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Arshi SS: Opposites do not attract (Completed)

Eccentrica IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 June 2013 at 2:43am | IP Logged
~OpPoSiTeS Do NoT AtTrAcT~

Happy Anniversary to all you forum waasis!

On the occasion of the second anniversary of IPKKND, I present you a new SS: 'Opposites do not attract.' The characters are similar to those in the original show and no new characters have been introduced.

The SS has been conceived amidst the sounds of tile cutter, a house covered in dust and the sweltering weather, so it goes without saying that this one is supposed to be read without giving any serious thought.

This is my first attempt at writing full-fledged humor and so I would like to know if it doesn't evoke enough laughs. Don't be harsh though, main bahut sensitive hoon. On the contrary, if you like it, be effusive in your praise...I won't mind at all.

Kindly do not copy this story in parts or in whole on IF or on any other sites.

I hope you enjoy reading this one...


Chapter 1 (scroll down)

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9



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Eccentrica IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 11 December 2012
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Posted: 06 June 2013 at 2:44am | IP Logged

Chapter 1

It was a scene straight out of a Bollywood movie…or to be precise a Karan Johar direction. There was the palatial house, an in-house mandir, a woman in a designer sari in front of the idol. The only thing missing was her singing 'Kabhi Khushi Kabhi gham', but that could well be counted as a blessing for the members of the household. For even though her voice was as sweet as honey, singing was definitely not her forte. And since she cared about her family members she resorted to just saying out her wishes and expressing her gratitude over the fulfilled ones. This was how Anjali Raizada-Jha found herself in front of the mandir one morning, tears streaming in a steady pace down her cheeks. And before you draw conclusions, here's the thing: no she wasn't being duped by Shyam; Shyam Manohar Jha was the as guileless as any person could be. So no, that guess is wrong. These were Khushi ke aasu. Today Anjali was the happiest person in the world. You think she's pregnant? Nope, wrong again. Well let's hear it from the horse's mouth.

"Devi Maiya aap ka laakh laakh shukar hai! It is only by your grace that Chottey has agreed to go and see a girl for marriage."

Yes that was the breaking news. After months of persuasion, Anjali had finally worn him out leaving Arnav to reluctantly agree on meeting a girl whom he would marry. And just conceding to her wish had led to this kind of euphoria. Wonder what will happen when he actually chooses a girl!

She wiped her tears, lest her family members become alarmed at the amount of tears she continued to shed on a daily basis. That was something Anjali had been born with. People were adept in the field or arts or even in academics but Anjali was skilled in crying. And before you laugh it off be warned, it has been Anjali's trained tears that come out at the drop of a hat that have been instrumental in many a things in Shantivan.

She took the pooja ki thaal and proceeded towards the dining table where all the family members had begun to assemble. Nani could barely move her hands over the aarti, before Anjali brushed past her and went to the most important person in her life. If you think that person's Shyam, you are wrong…again.

"Chottey aarti le lo", she said as she stood beside him. Arnav, who was drinking a glass of juice, complied with her request; not because he wanted to but because he had to. He might be the breadwinner of the house, but Anjali was the unsolicited head. And before he could protest, she stuffed the Prasad into his mouth not caring for his diabetes. "It doesn't cause much damage if you have sweets once in a while; today is a happy occasion", she said and then turned away to give the Prasad to others…others except Mamaji and Akash. While Mamaaji was used to the lack of attention, it was new for Akash, "Di", he called out and was about to add to it as well when Anjali cut him off. "Eat your breakfast Akash." That left a grumbling Akash who had wanted to say, "Hey even I'm going to see a girl for marriage. Why am I not getting even half the attention? But of course he didn't say anything, merely looked at his father who was staring at an empty plate since HP had forgotten to fill his plate. Seeing him made Akash realize that if he didn't do something soon, he would wind up like his father, unnoticed. "Here Akash Bitwa", Mamiji said as she fed him a piece of buttered bread, the ends of which had been trimmed, just like he preferred. Akash smiled at his mother gratefully, knowing that there was one person who would always look out for him.

