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TaaRey FF "Married Life Of TaaRey" Thread 2[Completed] (Page 54)

payu_taarey Senior Member

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Posted: 16 July 2013 at 6:09am | IP Logged
awesum awesum awesum...  Cool

luved it di
beautiful piece of writing  Approve

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cuppypie121 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 July 2013 at 5:50am | IP Logged
Amazing updateClap
loved the surprise Rey gave to Taani Day Dreaming
and taarey marraige shaadi se pehle hi totne wali thi Shocked
loved the flashback
continue soon

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khyati2000 Goldie

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Posted: 20 July 2013 at 2:33am | IP Logged
awesome update  
please continue soon 

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lechu10 Goldie

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Posted: 20 July 2013 at 9:57am | IP Logged
nice update ...update next part soon...Smile

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rabitaarey Goldie

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Posted: 28 July 2013 at 5:03pm | IP Logged
Its was owsm dear loved it and plzzz plzzz plzzz update soon I m waiting for next chaptr Clap Clap Clap

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-Fam_TaaReY- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 July 2013 at 7:39am | IP Logged
Hello guys ... I am here with an update ... I am giving long update so comments should be according to the update Wink

                                               Part 18

Rey and Taani came back to reality and both were laughing and smiling ... Rey said :

Rey: Thank god tum us din maan gaye thin ... Werna pata nahi kitna kaam kerna parta tumhein manane k liyay ... 

Taani gave a light beat on his chest and he again took her in his embrace ... Rey said:

Rey:Taani yaad hai hamari sangeet and mehndi ceremony ... Boys v/s Girls hogaya tha ? 

And they both were in flashback again ... !


It was the day of Sangeet and Mehndi ... Both the ceremonies were going to be held together due to lack of time or should I say due to Rey's eagerness of getting his love of life ... ! 

Rey's parents and Rey came to Shekhawat house for discussing some ceremonies with Taani's parents ... The senior members of the family were discussing the ceremonies in the drawing room of the Shekhawat house and the D3 team and TaaRey were in garden area arguing on something while TaaRey were having cute eye locks ... They came back to their sense when they heard a loud scream ... 

It was Sharon who screamed to calm her friends who were arguing on little things ... Taani asked them :

Taani:What is going on here ? Why are you all fighting ? 
Neha said in a teasing tone :

Neha:Aapko aapke romance se fursat mile tab hi toh aapko pata chale k why we fighting ... 

They all laughed while TaaRey blushed ... Rey said to avoid awkwardness between them :

Rey:Seriously guys ... What is happening ?

Vicky:Yaar humne girls se bs itna kaha k they can't do fun without us ... And they are fighting with us ... 

Rey:It's true ... You all can't enjoy without boys ... 

Taani's mouth left wide open after listening this ... She couldn't believe her ears that her Prince Charming can say like this ... She also joined the fight and the fight goes on but no one was ready to give up ... Soon Rey's parents and Taani's parents came out of the house and walked up to them ... They all stopped seeing them ... Rey's mom asked them :

RM:What happen kids ? Why are you all fighting ?

Taani walked up to her and said in a childish tone :

Taani:Mom see Rey is saying that we girls can't enjoy without them ... 

Rey smiled at his lady love's innocence ... Rey's mom said :
RM:How can you say like this Rey ... Now you have to pay for this ... !

Saying this a smiled filled with smirk appeared on her face ...

 Everyone was wondering what is she up to ... Rey's dad said :
RD:What are you trying to say ? 

RM replied him :

RM:I mean to say that in today's functions , no men allowed ... !
She was smirking ... All the girls had winning smiles on their faces ... But poor TaaRey ... They were sad ... Disappointment was evident on their faces of their sadness ... They looked towards each other and they were just lost in each other's eyes ... They came back to their senses when all the men were trying to protest ... All of them were arguing but she was the great Mrs.Vandana Singhania ... She was not going to melt so easily ...

 Their all pleading went in vain ... Soon all of them returned to their homes to get ready for the functions ...
Rey's mom and other women were left for Shekhawat Mansion for Sangeet and Mehndi ceremony ... All the gents were sitting in the living room of Singhania Mansion and were doing different stuffs ... D3 boys were in Rey's room doing their all time favorite nautanki while Swayam was in his home for the ceremonies ... 

