Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Blast from the Past Thread #12, pg 63, epi 139

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Again proposed, again refused
To solve the tangle, a plan is produced
A brother and a sister team up
To unite their siblings, they gear up
A comfort in the relationship is reached
Meanwhile the trust in someone is breached
Out of the blue, a shocking truth she discovers
As the wily face of a shrewd man uncovers
KKG teaches ASR, filmy stuff with great pride
Kya bolun ab, this is going to be a roller coaster ride
Welcome to thread #12 of Blast from the Past

BFTP twelve, that counts to a dozen
In IPK land we all are still frozen
From cliff top to terrace top, revelations galore
Welcome to enjoy, these scenes as we explore

Here's to the creators of this post

The opening lines and the poem come from DurgaS. the thread #12 banner is designed by Doctor. Arshihamesha has made the BFTP banner. The gif banner is by Roshini1494. Finally, two collages by supriya.arshi and blast notes by indi52.

blaster's log, stardate 01122011.33. is our trek any less of a mission or adventure than the famous one to the stars and planets unknown? hyuk hyuk. how engrossed we are in discovering spaces and emotions where no man, woman or buaji has gone before; and how fearless our enterprise. rain, hail, or black holes that suck you right in such as exams, deadlines, family functions, we get right back on deck and continue the journey. eyes sharp, keyboards cracking, hearts dhakdhak. happy to report that after a prolonged battle with klingon course work and evil syllabus, doctor found her way back to the thread main post with a winning banner. welcome back, captain, we are delighted you have returned, may you blast long and prosper. this is our 398 episode submission to a higher force some call pyaar, others don't know how to name. well into the second century of our journey, from the observation deck it is clearly visible that stranger new stars are about to shine, and unexpected alliances are going to threaten our pulse rates. a reprieve from shyam will be granted, you think? but we are sure our man with the stick out (if not pointy) ears will save us no matter what. while on the topic, a special thanks to durga for saving #12 from indi's no show, and doing all the work, the formatting, everything to make sure blast continues unhampered. you are a true flying dupatta ipktrekkie, sir. and now shall we go boldly into iss pyaar ko kya naam doon, the final frontier.

Please scroll down for Rules, Index, and more IPK love

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and if you're wondering about rules no. 8 and 9... they are: have fun and have lots of faraq.

Riddle No. 13:Wink

What did Arnav say to Shyam on his hands and knees in Di's room?

(This is a easy one, isn't it ?Wink )




"Padta hai...Nahin Padta hai...yeh Fadak!"

by ArshiHamesha
 This " doesn't matter" did matter  all along!!!...after all!

The story of two souls who fall for each other the very first time mysteriously  witnessed by the mysterious walls of Sheesh Mahal. The mystic love and essence of the parents swing around them in those colorful red moments as theme was RED but Khushi stood up with her individuality as "Fadak padta hai" [It matters] as she challenged him with her own favorite color green by mingling in with his favorite red. That challenge settled with her telling Mr Arnav Singh Raizada the real meaning of this Fadak padta hai by cornering him in the twist of his own thoughts "Agar koi aap ki JIJI keh bare mein aisa bole tou" [if any one say someting like that about your Di then] and only pearls scattered in the name of Mujhe Fadak nahin padta' that moment but even those scream "humain Fadak padta hai" [it does matter to us].

The air of the Slitheran or divine fate brought this beautiful Fadak padta hai to Delhi accident where again this whole world war III of Fadak nahin padta left the dent on ASR brain. That dent got more deeper with her presence in his Dungeon where she suspects as her first mehsoos about "that there is something wrong" and that something popped up under the table and not other than that but ASR who again made her realize that it doesn't matter to him by throwing her down the office but made sure to himself that she should land on boxes as it matters to him. She matters to him in this war when she binds him in his mystical red saree and later he binds himself in her green ravishingly. This war of Heart and brain reached to the core of next destination RM where she becomes everybody's matter and upon revelation he stands benumbed right next to Eternal Heaven as It does matter a lot to him. The Holy war of this ends up in a tragedy where the whole world falls right in ASR hands, the world who made him realize his attitude and anger does matter in people's lives.That day KKG became the biggest matter of his life.

