulder.

Sikander reached that Farm house with Priya n Party and now after using the Spare key, entered and Priya started to distribute the Maal.

Before Acp speaks further, Dayaa got the call of Sherya, He picked it up and She is Updating as.

Sherya: Sir Morgan Credit Card say Payment kr raha hy aur filhaal Sonia Margan Kay room mein hy, us Ka aik Saathi bhi us Ky sath hy, Shakal sy kuch.

Dayaa instantly starting Laughing Loudly, everyone look at Him as He was laughing in Femaale tone which is Surprising to all, Sherya voice started.

Sherya: Pooja, kya pagalun ki tarah Hanse Rahi hy.

She shuts the Call, Dayaa look at all and dialing Vinet number who joined Fredy who was with Sherya for Backup, Vinet picked.

Dayaa: Sherya kahan hy?

Vinet: Sir wo tou wahan Morgan.

Dayaa: check karo aur mujhy 2 minute mein Report do.

Vinet hunged, Dayaa briefed all that He felt that someone trying to hear that telephonic conversation, all really Tensed till Vinet reported about all is well after 2 minutes.

Tina sat on Her bed, looking dull as Naqsh told her that after that mob incident, Management advised all of them to minimize their movements so getting Bore till Naqsh call her to be at Man Hall as He wanted to introduce Her with someone.

Nikhal called and gave the Address of Farm house to Abhijit who was in a bit put Surveillance on that Farm House, Landline number, Naresh and his Mobile number too.

Here Sherya contacted to their Seniors and updating them about Latest and shuts the call with.

Sherya: Sir Tap karwaye.

Tina coming Downward and find a new face, Naqsh introduced Him as Naresh, Coach Jeevan friend, who was also a Good Player of Flush that's why Naqsh met Her with Him. Naresh met Her but not interested to Play, all feels that He was looking not in good mood as he was taking much more Drinks than Usual. Tina sat with Naqsh either Jeevan takes Naresh inside.

Sacchan called Bureau and exchanged this News as He saw this man first in that Resort during these days.

At Farm house, all completely wrapped in Smoke and Nasha even did not know about themselves either Dead or Alive, here Poorve and Nikhal starting their Searching Mission but did not get anything except Photo's, Paintings, Caps, Artificial Hairs, Spray colors, different types of Bands, chains, towels, so many things, they collected samples but not take all.

Bureau looking empty, after putting the Surveillance on Naresh Farm House and putting tracking on His Mobile got His Phone Records and now Rajaat trying to find out the Similarities between phone records of Coach Jeevan and Naresh and found nothing much just some calls and He knew that it's not an evidence as according to Sacchan both are Friends.

Nikhal came with all Stuff got from that Farm house, now Duo confirmed after hearing that Conversation of Tina and Naqsh that there must be some connection of Naresh with Batting and that Fixing Issue. Morgan already in their Suspects List and now coach Jeevan also comes in that List, but still there is No Solid Evidence.

Faisal and Manuv got News from their Resources that CID investigates about their Leaks at Hotel Taj, they trying to Cordon off all the points which were using right now.

Raajat presented his report, Abhijit also briefed about Nikhal and Poorve effort with stuff, Dayaa also discussing Sherya matter, Acp after hearing all tell in strong.

Acp: aik Machli bekaar hay, kum sy kum poora Network hath aana chahyey, warna koi Faida nahi hoga.

Abhijit: sir ye Naresh kaam ka aadmi hy.

Dayaa: haan Sir hr aik sy is ka Link hy.

Rajaat: pr Sir,, kya ye Hath ayey ga!

Acp: kuch aisa ho ky sub ek kay baad ek Zanjeer ki Kari ki tarah humaray hath aaty jayein, ek Kari chooti aur poori Zanjeer tooti.

Here Naresh Reached at His Farm house unexpectedly and found Sikender with His Gang in complete Drug Effects, Naresh comes in complete anger and now Sikender got the Scold through Verbal and nonverbal form, He tried to Relax Naresh but He was really in Peak of Anger so just for a Chance gives Him Cracked Cocaine Dose to Relax his Rash Emotions.

Poorve comes in Trouble as Nikhal was not at here, he went to Bureau to give those Stuff got from Naresh house as well He went to His Flat too just to take a Shower, He replaced Phankhaj on his position but she felt that She needs a big backup.

Sonia completely moved out from the Hotel, She really Hurts internally and angry upon herself to enter in a Room of a Stranger, after few meetings, any Stranger did not enter in Close One Category, Her phone screen flashed how many times Margan number, She does not bother, Her Inbox filled with Apology Messages either Facebook and Mailing address accounts.

A buzzing sound turns to picking one and hearing a loud, grumpy voice dipped in anger.

Voice: aby O tery ko bola tha na, koi naya panga nai leny Ka.

The picker who picked the call comes in Nervousness to get the scold without any Wrong step so trying to clearing.

Voice 2: nai tou, kiya hua?

Voice: ye saala Naresh kahan Mar Gaya hy, tu Mil us sy aur Bol sub Underground kr dy aur haan tu bhi Phurr ho ja.

Voice 2: kahan?

Voice: Narakh mein.

Call cuts, He immediately dialing number to Flight Inquiry and traveling agent after taken out his Passport.

Naresh liked the Taste of a new drug although it's less in quantity and when Sikender introduced Him with Priya who was the main Source to Introduce all of them with such Ideal Drug, Naresh look at Her and feel a Big Sooth emotion inside.

Fredy comes with Credit Card Receipts, bills, Call Records and CCTV footages of Hotel and all Guest List came to meet Morgan.

Fredy: Abhijit Sir, Guest jo milny aayey, wo Hyderabad, Chennai aur Damn sy taluq rakhty hain, Bepari type ky log hain, Morgan yahan EK Cultural Centre banany Ka irada rakhta hy.

Abhijit: haan Call list bhi aisa he keh Rahi hy. Abi tou Morgan bhi Clear he dikh raha hy.

Jeevan talked to someone and His voice raise minute after minute, he does not understand what to do.

Jeevan: mujhy kya Malum ky wo yahan kyun aaya tha, Saaly ko pata hy, Kitna check hay, khud tou phansy ga, mujhy bhi phanswaye ga.

Voice: main ny us ko Kaha tha ky thanda kr pehly, pr, ab Batao kya krna hy, Security tight hy.

Jeevan: tery pass Kitna Maal hy?

Voice: wo Maqaddar Ka Sikender dekh kitny laata hy aur tu?

Jeevan: mushkil hy, hath pair bachana hy, New Entry hy tou, pr dar hy.

Voice: acha Tu apna chor dy, main dekhta hun, bus ye mamla set ho jayey, acha bara group tha, Jahil ky karan hath sy nikl gaya.

Sonia Irritates either putting off Her mobile and all contact devices but when She knew that Morgan from an hour waited for Her Excuse Acceptance at Porch in very difficult Weather, Her Heart Pinched and this Pinched takes Her to Porch where Morgan just sat on His Knees with Head down, Sonia Smiles and knock on His head by her fingers.

Naresh takes Priya with Him who was also in Drug Effect so not much messing, He closed the door and trying to Step forward but heard an opening sound so pushed Priya on Wash room.

Vinet rushed behind Morgan after SMSing to Sherya about His attempt as well dialing Rajaat number.

Naresh mobile buzzed with door knock, He moves out and finds Morgan with Sonia, He could not understand what to react so just Apologize although Sonia did not like the Smoky Environment and Naresh Red eyes, Naresh gives Him a Unique Cap from His collection as an Apology Acceptance gift.

Nikhal joint Phankhaj at exact time and tell all recent especially about Naresh presence at farm House, Abhijit suggest Him to be attentive, He puts off the call and prepare for any action but still waiting for Green Signal from Poorve side.

Jeevan went to hall in Hurry and Tension, Tina was moving from Resort after beading Goodbye to Naqsh, Jeevan first checked here and there and then come to Naqsh.

Jeevan: Naqsh I need your car.?

Naqsh: Working condition mein Nahi hy, kyun.?

Jeevan: Ohhh.

Tina: I can drop U.

Jeevan look at Her and signaled to be seated, She shook shoulder and rushed away, Jeevan gave the location as well Address.

Dayaa told Acp about Jeevan as his phone already on tracking and now they kept on eye on his Destination on Tina Vehicle, Fredy was behind them as after delivering all information of Morgan, he went to Crystalx and joint Sacchan..

Here Manav and Faisal trying Best to Underground every person associated to this Issue, They contacted to all those related to Issue who Relaxed them that right now all are in Same Sinking Ship so it's Good to be Together.

Sikender with His Gang still on Hall, Morgan get back with Sonia after Shaking Hand with Naresh to resolve this Issue with Ease, they left the Spot and Naresh signaled Sikender to wipe out all now.

Dayaa and Raajat went to investigate about some Information got by the clues and returned with Some solid Evidences in shapes of Culprits during Interrogation found someone very Familier.

One by one every Officer moves from their origins to that place after joining with Alertness, they have so many things as Devices, Trackers, Ammunition and all.

Jeevan reached there and after saying thank you to Tina wait till Her car vanished from his vision, get back and found a Couple comes out from Farm House in Happy mood, the Girl looking Happy after getting a Nice Apology Gift from Naresh and solve the Misunderstanding according to Morgan because Naresh was Dunked at that time.

Jeevan tried to Call but Can't be able as He was in Gun point of Phankhaj who takes Him behind the bush.

Naresh entered inside room again but did not find Priya in Wash room, trying to find her here and there especially in Cupboard feeling something Weird as when He was giving that Unique Cap to Sonia, cant figure out but now He felt that some Props are Missing when watching them Collectively.

Sikender who was wiping out Everyone and Everything comes in Panic when watching Naresh Hit a Slap on His Head, He turned and find a Gun on Naresh hand with.

Naresh: Ullo ky Patthy, tery ko yahan aany ko kis ny bola tha aur wo Saali Teri Zindagi (reffering Priya) Bhag gayi, dekh Sikender Ugal dy, Mujhy malum hy Tu Drugs ky liyey kahan tak gir skta hy.

Sikender: Nai Sahab, main ghalat Nahi, kisi ko yahan Nahi laaya apun, ye tou bus wo Cracked Cocaine ky Chakker mein...

Naresh (hit kick with): O bas***d, Cocaine, Cocaine, Cocaine. Saaly Saara Bera Gharaq, Ja Dhund Usy Sikender, Warna yaqeen kr Isi Farm House mein Tujhy Zinda Daba dunga Cocaine Samait.

Sikender run Outside and Quietly got by Fredy very Smoothly, He did not understand what was done with Him.

Morgan sat with Sonia in His Car and tell Her with tense voice that His Friend needs Him Urgent so He will out of Station for sometime, Sonia become Sad when He move to Her to give Her a Relaxing Jester got a Big Rebounce which shattered Him.

Naresh puts His Head on His Palms, He got a call and after hearing something trying to use His Mobile, did not get Network so moving out but Nabbed.

Acp and Abhijit was Completely Shocked when getting this as during all Investigation, they hadn't think although to accept is quite difficult.

Atlast CID after making a Big net around all these nabbed the major ones. Sikender, Morgan, Naresh, Jeevan, Faisal and Naqsh Arrested, Manuv Flew to Bankok, Some are batting dealors, some Bookies, Some Leakers, they also Leak out some other Players, management members as well some Celebraties, Businessmen and Politicians.

Monday Morning comes with Delight as when Three Smart, Intelligent and Sharp Cops entered in CID bureau with big round of Applause from 10 members line up against them of their Families, they have Smiles on their Faces and Shine on their Eyes after getting such Huge Appreciation.

Acp comes to them and one by one Shakes hand to all with Compliments.

Acp: CId ko Tum teeno pr Garv hy.

The Three Officers Smiles and Embarrass, look around and started their statements as.

Poorve: Sir agr ap logun ki support nai hoti tou shayed hum kuch nai kr paaty, agr Sallunkhy Sahab Mujy us Sucking pipe aur Foil sy Kesy Drugs ko lety hain aur bina usy Munh aur Naak mein daaly Bahar phainkty hain Nahi sikhaty tou main bhi kahein Sikender ki tarah Addict ban jati. Abhijit Sir ki gur ki baatein kay kis tarah aur kub Attack krna hy, kis tarah un ki tarah ki tapori language (laugh) Choozy woozy use krna Nahi bataty tou Mission kaamyaab Nahi hota. Nikhal aur Phankhaj Ka Backup sub kuch.

Sherya: haan Sir, hr pal ap sub ki Madad humary sath rahi, wahan jub Naresh ny mujh sy Phone liya, tab tou mujhy pakka laga, Plan khatam, kyunky us ny mery Munh pr hath rakh kr Phone cheena tha (to Dayaa) wesy Sir ap ko pata Kesy chala.?

Dayaa: Sherya jub us nay Phone tumharay Kaan sy apny Kaan pr lagaya tou Traffic ki voice or Interruption thi, Tum Terrace pr thi na, bus Main ny Sanbhal liya.

Sherya: haan Sir, thori asani hui kyunky Mobile ko cheenty aur peechy hatty huay mujhy Margan ky room mein Bug lagany Ka Mauqa mil gaya.

Abhijit: haan aur usi Bug kay through Hum Naqsh tak ja pohanchy, kyunky Morgan Dusri Sim sy Naqsh kay contact mein tha.

Sherya: aur Sir, un Bechari Larkiyun ko tou kuch malum nahi hota hoga, celebrities say milny ki Khushi, craze.

Purve: haan Sir, aur nashy ki lut tou Ghalat saheh ki tameez wesay he Khatam kr deti hy.

Acp: haan saheh ka (to Tarika) aur Tarika, tum kuch nai kaho gi.?

Tarika: Sir meri tou kisi ny Help ki he Nahi.

She gives a teasing glance to Abhijit, who look at Dayaa who flashed a Naughty smile.

Tarika: Sir Fredy agr wahan Security ky Bhais mein nahi hota aur Mujhy check krty huay Bugs nahi pakrta kyunkay wo detector ka Bugler Chip pehlay he nikaal deta hay tou Naqsh nay Mujhy wesy he Bahar nikaal dena tha, aur Sacchan nai hota tou Mushkil hoti, Dayaa ny Jis tarah Mujhy gadi 5th gear mein Break lagana sikhaya, (smiles) phir wo Flush khelna.

Poorve: aur Mujhy bhi tou Naresh kay room kay us washroom sy nikala tha, Khirki kay zaryey.

Fredy: haan Sir, kabhi Hulya badal kr Security bano, bhag kr Poorve kay pass jao aur kabhi Vinet jo Sherya ko backup dy raha tha, us ko dekho.

Vinet: aur Main bhi tou Toby ban kr gaya tha.

Nikhal: aur us staff ko bhool gayey jis nay Sonia ka Bio-data Morgan ko diya tha.

Sherya: acha jabhi wo Ghar bhi aa gaya tha, hain na.

Dayaa: haan kyunky us Biodata mein tumhara house address bhi tha. wesy bhae, Fredy, Vinet, Sacchan, Nikhal aur Phankhaj sub ny buht acha kaam kiya, tou in ky liye bhi Taliyaan.

All starting Clapping which really Encourage all Juniors for more hardwork as well Improvize.

Acp and Sallunkhy gives Fresh Flower Bunch to Every Lady Cop with Wishes just to raise their Confidence and gives them Encouragements and invited them all to Main table where Refreshments waiting for them.

Abhijit trying to hideout himself from Tarika teasing looks as before 20 days, when they collected all information about the Suspicious people and making that Plan to Plant their Officers in such a way after following the Characterstatics of Naqsh who adores Rough and tough style Girls so used Tarika there as Tina, then Sherya as Sonia with Morgan an NRI who loves Simplicity and Eastern Beauties and last but not Least Poorve as Priya with Sikendar who searched Money makers with Strength and whose work to make People Drug addict and these addicturs used Signals for Spot Fixing during Live matches.

When after Discussing with Team, Abhijit Planted all Officers according to their skills and talent, on Raajat question about Planting Whose over Whome, He answers in His Strong Tone.

Abhijit: Rajaat, Tarika ny Outdoor zyada kaam nahi kiya, kyunky woe k forensic Dr hay, Us ki basic Training hay per as a cop nahi, wo wahan Crystalx mein Comfortable rahy gi, Apny kaam sy kaam rakhti hy, is liyey aaj tak Team ky kuch logun ky siwa kisi sy mix nahi ho payii, is liyey wo Naqsh ko achi tarah handle kr ly gi.

Sherya dekha jayey tou Eastern Looks rakhti hy, hum nay Morgan ki jitni Inforemation li hay, usy eastern Bueati Attract karti hay, wo wahan saheh rahy gi.

Poorve Rough and tough hay, Fleaxible hy Outdoors mein, Sikender dusray type ka aadmi hy, usi sirf Drugs sy matlab hy.

Abhijit Strongly Ordered to all Junior boys who would be on Back up with thePlanted Female Officers.

Abhijit: koi bhi Chook Nahi ho, Buht Sawdhan rehna hy, ho skta hy kay achanak koi Ateempt karna par jayey, Mind ko Alert rakhna, kisi bhi Officer ko Akela Nahi chorna, ek minute ko bhi, apnay peechy bhi Backup rakhna, filhal na sirf Apni aur Mujrimun ki balky apnay saathiyun ki Sukarsha ki Zimmadari bhi tum logun pr hy, so All the Best Officers.

All nodded their Heads, He told all to be ready as after few minutes they will leave, He was about to Leave from Rest room and heard Poorve and Sherya talking with each other with giving final touches to their preparations.

Poorve: Sherya buhat mehnat krni hay.

Sherya: haan Poorve, dr. Tarika ka tou buht experience hy.

Poorve: aur Abhijit Sir tou un ki poori help karein gy.

After hearing this conversation, He completely backoff to help Tarika, except Flush playing where after seeing the Cards from Tarika Coller Camera (used in her shirt button), he wrote all on writing pad and Dayaa told the Chaal to Tarika from her Air Phone.

Abhijit came out from His thoughts after feeling Dayaa who hit his Shoulder to Him and Rajaat after the Mission Accomplishment Praise his Senior Excellent Intelligence in Heart.

In detailing about the case further, they got that Sikender was a Person trapped Good Families members and make them Drugs Adductors with help of Naresh who provided Drugs, organized drug parties and then used them for Signals by using different types of caps, posters, Face paints without knowing by them.

Morgan was an NRI trapping Girls by different Tricks and also used them for Chair Leads and Friends and used them as messanger between Players and Coaches who involved on it.

Faisal and Manav are Bookies, they mostly fixed Balls, Shorts, Wickets, Sixers, Fours, Extras, Catches, matches even series too.

Jeevan was a Batting person and Naqsh was Connector between all.

Team again busy in their Casual Routines, New Routes waiting for them, after few months of Trail, Most arrested Release on Bail and moves on their Lives, Manav and so many Hidden still not Catchable.

when Tarika watch this news on Tv, only remembers Naqsh.

Naqsh: koi khas faida Nahi hoga, kuch months shor rahy ga, phir jor tour aur sub set, Politicians, Businessmen even Govt bhi is Illegal Juwwy Ka hissa hoti hay my Dear Friend.
Naqsh: sub Ganda hy pr dhanda hy ye.

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The Racket

Disclaimer:All incidents, people, events, and places are fictitious and bear no resemblance to anyone or anything real. Names of certain people or places have been kept private to avoid any problems.

A house, Monday, 10PM

Daya gave a thumbs-up to Abhijeet, who moved closer. Sachin moved closer to the building and stopped beside the window. Behind him Rajat was standing behind Daya also near a window. On the other side of the building, Freddy, Vineet, Purvi, and Shreya were waiting in a similar manner. Vineet, Rajat, and Sachin should be in Delhi for an Officers' Conference, but they would fly out in the night after this raid and would join Nikhil and Pankaj there.

Daya spoke into his earpiece to Freddy who was standing in the back. "Kya tum log tyar ho undar jaane ke liye?"

"Haan sir. Hum log aapne positions pe aa chuke hain. Bas darwaza todne ki deer hai," Freddy replied.

"Thik hai. Teen pe undar hamla karenge. Ek."

The 8 moved their guns into a position to attack. Daya said, "Do."

Freddy moved in front of the door with Vineet. The two would be breaking down the door. Abhijeet and Daya moved in front of the front door. They would be breaking down the front door. Daya said, "Teen!"

Daya, Abhijeet, Freddy, and Vineet cracked open the doors and ran into the house. Shreya, Purvi, Rajat, and Sachin ran upstairs, while the other 4 stayed downstairs. They searched each room, quickly clearing it. Daya and Abhijeet reached one room and found the men they had been searching for. The 4 were unconscious from their drug use. Daya yelled out for Rajat, Sachin, Shreya, and Purvi. The 4 came running downstairs. Rajat, Sachin, Vineet, and Freddy took away the 4 men.

Purvi saw the computer in the corner and went straight to it. She turned on the monitor and saw that the computer was already on. A file was open on the screen already. As she scrolled through it her face became more serious. She finally called Shreya over. Shreya took a look at the file and she said, "Yeh toh ek betting racket lag raha hai."

"Haan aur yeh dekho yeh file main cricketers ke naam hain aur yeh kuch numbers likhe hain inke saath. Lagta hai match fixing bhi ho rahi thi," Purvi pointed out.

Daya overheard this and came over. "Kya mila hai?"

Abhijeet also came over. Purvi repeated, "Sir yeh computer main yeh kuch files mil hain. Shayad aur bhi hongi, lekin inke hisaab se lagta hai ke yahan koi betting aur match fixing racket chal raha hai."

"Yeh toh bahut baari baat hai. Yeh racket ko pakdena parega!" Abhijeet exclaimed.


CID bureau, Tuesday, 10AM

Vineet, Rajat, and Sachin had left after booking the 4 men involved in the drug raid. They would be out in Delhi for the next week for the conference. Meanwhile, Abhijeet and Daya were going over the case again minutely, while Shreya and Purvi had started to look into the potential betting and match fixing racket. They were examining the computer and cross-referencing all the details.

Purvi found a pattern soon. "Shreya yeh dekho. Yeh file main har cricketer ka naam hai aur phir yeh kuch numbers likhe huye hain haar naam ke saath. Aisa lagta hai yeh dates hain. Aur agar inhe hum dates maan kar chalte hain, toh jo jo dates yahan pe likhi huyi hain, uss uss din koi na koi match khela jaa raha hai aur cricketer uss match ka hissa tha. Uske saath saath woh cricketer jis bhi team ka hissa tha woh team woh match zaroor haarti thi."

"Yeh toh saaf hai ke woh cricketers paise kha rahe the haarne ke liye," Shreya replied.

"Tumhe woh doosri file se abhi tak kuch pata laga?"

"Haan yeh dekho. Yeh betting sheet hi hai. Yeh saare initials hain. Aise lagta hai ke yeh woh log hain jo paise lagte hain. Kyun ki inke naam ke saath saath yeh kuch amount likhi huyi hai. Phir yeh usse paison ka batwara kar rahe hain yahan pe. Yah lagta toh aise hi hai. Kyun ki har row main job hi amounts hain woh sab iss pehle amount ko add up karte hain. Toh jaise yahan pe yeh 5 lakh, 2 lakh, aur 2 lakh hain aur inhe add karo toh yeh raha woh 9 lakh amount. Aur yeh jis column main hain usse column ka title ek cricketer ka naam hai."

"Yeh toh jaise koi bahut hi baara racket chal raha tha."

Abhijeet and Daya were finally finished the reports for the drug case and came over to see what Shreya and Purvi were doing. Shreya and Purvi brought the two up to speed. Abhijeet said, "Ab toh iss sawal ka jawab who chaar aadmi hi denge. Daya chalen?"

"Haan chalo boss," Daya replied.

