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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
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Episode 285 Discussion: 30th May 2013

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Episode 285 Discussion: 30th May 2013

Welcome to the Episode discussion thread which we call as Viewer's and Reader's Respite.  That's very apt, don't you think ? Wink. And that proves our objective.

Objective behind the thread is 
  1. It helps in keeping the forum clean without much litter. People just need to fall in a habit.
  2. We can have it like breathers at first followed by analysis. 
  3. It also helps like-minded souls and pals bond and gel together to drop in their thoughts for themselves as breathers and for their friends as a peep into the episode and for others to post their reviews. 
  4. And those from different time-zones, who do not get to watch the episode at this time of telecast (Indian 8:30 PM), without any worry to trace or keep track of all their buddy's posts, they can come here, read with leisure and later post their analysis after watching it from their Time zones. 

Note for Newcomers to this thread.
Extremist thoughts and moralizing thoughts are not welcome over this thread. It is entertainment show we are watching. The channel calls their programs as entertainment and we are watching the show. Discussions are welcome in light hearted and in realistic manner. Moral policing is not appreciated.  We do not want to feel stifled into that kind of atmosphere here. 

There are several other social welfare sites that are there to discuss the genuine issues.  If for some reason, it is felt that social concerns have to be addressed and ethical and moral responsibility needs to be exercised for watching entertainment, then; certainly the forum is an open place to create separate ATs and build up that kind of propaganda.

Please heed to this as direct request and conditional requirement to participate in this thread. Strong words such as psychopaths unless used in show, need not be used to instigate riotous atmosphere or start sermonizing.

POINTERS for Writing/Posting of your reviews and thoughts over this EDT
  1. Do not litter the thread with chit-chat conversations. A little is permitted to have the friendly atmosphere, but when you feel like chatting more, it is desired you take your conversation with your buddies to alternate venues like chat clubs, pm mode etc.
  2. Quoting Policy: It is desired that people refrain from single, double, triple and multiple quoting of posts on a repetitive basis. They can pick out the parts that they like to quote as opposed to quoting the entire post. It is often seen that we have  to scroll through the pages when all they have done is quoting and more quoting with one line response to the actual post. IF has a rule that more than three times quoting is not allowed. But nowadays as people read IF posts over phone, it is preferred that people do not quote longer posts and just extract the portions of the post that they like to respond to and if they still find it relevant to their thought process then get the entire quoted text.
  3. Regulate the font size. Keep remembering that. It is really not pleasing to see big bolded letters for no special reason.
  4. The thread becomes a mess when you give your review and do not REST for sometime until others have posted. Please understand, respites or reviews; once or twice are good for few pages...don't make a regular chat thread with your reiterating/whining/complaining on the same point. For the online readers, the thread becomes unpleasant read. There is a separate Complaints thread in Main Forum.
  5. When episodic content is emotional, take a deep breath, give a good lengthy review; that acts as your vent in one single post...and make an exit to calm down your nerves if you still are possessed by only what you've seen.  

For those who cannot watch can have the Live/Written Updates.
Today's LU from : Armu4eva

  • There are various other threads all over the forum. Please check out those as well. This is just one choice out of so many.
  • Readers are encouraged to post links of other members posts which had been "delightful read" towards analysis of episodic event/s or character analysis. It becomes an easy navigation in the myriad of posts and pages and can easily be overlooked.
  • The link to present day ED thread is always provided in the previous one discussed.Those who participated in previous thread can go to my posts and check the previous thread to get access to new link. 


MAS will also maintain sister threads of Daily EDTs
  • Can't Stop Discussing and Thinking About MBVerse


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Episode 285 Discussion - EOD Summary

RK wins the haldi challenge

Events Of The Episode

1. Hadli ceremony is going on. Radhaji asks Dipali to put haldi on Madhu. Dipali tells Madhu not to expect any blessings of happy married life from her. Madhu says no such expectations from Dipali as artificial food and blessings not good for health. Dipali says in that case take this curse of forever unhappiness in your life. Madhu thanks her. Other women continue applying haldi on both RK and Madhu. Bittuji applies haldi to RK whereupon RK thanks him for everything he has done and remaining with RK inspite of his bad behavior. Bittuji then reveals to him that in fact he had left but Madhu bhabhiji made him go back to his chief pleading that RK needs him the most. RK is stunned to hear this. He becomes serious, grim and somber. Madhu who is watching him from the other side of the curtain senses the change in his mood and asks Bittuji to tell his chief in the teasing manner that its question of only 1 day to stay apart from Madhu and after that they will be together forever. RK informs her that no matter what only he will win the bet.