He tries to rectify but she declares no interest in this matter by snapping him out with his own deal that it doesn't matter to her. His continuing showing her that it did matter to him what happened in Guest house during teej and he noticed her concerns too in the proximity of La but again in the office she left him for Hamesha to prove it doesn't matter to her...

Her presence in his closet mattered a lot but her consistent way of coldness didn't sit with him. She left her payal behind which matters everything to her but ends up in his palm to become his matter. He puts it back on her by showing her that in this whole wide world she is the only one matters to him and both tranquilized in the gasping moment which matters both of them but again a flame of "mujhe fadak nahin padta" with burning desires comes in action and "iss baat ka koi matlab nahin hai" [it meant nothing in Diwali] turned their life on a parallel track but still connected through  bandagement. Now the matter is in front of parents 'Their twinkling hearts who are there all the time to bring them together as this matters to them to work with divinity and fight for their kids because it does matter to them.The twinkling hearts turn on the flame of a beautiful thought "baat sach ya jhoot ki nahin 'yaqeen ki hai" which matters all along till telepathy.

The ego of ASR dives in with Khushi's engagement but he never loses so after his cunning yet painful actions he gets the settlement and puts his guards down by Di's command,".jo man mein aye woh bol daina chahyeh"[say as it is What ever comes in your mind] and steps forward to declare his defeat '.."Khushi ko aaj bata keh rahoonga keh mujhe Fadak kyuon padta hai"[I will tell Khushi why does it matter to me?]

The air of Slithran once again creates a huge wall of mujhe Fadak padta hai but the strength of their love crosses this wall and ends up in each others arms after a long hate and love matters. Khushi becomes the reason of his life and regardless of their full combat keeping these Fadak padta hai guards up, their hearts beats become one. "Humari Dadhkanain eik ho jatin hain" [Our heartbeats become one]

The same heartbeats which bring his Khushi back to him and she becomes the biggest deal of his life, The way he became hers in his absence.


The air of Slitheran joins its forces to break the alliance but  ASR declares to the whole world if anything matters to me its my Khushi "Jahan meri patni nahin aa saktai ..mujhe nahin lagta waha meri koi zaroorat hai" [I don't think my presence has any meaning where my wife has any value] and that declaration turns into Fire in a desirous mode to tell the whole world "I love you Dammit" to convey the missing "mujhe kyun Fadak padta hai" [why it matters to me].


All these alliances couldn't do anything but became a forceful storm which only joined every single straw to bind these two in the most strongest bond ever as

 it mattered to Divinity ,

it mattered to twinkly hearts parents,

it mattered to air, water, dust, fire ..all four elements of this world 

to Keep Arnav and Khushi together as "Arnav aur Khushi kabhi alag nahin ho sakte"[Arnav and Khushi can't be separated] as This " doesn't matter" did matter  all along...after all.



Arnav and Khushi play cupid
Khushi's catch.

Rules Poster by ArshiHamesha

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Thread #12 Extension... Saansey


The Drool CornerBig smile

A not yet registered but lethal and total trademark of the BFTP thread,created by BarunDiwani. Some drools to look forward to, uff.


Hassa toh Phasaa!!

By: BarunDiwani

In one horrible day, Arnav Singh Raizda lost everything, his mother, his father, his love for life, his smile. It didn't take long for this "bedard duniya" (insensitive world) to teach him a few lessons about what one needs to get through life... money, power, fame. With flying colors, he earned it all, but that smile remained missing...mainly because he remained in that horrible day, reliving those moments that start off with his smile to his sister while the shehnaai notes filled the air, then with a gunshot it all comes to an horrific end...including his smile, his laughter. When he did occasionally show any sign of happiness it was for his  sister, the only thing he didn't lose that day. We heard Anjali and Nani talk of his "natghat" mischievous ways as a child, so it was always in him but it would take a special person to bring it back. Then one fine day...or rather night, Khushi (Happiness) fell into his lap (ok ok arms). Of course having lost his khushi for some time now, he wouldn't recognize her as such... not yet. She had her share of similar tragedies, but Khushi was her name and spreading cheer was her game. Perhaps the stars groomed her in such a way especially for her destiny.  