The two headed to the interrogation room to question the 4 men about this rackets. At the moment, ACP Pradyuman and Freddy were questioning them about the drug racket that they had been running. ACP Pradyuman and Freddy saw them come in and stepped aside. Abhijeet said, "Sir Purvi aur Shreya ko ek betting aur match fixing racket ka pata chala hai. Aur woh saari information inke computer se mili hai. Inhe se kuch sawal poochne hai."

Daya stepped forward without waiting and grabbed one man's collar. The man's name was Suraj. Daya demanded, "Suraj woh jo kamre main computer tha woh kis ka hai?!!"

"Computer? Woh toh Nihaal ka hai," Suraj replied.

"Aur yeh Nihaal kaun hai?" Abhijeet demanded.

The other 3 men were Vihaan, Rahul, and Roy. Suraj answered again, "Sir woh hamare ussi ghar ka ek rehne wala hai. Lekin woh kya kam karta hai hume nahi pata."

"Acha aur kya woh uss ghar main hamasa hota hai?" Abhijeet asked.

"Nahi sir. Woh kabhi kabhi hi aata hai," Vihaan replied.

"Lekin tumne abhi kaha ke woh tumhare saath rehta hai!" Daya said.

"Haan sir. Woh bas rehta hamare saath hain. Lekin kabhi kabhi hi aata hai," Vihaan clarified. "Hafte main do yah teen din hi rehta hai ghar pe."

"Woh baki ke din kahan rehta hai?" ACP Pradyuman asked.

"Pata nahi sir. Usne kabhi bataya nahi hai," Suraj answered.

"Uska number toh pata hoga!" Abhijeet demanded.

"Haan sir," Suraj replied.

Suraj gave the number to Abhijeet, who dialled it, but got a message that the phone was out of service. He left to check the phone records of the number. Daya also followed out.


CID bureau, 4PM

Purvi and Shreya had been working on following up with the cricketers without letting them know why they were investigating. Shreya called the last cricketer on the list. When he picked up, she said, "Hello, mera naam Neha hai aur main AajTak se hoon. Main ek story kar rahi hoon aur mujhe uske liye aap se kuch sawal poochne the. Aap fikar maat ki jiye. Main aap ka naam nahi loongi. Main sirf kuch numbers collect kar rahi hoon jo meri baki story ke saath jori jayengi aur agar mere editor ko pasand aayi story toh phir woh TV pe dekheyi jayegi."

After getting the affirmative to ask the questions, Shreya began, "Aap ke annual income kya hogi kareebein?"

Shreya compared the number he said to her list and said, "Lekin aap ke paas jo ghar hai uski value—"

The cricketer cut her off. He quickly explained that the house was actually a present from his father-in-law. This surprised Shreya given that his father-in-law was a farmer. So she pointed that out. He said that it was an ancestral house. This continued for a while. Shreya would attack, the cricketer would step aside. Finally, Shreya gave up as she realized that she wasn't getting anywhere. She thanked him for his time and hung up.

Shreya and Purvi compared notes. They both arrived at the same conclusion. All the cricketers had assets worth way more than their pay combined over the years they had worked. This obviously meant that they had something to hide. But other than this they hadn't been able to gain much else. They decided to try another tactic. Obviously, they had to go somewhere to pick up this money. They just needed to find where these cricketers all frequented or how they got this money. It couldn't be a money transfer between bank accounts as by now someone would have noticed. Purvi said, "Ho sakta hai yeh paise koi overseas bank main ho."

"Swiss banks yah phir Cayman Islands," Shreya said.

"Haan yehi best bet hain. Lekin hum inhe overseas accounts tak paunchenge kaise?"

"Mera ek dost hai jo IRS main kam karta hai. Main usse kehti hoon. Shayad woh kuch kar sakhege."

"Dost yah kuch aur?" Purvi teased.

"Aisa kuch nahi hai. Woh sirf dost hai. Aur waise bhi uski girlfriend hai. Toh aisi koi baat nahi hai."

"Haan haan. Jo tum kaho."

Shreya shook her head laughing and phoned her friend. She quickly told him what she needed and explained the case to him. He promised to look it up and call back as soon as possible.


Outside a house, 4PM

Meanwhile, Abhijeet had pulled all the information on Nihaal. Daya had put his informers to work as soon as they got Nihaal's numbers and one had gotten back to them with an address. Abhijeet and Daya were staked out at that address. So far there had been no movement, but they would wait until they got some movement. Abhijeet got a call from Shreya who updated him on all the information they had. Abhijeet said, "Acha kiya. Hum yeh Nihaal ke ghar pe hain. Computer uski tha. Woh zaroor iss sab ke baare main kuch janta tha. Tum log itni deer woh paison ki trail ka peecha karo."

Abhijeet hung up and apprised Daya of the situation. At this moment they saw a man come out of the house. Daya turned to the informer sitting in the back, "Yehi hai woh?"

"Haan sir. Yehi hai woh."

"Thik hai. Yeh lo. Aur tum jao."

Daya gave the informer 1000 rupees and let him go. Daya and Abhijeet got out of the Qualis, stretched, and walked slowly over to Nihaal. Daya said, "Arre yaar tumhari ghadi toh bhadiya hai."

Nihaal gave Daya a weird look and said, "Thank you."

"Aur yeh dekho. Iske jhoote bhi bhadiya hain Daya," Abhijeet put in.

Nihaal now turned and gave Abhijeet a weird look.

Daya said over Nihaal, "Abhijeet kyun naa hum bhi aise hi ghadi aur jhoote len len."

"Lekin yaar hamare ko kahan parwarega yeh sab."

"Haan woh toh hai. Toh phir?"

"Toh phir aisa karte hain iski taran match fixing ke racket main lag jaate hain boss."

Nihaal got shocked on hearing that.

Abhijeet continued, "Lekin yaar hum toh CID wale hain. Iss sab main kaise paar sakte hain?"

Nihaal stuttered, "CID…"

He turned to run, but Abhijeet put out a foot and tripped him. Nihaal went sprawling on the cement. Daya grabbed him and hauled him to his feet. "Haan CID."

"Lekin maine kya kiya hai?"

"Kya kiya hai?!! Match fixing aur betting racket main chalta hoon?" Abhijeet demanded.

"Aap ko zaroor koi galat femi hogayi hai. Main aisa kuch nahi karta hoon. Main toh ek bank teller hoon."

"Haan aur isli bank teller ke paas yeh 2 lakh ki ghadi hai aur yeh 50 000 ke jhoote hain. Daya mujhe nahi pata tha ke bank teller bhi itna kama leta hai," Abhijeet said.

"Abhijeet kya baat kar rahe ho? Tumhe nahi pata tha. Waise mujhe bhi nahi pata tha. Aaj pata chala. Chalo isse le kar chalte hain aapne saath aur iske itne paise kamane ke raaz hum bhi jaante hain."

"Haan aur nahi toh kya. Agar ek bank teller ban kar itne paise bante hain toh main bhi part-time bank teller hi ban jaonga," Abhijeet answered.

Daya and Abhijeet took Nihaal with them even as he continued to protest.


CID bureau, 6PM

While Abhijeet and Daya were questioning Nihaal, Purvi and Shreya had gotten the bank information of the cricketers from Shreya's friend. All of the 15 cricketers had bank accounts in a Swiss bank with a lot of money. They were matching the amounts to the amounts that they had found on the file and so far the amounts were basically adding up. Obviously, the cricketers had taken money out to use. They couldn't just leave the money lying in there. Purvi asked, "Lekin hum iss information ke saath abhi kuch kar bhi nahi sakte hain. Naa hume yeh pata hai ke yeh paise unhe kahan se milte hain. Naa hume yeh pata hai ke unhe yeh paise kaise milte hain. Naa hume yeh pata hai ke iss sab ke peeche kaun hain. Kuch bhi toh nahi jaante hain."

"Galat. Ek baat pata lagi hai. Nihaal iss sab main sirf ek banker hain. Woh jo documents tum dono ko mile the woh uske hain lekin woh sirf unpe hisaab kitaab karta tha. Iss sab ke peeche koi aur hi hai," Abhijeet said, as the duo came in.

Daya asked, "Tum dono ko kya mila hai?"

"Sir abhi tak toh sirf itna pata chala hai ke yeh 15 cricketers paise kha rahe the. Yeh kareeb 100 log hain jo iss betting racket main paise lagte the. Aur ke yeh 15 cricketers ke paas Swiss bank main account tha jisme bahut saare paise the. Hum bas yehi soch rahe the ke yeh logon ko yeh paise milte kaise honge. Kyun ki humne check kiya aur Swiss banks main kabhi koi wire transfer nahi huya hai. Paise yahan ke ek branch se daale jaate hain," Purvi updated.

"Aur yeh sab information kaise mili?" Abhijeet asked.

"Sir mera ek dost IRS main kam karta hain. Maine usse kaha toh usne sab kuch check kiya aur hume bataya," Shreya replied. "Usne branch se bhi follow-up kiya aur branch manager ne sirf yeh kaha ke unhone saare papers check kiye the aur kyun ki records clean the toh unhe bank accounts mil gaye. Uske eliva woh aur kuch nahi jaante hain."

"Sir kya Nihaal ne yeh bataya ke yeh sab kuch hota kaise hai?" Purvi asked.

"Nahi. Usse bas itna pata hai ke usse haar kuch dino main ek text aata hai aur phir information ke saath ek email bheji jaati hai jo code main hoti hai. Woh code ko crack karta hai, transaction ko record karta hai aur phir usse text ko wapas reply de deta hai. Text bhi haar baar ek alag number se aata hai aur email bhi. Phone numbers diye usne hume kuch. Hum unhe par follow-up karte hain. Aur jo emails hain woh uske computer pe hain. Tum log uspe follow-up karo," Daya replied.

Shreya asked a question that had been nagging her for a while. "Sir aapne hume bataya ke Suraj ne kaha tha ke Nihaal hafte main ek do din hi aata tha. Aur woh computer uska tha. Agar woh hafte main ek do din hi aata tha aur computer sirf uska tha toh usse computer ko lock nahi karna chahiye tha? Aur woh documents ko bhi private kar dena chahiye tha taki sirf woh khol sakhe. Lekin usne toh dono computer on chor diya tha aur documents bhi khule chor diye the. Kyun?"

"Shreya humne usse poocha tha. Uska kehna hai ke woh kal ghar gaya tha. Thodi deer ke liye bahar chala gaya tha aur kyun ki uske kamre main waise koi nahi jata hai usne computer on hi chor diya tha. Lekin uski bad kismati ke humne tabhi raid maar diya aur uske kamre main pakde gaye woh chaaron. Jab woh wapas aaya toh usne hume dekh liya aur isli woh wahan se aise hi chalta raha jaise ke woh bas wahan se guzar raha tha."

"Thik hai sir. Hum yeh computer ke IP addresses pe follow-up karte hain," Purvi replied.


CID bureau, 8PM

The tech had finished following up on the IP addresses and had given Purvi and Shreya a full report. The two were now ready to brief Daya and Abhijeet. ACP Pradyuman and Freddy were still working on closing up the drug case. At this time, the 4 were the ones working on the betting and match fixing racket. Daya said, "Haan kya pata laga?"

"Sir yeh sab emails proxy IP addresses se bheji gayi thi. Technician ne bahut khoj kiya aur usse IP addresses ki asli jagah mil gayi. Saari emails ek hi jagah se bheji gayi hain. Fast Trak Computer Cafe. Haar match se do din pehle ek email bheji jaati hai," Purvi replied.

"Haan aur text match se teen din pehle," Abhijeet added.

"Sir ek match hone wala hai char dino main jisme ek cricketer hissa le raha hai. Shayad agar hum cafe jaate hain toh hume kuch pata lag sakta hai," Shreya suggested.

"Haan lag sakta hai. Shreya aur Purvi agle do dino tak tum dono uss cafe ke aas paas hi rehna. Dekho koi milta hai wahan pe jispe shaq ho sakta hai," Abhijeet said.

"Aur hum log iss shop pe jaate hain. Pata lagte hain ke yeh sab SIMs khareede kisne the," Daya added.

On following up with the texts, Abhijeet and Daya had reached the SIM cards and from there they had found that all the SIM cards were found to have been sold from one place. Abhijeet and Daya were talking about heading to that one spot to question the person who sold those SIM cards. So far they had found a record of 12 SIM cards and who knows how many more there were. Daya continued, "Aur Nihaal ka phone on rakhte hain aur usse aapne saath rakhte hain. Ho sakta hai jisne bhi yeh sab kiya hai usse pata naa ho ke Nihaal pakda gaya hai aur usse phir se text aur email bheje."

"Thik hai sir," Purvi nodded.


Fast Trak Computer Cafe, Wednesday, 12PM

Many people think that working undercover and staking out a place is high voltage action and drama, but in reality it's often boring and long. Purvi and Shreya had been at Fast Trak Computer Cafe since the morning when it opened and so far they had found nothing. They were in constant touch with Abhijeet and Daya who would inform them when an email or a text came through. As soon as one came through, they would be able to move ahead. Purvi had suggested questioning the cricketers, but without more information they would only be alerting the cricketers at this point.

Daya spoke at that moment, "Text aaya hai. Ek minute Nihaal batata hai ke iska matlab kya hai."

There were some muffled voices as Daya and Abhijeet demanded answers from Nihaal. Daya came back on and continued, "Haan toh text ko translate kara hai aur iske hisaab se woh insaan kal kareeb 1 baje ek email bhejega. Tum dono abhi ke liye wapas aa jao. Pichle records ko dekh kar woh jaldi email nahi bhejega. Tab tak hum yeh cricketers ke peeche lagte hain. Unhe se moun pe baat nahi kar sakte hain toh kya huya. Peecha toh kar sakte hain."

Purvi and Shreya quickly packed up and left the cafe. Now there would be some more following and tracking.


Outside a cricketer's house, 2:30PM

After getting back to the bureau, Purvi and Shreya had headed out again to stake out a cricketer's house. Since this cricketer was playing in the match happening in 3 days, they were sure that he was the one who would be paid. While sitting there waiting for him to come out, Purvi asked, "Waise tumhara woh dostkaisa hai?" She emphasized the word "dost".

Shreya laughed. "Tum mujhe chorogo nahi."

"Nahi. Bilkul nahi. Jab tak tum mujhe yeh nahi batati ho ke woh aakhir kaisa dost hai tumhara main tumhe nahi chorongi."

"Yaar maine kaha naa. Woh sirf mera dost hai. Aur kuch nahi."

"Haan, haan. Jaisa tum kaho."

"Purvi tum mera choro aur aapni baat karo. Tumhari zindagi main koi aaya hai abhi tak?" Shreya replied with a twinkle in her eyes.

"Tum ab mere peeche maat par jana," Purvi sighed.

Shreya saw the cricketer come out and quickly pointed him out to Purvi. Purvi and Shreya got serious. They watched the cricketer get into his car and drive out. Purvi followed from a distance. Unlike regularly when they followed in a Qualis, they had recently bought a red Honda, which they hoped would throw people off track. It was the car Purvi and Shreya were in for today. It was test day to see if it would throw people off track or not.

The cricketer led them to Taj Hotel, one of the only two 7-star hotels in Mumbai. They followed the cricketer inside at a distance. He walked right past the reception. They followed at a distance. When he got onto an elevator, Purvi pulled her scarf up slightly, covering her face, and followed him on. Shreya waited for another elevator to come and Purvi's message to tell her which floor the cricketer got off at. Purvi would go past that floor and then double back afterwards.

On the 10th floor, the cricketer got off and a few seconds later, Shreya's elevator also stopped on that floor. Purvi had gone up to the 15th floor, not knowing which floor the cricketer would get off at. She would be back down in a little bit. Shreya walked looking at the hotel room numbers as if not knowing where to go and when the cricketer knocked on 1004, she walked past as if still searching for the right room. From the corner of her eye she watched the cricketer go into 1004 and then she quickly doubled back and hid in the small alcove between 1004 and 1003, listening to the conversation.

Man 1 said, "Tumhe pata hai naa kya karna hai?"

Man 2 replied, "Haan. Pata hai. Match harna hai."

Man 2 was the cricketer, Shreya deduced and man 1 was probably one of the masterminds behind this betting racket. Shreya messaged Purvi the room number who quietly joined her.

Man 1 was saying, "…aur tumhare paise yeh rahe."

The cricketer asked, "Tumne iss baar yahan pe kyun bulaya? Hum toh hamasa coffee shop main milte the. Pata hai kitna khatra tha. Agar kisine mujhe pehchan liya hota toh lene ke dene paar jaate."

Man 1 replied, "Jaanta hoon. Lekin mujhe bhi ek ladki milne aa rahi hai. Bahut dino se maza nahi kiya hai. Saba Bai se kaha hai ke ek tarakti farakti cheez idhar bheje taki meri raat garam ho jaaye."

The cricketer and the man laughed at that. Man 1 continued, "Aur phir mere baki ke saathi bhi aa rahe hain aaj raat ko Delhi se. Socha hai ke ek nahi do ladkiyan bula loon."

"Waise yeh Saba Bai ko bhi mana parega. Hai toh ek ladki ki dalal, lekin dhong karti hai jaise ek sansata chalti ho jahan pe majboor aur bebas auraton ko kam wali bai ka kam milta hai," the cricketer said laughing.

Purvi and Shreya repeated, "Saba Bai."

"Chalo main chalta hoon ab. Match toh samjho main haar hi gaya. Bas maaze karna aur mujhe yunhi paise dete rehna," the cricketer said. Purvi and Shreya quickly ran down the hallway and hid in the turn. The cricketer came out of the room and went back to the elevator. A few minutes later, the two also went back to the elevator.


On the road back to the bureau, 4:15PM

Purvi said, "Kya lagta hai? Kya karna chahiye?"

Shreya replied, "Humne jo suna hai aur record kiya hai woh kafi nahi hoga. Aakhir sirf aawazein hi toh hain. Kisi ki bhi ho sakti hai."

"Haan. Hume unke chehre chahiye aur saath hi saath koi aisa saboot jo unke chehron ko iss kand se jorta hai."

"Lekin uske liye hume unke bil main ghusna hoga."

"Kya tum bhi wohi soch rahi ho jo main soch rahi hoon?"

"Haan. Saba Bai se mile?"

"Sir ko bataye Shreya?"

"Batayenge toh woh hume rok nahi lenge?"

"Aur agar nahi bataya aur unka phone aa gaya toh?"

"Haan woh bhi hai. Lagta hai batana hi parega."

"Haan. Lekin bataongi tum."

"Kya? Main? Naa baba. Idea tumhara toh tum hi bataogi Purvi."

"Lekin Shreya—"

"Lekin wekin kuch nahi. Tum bataogi bas."

"Acha baba."

Purvi pulled over the Honda. As expected, the cricketer never suspected that CID officers were following him in the red Honda. Purvi phoned Daya and said, "Daya sir, hume kuch baatein pata chali hain."

She put the phone on speaker as Daya was saying, "…phir bureau aa jao. Yahan pe baat karte hain."

"Nahi sir. Hum abhi kahin aur jaa rahe hain. Hume lagta hai ke aaj raat tak hum iss sab ke peeche ke mujhrimon tak paunch jayenge."

"Ek minute."

There was some rustling and then Abhijeet also came onto the line. Daya must have put the phone on speaker to. As if confirming that, Daya said, "Haan ab batao Purvi. Abhijeet bhi sun raha hai."

"Sir humne uss cricketer ka peecha kiya aur woh hume Taj Hotel le kar gaya jahan par woh ek aadmi se mila room number 1004 main. Woh room kisi Hitesh Kumar ke naam pe booked hain. Sir Hitesh aur uss cricketer ki baatein sun kar aisa lagta hai jaise Hitesh iss sab ke peeche hain. Lekin uske saath aur bhi log shamyal hain. Uski baaton se hume yeh pata chala hai ke usne Saba Bai se baat karke 2 ladkiyon ko aapne yahan pe bulane ka intezam kiya hai aaj raat ke liye. Sir hum bas abhi Saba Bai se baat karne—"

Abhijeet cut Purvi off. "Saba Bai wohi hai naa jo ladkiyon ki dalali karti hai."

"Ji sir."

"Tum log usse kya baat karogi?"

"Sir hum soch rahe hain ke…" Purvi trailed off.

She was finding it hard to explain their plan to Abhijeet and Daya. She looked at Shreya helplessly. On the line, Daya said, "Ke kya? Kya soch rahe ho?"

Shreya said quickly, "Ke hum woh ladkiyan ban kar jaayen."

"Kya?!!" the duo said, shocked.

They had done many undercover operations, but to go undercover as escorts…that was unheard of. Purvi quickly explained, "Sir hum jaante hum kya keh rahe hain. Hum yeh bhi jaante hain ke shayad yehi ek tarika hai unhe ke khilaaf saboot lene ka. Sir jaisa aapne kaha ke hum cricketers se kuch nahi keh sakte hain kyun ki woh toh yeh sab asaani se tal sakte hain. Aur abhi tak hamare paas sirf ek audio recording hai aur ek naam hai. Iss ke saath hum unhe kabhi giraftaar nahi kar sakenge. Aur unke gang main ghusne main bahut waqt lag jayega. Tab tak shayad yeh racket aur bhi phel jayega. Agar hume unhe pakdana hai aur abhi pakdana hai toh hume yeh karna parega."

Shreya continued, "Sir hum jaante hain ke yeh kabhi nahi huya hai. Lekin aaj hume yeh karna parega warna yeh log haath se nikal jayenge aur phir pata nahi yeh sab kahan se kahan paunch jayega. Hum wiretaps aur remote video bugs ke saath undar jayenge aur unki haar baat sidha record hogi. Jaise hi unke khilaaf saare saboot haath aayenge hum turant wahan se nikal jaayenge."

Abhijeet finally spoke up, "Nahi. Aisa kabhi nahi ho sakta hai. Tum dono jaanti ho ke yeh kitna risky hai. Upar se permission bhi nahi milegi yeh sab karni hai. Hum log tumhe aisa karne hi nahi de sakte hain. Jaisa tumhe lag raha hai waisa bilkul nahi hoga. Tum log wahan se itni araam se nahi nikal paogi."

Shreya said, "Toh thik hai sir. Hum unhe arrest karke toh nikal sakte hain."

"Arrest karna itna asaan nahi hai. Yeh racket pata nahi kahan kahan tak pehla huya hai. Aur isme politicians, baare businessmen, aur ho sakta hai actors bhi involved ho," Daya put in.

"Lekin sir inko pakdana bhi zaroori hai. Aur agar hum yeh koshish nahi karenge toh shayad inke khilaaf kabhi saboot nahi milenge," Purvi objected.

"Toh kisi aur tarike se saboot dhoondenge. Lekin iss taran se nahi," Abhijeet stated.

Shreya knew that what she was going to do and say would be wrong, but it was now or never. She wasn't going to let something like cricket be tarnished by some people who just wanted to make money. Cricket was India's lifeline and millions of people lived and breathed cricket. If this racket became bigger and came out in the open, many of them would be crushed and destroyed that something like cricket hadn't been spared either. She said, "Sir hume yeh karna hai. Main jaanti hoon ke aapke khilaaf jaa kar main galti kar rahi hoon. Main yeh nahi jaanti hoon ke Purvi mere saath hogi yah nahi, lekin main yeh karongi."

Abhijeet and Daya were shocked once again. For the first time Shreya had been direct and had disobeyed a direct order. Abhijeet looked at Daya and the two seemed to make up their mind. Abhijeet said, "Thik hai Shreya. Tum dono yeh kar sakti ho. Lekin hum tumhare saath saath rahenge. Hum Taj Hotel jaa rahe hain. Dekhte hain hum wahan pe kya setup kar sakte hain. Tab tak tum dono Saba Bai ke zariye se wahan pauncho. Aur paunch kar hume batana. Yeh mission bahut hi khatarnak hai. Pehli baar ho raha hai CID ke history main ke hum do police officers ko iss tareke se kahin bhej rahe hain. Aur agar kuch bhi huya tum dono ko toh…"

Abhijeet left that sentence hanging. They all understood the repercussions of this step, but they were willing to face it. And with that the four set out to catch the gang behind all this.