"Shyamji", Anjali smiled as she took the seat next to him. Thinking that she'd finally thought of him, Shyam's face glowed like a child who had just been given his favorite ice cream. "Rani Sahiba", he replied, the smile in place. "Are you done with your breakfast?" she asked, the question opening up a treasure of possibilities in Shyam's mind. The smile turned into a grin as his thoughts took firm hold in that particular direction only to have them come crashing down as she spoke, "If you are done with your breakfast, why don't you go out and start the car? Akash will drive the other one and since this is an important day for Chottey I don't want him to get stressed by driving." What was wrong with her? Shyam thought when he heard those words. He realized he had underestimated the insanity that his wife bore within her. But it was too late to change anything now…he was head over heels in love with her. Because she was engrossed in talking to her husband and instructing him about the route they were supposed to take, she missed the chuckle Arnav gave when he saw the changing emotions on his brother in law's face. It was only now that he had realized what he had gotten himself into and for his sake, Arnav hoped Shyam had it in him to cope up with his sister.

 He gave a once over to all the other members of the house. Nani was talking animatedly with HP, Mami was touching up her makeup, Di was on the verge of spilling some more tears again and Akash was mildly blushing…had been doing so since the time he had been informed of today's trip to see two prospective girls whose rishta had come to Shantivan through Nani. He didn't know why his cousin was acting like a girl today…if this was his state before going to visit the girls' house, he wondered how he would act on reaching there…or better if the rishta went though. As for him, he wasn't giving any thought to it. He had been hassled long enough by his Di and this time even his Nani had urged him to consider her request. And so even if he had agreed to them, he didn't have any expectations at the end of the day. As his gaze went to Shyam, bypassing Mamaji in the process who was still frowning at his empty plate, he found his brother in law looking at him expectedly. He cocked an eyebrow and having caught up on his gesture, fished out the keys from his pocket and threw them at him, which Shyam caught deftly. The entourage proceeded towards the door with Mamiji's perfume wafting in the air, Arnav trying to rub off the tikka that Anjali had applied on his forehead cleverly when he was choking on his Prasad earlier. A grateful Mamaji was seen showcasing his gratitude to HP who closed the door only after making sure that he had also moved out of the house.


"Arre O Sanka devi!" Buaji's high pitched voice reverberated across the walls of the house. It was good that Phoophaji, now deceased…god bless his soul had made sure that the house had been built with good quality cement which could withstand the impact of his wife's voice. That didn't stop the walls from shuddering every time she spoke but they didn't crumble and held on bravely. It wasn't a different picture over here at the Gupta house; Buaji was in her usual avatar, a cloth tied around her forehead to take care of her ever present headache…no, aspirin didn't work on our Buaji and pharmaceutical companies were yet to come up with a cure for her incessant headaches; till then the cotton cloth did the needful. Garima was in the kitchen running to and fro along the length of the room with the 'Baraa baj gaye' look on her face…trademarked by her. If you think she was worried about something grave like Shashi's medicines, you are wrong. No she wasn't worried about Shashi's medicines for Shashi was completely hale and hearty with no wheelchair in tow as well. She was unable to decide what to make to serve the guests who were to arrive at their house in a short time and the dilemma was between Samosas and Pakoras. She had to get the preliminary arrangements done so that her daughters could do the actual frying and then say that they had made the comestibles when the ladkewaale arrived later. Would Samosa be good or pakoras? And with what would jalebis suit better? After all things had to match up, didn't they? She didn't want the ladke waale to get miffed with them just because the foodstuffs didn't go well with each other. She decided to ask Madhumati but then let go when she heard her toll of "Arre O Sankadevi!" at regular intervals. And then after contemplating for over half an hour, she decided to go ahead with both.

