Badalte Rishton Ki Daastan


Badalte Rishton Ki Daastan
Badalte Rishton Ki Daastan

BRKD NL 3rd editions(Mile Na Mile Hum)

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By Starsanjana

Last Week

Last week started off with the Mahasanagam of QH, PR and BRKD. Nandini and Neel met each other after a long time. At Asad and Zoya's sangeet, Nandini wore a pair of earrings that Neel had gifted her on her birthday. Neel notices this and comments. Neel dreams Nandini on the song Tu Jaane Na. Mr. Mongia is still after Shyama.  He tells Alokha that Nandini is talking to a stranger. Alokha goes and slaps Nandini and humiliates her in front of everyone. Neel tries to take up for her but Alokha breaks the news that she is a widow to which Neel is shocked. Neel leaves a letter saying sorry and that he wants to meet her.  Pallavi and Nupur are angry that Nandini was slapped. Balraj also reprimands Alokha.

Meera's mom convinces Meera to come home with her. Balraj sets up someone to kill Arti but then calls of the deal later. Meera decided to dive birth to the child which makes Balraj happy.  Agastya is getting closer to Meera. Balraj suspects and wants to know if something is cooking between them. Agastya dismissed the topic and asks him why he wants to kill Meera's mom. Balraj dismisses his topics also.

Nandini is hurt. Shyama tells Akhil about what had happened in the sangeet Akhil is shocked. Akhil leaves to go far for work because of Mr. Mongia's orders. He blackmails Shyama into meeting him. She is scared.

Meera goes to meet Nandini before leaving. There is an awkward moment between them and then Nandini gives back a scarf that Ani had bought for Meera however Nandini thought it was her. Nandini asks Meera if she would abort the child. Meera says that she will give birth to the child. Though they are not friends they are tied in a strange bond.

This week

This week starts of with Alokha and Arti talking and Arti says everyone cares only about Meera's child but not Meera. Alokha tries to brainwash Arti into forcing Meera to abort the child. Arti tells her they will see about that later. Right now Meera is moving in with her. Arti asks her about her husband and realises that Agastya's father and Meera's father knew each other.

Before leaving Agastya comes to help Meera with the suitcase and they share a talk. Balraj reads the name of the board on Meera's house and sees that it is Prem Raunath. Arti says after her hubby passed away she needs to search for a job and she preferred to use her maiden name. Meera says she does not remember of her dad but whatever remained in her dull thought is he used to be less present at home and whenever he came back home after any business trip he used to bring lots of chocolates for her. He also used to take care of her when he was at home and suddenly he disappeared, but she still has a hope. Arti tells Meera not to forget he left them. Balraj takes their permission and leaves, after Arti telling him he can visit Meera whenever he feels like. Balraj thinks that only he knows how Prem Raunath is not alive anymore. While Shyama tries to meet Mr. Mongia, Alokha stops her and tells her to cook. Nandini goes out with Pallavi and Nupur at a caf where the meet Neel. He asks her if she received the letter that he sent her. She says yes. But he wants to know why it is she did not try to meet him. Nupur comes in the way and Neel understands. Nupur later asks Nandini if she knows him. She lies and says no.Meera helps her mom with some housework, and Arti finds a letter addressed to Prem from Agastya's father Kailash Asthana. She looks at it but then leaves it to attend to Meera.


Shyama is threatened by Mr. Mongia about Akhil's safety. He wants her to have a physical relationship with him however she says she is leading a respectable life. He reminds her that Akhil is a police officer and anything can happen to him at anytime not forgetting he has many enemies.Neil and Nandini keep thinking about each other. Alokha gets angry on Niranjan for eating the mangoes that she was supposed to use for her fast.Shyama is scared for Akhil and keeps having flashbacks about how he came and wanted to marry her even after knowing she was a bar dancer. He promised her to lead a respectable life. Meera and her mom look for the letter and thinks that she misplaced it while cleaning. Meera apologizes and Arti says it's ok.