Long before Arnav  responded to Khushi's request through the stars to smile, he has started to respond to her in ways he never saw coming. It would take a few breaking of barriers before Khushi would crack the code to see him crack his first itsy bitsy smile though her innocent apology...after throwing scorching hot tea on him. It didn't take her long after that to get him to laugh whole heartily though another innocent apology this time with the help of a little besan...there was one time in particular his smile spoke volumes and that was when he actually made Khushi happy with two silver coins, how her khushi reflected on his face beautifully. To move one, surely there are moments where he successfully controlled his laughter, but at times he gave himself away by turning the other way to smile...who was he kidding?  We'll see examples soon of such on the cliff top where the duo helps Akaash and Payal become a couple and my personal cherished moment when Khushi opens the door decked out in Mamiji's attire... his face is priceless. Khushi's love for dancing her heart out also seems like a grooming process to appeal to laad governor. She can't help shake her booty and he can't help but smile every time like at Nainital, the "ooh la la" sequence, holi, right before he becomes the Ranjha to her Heer and best of all it was to her "tumkaas" that garnered his second full on laugh during Payash's wedding track... ironically to a parody with the words "Kya karen yeh hasna bhi na jaane" ("What to do, he doesn't know how to laugh"). Di was quick to point out that Khushi had made him laugh for the second time.

Even after the forced marriage when he's supposed to think the worst of her, he can't escape her little unintentional comedy.  "Paagal" he mumbled to himself with a sideway's smile as she ran through the color codes for everyone in her sleep holi morning when she still slept outside. Even through all the pain during their "contract" marriage, she spread joy in his life which can't be measured in the number of smiles...but its all there in a confession later that when she came into his life, his thoughts went to the moments spent with her, leaving him less time to submerge in the misery of that horrible day. When the sound of his laughter replenish his sister's ears for the first time in years and she asked to know the reason for it, and a symbolic circling of his index finger around her besan covered face was perfectly apt, for she would truly become the reason for the return of his happiness hamesha (forever).

I'm sure she's making him laugh somewhere in a parallel universe without trying like here below where she tries to pacify him with pakoda without oil after making him cancel dinner reservations karva chaut night...there was no escaping her ever...but when she made him laugh...phassa (trapped) he was for life...


Top banner credit Risha_ipkknd

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Picture credit: supriya.arshi  
Here's something about our contributors who have shown their utmost love and affection and encouraged one another in this journey, making this thread an outstanding success.
Alanki, Risha & Siaa
They are the reasons for this thread, Into this abyss they have all of us led
Her reviews have always been proportional, her commitment has always been unconditional
For every detail she keeps digging deeper, Combines scenes from past, present and future
It's a wonderful delight to read her notes, when decorated with famous quotes
BarunDiwani (Ami)
As crazy she is for the lead, as deep are her writings that are a treat
As colourful are her reviews, as varied on the episodes are her views
Her analysis are mostly fast track, her comments never fail to attract
Her reviews are written quite extraordinarily, Incredible is what we say about her vocabulary
From songs to picture stories and now collages, she excels at, into whatever she barges
She plays around with the pictures, adding special effects and other such fixtures
What not she keeps researching, amazing videos she keeps finding
Our very own in-house riddler, IPK school's witty examiner
IPK's love reflects in her every post, we all welcome her with a toast
Rebecca & Charlotte
Their reviews may be concise, but their observations are constantly precise
Ritu & Goofy
They are the thread's stars, their impacts continue to last
DS Nair, Ragvir, AR Eternal Love
Our regular silent readers, their feedbacks work like wonders
Hope to continue writing in verses, at this astonishing place where everyone converges 
Some of our contributors have been regularly posting their work on the threads. Here is an index of their works.
For impactful analysis and hilarious comments
For detailed analysis replete with symbolisms, connections, pauses
For indepth analysis and the superhit drool corner
For picture stories and songs
For detailed takes and interesting titles
For original poems and parodies
For reviews that make you glide through the air and water
For a collection of promos, vms, sbs/sbb videos
For out of the box reviews of episodes
For analysis replete with new words and vms
For amazing picture collages and episodic pictorial edits
For some mind-boggling riddles
Last but not the least - News updates
 * * *

