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|Happy Birthday Karan Wahi|~Heartthrob of Million~

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Posted: 08 June 2013 at 10:54am | IP Logged

Kahaani Karan Ke Admins Ki!!!

This story is about 4 very velle and useless nikammis. Their ONLY job in the world is to dig, hunt, and snoop around for news and info regarding the cutest and sexiest guy in the entire universe known as Mr. Karan Wahi!!! These four; Zarqa, Harshita (Harshu), Aashni and Mona are not only Wahi Pankhas but also the super awesome admins of Karan Wahi's fanpages on Facebook & Twitter. Their job is to always update their fellow Wahians on things regarding Mr. Wahi. These four brilliant beautiful women sit around all day long posting pics, videos, news, articles, statuses and whatnot about Karan Wahi. Let's take a look at a small phase in their lives:

A week before Karan's entry in Jhalak Dikhla Jaa. Zarqa & Harshita's Whatsapp conversation:

Zarqa: "Harshuuu!!!!!! Nikammiii tune dekha Wahi entering Jhalak as Wild Card!!!!!"

Harshita: "OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! Yayyy!!!! Woohooo ab maza aayega..jaldi se official announcement page pe post karde and tweet bhi kar..Wahistan mein bhi."

Zarqa: "Theek hai I'll post on the page and tu tweet karde'yayyy this is so exciting!!! We have to get all the voting details and all'sabko inform kardo!!"

Harshita: "Haan Haan sab gather karke IF pe bhi sabko PM kardeti hoon'sab apni ids, FB, Twitter sab ids ready rakhne ko kehti hoon. We've gotta vote like crazy!"


Cut to Karan's entry in Jhalak episode:

Zarqa: "Harshuuu aaj Wahi ka entry episode hai'.tu live updates degi na?"

Harshita: "Haan baba of course, chal pehle we'll post voting details everywhere so there are no confusions baad mein"

Zarqa: "Harshuu it's almost time'kaha hai nikammi??? Live updates dene hai jaldi aaa!!!"

Harshita: "I'm here yaar'abhi 10 min hai..dinner time BRB"

Zarqa: "Okiess jaldi aa"

Zarqa: "Harshuuu it's 9pm where are u?? Live updates shuru kar"

Harshita: "Aagayi aagayi lemme start live updates on Twitter. Issshhh Wahi is looking so cute re"

Zarqa: "Uff jala mat meko'abhi tak it's not posted online L"

Harshita: "lol..koi na wait a little"

Zarqa: "Wait jhak maarke karna padega'chal tab tak lemme search for some pics of Karan from Jhalak'where are my stalking glasses Lol"

Harshita: "Lol good good'search everywhere, har ek pic chahiye :P"


At the end of episode, both Harshu and Zarqa post voting details for Wahi everywhere possible. All this continued throughout Karan's journey in Jhalak! Harshita, Zarqa along with Aashni & Mona had no other job in the world during those weeks.


Cut to 100,000 likes of Karan Wahi Facebook FanPage!!!!

Aashni: "OMMMGGG!!!! Guysss our page is gonna hit 100K very soon yayyy yayyy!!!!!"

Mona: "Yayyy Woohoo :D Congosss to all!!!!"

Harshita: "Yayyy congosss :D We should do something special!! Wahi ka interview karte hai!!"

Zarqa: "100k Woohooo yayy!!! Yes yes Wahi ka interview we should do'video interview would be awesome!!! Aashni c'mon yaar let's patio him Lol"

Aashni: "Great idea guys'chalo will message Karan and ask him'hopefully he won't be busy and agree!!!"

Zarqa, Harshtia, Mona: "Agree kar lega hum agree karwa lenge *EVIL GRIN* LOL"

Few days later, Aashni messages the other three on Whatsapp!!

Aashni: "Guysss guess what?!?!?!?!?! Good News!!!"

Zarqa:  "Karan maan gaya for interview??!? Yayy??"

Harshita: "Arey jaldi batao kya good news hai? Just few more days till we hit 100K'Wahi ke interview ka arrangement hogaya na? Zarquu nikammi don't get abhi se excited Lol"

Aashni: "LOL u guys let monaji come phir will tell"

Zarqa Harshtia: "Uff tell abhi na'Monajiii jaldi aajaooo!!!"

Monaji: "I'm here bachas'aashni bata nikammi what good news?"

Aashni: "Finally you're here'so yesss good news, Karan agreed for video interview Wooohooo!!!!!! I'm gonna go meet him kal he said he's free toh gonna meet him and take interview !!!"

Monaji, Harshita, Zarqa: "OMMMGGG YAAAYYY!!!!!!!!!! Ek dum mast and long interview lena"

Aashni: "haan baba haan'uff so excited!!! Page pe post kardo ke we have a HUGE surprise coming up for y'all!!!"

Harshita: "Arey pehle interview le aao phir we'll post lol"

Zarqa: "Ya warna popat hojaega LOL"

Aashni was finally able to meet Mr. Wahi and interview him for the 100K likes of the page. It was one of the best interviews of Karan, he described his wonderful admins and thanked them! Not only this he also declared his admins as the most clueless, useless people who have no life and are on Twitter and Facebook 24/7 (Oh Karan you know us so well LOL). The page reached 100K likes the video was published by the admins, we all congratulated each other and Mr. Wahi even promised his admins a grand party (which he still owes us'we won't let you forget Karan LOL).

After Karan's amazing statement regarding his admins, their madness grew more and more and then one day a news came floating around from somewhere "Karan Wahi to Host Nach Baliye 5?" All were very excited by this, but wanted to get confirmation so they all messaged their co-admin and the man himself Karan Wahi. He informed them that yes he is indeed hosting Nach Baliye 5, but they have to keep mum about it for just few days! These four were on cloud 9 that finally their rockstar is coming back!!!! Few days later they made an official announcement of Karan hosting NB5!! And again the madness continued'

Zarqa"Harshuu it's almost time'kaha hai nikammi??? Live updates dene hai jaldi aaa!!!"

Harshita: "I'm here yaar'abhi 10 min hai..dinner time BRB"

Zarqa: "Okiess jaldi aa"

Zarqa: "Harshuuu it's 9pm where are u?? Live updates shuru kar"

Harshita: "Aagayi aagayi'lemme start live updates on Twitter. Issshhh Wahi is looking so cute re"

Zarqa: "Uff jala mat meko'abhi tak it's not posted online L"

Harshita: "lol..koi na wait a little"


Cut to Karan's birthday preparations: 1 month before the D-Day!!!!