The sanest person in the house, Shashi Gupta made sure that the house was ready to welcome guests. Having lived with Madhumati since he was born, Shashi had become attuned to her hollering. And that was advantageous for him since he could carry on his musings as he inspected the house. For any father a proposal for his daughter was bound to case some upheaval. And in this case, both his daughters were involved and the whole prospect was overwhelming. Apprehensions were abundant but he had faith in Madhumati who had brought in the proposals a few days ago. There wasn't much he knew about the Raizadas or the boys as well who were to come and see his daughters; everything that he was cognizant of was based on hearsay. Of course the Raizadas were a well known family in Delhi and it was indeed a privilege for them to step into their house; the proposal was a monumental aspect and that was why he was nervous. Sending a silent prayer to the almighty, he resumed his work.

"Jiji why do we have to dress up so much?" a visibly agitated Khushi asked Payal who was sitting in front of the dressing table applying kohl to her eyes. "It makes me feel as though we are some kind of artifacts from Chandni Chowk ka mela", she complained while giving herself a once-over in the full length mirror in front of her. "Aisa mat bolo Khushi", Payal began to reprove her. "If Buaji listens to you she'll come running to you with her belan." As if on cue, Madhumati's voice boomed from the balcony. "Arre O Sankadevi, kahaa chupi ho?" Khushi gave out a giggle causing Payal to stop applying lipstick and look at her intently. "Are you hiding over here from Buaji? Ab kaunsi nayi musibat khadi ki hai tumne?" Khushi managed to stop the laughter bubbling inside her mouth. "Kuch nahi jiji; buaji and her usual theatrics", she brushed off and Payal put both her hands to her waist looking at her younger sister with suspicion. But Khushi put on her most innocent face and Payal shook her head in defeat. 'Accha chodo, I know if you don't wish to reveal what it is that you've done to exasperate Buaji there's nothing that is going to budge you. However, there's something I wish to ask from you. Promise me you won't deny." Khushi dropped the embellished dupatta of her Anarkali dress that she had been fiddling with and looked at Payal, "Aapke liye toh hum apni jaan nyochaavar kar denge!" Payal rolled her eyes at that. "You and your filmy dialogues! Coming to the point, promise me Khushi ke aaj tum koi utt pataang cheez nahi karogi." Khushi feigned shock at that. "Why do you say so Jiji? I'm the most obedient girl you could ever come across. Ask Babuji!" "Haan haan jaanti hoon main Babuji ki chamchi! But I am serious; you have a history of playing pranks and ruining things. Since I feel that bygones should remain bygones, I'm not digging things up. Par aaj aisi koi harkat mat karna…Buaji ke ijjat ka sawaal hai. She is the one who has brought the proposal for us and anything you do is going to go against her. So behave well." Khushi did nod at what Payal had said but her eyes gleamed naughtily. She wasn't going to be the docile and demure woman that the ladkewaale were expecting. Of course her actual course of action would be decided once they arrived at their house. Till then she would suffice herself with contemplations and deliberations.

"Yahaan chupi ho tum! Hai re Nand Kishore…kya karoon main iss Sanka Devi ka?" a hysterical Buaji cried from the entrance to their room. Khushi assessed her position and knew that it would be difficult to get out with her Buaji's form taking up most of the entrance space. "Hum tayyar ho rahe the Buaji", she said while giving her brightest smile to Madhumati. "Jyada bholi mat bano Nand Kishore and give it back to me." She further entered into the room as Khushi slowly slipped beside Payal deciding to hide behind her should her Buaji come to pounce at her. Knowing her Buaji's strength which had been built from years of eating aloo ke parathe, she knew she stood no chance. "Kya hua Buaji?" a confused Payal interjected not being able to make out what was her kid sister's latest prank. "Tum hat jao Payaliya, today I am not leaving this girl. Aaj to iss ne hadd hi kardi!" Madhumati trudged along meter by meter giving Khushi enough time to leap on the bed. By the time Madhumati reached the bed, she had already crossed it and reached the other side. Payal who was witnessing what resembled a game of catch being played by two people except that the duo was not two children but well grown adults decided that she had had enough. It wasn't long before the guests would arrive and also knew that at this point of time they should be helping out Garima with the preparation of delicacies. "Bas karo aap dono! Buaji, tell me what Khushi has done?" "Hum kyun kahe Nand Kishore? You only ask her!" she said eyeing Khushi, ready to launch at her. "What have you done Khushi?" Payal asked in an exasperated tone.  "I hid Buaji's belan", was all she said before running off to hide at some other place.