with the IPK stars by the blasters
Some of our blasters have been lucky to interact with the IPK stars in different ways.
1. Ami managed to send a letter to Sarun  Embarrassed 
2. Katelyn has met Sanaya at the Artesia festival Big smile
3. Wiwy has had a phone conversation with Barun  Blushing
4. Indi wrote a note on behalf of Team Sobtians which Barun read, intently  Wink
* * *

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Frustrated and Engaged

by cinthiann1758
What do you do when the love of your life becomes engaged?  There should be happiness beyond belief.  The union of your two souls will finally occur and the happiness that you all so yearn for should be complete. 

But not so. 

Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon?

When you are mesmerized by her beauty at a softly lit poolside, a mesmerizing pull towards her, an absolute moment of total forgetfulness of who and what you are.

Because she is there and you want her with your whole being.  Your attempt at finally kissing those luscious but innocent lips has been interrupted by a reality check.

Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon?

When reality has you seething because you have become weak; you have let the walls of your stoned in heart crumble for a moment's weakness and now you have become so frustrated, that you purposely want to hurt her for letting your guard down and so you fix your engagement to another...

And she weeps.

Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon?

When she has been coerced for the sake of her ill father to become engaged to another; one she doesn't love.

Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon?

When frustration and anger are normal emotions you feel everyday because of your past but now they have a reason to exist for it is in this present moment that you have found out that she too has become engaged. 

Her wedding is fixed

and not to you.

Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon?

When frustatration, jealousy, and anger are triumphing over love...

or will it?

We Blasters saw a ritual take place unknowingly at the auspicious moment; a bandage wrapped around that left ring finger whose vein goes directly to the heart.

The Blasters have figured this out:

We see an engagement ring that has been bought by Shyam, paid for by taking money from his wife, placed on Kushi's finger without him even touching it.

We  see this ring, bought by money given to Anjali by Arnav, lost and then found by him, unknowing it is Kushi's engagement ring.

We see the same ring, dropped in milk (purification) and then placed half way on her finger by Arnav and completed by Anjali to join the two unknowingly.

We see him seethe. 

We see Devi Maiyya's plans unfold.

Is Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?

Come and see,

then you name it.


Picture credit: BarunDiwani

connecting things

by  samin6

In these episodes Sanaya's acting just overshadowed the acting of not only Barun but everyone else around her. She was conveying her misery in various intensities through her  eyes. When Arnav announced his engagement it was associated with shock, when Arnav was getting congratulations it was with a jealousy she did not think she had, when she could not bear any more and looked away to hide her tears she looked back to see him with eyes which said - she just had to look back when his eyes asked that from her. When she was congratulating everyone it was misery with happiness for the people she liked - and we know Khushi always thinks of others before herself. When Anjali told Arnav that the mithai were made for Arnav, the look was for love she did not dare show anyone because she thought she did not have a right. When she was standing dejected in the middle of the road she had pure misery all over her. When she was in the car with Arnav - she had in her voice all the chirpiness and was looking ahead because she knew she could not hide from him her hurtful eyes. When she was being bullied by her bua those eyes carried with it pain of losing everything. When she was speaking with Payal - the misery carried with it the feeling that - I have died I cannot believe I am still here to please my family.

At the same time Barun's acting was superb. The way he delivered his scathing speech. Usually rarely does Barun get to speak such long lines in IPK. However there he was delivering some speech which needed a different expression at every second and he did an amazing job. I remember he said that he was feeling brain dead in the end and felt he was repeating, however after giving such a powerful performance I would have to say he was probably comparing what he was capable of doing in those episodes to some of the other ones later on and wanted to accomplish better. It was not an easy task for him either. 
We all know that Barun is not like ASR. The way he gave a blank stare when announcing his engagement and throughout the congratulations together with seconds of concern for Khushi's tears, his concern for her chirpiness, anger and irritation at Khushi not accepting that the giving payal meant something to her, his gloating look understanding that Khushi was playing bravado, his convincing assurance to Khushi that she meant nothing minutes before his own breakdown were all amazing.

