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Dedicated to B.N.K. aka TonyEmbarrassed


He is one of the most
successful and handsome businessmen in Dubai. He cares less about life besides his
work and denied the fact that love exists. But life never remains the same, as he has to pay for one mistake he has done in the past.

She had her own dreams
to be fulfilled, but her dreams get shattered when she was betrayed in love.
Destiny brings her in a path of life where she had to remember her dark past,
where she has to turn back or move ahead in a life full of misery.

Will destiny helps them
to save themselves? Read the story to get answers.

It's Complicated Part 1

It's Complicated Part 2

It's Complicated Part 3

It's Complicated Part 4

It's Complicated Part 5

It's Complictaed part 6 

Special thanks to

* Appy for the lovely banner she made

* B.N.K. for the lovely VMs and the editing helps (I'm learning a lot from her)

* Meri jaan (she knows who I am talking about) and Lee for their support, I am glad that I have you both as my friends.

VM (by Toni)

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It's Complicated (Part 1)

Everyone on the road was looking at the black jaguar car that stopped at the traffic light near the school. Saras, the eldest son of the famous businessman Mr. Laxminandan Vyas, was seated in the back seat of the car. He was busy chatting with someone on the phone and hence did not notice what was happening around him. 'Kamal, will it take more time, yet?' Saras asked from the driver, looking at the road outside. 'Just a couple of minutes, sir!' Kamal answered quickly, without even turning his head. Kamal has started his job as a driver for Vyas family when he was seventeen. He has also been one of the oldest and loyal workers for the Vyas family.

Saras was looking at the pedestrians carelessly, hoping for the red light to turn green soon. Today is a big day for him; he needed to go to the ceremony beforehand. His father has planned to hand everything to him ever since he returned back to Dubai. Suddenly Saras noticed a small boy who was walking on the sidewalk with a young girl. He felt that somebody has slapped hard across his face. It was her, and he was so sure. She has not changed a bit. She has the same curls as before, but she has become more beautiful, he thought. Saras asked Kamal to stop the car, as he started it and followed the girl with his eyes until she was lost from his sight.

'Sir' Kamal said politely, bringing Saras back to his senses. 'Let's go' Saras ordered, his gaze still fixed at the window of the car. He was still trying to remember where he met her last time. Saras reached 'The Park View' five star hotel in the late afternoon. It is special to him more than one way, but it being designed and built under his supervision were the most important reasons why he loved the hotel most. He fixed the Bluetooth headset at his ear and entered into the lobby where his new manager was waiting for him. He explained how he had organized the opening function of the new hotel and Saras smiled at him satisfactorily.


Mr. Leonov who came inside through the sliding door narrowed his eyes upon seeing Toni, who was in the reception. Leena who was her colleague giggled secretly seeing Mr. Leonov approaching towards the counter. 'Uff! Here he comes! I just hate him. He doesn't seem to be leaving the hotel sooner.' Leena muttered in a low voice, but loud enough for Toni to hear each and every word clearly. 'He even complained to Sunny about me, I wish I could kick'' before Leena could complete her sentence Mr. Leonov reached the counter and smiled at Toni. Toni greeted him and provided the assistance he needed.

Toni joined 'On The Way' five star hotel two months back, but is being loved by all the staffs. Her kind and loving nature and the politeness are being noticed and appreciated all her colleagues. Unlike other young girls, she does not want to expose herself much, and hence she is a shy but a beautiful girl.

Saras left the hotel earlier than usual, and headed to his house as he wanted to surprise his father. 'Hello dad' Saras said, seeing Laxminandan who was reading a newspaper on the sofa. Laxminandan almost jumped up from the sofa and smiled at his eldest son proudly while opening his arms wide. 'Oh I missed you son' He said embracing Saras lightly, and patted his shoulders lovingly. They both spent some time there as Saras listened to his father's plans carefully.


'Hello Toni, you are on evening duty today?' The senior manager of the 'On The Way' five star hotel, Sunny asked Toni as he passed the lobby. 'Yeah, will be finishing late, but I am missing little Sam' Toni said, making a sad face at him. Sunny shook his head, and smiled at her lightly before leaving. Toni looked at him thankfully for being with her when she needed a friend like him. He was the one who helped her to get this job, and a place to live as well for which she would always be grateful to him.