Both, the Guptas and the Raizadas are an insane lot. Which lot is more insane, you ask; I say you decide. If you feel the characters are exaggerated, that's just because they are being shown to you through a magnifying glass.


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bewakoofLadki IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 June 2013 at 2:45am | IP Logged
do cont sooon Smile

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BornToShipArShi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 June 2013 at 2:46am | IP Logged
2nd :(. late ho gayiD'oh
vah!what a shubh muharat to start a new SS better that ipkknd's 2nd anniversaryBig smile
the starting-anjali with her beloved puja ki thali crying 'khushi ke aansu'as her chote agreed to meet a girl for marriageROFLi could almost hear the K3G background scoreROFLhow much can this woman cry?LOL
hari prakash will have run arround with a balti and a pocha behind anjaliROFL
mamaji and aakash being ignoredROFLand HP didnt even serve mamajiROFL
who gets stressed by driving?Shockedanjali is totally insaneROFL(everybody isLOL)
so shyam is positive here??
and aakash blushingShockedabhi yeh haal hai toh shadi ke din kya hogaROFL
so raizadas coming to gupta hose now
at gupta house buaji goind oo sanka deviLOLluved how u described her
khushi is such a nautanki queenLOL
and buaji is hunting her down coz khushi hid her belanShockedROFL
this SS is gonna be interesting
i m sure u will rock itBig smile
PS-i was wondering that if the characters are same as the show so technically arnav's rishta would be for the elder sister ie payal and aakash's rishta would be for the younger sister ie khushi??
PPS- chaituOuchi was having a hard time to stop laughing like a maniac while reading this
PPPS-update soonBig smile
PPPS-kuch zyada hi PS ho gayaLOL

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Dee_J IF-Sizzlerz

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Wow! A rom-com from youBig smile
I loved it!
I was Laughing my butt of reading the whole update!
U have actually written a fan's version of IPK!

waiting for nextSmile

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praj.shrish Senior Member

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 Before there would be any Breaking News of Arnav Singh Raizada agreeing for marriage , The news of you writing new SS (that too humorous one  ) came breaking my heart...You did not feel it necessary to tell me before directly sending a PM???...At least for the sake of ARSHI?????? Cry Hum apase bahot naraaj hai...And for protesting to your recklessness I deny to celebrate on being first page...uhhh...Or I would have posted a nice gif ...But tit for tat...You deserve it ..absolutely 

     As I am so kind in nature , I do type comment for the chapter now...Yes you are so lucky to get me...Wink

  I liked this new writing style of yours of being narrator  and introducing readers to characters and plot. That is my favourite style and I tell you it suits well with humorous  writing. The first line itself and I guessed it has to be Anjali bitiya...who else could fit the bills perfectly...LOL Ohh n you choose Shyamu to be Patnivrata agyakaari Pati here...Thumbs Up That is I like most from the story even before it takes shape...He is the only capable person on Earth for handling most insane Rani Sahiba. of course Devi Maiya too but she can't be categorized under humans na...

  The scenes of both the houses are perfect for our crazy IPK families.  I was expecting totally crazy and filmy entry for our KKG though. But I expect you must have stored those crazy cards for future.
All in all , a nice start...Now let me see how the drama unfolds

P.S: I am totally mad at you Angry

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blackdove IF-Rockerz

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First happy anniversary to our beloved show IPKKND...

He He...ur update was very hilarious...Loved how u described each character from Anjali to Shashi gupta...And i think shyaam is a good character here...I hope he is...

Would love to see how Khushi and Arnav meet...

Really...both the families are sanki...

Do continue soon !!!!!

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mastermagician IF-Rockerz

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Happy anniversary!
As you said the update was worth laughing over!
Poor Shyam... i couldnt help but feel sorry for himLOL
What is with Anjali?LOL
The Gupta house wasnt any better!!
Only babuji seems to be a sane person!!!LOL
Awesome!!! Pls continue soon!!!

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