Taj Hotel, 8PM

Almost 5 hours later, Shreya and Purvi walked into the hotel once again. This time though they were bold. Wearing the tiniest dresses possible, both were showing a lot of skin.

Convincing Saba Bai had been easy. With just a few slaps and threats, Saba Bai had called back the two girls she was originally planning to send out and had let Shreya and Purvi go. Meanwhile, Saba Bai had been arrested by the local police and the girls that had been forced to do this work were giving their statements against Saba Bai. She was going to jail for sure this time as they now had recorded proof against her that she supplied women. The cricketer had very nicely given a summary of Saba Bai's business, which had been recorded on the audio tape and which would be presented in court as proof against Saba Bai. Hopefully the cricketer would also be caught for the betting racket and would willing give a statement against her in court as well.

Purvi walked up to the reception, while Shreya stood back and looked around the hotel. She was checking to make sure that the video bug that was in her necklace was working. In her earring were a listening bug and an audio bug as well. Purvi was equipped with the same devices. Abhijeet whispered, "Bugs kam kar rahe hain. Hum tyar hain."

While Purvi and Shreya had been having a "meeting" with Saba Bai, Abhijeet and Daya had burned rubber to the hotel and after threatening, yelling, and almost arresting the manager of the hotel had managed to get room 1003 empty and set up for them. The patrons in 1003 were shifted to 1002 and were quite nice about it, especially after they learned that their room was being occupied by Mumbai CID, the equivalent of FBI in USA. The patrons were Americans and though CID wasn't like FBI, they didn't need to know.

Purvi and Shreya were told that they could go up to room 1004. The two slowly walked over to the elevator. As they got closer and closer to the room, they realized what they were getting themselves into. To act like a housemaid or lawyer or a village girl was one thing, but to act like an escort…Shreya took an icy breath and pressed the button calling an elevator down.

Daya, as if understanding their apprehension, said into their ear, "Abhi bhi waqt hai. Chor do yeh mission. Hum kisi aur tarike se inhe pakde lenge."

Purvi replied for the two of them, "Nahi sir. Hum yeh karenge."

Getting off at the 10thfloor, the two walked to 1004 for the second time that day. The only difference was that this time they would be going inside. Purvi knocked on the door and Hitesh came to open it. He saw Shreya and Purvi and said, "Welcome, welcome, welcome. Aa jao undar."

Purvi and Shreya went in. The mission had begun.

Purvi said, "Mera naam Rita hai."

Shreya put in, "Aur main Tina hoon."

"Aur main Jai hoon," Hitesh introduced himself.

"Lekin hume toh niche kaha gaya ke aapka naam Hitesh Kumar hai," Shreya objected.

"Haan woh taki koi mera asli naam naa jaan sakhe. Hamare dhande main aisa karna parta hai," Jai said.

"Haan," Shreya smiled and laughed lightly.

Purvi said, "Hume toh kaha gaya tha ke yahan pe hum do aur aap char honge. Yahan pe toh sirf aap hain."

"Mere baki teeno saathi bas aane wale hain. Woh Delhi se aa rahe hain naa isli," Jai replied.

Then Jai narrowed his eyes and said, suspiciously, "Tum dono escorts hi ho naa?"

Abhijeet said, "Isse shaq ho raha hai! Jaldi kuch karo."

Shreya walked up close to Jai and smiled seductively, "Kyun aap ko aisa kyun lagta hai ke hum escorts nahi hain?"

Purvi came over as well and walked around him slowly letting a hand rest on his shoulder, "Kyun ki humne abhi tak aapko yun nahi chuya yeh dekha?"

Jai stepped out from between the two and changed the topic, "Nahi bas aise. Drinks?"

Purvi and Shreya let out an inaudible sigh of relief. Purvi said, "Haan mujhe ek orange juice chahiye."

Shreya also agreed to that. Jai looked at them again and Shreya quickly explained, "Hum log peete nahi hain. I hope aapko isse koi problem nahi hogi."

"Nahi, nahi. Bilkul nahi. Jo tum log peena chaho peeo. Aur please yeh formality choro. Hum sab ek doosre ke liye tum hain," Jai said.

While Jai went to get the juice, Purvi and Shreya surveyed the room, letting their cameras capture every aspect of the room. If everything went according to plan, then they would search this room and arrest the 4 men without any hitches. Daya said, "Woh suitcase main zaroor kuch milega."

Jai came back with the juice and then there was knocking on the door. While Purvi and Shreya drank their juice, Jai opened the door. 3 men were standing at the door who Jai let in. "Rita, Tina, yeh baki teeno aadmi hain. Yeh hain Suresh, Nikhil, aur Hemant."

Purvi and Shreya smiled and said hello to the 3 making sure to move their necklaces in a way that all 4 were captured in the video together. Now the mission had officially begun.


Taj Hotel, room 1004, 9:15PM

Almost an hour later, the 4 were drunk and laughing like crazy. Purvi and Shreya looked at each other and nodded. It was time to begin. Purvi who was sitting between Suresh and Nikhil slowly lay back and whispered into their ears, "Ek drink mere haath se, phir…"

She let it trail off. Both looked over at her and nodded. She laughed lightly and got up and went over to the bar. Shreya followed suit. The two poured drinks into 4 glasses and then very slowly mixed it taking out the sleeping pills that Shreya had hid on the inside of her dress's straps. They put 2 pills in each glass and after mixing it carefully took it back to the 4 men. Jai said, "Tina tum mujhe aapne haathon se pilao."

Shreya smiled and sat down beside Jai and helped him drink. Slowly each man finished their drink and then they fell back one by one into a slumber.

Purvi ran and opened the door for Abhijeet and Daya, who brought in tape and handcuffs. Quickly handcuffing each man and taping their mouths, the 4 got to work. Purvi grabbed the suitcase and hauled it onto the bed. She opened it with the code that Suresh had whispered into her ear a few minutes before she had gotten him the drink. As per plan, Shreya and Purvi had slowly gotten the 4 drunk and as they got drunk the 4 had started spilling their secrets. Jai had confessed to the crime on tape, but to be sure they also wanted to have other proof against the 4 men.

Purvi opened the suitcase and throwing out the clothes, she found a false bottom. She lifted the bottom and underneath were a bunch of files. She flipped through them and read about transactions upon transactions and how money was being transferred from politicians, businessmen, and actors to cricketers to lose games so that they could profit. This was the proof they needed. She showed Shreya, Abhijeet, and Daya.


Shreya's house, 11:40PM

Finally, she reached home. After finding the files and the money and the phones, they didn't need anymore proof. Abhijeet and Daya had taken the 4 unconscious men to the CID bureau, while she and Purvi were allowed to go home.

Without bothering to do anything else, Shreya stepped into the shower and turned in on scalding hot. Her skin felt ichy and disgusting. What they had just done was probably the worst thing Shreya had ever done. Those men had touched her, felt her, and she was feeling disgusted. She needed to get clean and fast.


Purvi's house, 11:45PM

Purvi was doing the same thing as Shreya. She felt disgusted as well. Repelled at the thought that she had actually flirted and almost seduced men like that! She needed to get clean and was standing fully clothed under the shower. The water was burning, but she didn't care. It was what she needed to get cleaned. Even though the idea had been theirs to begin with, she was still feeling repulsed. She needed to clean herself.


CID bureau, Thursday, 10AM

Over the past 2 hours, the story had quickly come out of Jai's mouth. Suresh, Nikhil, and Hemant were still not talking, but Jai's testimony was enough to send them all to jail and to arrest all the politicians, businessmen, actors, and cricketers. It was more of a match fixing racket, than betting racket. Jai had told them that businessmen, politicians, and actors from all around India paid the 4 of them huge money, which they then used to buy cricketers to lose a game. The loss would allow businessmen to make money from the people as they went to more and more matches to see their favourite team win. The actors could easily make money from their teams as well as the teams went out and played more games. And the politicians were able to get backing from the winning teams, which allowed them to win votes. The cricketers made money and also gained the public's sympathy even though they would lose a match.

Purvi and Shreya discovered that the racket had mainly been caught on luck. If the team hadn't come across Akash, a college-going student who in a moment of despair had turned to selling drugs, then they would never have investigated the drug smuggling. If they didn't investigate the drug smuggling, then they would never have come across those first 4 men, which would never have led them to the computer. If they hadn't found the computer, they would never have found about the racket or about Nihaal. If Nihaal hadn't been caught, then they would never have discovered how the communications happened. If they didn't know about that, then they would never have been able to follow the cricketer to Taj Hotel where they found Jai staying under the name Hitesh Kumar. And if they hadn't found Jai, then they would never have caught all these people. Of course, Purvi and Shreya had played a big role in trapping Jai, Suresh, Nikhil, and Hemant. If the two of them hadn't gone undercover as escorts, then they would never have caught the 4 maybe. Shreya started laughing thinking about that. Purvi looked at her and asked, "Kya huya?"

"Kuch nahi. Main soch rahi thi ke yeh pure case main 4 number bahut baar aaya."

"Woh kaise?"

"Pehle humne 4 logon ko arrest kiya drug smuggling se related. Phir computer pe 4 files mili. Phir hum 4 ne investigation ki. Aur ant main 4 log pakde gaye. Aur unhe 4 logon ke paas 4 files mili jisme sab kuch tha."

Shreya started laughing again. Purvi joined into the laughter. It was as if 4 had turned out to be their lucky number. Then Purvi stopped laughing. Shreya stopped as well. The two remembered the night before. They were CID officers. They were supposed to be used to doing such things, but they were also girls. And no matter what, it would be hard for them to forget the night before easily.

Abhijeet and Daya came over and Abhijeet said, "Acha kam kiya tum dono ne kal raat."

Daya added, "Aur agli baar aisa kuch karne ki sochna bhi maat. ACP sir ko pata chala kal raat aur unhone hume bahut sunaya. Humne kaha tha ke yeh sab bahut risky hai aur kuch bhi ho sakta hai. Aur ACP sir ne bhi yehi kaha."

Shreya and Purvi smiled. ACP Pradyuman was concerned and that's why he had yelled at the 4 of them. They knew. Without thinking, Shreya and Purvi nodded. Purvi said, "Thik hai sir. Agli baar aisa kuch nahi karenge."

"Ab yeh batao ke kis baat pe hans rahe the," Daya changed the topic.

Shreya repeated the 4 thing and the 4 of them broke into laughter. This was the CID team. They stuck together, cared for each other, and shared things together.


Epilogue of sorts

Over the next month, all the cricketers, actors, businessmen, and politicians who had been named in the case were arrested all around India. In total there were 15 cricketers, 4 actors, 10 businessmen, and 3 politicians involved in the racket.

Within just 2 weeks, the trials started. They are still continuing.

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Chapter 1

"Spinderella! Good length delivery from Sanjog Kanitkar down the leg side. Debney tries to cut it straight back, but fails to connect well and sends it soaring straight to Vijay Samuel at the mid-wicket fence."

The crowd was still cheering, its yells and chants tinny over the TV's speakers. The atmosphere in the penthouse, however, was a somber one laced with a contented certainty. The faces of each of the three men seated around the television lit up with abhorrent smirks. The one seated in the middle fingered his slick iPhone ' one of the thirty-odd mobiles in a black box on the desk ' and lazily dialed a number.

"Having fun, my friend? We call a group of cows a herd, a group of fish a school, but a group of ducks? Australian batsmen." He threw back his head and laughed.

"You've done something, Tigris!" came the retort on the phone. "How is every single friggin' thing coming along exactly as you said?"

"Manners", crooned the man called Tigris. "You signed up for it, and there ain't no backin' up now."

Without waiting for a reply, still smirking, he slipped the phone into his jacket. One of his companions leaned forward with a frown. "Do you think there could be trouble?"

"If anyone is foolish enough to do so, they'll wish they were never born", said Tigris, pouring himself a generous measure of Scotch. "Lighten up, or you'll miss Carter's exit."

On the TV, the silence was absolute. Australia needed four runs to win with a single ball to go. The men watched Sanjog Kanitkar sweep back his curly locks, charge forward, and'

"OUT!!" boomed the commentator, as the crowd in the stadium went wild with glee. "Kanitkar bowls a deadly yorker to Carter, who tries to smash it high but ends up clipping the leg stump. India wins by four runs! This, people, ensures their well-deserved entry into the finals of the WMV Tournament in Mumbai!"

The three men held their glasses high over the cheers now ensuing, not only from the TV, but the streets below the penthouse they were seated in.

"Four cheers for Yogi and Mars", boomed Tigris, and the room resounded with the collective clink of three glasses. "Everything went as planned, my friends. *He* will be pleased. There's no stopping us now."

Chapter 2

The smell of vanilla filled the bureau as the door burst open; Fredericks rushed in excitedly, carrying an enormous cake. "Celebrations!" he called joyfully as everyone looked up. "It took me ages to get here ' the streets are filled with people reveling! I don't think anybody expected our boys to get past the Aussies, but they did! And how! We're in the finals against Pakistan now!"

Abhijeet, Daya, Purvi and Shreya smiled. There was nothing like seeing Freddy's enthusiasm when it came to cricket.

"I was surprised, though", said Abhijeet, accepting some of the cake. "The odds seemed to be heavily against us, with Gaikwad and Ankola both injured and Sahil Nehe looking terribly out of form."

"This victory was a bit too much of a cakewalk", said Daya thoughtfully. "New Zealand and England I could understand, but this was Australia we were dealing with. Doesn't it feel a bit too good to be true?"

As if in answer, the phone rang. Daya hurried forward to answer it. "C.I.D, Mumbai. Senior Inspector Daya speaking", he said.

"Good evening, Inspector", said a plain female voice from the other end. "I apologize for interrupting the omnipresent post-match euphoria."

"Get to the point. What is the matter?" pressed Daya shortly.

"I have something valuable for you", said the caller calmly. "If you visit Room No. 302 of Hotel Omega Regency at 10:30 sharp tonight, you will discover something of paramount importance."

"What?" exclaimed Daya. Behind him, Abhijeet and Fredericks exchanged concerned looks. "Exactly what is going on there?"

"You'll see when you get there", answered the woman. "If done right, I'm sure your department shall earn some well-deserved props from the media."

Daya exchanged a quick glance with Abhijeet; the caller's deliberate ambiguousness was suspicious. "Who are you, and how did you come to know about this?" he asked sharply.

"My identity is irrelevant, Inspector", said the woman tartly. "Why bother about the tree when you have the fruit? 10:30 PM, Hotel Omega Regency, Room 302. I'd go for it if I were you."

And she disconnected. Daya paused for a few moments before lowering the phone. "What do you think?" he asked Abhijeet. "Sounded pretty suspicious to me."

"Same here", said Abhijeet, frowning. "It could well be a trap or something. But we can't just ignore it."

"I'll inform ACP sir", said Daya. He tried calling him, to no avail; the senior had been away working on a separate case for the past few days.

"I guess we'd better go and have a look at the hotel", said Abhijeet. "But be cautious, and let's try to get past unnoticed. Who's up for it?"

Fredericks, Purvi and Shreya volunteered immediately.

"Let's get on with it, then", said Daya grimly. "And Freddy, track down our mysterious caller as well."

Chapter 3

The tenth of May. 10:00 PM, Hotel Omega Regency. Daya and Purvi posed as tourists and booked rooms on the second floor of the hotel, conveniently below Room 302 while Abhijeet, Fredericks and Shreya provided over-watch from the rooftop of a nearby building. Eventually, the clock struck 10:27 PM. Abhijeet watched a taxi drive up to the hotel. A man with a cap got out, walked into the building and conversed briefly with the receptionist before taking the up elevator. Abhijeet contacted Daya at once.

"Daya, someone just took the lift with no luggage or payment; I reckon they're here to meet someone."

Daya and Purvi edged along to the elevator and saw that it was heading to the third floor. They went upstairs, and watched the bearded and capped man exit the elevator and walk straight to Room 302, knocking the door. He nodded at the sight of whoever opened it, and entered without invitation. The lock clicked. The two cops sneaked like shadows over to the door and listened to the conversation inside.

"I've told you already, Rocky" said an indignant voice inside. "If that damned Coulson didn't let me in, it's not my fault. I helped you people with the contacts. If Bubba here gets his share, I want mine too!"

"You know the rules, Raja; your share is in proportion to your contribution", replied a gruff voice. "You get ten and this chick, of course."

"Hell" snapped the man called Raja. "Fine, then. Get it ready. Are you sure she must not live?"

"She knows too much", said Rocky. "I had a hell of a time smuggling her here. If you hadn't insisted'"

Suddenly, there were sounds of struggle and chaos erupted within the room. They could hear the muffled screams of a woman, along with crashed and cries of pain from one of the men.

"She'll get us caught!" roared Rocky. "Shoot her, Bubba!"

"Daya, Purvi ' move in!" came Abhijeet's voice from the earphone.

Gun drawn, Daya struck the door with the force of a hurricane and smashed it off its hinges. They saw two men holding a bound and half-gagged young lady on the floor while another pointed a gun at her. They looked up at the cops and drew their own weapons as well. Daya and Purvi ducked behind tables as gunfire roared, shattering windows and china. Bullets ricocheted off furniture and walls. With a well-aimed shot, Purvi disarmed the first gunman. Daya sir shot down a chandelier on top of the other two, and rushed to capture them. He pulled off the caps and false beards, and saw who they were.

"Sahil Nehe and Tarun Sabnis! I'd have expected you to be celebrating your team's victory right now. Try to keep playing and you'll end up in the morgue", he growled.

Purvi rushed to the young woman's aid, untied her and helped her sit up. It was then that she got a proper look at her. She paused, looking shocked.

"Tanya?" she exclaimed.

The girl looked at her, and went even paler. "P'Purvi di?" she muttered, blanching.

Daya looked from her to Purvi in amazement. "You know her, Purvi?"

"I do, sir. She was a junior of mine in college", answered Purvi quietly, not taking her eyes off Tanya.

Daya sir looked at Tanya. She was barely in her early twenties. Her face almost resembled a death mask. "What are you doing here, Tanya, with these thugs?" he asked.

But Tanya was shaking so badly that Daya thought she was about to faint. There were footsteps outside; the hotel staff had been attracted by the gunfire. They paused in shock at the scene in the room.

"The CID is handling this", said Abhijeet shortly as he and the others came up from behind, guns drawn. "Daya, Purvi, are you alright?"

"We're fine, Abhijeet", said Daya. "Let's start by arresting these gentlemen here. Purvi", he said pointedly, gesturing at Tanya. Abhijeet was slightly confused, but a brief observation of Daya and Purvi's expressions helped him understand. All of them were taken out of the room.


"Here, Tanya", Purvi said softly, laying a hand on her shoulder. "You are safe now. Sit down here, and have water. Now tell me, what's going on? How did you end up there?"

Tanya twitched uncomfortably. "I' I can't tell you that."

Purvi paused, and her tone became stronger. "We've been questioning those men, Tanya. And Freddy sir has found out that the tip-off we had received was from your mobile. Normally, you should be taken into custody at once. But I'm giving you a chance to speak openly. Please co-operate with us."

Tanya looked up at Purvi, whose eyes showed concern but also determination. She remembered the last time she had met Purvi, how she was fresh out of school then with a top rank in board exams, how Purvi had hugged her and said to her family that she would make them proud, whatever she did. A sob welled up in her throat; she could not bear to meet her earnest eyes anymore.

"It's my fault, all my fault!" she cried.

"What is it? What happened?" asked Shreya quietly, sitting down next to her.

"I'd have felt better to say I ruined my own life", said Tanya shakily, looking down at her knees. "But I betrayed my own family!"

She went on to explain that she fell into bad company and failed to gain entrance into any good college. She got addicted to drugs and squandered away her money, including the family savings. She joined an escort agency in desperation to earn her daily fix, which had eventually led her to the dark gates of betting and match-fixing.

"The match tonight was fixed, as were the previous two", she said heavily. "When I got a lucrative sum of money from this Rocky guy for luring cricketers into the racket, I accepted. I roped in Salil and Tarun. I thought the job would be tolerable, but they betrayed me, they held back my pay and attacked me when I protested. I couldn't take it anymore. When Tarun asked me to accompany him to the hotel, I decided to inform you and expose them, but they found out and captured me'"

Purvi looked at Tanya and felt a mixture of pity and disgust. "You could've risen so high, Tanya. Why did you never share everything with your parents? With me?" Tanya remained silent, looking ashamed. Purvi continued, "There is still time. We will stop this disgraceful racket."


Several miles away, the man called Tigris fingered his chin absentmindedly. He felt uneasy, not due to guilt but anxiety. With two cricketers and one of their bookies arrested, there was great danger of their syndicate being exposed. But he was determined not to mess up their magnus opum' fixing of the final match ' at any cost. He was determined to consolidate the groundwork they had laid so meticulously.

His phone rang, and he gulped at the caller's name. It's HIM! He answered, hands trembling.

"I hear that Rocky, Bubba and Raja have been arrested by the CID", said the caller. He had a rough, throaty voice.

"Yes, sir", stammered Tigris. The official version was that the cricketers had been detained for doing drugs, but this man always seemed to be omniscient. "But don't worry. Everything is under control!"

"Eyes wide shut, I see", said the caller quietly. "Must I remind you, Tigris, that the finals are crucial for us and the tiniest of holes will lead the cops to us? I, Xerxes, will handle this personally. Abort all meetings. Catch will be set up at Villa Royale. I will be closer than you think, and you'd better not screw it up."

"I' of course, sir", stammered Tigris. The line disconnected, and he wiped the sweat from his forehead. Xerxes hadn't handled a case in person for the past four years. This was only their second "Catch" ever. All talks were normally done via encrypted phone or Internet calls; none of them even knew their boss' identity. His rewards were generous, but wrath was terrible. With the CID hunting them at the other end, Tigris felt trapped between Scylla and Charybdis. We cannot afford to mess up this one, he thought.

Chapter 4

Rocky, Sahil Nehe and Tarun Sabnis were both interrogated thoroughly. They were forced to reveal that this was one of the many meetings between bookies, punters and cricketers covertly taking place all over the country for the purpose of spot-fixing, headed by a dominant kingpin known only as Xerxes. They were paying obscene amounts to cricketers for manipulating the matches, and then took advantage to exploit betting groups which didn't know about the fixing. Sahil and Tarun confessed to having accepted money and favours for the fixing. Betting was mostly done online via software like PPH, and masked routers were used to block I.P addresses.

"My informer says that these syndicates use linemen to stay connected globally", said Abhijeet to Daya, before rounding on their captives. "Spit out names if you know any."

"We only know that Xerxes uses a solitary lineman who handles everything single-handedly", said Rocky quietly. "His location is unknown. Our boss is unnaturally sophisticated and wants to leave no openings. He does not use public Internet or email. He doesn't encourage us to meet in ordinary places either. All money transfers are done via the Swiss bank with extreme secrecy."

"It indeed seems almost impossible to detect", remarked Daya. "Once the transaction is done, we cannot hope to obtain any evidence." He glowered at the three crooks. "You'd better make yourself more useful."

"I know that Rishabh Saxena, Sanjog Kanitkar and Joshua Singh are involved in spot-fixing!" blurted Sahil. "I'm sure that Ankur Jain and Udit Bhatt are also a part of it!"

"Very well", said Daya. "But your word is not proof enough for us to apprehend these high-profile men."

"And this Xerxes must've been alerted after we arrested these three", said Abhijeet. "He won't be foolish enough to conduct more any meetings in the open. We need to think of something else to capture them."


ACP Pradyuman walked into the unusually silent bureau. Everybody had been occupied with their work. They looked up as he entered, and rose from their seats at once.