Rey was in his room thinking way to sneak in the function ... He wanted to spent time with his love of life ... He was pacing from here and there in his room but couldn't find any idea ... He went to the boys and tried to talk with them ... But they were engrossed in their own nautanki ... After trying several times , he lost his patience and shout :

Rey:Will you all listen to me ? 

He roared like an angry lion ... They all stood up from their places and stand in a straight line but Bharat said :
Bharat:Abay tu gaali kis ko de raha hai ...

Vicky and Nil understood the situation and pulled him back and Nil said :

Nil:Bharat gaali nahi hai ... Woh keh raha hai meri baat suno ...
Bharat nodded and stood with them ... Rey continued :
Rey:Tum logon ki wajah se main Taani se nahi mil sakta ... Kya zaroorat thi girls se ulajhne ki ?? Now you all have to help me ... I want to be with Taani ... 

Boys look towards each other and then Vicky said :

Vicky:Tu pagal hogaya hai Rey ? Agar teri mom ko pata chala na toh woh hamari band baja dengi .. We are not going to help you in this ... Sorry ... !

With this they all continued their nautanki ... Rey was getting impatient by passing each second ... Suddenly an idea popped in his head and he ran to his dad and saw him playing chess with his cousin bro ... Rey ran to him and made him stand from his chair ... RD was shocked to see his behavior ... He said :

RD:What happen Rey ? 

Rey said :

Rey:Dad I want you to help me ... !

RD said fully confused :

RD: haanbolo ? Kya help chahiyay ?? 

Rey:Rey mujhay Taani se milna hai and you have to help me ...

RD looked towards him with disbelief ... He said :

RD:Rey beta aap apni mom ko jaante nahi hain kya ? I think that's why you are talking all this ... !

Rey said :

Rey:Please dad ... Aap apne only son k liyay itna nahi ker sakte ... !

He made a puppy face and looked towards his dad in a pleading manner ... His dad saw his puppy face and he melts by his face ... He can't see his son sad ... He said :

RD:Ok ... I am ready to help you ... Let me think something ... 
Rey jumped in glee and hugged his dad tightly ... His dad hugged him too .. He was happy seeing his son happy ... After a lot of thinking , an idea popped in his head and he called all the men present in the house and told them about his plan ... All of them firstly disagree but after a lot of pleadings , they agreed ... They all soon left for Shekhawat house ... 


Taani was wearing this 

Her jewelry :

And in her neck , she was wearing the same pendant given by Rey to her on valentines day ...
Sharon's dress

Rinni , Aashi , Neha and Simmi

Taani was sitting in the middle of this big hall ... Two girls were putting Mehndi on her hands and her friends and other relatives were dancing in the middle of the hall ... 
Sharon started singing :

Mehndi hai rachnewaali, haathon mein gehri laali
Kahe sakhiyaan, ab kaliyaan
Haathon mein khilnewaali hain
Tere mann ko, jeevan ko
Nayi khushiyaan milnewaali hai
Mehndi hai rachnewaali, haathon mein gehri laali
Kahe sakhiyaan, ab kaliyaan
Haathon mein khilnewaali hain
Tere mann ko, jeevan ko
Nayi khushiyaan milnewaali hai

She walked up to Taani and sang these lines making her blush like hell ... She was waiting for him ... Her eyes were searching for him ... She could feel his presence near her ... She roamed her eyes everywhere but found him nowhere ...

O hariyali banno
Le jaana tujhko guiyyaan aane waale hai saiyyaan
Thaamenge aake baiyyaan, goonjegi shehnaayi
Angnaayi, angnaayi
Mehndi hai rachnewaali, haathon mein gehri laali
Kahe sakhiyaan, ab kaliyaan
Haathon mein khilnewaali hain
Tere mann ko, jeevan ko
Nayi khushiyaan milnewaali hai

Neha mimics like Rey ... She was doing dance like Rey ... They all was unknown to the fact that Rey was watching all this from the main door ... He looked towards Taani and found her searching for him ...He could feel her discomfort ... He knew that she was feeling him ... 

Gaaje, baaje, baraati, ghoda, gaadi aur haathi ko
Laayenge saajan tere aangan, hariyaali banni
Teri mehndi woh dekhenge
To apna dil rakhdenge woh
Pairon mein tere chupke se, hariyaali banni

Sharon sang these lines ... Taani blushed remembering Rey's line that "I will be the one who will see your Mehendi first" ... She knew that he will surely make his lines true ... 

