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Arya FF-My Family My Wealth-part 11 spoiler on pg.126

maha9 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 June 2013 at 12:26pm | IP Logged
Hello dearies Embarrassed
a small treat to all my cute pvians...
this is my first time in writing an OS so please bear if there is any mistake. LOL
i hope u will like it !!!

index is present at the end of part 1 Wink
~~ part 1 ~~

The morning sun brought a bright day to the city of mumbai... especially to the scindhias !!! Wink

(In this case aayu is back to arya and prateik-pari has adopted a new baby and named him prajan... i hope everyone likes this case haina !! Tongue)
The kids getting ready for the school and arthi so busy... on one side she has to feed aayu and on the other side paypal and ansh asks her for something or the other... yash notices this and comes to the rescue..LOL

yash: come on kids !!! today ur papa will get u ready to school !!!

kids(in chorus): Shocked PAPA !!!! OH NO NOT AGAIN !!! (this reaction is   due to the comedy yash made to paypal last time hehe...)

yash: Dont worry bachoo... this time i wont make u like cartoon creatures.. LOL(arthi laughing at this mockingly ROFL) ur mama has taught me how to comb ur cute hair neatly...       sacchiii... believe me bachooo...

kids: Mama can we trust papa ????  then our new friends will make fun of  us Confused

arthi: no worries ... if ur papa makes any mistake i will correct it... then aayu will give  the perfect punishment for ur papa... ok so now go and get ready

kids: okie mama we agree... but papa this is ur last chance. if u fail then we wont allow to make us get ready next time...

yash: agreed bachoo.. come soon.

so yash starts with the  kids one by  one. ansh gets out of bath first and is ready perfectly for the school.. now starts the testing time of yash...
palak comes to get ready. yash now neatly pulls her hair into 2 ponytails and makes her perfect..( the first sigh of relief is out from yash hehe...) LOL
now the last and LITTLE TOUGH task ...Dead  payal's hair has to be platted neatly so yash remembers his practice with arthi's long beautiful hair and gets lost in that beauty...Day Dreaming

payal: papa jaldi karo... i am getting late to school. where did u go????? in dreams with mama Embarrassed !!!

yash st: OMG Shocked these kids are so clever like me... how they get my thoughts exactly... i have to be careful !!!!

yash: no beta... Big smile  i was thinking how to make ur hair cute... here it will get over in 5 minutes..

so yash neatly plates her hair and payal is so happy... she gives a kissy to yash. and seeing this the other kids too join in kissy section. TongueCool
In the meantime, arthi prepared lunch for the kids after putting aayu to play with Buaji( nice of buaji na..) so yash brings the kids down with their school bags...
arthi hands over their lunch and they carefully keep inside  their bag. now prateik comes to drop them to school.

prat: vedika...( vedika has joined in a college in mumbai) bachooo.. r u ready !!!!

vedika: coming chachu... i am ready.

kids: yes chachu we r ready.. look papa got us ready today... how r we looking???

prat: arre waah bhaiya when u took this job ? so helping arthi bhabi hai na

yash: yes chote... i am so pleased to help my khoob.. LOL ( yash stopped saying " khoobsurat biwi") ...my biwi ...

prat: (but he caught his words Wink) ok bhaiya... good job continue this to help my gundi bhabi..

then the kids leave with prateik and yash returns to their room...
now time for our naughty aayu's masti hehe... Dancing buaji was holding him and he gave hot and warm bath to her...LOLLOLLOL

buaji: Meri bhagvan ki kasam !!!! u r so naughty like ur papa... meri bachiii...(arthi heard it..)

so arthi enters the scene...
arthi: buaji how did u say aayu is naughty like his papa ???? Shocked

buaji: arre arthi bahu !!! when yash was a baby... he too did the same on me... Big smile (now yash heard it... D'oh)

yash st: OMG buaji u r making me embarrased ...Sleepy now arthi jee will tease me like anything...

arthi laughs at buaji's statement and takes aayu for a diaper change...

yash is standing cool actualy acting normal  to escape from teasing...but arthi knows about him so slowly starts the chapter..

arthi(while changing the diaper): aayu u r completely like ur papa !!!!  LOL afraid of injections... then...

yash: (out of excitement forgetting of his funny fate Wink ) what then arthi jee...

arthi: oh yash ji... aayu is like u completely in giving warm bath to buaji hehe...ROFL  how can u yashji... when ur 2 brothers were so calm and quiet...

yash: ok ok arthi jee... (trying to change the topic...) u also forget... i did not do my regular exercise today morning... so can u get me some hot soup please.. now       i am going for it...