These episodes and hurtful words were referenced in episodes that followed in chronological order
  • After Khushi got engaged Arnav said to Anjali, "Khush nehi hain to Sagai kyun ki, koyi zabardasti thi kya, jise pyaar nehi karti, jiske saath reh nehi sakti uske saath sari zindagi kaise bitayegi" As if he knew that Khushi loved only him, can live only with him, had dreamt to spend the rest of her life with him only so the only reason she would agree to marry someone else would be if she was forced. She was forced, so true, by her bua, by creepwa and by her own heartbreak. At that point she had accepted that she had died. I think her agreeing to marry Shyam was one point I did not agree to her, because she had the choice to share her misery with them, that she loved Arnav and though he had got engaged she could not. But she could not give her inherent goodness. It sometimes I think is tiring to live with someone whose virtues are higher then your own. However, in the dream world of love when reality intervenes the pain is excruciating and at that point I guess her heart had died.
  • When Arnav said," Maine tumhare pasand ka set Lavanya ko de diya - hope tumhe koyi faraq nehi padta,"that line reminded me of the gloating Arnav was showing with his eyes when he announced his engagement to Lavanya.  It seemed he wanted her to react and reclaim her right, however at the same time knew she would not. When he said tumhe to laga hoga ke tumhari zindagi ban geyi.
  • When Khushi said, "Sapno ke duniya mein rehna hi accha hain Lavanya ji, kyunki Aasli duniya mein sirf dil toot-te hain," she in her dream world was married to Arnav and even happy although he was comparing her to Delhi's autorickshaw. And in reality she got Arnav who broke her heart by getting engaged to Lavanya, and telling her that for him love had no meaning, and gloating over her broken heart. When Arnav closed the door leaving the GH and Khushi jolted on the sound - made me remember - yes asli duniya mein - in real world the heart gets broken, and no one hears that and it is even obscured by the sound of a slamming car door. The crying afterwards echoed when Khushi told him, "Hum jaante hain ke hamare hone na hone se aapko koyi faraq nehi padta."
  • After Payash get together on the hill top and ARSHI look at each other: It signified that they also wanted to get engaged to each other and say to each other, it carried the pain of what they had done instead - Arnav had announced his engagement to La and Khushi to Shyam. They had done for the happiness of their families. Arnav - to prevent the bickering of the guests and Khushi to make Buaji happy. However, at that they did not think they could trust either Anjali or Payal for whose happiness they had done could handle the truth of them loving each other. So they hurt and rejected each other. This however did not make their families and those whom they cared happy. Because Anjali thought - Arnav was giving him Dhoka and doing it in the heat of a moment. At the same time Payal was concerned that - "Tum soch to liya hain na Khushi." At the hilltop probably they were wishing that in DIwali they would have become happy if they had let their elder siblings maintain the duty of an elder sibling and share their pain. They probably were seeing for the first time first hand that if people find true love that makes the rest of the family happy too, not only giving in to the pressure of family members.
  • In Payash Party after the Desi girl dance when Arnav said, "Sometimes - nehi hamesha hi tum mujhe hairan kar deti ho - Khushi Kumari Gupta," I was thinking of that reflecting his thoughts after Khushi came to give everyone sweets. When he said - he wanted to ask - "Are you upset because of your broken relationship which happened less then a week back," I was remembering how she was even more upset in the Diwali after Arnav broke her heart and probably that is what he wanted to ask he r- if she was upset after he broke her heart. When Khushi said - "Whenever you speak I am prepared for all the hurtful things you want to say, because you have not learned to say anything nice," It showed that  when she came out to get her batwa and spoke to him  in the car,  she had already prepared herself for a lot of hurtful things, however what he said superseded what she had expected to hear - when he said, "Tumhe to laga hoga tumhari zindagi ban geyi," and " Mere liye tumhari or uss baath ki koyi matlab nehi." When after marriage Khushi said, "Aap jante hain aapki bato se, aapke harkat se hame kitni chote pohchi he."  This echoed how his words and his action hurt her after he said those words.