2. Sultan calls on Madhu's mobile and Sikki attends the call. Sultan asks to speak with Madhu introducing him as a jeweller.  Dipali gets suspicious and talks to SIkki and finds out it is Sultan who had called. She makes Sikki call Sultan back and asks him to come to RK mansion after 5 pm when Madhu will be all alone in the house. In the godown Kaka hands him over stuff and warns him of the danger of going there. Sultan informs him irrespective of any trap or any danger he will go there and do everything in his power to get Madhu out of RK mansion so as to avoid any danger to Madhu's life.

3. In RK mansion, Madhu is cleaning her face after haldi rasm when she hears footsteps behind her. She quickly covers her face and tells RK not to come near her reminding him that RK the superstar is a big loser since he lost the bet. RK goes away and she opens the door with her face still covered. RK is nearby and comes back again. Madhu again reminds him when he informs her that he has already won the bet and she has lost herself and the bet. Madhu is confused.

4. RK reminds her that in the morning when he had put the earring in Madhu's ear,  he had put the haldi behind her ear. Madhu checks and finds remnants of haldi behind the ear. She questions him why the drama then and RK says it was all for her enjoyment. He tells her not to challenge him as he will defeat the challenge. He also tells her not to tell him that he can't see her whenever he wants to see her.  RK holds Madhu close and someone informs him about a visitor who has come to see him. He leaves singing to Madhu that he is leaving but he has left his life with her and he will be back for his love. Madhu smiles.

Episode ends

Episode Reviews
Page 1 -  Angeena, ClosetRomantic, _charu_, zoya_naziya,
Page 2 -  river123, leelaa9, MarathiMulgi, _charu_, Soundarya22, war_is_peace,
Page 3 -   zoya_naziya, ennishet, sangeet6690, subashni, 0-SD-0,
Page 4 -  sunflower52,
Page 5 -  zoya_naziya,
Page 6 -  dramacrazy12

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TRP and GRP Ratings - Week 21 - 20th May to 26th May


Originally posted by river123

Thanks Zoya for posting the TRP news!

GRPs last week:  
Most channels GRPs increased compared to the week before.  Starplus continues to be # 1. The #2 position is now shared by Colors and Zee TV, which displaced Max.

Colors increased 6% from 174 to 184 among channels - and improved to #2 from #5 the week before.  Nice.  Most of Colors shows did the same or somewhat worse than the week before.  Both MB and BV dropped.
Most top show TRPs dropped last week compared to the week prior.  While MB TRPs dropped from 2.5 to 2.3, the show went up to #7 from #8 position among the top 10 shows, indicating that it was a bad week in general for most shows!   See chart below for MB weekly trends:

Note: does not take into consideration impact of adding new markets at various points. Size of these markets, viewing patterns, demographics, level of digitization etc. of those markets would impact TRPs.  Also, hard to judge IPL's exact impact.
In spite of the current track looking more positive (of course, with the inevitable sword of Damocles hanging over the soon to be yet-again wedded happy couple) the TRPs still showed a drop over the week prior, possibly due to:
  • The aforementioned sword is confusing current viewers - to watch or not watch - that is the question.  Is this really a happy track, or will there be yet another unpalatable twist?
  • The old viewers have not returned as yet.   However, note that it has been just a week or so of positivity. This is a gradual process - rebuilding the base will require time, but a strong storyline will ensure that.
  • Continuing effect of IPL:  This was the final week, with the playoff matches (involving critical markets) on three days during the week, so the hypothesis is that there must have been some impact on those days.    Note that it is difficult to determine size or significance of impact of IPL on TRPs.
  • My personal theory - that the show needs a strong negative antagonist (am thinking of Ballu days) to be pitted against the leads.  Wishy-washy antagonists just do not cut it -  do not create the necessary level of drama. 

I feel like the show is going to face somewhat of an uphill challenge as it tries to recreate those halcyon days of 3.5-3.8 TRPs.  But it is doable - the show has demonstrated that in the past.  Hopefully in the coming days the CVs will do nothing to further damage the show.  Also, the channel's promotion strategy  for the wedding track needs to be positive, compelling and unambiguous, if it wants to attract viewership for the celebration of the wedding. Otherwise the core viewership is going to be vulnerable to further attrition, and the slope of that downward trending TRP line is going to be even sharper.   

And then finally, a comparison to other top 10 shows.   The silver lining in MB TRP drop is that most other shows also did badly last week (of course, with the rock-solid DABH remaining the same.)  The chart below shows TRP increase/drop compared to the week prior. The blue bars are the ones that did better, the red are the ones that did worse, and the no bars are the ones that were the same.  


PS: all my usual caveats apply - this is a rough analysis etc etc.  Feel free to point out the holes (I freely admit there's probably some!) 