"That was a reckless move", he reprimanded as Abhijeet and Daya approached him. "You received an anonymous phone call and went on without informing me? Goodness knows what you could've faced!"

"Sorry, sir", said Daya. "We tried to contact you, but'"

"What you're dealing with is more serious than you can think", interrupted the ACP. "The coach of the Indian cricket team, Hans Coulson, has been found dead in his hotel washroom this morning. His neck was brutally snapped. The news is being shielded from everybody for now, and we've carted the body off to Dr. Salunkhe. His mobile was clutched tightly in his fist, and look what we found in it."

He inserted a USB drive into the computer on his desk, where an audio file began to play at once.

"'where did you come from? How did the lights go off?" exclaimed a voice Daya recognized as Hans Coulson's. He had heard the coach on the TV previously.

"That's off-topic" answered a throaty voice in the distance, echoing around the washroom. "I have warned you multiple times not to interfere in our work, Coulson."

There was a pause. "So, you're that creep Xerxes! Don't have the balls to face me? You think I'll let you people pollute this noble game as long as I'm alive? I'll never, ever give in to you!" cried Coulson.

"So be it, Coulson", growled the throaty-voiced Xerxes. Coulson let out a scream which was abruptly muffled. Grunts, sounds of scuffle, and a crash. Coulson tried to yell again, but there was a vicious struggle and then came the unmistakable sound of bones snapping. A dull thud. "My arm'" hissed Xerxes in the background. Footsteps rose and faded soon, and silence fell again. The audio file ended.

The ACP glowered at the captured cricketers, who admitted that their coach had grown suspicious of them being involved in spot-fixing and had been keeping an eye on them. When his interference got too severe, Xerxes felt the need to contact and negotiate with him, but the move failed and Coulson was on an active lookout for the syndicate, necessitating his death.

"I think he was alert and switched on the recorder as soon as the lights went off", said Abhijeet.

"He must've been a great threat if Xerxes had to murder him in person", said Daya. "And this recording reveals that Xerxes' arm is injured. That could prove to be very useful."

"The final match is just two days away, and they'll certainly try to exploit it", said Fredericks darkly. He seemed to be taking the disgraceful racket as a personal insult.

The ACP said, "We cannot do anything unless we catch them red-handed. How can we do it?"

Standing next to Purvi, Shreya cleared her throat. Everybody looked at her inquisitively.

"Actually, sir" she began quietly, "I think I do know of a way to accomplish this."

The ACP looked at her grimly. "Go ahead, Shreya."

"I came to know from a' friend' that the BCCI has just announced a special function tomorrow at Villa Royale, the sports minister's residence, on the eve of the finals. Nearly all the Indian and Pakistani cricketers will be attending and meeting various noted personalities. The guest list is highly private and access is being granted by extremely rare invites only. I find this highly suspicious."

The ACP considered this. "A private function on the eve of the big match, just after the syndicate risks being exposed, is indeed fishy. This could be a golden opportunity for the cricketers and bookies to do their dealing in peace and seclusion, with nobody to catch them."

"But if the party is off-limits to everyone except invitees, how do we get in?" said Daya. "We cannot get a search warrant without sufficient evidence, and it will likely alert the syndicate."

"We could try securing an invitation somehow", said Abhijeet. "But that's nearly impossible, and I doubt that it'll enable us to get close enough to the cricketers or bookies to collect any crucial evidence."

Shreya spoke uncertainly. "I think there may be a way, sir. You see'" She paused.

"Go ahead, Shreya. What is it?" said the ACP.

Shreya hesitated, but went on to tell him what was on her mind. Everybody in the bureau was shocked.

"Are you insane, Shreya?" said Daya incredulously. "You two will go there as escorts??"

"You're not doing this", said Abhijeet firmly. "Shreya, these men are merciless and cunning. They've already murdered a very powerful man. I know we've done many undercover missions, but this is insane!"

Shreya and Purvi were silent. The ACP's expression was unfathomable, but when he finally spoke, his tone was determined. "This is a unique situation, and I know it demands a unique solution. I have faith in the two of you. But tell me honestly, do you believe you're up for this exceptionally perilous mission?"

Shreya nodded determinedly without hesitation. Purvi spoke, "We're ready to do it, sir. Not only for the honour of our game, but for Tanya."

The ACP looked at them for a long time before nodding his assent. "I want you to think deeply about whatever you do. None of us knows what you'll be facing ahead."

Chapter 5

The Saturday morning was shimmering with sunlight falling in fragments through the thin layer of clouds above. Chattering people slowly filled the outdoor caf as Purvi and Shreya settled down at one of the tables, waiting for their contact to arrive. The clock had barely struck 9:15 when a young woman in incredibly dense makeup arrived at their table and greeted Shreya, who introduced her to Purvi as Nancy.

"Exquisite", said Nancy with an overly broad smile, shaking Purvi's hand. "Now Shreya, darling, I think you remember me saying that I won't have much time?"

"I certainly do", said Shreya, stopping herself from rolling her eyes. Drama queens.

"For Purvi's benefit, here's a brief preamble", said Nancy. "I used to work at the same escort agency as your friend Tanya for about three years, and have come to know that this fixing racket has been using our ladies to lure in cricketers. I got to know about this function early because many of the cricketers have used the agency's services regularly. This time, three of them have been booked escorts for tonight."

"Is there any way we can get in?" asked Purvi.

"I've arranged for that", said Nancy. "An assistant there is my friend and has created artificial profiles for you two. To qualify as escorts", she added, as the girls looked confused. "He's given the two original ladies a leave and set you up with Sanjog, who apparently demanded this for his spot-fixing in yesterday's match. The agency is trusted, so you should have no problems in getting inside."

"Thanks", said Shreya, looking rather unconvinced. "So we're going with Sanjog Kanitkar, correct?"

"Only if you want to, of course", chuckled Nancy. "I tell you, dear, those two original gals must be blessing you. One little bas***d he is, Sanjog Kanitkar. I don't think you'll be having a pleasant time."

"We'll handle that", said Purvi grimly. "So, what's the procedure now?"

"Here are your fake IDs", said Nancy. "Learn that information by heart. You need to meet the manager of the agency for confirmation; keep your Shakespearean skills ready. From there, it's pretty straightforward. The privacy of this function is too secure, but I think there's no better way to get in than this."

"Many thanks, Nancy. And props for finally choosing a new career. I say that befits you", said Shreya. They thanked and bid her goodbye before contacting the ACP.


They arrived at the cramped office of the agency at 12:00 PM sharp, as instructed. The obese manager looked up at them queerly. Shreya moved forward and produced her ID.

"Vanessa", she introduced herself, smiling.

"Jenny", said Purvi, mirroring Shreya's actions and grinning even more broadly.

The man eyed them closely. "Funny, you two don't look experienced", he said suspiciously.

"We'd been told that our talents should be reserved for clients alone", said Shreya, raising an eyebrow.

The manager smirked. "You're quick, missy. Well, your IDs seem fine and it's not like our client knows who was originally coming. Remember our rules; we'll check back with Mr. Kanitkar to know how your services were. As for the rates, you'll have the standard Rs. 10,000 per hour for special clients. Savvy? "

Purvi and Shreya left after earnest assurances and fake smiles. You'll get what's coming to you, mister.

Chapter 6

The twelfth of May, 7:45 PM. Fifteen minutes left to go for the function.

Purvi put down her phone after talking to her seniors. Looking into the mirror, she reluctantly applied a tad of lip gloss and a streak of flowery perfume while distastefully eyeing her skimpy, strapless red dress. She felt thoroughly uncomfortable, but it had to be done. Carefully, she put on her earring, into which was inserted a minuscule, fly-sized camera. Over her shoulder, she saw Shreya in a similar lilac dress, smiling mischievously from the doorway.

"Better be aware. I bet Mr. Kanitkar will pop the question after one glance at you" she chuckled.

"Oh, drop it", said Purvi, though she smiled back. "At least you've got the better dress. Just look at mine!"

"At least it's just for the night", said Shreya placidly. "I've just received a call from the agency ' Kanitkar is arriving. Let's go wait for him. Don't forget to keep your guard up!"


They met Sanjog Kanitkar, the famous Indian leg-spinner, outside the enormous garden gates of Villa Royale where the function was being held. A curly-haired young man, he looked them up and down through his wire-frame glasses as though examining a delicious buffet.

"You two are from the agency, seriously? They don't get hotter than you!" he exclaimed.

"Thanks", said Shreya in a falsely honeyed tone, repressing the urge to break his jaw. "Myself Vanessa, and this is Jenny. We are most honoured to be with you, Mr. Kanitkar."

"The pleasure's mine. And just call me Sanjog, Vanny dear", replied Sanjog with a toothy smile and unconvincing bow. "Let's proceed, shall we? You're in for a hell of a time!"

He grabbed their hands in each of his and led the way through the magnificent gates. Men and women in lavish suits and gowns were streaming in from all ends. The guards shook Sanjog's hand enthusiastically and let all three of them through. Villa Royale loomed ahead of them ' a bungalow of epic proportions, shimmering with lights and various ornaments, splayed around with lush gardens, trees and fountains.

"Impressive, isn't it, Jenny? It's owned by Dr. Narasimha Reddy, our honourable sports minister. Close family friend of my dad", said Sanjog haughtily to Purvi. She gave him a quick smile before moving on.

As they neared the Villa, several people made a beeline to greet Sanjog. First was a host of media-persons, whose questions Sanjog answered with ill-concealed impatience. Then came several well-known cricketers including Avinash Gaikwad, Rishabh Saxena and Joshua Singh. There was a round of greeting and hugging, giving the two lady cops chance to observe the cricketers up close. They reached the mammoth bronze doors of the Villa, and the guards blocked out everyone except the invitees. They walked into the grand auditorium of the Villa. Guests were moving along each of the two indoor balconies under the magnificent chandeliers above. A piano tinkled serenely in the corner.

"Many would die to be in your place right now", said Sanjog pompously, eyeing his "escorts"' expressions. "Ah, here come our resident hosts ' Dr. Narasimha and Tapas Reddy! Come on!"

The sports minister greeted them politely. Tapas Reddy turned out to be a tall, vain youth in his late twenties wearing a brilliantly grey suit. Sanjog greeted him enthusiastically and introduced him to his "escorts", explaining that Tapas was co-hosting the party tonight. Purvi and Shreya shook hands with him.

"Nice to see a different side to you, Mr. Kanitkar", said Tapas, giving the girls an amused look.

"Don't we all have one, Reddy ji?" said Sanjog with an unpleasant wink.

"I'm sorry to hear about Sahil and Tarun. Drug addiction is sadly growing", said Dr. Narasimha.

"Indeed, sir", said Sanjog stiffly. "Come along now, girls!"

As the father and son moved on, Purvi observed Tapas tenderly nursing his left arm.

Chapter 7

"It's all going as planned", said Daya. "Their cameras are working. We can see and record everything in the surroundings."

ACP Pradyuman, Abhijeet, Daya and Fredericks were in the bureau's control room, observing the image feed from Purvi and Shreya's concealed cameras.

"We're on the right track", said the ACP. "If all goes as planned, we'll have these people in prison by the morning."

"I'm worried about Purvi and Shreya, sir", said Fredericks quietly. "They're right in the lion's jaws. And seriously, what an embarrassing situation to work in'"

"They're CID officers, Freddy. They can handle it", said the ACP firmly. "Entertaining a thought without succumbing to it is an essential part of every disguise. Their hearts are clean, and so will they be."


The introductions were like a blur to Purvi and Shreya; they did their best to focus on each of the people they were meeting. There was the captain of the Indian team, Jatin Ankola. Ankur Jain, the umpire. Nishant Irani, the irritable Villa manager. Khalid Asfoura, a tycoon from the UAE. Livian Francis, a "cool" upcoming actor. There were several well-known musicians, businessmen, politicians and commentators.

"And this is Mr. Bhaskar Mittal, chief of the BCCI and our co-host tonight", said an stressed but excited Sanjog, taking them up to a tall, willowy man with deep blue eyes and elegant silver hair, neatly dressed in a hoary Armani suit.

"Haven't you two considered better jobs? You certainly deserve much more", he said, smiling graciously at the girls. "Have a great time tonight; this is a rare opportunity."

They thanked him and proceeded to take seats in the hall as both the co-hosts ascended the rostrum to deliver their welcome speeches. Applause shattered the air and everybody got to their feet as the stage lit up and a song-and-dance performance began.


The man called Tigris leaned back against the wall, fingering his chin and eyeing Sanjog with distaste. We're here on a key assignment and this idiot is hanging out with a couple of hookers,he thought acidly. He couldn't bear to think what Xerxes would do if they bungled their job. Not only was their boss present at the function, but they didn't even know who he was.

As if on cue, his phone rang. Xerxes. He shuddered as he answered it.

"Having a bash, Tigris?" said the throaty voice. "Sorry for interrupting to know about the status of Catch."

"No' no, sir", whispered Tigris hastily, making sure he wasn't overheard. "Catch will begin in thirty minutes as planned. It's all going fine! We were just concerned about Yogi wasting time'"

"Don't whine about labour pains; I'm only interested in the baby", snapped Xerxes. "They know the goddamn rules. If they don't play, let me know. I have my eye on you all." And the line went deadly silent.


Out of the corner of her eye, Purvi watched Nishant Irani wiping sweat off his forehead. She had been observing his behaviour for five minutes now. She caught Shreya's eye and nodded meaningfully. Soon, the music faded and applause rose again. Mr. Bhaskar Mittal announced an enactment of Othello by a theatrical group. As all guests took their seats, Purvi saw Sanjog have a few words with his teammates before approaching her.

"Cool, wasn't it", he grinned. "This looks boring, though. Shall we go up to get refreshed, dears?"

There was a dirty look in his eye that made his intentions clear to the two ladies. It was time. Steeling themselves, they rose from the chairs and made their way across the auditorium and up a maze of stairs to the guest rooms. They saw Sanjog check his watch and mutter "twenty" absentmindedly. He led them across the glowing hallway to door no. 210 and stepped aside to let them into the lavishly prolific room.

"I hope you know I'm not partial", he grinned, closing the door. "You're both my favourite girls."

Shreya and Purvi did nothing except smile at him.

"To hell with the shyness! Make yourselves comfortable and let's get' closer to each other", he smirked.

"And what are we supposed to understand by 'closer'?" snapped Purvi suddenly.

Sanjog looked taken aback. "Why, Jenny, that's the reason why we're here! You and I' and Vanessa here, of course' in each other's arms, and then'"

He produced a crude expression that made both the ladies cringe exaggeratedly.

"I hope you do know, Mr. Kanitkar, that we are respectable, professional escorts", said Shreya angrily. "I believe what you are looking for are prostitutes!"

She put as much contempt as she could into the word. The cricketer was gaping at her with his mouth open. Shreya was uncertain, but this was necessary. They needed to earn some trust.

"Eh' of course not' I understand", he said in a voice of forced calm. "But I'm sure you won't mind a little' upgrade? How about 50 more for the night?" He clearly thought they wanted to bargain.

"Well' we have a deal, then", said Purvi with a forced smile, batting her eyelashes and taking his hand in hers. "Did I mention you look like a Greek God tonight?"

"I always do, sweetheart", grinned Sanjog, grabbing both of them and toppling onto the sofa. "Now'"

"I'm thirsty", interjected Shreya, snuggling up to him. "Nothing like a swig to crank up the heat, right, darling?"

"Right you are, Vanny!" remarked Sanjog, who seemed to find the idea highly appealing. He grabbed a bottle of wine from the shelf and poured each of them a generous measure. He toasted them with a perverted smile and drained his glass. Purvi and Shreya mirrored his actions, but only pretended to take a sip. Smiling seductively, Purvi poured him three more glasses. She remembered him checking his watch and muttering "twenty". Was the fixing about to begin in twenty minutes? Seven had already passed'

Sanjog drained his fourth glass of the strong wine and looked up with a bleary grin. He was intoxicated. At once, Shreya threw herself on top of him and slowly ran her hand through his thick, curly hair.

"My, this looks like a mighty expensive suit", she wondered loudly, fingering it with false admiration.

"Dormeuil *HIC* Royal Qivuik worth' *HIC* 50 crore rupees, Vanny", he grinned drunkenly. "Just' stick with me and I will make you *HIC* experience heaven'"

"Of course, honey", smiled Purvi. "But what if we get caught? That Raja and Bubba might spill everything to the police."

Sanjog looked up drunkenly. "You' *HIC*' know about him, Jen?"

"All of us know about him, darling", said Shreya firmly. He was too drunk to see through the lie.

"Well, yes! He's *HIC* a f***ing moron!" bawled Sanjog. "Got himself *HIC* caught! But don't you' *HIC* worry! This time, HE is' *HIC* handling it all. He is here, he has our *HIC* bank data and nobody can touch it! Just come along, and *HIC* play!"

"Very good", smiled Purvi. "Uhm' excuse me'bathroom."

She ran her hand along his suit one last time, and quietly attached a minuscule camera onto his bowtie, along with a small microphone under the collar. Leaving the drunken Sanjog daydreaming on the bed, Purvi and Shreya exited the room. Time was up. As soon as they rounded the corner, Joshua Singh walked up to the door and started pounding it. "Yogi, where the hell are you? Catch is about to begin!"

"Never again. That was the worst experience of my life", breathed Shreya. "All done, Purvi?"

"Perfectly", replied Purvi, twirling her earring camera, looking revolted but determined. "Everything is transmitted over to the bureau. They're calling this meeting 'Catch'. Xerxes himself is here and has their bank data. I think we should get ready to rain hell on Mr. Tapas Reddy."

"Tapas Reddy?" repeated Shreya curiously. "You think he's Xerxes?

"Who else can it be?" said Purvi darkly. "It's his father's Villa, his people, his plan. Nobody can raid the sports minister's residence so easily; it's perfectly secure. I saw him nursing his left arm. Remember, Xerxes' arm is injured! I think Tapas is running a very neat deal under the table behind his father's back."


Xerxes excused himself and began to proceed for the meeting coded "Catch". He had to do his part quickly and return to the party, or his absence would be noticed. As he walked towards one of the many stairs, he saw the two girls he'd seen with Sanjog heading towards the auditorium. He flashed a falsely warm smile at them, which they returned apprehensively. He smelt a whiff of fine perfume as they walked past him, and turned back to glance at them. Stale hookers, he thought scathingly. But he observed their powerful body language, and surprisingly never recalled seeing it in an escort before. Intriguing.

Chapter 8

"Excellent work, you two", said Abhijeet, watching the images now being displayed on their computer screen. He adjusted the speakers' volume. "I see Joshua Singh helping Kanitkar out of the room. He's not pleased that he got drunk right before their meeting. I'm sure he'll lead us right to the meeting room."

"Purvi reckons that Tapas Reddy is their boss Xerxes", said Daya. "Sounds incredible."

"Yes, but it makes sense, Daya", said the ACP. "We'll find out soon enough, anyway."

The fumbling camera now showed first-person images of Sanjog stumbling upstairs, towards a door marked "501" and entering a small room with a handful of circularly arranged tables and chairs. Dark shadows fell like serpents across the sparse yellowish light. They saw more men gathering around.

"Look at them, sir. All well-known people", said Abhijeet darkly. There was Nishant Irani as expected. Rishabh Saxena, prominent batsman in the Indian team. Aziz Khan, bowler from the Pakistani team. Livian Francis, debutant actor. Ankur Jain, umpire. Udit Bhatt, a rich businessman. "And there's Khalid Asfoura, the dealer from Dubai! There are more of them, but not everyone is visible from this angle."

The men sat in near silence, talking in almost inaudible whispers. Within a minute, there came the sound of a door opening to Sanjog's left. The cops watched Joshua Singh, Livian Francis and Wasim Ahmed spring to their feet, folding their hands and looking both excited and surprised.

"Though we're in complete privacy, as per our etiquette, I request you gentlemen to continue using our chosen names", said a throaty voice.

Everyone nodded. Sanjog was apparently still drunk, for he sat still facing straight ahead. There were muffled footsteps, and a tall man in a grey suit entered and sat on the chair a few feet away from Sanjog, tenderly resting his left arm on the cushion. His face was in shadow and completely unidentifiable.

Waving aside Sanjog's half-drunk apology, Xerxes spoke."We normally conduct our deals at various five-star venues, but you all know why our Villa was chosen. The Bubba-Raja incident is no coincidence, and I'm sure the CID is on our trail. Fortunately, they cannot do anything without actual evidence, and there's no safer place than here. Thanks to Gumbo for helping me arrange this function, solely for our safety."

Abhijeet, Daya and the ACP looked at each other. The fixing began at once; Khalid Asfoura explained how bookies were all betting on the Indian team's victory following their apparently miraculous wins in three consecutive matches, and therefore the syndicate would benefit by having India lose. Rishabh Saxena obtained ten crores for going out on a duck, while Joshua Singh was offered fifteen for allowing someone called "Goatee" to LBW him. Aziz Khan accepted ten for every over he bowled. Sanjog was instructed to sweep back his hair as a signal for one "Lakha" to hit four sixes in an over. Ankur Jain received twenty for agreeing to declare three false run-outs.

"Very well", said Xerxes with satisfaction in his voice. "Tigris will shortly be here with the others for formalities. Push every fear from your mind, gentlemen. Your valuable data resides with me, and I'll now proceed to transact your advance payment. After tomorrow, we will be among this world's richest men."

He got to his feet with a few others. The camera shuddered as Sanjog stood up shakily, and suddenly stumbled forward onto one of the tables. The image flashed with static and vanished.

"Damn it", cursed the ACP. "Looks like he accidentally damaged the camera. Why couldn't this Xerxes move forward so that we could see his face? Nevertheless, we've got much evidence now. We need the bank data that he mentioned. Update Purvi and Shreya at once!"


Xerxes watched Joshua Singh struggle with the half-drunk Sanjog, making a mental note to never let the leg-spinner near an inch of alcohol again. Singh roughly threw off Sanjog, who stumbled right onto Xerxes. A bolt of pain shot up his injured arm. As he angrily pushed Sanjog aside, Xerxes' hand slipped onto the cricketer's bow-tie and felt a slight bulge. Surprised, he pulled it back and saw a small black object dangling from it. He saw that it was a miniature camera, complete with microphone. Rage flooded his brain; had Sanjog betrayed them? But why would Sanjog shoot himself in the foot? Slowly, he again examined the camera. Even from a distance, he could tell that it smelt of lady's perfume.


The Othello play was in full swing at the crowded auditorium, complete with flashy lighting and loud chamber orchestra. Purvi and Shreya had received updates from Abhijeet. They were still feeling sickened by the twenty minutes they had spent in Sanjog's room, but tried to push it from their minds.

"Do you not like the play?" asked Mr. Bhaskar Mittal good-naturedly as he passed, arms behind his back.

Purvi and Shreya shook their heads distractedly, their eyes fixed on Nishant Irani leading three more cricketers out of the hall. Purvi adjusted her earring camera to capture them. Suddenly, Khalid Asfoura and Joshua Singh descended from the stairs, looking grave. The girls crept behind a pillar to eavesdrop.

"Change of plans, Tigris", Shreya overheard Wasim whisper to Nishant. "Xerxes says that Catch is concluded, and transactions are in order. Formalities will be done later."

Shreya looked at Purvi with a terrified expression. "Xerxes concluded the meeting? Right after Sanjog accidentally broke the camera? Could he possibly have found out about us?"

"I don't see how", said Purvi quietly. "But this does look suspicious. Wait' look! There's Tapas coming!"

Tapas Reddy came shuffling down one of the staircases, looking harried. "Tigris, over here", he whispered. "You got the message, right? Transaction is in order. Make sure Basement 2 is off-limits; they'll certainly try to get there. Start looking for them."

Purvi and Shreya felt their hearts hammering with fear. They had been discovered. Making sure no one was watching, they slipped out from behind the pillar and tiptoed into a dark storeroom under the stairs.