arthi: arre yash ji... r u trying to escape from me (with a wink..) dont worry i wont tease u infront of aayu... but more is awaiting u...Embarrassed

yash: arthi... jee.. what is waiting...Dead

arthi: hmm ur vaccination...LOL  last time u got struck with pin but escaped from doctor without any injection na... so we have to go today...(last time means something in mumbai...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed got me)

yash( with pinky cheeks) Blushing: teke teke... now u go and get soup soon arthi jee...

arthi leaves with aayu to prepare some soup...
In the kitchen vidhi is cutting vegetables.. arthi gets the things to make soup...

vidhi: arthi what r u making ???? Wink

arthi: bhabi ur devarji wants some hot soup itseems that too soon... else he willl reach here soon...

vidhi: ok arthi... u continue before he looses his temper...

now the soup is also ready and arthi takes it to yash... but he is nowhere in the room. arthi searches everywhere but she cant find him. Confused
so she places the soup on the table and is about to leave... but our naughty king comes from the screen and hugs arthi from behind...Hug

yash: where r u leaving arthi jee...Embarrassed and i wanted to talk a dealing with u...( yash is completely naughty...)

arthi(blushing): yash jee leave me na... i have to help vidhi bhabi in kitchen... u keep ur dealing with urself... i wont come in it...

she tries to leave but yash holds her pallu (yash the pallu pulling king... Tongue) slowly he pulls her towards him and turns her to face him.

yash: arthi jee... always u escape from me but not possible today... atleast give me my tax please (and yash closes his eyes awaiting for a kiss... EmbarrassedEmbarrassed)

arthi cant help smiling at his cute puppy face and gives a small peck on his cheek...  Tongueand tries to leave...
but yash is not ready to leave her so soon and shows his other cheek... again arthi gives a peck and tries to leaves...

but yash opens his eyes and the romantic eye lock begins...Embarrassed arthi is totally lost in his charm while yash cups her face and slowly close the distance between them... now their lips are only few inches away...

This moment was not favourable to the time... so a loud knock on the door disturbs them...yash is irritated D'oh... it was radha who calls arthi...

yash did not notice when arthi flew from his hold...but she got escaped again giving a peck on his lips... Embarrassed

radha: arthi beta... pari is calling u for help with prajan...

arthi: jee maa i am going now...

In pari's room, pari is trying hard to feed the baby... but the baby is crying ovoiding the milk...
pari: look here bhabi... again problem for feeding the milk... CryCry

arthi: arre pari !!! dont cry like the baby.. give him to me...

arthi gets the baby and checks for any uneasiness.. then she finds he is not hungry anymore and needs sleep. (arthi the teacher for pari LOL )

arthi: nothing to worry pari. he is feeling sleepy and not hungry... make him get good sleep with a lullaby teke Smile

pari: thank u bhabi still i find it difficult to find the reason for his cry..

arthi: dont worry u will get it soon Tongue

and about to leave but she is getting giddiness.. Shockedpari gets worried..

pari: what happened bhabi.. r u alrite ???

arthi: i am ok pari. just felt dizzy bcoz i did not eat today...

pari: thank god i was afraid u got sick bhabi... go and eat something...

then arthi leaves and pari is on the process of putting prajan to sleep.Sleepy

meantime yash gets ready and leaves to work on the reminder of his vaccination in the evening(secretly by arthi hehe..Embarrassed)
not before giving a goodbye kiss to arthi and aayu.. Tongue but today he forgot to give to aayu and leaves ...something stops him now...Confused

a confused yash turns to see its aayu who is pulling his shirt...now he is reminded of his kiss..LOL

so yash takes aayu in his arms and gives a lovely kiss to him... aayu is so happy and cutely touches his papa's cheeks.. TongueTongue

yash: love u beta... and ur mumma too with a wink to arthi

yash leaves to work...

now its noon and all the men reached home for lunch..
a chatty sweet lunch is going on... arthi seated beside yash is getting his naughty looks now and then..Big smile

even yash feeds arthi with his hands when everyone was busy... but it did not go unnoticed by vidhi...EmbarrassedLOL

everyone was enjoying the lunch but arthi again feels dizzy and uneasy. Shocked but she does not show it off as everybody will get worried of her.

so she finishes her part and manages with a doubt why she is feeling tired inspite of having food !!!!

then yash leaves and asks her to be ready by 5 pm so that they can go for hospital...

the ladies of SM finish the chores and retire to their room for a small nap...
arthi puts aayu near her and covers him so that he is safe and sound ...
but aayu is not feeling sleepy and is in play mood...so arthi puts some toys and keeps an eye on him even woth her tiredness. Big smile 

the time was going in jet speed and arthi did not get ready still.. aayu cutely patted her cheek to wake his mumma..Tongue
then only arthi realised it was time to get ready and got up.

soon arthi was dressed in pink saree and aayu in pink dress... both mumma and beta are in same color now...Day Dreaming
and it was time for the kids to reach home...