Zarqa"OMG OMG OMG Guysss exactly a month before Karan's birthday!!! Kya plans? Kuch special? Something'?? I'm stressing abhi and so excited aisa lag raha hai mera khudka bday hai Lol"

Harshita: "Don't worry baba we'll think of everything'yesshhh even I'm excited itna toh khudke birthday ke liye bhi excite nahi hote Lol"

Zarqa: "Lol seriously yaar I've never been so excited for my birthday lol'anywho socho socho kya karna hai'.thread we'll make on IF'par something different hona chahiye this time na?"

Harshita: "Haan yaar'sochte hai'kuch na kuch toh soch lenge Hehehe'fans messages collect toh pakka karenge and we can try for messages from his friends too'what say?"

Zarqa: "Oh yesshhh purrfeccttt idea'chal we'll message Wahi's celeb friends from the FC account on Twitter and FB hope we get some replies."

Harshtia: "Yupp yuppp toh chalo lag jao kaam pe!!!"

Zarqa: "Yeshhh lemme post in Wahistan too about fan messages, sigs, VMs, and etc. Ek deadline rakh lete hai toh it'll be easier for us."

Harshita: "Yuppp and Twitter pe bhi announce kar dete hai ke we're collecting Wahi's birthday sigs and VMs."

Zarqa: "Yesshhh lessggooo!!!!!!!"

And so began the month long mehnat-full journey of Wahi's admins trying to make the special day very special. Karan's admins again put on their stalking glasses and stalked most of his celeb friends on Facebook, Twitter and everywhere possible. They messaged those celebs couple of times and were successful in getting few messages. (After all they're not THAT much of Nikammis LOL) Along with all this Zarqa & Harshita spent hours trying to figure out what special thing they should do for the birthday thread'they have to make it AMAZING. A lot of people had expectations from them. So after days and days of thinking and over-thinking the two finally came up with a superb idea! Describing Karan's long and successful journey of 9 long years!!! And a very unique idea know as "You Know You're A Wahian When'"

*Look at the post Below* ;)


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June 9th is a very special day, in fact the most special day ever!! Yes you have guessed it right, on this very fine day the sexiest, cutest, sweetest, and the most chocolati-est guy of Television Karan Wahi A.K.A. our SexyFace was born!!! With his messed up hair cute smile and a charm that misses no eye, Karan Wahi managed to steal millions of girls' hearts in no time!!

Karan's loved and adored by people all around the world for his extra ordinary to die for looks and an amazingly hot personality, but at the same time he is LOVED and ADORED for the kind of a person he is. Karan Wahi is one of the most honest, genuine, down to earth celebrity with a pure and golden heart when can ever come across. He was recognized as the celebrity with the BIGGEST FAN FOLLOWING by the GR8 Magazine and yet Karan maintains his humble, polite, sweet, down to earth nature. He is the most friendliest guy ever!! The fact that he has so many amazing n lovely friends around him proves this. Karan has managed to gain immense respect and love of all his fans and every single person that knows him because of the beautiful human being he is!! Which makes his fans proudly say that Yes We are Karan Wahi Fans, that Yes We are Wahians!! Very Proud Wahians!!!

Because of his honest and genuine nature Karan has managed to gain so much fame and popularity in just 9 years. Not only he is a great human being he is an amazing fabulous fantastic actor!! 

Karan entered our lives as an actor on November 1st 2004 as the very cute and charming Ranveer Sisodia of Remix which was awarded the best show of the decade!! Karan's portrayal of Ranveer was loved by thousands and thousands of girls all around the world, not only the girls the aunties uncles bacha parties the guys EVERYONE Loved and adored Ranveer!! The character and Karan became a household name in no time. Karan had girls screaming and going crazy for him. In no time Karan as Ranveer became every girl's dream man <33 Karan managed to bag the Best Debut Male Award at the ITA Awards in 2005 for his amazing fabulous portrayal of Ranveer Sisodia!!

Few years later on March 25th 2008, Karan entered Sony's Reality Show Mr. and Ms. TV. He made a grand entry with his electrifying performance on Dus Bahane!!! Here we saw Karan's many more talents besides acting. His fabulous dancing talent, Superb singing talent, we heard him sing in super hot sexy and husky voice. Here we saw trying his hands with comedy and mimicry and of course succeeding. He once again had girls screaming and going crazy for him. Not only he had the girls and the audience cheering and rooting for him. He had bowled over the judges, Sonali Bendre and Madhur Bhandarka with his power packed performance. Though Karan did not win the title of Mr. Television he still managed to be the runner up among all the contestants and most importantly he once again proved that he is a true Superstar and Rockstar!!!



One year later on April 27th 2009, Karan entered Mere Ghar Aayi Ek Nanhi Pari as the male protagonist, Rajveer Malhotra a.k.a. Raj!!! Raj was complete opposite of Ranveer. Raj was cute and charming totally filmy Punjabi munda!!! Rajveer was a naughty carefree kind of a guy who believed that one can not love one woman all their lives. Karan's portrayal of Raj was once again loved by many. And the cute naughty side was very much loved by the girls. Though the show did not do that well, but Karan's work was very much appreciated!!!

Then came September 22nd 2010, Karan Wahi made his entry in the very popular youth show of Star One Dill Mill Gayye as the new intern Dr. Siddhant Modi a.k.a. our Sid. Although he was very criticized and disliked for his entry in the show, Karan took all the hatred and criticism in a positive way and managed to once again capture everyone's hearts with his mind blowing fantastic portrayal of Sid. Sid was a smart and spoilt brat from a filthy rich family in USA. He was sent to India to become a doctor like everyone else in his family. In the initial days of Sid, he was shown as the "bacha" for who life is nothing but a PS3 game, but later on in the show he was shown as a caring loving sweet husband, a mature responsible man for whom others happiness mattered more than his. Siddhant Modi is one character that has taught us to believe, love, dream, and hope. And all this has been possible because of one man and that man is none other than Karan Wahi.  Karan portrayed this character with such brilliance that it made everyone fall head over heels for Siddhant Modi. Karan brought Sid's character to life with his excellent performance. Be it the cute bratty spoilt bacha, the mature and responsible doctor, the caring and loving husband, the very sweet and friendly Sid who is always ready to help others, or the man who gave his everything to his wife but in return got nothing but betrayal. The purity and the beauty that Karan brought in this character just did wonders for all of us and we fell deeply in love with Sid. His fantastic and flawless performance bought Sid to life.  When Sid cried we all cried, when he laughed we all laughed with him and that shows the greatness of an actor. Karan Wahi's truly a great actor, very versatile; he has shown us so many shades of Sid in such a short period of time. And he has portrayed each shade so beautifully and with perfection.  And as a reward to this Karan was nominated at the ITA Awards 2010 for the Best Actor Male for his amazing flawless portrayal of Dr. Siddhant Modi in DMG!!!