Mehndi roop sanwaare, o mehndi rang nikhaare, ho
Hariyaali banni ke aanchal mein utrenge taarein
Mehndi hai rachnewaali, haathon mein gehri laali
Kahe sakhiyaan, ab kaliyaan
Haathon mein khilnewaali hain
Tere mann ko, jeevan ko
Nayi khushiyaan milnewaali hai

The girls ended their song ... Neha was dressed in Rey's attire and Rinni was in Taani's ... So they were standing so close to each other to show the love and bonding of TaaRey ... Seeing them , Taani blushed and Rey who was standing on the door , also blushed while the other men teased him ... 

She was enjoying but somewhere in the corner of her heart , she was missing him badly ... She knew that no one allow him to come , but her eyes were fixed on the main door ... She was having a feeling in her heart that he will come ... The mehndi artist asked her :

MA:Aapke hone wale husband ka kya name hai ? Or aapke hand mein kahan likhna hai ?

Before she could answer , Sharon noticed this and interrupted :
Sharon:Inke hone wale husband ka name hand pe likhne ki kya zaroorat hai ? woh toh unke dil pe likha hua hai ...

She said in a teasing tone ... Taani blushed hard ... Sharon said :
Sharon:Taani stop blushing ... Rey is not going to look your blush here ...

Taani said with absentmindedly :

Taani:Yeh toh baad mein hi pata chalega ...
She said looking at the door ... Sharon's eyes widened and she said :

Sharon:Kuch kaha tumne Taani ?

Taani gained her senses back and replied her :

Taani:Nahi kuch nahi ... 

The mehendi artist again asked her the same question ...

Taani said :

Taani:unka naam hai Rey ...

Saying this she blushed ... and mehendi artist wrote his name in her hand inside a heart ... 

Now all the D3 girls came in the middle of the hall and were going to start their performance ... But another song played in the background instead of their performance song ... They all looked here and there but no one found anything wrong ... When they turned towards the main gate , a bunch of dancers and men entered and they were Rey's relatives , his dad and of course Rey and D3 boys ... 

Here the song starts :
Song credit goes to Hima Smile

Maahi Ve Maahi Ve 
That's The Way Maahi Ve
Tere Maathe Jhumar Damke 
Tere Kanno Baali Chamke Hai Re
Maahi Ve
Tere Haatho Kangana Khanke
Tere Pairo Payal Chanke Hai Re
Maahi Ve
Naino Se Bole Rabba Rabba
Mann Mein Dole Rabba Rabba
Amrit Ghole Rabba Rabba
Tu Soniye

All the gents entered and goes to their respective wives and stood by their sides ... Rey and other D3 boys ran up to the girls who were standing in the hall still in shock .. They started dancing and made the girls dance with them ... Rey was dancing alone while the boys were dancing with their partners ... Taani was stealing glances of Rey not able to meet his intense gaze ... 

( Jind Maahi Ve Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
Everybody Sing Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve )'(2)
That's The Way Maahi Ve
O Tere Aankhen Kali Kali 
Tera Gora Gora Mukhdha, Hai Re
Maahi Ve
Teri Rangat Jaise Sona
Tu Chaand Ka Jaise Tukda Hai Re 
Maahi Ve
Tere Gaal Gulabi Rabba Rabba
Chaal Sharabi Rabba Rabba 
Dil Ki Kharabi Rabba Rabba
Tu Soniye

Rey moved up to Taani and sat beside her ... He held her hands and tried to find his name in her hands ... But his bad luck , his mom walked up to him and pulled his ear and he stood up from his place with a jerk ... Seeing his mom , he held both his ears with his hands and made a puppy face ... His mom melted by this and just pulled his cheeks and left from there and sat beside Taani ... 

