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Devon ke Dev Mahadev

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There is life, and then there is legend. There is the real and then there is the unreal, the fictional. Normally, each of us knows the difference between the two, and can keep them apart, in separate compartments in our minds. The one is part of our lives, the other is a fantasy for idle minds.

Sometimes, however, once in a blue moon, there comes along a character of legend who demolishes this dividing wall between fact and fiction, between reality and imagination, and he becomes more real that reality itself. Jalandhar - Trilokadipati and shivansh was one such.

So today, when we mourn his passing , our sense of loss is not for a wraith conjured up by a writer's imagination, but for  a hero who was, for so many of us,  a flesh and blood presence. . Deeply flawed but nonetheless  admirable in both his courage and his  vulnerability, Jalandhar captured our minds and hearts and held them in thrall for weeks on end. We rejoiced in his victories, we wept with him as he plumbed the depths of tragedy, and we trembled as we saw his doom approaching .

Today, all that is over and he has passed on. Let this collective commemorative exercise be an expression of all that we felt for him, for what he represented ,what he was, and most  of all for what he could have been.    

WELCOME everyone to the Farewell Party of our  beloved legendary DKDM show character - JALANDHAR...Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smile...

Befor getting into thread,i hv to ANNOUNCE that i have got PERMISSION to make this farewell thread from Life Ok Forum Channel Moderator and also DKDM Forum Moderator-Shruti... My heartfelt thnx to both of them from me and on behalf of all Jalandhar fans for giving me this opportunity to bid farewell and to pay tribute to our most fav char in the show-Jalandhar...Big smileBig smileBig smile..

Plz see Entire First Page... I with the help of my WONDERFUL Team hv arranged a grand Farewell-cum-TRIBUTE to Jalandhar...

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PS : Plz TURN ON your speakers OR Put your Headphones to ENJOY the PERFECT Song played in the backgroud of this thread...Big smileBig smile...I hv chosen this song coz it PERFECTLY suits v-Deewanis's feelings for this legendary character-Jalandhar..


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The story starts with Devraj Indra decapitating Brahma- Bhakt Trishira's head, enraged with which Mahadev opens his third eye to destroy Indra. But on Devguru Brihaspati's request Mahadev relents and gives Indra nth numbered chance to mend his ways. But the fire of His third eye could not be absorbed by Mahadev, hence the energy was diverted towards the sea.. from the this energy which was absorbed by the ocean, a blue eyed boy was born. The Sea God handed over this child to a mermaid who had recently lost her eggs due to crazy rath driving by the devtas! The boy was named Jalandhar by Lord Brahma.

Jalandhar was leading a contented life with his mumma. But back in the heavens, Indra was having a hell of an insecure time thinking about the Shivansh.. so much so tht he went to check on him.. and when the small boy of 8yrs was able to able to lift Indra's rath, Indra thought.. enough..the boy needs to be destroyed…, "aaj isne rath utha liya.. kal mujhe utha dega" (turned out literally true in future).. Needless to say, Indra sent small ambush party, who were well treated by the boy by turning them to ashes..!! But as adamant as he is, Indra decided to do the act himself.. tried to kill the boy, but the Mermaid mom came in between and she died saving her only son… The boy is left desolate  and cries at the top of his voice, which is heard by Shukrachrya, the asur guru. He senses the presence of Shiv Tatwa in the boy and takes him under his protection thinking that this boy would bring glory to the asuras by defeating the murderer Indra.

Time passed for the viewers (actually only 2 days passed).. then on 1st April we get to see the grown up Jalandhar emerging from his jal- Samadhi..  a man of a handsome bronzed physique, deep blue eyes and a look alike of Mahadev..!! The dude gives a rigorous shakti pradarshan.. and acknowledges the applause of Jai Jai Jalandhar..!!

He unites the asuras under a single banner and requests his guru to reveal the name of the murderer of his mom.. On getting to know Indra's name, Jalandhar goes to swarg and finally..!! our expectations and Indra's fears come true… When Jalandhar after hanging him by his neck in mid air, throws him off Airavat..!! And after this feat, undoubtedly J is declared the king of asurs..!!

The very first task cut out for J was to defeat Indra and restore the prestige of the asuras. The war is declared..!! but in between, aadat se majboor Indra tries to stop J by engaging a fallen asur vassal. This Vassal tries to injure J by attacking him with a poisoned Moorchaastra.. but J survives the attack, but the poison had already entered J's body.

On requesting for a doctor, J is surprised to see a lady before him..!! Enter Lady Vrinda, the daughter of Kaalnemi and most importantly a doctor. She treats J's wounds, but injures his heart and hers as well.. (both are unaware, but the cheeky audience saw the signs! ). But soon J gets to know that Vrinda worships Vishnu and since J hated the worship of devtas, so they enter at loggerheads and debates. J requests Vrinda to be  his sahachari during the war.

The battle begins and Vritra, the Commander in chief of J wrecks havoc. He is brought down by Indra who uses the Vajra made by the bones of Dadhichi and with the aid of Karthikeya. Seeing the impossible turning to possible J is perplexed and questions Shukra as to how Vritra's killing was made possible? To which his guru replies that Dadhichi sacrificed his life for the welfare of the world and as a tribute to his own guru..!! On enquiring about Dadhichi's guru, Jalandhar gets to hear the name of Mahadev for the first time in his life.. and also starts nourishing a desire to "defeat" the Tridevs.

After Vritra's death, the final war b/w Jalandhar and Indra begins.. and with an opponent like Indra, one can always xpect deceit.. so in the first battle Indra's troops attack the medical camp of the asuras and Vrinda and ladies are trapped in a situation.. The blue eyed dude on getting to know this, runs and jumps and saves the damsel by shielding her from the arrows and their indirect love is thus nailed… On his Guru's desire to get J married in order to avail a protection for J in the war, Jalandhar finally confesses his love to Vrinda and goes to war with Indra..

Jalandhar and Indra.. face to face. Grinning devilishly, Indra launches an arrow containing the combined energies of Brahma, Narayan and other devtaas. While on the other side, Shukra goes to Vrinda and requests her to accept Jalandhar as her sarvasva, thus giving him a preliminary protection, Vrinda after deliberation accepts J as her sarvasva in front of Narayan's idol.. and J is protected by the astras of Indra.. seeing all his attempts fail, Indra then tries to attack J by sword, but his hand is grabbed  and twisted and the bones  broken and finally he is lifted high and then thrown down by J at his feet and Indra is made to apologise publicly and hence Jalandhar avenges his mother's death and is declared Trilokadhipati Jalandhar. He finally marries Vrinda and is thus protected by the power of her chastity.

Meanwhile up in the heavens, the ever pestering Narad muni is panicked at this development and on Narayan's direction goes to J to give a message on behalf of the Tridevs. On hearing abt the Tridevs and especially Mahadev, J gets angry.. His thoughts are now going in a different direction.. the thought of him being the most powerful of all the Gods and the Lord of Lords..!!  On his coronation ceremony, he openly declares that he does not follow the rules laid down by the Tridevs that have meted out injustice to the asuras….  This brings him to his first meet with Mahadev.. Mahadev congratulates him on his achievement and also tells J that he has the capabilities of being a good king. Mahadev also tells him that J is a Shivansh, which increases Jalanadhar's anger and he openly challenges Mahadev saying, "Ansh nahi,vikalp hai aapka Jalandhar..!!"

Mahadev is disappointed seeing his own ansh moving towards darkness and feels that his end is necessary now. On the other side, Jalandhar became too preoccupied wid the thought of defeating Mahadev.. J also gets to know that Mahadev can't kill him alone, but he needs Parvati's help to do so.