"What do we do now?" whispered Purvi. "We need to get that data before they transact and delete it. And it looks like our disguise is blown now!"

"I don't understand", said Shreya. She was confused: how had Xerxes discovered their identities so fast? It didn't matter: there was work to be done. "At least we know the data is in Basement 2. The problem is getting there' but I have an idea."

"What idea?" asked Purvi.

Shreya remained silent. Disguising themselves as escorts suddenly felt like a small thing in comparison.

Chapter 9

Shreya took only a minute to inform their seniors about the plan before proceeding. Their words of alarm and caution didn't do much to deter her from what she felt was a reckless but essential move. They sneaked out and moved unnoticed to a corner before turning to each other.

"I really hope this works", said Purvi uncertainly.

"It will. Stay close, and stay strong", whispered Shreya boldly. She turned and crept towards the fire alarm placed at the corner. She removed the axe held over the alarm box and raised it high, breathing deeply. "One' two' THREE!" She crashed the axe onto the box with great force.

A continuous high-pitched ring echoed all around the hall. There was utter pandemonium; everyone ran around screaming and looking for imaginary flames. "NOW!" screamed Shreya. The basement elevator beeped to life under the stairs. Purvi ran for it, but Shreya was separated from her by a wave of panicked guests. As she struggled to catch up, she glimpsed a man in a grey suit darting in the opposite direction, holding his left arm gingerly. XERXES! But why was he running away from his precious data room?

She fought her way through the commotion and followed the man. Finally, she saw him stop in one of the deserted, dark hallways and gingerly push aside a shelf along the wall. She peeked around the corner, and saw to her surprise that he was gone. In a minute or two, footsteps rose again and he walked out of the hallway. Shreya waited until he was past, and then proceeded to rush towards the shelf.


Purvi rushed towards the elevator, hurled herself in and closed the door. She was pretty confident that nobody had seen her. She pressed the switch down to Basement 2 and waited. The elevator hummed and finally opened into what looked like a dark and dusty cavern. She proceeded slowly, drawing her gun.


The alarm was still ringing, and the hallway was deserted. Shreya carefully pushed aside the shelf and saw a thin door behind it. She entered and made her way across a serpentine passage into a small, dark room filled with computers, modems and a large server. A balding man sat in front of the console, typing away. Shreya crept up from behind, clapped a hand on his mouth and thrust her gun onto his head.

"You're Xerxes' lineman, aren't you? You've also been doing transactions to the Swiss bank accounts", she said menacingly. "If you want to live, tell me how to install this bug into the computer. NOW!!"

The trembling lineman did as told, Shreya's gun pressed hard on his skull.


In the bureau, Abhijeet concentrated on the screen and suddenly exclaimed with joy. "Sir, the firewall is down! The router's unblocked and we have full access to the syndicate's server now!"


"I want a backup copy of all the transactions you've done for these people so far. And I'll blow your brains to a mist if you try to scream", snapped Shreya.

The lineman copied everything she requested onto a USB drive and handed it over. Shreya knocked him unconscious with the butt of her pistol and proceeded to sneak back out, contented but mystified. If this was the gang's control room, what was there in Basement 2? The alarm had stopped; Tapas Reddy was trying to restore calm and reassure the panicked guests. "It was just a false alarm!" he called out at large.

"Aren't ya pleased, Gumbo?" whistled Sanjog near him.

"Shhh! Just call me Tapas here", hissed the other. "And yes, it's bad enough being burned once!"

Shreya paused. Gumbo?That was Tapas' nickname in the gang? She watched as the sleeve of his arm fell back, revealing a black burn. She remembered that Xerxes' arm was supposedly bruised, not burned. Who was Xerxes, then? She pictured the man she had followed to the control room, recalling the grey suit, injured arm, the silvery hair' the hair!! With a jolt of understanding, she realized it all. Oh, no!


Purvi walked carefully across the dark room, which was littered with cobwebs and dusty cartons. For a secret control room, it looked remarkably nondescript. She found the lack of security measures ominous. As she edged along, gun raised, she finally saw an apparently blank sheet of paper lying upon a high desk. Curiously, she turned it over and read the simple message consisting of two words.


Purvi felt a sudden chill, and felt someone moving in the dark behind her. She spun instinctively, but it was too late. A crackling blow fell down upon her neck and sent white-hot pain across every inch of her.

"Looking for Xerxes, dear?" whispered the throaty voice over her.

Lights flashed in front of her eyes as Purvi looked up and saw who her attacker was. Before her mind could process anything, she lost consciousness.


As Xerxes stood over his victim, Sanjog Kanitkar scrambled down the stairs up to him.

"Ha!" he exclaimed, looking at Purvi. "I knew something was wrong with these two!"

"Like hell you did, you idiot", snapped Xerxes, holding up a small black object. "Look at what I found on her: a CID badge. There was a camera in her earring. You led a goddamned CID officer into our midst!"

Before the stunned Sanjog could answer, a breathless Nishant stumbled into the room. "Sir' we found Jacky unconscious in the control room. He says the other girl forced him to plant a bug on our server and took a copy of the contents with her! Apparently she was the one who set off the alarm."

Xerxes let out an inarticulate snarl of rage. "She cannot escape. Find and terminate her. Destroy the copy and make sure to eliminate all evidence." He stared down at Purvi. "Meanwhile' I'll attend to our guest."

Chapter 10

"What are you saying, Shreya?" exclaimed the ACP in shock.

"We made a terrible mistake, sir", cried Shreya's voice over the phone. "It was a trap! I don't know where Purvi is, or what he's done to her!"

"We're coming over there at once", said Daya forcefully. "Whether we catch them or not, your safety is the priority. Shreya, keep your head down and get out of there at once. Wait for us!"

"I swear I'll rip apart those creatures if they harm Purvi or Shreya", snarled Abhijeet.

"They can't", said the ACP firmly, springing to his feet. "Summon Sachin and the others. Let's go!"


Shreya moved across the auditorium, her heart thundering with terror. How could she miss such an obvious clue? Where was Purvi? Had she escaped? She needed to find her and leave immediately. But before she could think further, she saw three men ' Sanjog, Nishant and Rishabh stalking her like wolves. Guns glinted behind their belts. She knew they wouldn't dare to attack her in a crowded auditorium, but it was only a matter of time. She hastily took a detour and moved towards the entrance.


The world slowly came back to focus. Purvi opened her eyes, her head pounding painfully and body aching all over. She realized that she was in a foully over-decorated room lit only by an eerie red light, filled with ornaments and vases. She tried to move, only to discover that her limbs had been tied to the corners of a large bed upon which she now lay. She struggled hard, to no avail.

"You're hurt enough, Purvi", said a throaty voice from the shadows. "I advise you to relax."

Purvi felt a surge of loathing as she saw the man's shadow moving near the door. "Afraid to show your filthy face, Tapas?" she cried. "Can't fight like a man, so you attacked from behind?"

"Tapas?" repeated Xerxes with an odd laugh. "I can see why you think so. I'm sorry, but you're wrong."

He moved forward, a powerfully built body in a grey suit, and light illuminated his features. Purvi found herself looking up at the once smiling face of Mr. Bhaskar Mittal, head of the BCCI, his expression now akin to that of a starving beast.

"I smelled your perfume on the camera you planted on Sanjog's bow", he whispered, and his voice didn't sound throaty anymore. "I knew he had gotten drunk in your presence. I ordered Nishant to stage that conversation about Basement 2. I wanted you to overhear it and walk into my waiting arms, away from the crowd, beyond help. You're clever, but I am cleverer. Bravery without experience is suicide." He paused, ruffling his matted silver hair. "Sometimes we enter into unfortunate conflicts which could be avoided. But now, you've seen the glory and power of my fraternity. Why don't you consider joining'"

"I'll join you when hell freezes over", said Purvi with as much defiance as she could muster.

"Very well, then", said Mittal with a sadistic smile. "You're an enemy, and mine are granted nothing but death. But it's such a waste to have you die without reaping your' treasures'"

He now loomed over her and stared down at her body with a demonic glint in his eye. Purvi shuddered with horror and revulsion as she realized that the monster was picturing the hideous deed he was about to commit. She fruitlessly struggled as hard as she could against the ropes. Mittal removed his shirt and threw it aside; Purvi saw the blackish bruise on his left arm. "You were so eager to step into an escort's shoes. Now, I'll let you experience it for real'" he growled. And he attacked.


Breathing hard, Shreya took a detour to the entrance with the three men hot in pursuit. Sanjog shouted, "She's an assassin! Shoot her down!" Before Shreya could protest, the guard at the door aimed his gun at her. Shreya ducked behind a marble statue just as a bullet whizzed past her. Adrenalized, she sprinted across the room, taking cover behind pillars as the men opened fire. She leapt out of an open window and crouched behind a fountain. People inside probably mistook the gunfire for fireworks. She drew her gun and returned fire as the pursuers started approaching. A bullet grazed her shoulder and she felt blood trickle down her arm. Her gut clenched in terror as she thought of Purvi.


Purvi fought back with all her strength, but it wasn't enough. Mittal's face was an inch from hers. One powerful hand held her down while the other obscenely fingered the bare skin of her arm. His hot, greedy breath was nauseating in her nostrils. She pushed with all her might, but the ropes held on.

"You're nothing but a tool of pleasure", he hissed in her ear. "It's time you learned your rightful place."

Suddenly, Purvi realized that the ropes were not tied very securely over her wrists. Gathering all courage, despite the vicious beast savaging her, she concentrated on slowly, patiently, slipping them through the knots. Her hands were free after ten nightmarish seconds. She landed a dim-mak strike on Mittal's groin and smashed a bedside vase on his head. He stumbled off her, grunting in pain, and Purvi tore herself from the bed. She dashed over to the door, but it was firmly locked. Nobody could hear her over the loud music in the auditorium. Mittal turned to face her, bleeding, and Purvi saw murder in his evil eyes.


It was a losing battle. Shreya found herself outnumbered and outgunned. Her injured shoulder was throbbing. Her attackers were slowly closing in upon her, and she was running out of ammunition. Sanjog was now only a few yards from her. Just as she braced for imminent death, more gunshots rang out from the far end. With a leap of joy, she saw Daya and Abhijeet enter the scene with guns blazing. ACP Pradyuman, Sachin, Rajat and Fredericks appeared behind them as well. The guards were mowed down with bullets. Rishabh and Nishant fell screaming as the guns were shot out of their hands.

Daya snuck behind Sanjog and seized him. "Come here, you perverted creep", he snarled, bodily lifting the yelling leg-spinner into the air and whirling him around like pizza dough.

"Shreya, are you alright?" asked the ACP, approaching her.

"I'm fine, sir", replied Shreya, though her voice was shaking. "I have the data. Sir' Purvi' it's Bhaskar Mittal, he is Xerxes! He must've gotten to her!"

All of them turned grave at once. Daya held Sanjog at shoulder level. "Where is she? ANSWER ME!!"


Purvi knew she was fighting for her life. She blocked Mittal's attacks and landed a flying kick straight to his jaw, knocking out two teeth. He completely lost control and made a deadly lunge for her throat. Purvi deflected his momentum and sent him steering into a bookshelf. She sprinted for the window, but before she could open it, Mittal charged at her like a maddened rhino. She dodged and he crashed through the window onto the balcony. Before he could strike again, Purvi threw her entire weight upon his backside. Bhaskar Mittal was knocked over the marble railing and landed 30 feet below with a sickening thud.

Chapter 11

The CID team tore past surprised guests and rushed upstairs to Bhaskar Mittal's room. Daya smashed open the door and they hurried inside to find Purvi standing near the balcony, staring down below as though in a trance. She looked at them, and colour and relief blossomed in her expression.

"Purvi! Thank goodness you're alright", said the ACP, rushing to her side.

"Where's that jackal, Bhaskar?" asked Abhijeet furiously.

Wordlessly, Purvi pointed over the railing where Mittal was lying spread-eagled on the ground far below. "I only just managed to stop him, sir. He tried to' to kill me." She quietly picked up a stack of files and held it out to ACP sir. "Sir, these are the records of all international betting syndicates and bookies that Mittal and his men were in contact with, and exploited after the fixing. I just found it before you arrived."

The ACP took the files, but continued to look at Purvi with concern. He realized what had nearly happened, and knew that she was deeply shaken. Slowly, Shreya walked forward and hugged her.


"What is going on here?" exclaimed Narasimha Reddy as the CID team walked into the auditorium. Everybody was looking at them with curious expressions.

"You should ask that to your son, Dr. Reddy", said the ACP, glowering at Tapas. "Ask him why he's got a secret control room with masked routers providing contact and transactions between bookies and cricketers. Ask him why there was a spot-fixing meet at your Villa tonight. Ask *them* as well."

He pointed out all the people they had seen spot-fixing in the camera feed.

"What proof do you have against us?" barked Ankur Jain. All others cried in support of him.

"You'll have it in the CID bureau", smiled the ACP as a wave of policemen turned up to arrest them.


After being subjected to a lavish buffet of pain by Daya sir, the criminals confessed. Tapas admitted that he joined Bhaskar Mittal's racket and secretly turned Villa Royale into a control base for the syndicate, behind his father's back. Small meetings were usually held in 5-star hotels, and Bhaskar preferred to keep his identity a secret. "Catch" was the codename for meetings personally conducted by him in emergencies, and the party had been solely arranged to provide a safe cover for the same. Bhaskar murdered the coach Coulson when he discovered their dirty secret and decided to expose it.

With the help of all the data recovered, the police networks around India began coming down hard on betting groups. Many were caught all over South Asia. The ICC took strict action against all the cricketers who had been found to be involved in the fixing. The escort agency was raided and shut down. The WMV tournament was cancelled and the honest members of all teams made peace with each other, vowing to keep their noble game clean. The news was laden with nothing but articles about the disgraceful fixing racket and its downfall.

Surprisingly, Bhaskar Mittal survived. However, he suffered severe cervical spinal injury from the fall and was afflicted with complete tetraplagia. He was permanently paralyzed for the rest of his life. Purvi watched the crippled man being taken away, and felt no pity. Though she said nothing to her teammates, it was a mark of their bonding that they understood. Shreya laid a hand on her shoulder.

"We did it", she said with a soft smile.

ACP Pradyuman walked up to them. "Tanya has been sent to rehab to get over her drug addiction, Purvi. She's particularly thanked you two, promised to get over her bad habits and lead a decent life."

The two lady cops nodded appreciatively.

The ACP paused before continuing. "I had warned the two of you how dangerous this mission would be. But you still chose to go of your own accord."

Purvi and Shreya looked down, thinking they were being reproved, but there was also pride and respect in the ACP's eyes. "You braved the odds and achieved what we alone could not have done. You stayed true to our cause throughout the ordeal. You single-handedly fought and defeated a deadly foe", he said.

"You are an overwhelming answer to perverted animals like Bhaskar Mittal who think that women are weak and helpless", said Daya.

"The CID is proud and honoured to have you among us", smiled Abhijeet.

They smiled warmly at them, and the ACP gently brushed away the tear glistening on Purvi's cheek.

"Don't let that make you overconfident, though! There's always room for improvement", he said sharply.

"And I cannot wait for the start of the next tournament", said Fredericks. Everyone laughed.

Purvi and Shreya gratefully acknowledged what their seniors said. It were people like them, they thought as they got back to work, that helped them retain faith in humanity and fight for the greater good in otherwise troubled times. And they would defend it to the end.