Later on December 20th 2010 Karan entered Sony's show Baat Humari Pakki Hai as Ranbir Malhotra. This was a cameo and it was the first cameo Karan has ever done. Ranbir's character was the most Wicked character Karan has ever played. He was smart rich talented and a successful guy.

After playing Ranbir, Karan disappeared from our Television screens for few months, but he again made a banging comeback with another reality show, Ritz Jeele Yeh Pal. This reality show was all about adventure, with Karan and few other celebrities, this show had racing, adventure, and many different tasks. Karan not only managed to complete all the tasks and win the races, he also became the ULTIMATE WINNER- THE MAHARJA of the show along with his partner Mamta!

Few months after JYP, Karan entered our lives as the very cute, adorable and jolly, Rohan in Kuch Toh Log Kahenge. Although Rohan was a cameo, on public demand, the role and character went on for few months. Karan was LOVED as Rohan by his fans. Not only was his character of Rohan was adored, people loved and adored the new jodi they got in the name of KarTika (Karan Wahi & Krtika Kamra) During KTLK, Karan & Kritika's mind-blowing on and of screen chemistry and friendship was loved by thousands of people. Even today people are dying to see these two together in a show as leads!

After his exist from KTLK, Karan entered the famous dance reality show Jhalak Dikhla Jaa as a wild card contestant. With his first performance on the Jhalak stage with his choreographer Mohena, Karan burned the dance floor and the judges were super impressed with him. Then began Karan's journey in Jhalak which lasted about 6 weeks, he scored a Purrrfeeccttt 30 for his first performance. All the judges were awed by his talent and director Karan Johor said he sees a superstar in Karan!! Superstar Salman Khan who was a guest judge on the show also Loved Karan's performance and was all praises for him. Although Karan was eliminated from Jhalak and didn't make it to the Top 5, he was LOVED by all! The judges were impressed with him and his fanbase grew to newer and bigger heights!!! 

During Jhalak, Karan also did a Telefim for Teri Meri Love Story series titled "Dhadkan" It was a short one episode Telefilm, Karan portrayed the role of Dr. Ritesh, a young, cute full of life person. Everyone again loved Karan as Ritesh and he again received loads of praises for his flawless and perfect performance!!

After his stint in Jhalak, Karan came back on our screens again with a reality show, but this time not as a contestant, but as a host! Nach Baliye 5 gave us an amazing super talented host known as Karan Wahi!!!! With his superb anchoring abilities and comic timing with co-host Gautam Rode, Karan managed to steal our hearts again. This was the first time, hosts were more loved than the actual contestants! In the last episode of Nach Baliye 5 Karan mesmerized his fans, judges, contestants, and everyone with his beautiful singing. He dedicated the song "Jeene Ke Ishaare" to his friend ji, judge Shilpa Shetty Kundra. Karan's performance was love and appreciated by many. In fact right after his performance was aired, Karan Wahi was trending at No. 3 all over Twitter!!!! Nach Baliye 5 became a huge hit and with it Karan Wahi- The Host came in limelight!!!

After Nach Baliye 5, Karan hosted Nach Baliye Shreeman vs. Shreemati for 3 weeks with Aishwariya Sakhuja. Karan took a month break and is now again back on our screens hosting Indian Idol Junior with Mandira Bedi!! And as always Karan is doing a fabulous job at it and his fans are loving him!!!

Apart from all this, Karan had played cricket from state level in Delhi as he is also a fantastic cricketer. Also he has performed on many award functions and done several commercials. He also hosted a segment of Star Guild Awards with Salman Khan. Not only this Karan has done many photo shoots. Along with all this Karan is also part of the All Star Football Club. A soccer team with Bollywood stars like Abhishek Bachchan (captain) Ranbir Kapoor (vice captain) and some sports star. They play soccer for charity. Karan and his team ASFC, has played a soccer match against the Indian Cricket Team All Hearts Football Club captained by Virat Kohli. 

So all you beautiful people out there let's come together and wish this wonderful man know as Karan Wahi A Very Happy Birthday!!! We all Love u very very very very much Karan!!! May God Bless you and may this year bring lots and lots happiness for you!! May all your dreams and wishes come true and you achieve loads n loads n loads of success in whatever you do!!! We all will love you and support you till Infinity!!!! So once again A very Happy Birthday Karan!!!!! 

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You Know You're A Wahian When...

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Shrishti Arya (Shrishti Di)

Rahul Mahajan

Aishwariya Sakhuja

Krtika Kamra

Shekhar Ravjiani

Sandip Sickand

Salil Acharya

Karan Arora

Sharad Kelkar

Tina Darira

Hussain Kuwajerwala

Sargun Mehta

Bhave Narang

Shibani Dandekar

Prachi Tyagi

Sneha Kapoor

Shefali Jariwala

Mukti Mohan

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OHHHEEEMMMGGGEEE!!!!!! It's June 9th!!!!! You know what that means?!? Of course you do..It's your birthday my SexyFace PartyPartyParty So here I am wishing you a very very very Happy Birthday Karan!! May God Always bless you, May He fulfill all your wishes and blesses you with loads of love, happiness, and success cuz u deserve every bit of it!!! Have a rocking birthday Wahi Ji!! I love you so freakin much <33333 With all honesty I have NEVER Loved and adored an actor/celebrity as much as I love and adore you! You have seriously become my addiction I cannot go one day without looking at your pics or videos or anything related to you and NO Wahi ji it's not creepy it's my Louvvv for u..sacha waala ishq waala love EmbarrassedLOL You are a beautiful soul and please always remain like this, so honest, genuine, sweet, loving, caring and so kind. Your honesty is the biggest reason I fell for you so hard and of course your amazingly good looks!! Uff Wahiii jiii you are super sexy and you are getting sexier day by day BlushingBlushingBlushing I can drool 24/7 on you…and you know thatTongue You're simply PERFECT Karan!! Along with being such a good looking handsome guy, and a beautiful soul you are a very talented actor as well. I've loved each and every character you've portrayed on screen be it Ranveer Raj Sid Rohan Ranbir you played every character with so much perfection and bought them to life!!! Also you're a fantastically superb dancer and you proved that in Jhalak!!! Aur to top that you're an awesome host!! The BEST host ever!!!! I LOVED you in Nach n now I'm loving you in IIJ as well!!!! So once again wish you a very Happy Birthday Karan!! Have a rocking day, party hard, and just enjoy yourself!!!!! God Bless!! I LOVE YOU HugHugHug

-Zarqa Heart


Happpyyy Birthday ROCKSTAR HugHugHug I still cant believe The "D" Day is here Shocked I'm so excited right now Big smile .May all your cherished desires come true.Embarrassed Live ur life to the fullest and enjoy every moment of it along with ur dear ones Embarrassed May u get all the happiness of this world. 