J attacks Brahmalok and is confronted by Mahadev once again. Jalandhar contends inequality that has been perpetrated by the gods and the source of the inequality are the tridevs themselves.. Mahadev presents his rebuttals and warns J not to move ahead.. Even vrinda comes and pleads to her husband to not to attack Shiv, but J turns a deaf ear and marches ahead.. seeing this and left without any option, Mahadev wid a thrust of his trishul throws down J to Paataal lok.. After this jolt Jalandhar goes into a contemplative mode and begins his enquiry for Mahadev.. On this quest he gets info from Parshuram and the Saptrishis.. he gets to know the story of Sati and how Mahadev went into a deep samadhi and how Sati reincarnated as Parvati and brought Mahadev back to the world..!!

Sensing a chance, Jalandhar decides to go into jal- Samadhi once again to awaken the Shiv Tatwa in him… and on 21st May we get to see a new and a dark Jalandhar wid a evil grin adorning his face. Jalandhar gets the Mayashakti from Shukra. Unfortunately J uses this mayashakti to abduct Parvati, when she is in Samadhi. Even Mahadev is in Samadhi at this point, but he is awakened by Ganesh and is really angry when he realizes what has happened..!

Meanwhile Shukra berates Jalandhar for his act and leaves him. A distraught J goes to Vrinda and expresses his helplessness. Vrinda too rebukes J for the abduction, but says that she needs to conduct a ritual for his welfare and once it is done, J cannot be harmed by anyone and he can release Parvati.. Jalandhar gets the intuition tht Mahadev has come out of Samadhi, he promises Vrinda that he shall attend the ritual for her sake and goes away..!!

While Vrinda is waiting, she senses the presence of her husband and begins the ritual and wen it gets complete and she applies tilak on her hubby's forehead, she realizes that he is not the real Jalandhar.. She gets the shock of her life wen the man reveals himself to be Narayan,  Vrinda's aaradhya.. A heartbroken Vrinda curses Vishnu. Vishnu explains the reasons for doing such an act, but Vrinda decides to end her life. Seeing his wife dead, Jalandhar is devastated and decides to avenge Vrinda's death.

Jalandhar marches to kailash for the final war against Mahadev. He is confronted by Karthikeya, Nandi and Ganesh.. all of whom are defeated by Jalandhar..

Then the final battle wid the Lord begins… Before the battle begins, Mahadev and Jalandhar have a final chat, where Mahadev tells him that his actions have been responsible for his current state of affairs. Mahadev for the last time urges Jalandhar to release Parvati and assume the duties of Trilokadhipati… Jalandhar refuses and the battle begins in which Jalandhar is defeated.. Mahadev takes the Panchanan roop and stabs Jalandhar… but he is not yet killed..

In the meanwhile Parvati regains her memories related to Mahadev and hence gets her complete Aadishakti powers and breaks the Mayajaal created by J to imprison her and joins Mahadev in the battlefield.. The combined energies of Shiv and Shakti empower the trishul of Mahadev and finally Jalandhar is mortally wounded.

Sensing his end, Jalandhar finally breaks up and questions Mahadev that why he was never guided into knowing the differences between right and wrong, and good and evil..?? Why injustice was meted out to him..? Why Mahadev never put his blessed hand over his head or patted his back when he defeated Indra..??

Mahadev replies that he was always there with him.. as Samudradev, as his mother, as Shukracharya, as Vrinda..!! In all these forms He ever guided Jalandhar and tried to stop him from his doom. But Jalandhar in his ego failed to recognize the presence of Mahadev.. Mahadev said that he is flowing as blood in Jalandhar's veins… Jalandhar's end is actually His end… He is actually in everything, yet he is formless.. Jalandhar is just like the waves of a sea… the waves are a part of the sea as a whole and not its alternative… and the waves rise and fall, but ultimately merges with the sea itself…. Hence the time for Jalandhar to merge in Shiva has come..!!  Parvati forgives Jalandhar as he had received the quota for his Karmas and blesses him. Shukracharya too blesses him for his final journey..!!

A sad Mahadev says that, it is not the end, but new journey which will unite Jalandhar with The Supreme One..!! Jalandhar finally has a sense of peace in his eyes and sees his mother and Vrinda in Mahadev.. and finally with open arms he accepts his creator and merges with Him forever.. never to leave him again..!!

Thus ends the story of Jalandhar.. a soul who was lost, but was always in the search of the Supreme Bliss..!!

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Jalandhar & His Mother

When Mahadev's Krodhagni was directed to the sea, it converted to a baby boy. The sea God handed it over to a mermaid who had lost her eggs. The boy was named Jalandhar.  The child meant the world for the mermaid and the same goes for the boy.. A loving mother- son duo, whose lives were disrupted by Indra's insecurity..  Out of his sheer fear for the consequences of Shiva's Krodhagni growing up into a boy, Indra decided to kill Jalandhar.. but ended up killing Jalandhar's mother. This was the turning point in the boy's life..

He sits with his mother's lifeless body, trying to wake her up, coaxing her.. telling her that he will be a good son, will behave well.. He senses that she is no more, but yet he is not ready to accept the truth..!! This event for forever determined Jalandhar's condition.. It sealed in his heart  a deep hatred for the devtaas..!! He seethed for revenge.. the fire in him flared up..!

Jalandhar & Shukracharya

The distraught boy cried Maa at the top of his voice.. and it was heard by a meditating Shukracharya. He comes and sees the child and senses the presence of Mahadev's energy and quickly thru his sixth sense knows the origin of the boy..! Shukracharya senses the fact that this boy can be the future of the asuras and seeing his immense grief and imminent danger to his life, Shukracharya takes the kid under his protection and promises to be with him only if he walks the path of righteousness.

He  advices Jalandhar to take jal Samadhi  and control his anger, so as to focus on the objective.. and promises to tell him the name of the one who killed his mother only when the time is right..

As time passes by and Jalandhar now emerges as a fully grown man and proves his capabilities by defeating Indra and becoming the Trilokadhipati.

The show has portrayed this relationship at a great length. Shukracharya was the one who stood for Jalandhar when he was completely distraught..!! Like a father he was concerned about the welfare of his Shishya.. So he ordered him to get married a.s.a.p so that Jalandhar is protected.. and like a true disciple, Jalandhar takes such an important decision of his life because it was his Guru's order..!! The guru was proud when his disciple was crowned as the Trilokadhipati

But very soon, this relationship got strained.. The moment Jalandhar got to know that he is a Shivansh and his guru knew about it.. and more so his guru is a Mahadev devotee.. Jalandhar became absorbed in suspicions.. His frustration got flared up when Shukracharya refused to reveal the name of the person who could assist Mahadev in killing Jalandhar and also refused to advice him for Jalandhar's impending campaign against brahmalok.

The final nail in the coffin.. when Jalandhar abducts Parvati.. the tensions in this relationship is stretched beyond limit and Shukracharya leaves his disciple.

Considerable questions have been raised in this regard; especially what Shukracharya could have done to prevent Jalandhar from proceeding towards his own doom?It's true that it was Shukracharya who made Jalandhar the all powerful trilokadhipati, but somewhere as audience we felt that Shukracharya should hve  properly directed Jalandhar's blind hatred towards the Gods.. at least he could have explained Jalandhar the difference between the Tridev and the Indra and other gods.. By the time Jalandhar comes to know about Mahadev, his thoughts had already reached a point of obsession.. from where it was difficult to bring him back..

The final breaking point comes when Jalandhar abducts Parvati. The act in itself was the most heinous of all. Shukra argues with Jalandhar and makes a last attempt to make him realize the folly he has committed.. But seeing Jalandhar not budging a bit, Shukracharya realizes that it is time to leave.. Before leaving Jalandhar, Shukracharya pours his heart out to Jalandhar and accepts that the Shiv Tatwa in Jalandhar actually differentiated him with other asuras.. and hence Jalandhar had the capability to raise the stature of the asuras. Shukracharya even admits that every night he used to come and have a look at Jalandhar and bow down to the divine element that Jalandhar had in him.  Even though their ways were parted, but still during the final battle Shukracharya blesses Jalandhar and finally when the time for final merger of the Ansh comes in, we see teary eyed Shukracharya bidding Jalandhar a final adieu..