Jind Maahi Ve ' Aaja Mahi Ve '(2) 
Barse Rangini Kaliyan Hai Mehki Bhini Bhini
Baje Mann Mein Halke Halke Shehnai Re
Jitne Hai Taare Aanchal Mein Aa Gaye Sare
Dil Ne Jaise Hi Li Angdayee Re

He turned to Taani and found her nowhere ... He started looking here and there and found her singing these lines ... She was dancing in the middle of the hall ... Rey smiled looking at her happiness ... Happiness was clearly visible on her face ... She was twirling round with several colors of dupattas around her ... 
Like this 

Tu Jo Aayee Sajhke Mehndi Rachke
Chal Bachke Oh Soniye
Dil Kitno Ka Khaye Dhajke Oh Soniye
Jind Maahi Ve ' Aaja Mahi Ve '(2)

Rey ran to catch her and he was blocked by the D3 girls ... Seeing their friend blocked by their partners , D3 boys ran to them and took their respective girls with them leaving TaaRey alone ... Rey smirk making Taani blush hard ... 

Chanda Meri Chanda Tujhe Kaise Mein Yeh Samjaoon
Mujhe Lagti Hai Tu Kitni Pyaari Re
Khusiyan Jitni Hai Sab Dhoondh Ke Laoon
Teri Doli Ke Sang Kar Do Sari Re

Her mom was singing these lines while Sharon was comforting her  ... She has tears in her eyes ...
He was coming closer to her and she was taking steps back ... His killer smile was on his face ... Her heartbeats were increasing with each passing second ... But thanks to Sharon , she disturbed them and took Taani with her leaving a blushing Rey behind ...

Tu Jo Aayee saj ke 
mehendi rach k ... chal bach ke' Oh Soniye
Jind Maahi Ve ' Aaja Mahi Ve '(2)
Tere Maathe ' Tu Soniye 
Jind Maahi Ve, Jind Maahi Ve ' Aaja Mahi Ve '(3)

In the last part of the song , all girls and boys danced together except Taani ... she was standing with her dad ... Her dad took her in a side hug and dad's little girl smiled seeing her would be husband's love ... They ended the song and Sharon came in the middle of the hall and said :

Sharon:Mehendi and Sangeet function or dulhan dance na kare , aisa hosakta hai bhala ? so please give her a big round of applause ...

All of them cheered and Taani's smile faded ... She was always a shy girl , but today they were forcing her to dance in front of all ... Specially in her own Sangeet and Mehendi function ... She tried to argue but her bad fate , Sharon the diva didn't allow her to speak a word and she has to dance ... She came in the middle of the hall and started dancing ... 

Maye Ni Maye Mundher Pe Teri, Bol Raha Hain Kaaga
Jogan Ho Gayi Teri Dulari, Man Jogi Sang Laaga
Maye Ni Maye Mundher Pe Teri, Bol Raha Hain Kaaga
Jogan Ho Gayi Teri Dulari, Man Jogi Sang Laaga
Chan Mahiya Chan Mahiya Mere Dol Sapaiya

She was hiding her face with her hands ... Girls walked up to her and removed her hands from her face and made her dance again ... She walked to her mother and hug her from back .. Her mom placed her hand on her cheek ... 

Chand Ki Tarah Camak Rahi Thi Us Jogi Ki Kaya,
Mere Dyare Aakar Usne Pyar Ka Alag Jagaaya,
Apne Tan Par Bhasma Ramaage
Sari Rain Woh Jaaga
Jogan Ho Gayi Teri Dulari, Man Jogi Sang Laaga

She said these lines looking at Rey while Rey smiled at her ... A small color of crimson appeared on her cheeks ... He winked at her which made her blush even more ... Soon her dream broke and she came back to her senses ... Yes she was dreaming ... She saw him chatting with her dad ... She hit her forehead with her hand and joined the girls ... 

Sun Hiriye Nach Hiriye, Nagke Rang Jama,
Sun Hiriye Nach Hiriye, Nagke Dhum Macha

All the boys danced singing these lines while girls gave them a tashan look ... Taani and Rey were just passing smiles to each other ... They wanted to be with each other but their friends were not allowing them ... 

Mannat Maangi Thi Tune, Ek Roz Main Jaayo Bihaayi,
Us Jogi Ke Sang Meri Tu Karde Ab Kudmayi,
In Haathon Mein Laga De Mehendi, 
Baandh Shagun Ka Dhagaa,
Jogan Ho Gayi Teri Dulari, Man Jogi Sang Laaga

She looked towards her hands which were covered with mehendi ... She blushed seeing his name in her mehendi ...

Then she walked up to her Mother in Law and stood beside her ... Her MIL kissed her cheek and pulled her nose lovingly ...