I have loved you since  REMIX  days.  You are the first & the only actor that i have loved so much, and i don't think i'll ever get so emotionally attached to any other actor like i have with you! LOLEmbarrassed You're one of the BEST actors of this generation! Approve JDJ , NB & IIJ  has given you an opportunity to explore your dancing & anchoring skills & you've played this part PURRRFFEECCTTLLY ! ( MD's styleWinkLOL)  I've always been a fan of your acting but i also love the person you are <3 you're one of the most down to earth and humble celebrity EVER <3 Always be like this - sweet , cute , naughty & honest because these are the things which sets you apart from everyoneEmbarrassed

Party hard and live your life to the fullest . God bless u & may you have a great time on your birthdayBig smile

Love ya muhaaaHeartHeart



WOAH! Finally the day arrived for which we all wait for the whole year! Okay so Wahi let me sing Happy Birthday for you in my not so surili awaaz hehe! 
So here i go -
Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday to you!
Wahi!!!!! Karan!! I wish you a many more Happy Returns of the Day!
From where i should start hmm? Theek hai! I was in class 7th when Remix came and my best friend suggested me to watch that show! Aaannnddd i love you since dan Mr Wahi! I was completely mesmerised the way a 18 year old young boy played the role of Ranveer Sisodia! The anger the emotions you just killed it! and you got your first award for it too!  Well deserved! but dan you vanished and came back in 2008 in Mr and Miss television i was OMG Karan is back Karan is back! I loved all your performances in it! But what i was missing was your acting! And dan came Dr Siddhant Modi! The character which will be remembered in the HISTORY of Indian Television! According to me no other actor could have played Sid better dan you! It was like Sid became a part of your and our life! We cried with Sid..we smiled with Sid! SID WAS SID! And after that you continued to rule our hearts be it with the cunning Ranbir...or the adorable Rohan or the Dil ka doctor Ritesh! You were just AMAZING in each of the roles you potrayed! 
It is said that nobody is perfect! but i disagree with it! For me you define Perfection! You are the most good looking guy ever! You are like Gorgeous! I m sure all other guys in the industry must be jealous of you for those killer looks! and your body! So damm fit! You got everything a girl would want in her prince charming! You are such a pure soul...the way you care for your! Always too the honest! Aaahhh how can you be sooo sooo good? Honestly speaking people ask me that you are always praising Wahi and why you are not a fan of any other guy i say i dont have time to drool on any other guy as perfection is right here !  You are sucha kickass! Dude you are multitalented! I just hope and pray that you get whatever you want! You are the hottest ! the cutest and the sexiest guy ever! You are a COMPLETE PACKAGE! Rockstar Wahi! Stay like this forever! Hope you have an elated birthday and have many more prosperous and successful years ahead, because this is the least you deserve. There are so many Karans around the world, but out of all of them, you are the one that shines out to me! Party hard which m sure you will! 
I can go on and on but others gotta say too haha! but you always rule my heart and no one else can take your place! 
A wonderful human being, a powerhouse performer and a complete entertainer! Thats our Karan Wahi!  THE BEST! All the best for your future projects! 
Happy Birthday once again Wahi!
Lots of love and wishes!
keep shining! keep rocking!


yaaayyy so finally its here. The most awaited day of the year ohh yessshhh. Its our SUPERSTAR, Karan Wahi's bday... And Eid day for ever wahian

Wish you a very very HAPPPY BIRTHDAY ROCKSTAR WAHI. <3333333333
Wish u a great splendid n wonderful day.. May this year brings u lots of happines n success n may you find all your dreams awaiting you at your door.. 
I realy feel proud to be a hardcore wahian and grateful to God for the day when i first saw you on my tv screens.. The second i saw u, from that day till date i couldnt stop myself from falling in love with you with each passing moment with each passing day... And then its jst bcoz of you that i got so many true n sincere friends. We laughed together, we cried, we fought, we drooled n made a great and strong ever family which came to be known as "Wahian Family"... 
How your one picture has that capacity to lighten up our moods. How your one simple "hellosss" can made days and nights of some. How your one cute signature smile can lit up the faces of millions. And these are something u wont get unless YOU ARE A WAHIAN.

You are known to be my first n last ever inspiration... we not just love you. We support you we follow you we look up to you on every step of life...

Now realy hope to see you back on our screens again. We are loving you as an anchor. But want to see you soon in some fiction or may be a movie.May you get lotsa work this year so that we can see you on our screens 24/7

Have a rocking blastful splendid awesome cakelicious bday.

With lots of love 
"Huma Khan"


Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Karan
Happy Birthday to you
Wish you a very very very Happy Birthday Karan!! May all your dreams n wishes come true and you get all that you desire for..hope this coming year of your life is full of love, happiness and success..and keep smiling as your smile makes us smile..I don't have words to explain what you mean to us..its almost 3 years now and in these years my love and respect for you have reached you have become such an important part of our lives that its impossible for us to even imagine a day without discussing you..well of course you are cute, hot and sexy apart from all this there is beautiful heart inside you which makes you so so special  anddd you're the best muahzzz 
Ok Happy birthday once again and plz come back soon..we miss seeing you as an actor..boht anchoring ho gayi ab wapis actor ban jao  lol
With love 


Happy Bdayyy to uuu...Happy Bdayyy to uuu 
Happy bdayyy..Happy Bdayyy ...Happy Bdayyy tooo uuu
*huh* Sang d whole song finally..haha
Hey Karan ..its ur Bdayy first of all Wish U A VERY Happy Birthdayy
On this special day I wish u all the happiness in life...U r doing grt in ur carrier and hope it goes on like this and u becum more sucessfulll with each passing day..
Enjoyyy ur dayy to d fullest..Partyyy harddd ...*m sure u will* 
and do share sum pics lolzz
lots and lots of LOVE


May the brightest wishes on your birthday shine every path of yours in good and bad times. May your birthday be as special as you are special to me. May you sail through all the obstacles and challenges to success. I wish you a peaceful mind, joyous heart and a successful life. Have a magical birthday with love and hugs.- Raghni


hiii karan many many happy returns of the day..wish u get all d succes dis year also like u did previous year..hope dis year brings u more success n happiness u deserve..keep rocking n entertaining us like u n bless u wahiii...hugggsss!!


