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we found love

_Annesha_ IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 May 2013 at 3:47am | IP Logged
an os by me

Good friends fill our heart with song ,

Our life with dreams

And our days with ,

Happiness and life long

Who does not value friendship? Perhaps everyone yearns for good friends , who are anchor of one 's life . good friends  enrich lives making it richer and more meaning full , it is always said that girl and boy can never be just friend the law of nature always attracted them towards love , hmm but to me it was nothing but just a joke , for me the only love ,passion , girls  meant nothing but when I met her these words got meaning and I got a reason to live,it all started when I was in  college first year , medical student by profession and a prankstar by nature , my sweetest cousin sister , unnati was getting married and I was dragged my parents , weddings are occasions for joy , revelry ,and laughter  ,most people look forward to the festivities , fun and frolic associated with wedding but please do not count me among them , I hate this social event and to me it is next to crime , I do not believe in love and marriage is nothing but a shit of society I am uday veer singh and this things can only make a person weak ,I am born to fight and this things is nothing but temptation of nature ,even unwillingly I was taken to Dehradun , days passed by I felt my self suffocating in the crowd of relatives and guest , I rarely ot time to talk to chotti my sister unnati as my aunties kept me busy about asking my personal interest in my love life , this was the worst thing that ever had to me , now the marriage was near a week and then no more my chotti will be mine , her farewell ached my heart so just a day before her mehendi the first ceremony of her marriage I sneeked into her room , the lights were switched off and I assumed she was in her deep sleep after a tiring day I did not want to disturb her sleep so quietly I went knelled beside her bed , I locked my hands in hers , but something ran inside my heart , I know I was definitely not supposed to feel this way , but her hands so dedicate and soft it gave me shivers  and but putting all the thoughts back of my head finally I whispered to her

UDAY:chotti I know we really got less time together … and I know I should not be disturbing you now but I am helpless even the thought of your farewell makes my heart ache and brings millions of tears to my eyes remember the time we used to play around together and  I used to always scare you by telling that I would get you married if you did not let em win I never even imagined that this day would come so fast do not even know when my small choti grew so big

Tears swelled up in my eyes as my broken voice did not support me to continue futher but a voice broke into my thought an unfamiliar voice as I heard someone mumble in sleep

VOICE:abhe halvat ,vede kyui pakaraha hai

And I got a bigger surprise as the voice was coming chotti mouth , for some time I wonder how did her voice change as I slightly slipped the blanket and to my amazement it was not unnati it , it was some one else , a girl in her sixteens , her white milky skin glowed in the moonlight , while her bubby red check , and her nose sniffed as her eyes were closed , she looked like an sleeping beauty to me as unkwowingly one of my hands travelled upwards to caress her face , but on the very touch of my hands her eyes were wide open I could not remove my eyes from her as mouth opened to scream her lungs out I got the signal and shut her mouth with my hands while her whoel body struggled to stop her now I was totally on top of her , my body glued to her as our eyes finally met suddenly I felt her struggled stopped as the scene was taking a romantic turn the nature played a joke and lights were switched on and I heard finally my chotti voice

UNNATI:dada what are you doing

I looked away and that very chance that tiny angle hit my stomach hard to which I lost my balance and fell down on the floor a my eyes travelled upwards just to see her covering her body with a shwaal and popping out of the bed towards the window as unnati helped me to get up we both sat beside each other , such odd situation put a big silence as unnati finally decided to break it and asked

UNNATI:what was that dada? What was you doing?

Sweat had covered my face as I shivered with fear nothing could ever be so embrassing than this as I said

UDAY:chotti I came to talk to you

I was cut short as my little angle came and showered her anger on me screaming

GIRL:and you thought me to be unzzie and this whole time I thought that it was vijay baana

UNNATI:oh god such a huge misunderstanding by the way dada she is manyata my bestest friend

I looked towards her as she rolled her eyes in anger  a smile plastered to my face as I strenched my hands towards her and said

UDAY:hello my name is uday veer singh

MANYATA:oh  hello a very good mid night my name is manyata kumara chauhan would you like some tea or coffee or rather rat poison

I chuckled at her sweet antique as her face turned red with anger and she looked towards me or rather glared at me in a threatening way as my poor chotti tried to cool the situation and finally said