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A girl, hurt, is running on road. After some distance falls on the road. A car approaches her. Two person come out of the car and help her to get in car and take away. Poorvi Sachin Freddy who are coming from other side stops the car and see all this.
Sachin: lagta hai kissi ka accident hua hai. Dekhte hai
They follow the car and catch the other car midway.
Freddy: gadi roko.
1st Person: kya baat hai beech raste mein gadi kyun rukwayi hamari
Sachin: kissi ghayal ko sadak se leke aye ho abhi?
2nd Person: nahi to sir ap ko koi galat fahmi hui hai
Sachin: humne apni ankhon se dekha hai. Bahar niklo sab ke sab hum CID se hai aur humme talashi leni hai
3 person come out of the car. No one is injured. CID tem is surprised. They don't find any hurt person inside the car. So to calm down their curiosity Poorvi and Sachin start looking inside the car and Sachin verifying the documents and talking to 3 people.
Poorvi(to herself): yeh kya hai. (she turns ID card) Kissi ladki ka lagta hai (and is shocked and panicked to see it. She hides it).
Sachin: kuch mila.
Freddy: nahi sir
Poorvi: nahi.. nahi sir kuch nahi mila.
CID team is perplexed by whole event. They have no choice but to leave also. Poorvi before leaving take specific note of car number. Although Sachin has made note of it already.
Next Day (Bureau)
Sachin and Freddy discussing something. Abhijeet enter with ACP. They see Sachin and Freddy little concerned.
ACP: kya hua Sachin, Freddy aisa kya dicuss kar rahe ho. (ACP's voice fell on deaf ears).
Abhijeet (approached both of them): Good Morning.
Sachin: yes sir
Abhijeet: kya discuss ka rahe ho
They narrate last night incident to them.
ACP: aise kaise koi gayal insan gayab hogya. Tumne theek se dekha to tha
Freddy: Yes sir
Meantime Poorvi also enter she is also lost in her world. Behind her Daya enter he wished her and walk past her. ACP/Abhijeet see Poorvi didn't respond and is in deep thoughts.
Abhijeet: Poorvi ko kya hua.
Daya shakes his head. ACP sir moves towards his cabin and call Poorvi inside.
ACP: Shreya kahan hai.
Poorvi: yes sir.
ACP: yes sir nahin. maine poocha Shreya kahan hai.
Poorvi: sir mujhe nahi (She is getting flashbacks of last night).
ACP: kya.. kya baat.. Shreya
Shreya arrives in bureau and talking to CID members outside. ACP sir moves towards that direction. Poorvi is little relieved to see her. She also follows ACP Sir.
CID bureau phone rings and CID team leaves from there to solve some murder case.
In Evening
Shreya: Poorvi kya baat hai.
Poorvi: nahi vo Rekha.
Shreya: malum chla kal raat kya hua. Main bhi vahin thi. Smajh nahi aya Rekha gayi kahan. Gadi ka peecha kiya maine lekin kuch hath nahi lga.
From behind
ACP: kya kya hath nahi lga.
Poorvi: vo sir.. vohi ki koi sabhut hath nahi lga
ACP: tum dono ko sirf nazar rakhne ko kha tha. Sirf nazar rakhni hai un par. Bina meri ijazat ke koi action nahi lega. Aur kissi ko khabar nahi honi chahiye is bare mein.
Shreya: yes sir (Both girls look at each other little tensed).
ACP sir leaves.
Shreya: humme Rekha ko bachana hoga. Kya humme ACP sir ko bta dena chahiye.
Poorvi : Sir hamari baat nahi smajhne wale.
Next Day evening In car (talking about case which they received yesterday)
Abhijeet: ek bar bas ek bar chota sa bhi sabhut hath lag jaye qatil to pakdna mushkil nahi hai.
Daya: Salunke sir hain na. Sabhut dene ke liye. Bas forensic report ate hi qatil pakda jayega.
Abhijeet: Daya gaadi roko.
(he applies break) Daya: kya hua
Abhijeet : Poorvi-Shreya.
Daya: solve hone wala hai ACP sir ne chute de di hogi.
Abhijeet: tumhe kya lagta hai maine isliyegadi rukwai hai.
Daya: to
Abhijeet: theek hai mujhe bolna nahi chahiye lekin kuch gadbad hai.
Daya: gadbad
In meantime Shreya/Poorvi sit in car
Abhijeet: Daya car ko follow karo.
Daya: kya apne hi officers ki jasoosi. Kya hogya hai Abhijeet. Main aisi hi follow nahi Karne wala
Abhijeet: Follow kar rah hai ki main taxi leke follow karne jaon.
Daya starts of car but is angry with Abhijeet
Abhijeet: dekh Daya kuch gadbad hai
Daya: aisa kya dekh liya tumne
Abhijeet: tune un dono ke kapde dekhe
Daya applies break immediately.
Daya: kya bas isliye
Abhijeet: ek minute pehle meri poori baat to kahatm hone de. Abhi gadi chla warna hum unhe trace nahi kar payenge
Daya starts car but is surprised in Abhijeet's behaviour.
They take turn towards quite ***** area (censored).
Daya: yeh kya. Is area mein.… ye dono
Abhijeet: maine kaha na kuch gadbad hai.
They park the car and observe them from far away.
Daya: shayad tum sahi keh rahe the Abhijeet. Lagta nahi yeh dono pehli baar yahan ayi hai
Abhijeet: kahin koi secret mission hai kya.
Daya: malum nahi. ACP sir ne kuch btaya bhi nahi. (He thinks something) ek minute.
He calls someone. Duo are standing and waiting for someone and after sometime one person arrive.
Daya: mujhe malum hai tumhe is area ke bare mein sab kuch malum hai. Bas jo poocha hai sach sach bta.
Khabri: saab Shaq to mujhe in dono pe usi din hogya tha. Fir maine pta lgaya to malum chla ki yeh dono CID officer hai. Mujhe lga ap logon ne koi jal failaya hai yahan is liye main is lafde mein pda hi nahi.
Abhijeet: aisi kya baat hai jo humme malum nahi
Khabri: saab marna nahi lekin
Daya: lekin kya.
Abhijeet: lagta hai isse kuch malum hai Daya
Khabri: saab baaki jurm kam ho rahein hai jo saate bazon ke peeche lag gayi CID.
Abhijeet: kya. Saate ke case.
Khabri: kahabr niklwayi maine ki CID ko yahan kya kam to malum chla ki CID ki nazar Babu pe hai aur kafi paisa saate mein lga rakha hai. CID ko is baat ka shaq hai. Bas wahi sabut lene ke liye yeh CID officers
Daya: theek hai. Tumhara kam khatam jao ab.
Walking back to cars
Daya: escort ban ke 2 CID officers …
Abhijeet: itna khatre ka kam aur ACP sir ne humme btaya bhi nahi.
Daya: sirf saate ka case nahi lagta
Abhijeet: chakar kuch aur hi hai.
After sometime. In standing car
Daya: humme ACP sir se baat karni chahiye
Abhijeet: aaj tak aisa hua to nahi ki ACP sir ne bina humme btaye kisi ko koi secret kam ke liye bhej diya ho. Dekhte hai kal bureau chal ke.
They wait there until both female officers have not left the place.
Next Day Bureau
Duo discussing about last night events ACP sir enter. Duo see each other after sometime.
Abhijeet : Sir humme… Humme apse kuch baat karni thi
ACP: han bolo (busy with file). Kya hua.
Daya: Sir humme actually apse kuch poochna tha
Before ACP sir could say anything
Abhijeet: sir apne Poorvi aur Shreya ko kissi undercover mission ke liye bheja hai.
ACP sir shocked. He leave file on table and approach duo.
ACP: secret mission. Maine unhe Raghu pe nazar rakhne ko bola hai bas. Theek hai maine tum logon ko btaya nahi lekin itna bhi secret nahi hai yeh. Baat yeh hai ki higher authorities ko shaq hai Raghu pe. Crore'on ka her fer ho rha hai. Usko pichle hafte underword don "Raka" ke saath bhi dekha gya tha. Bas isliye Poorvi-Shreya ko nazar rakhne ko bola hai.
Abhijeet: itna khatre kakam hai aur humme malum bhi nahi.
ACP: Abhijeet CID officers ka kam khatre ka hi hota hai.
ACP Sir gets call. Poorvi and Shreya enter the bureau casually. Duo see them. Before anyone could say anything ACP sir ask girls to meet him in his cabin. Duo are surprised.
Abhijeet: CID koi aisa case solve kar rahi hai iske bare mein humme koi khabar nahi.
Duo leave to Forensic to get report about murder case.
ACP: koi khabar mili
Poorvi: yes sir Raghu jiske zariye yeh sara achakar chla rha hai uska naam Guniya hai. Aur humme yeh malum chla usne kuch 10 crore ka chakar chla rakha hai.
ACP: very good
Shreya: aur yeh rahi saari Details. Ismein sari calls details, hotel details sab hai. Uske ek-ek minute ki detail hai.
ACP : ab dekhta hoon usko aur uske baap ko koi kaise bachata hai. Bas ek bar yeh haath ajaye fir bahut machliyan fasengi. Good job.
He see both of them little tensed. He ask both of them to take leave for 2 days as they were on mission. He is thinking something when something strikes him. He see that duo are not there in office. He calls them
ACP: is waqt kahan ho. jald se jald bureau pahuncho mujhe tum logon se kuch baat karni hai.
After sometime
Daya: Sir apne humme bulaya
ACP (He see them that both are little upset ): mujhe yeh btao tum logon ko kaise malum Shreya-Poorvi ko maine koi secret case diya hai.
Abhijeet: kuch nahi sir kal humne dono ko dekha tha. Hume shaq hua. Bas isliye malum hai.
ACP: dekha. aur shaq hogya?
Daya: ab sir kissi ko bhi shaq hojaye agar ap ******(censored) jagah pe dekho
ACP : kya. (he stood from his chair). Kya bol rahe ho tum
Abhijeet: sir jo dekha vohi bta rahein hai. Ab aap case ke liye undono ko bhej rahe ho aur vo bhi itni khatrnak jagah pe. Hairan to hum bhi bahut hue. Kam se kam hum mein se se kissi ko btana chahiye tha apko. Itna bhi kya secret.
ACP: maine Shreya-Poorvi ko sirf nazar rakhne keliye bola tha. Yeh sab… maine nahi kuch kaha.
Daya: ap ne nahi kha.
Abhijeet: ho skata hai information lene ke liye unhein roop badal ke jana pda ho whan.
ACP: lekin information to unhein kal subh hi mil gayi thi. Phone aya tha mujhe. Bas main busy tha isliye unhein mil nahi paya….. Kal raat ko vo dono whan kya karne gayi thi.
He calls Shreya she doesn't pick the call. Then he call Poorvi she also doesn't pick the call.
ACP: koi bhi phone nahi utha raha
Daya: sir mujhe lagta hai humein chalke dekhna chahiye.
They are in car when Poorvi call ACP Sir.
Poorvi: sir apne call ki thi.
ACP: han vo bas yahi jana tha ki Raghu jis hotel mein dehra tha whan kissi aur pe shaq to nahi hua.
Poorvi: nahi sir. Bas Raghu wahan guniya se hi mila tha aur to koi nahi tha.
(from background voices ACP can sense that she is outside)
ACP: bas yahi poochna tha. Koi aur baat malum chale jo is case ke liye important ho to inform kar dena
Poorvi: yes sir
He cuts the call
ACP: kuch bahut badi gadbad hai. Abhijeet, Poorvi aur Shreya dono ka phone track karo.
They track their phones to same very (***************) place
They reach the place. They are outside in standing car.
Daya: sir humme andar chalke dekhna chahiye
ACP: aise nahi unki jan ko khatra ho sakta hai. Andar agar kissi ko bhi bhanak lag gayi ki vo CID
officers hai to bahut gadbad ho sakti hai.
Abhijeet: sir hum andar bhes badal ke jate hai aur apko khabar karte hai.
They park car little away from that place. After sometime Duo arrive on bike. Park it and enter. They are sitting when one lady arrives.
Some lady: lagta hai naye aye ho. Is jagah pe.
Abhijeet: hum to is shahar mein hi naye aye hai. Warna aisi jagh mein to hum..
Daya (interrupts): bas 3-4 bar ayein hai. Kyun..
Abhijeet/That lady : kya
Abhijeet take Daya aside.
Abhijeet: aise humme Poorvi aur Shreya ke bare mein kuch malum nahi chalega humme yahan se kissi ki to madad leni padegi.
Daya: lekin… kya din agaye.. theek hai chalo.
Daya: dekhiye madam.. Abhijeet: item.
Daya: han vohi
Lady is confused by their behaviour. She is about to leave when Abhijeet stands.
Abhijeet: dekhiye hum is jagah mera matlab shahar mein naye hai to apki matad chahiye.
Lady: matad.
Abhijeet: baat yeh hai ki shyam rangeen tab tak nahi hoti jab tak jue se shuruat na ho. Paisa bahut hai hamare pass bas smajh nahi arha kis party ke saath khelen ki maldar ho jayein. Koi damdar party hai yahan.
Lady gives looks to them, see huge amount of money with them and leave after sometime arrive back with 2 men an point towards duo.
They take duo with them. Other side Poorvi calls ACP sir but before she could speak anything phone is cut. ACP tried numerous times but fail. He thinks of calling Shreya, although he knew that could be dangerous but before he can make call he receives msg from Shreya. In which she informs locker number of Raghu and code to open too.
After sometime Duo find themselves sitting opposite to Raghu. They start gambling. On other side ACP side open the locker and find few CDs and file. He is shocked to see it. He figures out Raghu was not just involve in betting and all but also involved in human trafficking and smuggling guns etc. He also find few other person involved in this all.
ACP sir wants to convey msg to duo as he knows that Life of both female officers is in danger. He msg Abhijeet.
Gambling still going on Abhijeet reads msg and delete it. By this time they have befriend Raghu very well. Abhijeet stood up and try to move away when Raghu just stops him and ask them to join him.
Raghu: mehman ho hamare khatir dari karne ka mauka to do. Kitna haroge aj. Acha khelte ho bas kismet hi buri hai. Chalo Ek sham hamare naam yaad rakhoge.
Duo agree. They follow him. When they reach outside one room Raghu ask them to go inside and relax he will join in 5 mins. They enter room, no one is there.
Raghu(on phone): abhe jo vo maina ayi hain na use bhej room no 301 mein. (cuts the call)
 Ab dekhta hoon smajh kya rakha hai mujhe.
Door of Room 301 open and Duo find Poorvi on door. She is shocked. She enter the room. After few seconds silence
Daya: mujhe lagta hai use humme shaq hogya hai.
Abhijeet: Shreya abhi bhi unke pas hai. ACP sir ka msg aya tha kuch bahut imp information nikali hai Shreya ne. tumhe malum hai Poorvi Shreya kahan hai.
Poorvi: sir exactly to nahi bta skati lekin vo shayad basement ke area ki taraf kahin hai. Agar Shreya ko information mil gayi hai to use ab tak bahar nikal jana chahiye.
Duo try to leave in hurry suddenly both stop and nod to each other. Only Daya leave the room to find Shreya and other side Abhijeet is making plan of whole place on paper to find best possible route to get out from here.
Raghu meets Daya on first floor.
Raghu: Daya tum yahan. Tumhein to Room no 301 mein hona chahiye
Daya (He smiles): ab tum samjhdar ho. Smajh lo main yahan kyun hun.
Raghu: koi baat nahi. Yahan ao.
Raghu takes Daya with him and suddenly one person came running and speak something in his ears. He gets very angry
Raghu: Beep Beep Beep……. Zinda nahi bachni chahiye vo.
Daya (he ask Raghu's men): kya hua
One Person: sir ka bhai aya tha aj. Jo ladki uske saath gayi thi usnebehoshkar diya sir ke bhai ko. Ab beep beep kahan hai malum nahi. Bhar to vo nikali nahi, hai to vo yahin kahin. Lagta hai koi police wali hai vo.
Raghu (to his men): aye sun vo 301 mein jo ladkhi bheji hai vo usi ki dost hai na. leke usse.
Daya knows now he has very less time to find Shreya and run as CID officers don't have weapon and they can't fight Raghu's men with weapon easily. Raghu's men reach the room 301 and find its empty. They inform Raghu. Raghu is not happy. Before he gives order to his men to find Abhijeet and catch Daya also. Abhijeet come from upstairs with Poorvi and acting as if drunk.
Flashback as they were coming from upstairs.*********************************
Abhijeet made plan with help of Poorvi and figured out way to reach basement and areas where probably Shreya could be. They leave room 301 instead of going from stairs they reach adjacent room from its balcony they come to ground floor. From there to basement. They search for Shreya and find her. She is surprised to learn duo is also here. Abhijeet ask both female officers to leave but they know Daya is till with Raghu and could land in danger. Abhijeet take out phone to call ACP sir but no signal.
Poorvi: sir basement mein mobile signal nahi ata.
Abhijeet: Ab tak Raghu ke admiyon ko malum chal gya hoga hum room mein nahi hai. Mujhe jald se jald upar pahnchna hoga.
Poorvi: main bhi apke saath chalti hoon sit. Agar mere bina ap Raghu se milne gaye to use yakin ho jayega ki ap hamare saath mile ho. Aur vo itna khatarnak hai ki marne se pehle vosocta bhi nahi. Agar main apke saath gayo to use sirf shaq hi hoga .
Shreya: itne mein mujhe ACP sir ko cal karne ka mauka mil jayega.
ACP and rest CID team was waiting outside just for one signal from duo that they have found out two female officers.
FlashBack end*************
Raghu take phone's of Daya and Abhijeet. Checks them but find nothing suspicious but he doubts them and He ask his men to kill Poorvi and catch Duo.
Shreya msgs ACP sir to give go signal to attack inside and to divert attention of Raghu and his men so that CID team gets time before Poorvi is shot. She starts running. Raghu and his men start firing and Shreya. In meantime rest of CID team arrives. Firing start, some are killed, some are held alive. Raghu and his brother are one of them.
In Bureau
ACP: Poorvi-Shreya tum dono ne jo kam kiya hai vo bahut bhaduri ka hai lekin yeh baat itni bhad kaise gayi aur hum mein se kissi ko bhi btaya nahi.
Poorvi: Sir pehle to hum sirf Raghu pe nazar rakh rahen the. Croroe'(on) ka satta lgaya jar ha hai yeh to bahut jald humme malum chal gya. Hum escort ban keg aye aur humme sare sabut mil gaye lekin jasie hi hum wahan se jane lage hume Rekha mili. Hummein shaq hua jo khud human traficcking mein shamil hai vo bahar se escort ko bualyega ta ki uske yeh dhande pe shaqna jaye. Ye dhanda vo apne bhai ke naam pe chla raha tha.
Shreya: Rekha ne humme Raghu ke bare mein sab btaya lekin lekin in sab mein vo khud fasna nahi chahti thi. Vo nahi Chahti this CID uske ghar pahunche. Uske ghar walon ko malum nahi tha Rekha kya kam kar rahi hai. Isliye sir humne pehle kuch nahi btaya. Lekin
Poorvi: us raat maine,Sachin Sir aur Freddy sir ne jis ghayal ladki ko dekha tha vo Rekha hi thi. Rekha ne ap ko phone karne ki koshih kit hi lekin use pehle ki vo contact kar paati. Rekha ko unhone ghayal kar diya. Uski kismet kharab thi ki Guniya ki dadi ke age hi ayi aur unhone use mar diya.
Sachin: humne to peecha kiya tha gadi ka. Humme to koi nahi mila kaise.
Poorvi: Raste mein hi Rekha ko unhone mar ke phenk diya tha. Humme lga ki kissi ghayal ladki ko vo leja rahein hai. Humne gadi ka peecha karna shuru kar diya. Itne mein Raghu ke admi aye aur Rekha ki deadbody ko legaye.
Shreya: humme lga Rekha shayad ghayal hai inke pas hogi lekin humme aj malum chla ki Rekha ka khoon krdiya inhone. unhein yeh to malum tha ki Rekha CID ko phone nahi kar payi. Lekin vo chaukane hogaye. Ab kissi bhi bahar wale ka whan jana mushkil tha. Agar pahuch bhi jat ato koi khas information hath nahi lagti. Main aur Poorvi pehle hi wahan escort ban ke pahunch chuke the. Hum pe vo shaq nahi karta. Aur Uski information uske bhai se hi nikal sakti thi.
Poorvi: agar hum ap se poochte to aap kabhi bhi is kam liye ijazat nahi dete. Waqt bahut kam tha. Humme malum tah uska bhai 1-2 din mein ane wala hai. Uske zariye hum Raghu ke khilaf sabhut nikal sakte the.
Whole team leave from there appreciating for their job only ACP sir, Shreya and Poorvi left.
Shreya: sorry sir. Humme apko btana chhaiye tha. Lekin sab iti jaldi jaldi se hua. Humme lga hum asani se sabhut le sakte hai aur Rekha ko bhi……
ACP: agli baar aisi ya koi bhi baat ho mujhe btane mein kabhi bhi koi sankoch mat karna. kam se kam mujhe to bta sakte ho tum.
Shreya/Poorvi: yes sir.

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DISCLAIMER : Iss kahaani ke sabhi patra aur ghatnaayein kalpanik hain. Iska kisi bhi vyakti ya ghatna se koi sambandh nahi hai. Yadi kisi ghatna ke saath iski samaanta hoti hai toh isay matra ek sanjog kaha jaayega.


"MOKREL has the ball now. RISHI on strike. RISHI has been in a very good form lately. A slip in place for RISHI. Long off comes in. There's a man at deep mid-wicket. Here comes MOKREL, round the wicket... A swing and a miss..!!!! Very well bowled by MOKREL..."

The stadium was full with people cheering "RISHI...RISHI...RISHI...". Many well-known personalities had come there to watch the final match of the series. Actor ROHAN KUMAR, popularly known as "RK" was there to cheer for the team along with his "on-off" Girlfriend actress SHIKHA. Industrialist and owner of the team, Mr. SHAILESH, along with his nephew RAGHAWAN, were also there to support the team. Some politicians, VISHWASRAO, HARSHADji had also come to see the team win.

"MOKREL running in hard...and BOWLED!!!! What an important wicket this is!! The Danger-Man RISHI out for a duck... and this is a huge set-back for the Home-team..."


The CID team watching the video of the match.

ACP : Yeh dekho!!! Out ho gaya...!!!

DAYA : Team ko jitaane ki zimmedaari thi iss RISHI pe... Aur yeh zero pe Out ho gaya... Aura b dekhiye Pavilion mein baith ke kaise maze le raha hai... Yahan team haar ki kagaar par khadi hai aur yeh...

ABHI : Paise jo milne waale hai isay... Tabhi itna uchhal raha hai...!!

FREDY : Sir mutlab yeh "SACH KA SAAMNA" waale theek keh rahe hain...

ACP : Haan FREDY... Aur ab yeh Fast bowler SUNNY ki maut bhi ho gayi hai. Iss sab mein koi na koi connection zaroor hai... Tabhi toh yeh News Channel waalon ne humein khabar ki hai...

DAYA : Sir, yeh bohot bada chakkar lagta hai...

ACP : Haan DAYA, aur iss ke jad(root) tak pohochna bohot zaroori hai... (scratching his forehead) Lekin samajh mein nahi aa raha kaise...

ABHI : Sir ek plan hai mere paas...!!!


A bus waited outside the 5-star Hotel to take the cricket players to the stadium for their practice session. All players except some 3-4, boarded the bus and the bus sped away.

RISHI strolled along the Hotel Lobby. His phone started ringing. He picked up the phone and spoke as...

RISHI : (a bit angry) Abey abhi kyun phone kiya?? ... Haan haan pata hai...!!! Nahi... Main dhyaan rakhunga... Ab phone rakh, aur aagey se main tumhein call karunga,samjhe??

RISHI disconnected the call. He was looking into his mobile phone in his hands and walking forward... Suddenly, someone rushed into him in a hurry... BANG!!!

His phone went flying off from his hand and rattled onto the floor. The man sitting on the sofa reading Newspaper kept it aside to see what was happening. The Hotel Staff paused their work and the Manager rushed to the spot. RISHI was trying to understand what exactly had happened when a sweet voice attracted his attention...

PERSON : Oh!! I am so sorry...!!

RISHI looked at the person in awe... A beautiful lady of about 23-24, in a short red top and a white mini skirt, that exposed her long beautiful legs with red heels... she was looking into his eyes... Her eyes full of apology... and her dimples stealing away all hearts...

It took a few seconds for RISHI to get back to his senses...

RISHI : (looking into her eyes) Nahi nahi, It okay... Galti toh meri hai, mujhe dekh ke chalna chahiye tha... Aap ko koi chout toh nahi lagi?

LADY : Nahi ... But I am really sorry...

RISHI : (with a smile) No problem...!!

RISHI picked up the shattered pieces of his phone... Pata Nahi itni kya jaldi thi... Mera itna achha phone tod diya... He was trying to join those pieces when the Lady suddenly snatched them from him...

LADY : Arey ise toh repair karna padega...

RISHI : (Trying to take the pieces back) Koi baat nahi...Main...

LADY : (taking her hand away) Arey aise kaise koi baat nahi?? Aap ka phone meri wajah se toota hai... Toh main aap ka phone theek kiye bina kaise lauta sakti hoon?? (smiles)

RISHI : (a bit tensed) Nahi... iski kya zaroorat hai...?

LADY : (smiling and in low tone) Dont worry, main aapke personal messages nahi padhungi (wink)...

RISHI tensed but his phone was secured by passwords...So he laughs it away...

RISHI : (laughing) Very naughty...!!!

LADY : (smiling sensuously) Abhi toh buss shuruwaat hai...(winks)...

The LADY walks, with her purse and the broken phone, towards the reception to book her room. The Manager was a gentle guy, 60-65, with gray-white hair and spectacles.

MANAGER : Everything okay, Ma'am??

LADY : (smiling) Oh yes...!! No problem...!!

After all the formalities, she signals the service guy, a smart, thin guy with a moustache, to bring her luggage along, as they both follow a staff member, a tall young woman with curly hair neatly pinned, towards the room. RISHI, bowled over by the LADY, was following them at a distance.

The staff member showed the LADY her suite and handed over the key.

STAFF MEMBER : Ma'am, aapko yeh suite kaisa laga??

LADY : (happily looking around) Oh I just loved it!!!

STAFF MEMBER : Ma'am, agar aapko koi bhi problem ho toh aap reception pe contact kar sakti hain... Wahan (pointing towards the study table) reception, room service, laundry, aur baaki sab ke extentions hain.

LADY : Thank you so much...!!

SERVICE GUY : Ma'am, yeh bags kahan rakhun?

LADY : (pointing) yahan rakh do...

The Service Guy kept the bags and moved outside the door but didn't leave. Though their nameplates bore their names, the LADY did not seem to notice and asked

LADY : (to the staff member) Naam kya hai tumhaara?


LADY : (To Service Guy) Aur tumhaara?


The LADY handed a 500 rupee note to each of them... Noticing the pink thread in RAJU's hand, a smile of relief spread across her face.

LADY : (with a smile) Thank you...!!!

MONIKA and RAJU were surprised to see the note in their hand... They left the place, still trying to believe what just happened...500 rupay!!!...failing to notice RISHI standing by the corner.

RISHI left the place, exited. Aha!! Room no. 1004...!!! Item kya dikhti hai... aur paisewaali bhi hai..!! Mazaa aa jayega...Phone dene toh milna hi padega... Teri toh lottery lag gayi RISHI..!!!

Next day, the LADY was sitting on the sofa reading a magazine, waiting for RISHI. She felt someone sitting beside her. She looked at him and remembered seeing him at the lobby reading newspaper, when she ran into RISHI last morning. He smiled. She smiled back and continued reading the magazine.

MAN : Hello beautiful...!!!

LADY : (did not know how to react) Oh Hi!! Nice to meet you, Mr...??

MAN : NEIL!!...

Both shook hands. NEIL was about to ask her name when RISHI entered into the lobby along with his team mates, after the practice session. The LADY stood up when she saw RISHI. He was excited to see her. Lagta hai mera phone theek ho gaya hai. He excused away from his team mates and moved towards her. NEIL excused himself saying

NEIL : See you again soon...!!

NEIL left. RISHI and the LADY smiled at each other.

RISHI : Aap... yahan?

LADY : Aap hi ka intezaar kar rahi thi... (handing over the repaired phone) Yeh raha aap ka phone... Bilkul pehele jaisa kiya hai... Dekh lijeeye...(smiled)

RISHI : (checking the phone from all sides, impressed) Yeh toh pehele se bhi achha ho gaya hai...(flirts) Hoga bhi kyun na, ispe aap ke komal haath jo lage hain...!!!

LADY blushes away...

RISHI : Arey kahan chali...? Aapka naam toh batate jaayiye...!!!

The LADY stopped and turned back.

LADY : (holding her hand in front) SHANAYA...!!

RISHI : (taking her hand, kissing) what a lovely name...!!! (SHANAYA, feeling a bit uncomfortable, pulls her hand away) By the way... (holding out his hand for a hand shake) RISHI...!!!

SHANAYA : (shaking his hand) Pleased to meet you...!

RISHI : The pleasure is mine...!!!

Both stand there for a moment...

RISHI : Coffee??

SHANAYA : Sure...!!

Both moved to the Cafeteria and occupied a table. The waiter came there and asked for their order. RAJU was passing by. Seeing SHANAYA, he came near their table...

RAJU : (to SHANAYA with a smile) Hello Ma'am, how are you? Is everything alright??...(after all, how could he forget the 500 rupee note!!!)

SHANAYA : (happy to see RAJU) Oh, I am fine, thank you.!!

RAJU looked at RISHI...SHANAYA introduced him to RAJU.

SHANAYA : Yeh Mr. RISHI hain...

RAJU : Hello Sir...!! (to both) Enjoy the day...!!

RAJU left. While sipping their coffee, RISHI and SHANAYA asked about each other. While conversing...

RISHI : Kya?? (surprised) Tum... I mean, Aap... Cricket nahi dekhti hain??

SHANAYA : (casually) Nahi... ismein itna hairaan hone ki kya baat hai...?mujhe itna interest nahi hai... By the way, Aap mujhe TUM keh sakte hain...

RISHI : (happy that he came a step ahead) India mein rehkar tum Cricket nahi dekhti... that surprises me... !! Lekin I am sure Tum meri batting dekhne ke liye Cricket zaroor dekhogi...

SHANAYA : (smiling) Ab toh dekhna hi padega... Arey main toh paise bhi lagaungi... Waise bhi samajh mein nahi aata kya karun itne paison ka...!!

Both laughed. RISHI liked this new Woman in his life even more. Yeh toh apnehi patri (track)ki nikli...!!!

RISHI : Kal shaam ko ek party hai jahan mujhe jaana hai... Mere saath koi nahi hai... Kya Tum chalogi mere saath??

SHANAYA : Koi nahi? Aap ke dost toh honge hi wahan...!!

RISHI : (pretending to be sad) nahi chalna hai toh saaf saaf bol do, yeh ghuma phiraake baat karne ki zaroorat nahi hai...

SHANAYA : (in hurry) Arey nahi nahi... aisi koi baat nahi ... waise bhi shaam ko bore hone se yeh achha rahega !! (winked)

Both left the Cafeteria talking all the way...

SHANAYA : Waise yeh party hai kahan?? Aur kaun de raha hai??

RISHI : Hai mera ek Dost...Tumhein wahan jaane ke baad pata chal jaayega...(winked)

Next evening, at about 7:30, both went together to the Party Venue. It was a Huge Bungalow with a board at the entrance saying "Welcome to the Heaven!!". There were two strong guards at the entrance who checked the invitation cards of the visitors and also asked for some password before letting them in.

SHANAYA was walking along with RISHI carefully noticing everything. She held her purse, that she carried everywhere, tightly, afraid of someone snatching it away. As they reached near the Guards, RISHI showed them the two Passes and whispered the password into the Guard's ear. SHANAYA, with all her efforts, tried to listen to what he said... She smiled... CHAK DE...!!

As they stepped inside, SHANAYA looking around...

SHANAYA : Yeh toh koi khaas Party lagti hai...!!!

RISHI : (winking) Tumhein zaroor pasand aayegi...!!!