Happy Birthday Wahi gg 
THEN DANCING <--- *Mindblowing* 
& NOW HOSTING <-- *Rocking*
-lots of love 
-from ur die hard fan rashi


Happy Birthday Karan! Hope you have a fantastic day, a wonderful night and a successful, happy year ahead! You've done so well in your career so far and may God continue to guide the way so you never stumble, continue to climb higher peaks of success and your list of achievements is always seamless! From remix till now there's clear development in the graph and on behalf of all your fans, we sincerely wish it just gets better and better for you! You are such a wonderful guy at heart with such an amazing circle of friends and family and fans whom support you unconditionally, you're known across seven seas and it just reflects of how deserving you are as an individual. Good things come to those who wait, stick at it and you'll continue to entertain our screens on the small screen and even the big screen one day! Hope all your dreams and wishes come true. Can't wait to see more of you in the coming years, keep smiling, please never change and god bless you always xx Thanks love, Nish x




Happy Birthday Karan!! :) Hope this day is as special as u are to us! May God bless u and  may this year brings lots of joy in ur life. Hope all ur dreams and wishes come true, and u reach many more heights of success! Karan, u are an amazing multitalented actor. We love you as an actor, we love you as a dancer, and we love you as a sexy anchor!! But above all we love u'Wahi..for who u don't change..unless it's for the better! :) We really appreciate all of the efforts u make to interact with your fans. I just want to let u know that we are proud to be ur fans, and can't wait to see u in Indian Idol Junior..or perheps a movie! Once again I would like to wish u a very happy birthday! :D p.s. Party Hard! :) Love, Himu


Happyyy walaasa birthday sadde Delhiii de sexyy mundeee Wahiii <3<3 Luvvv uu !! May be have 100s of years to live!! May U always look young !! Many many happy returns of the dayyy!!! U'll get a lot of success in ur life! luvvv U !! Vibhu



Firstly wishing the most cutest boy on planet cakelicious happy Bdaay Wahi may this bday be as special as you are..!.it feels so proud to see you excelling in everything. You are a deadly combo of hotness,cuteness n not to forget your killer smile.. N above all you are a wonderful human never seen any celebrity who loves their fans so much n also try to be connected with us..bday boy just one request please get back on tv soon millions of fans are waiting for your comeback in a fiction show.n once again wishing you happy bday enjoys party hard keep posting your pics n make us fall in love with you more n more love u Wahi stay blessed from --Ash kale


Happy Birthday Wahiii! May you have many many more! You are absolutely a multi talented person! From an actor, to host, to a dancer, and you even sing so well. I wonder how do you handle such cuteness? You are one if the most genuine and the most humble actor, love the way you are so down to Earth! Love your bonding with your costars and your fans, you have sucha sweet nature ! Happy wala Birthday once again! may you get all the success in life that you deserve! Love you loads Stay blessed hottie!


Happy wala bday...May god bless u with lots of good health as well as wealth...I request you to do a love serial like DMG or remix...Wahians are so desperate to see you back in a serial...In the end I would like to say "keep rocking" as you are doing from previous years...
Dv Khn


hey hppy bday karan...
truly m so hppy today tht someone frm Delhi hs made such a big impact on entertainment industry nd tht too widout not much help frm others..

i became ur fan when i got addicted to Remix nd u looked too cute in tht...ur style of delivering dialogues in remix by always adding "HUM" in front sounds really classy nd traditional...honestly i did copied ur style every time i see u on tv right frm ur shirts,jeans nd accessories.

ur chemistry wid ur leading ladies had been outstanding nd tht looked real...i so love the fact tht u r such a frndly guy tht u r good frnds wid almost every body in industry...nd wht shud i say about ur girl fan following..this toh we all know

i love ur frndship wid karan singh grover a lot...frm tv u two r my style icons nd m glad tht u r besties in real life...i so miss all ur masti wid ksg in DMG...

in the end i wanna say ki plzz come back in some daily soap soon nd HPPY WAALA BDAY ONCE AGAIN

Divij Dhingra


Hello Karan..happy birthday.Abhi 27 se ho jayoge aap,but the important thing is u still look like a 21 yr old guy.
So in a way,u defy te natural rules of ageing and me as a fan,i am very lucky ki main aise shaksiyat ka fan hu,
who defies natural laws (some superman).Ur current stint as an anchor in NB5 was tremendous and humorous.
Aapko yeh jaanke bahut khushi hogi ki maine aapke kuch jokes bahut saari larkion pe try kiye,and guess what,
most of them have been quite successful,so in a way,my life is all set and happy because of you.So i wish you a very
happy birthday,enjoy,party hard,celebrate ur success and aapko specially mere di ki side se ek kiss..(on ur cheeks).
Hope u get far more success,far more love and far more appreciation from everyone because u thoroughlly deserve it.Stay 
healthy and keep rocking us! Can't frigging wait for Indian Idol juniors! Lots of love and wishes

-Dip Bhadra (Ur long term fan)


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KWAT Newbie

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Posted: 08 June 2013 at 10:59am | IP Logged

Wishing you a very happy birthday Karan may God bless you with more happiness than you spread with your portrayal of Ranvir, Sid or Rohan or simply being Karan Wahi.
Keep smiling always and sign a new show soon!


Wahi u know what u look so cute in this television industry u are chocolaty milky boy of this industryyy the way you laugh and the way you behave hayeee i soo love you but im missing you plzz do any telly soap and that too jaldi and one more thing abt you which attracts me is u are friendly with everyone which is rarely seen in this industry u are a man wih amazing heart and your bday is on the way yaaay its actually a festival to all ur fans so here im wishing you a super duper happy birthday from bottom of my heart and have a party filled with lots of fun and laughter may god bless you with all the sucess and prosperity in both ur personal and professional lives and haan i mean each and everyword these are from bottom of my heart Love you so very much



ts our rockstar's birthdayyy.. Yay.. Happy Birthday Karan.. May Ganpati Bappa fulfill all your dreams.. Keep shining.. Nd Smiling.. Cant wait for your surprise.. Just want you to shine like a brightest star in the sky.. Wahiii.. love you alottt.. just stay like this down to earth and loving.. You are so cute, sexy and hot...? Hayee bas chale to I want to change Cute definition in dictionary into Karan Wahiii..? ?