As far as Jalandhar is concerned.. undoubtedly he revered his Guru to a great extent, so much so that he decides to get married to Vrinda only because it is his Guru's order. But when this devotion goes..?? When Jalandhar comes to know that he is a Shivansh, his guru is Mahadev bhakt. The reason for this strain in the relationship is a tinge of suspicion that Jalandhar develops when he comes to know that Shukracharya is a Mahadev Bhakt. He questions his guru that he was accepted by him only because he was Shivansh or because of his individual capability..?? He blatantly insults his Guru, when he tries to make him realize his folly. When Shukracharya finally leaves Jalandhar coz he had abducted Parvati, we see Jalandhar running and pleading like a kid.. somewhere, deep down Jalndhar did realize that he has hurt his Guru..

The point is that, one cannot put any blame solely on any of the two individuals. If assessed simply, then both Shukracharya and Jalandhar had certain share of blame on themselves..!! But there is no denying the fact that somewhere both of them had their chances to stall the doom..!!

Jalandhar & Vrinda

These two did not have a classic start.. but hell of a unique one! 
They met when Jalandhar was injured by the moorchastra. She was the doctor.. the doctor- patient had a bit ego clashes.. (In reference to whether he should be called Asurraj or mere Jalandhar), but Jalandhar felt a queer sense of closeness to Vrinda.. this we see when under the effect of the moorchastra Jalandhar grabs her hand as if he needs sumone close to him. But they come at loggerheads when Jalandhar gets to know that Vrinda worships Narayan, whereas he has banned the worship of devtaas. Vrinda resolutely defends her devotion stating that it is her personal right and Jalandhar is no one to encroach upon it.. (Original advocate for Fundamental Rights ?)  But still the guy wnts her to be on his side during the war.. (ahem ahem..!!)

This debate between worship or no worship is carried over to the war b/w Indra and Jalandhar and each had a valid reason.. the argument increase so much that Vrinda says that this war is the last time they are meeting and the adamant Jalandhar says that he shall never come to save her if the devtaas attack her. {how typically romantic ego clash..!} But still Sir does come to save his Lady when Indra attacks the asur army near her medical camp. He shields her from the raining arrows and each  arrow that pierces his body, literally nails his love for her.. On getting the first green signal from Shukracharya, Jalandhar goes in to confess his love for Vrinda

On the other hand, the Lady is in Love finally and remembers the moment when the handsome asurraj saves her (all smiles..!!) but Lady's papa dearest arranges her marriage somewhere else, but Jalandhar is Jalandhar!! (papa ko mana hi liya..!), but Vrinda refuses sayin she won't  marry a man who uses the fear of his name to marry her and for the first time we see a toned down Jalandhar who says that he did everything  out of his immense love for her and goes to the war..

Finally Shukracharya counsels Vrinda and she accepts Jalandhar as her Sarvasva and Jalandhar gets a preliminary protection against the devtaas due to her chastity, which further gets locked wen both get married.

But their married life starts rocking literally when Jalandhar gets to know abt his being a Shivansh and he is preoccupied with the thoughts of challenging and replacing Mahadev.. At this point we see that Vrinda tries to calm his insecurities, but in vain..

Out of his high reaching ego, Jalandhar attacks Brahmalok, Vrinda comes in and pleads to Mahadev to spare his life.. After getting banged on to the Patallok, Mahadev warns Vrinda that  if Jalandhar does not stop  now then this will be the beginning of his end.. A concerned Vrinda counsels her husband to open up and be free from fear so that he can regain his powers for the greater good and for their sake. Inspired in a different way, Jalandhar awakens his Shiv tatwa and comes out in new avatar and misuses his power to abduct Parvati.. This act drives away his guru and even Vrinda is miffed and berates her husband for exercising such alternative which is shameful for a warrior like him.

Jalandhar breaks and tries to justify his action, but in vain.. But Vrinda realizing the depth of the pit where her husband has fallen into, tries to salvage the situation by proposing to complete the ritual and once protected, Jalandhar can think straight and release Parvati. But Mahadev too awakens from His Samadhi and Jalandhar goes away promising to return soon.

Jalandhar comes and Vrinda completes the ritual, but realizes that this is not her real husband and is shocked to death wen she sees Narayan who deceived her and breaks her chastity thus rendering her husband defenceless.. A distraught Vrinda unable to bear the pain and lamenting for the grief her husband will face, takes Jal- Samadhi. Jalandhar loses the last of his support in this mortal world and decides to avenger her..!!

Vrinda.. apart from Shukracharya was the only person in whom Jalandhar found support. A lady strong willed to follow her devotion right under the nose of her non believer hubby. Similarly it was extremely heartening to see Jalandhar respecting her choice.

At least it can be said that she could analyse the mental state of her husband and tried her best uptil the last moment to salvage the out of hand situation.. But unfortunately her last attempt was foiled in the worst way possible. Vrinda clearly did not deserve this..As far as Jalandhar was concerned he loved Vrinda undoubtedly, but if only he could have thought calmly, this tragedy that Jalandhar faced could have been averted..!!

Mahadev & Jalandhar

The shadiest relationship in this track. Prima facie it seemed that Mahadev after diverting the energy towards the sea never looked back.. But we do come to know that he was aware of Jalandhar's existence and the tribulations he faced...Mahadev did not intervene when Jalandhar was about to attack Indra coz He believed that Jalandhar was not wrong and Indra deserved punishment..!!

Mahadev & Jalandhar meet for the first time on Jalandhar's coronation where Mahadev himself tells him the truth about Jalandhar being Shivansh. But this revelation had a negative impact on Jalandhar and he became obsessed with the idea of becoming an alternative to Mahadev and tht too so much so that he did not heed to the words of his Guru and lost Vrinda as well..Whatever may hve been the reason, but the fact was that Jalandhar was nearing his end, which became inevitable when he abducted Parvati..!!

A direct conflict of Shiv and His Shivansh was ensured and needless to say who lost...Finally, Jalandhar facing his end.. asks Mahadev that why He was not there to guide him and make him understand the difference between the right and wrong'??

Mahadev replies that Jalandhar must ponder upon the events of his past where he was adopted by sea God and given to his mermaid mother.. He must wonder that how and why Shukracharya arrived when he was crying for his mother.. How and why Vrinda came in when he was attacked by moorchastra.. Mahadev was with him all this time in these forms and tried to guide him, But Jalandhar in his ego failed to recognize the presence of Mahadev.. Jalandhar is just like the waves of a sea... the waves are a part of the sea as a whole and not its alternative...and the waves rise and fall, but ultimately merges with the sea itself.. Hence the time for Jalandhar to merge in Shiva has come..!!..

Finally the ansh realizes that the time merge in the Whole has come.. Jalandhar gets redeemed by Shukracharya and Parvati and finally with open arms accepts his creator and merges with him just like a desperate soul reaching out to his maker and finally becomes one with him...Shivansh becomes Shiv..!!

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Devon ke Dev  Mahadev has provided him the avenue to showcase his talent. The month of March just got too lucky for him and hectic as well, because in the beginning of this month he played not one or two, but three characters in tandem.

Mahadev, we all know ...but we got to see MR as Aadiyogi who was trying to bring back Parvati out of her self- inflicted amnesia by way of Ashtaang Yog and as Jalandhar.. the Shiv- Krodhansh.. and the antagonist.

As expected MR performed each of the character brilliantly.. Where as Mahadev, he had to portray the ever serene expression, which became deliciously sarcastic when he tried to guide Parvati..!! As Aadiyogi.. he became the no non- sense hard taskmaster and guru to Parvati and  As Mahadev's Mahashatru Jalandhar.. a character which was multilayered and thus involved a larger range of emotions to be portrayed.

The character of Jalandhar portrayed by him is yet another feather to his cap..this I say so because as Jalandhar, Raina had a complex but a plethora of emotions that he could portray, which is difficult as Mahadev being a God, hence automatically the range narrows down.. But Jalandhar had no limitations..!! So for 2 months, it was a Visual Treat to watch MR as Jalandhar..!!

