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FF: Intehaa Pyaar Ki: Chapter 4 Page 98, June 16.

sshirley IF-Rockerz

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Okay Friends, Here is my ff as promised.
I wanted to start it today as its Suvika's Birthday today. She has been a really good friend, editor cum sounding board for me.
Happy B'day dearest Suja- I hope you liked this gift from me.



Written by : sshirley

Edited by: Suvika


Chapter 1:

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Chapter 2:
Chapter 3:
Chapter 4:

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sshirley IF-Rockerz

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Chapter 1:

"Theek hai, toh tum arrangenents karlo, hum next week hi chalte hain.. Okay, rakhta hoon" Mr. Anand Mathur hung up the phone to look straight into the glaring eyes of his only son.

"Kya hua beta, tu aise kyun ghur raha hai?" he asked his son.

"Baba, aapne is ghar ko guesthouse kyun bana ke rakha hai?" his son counter-questioned.

"Main kuch samjha nahin Ashu" he replied.

"Abhi kal hi toh aap  chaar dham yatra karke aaye. Aur ab phir se kahin aur jaane ki planning kar rahe hain. Aapke paon is ghar me, at a time, ek hafte se zyada tikte hi nahin. Aap toh ye bhool chuke hain ki aapka koi beta bhi hai." Ashutosh rued.

Mr. Mathur smiled saying, "Arre, itni si baat, woh toh Bhardwaj haina, keh raha tha, ki use Amritsar jaana hai, aur woh akele nahin jaana chahta, toh maine kaha, chal main bhi chalta hoon. Aur waise bhi Ashu.."

"Nothing doing Baba, you are not going anywhere for at least another two months." Ashutosh said with finality.

"Lekin baat toh samajh, woh Bhardwaj.." Mr. Mathur tried to reason.
"Bhardwaj uncle, Sharma uncle, aap ko poori duniya ki chinta hai, sirf aapka beta hi yaad nahin. Kya kami hai is ghar me jo aap kabhi Amritsar, kabhi Haridwar toh kabhi kahin aur bhatakte hain" lamented Ashutosh.

"Kami toh sirf kaam ki hai yahan Ashu. Kya karoon ghar baithe baithe? Hiraman toh mujhe khud uthke ek glass paani tak nahin lene deta. And, you have taken over the office completely, tu subah ka gaya raat ke dinner tak hi aata hai, aksar toh tera dinner bhi bahar hi hota hai. Main kya karoon poora din ghar pe baithke? Bore ho jaata hoon" his father countered.

  "Baba, aap NGOs me counseling karte haina, aur phir aisi baat hai  toh aap office aa jaiye" Ashutosh suggested.

"Counseling takes 2-3 hours at the maximum, aur office se ab jee bhar gaya hai, poori zindagi yun hi court kacheri ke chakkoron me hi nikal gayi."

"Theek hai Baba toh aaj se hi main lunch pe aaya karunga, and I promise that I will be home by 7 pm latest, from today onwards. My friends make very cooperative partners. Woh dono sab sambhal lenge, on my behalf. Phir toh theek haina? Baba, please don't leave for some yatra again, I feel very lonely. Khaali ghar kaatne ko doudta hai" complained Ashutosh

His father laughed briefly before saying "Really Ashu? Aur tu is khaali ghar me rehta kitna hai? Meri  bhi toh yehi problem hai. And today you say that you will give me more time, but neither it is practical nor do I expect it from you. (Seeing that Ashutosh is about to protest,) nahin Ashu, right now, you are at the very peak of your career and you have worked very hard to reach where you are today. Isi liye toh keh keh ke thak gaya hoon, it's high time you get married. Mujhe bhi ghar me rehne ka bahana mil jaayega aur teri loneliness bhi khatam ho jayegi"

"Baba," Ashu cried, "not again please! Aap ki sui ghum phir ke meri shaadi pe aake hi kyun atak jaati hai?" and gave a tired sigh. Then shouted, "Hiraman kaka, breakfast lagaiye, der ho rahi hai!" and rushed to his room to get his briefcase ready, completely ignoring his father.        

On the breakfast table, Ashutosh was constantly on his phone, talking with clients. Almost at the end of the breakfast, he said irritably, "Baba aap kuch kha kyun nahi rahe?"

His father said defiantly, 'bhook nahi hai"

 Ashutosh ran a frustrated hand in his hair saying, "Baba you are worse than a child when it comes to throwing tantrums, really kabhi kabhi toh mujhe lagta hai ke I am your father. Pl. Baba naashta kar lijiye, mujhe der ho rahi hai."

"Toh tu nikal na, main ghar par hi toh hoon, bhook lagegi tab kha loonga, khud hi toh apna khayal rakhna hai. Bahu toh hai nahi jo pyaar se khilaye" said Mr. Mathur  

"Baba.." Ashutosh was exasperated.   

"Kyun? Kyun shaadi nahi karna chahta tu?"

"Aisi bhi kya jaldi hai Baba"

"Jaldi? Ashu you will be 38 next week!"

"Ashutosh beta, sahib theek hi toh keh rahe rahe hain. Ab main bhi toh boodha ho gaya hoon, mujhse nahi sambhala jaata ye ghar. Ab is ghar ko kisi aurat ki zaroorat hai" the servant Hiraman said, placing the juice before him.

"Kaka, aap bhi shuru ho gaye!"