Shyama sees Neel's letter and encourages Nandini to meet him as he is an old friend of hers. Nandini says no, remembering Alokha's words. Shyama asks Nandini if ever she still has feelings for Neel as she noticed that Neel still cares for her. Nandini is quiet.

Balraj is disturbed about Meera's dad. Agastya comes and asks him why he isn't ready for office, if it is because Meera is far from the house or what. Balraj says no and tells Agastya to go and get ready. Alokha comes to talk to Agastya and tells hi he is like his father, weak. She tells Agastya not to give up, to learn business from Balraj. She sends Agastya off. Alokha looks at Kailash picture and says she has hidden lots of secrets and it was the only way to protect both his children. What will happen if they know the truth? Shyama again urges Nandini to meet Neel saying that Happiness is around the corner for her. Don't miss it! Nandini is thinking.

Balraj's flashback - Balraj many years ago in some warehouse type place. Some guy comes to him and says he completed the job of killing Kailash Asthana but someone came between and saw the murder. Balraj is worried to know there was a witness. Balraj asks who was he. He answers someone named Prem Ranavat. Balraj remembers him as Kailash's college friend. Balraj tells him the two dead bodies should be in different places. He needs the police to see Kailash's body only after he is declared dead. He'll get all the properties. *Flashback Ends* Balraj is laughing thinking the guy he killed; his daughter is carrying the child of Balraj's son. He is laughing hysterically and saying Kismat ka khel!

Arti is happy at seeing the bump on Meera's belly. Five months have passed already. Meera and her mom share a bonding moment.  Shyama and Akhil have a cut moment in their room and she is scared of losing Akhil because of Mr. Mongia.

Nandini comes to meet Neil. She stands outside his door she rings the bell but is reluctant to enter. She is about to leave when Neil opens the door while fixing his shirt. Nandini is feeling embarrassed. Nandini and Neil look at each other. They come out of the daze with Neil asking TUM. Nandini says she came at a wrong time. She should have called before coming. Neil says it's been 5 years. She came after 5 years it cannot be a wrong time. He asks her if she won't come inside. If she wants to stay there then his neighbors will get excited seeing a beautiful girl outside his door. As they want him to get settled he cracks a joke if they should settle there outside the door, which makes Nandini laugh. She gets in and Neil tries to fix the mess his house was. She says she needs to say him one thing. He say she'll have to take coffee made by him. His coffee is special in Delhi. He goes to make coffee and Nandini looks on.

Neel tells Nandini that he never expected with whatever happened with her. He was not here and why she did not call him. He always thinks about her and wanted to call her but was reluctant as she was married. He thought that Ani loves her a lot and her married life is blessed. He never wanted to come in this city and he was scared to face her again.

Last time they met, they both have flashback of meeting in a shop where Nandini was with Ani and suddenly Nandini sees Neel. Nandini keeps looking at Neel while Ani was choosing some clothes for Nandini. He noticed Nandini looking at Neel and tells her to say Hi if he's her friend. Nandini says Neel is only a known person to her. Nandini asks Ani permission to speak to Neel which he gives.  Nandini and Neel go a bit far and Nandini asks when he returned back? Neel says two days before, he met Nandini father who told him about Nandini marriage. Nandini tells him off he was very late he never tried to get in contact with her again through this three years. Neel says because he went to an area which is a bit secluded and due to some bad weather circumstances which cropped up they have a cut off with the whole world. But still he has no grudge against her as it is his fault. Nandini says he changes her life completely they will never meet again all end here. Neel says sorry to her and says he prays that she will have a happy married life. Nandini is crying and Nandini tells him to get married Neel says how can he get married where will he find another girl likes Nandini.
Ani comes calling to Nandini and asks if ever he disturbed them Nandini says no they were only- Ani tells Nandini to try the clothes he chose for her and while moving away he tells Nandini to say bye to Neel. She sadly said so and Neel also greeted Nandini.