Indeed this man deserves a STANDING OVATION and RESPECT..!!

An actor can only perform when he has a good script that can do justice to his acting and similarly a script can only work if the actors are good enough to give it justice... now DKDM with this track has proved above points to the viewer's satisfaction..!!   Utkarsh Naithani.. the brain behind the new ever suspense building script.  He managed to keep the interest of the various sections of the audience intact with a tight storyline, which is ever necessary.

Naithani weaved an extraordinary character called Jalandhar!!.. Utkarsh gave us a Shivansh.. one who was not evil by birth.. but had the innate qualities of  fairness that his creator possessed.  This Jalandhar had a tale with which the audience could empathize..
 Utkarsh's Jalandhar was unique and a curious mix of heroism and kiddishness this Jalandhar a stern Trilokadhipati and fearless warrior, but inside there was child who longed to love and to be loved.  But there is another side to this individual, an idea and an objective to remove the inequalities faced by the asurs, but this Jalandhar never realizes that when the idea has turned into his obsession..

Utkarsh Naithani's Jalandhar was felt by the audience.. his agony, his frustration and now his demonic obsession. The magic of Utkarsh's writing has been that he removed stereotyped notions surrounding the character from the purans and has actually made the audience embark upon a journey of exploring the character. The idea of transition from an idealist to obsessed antagonist could not have been better portrayed!!

For this WEAVER of MAGICAL WORDS...words are not enough to praise him..!!

The surface can only look good, if there is a solid base in the background .. This is where the DKDM team scores..
Right from the promo for the look revelation of Jalandhar to the final action packed promo of the Mahayudh, the promo team has accomplished a daunting task of standing up to the expectations of the audience..

Not only the promos, but the episodes of this track have been one of the excellent episodes of DKDM.. The team had planned all the episodes and Mahaepisodes really well. The special effects have been good and became too good during the Mahayudh week..

So, all in all.. perfect presentation.

The list is incomplete without the mention of the "The Fantastic Four of DKDM"..!!   Nikhil Sinha, Anirudh Pathak, Nitin Shukla and Animesh Verma - these four people have put in their vision in this show and all its tracks.. and the 'Parakashtha' of their vision is the  Jalandhar + Yog Track..!!

The DEFINITION of TEAM WORK is Devon Ke Dev MAHADEV on Life Ok AT 8..!!!

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From Nikhila(Nikki_SAS-holic)

"Aao Toh Le Aana...Jao Toh De Jaana...Yaadein" !!!

This is a line from the song "Yaadein Yaad Aati Hai" from the film "Yaadein"... And this PERFECTLY sums up my rishta with THE JALANDHAR..U hv givn me soo many memories evn before u arrived onscreen and also now u hv givn me soo many memories aftr u went away forever...

I remember how i used to be excited when the first promo ws out saying nw a Maha Shatru of Mahadev is coming..I ws soo THRILLED to c u...To know more about u because even after u being Ansh of Mahadev,hw come u ended up being of MahaShatru of Jalandhar... ShockedShockedShocked...So my first impression abt u evn without seein ur face,ws INTERESTING...!!!

And then came the day when i FINALLY got to c UR FACE in the promo in an avtar similar to Mahadev...I ws stunned to the core..I ws excited hearing MR only will play Jalandhar's role..But when i FINALLY SAW U...gosh it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT..Day Dreaming
Day DreamingDay Dreaming..

I agree my love for u came from me being a Mohit Raina fanatic..But as time passed by,i STARTED knowing more abt u as a person-Jalandhar.. MR ka chehra is ONLY my reason to START love u..But u being what U ARE made me fall in love with u PERMANENTLY...

I am proud of ur superlative powers...I adore ur GUTS to question the already set up systems of society...I adore ur GUTS to fight against INJUSTICE..I SUPER LOVED u when u band bajofied Indra..I respected u more when u said to Shukracharya once that u CANT marry Vrinda for selfish reasons of makin himself secure if he marries her and also saying NOBODY shud become KING just because his dad was a king..A king shud be chosen on the basis of his talents and NOT on the basis of his relationships...ClapClapClap..I am proud of u being an AMAZING WARRIOR who RESPECTS the rules of battle..I adore the way u appreciate ur opponents..Not all can do tht my boy..But u had alwz did tht either thru ur words or thru ur gestures

But there ws another side to ur story too..And thts what made me even more fall hard for u...I cud ALWZ sense u in tht vulnerable person who wore the mask of tough guy...It ws pure tragic tht destiny alwz took those ppl whom u felt close n whom u felt wud never leave u alone...I cud relate tht with u kahin na kahin..And tht made understand ur pain more...

But it ws saddening to c u going out on the path of Self Destruction...Ur BIGGEST MISTAKE in ur life that u THOUGHT of and ACTUALLY fighting against Mahadev...I know u were BADLY instigated against to take this step..And also ur irresponsible guru-who if had guided u once properly tht whts the diff b/w tridev n devtas lik indra...whts the mahima of Mahadev,probably u wudn hv met with a tragedy like this today..

But vo kehte haina-HONI KO KAUN TAAL SAKTA HAI..Aur wohi hua...Tum Mahadev ke chunauti dene ke raste mein iss had tak aage badh gaye ki u lost urself n ur loved ones...CryCryCry...

Aur dekhte hi dekhte,vo din aa hi gaya jiska saamna main kabhi nahi karna chahti thi...And thts 4th June where u bid farewell to all of us..CryCry...Jitna it pained my heart to c u goin away from me,utna hi i felt happy for u tht mayb now u will ULTIMATELY get that solace n peace by going back to Mahadev...Big smileBig smileBig smile...

Jalandhar..u wud have bid goodbye to the show..But u can NEVER be gone from the hearts of ppl like me who loved u from DAY ONE..I wud love to quote one line from the film DDLJ which Simran(Kajol)says to her mom abt Raj(SRK) ki "Woh Aandhi Ki Tarah Aaya...Aur Main Ek Toote Patte Ki Tarah Uske Saath Udti Chali Gayi.." This is yet another PERFECT line vich sums up my feelings for Jalandhar... Srsly i NEVER EVER thought i wud get THIS MUCH ADDICTED for Jalandhar soo much tht now he hv ACTUALLY become my most fav char in DKDM...Jalandhar brought tht ADDICTION n CRAZE in my life for DKDM..And with this track end,i can c tht addiction n craze for this show also gettin end..Now i will just watch it without ny craze just lik i used to before till Jalandhar track happend..These 2.5 months were the BEST months for me as a a MR fan and ultimately as a Jalandhar fan...And hands down now Jalandhar track is the BEST DKDM TRACK for me...

My farewell msg will be incomplete if i dnt mention two ppl-Mohit Raina and Utkarsh Sir... These two r the REAL ppl who made Jalandhar wht it is..MR's phenomenal n out of the world acting and Utkarsh Sir's powerful magical writing-this KILLING COMBO made Jalandhar the BEST DKDM CHAR for Jalandhar deewanis lik me...Also i wud extend my heartfelt thnx to entire DKDM team too coz without their support MR and Utkarsh Sir wudn hv achieved this... Being MR fanatic,i can PROUDLY SAY-acting wise this ws MR's best track as he played 3 diff roles at same time n paid justice to all 3 characters EQUALLY.. MR's acting hv reached a BRAND NEW HIGH LEVEL with this track..
.And am SUPER PROUD to be his fan...Also it ws such a SUPER VISUAL TREAT watchin two MRs ONSCREEN as Mahadev-Jalandhar TOGETHER...Gosh i will miss tht too...CryCry...And thnx to this track,i got a chance to knw a gem of person lik Utkarsh Sir...I had a gala time writing my ramayans almost for 98% of the epis in this track in his fb page..I am goin to miss all these...CryCry...