The whole space was filled with people, young boys and girls, of about their age, dancing to the loud music... Somewhere in the corner, drunk boys were mingling around with beautiful girls... SHANAYA was a bit tensed now... RISHI held her, his hand around her shoulder, and took her along to have some drink.

RISHI : (to the bartender) Kya AJAY bhai... Sab theek?

AJAY : Haan RISHI bhai... ekdum fit...!!!

He brought two glasses of wine and offered one to her. She took the glass in her hand and managed to smile. She remembered something... Kisi ke diye hue food ya drink ko haath lagaao toh chalega, lekin hoth ya daant mut lagana!!!... She remembered laughing a lot at this sentence then... But now she didn't know how to get rid of the drink... She just kept looking at RISHI who sipped his wine. He looked at her...

RISHI : Arey, kya dekh rahi ho... piyo na...!!

SHANAYA : (smiled) haan baba... peeti hoon, itni bhi kya jaldi hai...!!

Just then someone called out RISHI's name. He looked back and they both shook hands.

PERSON : Kya RISHI Babu, kya haal hai...??

RISHI : (eyeing at SHANAYA) Haal toh bohot mast hai...

Both laughed...

PERSON : (winking) Kadak hai boss!!! ... (serious tone) Ab kaam ki baat karein??

RISHI : (to SHANAYA) Main abhi aata hoon Darling...(winked)

RISHI went away with the PERSON. SHANAYA quickly poured her wine into a vase in the corner confirming that no one was watching. She heaved a sigh of relief. AJAY noticed that and was confused.

SHANAYA was looking around searching for someone. She saw MONTY and BITTO there flirting with some girls. Finally she found her, the one she was looking for. There she was at a distance smiling at SHANAYA. SHANAYA smiled back, relieved, as the Girl nodded at her.

Meanwhile, RISHI came back, much happier.

SHANAYA : (Moving her hand along his shoulder) Bade khush lag rahe ho...?

RISHI was surprised and excited to see the sudden change in SHANAYA's behaviour.

RISHI : (with a wink) samajh lo mujhe lottery lag gayi hai..Lakhon ki...!!!... Chalo isi khushi mein Dance karte hain...!!

SHANAYA somehow managed to get out of his grip...

SHANAYA : Uh... RISHI... main abhi aayi... (eyeing at the ladies' washroom)

RISHI : Okay... I am waiting... (he kissed in air)

SHANAYA rushed to the washroom. RISHI got himself another glass of Wine. He was about to drink when a beautiful young woman sat beside him with her drink. Both smiled at each other. He kept looking at her, admiring her beauty...

WOMAN : Toh tum Khareedne waale ho ya Biknewaale??

RISHI : (shocked at the question) Haan??

WOMAN : Yeh chaukne ka natak kyun kar rahe ho?? Hmm... Khareedne waale toh tum lagte nahi ho... warna aise akele nahi baithe hote... (laughed)... Agar paise kamaana chahte ho toh aao mere saath...

She stood up and started walking... RISHI kept his half empty glass on the table and followed her.

RISHI : Ho kaun tum? Tumhein pehele toh yahan kabhi nahi dekha??

WOMAN : Mera naam SHRE... (stopped suddenly) SHAKIRA hai... Pehele toh Hum sirf Football mein thay... Ab socha Cricket bhi Try kar lete hain...!!! (laughed)

RISHI : "Hum"? ... Mutlab tumhaare saath koi aur bhi hai?

SHAKIRA : (laughing) Ofcourse...!!! Aur merewaale ke paas bohot paisa hai... Tum "na" nahi keh paaoge...!!!... Phir bhi pata nahi kuchh pagal logon ne mana kaise kar diya?

RISHI : Tum ne pehele bhi kisi ko poochha tha??

SHAKIRA : Haan... Poochhna toh humaara kaam hai... (laughed)

RISHI : Arey Arey, tum ne toh galat logon se poochha hoga... Tum agar Sunny, Monty, Bittoo se poochhti toh woh log na nahi kehte...!!!

SHAKIRA was shocked to know that RISHI was not aware of SUNNY's death.

RISHI : Waise tum ne bilkul sahi kiya jo mujhse poochha... Samajhlo kaam ho gaya!!

RISHI couldn't stop admiring the hot Woman he was following. He kept himself as close to SHAKIRA as he could, the smell of her cologne filled his nose.

RISHI was very excited to meet the person SHAKIRA was taking him to. He had forgotten SHANAYA in these few minutes... Now here was the new Woman... SHAKIRA... And her wealthy Partner. Football!! Mutlab bohot paisewaali Party hai yeh!!! Waah kya din hai aaj ka!!

SHAKIRA introduced RISHI to her Partner. Her Partner was a handsome, well built man in black shirt, black jeans, red jacket and red bandana.

SHAKIRA : (to RISHI) yeh mera Partner hai... DANY..!!!

RISHI shook hands with DANY. He sensed the firm grip of the Partner. DANY handed him a cheque of 50,000 rupees.

DANY : Parso ke match mein pehele do overs mein kum se kum 18 runs, aur next over mein OUT...!!! Baaki ke 50000 kaam ke baad account mein transfer ho jaayenge. Kaam nahi kiya toh anjaam achha nahi hoga.

DANY left the place. SHAKIRA followed her Partner whispering "All the Best" in RISHI's ears. RISHI was not used to such "Dhamki". This was the first ever offer of its kind.

RISHI immediately called RAGHU.

RISHI : Sorry RAGHU bhai, main iss baar aap ka kaam nahi kar paaunga...!!

RAGHU : Arey kya baat kar rahe ho yaar?? Tum 60,000 ko thukra rahe ho??

RISHI : Haan, main soch raha hoon, peheli over mein OUT hone se achha hai, ki OUT hone se pehele kuchh runs bhi bana doon...!!!

Laughing, RISHI cut the call. He was very happy about all the happenings of the night...!! He went to have more wine. AJAY felt that SHANAYA was not a good person, and she was cheating RISHI. AJAY wanted to warn RISHI about this but just then SHANAYA came there. RISHI was completely drunk.

SHANAYA : Arey kahan chale gaye thay tum?? Main kabse tumhein dhoond rahi thi...!!!

RISHI : (drunk) Pata hai Baby, aaj main bohot khush hoon...hehehehe... bohot..!!!

SHANAYA : Tum bohot pee chuke... Ab chalo chalte hain yahan se... (Pulling his hand ) ... Chalo...!!!

RISHI : (to AJAY) Chal bhai... chalta hoon...(turned around to leave) (reaching the door, shouted) Phir milenge...!!!

The Party was still going on when SHANAYA and RISHI left for HOTEL ALFREDO. RISHI went towards his room and SHANAYA towards hers. SHANAYA felt good to be back at the Hotel as she unlocked her room. She entered in and as she was about to close the door, someone pushed it open. He came in and locked the door from inside...!!! SHANAYA felt scare gripping her as she saw RISHI came in and lie on the Bed. SHANAYA felt like running out of the room... But this was the chance she would never get again. RISHI was continuously murmuring something. SHANAYA went close to him and shook him...


RISHI opened his eyes, smiled and sat up taking the support of the wall beside.

SHANAYA : Kya baat hai Darling...!!! Lagta hai bohot paise aanewaale hain!!

RISHI : (Taking her hand and kissing) Hmmm... Aaj ek nayi Party aayi thi... Ek khoke ki baat hui hai unke saath...!!! Bechaara Raghu... hehehehe... Mujhe usay mana karna pada...

SHANAYA : (Freeing her hand) Yeh Party toh bohot mast thi !!! Lekin kisne organize ki thi??

RISHI : Wohi, jo hamesha organize karta hai...

SHANAYA : Wohi...?? Kaun??


SHANAYA : NORAH..?!! Yahan ka nahi lagta...

RISHI : Kya pata??... Kisne dekha hai usko?? Buss suna hai uske bare mein... Saala bohot pohocha hua aadmi hai... Kabhi kisi se milta nahi hai... Door se hi baat karta hai saala...!!!

SHANAYA : Door se hi baat karta hai... mutlab?? Phone pe baat karta hai kya??

RISHI : Arey tumhein kya karna hai...!! Chhodo uss NORAH ko... (Pulling her towards him) Ab sirf hum dono hain...

SHANAYA pushing him away with force...

SHANAYA : Itni bhi kya jaldi hai Darling...!! (Moving her hand along his face) Main soch rahi thi ki kyun na iss NORAH se Parnership ki jaaye... Bohot paise kamaata hoga yeh... Aur apne paas bhi paisa hai lagaane ke liye (winked)... Jo bhi paisa milega usmein se aadha tumhaara aadha mera...!!!

RISHI : (eyes wide open) Tum toh bohot smart nikli...!!! Lekin kya woh humaari baat maanega??

SHANAYA : Uski fikar tum mut karo... (sensuously) Main hoon na... Woh mujhe mana nahi kar paayega...!! Ab batao, kahan milega yeh NORAH??

RISHI : Mujhe toh nahi pata... Lekin yeh RAGHU usika aadmi hai... Ya phir MANOHAR... yaad hai na woh jo mujhe Party mein mila tha??

SHANAYA nodded, how could she forget the Man who had helped her get rid of the wine!!! SHANAYA took their phone numbers from RISHI.

RISHI : Ab iss Partnership ke bare mein kal sochenge... Ab toh paas aa jaao... Kab se taras raha hoon main...

He pulled SHANAYA and held her tight. Her whole body shivered. She couldn't get out of his tight grip. She did not know what to do. She just wanted to cry out for help... but she was too scared to shout. She just closed her eyes tight, hoping for something to happen that will get her out of all this...!! She could feel her pounding heart...

DING DONG...!!! The doorbell rang!!! RISHI's grip loosened and SHANAYA ran towards the door to open it. She was so happy to see RAJU...!!! RAJU signalled her to stay calm. She was relieved. He handed the bottle of wine to her...

RAJU : Ma'am aapne mangai thi na...!! Leke aaya hoon...!!

SHANAYA : (smiling) Thank you Si... so much...!!!

She handed over a chit, with two numbers written on it, to RAJU. She closed the door as RAJU left.

RISHI : (angry) Galat waqt pe aa gaya saala...!!! Tum ne wine kab order ki?

SHANAYA : (managed to speak) Maine Party ke liye nikalne se pehele hi order kiya tha...!!!

She opened the bottle and poured wine into two glasses. She slipped a white tablet, which RAJU had given along with the Bottle, into one of the glasses, and handed it over to RISHI.

SHANAYA : (raising her glass) Cheers...!!!

RISHI also raised his glass. In a few minutes RISHI was unconscious onto the bed.

RISHI opened his eyes. He did not know how much time had elapsed. He looked around to see himself locked inside a room with door of metal bars..!!! He looked around and found RAGHU and MANOHAR, lying there with deformed faces, in unconscious state.

SHANAYA left the HOTEL at about 8 in the evening. She had an address where she was to meet Mr. NORAH...!!! While leaving she informed at the reception that she might be late. The MANAGER gave her a smile of assurance and her nervousness disappeared. He called her a Cab. The Cab driver came in to receive her. She smiled at him as she knew him very well. He was a smart guy, with a stern voice. He lead her towards the Cab. They began their journey.

SHANAYA : Thank you RAJA...

DRIVER : (interrupting) RAMU...!!!

SHANAYA : Oh... !! (smiled) Thank you RAMU...!!

RAMU : Chalna kahan hai Ma'am??

SHANAYA : 5/17, JANNAT Tower...!!

JANNAT...!!! This reminded of the board at the entrance of the Party... "Welcome to the Heaven".

After a long ride, the Cab reached the destination. It was 9:45 by then. The Tower was a tall, old, rusty building standing lonely, away from the city. SHANAYA got out of the Cab. Iss building mein milega NORAH?? SHANAYA was a bit nervous. She looked at RAMU.

RAMU : Ma'am, main yahi aapka intezaar karunga...!!

SHANAYA nodded and entered the Tower. The tower seemed empty. A grumpy voice sent a chill over her body.

VOICE : Aap NORAH se milna chahti hain?

She turned back to see a short middle-aged person, a moustache, wearing a watchman's cap, looking at her. The lights were dim. SHANAYA moved back a few steps.

SHANAYA : (trying to be confident) Jee... Aap yahan ke watchman hain?

VOICE : Jee haan, main SHIVA hoon... Yahan ki dekhbhaal karta hoon... Aap ki NORAH ji se baat hui hai?

SHANAYA : aha...uh... baat toh nahi ho paayi... Lekin mera unse kuchh kaam hai...

SHIVA : Aayiye mere saath...

SHANAYA followed SHIVA through a long passage into a room. Light were dim everywhere. SHANAYA felt uneasy. SHIVA told SHANAYA to be seated on the single chair present there, and wait. She did so. The place was swampy, without any source for fresh air.

After some time she heard some footsteps coming towards the room.SHIVA returned with a tall man, with a hat, goggles and moustache, who entered the room with brisk steps. SHANAYA looked at the figure approaching towards her. Kahin yehi NORAH toh nahi...??

MAN : Hello Miss. ...??

SHANAYA : (with a smile) SHANAYA...!!

MAN : Oh ... Lovely name...!!!

Both shook hands. He studied her from top to bottom. SHANAYA felt as if she had heard this voice before.

MAN : Main JEET hoon, NORAH ka Personal Secretary...!! Aap NORAH se milna chahti hain na? (SHANAYA nodded). Aayiye...

SHANAYA began following him. The three went into a elevator and it began moving up... UP??? No... It was moving DOWN...!!! SHANAYA was more scared... What's going on?? Kahan le jaa rahe hain ye log mujhe?? Yeh NORAH hai kahan???

The elevator came to a halt. The door opened and SHANAYA was shocked to see the marble flooring as she stepped out. The place was very well furnished. She kept following them... They all stopped at a huge door. Toh yahan hai yeh NORAH...!! As she was about to enter in,

JEET : Ah.. Ah!! Ek minute Ma'am, aap apna bag andar nahi le jaa sakti...!!

SHANAYA : (tensed) Lekin...

SHIVA took away her purse. JEET took her inside the room.

JEET : Toh aap NORAH se kyun milna chahti hain??

SHANAYA : Yeh toh main Mr. NORAH ko hi bataungi...!! Kahan hai woh??

JEET : Kya jaanti hain aap NORAH ke bare mein??

SHANAYA was not expecting this question. She did not know what to say. She was just trying to remember whether she had met JEET before... Finally she asked...

SHANAYA : Kya hum pehele kabhi mile hain??

JEET : (wicked smile) Bohot baar...!!!

SHANAYA was shocked at the answer. SHANAYA was sure that this guy JEET was in disguise. She was certain that his moustache was fake... She had to somehow disclose his face... But how?? At the same time, she was looking around the place to find some clue about this mystery man NORAH... Suddenly SHANAYA's leg twisted while walking and she fell down. JEET came forward to help her get up. She put her hand across his neck for support and got up. While leaving the hand, she purposely rubbed her hand across the side of his face... Half of his moustache came out... She recognized the man... She was shell-shocked...!!!

SHANAYA : RK... Tum??

RK : (Removing his fake moustache, goggles, fake hair...) Haan Main...!!! Bohot jaldi pehchaan liya...!!

RK laughed. SHANAYA was backing towards the door. Suddenly the lights went out. It was pitch-dark. She lost all the directions... Where was the door?? Where was RK at this moment?? She knew nothing. She only knew that she had to get out...!!! Suddenly she felt someone's breath across her neck.

RK : (whispered) Ab tum bach nahi sakti...!!!

SHANAYA shivered. She had to get out. Bhaago... Bahar niklo yahan se...!!! Without thinking for another moment, SHANAYA began to run as fast as she could. She kept tapping at the wall in hope that she will find the door that would take her out...!!! RK closing behind her... He got hold of her hand... SHANAYA tried to get her hand free... She just pulled, the sleeve of her top tore off, and she ran like anything. She heard RK getting on her heels, just when the door fell open and she fell out...!!! She got up and began to run in whichever way she found, without once looking back. It was dark all around... he kept running. Suddenly someone grabbed her...!!

SHANAYA : (crying, shouting loudly) Chhod do mujhe... Please mujhe jaane do...!!!

VOICE : POORVI...!!!! POORVI... main hoon...!!!


She almost hugged him. He put his coat around her as her sleeve was torn.

ABHI : SHREYA, RAJAT... POORVI ko bahar le jaao...!! (to DAYA) Chalo DAYA...!!

SHREYA and RAJAT took POORVI to the Cab... She was surprised to see SHIVA there with a swollen face. POORVI was in a shock after all the incidences in the past couple of days...!!!

In a few minutes, ABHI and DAYA returned with unconscious RK... and all went to the CID Bureau...

RK was surprised to see RISHI, RAGHU and MANOHAR already present there. And there was SHIVA too... OMG!!! There was SHANAYA, and alongside her was DANY with SHAKIRA... and there was the Cab driver RAMU, and RAJU and MONIKA...!!!! And what was the Hotel Manager doing here??

RK : Yeh kahan le aaye ho mujhe?? (to manager) Tum yahan??

MANAGER : Yeh meri jagah hai...!!! Mera naam ACP PRADYUMAN hai...!!! Kaisi lagi meri jagah??

RK was shocked...!!! He knew he was caught !!!

POORVI : (to RK) Tum mujhe kyun maarna chahte thay?? Aur ye NORAH kahan hai??

ABHI : Arey POORVI... abhi tak samjhi nahi??

Everyone was confused...

ABHI : Kyun Mr. RK... Ohhh... I mean Mr. NEIL, urf bartender Mr. AJAY, urf Mr. NORAH...!!!!! (Everyone was shocked) (giving clarification) "NORAH"... "ROHAN" ka anagram hai ...!!! Kyun RK sahab??

RK : Lekin yeh sab aapko pata kaise chala?? (shocked as well as confused) Maine toh poora dhyaan rakha tha...

ACP smiled looking at all the team members.

ACP : Do Mahine pehele "SACH KA SAMNA" iss news chanel ne Cricket mein hone waale "spot-fixing" ka parda faash karne ke liye ek "sting operation" shuru kiya tha. Woh log bookies ban ke cricketers say milay thay. Tumhein toh yaad hoga hi RISHI...!!! Hai na...??

RISHI : (shocked) woh log news reporters thay??

DAYA : Haan...!!! Aur tabhi un logon ko RISHI aur SUNNY ke bare mein pata chal gaya tha... Woh log saboot ikattha kar rahe thay... Aur kaun log iske peechhe hain iska pata lagaane ki koshish kar rahe thay. Tab unhein Series ka Final Match dekhne aaye saare logon pe shaq tha... RK, SHIKHA, SHAILESH, RAGHAWAN, VISHWASRAO, HARSHADJI... sab pe... !!! Lekin ek hafte pehele SUNNY ka khoon ho gaya...

RISHI : (shocked) kya?? SUNNY ka kh..khoon ho gaya??!!

DAYA : Haan...!! Aur Dr. SALUNKHE ne thode der pehele bataya hai ki SUNNY ke collar ke button pe (looking at RK) RK ke fingerprints mile hain...!!!

RK just hung his head down.

RK : Haan...!!! Usay pata chal gaya tha humaare bare mein...!! Usnay RISHI ki baatein sun lit hi...!!!

ACP : SUNNY ka khoon hone ke baad Reporters ka shaq yakeen mein badal gaya key eh ek bohot bada chakkar hai. Aur isiliye woh collect ki hui saari information leke humaare paas aaye. Aur yeh case CID ko diya gaya. (looking at ABHI) Phir ABHIJEET ne humein uska plan bataya... aur hum nikal pade...!!!

ABHI continued...

ABHI : Humara target tha RISHI. RISHI ko phasake hum baaki logon tak pohoch sakte thay. Aur ab toh CRICKET ek khel nahi business ban gaya hai. Huh!! (angry) Ab CRICKET mein Tum jaise khiladiyon ne khel ka mutlab hi badal diya hai. Ab cricket mein "W" ka mutlab WICKET ya WIDE nahi... balke "W" Ke teen mutlab hain "WEALTH", "WINE" aur "WOMEN"...!!! Yeh teen "W's" tumhaare weeknesses hain... Aur isi ka hum ne fayda uthaya...!! POORVI Hotel ALFREDO mein SHANAYA banke aayi... ACP Sir, VINEET aur NIKHIL Reception pe thay. Main RAJU ban ke aur TAARIKA MONIKA ban ke wahan aaye thay. RAJAT Cab Driver RAMU ban ke saare aane-jaanewaale logon pe nazar rakh raha tha. POORVI ne RISHI ke phone mein ek BUG fit kar diya, taaki agar RISHI kabhi phone band bhi kare, toh bhi humein uska location pata chalta rahe.Usi bug say humein pata chala ki tum RAGHU aur MANOHAR say milte thay practice sessions ke baad. Aur POORVI ne humein 500-500 rupay ke note de kar ye bhi dikhaya ki woh bohot paise waali hai... RISHI ko WEALTH aur WOMAN dono dikh gaye...!!! Aur toh aur yeh RK urf NEIL bhi SHANAYA ke peechhe pada tha...!!!

ACP : Aur jab POORVI nay Paise lagane ki baat ki, tab RISHI ne usay PARTY mein le jaane ki baat ki...!!! Humein toh yahi chahiye tha...!!! (Smiles) Aur phir POORVI ne humein password bhi toh bataya tha...!! (smiles looking at POORVI) "CHAK DE"...!! Password ke bina DAYA aur SHREYA, DANY aur SHAKIRA ban ke Party mein kaise ghustay?!!

All officers laughed... Others were shocked to hear all this.

DAYA : Wahan RISHI humaare changul mein phas gaya. Lekin wahan RK urf Bartender AJAY ko POORVI pe shaq ho gaya. Woh yeh baat RISHI ko batana chahta tha lekin RISHI bohot piya hua tha. Aur Hotel jaane ke baad RISHI ne nashe mein NORAH ke bare mein bataya... aur RAGHU aur MANOHAR ke phone numbers bhi de diye...!! Aur yeh RAGHU toh jaan pehchaan waala hi nikla... Kyun Mr. RAGHAWAN... urf RAGHU...?!!! Hum ne RISHI ke saath in dono ko bhi uthaya aur RAGHAWAN ne "JANNAT TOWER" ka address bataya. Ab humein NORAH ki talaash thi.

ACP : Tab humne RAJAT yaane Cab Driver RAMU ko POORVI ke saath bheja. Wahan POORVI ko yeh watchman SHIVA urf MLA VISHWASRAO miley...!!! Aur phir RK khud aaya NORAH ka assistant JEET ban ke...!!! Lekin POORVI ne usay pehchaan liya aur woh POORVI ke jaan ke peechhe pad gaya. Lekin humne POORVI ko bacha liya...!!! Aur tum sab log phass gaye...!!! Aur tum logon ke saath iss kaam mein jude hue saare logon ka hum ne tum sab ke call records se pata laga liya hai... samjhe?!!!

RISHI : Kya saboot hai aap ke paas humaare khilaaf??

ACP : (Looking at ABHI to admire him) POORVI ke Purse mein jo spy camera tha, aur Poorvi ke paas jo microphone tha ussay hum ne sab kuchh record kar liya hai... samjhe???!!!!

POORVI : Oh... RK ko yeh pata chal gaya tha... Tabhi usney mujhe Purse andar le jaane se mana kar diya tha...!!!

ABHI : (angry) Tumne ne Cricket mein "CHAK DE" ko "CHEQUE DE" mein badal diya hai...!!! Sharam aani chahiye tum logon ko!! Tum jaise logon ki wajah se khel ka naam kharab ho jaayega...!!! Hum poori koshish karenge ki Tum sab ko kadi se kadi saza ho...!!!

ACP : FREDY, NIKHIL, VINEET... Le jaao sab ko...!!

They followed the orders.

ACP : POORVI, tum bohot bahadur officer ho...!! I am proud of you...!!