the sweet chattering sound of the kids were heard and they ran to arthi with a chirpy smile... then they started narrating that day events to her with their new friends and new school too.. Big smile
arthi quietly listened to them and left them to get dress changed so that she can prepare snacks...
soon the kids came to the dining hall and had yummy snacks till their tummy accepted ... suddenly ansh got a doubt.. Confused

ansh: mumma r u going out somewhere ????  u r dressed  so pretty...

payal: u r looking an angel mumma... love u...

palak: me too love u mumma... Embarrassed

before arthi could answer she felt a warm hands covering her by shoulder... and it was YASH
yash has to manage the kids by hiding the real reason... so
yash: yes bachoo... papa got muscle pain so have to meet the doctor today... so i am taking mumma.. LOL

ansh: but papa... u exercise everyday. how do u get muscle pain... (clever boy Wink) and our superman papa is all strong...

bechara yash... how will he make ansh understand the reason... and arthi got uncontrollable laughter which made yash tighten his grip on her shoulder.

finally yash managed them and went to their room to freshen up...

In arya's room, yash was surprised to see both arthi and aayu dressed in pink...
yash: arthi jee... what is this???? u guys left me alone as odd one out ... Cry

arthi: who said u r left yash jee... u too wear a pink shirt...Tongue  we will be a pinky family... did u see down kids r also wearing pink shades..

yash: thats good idea... now get me my pink shirt arthi jee plz...

and arthi fetched his pinky shirt. now yash too got dresses in pink and is all set to go out... EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

In the car, yash was really terrified...Ouch
arthi knew the reason for his fear but did not say anything...

yash: arthi jee !!! the injection wont be too big na... LOL( with puppy face)

arthi: i knew u would be thinking of this only yash jee seeing ur confused face...

yash:  then please recommend to the doctor arthi jee...Embarrassed for ur bechara pathi !!!!!

arthi: teke yash ji i will talk to him but when will my superman get rid of the fear of injections...

yash: that is impossible arthi jee.. it will not leave but i will be careful here after ... Blushing so that this situation does not occur again in future( with a naughty wink Wink)

arthi: ur mind always goes in only ONE track yash jee...Clap  and hit him loving on the shoulder...

yash: how can i leave my romance arthi jee... romance has no age... else we will get old ...i will be keep on doing it even if we get old !!! ClapClap

aayu was listening to their conversation and let out a cute laugh at yash's comment...LOL

yash: look arthi jee... aayu too accepted it ... haina beta...Wink ( and aayu gives a wink to him)

arthi: wow aayu u r with ur papa in this ... go on.. u will too become naughty like ur papa...(and smiles) Tongue

so my first try guys... i hope u like it... if u feel its good tell me i will continue...Wink
please dont forget to hit like okie sweeties Embarrassed
those want PM please add me to ur buddy list Wink

~~ INDEX ~~
PART 2- PG 11

PART 3- PG 21

PART 4- PG 31

PART 5-PG 39


PART 6-PG 51


PART 7 a&b-PG 67


PART 8-PG 85

PART 9-PG 100

PART 10-PG 112


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IsYaRoCHeR IF-Sizzlerz

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Shocked... Maha.. U did an OS.. No wonder.. You wanted to give me this surprise da?? LOL

Wow... It's good one from you and kya baat hai ji.. Our Yashu is too much naughty re.. LOL Embarrassed...

I could imagine entire scene in my mind and believe me, it's too good... ClapClapClap

Thanks for making such OS and Congrats for the first lovely OS ever.. Hug Heart

Do continue darling... Wink

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..Mini.. IF-Rockerz

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AntaresVega Goldie

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Why was Aarti dizzy? Are you continuing this or are you leaving it here?

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maha9 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 June 2013 at 12:54pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by IsYaRoCHeR

Shocked... Maha.. U did an OS.. No wonder.. You wanted to give me this surprise da?? LOL

Wow... It's good one from you and kya baat hai ji.. Our Yashu is too much naughty re.. LOL Embarrassed...

I could imagine entire scene in my mind and believe me, it's too good... ClapClapClap

Thanks for making such OS and Congrats for the first lovely OS ever.. Hug Heart

Do continue darling... Wink
thank u isya sweety Tongue
just a small trial for our arya Embarrassed
yes i will continue dont worry

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Piie Senior Member

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Lovely OS Maha...but I really hope you'll continue to a SS or FF!

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villager00 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 June 2013 at 1:00pm | IP Logged
Haha, i like that Yash practices on Aarti's hair to make perfect pleats..
Wow Maha, great story you made out of the kids and AarYaClapClapClap..

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..Comrade4eva.. IF-Rockerz

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Maha, this was really beautiful for your first OS!!!

AWESOME job...=D

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