  • During Khushi's 101 ways to irritate ASR when Khushi said, "Jiss insaan ka dil patthar jaisa hon uske liye hum ek bhi aasoon nehi bahayenge - Isi ki layek hain na hum - isi dard ki to bardasht karne di jiye na - hume to isse bhi bari saza milne chahiye ( I am not going to shed a single tear for a person whose heart is of stone and according to you I deserve getting hurt so let me tolerate it - I deserve even bigger punishment). The pain Khushi had to tolerate when she was forced to get engaged to Shyam - probably she thought that was her punishment for loving Arnav and the pain she went when she was hurt physically by Arnav probably was nothing compared. She also has probably came to a conclusion in Diwali that Arnav's heart is made of stone and shedding tears as she did after he announced his engagement and told her - iss sab se koyi faraq nehi padta, was futile.
  • In the Shaitan and Sundari episode - When Khushi described ASR, " Har raath Sundari ko sapne mein ek sundar sa Rajkumar dikhta tha, jiska swabhab bahut achcha tha, mitha bolta tha, sundari ka bahut kheyal rakhta tha. Karwate badalti sundari sirf usi ki khwab dekhti thi. Lekin har raat Rajkumar sundari ko ek sawal puch tha tha. Sundari ko is baat samajh hi nehi aati thi ki - shaitaan or Rajkumar eki aadmi the, jab Sundari ko pata chala to woh hairan pareshan huwe - ke yeh kaisa ho sakta hain- pal mein shaitan-pal mein Rajkumar, yeh dono ek kaise ho sake hain. Eki pal mein sukh dena aur agle hi pal mein dukh... kuch samajh hi nehi paaye woh." This  simply reflected how Khushi felt when Arnav broke her heart. He became a rajkumar when he came and gave her payal and shaitan when he told her he did not to want to hear anything from her. A rajkumar when he came after her because he knew she was upset from a broken heart and shaitan when he told her to get out. Rajkumar again when he came to return her purse and ask after her dad and Shaitan again when he told her - Yeh sabse mujhe koyi faraq nehi padta. So no wonder - Sundari could not understand.
  • When after the storm of Khushi's attempted suicide, Arnav said " Kiss mitti se bani hain yeh," I was remembering like Ami and Indi how she had become extra chirpy after her heart broke. She was delivering sweets to everyone.
  • When during Kidnapping Arnav said to Khushi, " Rona bandh karon - Khushi I love you." and when in the almost suhagraat said "I love you - dammit" It was as if he wanted to say the same when he saw Khushi crying. He also wanted to tell her - he did not believe in the rituals of marriage he did not believe in the rasms, to him the only thing of importance was his feelings.  I hoped he would console her when she cried listening of his engagement,"Khushi I am fine, please math roh, Khushi rona bandh karon, Khushi mein, Khushi mein tumko, Khushi I love you." Probably he was thinking of saying them when he went to look for her and told her to get in the car and because he could not come back and tell them again he was hurt after leaving GH in his car.
  • During Telepathy dialogue  When Arnav said, "Khushi main jab bhi tumhari paas hota hoon hamesha tumse door jane ki jaldi mein rehta hoon, lekin jab bhi tumse door jaata hoon tumhari paas aane ki khayal rehta hain..." No wonder when he came close to kissing her - he hurried to announce his engagement in the next moment. But when she left he had to go to bring her close again. When in the car he told her to get out as if to hastily push her away and then when she left ,he came back to return her moneybag. When he was again close to her he again sent her away by saying that nothing makes a difference. During telepathy dialogues when Khushi said," Aap paas raho ya door, lekin ho to hamari saath hi na? Yeh dooriya hamari rishte ko kamzoor nehi bana sakti. kyun ki hum ek doosre ko sun sakte hain, mehsoos kar sakte hain - ek doosre sain baate kar sakte hain." So even in the worst of the times when Arnav had announced his engagement he was not with Lavanya and the rest of his family, but with Khushi, with his eyes he was following her every moment and was with her when he thought he needed her in the middle of the road crying. Arnav may be was far but still Khushi was feeling his presence when she conceded to getting engaged to Shyam. Maybe in her heart she knew their respective announcement to getting engaged to someone else did not have the power to weaken their relationship.
