Junoon - Aisi Nafrat, toh Kaisa Ishq


Junoon - Aisi Nafrat, toh Kaisa Ishq
Junoon - Aisi Nafrat, toh Kaisa Ishq

FF-JUNOON:-WHATEVER IT TAKES,Chapter-49(pg-146)...

TehsinaJFJ IF-Rockerz

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Hi! Tongue M really an amateur at this. But just trying this out for Mithvi's sake.Love dm like insane dtz y! Wink
Thank you Awida for giving me the courage to attempt this. Tongue
Nd guys if u dnt like it, please dnt gallify me too much? Shocked
Nd do let me know if u want me to continue or not..? So here we go:

This siggy was done by a friend of ours who asked me not to give out her name,as she is under da wrong impression,dt her siggies aren't good enuf..!So I'll call her SECRET NO NAME friend!Thank u my SECRET NO NAME FRIEND!!!


      Prithvi slammed the file onto the office table in frustration. He squeezed his eyes tight shut in an attempt to forget what he had just read, but in vain...The words seemed to have been scorched into his brain..The file containing the documents and letters were the final nail on the coffin. His heritage and his upbringing demanded that he should do it. It was the right thing to do.But it was such a frustrating fact for him, that it was also the last thing he wanted to do...No other options...No other choices...No running away from this task-not anymore...
He leaned back on his chair with his eyes closed. His handsome face a cool mask hiding his inner turmoil. No one who saw him at that moment would be able to tell that Prithvi Khanna was fighting his own fiercest personal demons in his head...That he was fighting an already losing futile battle...

"I have to find it! I have to find it! "Meera muttered to herself as she searched through the drawer for the fifth futile time.
"What did I do with it?!"
In frustration Meera threw all the stuffs from her dressing table.
She looked at herself in the mirror angrily.
"How could you lose it?!"She snapped at her own reflection in the mirror.
She kicked her chair down in anger and frustration,picked up a perfume bottle from the cluttered stuffs on the floor, and was about to break the mirror with it,when a voice stopped her.
"Miu! ! Whatever is wrong with you?!You have turned your whole room upside down! And is this what you've been looking for? "
Meera dropped the bottle on the floor carelessly and ran to her mother. She looked eagerly into her upheld hand and there it was! Her favourite locket! It was a small heart with an even smaller kitten delicately designed in it, and also had MIU inscribed on it at the back..
She snatched it from her mother's hand, kissed it in delight and then hugged her mother tight also showering her with kisses.
"Thank you Bitto!"she exclaimed laughing aloud, and like a storm ran out of the dishevelled room..
"But Miu! Listen!"her mom called out in vain.
"God knows who will marry this girl!With her temper and outbursts! "muttered Meera's mother as she started cleaning up the messed up room...

    Prithvi finally opened his eyes.His stance now of a determined man.His decision already made.
He stood up ready to face his fate.Smoothed his already wrinkle free shirt out of sheer habit. Placed the previously thrown file into his leather brief-case.Picked it up and turned the lights off as he got out of his office.
   He nodded as the security guards saluted him.It was well past 9pm.And as usual he was the last one to leave the office building. Being the boss and the soul owner of Khanna Industries he had to work the hardest.
Prithvi got into his black SUV and smoothly drove out of the parking lot...With only one thought in his mind...
    Here I come Baragaon..I accept my destiny...I'll fulfill my ancestors' dream WHATEVER IT TAKES...

So there!plz let me know if I should go on with it with ur posts? Nd if u've any advice dt wud be welcome too! Tongue

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Marathi_Mulgi IF-Dazzler

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First very sorry for late unreservingOuch
i knew this would be happen coz Junoon n mithvi k liye "Ishq-e-junoon apne sir pe sawar hai"Big smile
chahe na chahe likha jaana yeh ff haiLOLLOLLOL
i know bad shayri i m not good in writingLOL
ok now comment
loved prologue!
just amazing prithvi in modern city guy literate bhery bhery smartEmbarrassed
and miu as usual beautiful cute n naughty!
ohh she made her room mess coz of tht locket
did it something special
love boths intro part
and what was tht in Shocked but now prithvi comming to 12gaonBig smile
wow excited ab toh we want this ff "whatever it takes"Thumbs Up

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girlTalks IF-Sizzlerz

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kya baat hai, u also LOL
I know, with the crap that is being shoved on to our faces , we have to take control into our own hands LOL
But i like it , Prithvi is in office ,educated, esmart and handsome Wink
with esmart shirts and all Day Dreaming
u r reinventing the estory LOL

and I strongly feel you should continue Thumbs Up

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OyeNautanki IF-Rockerz

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Tehsina you too Shocked LOL I lubbed the fresh take on Mithvi Embarrassed ek choti se request, pleej keep the look of Prithvi which he had for some montage with Miu hugging him for your story Embarrassed he has big muchi Day Dreaming 

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awida IF-Stunnerz

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Bravo Tehsina

very intresting ..You made me imagine Prithvi as a boss . Wearing formal dress. Wow .. That tall man is killing the look!

Meera as a laadli is not my fav . But is for sure a fire ready to burns Prithvi's life Wink

waiting to see how their meeting to be ..

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Adally IF-Sizzlerz

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chalo res 

aaj sab padhke .. unres karna h :)

keep writing :D

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jmoyee200 IF-Rockerz

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very nice.

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Clap wow

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