'I wish Sunny would talk to me as well' Sonia said dreamingly. 'Oh, miss dreamy!' Leena said in a mocking tone. 'Who is going to call you when Toni is here?' She added furthermore, attending her work. 'Oh come on girls! You girls are too much!' Toni said, throwing herself into the chair. 'I just said it for fun, Toni' Sonia said, turning her chair towards Toni. 'I still cannot believe that Sunny is single, he must have a girl friend' Leena added shaking her head. Knowing that the girls won't stop their talk, Toni said 'I think we better not talk about others' while checking the time in between.


'Mom please, I will be back soon' pleaded Danny, who was sitting at the dinner table with the rest of the family. 'I said no, and that's final' Guman said firmly, offering some food for him. Without a word, Danny pushed his chair, stood up and stormed out of the dining room. 'Danny, Danny!' Saras called him, getting up from his chair. 'No Saras, let him go! But you need to finish dinner first' Guman said, smiling at Saras. Laxminandan too nodded his head assuring Guman.

Danny being the youngest son of Laxminandan is very different from his eldest son, Saras. Saras is being a responsible son, with a heart of gold while Danny is a stubborn and a carefree son. None of them said a word about Danny as they enjoyed their dinner, but Laxminandan shared his plan of making Saras the head of their new hotel, 'The Park View'.

Saras headed to his brother's room as soon as he freed himself from his father's never ending conversation. He knocked at the door and waited for Danny's reply. 'Go away from here! I don't want to talk to any one!' Danny yelled from inside the room. 'Fine, but here is your gift' Saras said, knowing that his brother will open the door for him. Slowly, the door opened and Danny moved his head out of the room and saw his loving brother standing at a side holding his gift. 'May I?' Saras asked, taking a step to enter the room. 'So you really want to go back?' Saras asked sitting on the sofa, watching Danny opening his gift. 'Yes bro, please make mom understand' Danny said, hugging his brother.  

It was a bit late than usual, when Saras finally went into his bedroom. He wanted to have a good night's sleep and get himself refreshed for the upcoming ceremony. The soft pillows and the silky satin sheets did not help him tonight as a small angle in his mind reminded him about the girl he saw in the afternoon. He remembered her, but he could not believe that she would be living in Dubai. No, she cannot be here, he thought but knew that his eyes would never lie to him as well. With her thoughts floating in his mind, he did not know when he fell asleep.

Toni kept her hand on her forehead as she failed to sleep at night. Why did she find it difficult to sleep, and why only she felt the emptiness in her life only at bed time? She could never hold back the tears from flowing across her cheeks when thinking of her life. She wanted to get rid off the thoughts that had haunted her mind long time back. It was her past, the past that she never wanted to remember, but could never forget.

Saras woke up as the alarm rang at six o'clock in the morning, and rushed into the bathroom. He showered, wore an Armani suit, Feragamo shoes, Breitling watch and put on his favourite Ray-Ban. He knew he looked good without being cocky about it. He smirked while looking at himself by the mirror as he remembered one of the photographers of a model he knew had told him that he could become a fantastic model.

'The Park Way Hotel' was lit with special lights and was decorated in accordance with the opening function. The guests who entered in to the lobby had a dreamy look seeing the arrangements, and thanked for the organization and appreciated the unique architecture.

Sunny was called to a last minute meeting at the Park View, by Mr. Chopra, who was the in charge of the soon-to-be started function. Something might have gone wrong, Sunny thought as he went into the meeting room. 'I have checked the lists, but some staffs haven't reached yet. Check the lists and make sure you appoint a new staff and all should be present beforehand if you need to continue your job here' Mr. Chopra declared, while trying to hide his nervousness.

Sunny checked his list and found out that one girl was missing from his list. He contacted her by himself and come to know that she had been affected by food poisoning and could not attend the function. He wondered about fixing a girl for the missing slot, and suddenly he thought of Toni. Yes, Toni is the girl who could help him from losing his job. She is intelligent and would understand everything shorthand. Without wasting a single second he dialed Toni's number and asked her to come to the Park View hotel as soon as possible. Toni wanted to know the reason, but agreed to go there as she did not want to lose Sunny's job because of her.

Toni almost ran into the lobby and saw Sunny waiting for her there. She listened to him carefully as he explained everything to her, while clearing her doubts in between. She took a uniform from the cupboard and ran into the toilet, not wanting to waste a single second. Toni adjusted her hair after changing into the working uniform and rehearsed how to face the staffs in front of the mirror. Sunny let out a sigh as he saw Toni coming with the rest of the girls. Toni was supposed to stay in the ball room and to help the guests with their seating. 