  • After Arnav reminded Khushi of the contract marriage post kidnapping and Khushi said, "Jaise hum aapko bhul ne lagenge, hame yaad dilane ke liye aap hame taklif  pahuchayenge, dard denge, hamare dil torenge." It seemed she had forgotten that ASR was her Arnavji when she allowed him to come close. True to this "Hame yaad dilane ke liye aap hame taklif pahuchayenge (to remind me you will start hurting me) he went and told her he did not want to speak to her and did not need to give her an explanation. "Dard denge (inflict pain)"-- As he did when he announced his engagement and "Hamare dil torenge (break my heart)"- When Arnav told her his giving her back the payal and almost kiss did not mean a thing. In that dialogue it was evident most strongly Khushi's judgement of Arnav's character.
  • In Khushi working 24 hours for Arnav and during Arnav back message when Arnav said, "Jab tum chup hoti hoon tumhari akhen sab kuch sach bolti hain - Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada," It made me think how in spite of her silence her eyes spoke volumes when he announced his engagement. In the same track Arnav asked Khushi about her payal and she said, "I know it belongs to your mother and you always wear it." This ironically made me recall, he told her- giving back her payal meant nothing. So Arnav bitwa if it meant nothing how come you remember that conversation to such a minute detail. At the same time was wishfully thinking - he would say her payal was beautiful after returning them, not - koyi faraq nehi padta.
  • When Arnav came with all hope to take Khushi back home, Arnav said, " You cannot lie to me." It reflected his thought when Khushi said she was happy from his and La's engagement. When Arnav said,"Tum yeh sab hone doge, hamari shaadi aise khatam ho jane doge" and "itna easy hai tumhare liye, " it seemed as if he was remembering how easily she had recuperated and was distributing sweets after a major heart-break. When Khushi said, "Aap Humare yeh sab bato se  koyi matlab nehi." seemed like Khushi was speaking what Arnav had told on Diwali. When Arnav said, "Ok sure kuch discuss nehi karte hain sab kuch yuhin khatam ho jaane dete hain," it reflected why he came back to speak with Khushi. He probably wanted Khushi to tell him her feelings and them to discuss their relationship to stop it from breaking. However Khushi's reluctance and - hume in sab bato se koyi matlab nehi - made the exact opposite words come out and he broke her heart as if to punish her for not wanting to discuss their relationship.
  • During the remarriage track when Khushi refused to leave the mandap even after buaji's insistance made me remember this diwali track and how far she had conceded to give priority to her love. During Diwali she did not even give the slightest indication that she was hurt with heartbreak by Arnav. She did not even try to exert her right over him as a person who loved him. She knew Arnav was not going to be happy with Lavanya because he loved her. However since the occasion was making the rest of the family happy she said nothing. She let buaji bully her to concede to getting engaged to Shyam even though she knew she loved Arnav. It seemed at that moment - because at that time she could not answer yes if Arnav asked her, "Bharosa nehi hain mujhpe."  She did not trust that Arnav had just announced the engagement in the heat of a moment. But during marriage - she had full faith in him and his love so she stayed put when the entire Raizadas and Guptas wanted her to leave the mandap, when even the fire went off. She in diwali could not stand her family bearing the disgust of her name written with Shyam and during marriage she cared more about her love for Arnav although her mother had just been humiliated by that Dadi in front of guests. No wonder - love did make her strong and trusting the person she loved gave her strength to believe in her own happiness and of course she knew being a sacrificial lamb once gave her and her family nothing except deception and heartbreak.
  • Finally at the end of the Shitall track when Khushi wanted to leave Arnav and Arnav said "Tum chup chap chali jaoge sab  thik ho jayega. Khushi lets suppose ye sab sach hota to chor ke chali jati mujhe (If you leave do you persume everything will become the same. If all these were true would you have left me)?" it seemed as if he wanted to tell this to her when she fled the engagement scene after Anjali said, the mithai were made sugarfree for Arnav only. It seemed as if she assumed her silently leaving without saying anything to anyone after she could bear no more of the congratulations Arnav received for his eminent engagement would make everything Ok. And when Arnav said "Agar tum koshish bhi karogi to bhi hum alag nehi ho sakte - Arnav or Khushi Hamesha saath rahenge." I was remembering how hard he tried to get away from her in the Diwali episode and still he could not get away from her. That very night instead of thinking of his upcoming nuptials he was recalling his weakness when he almost kissed Khushi and put on her payal.