 Soon her mom joined them and Taani hugged both her mom and her MIL ... 

The song ended and Rey getting a chance took Taani with him in a corner ...

Rey said :

Rey:I must say sweetheart , you are looking damn gorgeous ... 
Saying this , he pulled her closer by her waist ... She shivered by his touch ... Her bare waist could feel his touch ... She blushed hard ... 

Taani said :

Taani:Rey koi aajayega ... chaliyay yahan se ...
She was not looking in his eyes ... He kissed her cheeks and she put her hand on her cheek and opened her mouth in O shape .. 
Rey:I told you na ... I will see your mehendi first ... So I am here to fulfill my words ... 

He carefully took her hands in his ... He starts finding his name ... She was smiling seeing him so engrossed in his thoughts ... 
Her mehendi :

In the hall all the guests were waiting for Rey to leave ... But Rey was nowhere ... 

RM said :

RM:Yeh Reyaansh kahan reh gaye ? 

Nil said :

Nil:Aunty Reh kaise milega ... Zara dekhiyay toh ... Rey ki Taani bhi nahi hai yahan ...

All the boys did their all time favorite chemistry step ... And all the elders smiled ... 

                                With TaaRey 

Taani:Rey aap rehne dejiyay ... Aapse nahi hoga ... 

Rey:Tum Reyaansh Singhania ko challenge kerrahi ho ?

Taani with a wicked smile:

Taani:Yes I am challenging you ...

Rey:Would be Mrs.Reyaansh Singhania ... Aap apne future husband ko challenge kerrahi hain ? Soch lejiyay Mrs.Singhania ... Bohot mehenga parega aapko ... Aapko saari life mere saath hi spend kerni hai ... Agar mujhse panga lo gi toh main kis tarha badla loonga yeh toh tum jaanti hi ho ...

Rey said while having his same killer smile on his face ... He was smirking seeing her ... She blushed ...

Taani:Rey ab humein chalne chahiyay ... Sab wait kerrahay honge ... 

Rey:Well pehle mujhay yeh toh batane do k mera name kahan hai ? Woh tumhare palm k bilkul center mein ek heart k inside hai ...
Her eyes widened hearing the right place from his mouth ...

 Suddenly they heard someone calling Rey ... Rey placed a quick kiss on her forehead and left from there leaving a blushing Taani behind ... 

Soon Taani also joined all the people to bid a bye to the Singhania family ... She moved forward and took blessings from all the elders and Singhania family took leave from them ... They left to their home ...


Pre-Cap:Flashback of TaaRey's wedding ... TaaRey romance ... Taani's delivery and entry of our TaaRey's baby ... ! 


W/N:Finally I am done with this chapter ... It took 4 hours to write all this ... I spend 2 hours on google to find the pics and jewelry ... Then song selection and all ... Now only two chapters are left with an epilogue ... And this chapter should be light because next chapter will be fully TaaReylicious ... So be ready guys ... And don't forget to hit like and comment ... Itne bare update pe big comments toh bante hain boss ... 
And I didn't give promo because I don't want you guys to wait more ... Please we are going to an end so now I request don't disappoint me and give long comments ...!

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..Akshita.. Goldie

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Posted: 30 July 2013 at 7:47am | IP Logged
Res/ unres

YIPPIEEE!!!!!!!  Me first :)
coming to the update 
it was a very enjoyable update n I loved.  I am just here after updating mine..  Lol
anyways,  I loved the masti n romance 
update soon

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Lavender_Luna IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 July 2013 at 8:04am | IP Logged
haaye... kitna pyaara pyaara... function tha... 
taarey hai hi itni adorable...! 
boys v/s girls. LOLLOLLOL 
rey's dad helping rey! 
he is also scared of rey's mom!!! 
everything was ossom!!! 
and aap na kuch credit dena chahengi toh write hima_taarey than writing hima...
as 2 hima's hai iss forum me... 
and coming to the update... me aur kya bolu? 
m speechless... outfits, songs, dances, sab kuch prim and perfect hai... 
kaash me bhi aise likh paati...  
anyways... love u so much 4 this update... 
and di... after the baby is born also continue pls... 
pls di... itni acchi story jaldi end mat karo... 
we will miss it a lot!!! 
and update soon!!! Clap

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