But ULTIMATELY i will miss Jalandhar THE MOST...And this thread is my way to pay tribute n bid farewell to my most fav char in the show...And i thank my whole team for assisting me in makin this WONDERFUL thread..Alvida Jalandhar...But ur MEMORIES will stay with me FOREVER...Jai Jai Jalandhar...!!!

From Sucheta(kaatayani)

Jalandhar track is very close to me.. Personally I say so coz I could identify with the "character" of Jalandhar.. He reflected all the anomalies that we humans have in ourselves actually..

Jalandhar was a Shivansh.. That means he had a divine element in him' so we  all have in ourselves. Just like he was shrouded in ignorance about the importance of the Shiv Tatwa in him, so we all are as well..
Putting it simply that there lives a Jalandhar in all of us..!!

I adored the character because of his personality.. I felt that just like the sky that has all the colours of the spectrum in it, but it only reflects blue colour, but that does not mean sky has only the blue colour. Similarly an individual has many layers and shades in his personality, but his choices reflect the shade with which he will be known forever.. same case was with Jalandhar.. A complex Multi shaded man, but his choices made him what we saw and ultimately led him to his end..

No doubt that as this character ends, I have got to learn so much from him.. It was like he was the mirror to my own personality.. He has reaffirmed my faith in God..

I travelled the course with Jalandhar, his frustration, turmoil, loneliness, all was mine.. for a moment I forgot that it was just a character..!!

No need to say but I shall forever adore him for he made me meet my ownself..!!

From Tannu(sushitaindia)

When i saw jalandhar  first time around 3 months ago that was just a glimpse of jalandhar, n  i was  fascinated by him! it was just spontaneous!His big blue eyes which like he resumed all powers of sea whenever i see them i lose myself.I love everything abt him his smile,his hotness,his passion, his fighting spirit with whole world.I found little innocence in jalandhar like a kid thats why i always moved by his innocent nature. His tragic story,struggles n circumstances increase more love n affection towards him!   My love increases more with the time n i never dislike him for any single reason,that is deep impact of him on me!.He has taught me so many things that how to live with pride n how to die with priden more important how to love with our beloved ones! I will never forget him,i dont wanna forget him. He will always remain in my heart n mind!

Lastly i wanna thank him for becoming part of my life! I will always proud of him...!!!!!

Jai jai jalandhar!!!

From Ria(chand1234)

When I had heard that Mohit would be playing the role of Jalandhar , I was super dooper excited to see Mohit as Jalandhar!!! Day Dreaming I had high high high expectations from the show!  I just COULDN'T wait to see Mohit playing a negative role! When Jalandhar had grown, and emerged from the water , I just couldn't imagine what I was seeing!!! I had no words to say except 'OMG' .  Jalandhar's look was just SUPERB. His way of walking , talking and each and every movement of his was so different and nice!!! Each n every emotion that Jalandhar felt - sadness, joy , love etc..I too felt the same feelings!  SUCH was Mohit's portrayal! Mohit has touched the hearts of us viewers by his AMAZING acting!!!

When I had got to knw that Mohit had worked for 48 hours at one stretch for an episode, I felt so proud of him!!!! I have never ever seen such a HARDWORKING person EVER!!! 
As the story progressed, Jalandhar's track became more n more interesting. But with each passing moment, I realized that Jalandhar was nearing his was gonna be one of the saddest days of my life...we girls ( n sum guysLOL ) have fallen madly in love with Jalandhar!!! Heart When the day of the Mahaepisode came, I was already in tears before the episode started. I really couldn't watch this!!! Right now, while writing this, I'm actually in tears...the last time I had cried like this, was during Sati's death! And even over there, Mohit and Mouni had made me mad for them by their mesmerizing portrayal! After watching the episodes of DKDM of 3rd n 4th June , I feel so proud to be a fan of MOHIT!!!! HATS OFF to u Mohit and also to EVERYONE else behind the scenes!!! Love u loads Mohit!!!! <3

From Shyamala(sashashyam)


In Norse myth and legend, a fallen hero was carried on a trestle of swords, and laid to rest the in  great hall in Valhalla, along with those of his ilk who had passed on before him. A hero did not die. He lived on in ballads that the bards sang to his glory as they travelled the length and breadth of their land. So the hero lived on in that most permanent of resting places, the hearts of those who loved him and cherished his memory.

So  should it have been with Jalandhar.

His life and his death are the stuff of legend, or to be more precise, of Greek tragedy. A child born of the  fury of the Great God, raised by a matsakanya, and taught by the Guru of the asuras, Jalandhar, deprived very early in life of his mother's nurture and love, never knew, for most of his adult life,  what it was to be cared for and loved for himself.  

Like Karthikeya, he was raised for battle, to gain for his guru and the asuras the victory over their eternal enemies, the devas, that no king of theirs had ever been able to achieve. Unlike Kartikeya, he never knew the warmth of a mother's embrace, of her tender love that could soften the hard edges of a warrior's mind and heart. He never knew the firm tutelage of a father he could look up to and worship, whose lightest word of praise would light up his soul and whose frown would drive him to mend his faulty ways.  There was no gentleness in his life, no affectionate scolding nor  the  healing embrace of a parent. 

Having had all this, Kartikeya was still prey to insecurity and  sibling rivalry. How much more insecure then would Jalandhar have been,  without any of this moral support? With a guru who raised  him in ignorance of his true origins, and used him for his own purposes, without a care as to what would happen when he stumbled  upon the truth?

All that went wrong with Jalandhar later, all his follies of hubris, of excessive ambition and vainglory, were rooted in this lifelong emotional deprivation, this sense of abandonment that haunted him even at the height of his powers.  The mingled awe and anger that his first sakshatkaar with Mahadev, at his coronation, inspired in him was the clearest possible manifestation of this love-hate relationship that he had with his progenitor.

It is this that drove him, like an illegitimate son who both hates his remote, uninvolved father and yet craves his love and approval, to challenge both his authority and his supreme status.  And it is this that was revealed in his desperate questions to Mahadev as he lay dying, killed by the very same father figure, Why did you never bother about me if I was your ansh? Why were you never  there when I needed you? Why  did you  not guide me, encourage me, care for me as you do for your sons? If you had, I would have given up the crown without a second thought.

It is not that there was no love in Jalandhar's life. There was, and it came to him with Vrinda. Their love story - that grew in the shadow of war and conquest, of the vaulting ambition of Trilokadipati Jalandhar that  was in reality the cloak for his gnawing insecurity - was doomed to a tragic end. As was Jalandhar, now a rudderless boat adrift in a stormy sea,  heading irrevocably towards  shipwreck.

The spectacular promise of his early youth might not have been fulfilled, but the flame that he lit, the flame of a struggle for justice and equality for the  downtrodden, would have survived and inspired others who followed him to carry the struggle forward. This is an eternal quest for a goal that continually seems to recede, but it needs to be pursued, in the tenacious hope that one day, victory will be achieved.

So as we  bid farewell today to Jalandhar, a legend even in defeat and death, it is this, his true legacy, that should be  cherished and preserved.

May his soul rest in the peace that he sought  all his life, and though he was merged back with Mahadev through his third eye, may at least a part of him  go chandrama ke paar, to rejoin his mother and Vrinda, the only ones  who loved him, and whom he loved,  truly, deeply and forever.

Shyamala B.Cowsik

From Anu(Skepblun)

"Dear Jalandhar,

Since the moment I saw your magnificent avatar in the first promo of this track, I was awestruck by you!Those blue eyes, that crooked smile, the same well built figure, riding on a chariot drawn by horses of sea waves - whoa! It was enchanting! You were like a tsunami!
You represented power, energy in its most unbridled and raw form! You truly lived up to the combination of elements you were born with. Mahadev's krodh agni and Samundra. Calm and silent at some times, raging and stormy at others.