Happy birthday Delhi boy i call that to u since i saw you in remix and i feel happy that i am also form delhi like you a punjabi like you ok enough of this many many happy returns of the day karan realy i never saw a genuine celeb like you i hope and pray you will get alot of sucess and good health in life keep smiling and showering lovel ike this love you Rab rakha



Dear Wahi boy!
wish u a very very very Happy Birthday! May this birthday brings lots & lots of happiness & success in ur life! you have a powerful screen presence & an adorable face thats why people love & adore u this much! I have always loved ur chracters weather its dr.Ritesh in TMLS or Rohan in KTLK! oviously the best one & cherry on the cake was dr.SID! I started watching dmg only because of u"! loved ur brilliant acting there! & then u came as a dancer in Jhalak & yet again we loved ur dancing there! what a fab dancer u are! when I heard u ll gonna host Nach I was about to faint! I mean how a person can be this much multi-talented? *touchwood* u as a host were absolutely pleasure to watch"! u glued all the audience to the show"! & not to forget u are a sexy sportsman too;) you are one guy who is without any kind of issues or ego hassles & I absolutely adore u for that! all the very best for indian idol! I know u ll rock here too! Just one request we all are waitting to see u in a daily soap! pls for god sake think about it after indian idol! we love u & always with u in all ups & downs! wish u the very best in absolutely all ur endeavours! May god bless u! lots of love & good wishes! & once again Happy Birtthday!
- Kriya!



HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE MOST SPECIAL PERSON IN MY LIFE , KARAN WAHI ! ? You're such a humble person i've ever seen and known and it's definitely a pleasure knowing you and being a die-hard fan of yours ! You never fail to make me smile all the time, never fail to encourage me by your shows *eheee, yup i do get encouraged* you're like a happy pill to me ? , never failing to make me laugh on the days i am down with your super cute jokes and lastly always being such a pyaarable person ! ? May this year be a splendid one for you, may all your dreams and wishes come true and may god bless you with good health always ! (: And may your birthday be as special as you are to me ! ? Keep rocking and all the very best for your new show and your upcoming projects and keep stealing every single girls heart with your lovely charm ! ? And lastly , i'm/we're always there supporting you like each and every loyal fan would do ! ? LOVE YOU !

OOOH , and lastly again ! *sowiee* Ahaaa ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY KARAN WAHI ! ?



Happiiee Bday Mr. Wahi.. ? ?

Luv u loads.. ?

And keep Entertaining us..

Luv ya.


Dear Wahi,

Wishing you happiness 
To welcome each morning, 
Wishing you laughter 
To make your heart sing. 
Wishing you friendship 
Sharing and caring, 
And all of the joy 
The birthday can bring!
Happy Birthday!!!

Hey Wahi ...
The flowers smell sweeter today, and the birds sing merrier. 
They are all trying to wish you a great day, because it is a special day. May you have a wonderful year, I wish you a very Happy Birthday. Enjoy and have a blast.!!!

With lots of love and good wishes,


Happy birthday prince...maaany maaany happy returns of the day.
Most of your fans and well wishers will be wishing u success and luck today, I will wish for the smaller mercies.
1. I wish that u get more and more gifts from ur fans, may not be expensive but so heartfelt that it brings u tears of joy.
2. May you get more 'mummy-ke-hath-ka-yummy-khana' , 'full-family-together-after-a-long-time','going-home-yipee' wale days in your busy calender.
3. No matter how successful u r, may u still hv the time to chill with frnds over 'khare-chammach-wali-coffee' and may they still not mind wen u spill some of it on their neatly washed clothes.
4. May your fan base increase from just girls and women to their BFs, husbands, parents, in-laws, siblings and cousins. May u get fan mails from chandni chowk to Antarctica.
5. May you get to drive ur dream car on roads that have a little less traffic ?
6. You do look like a million bucks with both Gautam Rode and Ritwik D, but I still wish u get a princess for u, who can make ur lonely-post-work-dinners warm.
7. How could i miss this one? May u possess the amazing power of gulping down 'butter-chicken' without losing your '8-biscuits-ki-dukaan'
8. Wether u win or lose, may u b able to collect more and more money for the needy through your charity matches.
9. and one wish for myself... may u enchant me more with ur guitar n songs, may u reply to my messages more often and may u keep looking just as yummilicious

May these small mercies make ur life much more beautiful. keep smiling dude... ur smile can melt almost anything. ?
Haaapppy Biiirthday

Rohini Karmakar


Karannn ! Meri jaaan , I love you for the bundle of talent you are , for your brilliant sense of humor , for your innocence and the million dollar smile , for those eyes that speak volume but more than love I respect you for the humility the down to earth nature , your devotion towards your work and and as well as being grateful for your fans ! ? you might not be perfect yet all of these qualities are something that you truly own and not something fake that what really increases my respect for you and love you for every passing moment and will continue to do so , my wish for you is that you get all that you deserve in life ! (: that you keep working hard and keep smiling ... I pray for a wonderful life LOADS OF LOVE , AND HAVE AN AMAZING B'DAY AHEAD ! MWAAAH – Humairah


Happy Birthday to the TV Industry's most jovial and humble personality, Wahiii! I still remember my introduction to Television soaps was through your show Remix and from then I have been following all your shows and am really proud as a fan that in all these years you have been just the same and even if some changes has cropped up in you , it has for the better and has made you even more endearing. Wahi! Just stay the way you are , you are just awesome and there's no one like you and I am sure I am not the only one to say so. 
Have loads of fun on the beginning of a new year of your life and may the almighty bless you with lots of happiness,success and good work and hope to see you more in good projects and hopefully in the big screen too.



Happyyy bday karan ?
May God bless you alwayz !
U hv alwayz made ur fans proud n ds year u proved dt u r an awesum host Keep up d gud wrk
I wish ds year brings mre success n hapinness for u
U r turning 27yr so its high tym to mingle lol
Enjoy ur day
Loads of luv - Payal Sharma


Waaahhhiii ... ur d 1st guy.. i had ever been in love with..LOL... Man..ur just too cutee..and hott tooo...I love d way u way..without any CELEBRITY airs... Wish u remain grounded alwayss... and please come back with a new show...would love to see you in a daily soap... loved ur dostana with Gautam in Nach Baliye..watched it only for you ?
You look dashing in everything u do! Remain the same way..don't ever one among the millions of girls who are mad of youuu... After all the BAK BAKK... Happpy BIRTHDAYYY Waaahii...Wish u reach gr8 success in LIFE... I love u ?