UNNATI:manya this is my dada remember I told you about him

MANYATA:just because he is your brother dosen't mean that I have to bare with his non sence and you mister what so ever am I craking a joke that you are smiling huh ill mannered jerk

UDAY:chotti your friend is quite aggressive

I joked as unnati turned towards me and said

UNNATI:but dada you are not in some military camp you could just tell her to be quite instead any what brings you here'

UDAY:nothing chotti just wanted to make sure that you are happy with your marriage or not

UNNATI:yes dada I am now I think it is getting late you should leave

Some where my mind told me that she was not happy but now something else caught my attention  manyata she captured my heart as I saw her face turning pale  but with the final glance I moved out of the room shutting the door behind me but as I did not move something else caught my attention as I heard them talking

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_Annesha_ IF-Rockerz

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MANYATA:he is your brother no then why don't you confess the truth to him unzzie

UNNATI:I do not know what are you talking about

MANYATA:do not do this unnzie you are ruining three people life you love my brother vijay then why are you getting married to jaggat huh

UNNATI:you do not understand my parents wants me to do so

MANYATA:but what about you ? what about your happinsess

UNNATI:manyata it is not that easy invitation are given out  , people have gathered , my god only a week is left for marriage nothing can be done nothing

MANYATA:just because of some people you are scared of accepting your marriage oh give me a break unzzie we both know what kind of boy jaggat is he will never keep you happy and you know it better than I do

UNNATI:but what shall I do

MANYATA:run away I will help you please

UNNATI:but what about my parents happiness?

MANYATA:did they cared about yours that you are bothering about them?

UNNATI:manyata you are the best friend no one can ever be the slightest like you

MANYATA:after all a friend in need is a friend in deed

This was the last sentence I heard , as I strolled towards my room , I know if I wanted I could go to kakisa and narrate the whole story but a part of me said that what she was doing was perfectly right that was the very first day I realished the power of friendship , after that a turmoil took over by the flee of unnati , manyata took the whole blame on her head and no one left any stone unturned to tourture the poor soul , except for my parent I do not know why but my parents build a soft corner for her , they were the one to make clear all misunderstanding and thank to that she was cleaned off all blame and soon even our friendship , grew we did not know how it started but as days passed we grew more close finally the day of separation arrived when unwillingly I had to separate from her as I needed to go back to my own college ,my own city , my own life

But we were still connected through phone and social networking site I too got the news that unnzie is doing great in her newly married life and they are blessed with two twin baby boy as even kakisa forgave them , life seems perfect and manyata made me complete , there was no doubt that I was head over heels in love with her as during my holiday I visited her place by the fake reason to see chotti , we watched movies , we were all the time together time flew as I graduated and was finally a doctor while she was into her college days  this was the perfect time as I decided to purpose her for marriage but first I needed to get my parents approval and they agreed as since the very first day they accepted her as there daughter in law so without wasting any more time I travelled to dehra dun

It was her birthday as I went to her home I was warmly welcomed by chotti and vijay while my eyes searched for her and finally caught her in middle of a group of boys probably her friends  as I saw a boy holding her by her waist , my heart broke she had someone else in her life and did not bother telling me I felt myself crushed as I stood quietly in a corner soon the party started as cake was being cut there was a huge chaos and before I could recognize there she ran and stuffed the cake into my mouth a part of me was happy but that horrible sight of the boy holding her made my face glow with anger she tried to move as I held her hands roughly and whispered in her ears

UDAY:you should not do this your boyfriend will not accept it

A smile was plastered to her face as she whispered back

MANYATA:If you are talking about the guy holding me by my waist I mean akash then well he is in search of a boyfriend so you are single should I recommend him to you doctor

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_Annesha_ IF-Rockerz

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Saying this my hands loosen as she went back feeding every body cake while I froze in my position it was such a big misunderstanding the guy I thought was her boy friend was actually not a boy technically as I saw him giving looks to me a spine ran down across my bones as I began to shiver , finally the party had ended as I secretly decided to  take manyata to the terrance to purpose her but just before that a skimmy girl grabbed my hands and with her long nails started to play games on my arms as she whispered