You had extremes in you - like every human being has. This is why you were so easy to relate to. But those extremes expressed themselves so exceptionally that you were radically different from us too, hence the admiration. Even as a child you were different from other kiddos. There was depth, power and absolute resolve in your eyes. I was hooked to you back then too! Kudos little Tusshar for the acting!

I marvelled at your powers and how everyone from devtas to asurs were scared by your potential and noticed you. I was touched by the bond you shared with your mother! I felt ripped apart as much as you did when that Indra killed your mother in front of your eyes...though he wanted to kill you. I admit Jalandhar, I always felt for you. I hated how everyone only took you as a threat or used you! I admired your bonding with your guru. I marvelled more and more at your growth, evolution and your powers expressing themselves in their full glory! You were handsome and well built for sure, but your unbridled power, your fearlessness, your frankness, your desire to not only avenge your mother's death but also to uplift and organise Asuras to fight against injustice of devtas was sheer awesomeness! I will always love you for that rebelliousness and anti establishment stance man!

You had wisdom and superlative leadership skills. You showed you could create and protect, but also destroy to bits whatever you set your mind to! I loved your passion! Dedicated to your beloveds and nightmare to your enemies!You were the pride of your guru. Too bad he hid truths from you and later left you instead of guiding you. He let you down, you did not let him down!

I have always applauded your openness. You were what you were.
I hailed your emphatic victory against that Indra and how you got him to put his crown and head to your feet! You not only won your battles mistah! You also kept winning me over as you won each battle! I marvelled at you for who you were - Jalandhar. Never just for being Mahadev's ansh. You had your own identity in my eyes! Devtas might have not praised your feats in war, no one might have been there to pat you on your back or put their hands on your head in appreciation. But remember, there are your fans, listeners of your story like me, who praised ONLY you for every victory you secured! Your bond with Vrinda and opening your heart to someone else for first time since your mother's death was an unforgettable moment. You were vulnerable but always kept hiding your need for identity and belonging with veneer of anger and seeking satisfaction with conquests in war. Believe me, we broke down too when Vrinda was snatched from you forever by sheer deceit!

We've felt for you, cried with you and FOR you, laughed with you, smiled with you and been surprised whenever you openly challenged authority! You asked questions which everyone, who doesn't take things at face value, wants to ask!

Thanks to you, we got some answers to questions that bother us too. Take a bow man! I loved your spirit to grow, to develop yourself, to achieve, to seek justice, to challenge existing diktat, to question and your ability to bare your wounded soul! I was sad to see what became of you due to lack of guidance and sheer betrayal. Even in your defeat, I feel for you.

You always said, "Ansh nahi Mahadev! Vikalp hai aapka Jalandhar!" You know what? The powerhouse and bunch of myriad extremes that you were, you indeed became center of attraction and the vikalp of Mahadev for these 3 months man! History, mythology aur serial mein vikalp nahi bane toh kya hua? Hamari aankhon mein toh tum hi chhaye huye the! Ban gaye na vikalp? You owned the show, engulfed our minds, made us question many things and debate too! You infused new spark into the show! Your end sir, is the end of the most thrilling track in this show.

You were forever taunted in the show. But I'd never taunt you. Not even for the mistakes you did later. I admire you for consideration you showed to Mahadev's family in battle, giving them chance to back off and your hesitation to attack them showed you weren't as bad as everyone painted you to be! Only admiration, awe and lot of empathy for you and wishes you life was better! I can't believe these three months have passed by so quickly! I couldn't get enough of you Jalandhar!

I have never been so affected by any character in years as I was by you Jalandhar. I wish you had taken Mahadev's advice even on the last day of the battle so that we could have you alive! Maybe existence meant nothing for you after you lost all that you ever loved...maybe death was the only way through which you could find peace and be reunited with the beloveds you frantically searched for around you! I am saddened by your brutal and tragic end...and your life ridden by irony. But I am happy to have seen you and been invested emotionally in your story for these 3 months. I'll always remember you Jalandhar. I wish you find peace at last and freedom from this useless world. I wish you breathe your last in satisfaction with Mahadev's answers to your questions.

10 stars to Mohit Raina for the stupendous portrayal of Jalandhar and this brilliant show of talent!

Dear Jalandhar you may not hear this again now did want to hear this, so from my side, just for you - for making this show so exciting, inciting debates and making us think - here goes - JAI JAI JALANDHAR! JAI JAI JALANDHAR!!!

You've won the viewer man!

Will miss you forever! in peace..."

From Rajshri(rajshrip)

Jalandar to me - you are strong, sexy and handsome warrior with lovely tresses that I want to run my hands throughDay Dreaming.The way you look makes me melt and I so want to come and hug you and not let goDay Dreaming

From an early age you had lots of painCryCryCry, which you coped with so wellClapClapClap by becoming a brave warrior that many could not defeat.Smile
Yet you surpassed all that pain and used that as your strength.
You found your soul mate vrinda, who healed your wounds but fate took that love away from youCry.

But your and vrinda's soul will always be immortal and will find each other after death so you both can be together for eternity.
You would have conquered the world if guided properly.

I have learnt from you that no one is bad but it is circumstances that makes us do things that are not right...What I loved about you was your strength, determination and how to never give up.I love youHug  Heartand will miss you lotsCryCry

But we know you will be at peace once you are back with mahadev. Then you and vrinda can be together forever. Just make sure you make time for me tooEmbarrassedDay Dreaming. (PS I am sure vrinda will not mind sharing you with me)Wink...I want you to be happy and at peace my sexy handsome warrior jalandar. Smile

My Poem for jalandhar to vrinda.
I carry your heart with me (i carry it in my heart)
I am never without it anywhere I go as you and me are one. 
You are my strength, love and heartbeat.
I fear no fate for you are my fate, vrinda
I want no world for beautiful you are my world, my true soul mate forever
and it's you are whatever a moon has always meant
and whatever a sun will always sing is you

Even when I am away from you, I always feel your presence around me, comforting me.
Here is the deepest secret nobody knows that even death cannot keep us apart from long.
We will meet after death as my soul will find yours and we will be happy together for eternity
I carry your heart in within me always

From Sukhi(sukhi...)

well i donno wht to write bt i can only say that "I Love U Jalandhar". 
Jalandhar was the character wid whom i use to smile, laugh and cry. Smile ahhh...jal I will terribly miss ur smile, ur evil laugh n most impt ur tehdee gardan.Cry 
uff...i realy wished to see u more...wll mis u loads dear...CryCry
Love u Jalandar Heart

here is a poem for my jalandhar...

Missing You

You are very far
     which i cannot measure,
the days with you
     were all full of pleasure.

The heart says all the time
    that i am missing you,
there's loneliness around me
     and it's nothing new.

I am waiting eagerly
     to have your one more sight,
your entrance will be for me
    a room full of light.

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From Hema(hemaDaganKhian)