In the end throughout the entire IPKKND episodes their respective engagements and Khushi's heartbreak always seemed to be standing as a sword on top of her head whenever she fully trusted Arnav.

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Horizon IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 May 2013 at 11:46pm | IP Logged
Congratulations everyone for thread 12.  Making this remarkable journey with all the lovely blasters.. makes this experience even more memorable! Thank you very much Durga for all the effort!

Although his emotions always swayed when it came to this pagal/ clumsy girl,  as we make this journey of love and life with this man, he would literally start dancing to her tunes during the Payash alliance. From bluntly pointing to her "aukath" in the middle of the road to making a "deal" with her to settle the scores for his bro.. .. he has indeed come a long way!  Whether he hates, gets attracted, desires, pushes away, feels possessive and jealous or appeases himself ... one thing that remained constant in the realm of Arnav Singh Raizada ever since she fell into his arms as if from heavens . is the girl that made all the farq/ difference...Khushi Kumari Gupta! Suffices to say.. love her or hate her.. he just can't get over her.. she is on his mind/ heart always!

This is for the ever poignant love Arnav and Khushi share.

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Indi Kate thanks for this song link

indi RebeccaDaphneHorizoncinthiann1758,  samin6BarunDiwaniwiwyKatelynshesherkobitaArshiHameshasupriya.arshiOmaRamdasssoharasigrid,  Anita Durga Salooni  Arshidiehardfan, goofy doctor and anyone I may have forgotten thanks for making this thread a great success, This is indeed one of the jewels in the IPKKND FORUM  a place where we get a good read, vms ,pictures songs creations giffs PROMOS episode analysis different takes from a number of members  
Arnav Khushi put aside their feelings and form a team go to their 1st date a cute occasion and get their siblings Payash together so that they reveal their feeling and decide to get married. Arnav makes mami agree to the match and both will get engaged soon. Meanwhile Khushi comes to know the truth about Shyam being Anjali's husband 1st goes to tell Arnav realizes she cant tell him and the Koi faraq nahi padta chap gets mighty anxious for Khushi as he does not know the truth. Keeps ringing her up and scolds her for making him go through all the mental tension tries to camouflage his feelings but then is so upset that he mistakenly reveals his anxiety to  La talking to her as if to Khushi leading to her guessing about his feelings. So two people getting engaged to wrong partners will be set right  lot of cute koochie koo incidents both Arnav Khushi hiding their emotions awww when will they learn Devi Maiyya Iss pyaar ko kya naam doonBig smile

haaye main kiss tarah se pyaar ka izhaar karoon
jee mein aata hai ke jee bhar ke tujhe pyaar karoon

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Indi and Durga: Thank you very much for your continued efforts to keep this ball rolling.
Arshi:  Have  I ever read such an  incredible journey of "farq" .. some one vacillated between farq or no farq... brilliantly summarized by your stupendous writing...Kudos!
BD: another great write up... indeed  a smile never took as long to come and never meant as much!
Cynthia: how aptly you posed that eternal query "IPKKND"..from various aspects.
Samin: Loved that analysis from last time.

Great job every one.

Wiwy, you said its easy, can't think of the context. Only answer that occurred is:

Arnav said  to Shyam "Bend them like Beckham" for me (ASR) to beat up!!

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