9th June... It was a golden tme 4 twood industry, cz a star cme frm heaven direct to earth to rule d industry. He is non other than my cutiepie, naughty, stylish, loving "WAHI".. Thanx to (hs mother name ) aunty 4 gving birth to such a lovely boy.
A very very hapie b'day Sweetheart... U r too adorable, cute.. Ur acting masallah. I am a crazies fan of urs frm DMG. U rule millions hearts of gals including me. Congo 4 ur all shw and awards and for upcomings too. Wish to see u in bollwood soon.
Once again a very very hapie b'day. Kip rising lyk dis. Be hapie and kip smiling. Loads of love KAMYA


I wont say i'm your biggest fan,but i'm a huge admirer of yours.
I remember falling for you during DMG days when u played Dr.Siddhant Modi. ? I don't know how but you have the charm to make hearts melt just by a smile.You are funny ,lovable , cute and how did I forget HOT. ? Not only do you act well but I believe you are a really good human being. & also you are a complete entertainment package ?
I just wish the best for you & I hope you get all that you want 
in life . LOVE you & You ROCK 
Happy Birthday once again Karan 

Tum Jiyo Hazaaron Saal 
Saal Ke Din Hon Pachaas Hazaar
Suraj Roz Aata Rahe, Roz Gaata Rahe 
Leke Kiranon Ke Mele 
Palachhin, Kaliyaan Gin, Gin Teraa Har Din 
Tab Tak Rangon Se Khelen
Rang Jab Tak Baaki Hai Bahaaron Men
Tum Jiyo Hazaaron Saal 
Saal Ke Din Hon Pachaas Hazaar..


Waaahiii well what to say about you ...The more I watch your interviews or catch you on TV , the more I fall for you. How can you be so cute. And more than being cute I love how down to earth you are . Its hard to maintain the kind of humbleness and genuineness in the world to which you belong but you just make me happy always...I want you go bigger everyday and reach mountain of success in every sphere of life. May god fulfill all your wishes. I wish I catch you soon fighting villians in a Movie soon or making the world go mad over your acting on TV.
Wish Your Birthday Brings More and More Happiness every year. Wish You have a rocking day . Love you , wish god shower all his blessings on You


Haaapppyyy Birthdayyy Wahiii! You are one of the most cutest ad funniest actors ever!! Loved you during NB you totally rocked it!! Love your sense of humor! You got everything an actors needs! Wishing you all the success in Life! 


Happy b'day Karan. May this b'day of yours bring to you lots of joy, prosperity, happiness and love in your life. I am very bad at writing messages but this one ought to be long & special since it is for you. Honestly, I was never such a huge fan of yours compared to what I am today. I always adored you and your acting but never was a huge fan or a WAHIAN (as your fans are termed). But today, I can proudly say that I am a WAHIAN. Remix came in like 8 years before and truly I don't remember most of it. I was a kid then and at that age serials were like HELL for me. So I can say that I never knew you as an actor before Dil Mil Gayye. I won't be wrong if I say that your character is one of the best characters I have ever seen on TV. You acted so well in it that I remember watching "SID dominated" episodes like more than 2 times. I still watch quite a few of those episodes in my spare time since you were so good in them. With that serial you proved yourself to be a FLAWLESS actor. But dancer? Oh boy! I never knew that you were such an amazing dancer too! Your acts in JDJ left me jaw dropped. Completely mesmerizing to watch. You couldn't do many acts since yu were eliminated a little too soon otherwise I know you would have danced till the dance floor fell apart. After JDJ you were GAYAB. We couldn't see you in any show and were thoroughly missing you when Nach Baliye started and we fans became super ecstatic when we came to know you were gonna host. Honestly since you were hosting for the 1st time there wasn't much of expectation from my side but oh well, you proved me wrong. With being a flawless actor, an amazing dancer, you became such an awesome host too! And the NB 5 finale! That was cherry on the cake since you sang. I've never heard you sing before. Keede pade unko jo kehte hai that you don't sing well. You sing exceptionally well. Kitne MULTI - TALENTED ho aap. Ever since frantically like a maniac I've been seeing your interviews and some old episodes of your serials. Your interviews bring a smile on my face. Not many people in the world are so down to earth. Lastly, I know it's your birthday and the birthday boy should be the one making a wish, but I wanna wish something and not 1 but 2 wishes. The first one obviously like any other fan is to meet you and the second one PLEASE come back to acting with a daily soap. PLEASE! *begs* I am sure that it would be well received by the fans and trust me it will break all TRP records. Be the way you are forever and your success will have no boundaries. Have a joyous birthday. Happy birthday once again.
- Aishwarya


Happy Birthday to my wonderful, lovely, awesome, talented, adorable, smart, witty, stupendous, excellent, amazing, magnificent actor ever ... Have a great year full of success & happiness
Happy Birthday to one of the strongest, most selfless, hardest working, best-hearted person i know ! Hope you have a very happy day! You deserve it
Birthdays come only once a year. But a person like you brings life to hundreds every single day! I'm so glad that God sent you into this world. Happy Birthday


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KWAT Newbie

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Posted: 08 June 2013 at 11:10am | IP Logged

Many many happy returns of the day wahi..and you are one amazing celeb ever and more important is that you are the most amazing person you as a person and love you as a celebrity are the most down to earth celeb i have ever you in whatever you it it anchoring are the most multi talented actor ever.. ..your every role in tv holds a very special place in my you and many many happy returns of the day..wish you achieve all the happiness and success in this world.. you are the best and will always be the best..


This year has given us so many amzing things to look forward to as fans. First u excited us with ur new avatar as the fred astaire of india with ur amzing dancing in JDJ at the end of last year and then u thrilled us with ur fantastic and superb anchoring skills in Nach Baliye and now yet again we all wait to see u in Indian Idol Junior which will no doubt be  breathtaking to watch and of course who can forget the reruns of Remix.     WAH WAH ITS RAINING WAHI ALL OVER !!!!!!!!!!! but for now we hav cum to the most important day of the yr for all Wahians.!!!!!  Karan I wish for u a day filled with all the luv, joy, happiness and all the surprises possible. I wish u all the success and happiness possible not just on this day but in all ur future years. God Bless  from Gina Mom  .!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday Karan !!!!!!!!