Oh im writing farewell note for Jalandhar...i got this softcorner for this anti-hero when his mom was killed by indradev and to make me more attached to this lonely soul the grownup Jalandhar was played by Mohit Raina...the only actor i admire.Im clean bowled by very 'Firstlook' of Jalandhar but don't know why initial couple of episodes i was not so satisfied with Jalandhar's jumping n crashing was when he tried to unite all asurs together is the point i started fall in love with this villain in that particular scene he stand out as the perfect LEADER who wanted to fight against all the injustice done to Asurs n combine all his scattered army.His life was devoted to take revenge from that one person who killed his innocent mother for no reason.his Guru Sukracharya made him wait so as to prepare him to face his enemy and the time has arrived to achieve his lifetime goal...time to know the perpetrator who tried to kill him but killed his mom...time to take revenge...It was Indradev the 'King of Devtas' it couldn't have took more than a second for Jalandhar to kill Indradev but no he dint he wanted to win Indra by war here i have to mention about Iravadh it understood that this angry man stand infront of his master is no one but the fragment of energy from the ultimate source "Devon ke Dev Mahadev" Jalandhar dint ordered Iravadh but it followed him like a pet.To fight with devtas is not a joke Jalandhar know that very well so he wanted to make sure that all Asurs stand by his side.His first war against his fellow Asur that was classy one not so much blood sheded he won his first battle with so much ease(have to mention that battle scene was no less then any Hollywood movie)and he was announced to be the 'King of Asurs' but not all Asurs who are Asur by birth ready to accept this stranger as their King but Jalandhar proved no one else other than him can be their king n he was crowned by his beloved Guru...that majesty...that pride...oh boy how can i be without calling him as "King of Asurs".Sukhracharya hide the biggest truth of Jalandhar's birth from Jalandhar he thought that it may divert Jalandhar but that was big mistake by Sukhracharya he should have made Jalandhar aware of whom he' precious his birth is..if he did that the entire story would have been different...lets proceed with story the Asur who defeated by Jalandhar joined hands with Indradev n tried to kill Jalandhar thats when Vrinda entered into Jalandhar's life..Vrinda an independent and brave lady she's a physician and devotee of Vishnu.Jalandhar for the first time in his life he was called by his name no one else other than his guru ever dare to call him by his name but Vrinda did after all she's someone special in his life.Bravery is something that i admire the most in Vrinda no matter whom she talking with she always stood in her faith of her Aaraadhya.Though she's against his views Jalandhar wanted Vrinda to be by his side and Vrinda really couldn't avoid that heartfelt request from her king she stood by his side in the war against devtas but physician in her dint allowed her to distinguish the injured ones as Asurs or Devtas she helped everyone and thats not so pleasing to Jalandhar but thats not stopped his growing feeling for Vrinda he saved her life...he let himself get injured FOR HER.Sukhracharya can see the changes in Jalandhar he also know that its because of Vrinda that one favourite scene of mine where Sukracharya ask Jalandhar to get marry one pure soul which will protect him from his enemies...but Jalandhar never accepted to put a woman's life in danger for himself...Sukracharya tried the other way if its not for him asked Jalandhar to get married for his people and to have his heir...but Jalandhar's reasoning(my very favourite dialogs of Jalandhar)a person cant be a king just because he's a heir of someone...i'm king but which king's son was i?i'm king because of my endowment...not for him...not for his heir but for his Guru he had to get married so Jalandhar actually can't say no to his guru his only well wisher...time to ask Vrinda's hand for marriage but this independent lady is not so easy to convince as she was not sure Jalandhar really want to get her by his love or by his power as king...but after such a soulful confession by Jalandhar Vrinda accepted Jalandhar as her jalandhar is completely unbeatable he won the battle against Devtas though his only aim was to kill Indradev,Jalandhar know that letting your enemy live is the biggest punishment one can give he punished Indradev...he achieved his goal nothing left to do...he can now lead a happy life with Vrinda but life was not easy for anybody not even for Thrilokathipathy he was tested...his stability was tested but his vulnerable soul is prune to insecurity of loosing his loved ones when there is a insecurity its a good platform for all bad deeds.when he was announced to be the Ansh of Mahadev everything shattered for him he felt like loosing his identity...his pride..everything.He challenged Mahadev...he tried to win Tridev...he abducted Adishakthi...he's slowly moving towards his end...his mom left him...his guru left him...his Vrinda left him its our turn to say bye..bye to Jalandhar :'(

Im not a writer when im surrounded by excellent writers i  cant even use the word writer for myself .when i sat to write 10-15 lines of farewell note for Jalandhar it turned out to be this its only because of the way the character Jalandhar is shaped(Thanks to Utkarshji) and the way it is potrayed(Thanks to Mohit Raina).After Agantuk(Role played by Mohit raina in Ganga Kii Dheej)its Jalandhar who made me fall in love with..anyways he needs to be destroyed hmmm.. ya say needs to merge with his origin i.e with Mahadev.. After 4th June im surely gonna miss Jalandhar as much as i miss Agantuk .i would like to Thank DKDM CVS for brought this Jalandhar track in the show you guys showed something i craved for Thank you so much :)

From Rayan(MrToolConfuser)

Jalandhar sir, We'll Miss you.

Tussi have become a Lover boy From an Angry young man. You were the One, Who atlast and atleast did Some Justice to Asuras. Sirji, your Flying on ElephantRaj and Giving Punches to Mr.D for what He did to You, The paying Back session won't be Forgotten Easily.

Your Hair-Style, Tatto-Style, Your Neck-Turn Style.. Noh, no no.. Won't be Forgotten! Sirji, You were a Thodha sa Villain with atleast Hundreds of Title names. After Tarkasur's Laughter, You are leaving a Great Impact on Everyone.. No, no, no..Impossible.. You won't be Forgotten.

We might have made some Jokes on you also might have Said thoda Childish things to you.. But, We have always Respected you! Yes sir, Dkdm have shown your Love for you Parents (Mom) and Wife (Vrinda). The way They've showed your almost Every little things from your life with their (remix) Bio-Graphy, from That we Got to know that You weren't Completely Negative, It just was The circumstances for what You have become in Present. Sirji, We're sad But "Future mein kisika Jor nahin" So, we know That you had to Go.

Jo bhi ho, Sirji.. You'll be missed.Your Thodha sa Bhakth.

Good wishes for your Afterlife in Yamaloka Mr.J.


Your Thodha sa Bhakth.

From Arti(A-A-S)

Jalandhar, Jalandhar, Jalandhar... where to begin? What better place than during the early months of DKDM?