Everyone clapped for POORVI. She was happy too.

POORVI : Sir, aap sab log jo humesha mere saath thay... Especially ABHIJEET Sir... Hamesha mujhse aake poochhtey ki "Ma'am sab theek toh hai na?"

All laughed as she mimicked in RAJU's style ...!!!

DAYA : Waise achha hua tum ne wine nahi piya jo RISHI ne diya tha.

POORVI : (looking at ABHI) ABHIJEET Sir ne itne achhe se bataya tha, ki woh main kabhi nahi bhool paaungi...!!!...

Everyone said in chorus..."Kisi ke diye hue food ya drink ko haath lagaao toh chalega, lekin hoth ya daant mut lagana!!!"

Everyone laughed...!!!!

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Mysterious Game
9 Am (Pune)
Its 9 am we see ACP, Daya, Abhijeet,Purvi, Shreya,Freddy and Rajat...busy in case work
They are sorting some files..

All are in room and there is lot silence . Just then Acp sir could understand that Purvi is in disturb mood as she is again and again looking at cell...
ACP: Purvi kya hua??
PURVI: Wo sir... (And shows her cell) Sorry sir...excuse me..ek call aa raha hai...
ACP with his eyebrows raised nodes his head in yes...
All the team again puts their heads and mind in what case files they were preparing...

Purvi goes out and she calls back the person who was calling her...
PURVI:Hello kirti...Kya hau ...kyu call kar rahi thi??
Caller: Hello...helllooo..Mein sushma bol rahi hu...kirti ki dost...CID aap CID se...(In lot of frightened voice)
PURVI: Ji...Sushma..ya mein CID officer Purvi bhol rahi hu ...kya hua??Kirti ka cell tumhare pass kaise??
Sushma: madam mujhe aapki help chahiye...Its urgent please...Kirti ki jaan khatre mein hai...
PURVI: kya hua (In raised voice) Kya hua kirti ko?? (Just then phone cuts)
Purvi (Could understand this) : Hellooo...
As she turns her back to see Acp, Daya , ABhijeet , shreya, Freddy, Rajat standing behind her...
ACP: Kya hua Purvi?? Kiski jaan khatre mein hai??Kirti kaun hai??
Purvi: Sir..Wo meri padhonsan ki beti kirti (23 Yrs) Jo meri behen ki tarah hai...wo ek hockey champion hai uski jaan khatre mein hai sir...
DAYA:Kya ?? Toh mere khayal se hume jald se jald Mumbai chalna chahiye...
ACP: Daya... Hum yaha pe ek important case ke silsile mein aaye the...Hum aisa adhura chod ke nahi ja sakhte...
Purvi mein janta hu...Ki tum ek bahadur officer ho..tumaur shreya mumbai jao aur aagar kuch help chahiye..toh mujhe inform kar dena...
Purvi: Yes sir...
Shreya: Toh Purvi..Mein hamare Mumbai ke flight tickets book kar deti hu...

TIME 11 Am Mumbai
Purvi and Shreya comes to Mumbai by taking flight of 10 Am

Ye kirti ka cell jis se sushma ne mujhe call kiya tha wo trace karne pe last location yahi dikha raha hai...PURVI says When she is getting down by parking car...
I hope ki usko kisine mar na dal diya ho ...Shreya says...
Ye Sunrise Hotel... Ye Location issi ke pass hi dikha raha hai...Purvi says...
Both Purvi and Shreya goes in direction shown in their mobile tracing software...
Purvi...Khoon... Shreya utters the words by looking at drops of blood fallen on the ground...
Purvi who was searching for evidence near the reastuarant comes running towards shreya ...
Ye Khoon... ye dekho kisiko ghasitne ke nishan hai...Purvi says...
Aur ye dekho toh sidhe is darwaze ke andhar tak jaa rahe hai...shreya says...
Purvi opens the door...With her hair clip
Purvi: Ye toh is sunrise hotel ka store room hai...
Shreya: Haan purvi
Both of them start tearing off bags which are kept in store room...
Oh My God dekho shreya...Purvi says with her eyes wide open...Finding sushma in one of bag...
Purvi further adds iski sanse abhi tak chal rahi hai.. ye dekho iske sar pe var kar isko behosh kiya hai..
shreya jara paani leke aao Purvi says...

Shreya comes with bottole of water and puts it on Sushma s face...
After 4-5 mins Sushma opens her eyes...

Purvi: Haan bolo sushma ...!!! Mein CID officer Purvi aur ye shreya hai...
Sushma: Madam...!! Madam...wo kirti ko leke gaye...Koyal...!!!
Shreya: Dekho sushma daro mat ...hum logo ke hote hue tume kuch nahi hoga...!!!
Sushma: Wo madam... Wo kirti Reastuarant mein aayi thi...And she struggles as she is hit on head...
Purvi; Meine Vineet ko ambulance ke saath bhulaya hai...Sushma tumse hum badh mein beauru mein baat karte hai...

Purvi and Shreya comes from entrance of Hotel sunrise ...They both head directly towards counter...
Manager: Ya Madam... Aap log kya order karna chahenge...
Waiter: hai menu card Madam...Pizza hai burger juice...
Purvi(looks with smile at shreya who has water in her mouth) Sorry...Hum nahi aapke yaha Pizza khane aaye hai...nahi juice pine aaye hai...
Manager (In confusion) : Toh kya chahiye aapko??
Purvi and shreya (shows the CID badge) : Hum log CID se hai...
Manager: Ohh...hum kya help kar sakte hia madam??
Purvi(shows on her cell) : kya is ladki ko yaha dekha hai? Aaj hi aayi thi yaha pe...
Shreya :Aur iske saath aur ek ladki thi
Manager: Ji madam haan pata hai...(And points towards photo of girl on purvi s cell)is ladki ke saath wali jo ladki hai uska naam koyal hai...
wo pehle kuch dino se aa rahi hai...uske khane ke order dene ke tarike se pata chalta hai ki wo ek aamir ghar se hai...
Shreya: Toh kya woh log kuch tension mein the?
Manager: Pata nahi madam itna dhyan nahi diya...
Purvi: Accha,... ye CCTV chalta hai kay??
Manager: Haan madam...Bilkul...
Shreya: Toh hame recording dekhni hai..!!

We are shown Purvi and Shreya looking at CCTV recording...
They see Koyal and Kirti coming in reastuarant...They ask manager to play it slowly...
Dono ke dono bohot ghabraye hue hai...says Shreya...
Haan par Shreya ek baat notice ki..?? ye koyal bar bar peeche mudke dekh rahi hai..!!!! Purvi points...
Aur ye... ye kaun hai..?? isko bhula ke lao says Shreya looking at waiter who serves koyal kirti...!!!
waiter: Haan madam mein hu Chand...
Shreya: Haan chand... toh tumne hi kirti aur koyal ko serve kiya tha... toh tumne kuch aisa notice kiya jo tume ajeeb laga..???
Waiter: Nahi madam...!!!
Purvi: Jara apne dimag pe jor dalo... kya nahi bhol rahe ho..?? kisi ki jaan khatre mein hai aur tum...???
Waiter: Haan madam...wo wo dono bohot pareshan dikh rahi thi...!!!
Shreya: Tumne unse pucha nahi..??
Waiter:Nahi madam... meine pucha toh nahi par...wo...
Purvi: par kya...?? Tumne unki kuch batein suni..???
Waiter: Arrey haan madam... wo ye (poniting towards kirti) baar baar ye dusri ladki se keh rahi thi ki tum muje phasana kyu chahti ho..mein
apne team ko aise nahi keh sakti... khel hi hamara sab kuch hai...!!!!
Purvi and Shreya both goes little side by and
Purvi: Kya ye iska matlab ye jo ladki koyal hai wo kirti ko phasana chahti thi..??? Par kyun... agar maan bhi le is se usko paise milne waale the par manager ka kahna hai ki koyal toh amir ghar ki ladki hai...!!!!
Shreya: Haan Purvi... shayad wo koi dushmani rakti ho kirti se... toh badla lene chahti hai...!!!
Purvi: Chalo koyal ke ghar jake dekte hai...
They both go to koyal's house by taking her address from collage...!!!
They understand that koyal is also missing and she dint come home after she went for her hockey practice...!!!

We are shown Vineet and Purvi talking to a person(artist)
Just then Sachin and Shreya enters with sushma...
Purvi coming near to sushma: Kaisi ho..?? Abhi thoda better feel ho raha hai na..??
Sushma: Haan madam... Thank you...
Purvi(Making sushma to sit on chair): Sushma... Abhi kya tum hume bata sakti ho ki exactly kya hua tha tumne hume call karne se pehle??
Sushma: Haan madam...
Actualy aaj subah 7 am se kirti aur hum sab team mates hockey ke ground pe collage mein practice kar rahe the...
Toh karib 7:45 am ko kirti ko call aaya tab humne thoda break liya tha...
Toh Kirti caller ka naam dekhke acchanak se tense ho gayi aur usne call cut kar diya...
jab phir se call aaya toh wo side mein jaake baat kar mere pass aayi aur wo tension mein ground gate se bahar jaane lagi...
Sachin: Toh tumne pucha nahi kya hua??
Sushma: Haan ..sir meine pucha toh usne mujhe sab bataya ki usko urgently ghar pe bhula rahe hai...kyunki mein uski bohot achi dost hu... toh mujhe uske chehre se pata chala ki woh kuch chupa rahi hai... aur woh practice over kehke chali gayi ...toh meine uska peecha kiya...
par Mumbai ke traffic ke wajah se mein thodi der phas gayi... Then meine again wo jis direction mein gayi thi mein uske peeche gayi toh meine dekha ki uski car Hotel Sunrise ke pass parking mein thi...
Mein car park kar hi rahi thi ki meine dekha koyal aur kirti hotel se bahar aakar peeche ja rahe hai...
Meine unka peecha kiya aur jab mein waha pohochi toh mene kirti ka cell dekha ...uske aage khoon that...(and she cries)

Purvi: Dekho sushma...Kirti ko kuch nahi hoga...Tumne hame kirti ke bare mein inform kar bohot help kiya tum bohot bahadur ho... ab thodo aur help kar do...!!!
Sushma: Thank you... Haan jarur... Kirti meri bohot acchi dost hai...
Vineet: Dekho sushma, iske liye tume hume wo jo kuch tumne dekha jaise ki tumne kaha tumne ek STAR symbol ka nishan dikha uskea sketch banana hoga...!!!
Sushma: Haan sir... Jarur...
Just then Purvi receives call from DR.Tarika...
Purvi: Tarika ji kya pata chala us blood sample se..???
Tarika: Purvi...daro mat kuch nahi hoga...
Actually uske DNA Kirti ke DNA se match karta hai...!!!
Purvi( Firmly) : Kuch nahi hoga kirti ko... Hum use kuch nahi hone denge...
Purvi : Deko sushma... Aise rone se kuch nahi hoga,... Kirti ko kuch nahi hoga... hum dhund lenge usse...
Sushma continues: Phir Muje yaad aaya kirti apke baare mein muje batati thi Purvi madam... toh meine contacts se search karke aapko call kiya...
Baad mein jab mein apse baat kar rahi thi toh achanak peeche se ek aadmi ne mere muh ko pakda aur phone kheech ke cut kar diya...
aur muje jor se pather pe giraya... mein behosh ho gayi uske baad muje kuch yaad nahi hai...!!!
Shreya: Aur Sushma kya tumne us admi ko dekha...???
Sushma: Nahi usne mask pehne rakha tha... Pehne rakha tha... Par haan uske haath pe ek star jaise nishan bane tha wo meine dekha...
And sushma looks at Purvi:Madam, Kuch pata chala kirti ka..???
Here Purvi and shreya are again checking the recordings ofCCTV... Just then artist informs them that the sketch is ready...!!!
All of them go there...
Sachin: Ye kaise symbol ho sakta hai..??

Purvi: sir muje lagta hai meine ye mark kahi pe dekha hai...!!!

Vineet: Purvi yaad karne ki koshish karo...!!

Purvi: Oh..yaa...wo us recording mein jo log the unke haath pe dekha... (She plays the recordings and points towards the people who have that symbol on their hand)..

Sachin: Haan Purvi...Oh God iska matalbye sab kaam kisi gunda gang ka hai...koyal aakeli nahi hai ismein...

Vineet: Sir aisa bhi ho sakta hai ki koyal kirti ko kidnap nahi balki kuch important batana chahti ho is Gunda gang ke bare mein...!!!

Purvi: Haan... kyunki koyal bhi gayab hai...!!!!

Shreya(who was looking recordings listening to the discussion):Arrey ye deko... ye waiter ko dekh rahe ho isne pehle koya Aur Kirti ko serve kiya aur badh mein ye yaha in gundo

se milne gaya jiske hath pe star mark hai...Aur ye unko kuch de raha hai...

Sachin: Toh iska matlab ab hume pehle aapne khabriyo ko kaam pe lagana padega...unko hi kehte hai is Star Mark ke gunda gang ka pata lagane ko...Aur hum us waiter ko dekhte hai...

Now we see Purvi and Vineet entering Hotel Sunrise...

Purvi(Goes near counter) : Excuse Me...

Manager(shocked): Arrey aap CID wale phir se...??

Vineet: Kya hua nahi aa sakte ??

Purvi: Dekho hume us chand aapke waiter us se baat karni hai...usko bhula laao...

Manager : Par madam...wo toh abhi abhi humare hotel ki laundry tempo leke Mira road pe gaya hai...

Purvi and Vineet take Chand's car number and they rush out...

We are shown Vineet driving car and Purvi on side seat tracing the car number...

Purvi says to vineet that the tempo is running at fast speed...

Vineet speeds the Car...He tries to speed the car as fast as possible ...

And finaly They see the Tempo at eye distance ...

They take their car near tempo and Purvi tries to ask the driver to stop the car..but he looks completely frightened...

Just then Purvi recevies call from Shreya...

Shreya informs Purvi that Chand (waiter) may be having some connections with gunda gang and their informer have informed that the STAR symbol is of Shinning Star gang who are

very great drug suppliers... And they have their hadda in Neelam Nagar and its just one hour distance from Mira road..And they have already on the way to reach Neelam Nagar by taking shortcut road

Here Purvi informs this to Vineet...

Purvi asks Chand to stop the tempo by pointing gun on him...

Chand (frightened look) informs them that his tempos break is fail...

Vineet asks Purvi to try to stop the tempo by getting out of car and trying to get in Tempo...

Purvi does the same and she gets into Tempo by pointing her gun on Chand..

Purvi takes the car at fast speed and takes U turn and stops the vehicle with jerk...

Purvi takes Chand down the vehicle .

Purvi : Ye sab kyu kar rahe ho ? CID se jhoot bholna mushkil hai...bolo wo Key kyu de rahe the tum us gunda gang ko?

Chand: wo wo... Madam...and starts running by pushing Vineet...

Vineet runs and catches him...

Purvi keeps gun on his neck and keeps her finger on trigger ...

Chand : Nahi nahi mujhe mat maro.. Mein wo unko store room ki chabi de raha tha...taki sab ilsam us manager pe aaye...

Vineet: Par tumhara kya connection hai us gunda gang ke saath jo unki help kar rahe ho??

Chand; Pet ka sawal hai sir... Wo log mujhe paisa dene wale hai aaj...

Purvi : oh toh ye baat hai.. Par mere khayal se tumhara ye break fail bhi unhone hi karaya hoga taki paaise bhi na jaye unke jeb se aur nahi CID un tak pohoche..

And they ask him to do what they tells and promises him to give job in some government office...

Now we see Sachin , Shreya , Purvi and Vineet..all reach near gunda hadda with Chand...

Purvi and Shreya are in disguise of Foriengers and sachin and vineet as their assistants...

Chand goes forward followed by Purvi and Shreya...

Here We are shown ACP sir in car parked in a busy area looking at all this he utters toh Purvi hai...

And Rajat who is on driving sit says that Sir peeche Shreya , Sachin , Vineet bhi hai...

They all go in with chand ...chand is going in and in from doors who is followed by Purvi and Shreya along with Sachin and Vineet...

They are stopped at main door ...The gundas ask Chand who the ladies are...

They check the assistants and when they come near Ladies to check them...

Purvi : Ye kya kar rahe ho Bhaiya ji ( By taking her Purse side way) Hum na toh suna tha..India ka aadmi log bohot sharif hai aur aapko kaise lag sakta hai ki

Hum kuch equipments layega... Hume toh sirf Drugs mangta hai...

Shreya : Yo yo...How how...Bolo bolo...

Both gundas allow them to go in...

Chand goes in main big room and informs the Boss that he has got the two foreiners whom he was to get to him who are ready to pay big amont and they are

Very Popular in foreign places...And they are ready to buy drugs at high prices...

We see Purvi and shreya enters with scarf on their faces...

Just as they enter the main door of the main gunda hadda they could feel that they are being very carefully looked by two big gunda"s one has good muscles...

And other has long beared..and hairs are falling on his face...!!!

Purvi and shreya gets little scared but then they still move in saying...Hum kitna bhi dam dega...Par pehle hum drugs ko dekna chahta he...OR hum jis team

ko jitana chahega.unse pehle milna chahega...(Both Purvi and Shreya looks at each other)

The main boss checks their identity and allows them to go and meet the Hockey Champions..Koyal and Kirti...

He asks his two gunda's (same one who were observing Purvi and Shreya to go with them along with thier assistants...)

Few minutes later...

We see the two foreingners coming out of the room in which Kirti and Koyal were kept along with gunda's and assistants...

They shake hands with big boss and Agree to pay amount and buy drugs...They say they are ready to pay amount if koyal wins as they had agreed before...

Assistants and the two girls are going out when big boss goes in to see Kirti and Koyal and his eyes are realy wide open when he opens the door to see the two foreingners are none other then CID...

And they are pointing gun on him... He orders his other two gunda's to fire at two girls but other gunda's are stopped by two big gunda's who were observing the two foreingner girls(Purvi and Shreya)

They are no other then Daya Abhijeet...!!!

Big gunda: Abhey Kamchor...tuje kuch accha admi nahi mila jo tum in CID walon ko uta le aaya...

Purvi(interupts): Nahi nahi aap galat bola hamka nahi...hum isko utha laya...!!!

Big boss is realy frustreted at chand as he has betrayed him...and chand is kept at long distance by Sachin and Vineet...

Abhijeet: Khel hum harne jitne ke liye nahi khelte balki usme hame dilchasbhi ho...or dusre log jo dekh rahe hai unko bhi bohat accha lage...tu toh ye bure kaam hi karta hai...Feer in masum baccho ko kyu isme shamil kar rahe ho...

Daya gives a big slap to gunda and all team is shifteed in CID van...!!!

Now one day before the hockey tournament...

We are shown CID van parking outside the hockey ground...

Deko daro math...Humne jaise bataya hai tu waise hi karo...Purvi is on ground dressed in white pant T-shirt...And a white cap on her head...says on her microphone to Kirti and Koyal whom entire CID Tean is observing...

Woh aa rahe hai Madam..Hume baccha lo please...Koyal says...

Purvi and Shreya signals Abhijeet and Daya about this ...

The Big boss with Two Four gundasncomes in and asks Kirti Koyal to follow him...

Here CID team is in a van almost ready to follow Kirti And Koyal... This Two Cars starts one which is taking Kirti and Other taking Koyal...

After Chasing the cars for certain distance...Daya sees four roads infront and he sees two cars going from first road...he takes his car from that road...

But after a 10-15 minutes ...Abhijeet via Microphone informs Daya that he saw Two cars going from 2nd road...

And that two cars came out from backside entrance of ground whereas Daya saw two cars coming from front entrance...

Daya via microphone asks Purvi and Shreya and Sachin Vineet to also go in two other roads..and to keep in contact with him and Kirti and Koyal..

Purvi and Shreya informs Daya same thing that they saw two cars coming from side entrance of ground...and they are already chasing it...

And they have lost contact with Kirti and Koyal...And Big boss and Chand are also not in contact...

Finally after chasing two cars for a long time Daya abhijeet and Vineet sachin reach the old fort which is half broken...

They move in very carefully Killing the gundas without making any sound...

And at that time Daya understand that There are Cameras fixed inside the fort and hetells everyone to becomes aware...

They could hear and see beneath a big area which is surrounded with four sides by big walls...and only one entrance that too they have to go by stairs...

Abhijeet: Arrey Daya ... Purvi Shreya kaha reh gaye?

Daya and all others try to contact Purvi and Shreya but its Unavailable...

Here we are shown a bridge... And below it is little water in lake and then we are shown a land surface which is getting opened slowly and slowly with pressure

from inside...And its deep inside and inside the big narrow hole lilke pipe inside the land surface are kept Kirti and koyal along with Purvi and Shreya...

Purvi and Shreya after big efforts have managed to open land surface soil with pressure from inside...And their white dresses has turned Choclate as if the dress

has completely lost its original colour...

Purvi asks Kirti and koyal to move out from the whole which is made by Purvi and shreya ...

They both do accordingly...

Then both Purvi and Shreya by giving support to each other comes out...

Now we are shown the cross marks made by Purvi when coming in to search for Kirti and Koyal...

Ye marks hamare kaam aayenge..mein bohot baar aise school college ke time pe forest mein camp ke liye aayi hu...Purvi had sayed to Shreya when

they were going to search kirti and koyal in jungle area...

They had seen Kirti and Koyal being taken inside the jungle by gundas...

And when they had reached near the point where gunda had carried kirti koyal gundas hit their head and forced them inside that narrow whole like pipe...

Here Daya abhijeet vineet sachin are kept on gun point by telling them that if they try to stop them from doing the drug deal then they will see death of their officers and kirti koyal...

Daya : Par hum kaise yakin kare ki humare officers Purvi aur Shreya and kirti koyal tum logo ke pass hai...??

Man whos having ciggarete stick and with black hat and goggle said: Toh kar lo jo karna chahte ho... inko toh hum upar pohocha hi denge...

Daya abhijeet vineet sachin stands back ...

Man with goggles and black hat says ab kaise hua...!! accha hai samaj gaye... Aur haan kal hockey tournament mein wahi hoga waisehi hoga jo hum chahega...

Here we are shown Purvi and Freddy reaches near the fort...Where Daya abhijeet vineet sachin are kept...

Its when they reach there near entrance they understand that its steel door and its locked from inside..

Freddy; Purvi ab hum log kaise jayenge andar??

Purvi ; Freddy sir ab ek hi rastA hai... Hum ye rope (she goes in CID van and points to rope ) upar is diwar ko band is rope ke sahare upar jayenge...

Freddy: Accha... idea accha hai Purvi... Par mujhe dar lag raha hai... tum jao upar..mein tumhara hosla badata hu...

Purvi; Par sir aapko kaise dar lag sakta hai? AAp toh (looks around) Daya sir and abhijeet sir se kum nahi hai...

Freddy: (all smiling) Arrey Purvi haan haan ek tum hi ho jo mujhe acche se samjti ho...

Freddy with great pressure hangs the rope on the fort walls which have nail like shape...

Purvi gives little support to freddy sir when after going long distance up Freddy is very nervous...

Purvi; Sir neeche mat dekhiye... Socho ki aap ek great star hai sir...Daro mat ...

Freddy : Ya YA YOU Are right Purvi...

When they are moving up freddy points to Purvi that their are cameras inside and they move very very slowly and carefully and when they reach on top of fort

they try to come infront of eyes of DUO and vineet sachin...

Purvi signals them that she and shreya are alright and shreya has taken kirti koyal with her...

We see Daya suddenly kicks on floor and it makes a lot of dust in air...

And when everything is settled the gunda finds themseleves unarmed and are on gun point...

CID catches all gundas and big boss chand and two foreingers who were to make drug deals...

Next Day

Its day of hockey tornament and all the team is on hockey ground ...Purvi wishes kirti and koyal good luck and all the team also wishes them...

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