" A very very very happy happy wala bday to u karan . The sweetness of ur face enters our eyes n pours into our heart n showers happiness in our lives just as same may god pour your life into the rainbows of blessings , love , success , happiness & contentment . Love u sooo much . " Neha

A Special Message For A Special Person.Thanks For Being Such A Special Part Of My Life.Wish You A Very Happy Birthday Sweetheart.May Your Birthday Shine With All Of The Colors You Dream Of.Cheers To Your Happiness Today & Everyday, May Your Beautiful Life Be Filled With More Grace & Contentmen,May Happiness, Peace and Joy Surround You Always,May Your Birthday Be As Special As You Are Special To Me In Every Way, Wish You All The Best Today & Throughout The Coming Year. I Highly Appreciate Your talent, You're So Brilliant, Charming,Hot, Intelligent & Multi-talented, Whenever I See You On My Tv Screen, Can't Take My Eyes Off You. You Are Such A Special Blessing To Me , Who Has Fascinated Me Always. You're The Most Beautiful Star That Shines On Earth. You're The Brightest Light Of Happiness In My Life. The Most wonderful Charming Person I've Ever Seen,Down To Earth Person,Too Hot To Handle .I Can't Explain How Much I love You & Adore You. Wish You Have A Lovely Day Filled with Plenty Of Smiles and Laughter. Many Many Happy Returns Of The 
Day Sweetheart. Again, Wishing You A Cheerful & Delightful 

Love You To The Core From The Bottom Of My Heart .Thanks For Being So 
Special & Brightening Up My Each & Everyday. God Bless you .



If I could put my heart on paper and ink for you, I would have done it. Not because I'm crazy but to show you how much I love you. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!



Dear Mr Wahi, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 27 years old wow, and you still dont look it haha! Hope you have an amazing day and dont drink too much! Lol! Being your fan is one of the best things that has happened to me. You're amazing, and you have such an amazing personality. You deserve so much, and I hope that you get all the happiness in the world. You truly are one in a million. I have never ever seen anyone as talented, handsome, amazing, cute and sexy as you! You always be yourself which is the best thing about you. Your parents are truly blessed to have you as a son! Once again a very happy birthday. May you have many more to come, and may God give you all the happiness and success in the world. May God always keep you smiling always and forever. Hope you have a fabulous day and love you lots and lots. Love from Nazeefa xoxoxoxoxoxoxo


I wish u a very Happy bday Karan!!!:-):-) May god bless you with world of good n prosperity:!!:-* May all ur dreams cum true!!:-):-):-):-) Love u loads!! Urs always Kiran!!!:-*


Happy happy happyyy birthday Karan. 
Let me start off by telling you that I love love love the actor you. I was probably 14/15 when Remix first aired and omg, I loveddd you since then. It's been a longg time hehe. And I have been watching Remix on YT since March(I must have watched Remix 20 times since March to now) and now on TV MAINLY because of you and the chemistry you shared with Shweta. It was MAGICAL. Your acting, the passion you brought to the character of Ranveer was flawless. Then as Sid, the maturity you brought to the character while retaining the cuteness as well was just fabulous. I think you're amongst the most talented actors on TV in present and hope to see you in some show very soon. Loved your anchoring as well on NB. And and your first dance in Jhalak on Ishqzaade, I will neverrr get over it. It was STUNNING.

Apart from all this, you're also a wonderful person and super witty. I love your randomness lol and your funny side. It's always so much fun to watch and hear you offscreen. Always stay that way  or ofcourse just get more funny  and charming and hot if that is even possible :$ Most of all, pleasee come in a show soon. Channels&PHs better stop acting blind soon. Lol.  Dying to see you with some beautiful actress! :$ hehe!

May God bless with you immense happiness, love, success, good health and good times and may sky be the limits for you. Have an awesome birthday and fantastic year ahead. Happy Birthday once again!

Lots of Love,


Happy wala Budday to our Wahi 

  Wish you many many happy returns of the day Karan . It feels so good to see you painting each canvas in the gallery of acting ;from dancing to hosting and offcourse performing ...
Keep up the good work and plzz do take up a good project on TV as when it comes your way .
Heres wishing you all the very best for everything in future , good health and prosperity always.
Happy Birthday Again- Neha


Hey Karan. Been a fan since Remix days and very proud and happy that you are doing so well on TV these days. Loved you in Teri Meri, DMG and all the shows you are hosting. Wishing you the most amazing birthday ever and hope to see you back on TV very soon in a lead role. Wishing you all the very best. God bless – Jenny


Dear Karan,

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday. May all your dreams come true and you get all the success, love + happiness in life.

You are an excellent actor and i have been a fan of yours since i saw your work in DMG. Like many others, i too would love to see you back onscreen with a good daily show. You have immense potential as an actor and i hope you get further opportunities to showcase your talent further. You are my most favourite actor on television.

Wishing you all the best for both your personal and professional life.

Hope you have a great bday and a awesome year ahead. Keep smiling and continue making us smile too.


Lots of love Noreen. ( UK)


Hey Karan wish u a very happy bday may god fulfill all your wishes and u get all the happiness in the world may u grow more successful in your career your an amazing actor full of talent I randomly came across dmg one day and seen u I was attracted to the serial and your performance amazed me I went back and catched with remix and all your other work I miss you on tv plz come bk soon once again happy bday have a blast wahi love u loads xxx


Happy birthday Karan Wahi! Hope this year your birthday is filled with all the happiness! ? I never thought I would come across a sweet and caring person like u! You care about your fans so much which is what I love the most about you! Being famous an all..u still have time for ur fans! You are such a talented person...I mean is there anything that you can't do? You deserve all the success in the world! Hope to see you in a daily soap soon. God bless you ? I will always love you.

Huge Fan from Colorado - Urja Adhikari
P.S You do deserve the most fittest award!


Dear Karan, 

Wish you a many many happy returns of the day.
May God bless you with health, wealth and prosperity in your life.


May all your wishes and dreams come true because you deserve the best in life.

You truly are a beautiful person outside and inside and very few people or should I say Superstars have this quality.

God bless you with lots of happiness, health and luck.


Lots of Love



JuNgLe Ma!N mAnGal teR!! H!! Dum Say wahii

Many many happy returns of the day to  sexy boy Karan wahi Hug

May god bless you loads of success n happiness !

May you get what you wish in life May your dreams cum true


I wish that you get all the happiness in the world and you get everything that you aspire for... I hope to see you continuously climbing the ladder of success...  Always stay as sweet and wonderful as you are now... and most importantly keep smiling!!! because you have the most beautiful and heartwarming smile I have ever seen in any man... Blushing

All the best for your life and career!!!

( ;";";) 

fOr YOU 

WiD LOviNg 
THoUghts & 

HV A WONDRFUL BDAY EvnInG.:-)Embarrassed

Have a wonderfull bday eating butterrr chickeen  and 
naaans :P

and cokeee :P




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Posted: 08 June 2013 at 11:17am | IP Logged

Siggies Embarrassed Credit goes to all the makers Embarrassed



Video Mixes- Credit goes to the makers Embarrassed

Edited by KWAT - 09 June 2013 at 7:41am

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