"Tulsi Devi jab pehli baar prakat hui thi to ek naari ke roop mein prakat hui thi. Unka naam tha Vrinda, aur woh Bhagwan Vishnu ki bahut badi bhakt thi. Kintu unka vivaah hua Jalandhar naam ke ek rakshasa se. Jalandhar ka aatank charo orr faila hua tha, lekin koi unka kuch nahi bigaad sakta, kyunki Vrinda Bhagwan Vishnu ki bahut badi bhakt thi. aur unki bhakti mein apaar shakti. Ab ye baat Jalandhar jaanta tha, aur iss baat ka laab bhi uthaata. Ab, upaaye sirf ek hi tha - ki Vrinda ke satitva ko nasht kiya jaye. Tab Bhagwan Vishnu ne swayam Jalandhar ka roop dhara, aur Vrinda ke saat rehne lage. Ab kisi doosre purush ke saath rehne ke kaaran Vrinda ka satitva nasht ho gaya, aur uski bhakti mein woh satitva bhi nahi raha. Aur ab, Jalandhar ko maarna aasaan ho gaya. Jab ye baat Vrinda ko pata chali to woh bahut rusht hui. Ussne Bhagwan Vishnu ko shraap diya aur Bhagwan Vishnu Shaligram pathar ke roop mein parivartit ho gaye. Aur uske baad, Vrinda ne bhi apni deh tyaag di. Kintu jab unhone apne deh tyaagi, to unmein se Tulsi ka paudha prakat hua. Kintu Bhagwan Vishnu ne Vrinda ko vachan diya ki agle janam mein woh unse vivaah avashya karenge. Aur Bhagwan ne ye apna vachan poora kiya, Shaligram ke roop mein Tulsi Devi ke saath vivaah kar ke. Issiliye, Bhagwan Vishnu ki pooja tab tak poori nahi hoti jab tak Tulsi Devi ki pooja na ho."  
This was what Maharani Prasuti said when she was telling Devi Sati and everyone else the story of the origins of Shaligram-Tulsi Vivaah and how this involved Jalandhar and Vrinda in one of the episodes from January 2012. My ears certainly pricked up as soon as she started speaking. I immediately thought "How come they are telling this as a story now? Confused They should have saved the tale of Jalandhar and Vrinda and used it as a plotline later on with actual characters and goings-on!" The above paragraph of dialogue took roughly two and a half minutes of episode time. Done, finished, right there! Two and a half minutes! At that time I thought they had wasted a potential storyline right there and that we would never get to see the story of Jalandhar and Vrinda acted out in DKDM. I mean, come on - as far as I know, Jalandhar was the only ansh of Mahadev actually born of his krodh-agni, and in the sea of all places! Interesting story alert! (At that time I was also wondering why this story was being told to Devi Sati when Devi Parvati was actually herself involved in the story. This certainly could have been a blooper, or it is possible that the CVs were keeping with the Hindu theory of time moving in a cyclic manner and so the story being told was of the Jalandhar and Vrinda from the previous kalp.) Perhaps they just needed for Sati to see a Shivling when she looked at the Shaligram and felt the need to explain the Shaligram's origins. Perhaps the original plan for DKDM was for it to be a lot shorter series than it turned out to be. I don't know what the CVs were thinking back then, but I was thinking "what a missed opportunity!" and I'm sure I'm not the only one.
Fast forward roughly 14 months and a few hundred DKDM episodes later. The ongoing Raavan track had to be cut short abruptly as Mr Wadhwa became ill and had to stop shooting. I suspect the CVs had a bit of a scramble to figure out what they were going to show us next. Then we started seeing intriguing promos proclaiming "Aa raha hain Mahadev ka sabse bada shatru!" set against the backdrop of the ocean. This got everyone wondering who was coming? Jalandhar? Surely not? But all signs pointed to yes! Then shouts of "blooper" reappeared at the fact that the story had already been narrated during earlier episodes but was now going to be shown as an ongoing story fitting in with current goings-on! The plausible "previous kalp story" explanation also made its reappearance. Again, who knows what the CVs were thinking (the previous ones or the new ones). But then it was confirmed that the proclaimed biggest enemy of Mahadev that would soon be a guest on our TV or computer screens was indeed Jalandhar. Cool. As DKDM is known for showing "creativity" in the presentation of various stories from our mythology, I thought it would be interesting to see if the track would be shown the way Maharani Prasuti had described it earlier. Then, of course, we got several articles about actors who would be playing upcoming supporting characters, including a mermaid mum for Jalandhar (a first for an Indian mythological show, I'm sure!) and the young Jalandhar. Surprisingly, though, none mentioned or even speculated on who would be playing the adult Jalandhar, leading us to the logical conclusion that Mohit Raina himself would be doing so. And then came the revelation that this would indeed be the case, with the first look photo of Jalandhar dressed in an anti-Shiv fashion. I think the excitement was about to reach fever pitch at this point! And then, of course, there has been a lot of discussion as the track progressed and now ended.
No matter what the Puraans or other religious literature say, I think it is important for us to remember that those stories are also based on someone's perception of events and that they do not contain all the details of what actually happened back in the day. So keeping that in mind, of course writers will try to fill in the blanks and come up with creative ways to bring a story to life. And DKDM's Jalandhar certainly got the royal creativity treatment! Mythological stories, and indeed the version of events presented earlier by Maharani Prasuti in DKDM itself, paint the real Jalandhar as pure evil. He may have been - I don't know, I never met the man. But then he could also have been the way DKDM portrayed him, or entirely different all together. Again, no one knows for sure.
Overall I found DKDM's Jalandhar track interesting, although there were some things that I found strange or didn't necessarily agree with. I had no problem with things like Jalandhar having a mermaid mum and then hating the detvas because of her death, or with him and Vrinda having their own little love story, and us being shown Jalandhar's psychological journey as he fought for justice but then became arrogant and eventually evil. I did originally think it would perhaps have been better to show him as outright evil after he got to the evil stage without bringing in his fear of abandonment and other psychological issues time and again, but in the end I think what was shown turned out pretty well overall. It was always going to be an uphill battle reconciling the mythological story with the version presented here, but I think the end of the track did that well!
This character and track certainly raised a lot of good points and provided us with a lot of food for thought - whether you yourself loved it or hated it or were somewhere in between. I thought a major take-home message was that while our circumstances and the people and things around us have a huge influence on our outlook and the ways in which our lives are shaped, we are all still responsible for our own actions. The writers seem to have greatly enjoyed taking the idea of mythological Jalandhar and using him and his story as the basis for their own psychological case study in the form of DKDM's Jalandhar character, with all his good points and flaws. Credit to the CVs for stretching out Jalandhar's tale from a two and a half minute story to a two and a half month long track! And for getting us all talking! Clap Star
Whether you loved or hated DKDM's Jalandhar character, Mohit Raina's superb acting in this role cannot be ignored! He completely inhabited the character and showed us all his various emotions very well. The crooked neck, the anger, the looks of shock, the gleeful psychosis, the sad times, the happy times, the evilness, all the speeches, the fight scenes, especially the emotional end, everything was done very well! It looked like he was having the time of his life! If nothing else, we must thank this track for allowing us to see Mr Raina outdo himself with a triple-role, with such contrasting characters as Mahadev/Adiyogi and Jalandhar! Clap Hats off also to Tushar Jha for doing so well as little Jalandhar. Clap
So Jalandhar's journey in DKDM has finally come to an end. And what a rollercoaster ride it has been, controversial from start to finish, beginning with a two-and-a-half-minute story in January 2012, and ending with a solid two-and-a-half-month track in March-June 2013! DKDM, take a bow for actually including two "versions" of Jalandhar and Vrinda's story within the one show!
Farewell, DKDM Jalandhar! It has certainly been an interesting journey. Star Smile

Titles Ke Dev... Jalandhar:

From Sadhna(Vabs)

Jallandar when you first burst upon me  I became mesmerised by you and had forgot about the pact that I made with myself that no matter what I would not fall for nor love a man  who was up againist the love of my love Mahadev. But before I knew what was happening with me my wish was forgotten the minute you strode out of the water and I fell in love with you. I had every reason to hate you but hate did not ferment in my mind my heart was clouded with love for you and it supported you in every way so I just want to say that Thank You For Coming into my life and Making me love you madly. Jallandar you will be gone but never forgotten

From Foram(foram.)

When jallandhar track startd i never knewd that i wil get attachd to him so much that at his end i wil cry so much Cry Cry no i didnt got attach coz of Mohit but there were certain things which i cn relate wid him in my life. Yes Mohit indeed playd it so wel that widout his beautiful portrayal no one could have been able to connect wid him. Jallandhar only wishd for some love and care but he didnt got that, whomever he lovd they left him whether his mom, or guru or his belovd wife, although he did wrong but only to secure his life and for that m not gonna hate him. He was only usd by his guru and was left away by his creator to live his own fate. If he would hv got proper margdarshar he would hv been a good trilokadhi pati, but then destiny works and al went wrong with him and it called his ill fate and an ultimate death by his own creator. And lastly he immersd frm where he was evolved. M gona mis him alot, didnt realisd hw this 2-3 months passed. Gonna cherish his smile, his laughter and his memories forever. It was a best track of Dkdm. Never even once felt that hez the same pers0'2n playing mahadev i always saw him as seperate persona, i knw Mohit is going no where, he is stil mahadev but stil feeling emptiness of nt gonna see jal anymore. Cry Cry Cry

From Nicita(SilverFairy)

Your Awsome Jalandhar Love You Always Farewell. (:

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By Nikhila(Nikki_SAS-holic)

This is a SONG SUNG by me FOR Jalandhar..Big smileBig smile..Its "Sawaar Loon" from the film "Lootera"...Big smileBig smile..

By Ria(chand1234)

This is a SIZZLING HOT Jalandhar VM made by Ria on my requested song-"Baadshah" from the film "Baadshah"...

By Hema(hemaDaganKhian)

This is a TRIBUTE VM to Jalandhar made by Hema on the song "Bezubaan" from the film "ABCD"...Big smileBig smile..

By Tannu(sushitaindia)

This is a Jalandhar VM made by Tannu on the song "Aarambh Hai Prachand"..Big smileBig smile..

By Ria(chand1234)

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WELCOME BANNER - SIONA(.sio.angel.) 







DIVIDER - RIA(chand1234)

TANNU(sushitaindia) & NIKHILA(Nikki_SAS-holic)


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