GIRL :so you are the friend of manyata got to say you are really awesome

 I tried to shove her off and and said with a stern voice

UDAY:see I need to go and leave me now

But my words seemed no effect on her as she came forward to kiss em but suddenly with a jerk she fell on the ground it was manyata I had never seen my girl angrier than this as she screamed her lungs out to that girl crumbled on the floor

MANYATA:jainandini you better saty away from him, he is my guy understood , he is my boyfriend , my fianc and my future husband so BUZZ OFF

JAINANDINI:you know what you will pay for it I tell you

MANYATA:Abei halkat veedi kyui pakarahi hai

Jai stommed out of the party in anger and before I could even realize was in the teraance as it was beautifull decorated with flowers and candle I was too confuse to react and to add to my confusion there she went on her knees and said

MANYATA:doctor uday veer singh I know I am silly , stupid , sexy sorry sorry funny but this heart of mine belong only to you since the very first day when my eyes encountered yours before you words like love ,passion and boys meant nothing but as you came this words got its meaning  , i love you will you accept my love and give me the honours of being called mrs veer singh

my happiness new no bounds , my heart skipped beats as a smile was plasttered to my face i finally got the girl i craved for this many years but i decided to tease her little more , she always suprised me and my girl looked so cute this way as i asked her firmly

UDAY:what makes you think i will marry you?

i saw her face turned pale as she got up and looked straight into my eyes i pitied her , her eyes were filled with tears but soon were replaced by anger as she screamed

MANYATA:you will never get a better girl than me and who do you think will actually except you huh you work 16 hours a day and sometimes even on sundays

UDAY:still i get time to exchange a conversation with you

MANYATA:you cry watching emotional movie

UDAY:still i am the best to accompany as i never complain or demand just do as you wish

MANYATA:you dress like a grand pa

UDAY:till you are made over my perfect apps

MANYATA:i hate you

she tried to move just to find herself trapped in my arms as softly i kissed her tears and whispered into her ears

UDAY:still i love you

before she could react my lips locked hers as her hands travelled to my neck and we found love

the end

sorry for my mistakes

do hit the like button

sorry to bore you


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so u r back wid a bang anni.Big smile

sometimes u makes me speechless.

dis os is very sweet cute and amazing.

loved it soo much.Clap

loved manyata so much.and uday

of dis os is so cute(but cant digest).

loved manyata-unize bond n how

manyata helped unnati to marry 


aww last part was soo cute n funny

i was laughing wen manyata hit j.

loved d scene how manyata proposed fav part.Clap

so funny part was uday teasing manyata.

enjoyed every bit of d os.

and danx for pm.Smile

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snowdream IF-Stunnerz

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K it was an awesome OS my sweetie.ClapClapClap.mazza aya.SmileSmileSmile.The way Uday caressed her get on top of her wow that was so funny i mean poor girl she never imagined Vijay bhai to do thisLOL
And Manyata supported in Unnati's bhaagam bhag lolz an ideal friend and Uday silent involvement makes him a perfect brother...
Uday waited for his college to ger over inorder to propose her wow such a responsible guy Embarrassed
What i loved the most is that Uday even after being a playful type gave importance to his parents. Aww he asked them b4 proposing her greatClap..
and the party scene...Manyata easily got the meaning of Uday's words...She is so understanding abt UdayEmbarrassed
And finally the Jainandini smashing scene hayy junglee billi .The authoritative M took of Uday strengthened their bond..
and Manyata proposing him was so cute..Even after him ?ng her love she never ran away but confronted him like a strong girl...
Overall Anni Manyata took over my heart in this uPdate..Not that Uday didn't but by that last 1 scene she took overEmbarrassed

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Lovelydrops Senior Member

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Posted: 29 May 2013 at 5:43am | IP Logged
fantastic os...really loved it...nd thnx for pm...

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sweet_gargi IF-Dazzler

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It was a very nice OS Anni..loved the beginning..the way Manveer met, how Uday supported his sister, Manyata proved to be a good friend, and lastly, the way manyata proposed, and then they fought on how well they complimented each otherClapClapThumbs Up

Loved it Anni...great work n keep writing moreSmile

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nityatandon Senior Member

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Hey... U r back
It was funny, hillarious, romantic... in short superb...
Aww... u made tht akash gay...
And that j again eveil...
Well I must say their roles suited them...
The prts of manveer were really romantic...
Thanx for th pm...

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