Data source: 

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Atta boy RK! He won the challenge before anyone even realized. LOL

All the scenes seem to be setting the stage. Words from Bittooji to RK to increase his guilt, schemes from Dipali who manipulates her husband easily and this time, I feel certain that her plan will work better than it did last time.

All this guilt RK feels, all the wonder that Madhu is with him despite everything, makes me more certain that when the time comes RK will forgive Madhu for her attempt at revenge.

I guess it is Neeta Lulla who has come to visit RK. And as for the precap Dead

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The CVs are still hell bent on showing Sultan as some golden hearted savior of fair maidens who is willing to face any danger to do his noble duty Angry Padmini would be proud of him Dead

If only Madhu had come clean with SOMEBODY! So lost is she in the current romantic haze that she has neither told RK the truth, nor her mother. Nor has she told Sultan not to keep worrying about her. So everybody is shooting in the dark.

Deepali up to her usual tricks. I'm relying on her track record that this time too her trick will backfire on her.

Loved that finally RK appreciated Bittooji for his never-dying devotion Smile Was that guilt on his face when Bittooji revealed that he came back due to Madhu's request? I'm somehow feeling uncomfortable with RK's expression at that moment. 

Is it just me or is RK's swagger is bit too exaggerated since yesterday?

Anyway, cute trick by him Tongue And looking forward to the night-time coochie-coo coming up Embarrassed 

Precap - Could Trishna be brave enough to warn Madhu of Sultan's plans?

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_charu_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 May 2013 at 9:55am | IP Logged
jaa raha hoon main yahan jaan apni chodke Day Dreaming for the first time i liked VD singing a put a smile on my face..otherwise i was turning red watching the curse...(the S curseDead)
hadh hone ki bhi hadh hoti hai Day Dreaming RK had put haldi on Madhu before anyone cud and Madhu didn't even come to know..and later on all the drama of "haldi lagaoonga" , nahi toh interest kaise build up hota Clap
my fav. scene today wud be Bittuji applying haldi on his Chief and he had tears in his eyes..shows how much he's attached to RK and cud not contain his happiness to see both of them happy...Radha and Bittuji both are true well wishers of RK and Madhu..
the bedroom scene was again cute..Madhu hiding her face from RK as per the ritual but she had to give in as RK won the bet...loved the smile on her face in the end...
I was getting irritated with the interruptions provided by Dips and was prolonged or i'm desperate to watch only Rishbala nowdays Unhappy or i knew abt Dips plan n i wanted her to execute it and back Sikky doesn't know that Dips called up Sultan and not the jeweller...few of Sikky's trademark dialogues were funny.."jab tum ye kameeni wale expressions deti ho toh mujhe kuch hota hai"ROFL n Dips saying "saari zindagi jhoot bola but nobody doubted me but today i'm telling the truth and nobody is believing me" LOL kitne jhoot bole Dips ?
so Sultan has made up his mind that he will kidnap MAdhu incase she refuses to drop her plan and come with Sultan ...Padmini must be proud of him..but i think Trishna will surely inform either RK or Madhu...RK ko inform karne ke liye Dips bhi hai..lets see...hopefully by the end of this week, the truth will be out...
Precap Dead
Thanks for the TRP chart Meenu...i wish they'd given more promos ..there have been none this week except for MAdhu RK wedding...during BV, they flashed the ad which said "RK aur Madhu ki shadi 31st May SE" toh dun know how far they will strech it...but at least air the promos so that ppl. know ke Rishbala are getting married..n now this this this rasm is on..

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Continuation of the fun from RK-Madhu side and some action from Dipali and Sultan..

Bittuji has tears in his eyes and RK thanks Bittuji for having been with him especially during the times when he has been bad... RK comes to know that it was Madhu who sent Bji back to him.. He felt really moved and guilty...

RK can never stay away from drama.. LOL... He won the challenge before even the official ceremony starts..

Dipali cons Sikky into making a call to Sultan and telling him about Madhu being alone at the house... Sultan decides to kidnap her..

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Originally posted by ClosetRomantic

If only Madhu had come clean with SOMEBODY! So lost is she in the current romantic haze that she has neither told RK the truth, nor her mother. Nor has she told Sultan not to keep worrying about her. So everybody is shooting in the dark.
this has been streched too far it appears clunky..Madhu had not come clean with anyone, she didn't try to convince her mother once, Padmini is in her own world , Trishna is confused..Trishna cud have called up Madhu and asked her what she's upto or Madhu cud have informed her..none of it is happening...all the misunderstandings are being saved for one big climax..Dips has enuf proof to put Madhu in trouble..even Padmini will confess ke she never wanted to marry RK but ditch him at the altar ! Sultan trying to kidnap Madhu is the limit...Dead

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