The function went in a blur. It went well, in accordance with the plans, and Laxminandan knew it was all because of Saras, his intelligence, presence of mind and attitude towards the work. He was proud of his son and it was portrayed from his face as he introduced Saras to all his friends.

Saras felt that so many eyes staring at him, and he expected for it. Being one of the most successful businessmen in such a young age made him feel proud of himself. All the girls who were presented at the function tried to even have a flirty glance at him, but he cared less about them as he felt they are of no difference as the mannequins in the show cases. 'Excuse me please, I have to leave' Saras moved away from the girl who came to talk to him and walked towards an empty table. As his eyes scanned the room, his eyes caught a glimpse of girl, in uniform he hasn't seen before. He felt that his heart skipped a beat or two, seeing her smooth and long neck through the maroon jacket she was wearing. Her shapely long legs portrayed extra smoothness beneath the thin stocking she wore, which dragged him to her like a magnet. He tried to steal a glance over her face, but she has left the place before he could reach. He become upset for a while, but managed to bring back a charm on to his face thinking about the limelight there.

Saras wanted to spend the night in the hotel that night and bid good bye to his dad and other guests presented, but called for a brief meeting. Knowing that Sunny has to attend the meeting, Toni waited outside with Myra, a new friend she got. Toni walked towards the reception, adjusting her hair, to make a phone call as Myra went into the changing room. Toni turned around, having a feeling that someone was standing behind her as the receptionist also stood up to greet him. She felt that her breathing struggled and she wished that she could become invisible for a while.

'Hello Toni, are you there?' Kumari's voice came from the other end of the receiver. 'I will call later' Toni said, hanging the phone while still looking at the handsome young man standing right in front of her. It is him; she could never be wrong identifying those deep eyes. She has never expected to see him, but little did she know that destiny has something else for her. With all her might she hurried towards the exit.

'Toni' Saras called her in his manly voice, making Toni to freeze on her steps. 'Saras' she whispered, closing her eyes tightly. She tried to convince her limp legs to move away, but her feet did not follow her commands as once again she was drawn to the magic in his voice. She let out a sigh as she felt a hand on her shoulders. 

to be continued...

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'The Park Way Hotel'

Inside view



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Originally posted by -B.N.K-

res CryCry

toni, khushi ke aansooShocked

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This is the first time I read such a story, unique idea, and I like it!
Beautifully penned as usual, and I shall follow this one until the end. Evil Smile
And you finished at a cliff hanger , I know it's your common trickLOL
Is it Saras coming to her? Were they friends or lovers before? I know i'm asking too many questions, but I am such a despoLOL
Special mention to the VM, it is so beautiful, and I feel it tells the story by it self. I love the idea, you don't show Kumud's face here as she is not the girl featuring hereThumbs Up

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omg tony u can make vms...u can make gif and now u r in saras life too...manana padega...guno ki khaan hai humari toni...aur mashalla kya dost hai toni ke :)

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Azu di, I seriously don't have any words for you !! 

Y.O.U  A.R.E. B.E.Y.O.N.D  A.W.E.S.O.M.E. !! Period. Star

Enough said ! Clap

P. s: How could write like like this flawlessly di?? Please please let me know about it di !! Wink

Toni ji !!
The VM is absolutely  stunning !! The first one was also awesome ! 
Please keep doing !! Clap

The banner is marvelous appy ! Clap

A tight hug from me to all of you guys !! This is absolutely great !!HugHug Hug

I don't always read FF's / SS's since i always prefer OS's !! This one is the First SS I've ever read and this is amazing !! Please make this an FF di !! Eagerly waiting for the next part !!

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toni Shocked Shocked ur 2nd vm i guess n its tooo good, gal i loved it perfect song n scene selectionClap Clap Clap Clap
havenot read d story yet, but m sure its gonna superb..
n appy wonderful banner..u guys rockkkParty
azzu di m coming to u after reading d actual story
OMGEE DI...m speechless..aahhh its awesome,how can u think of such awesome ideasEmbarrassed
toni n saras hayeeDay Dreaming,kisiki nazar na lage inkoWink
toni ur very lucky gal..saras's lady love hmmEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
n saras wat have u done to toni??Stern Smile
i guess we need to find a jodi name for this new couple toni-sarasEmbarrassedSarNi kaisa rahega??TongueLOL

i have to say this, the whole idea,story,banner,vm n those gifs..a complete package,,ClapClap
hats off to u guys..Clap

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