They both come back to reality. Neel tells Nandini to return back to him, life has given them another opportunity, and Nandini says she cannot get back to him anymore as she's a widow and the daughter in law of Asthana's family. Neel says he's still waiting for her with opens arms, Nandini says she will never be able to cement this relationship again as she's Ani wife's. Neel says she's the only one to be attached to this relationship with Ani who was unfaithful to her. Nandini is shocked.
Neel tells Nandini to give him one more chance to prove himself. He tells Nandini to think about it, Nandini says it is impossible and she has to go as she lied to come to him and this is wrong. It will be better that they never meet again.

Meera goes to meet Biji and talks to her saying that she is happy with her mom. Arti finds the letter and learns that Kailash's life was in danger because of Balrajwho interfered in their business he wanted to make lots of money of manufacturing some asthma medicines which is injurious for the life of the people out there. Balraj is trying his best to manufacture it as it is his only way to make lots of money. He says Balraj is very dangerous he can go to any extent to reach to his goal. Kailash says he's sending Prem this letter as a proof if ever he's dead to show it as a proof.
Arti is shocked and worried for Meera. She calls Meera and tells he to come home and that she found the envelope. Meera is ready to leave and Balraj offers to with her. She says ok and Balraj thinks that Meera won't be able to meet her mom.

By starsanjana

Best performance


This week I am filling in for Shrel (radev24) so I apologise for the low quality of my work.

This week's performance is a tie.

Firstly it goes to Nandini and Neel for Mahasangam. They made such a cute couple even though it was just a dream sequence. Tu jaane na was the song they danced from Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani.

And also

Meera's mom. She stood up to Balraj, won her daughter's heart over and persuaded her daughter to live with her. When Alokha tried brainwashing her for Meera's abortion she did not entertain the conversations. She made it her business to find out the content of the letter that came to her husband from Balraj's brother. She learns the truth about Balraj and is worried for Meera. All in all she deserves a BIG BIG round of applause.

By Starsanjana

Scenes of the week

Nandini and Neel performance on Tu Jaane na

Meera and Agastya saying BYE!

Meera and Nandini saying BYE!

Nandini and Shyama's Bonding

Meera and her mother's bonding.

Neel and Nandin's meeting and their flashback.

Akhil and Shyama cute scene (before and after marriage)


By Rangeelaa

By Startellie

The best dressed character for this week goes to

BY Anju

Goes to Radev24
For Brief summary thread

BY Starsanjana

By Anju

It is Aloka and Mongia

By Anju

For bringing some change and freshness I will give it to Neil.


By Starsanjana


Balraj will kill Meera's mom and the secret will go with her until some drama happens later. Neel and Nandini get more scenes. Shyama will be trapped by Mr. Mongia and some danger may come to Akhil.

BRKD Development team

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great job anju and everyonesle our nl looks superb

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great job as always anju

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Thanks a lots to starstellie, Rangeela and double thanks to Starsanjana for her whole support and lots of works she also filled for Radev24 as for some personal reason she was not able to send her entries.
Thanks Ladies without you all this thread would never been realised.
great job Hug
Title and song selection by Starsanjana.
SORRY I set this thread late as the whole week we work and meet only on Sunday.

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its not a problem anju i see we can introduce new sections after my exams i'll suggest it to u

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HugOye Faati, what you made of, superwoman?!?!Hug
Tanku for filling in for you know who? Embarrassed 
Faati for BPOTW, summary of 2 weeks .. PHEW
(not enuf hanky to wipe the non-stop paseena!Wink
best scenes of the week,
hold your horses, it's a long list,
awesomest siggy,
prediction of the week,
apt title and melodious BG music !!!! 
  Anju for her most fav topic of most irritating TWO peopleWink
and comic relief with "Icon of the week" !
Rangeela for lavala avi as always!
 starstelli for great pic of the week, but of course Nandini !
  who's radev24 winning DOTW ???

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Simply Beautiful.
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