 "Toh aur kya karoon?" Looking meaningfully at Mr. Mathur, then looking back at Ashutosh with a straight face, he continued, "dekh beta, kisi din sahib agar bhook hadtaal pe utar aaye na, toh phir mujhe mat kehna"   

Mr. Mathur's eyes shine with mirth, but he says in a normal tone, "haan Hiraman, main sach me yehi soch raha tha. Ab toh yehi ek chaara reh gaya hai. Gandhiji ne bhi isi hathyaar se angrezon ko bhagaya tha, ab main bhi aajmaake dekhloon"

 Hiraman smiles, while Ashu rolls his eyes in exasperation, gulps the juice in one go, picks up his briefcase, and makes a run for the main door, saying, "Main chalta hoon, office jaate jaate Armaan ko bhi airport se pickup karna hai".

As soon as he leaves, Mr. Mathur says to Hiraman, "Kya idea diya hai Hiraman maan gaya tujhe!" Hiraman simply smiles in response, when he continues, "Arre, tu abhi tak yahin khada hai? Chal chal, jaldi jaake mere liye 2 aaloo ke parathe bana de, ghee me achchhe se tal ke, aur haan saath me raita bhi bana de. Ye Ashu jo healthy khaane ke peeche pada rehta haina, mujhe uske saamne dailia ya cereal khana padta, isilye nahi khaya. Aur haan lunch me paneer makhani aur bhindi ki sabji banade"  

"Aur aapki bhookh hadtaal ka kya hua?" asks Hiraman teasingly.

"Aaj dinner se shuru" comes the prompt reply, and both men burst out laughing. Hiraman rushed towards kitchen only to be stopped, "arre sun, jab tak parathe bane, mere liye chivda leke aa.. aur barfi hai kya? (at his nod,) toh vo bhi", Hiraman nods indulgently and goes to kitchen.  

Ashutosh had picked up his best friend Armaan from the airport and was driving towards the law firm where they were partners, while discussing the case for which Armaan had been to Delhi. "Yaar Ashu, High Court tak theek hai, Supreme court is so steeped in formalities.. anyways at least we got the stay order", said Armaan with satisfaction, at which Ashutosh simply nods. Armaan suddenly pats him on the shoulder, "kya hua, not in a mood?" Ashutosh smiles helplessly, "the same old issue Armaan, Baba wants me to get married right away. Abhi kal hi toh aaye hain teerth yatra se, aur aate hi shuru ho gaye.  And what makes it worse is that kaka too not only encourages him, but gives him one of those hairbrained ideas frequently. Aaj hi dekh le – unhone Baba ko hunger strike ka idea diya! Can you believe it?"

Armaan laughed heartily till Ashutosh's glare turned into outright anger and says seriously, "yaar teri problem ka ek hi permanent solution hai. (At his questioning look, he continues) simple, get married"    

"You too! I don't believe this" Ashutosh cried as he lightly banged his fists on the steering while.

"What's your problem Ashu, jab itni achchhi ladki bhi hai, aur phir you both like each other so much toh?" his friend reasoned.

"Abhi toh main bhi busy rehta hoon, aur woh bhi apne career pe hi dhyaan dena chahti hai, she has a bright career ahead."

"Ashu tune usse baat ki is baare me? I feel she is just waiting for your initiative. In fact, I think she is absolutely smitten right from the day she first saw you in college!"

"College se yaad aaya, I have a lecture in law college today, could you give me the file on that Kuldeep case – I want to make that case a reference point in my lecture today……….seriously yaar these days students are so bright, it's such a delight to teach them" Ashutosh said.

"Yeah, especially girls who study you more than they study your subject." Armaan teased at which he glared and Armaan continued, "Ashu, don't divert the topic, Uncle is right, it's high time you get married." 

"Armaan, yaar you know, we both gel with each other, but yaar, I am so sure.. I mean are we compatible?"

"Oye stop making these excuses. Just go ahead and propose her. Aaj hi. No more procrastinating." 

"Armaan, you are too much. Aaj hi? Seriously buddy, let me think this thru"

"Think thru? Aur usme kitni decades lagne waali hain? Huh? Nothing doing Ashu, either you propose to her today or I'm going to call Uncle and ask him to go ahead with hunger strike" then he adds seriously, "trust me Ashu, it IS the right time"

"lekin yaar.." Ashutosh tried to reason.

"I am not listening to anything you say buddy, nor giving you a choice. You just tell me, in which restaurant do I book a table for your date"

"Date! Restaurant! What is this yaar? Theek hai I will talk to her after court today."
Armaan continues as if he did not hear anything, "Aur haan, uske liye achchhi si ring khareed lena, I know a jewelry shop in Hazratganj. And yes I think Taj would be the best – take her there.."

Ashutosh simply shakes his head in exasperation, and zooms out on him, while Armaan continues to plan for his so-called date. Why is the whole universe conspiring to get him married? But, maybe this was actually the right time. He too wanted to settle down, but something prevented him, was SHE the one for him? Yes he had to admit she loved him, he too liked her and was very comfortable around her, but would it actually work out well? Maybe Armaan was right, he was harbouring baseless doubts. Yes, it was high time! So, he would go along with the flow. Armaan and his Baba were anyways giving him no choice in the matter.

"Nidhi, beta, tera phone baj raha hai" Col. Verma shouted as he picked up her phone kept near him at  to hand it to her and frowned  seeing the number. She continued her lunch as she talked on her phone. When she hung up, her father asked cautiously, "So Nidhi, what does your boyfriend say?" "Boyfriend, huh? He is not my boyfriend" she was a bit miffed, then added wistfully, "at least not yet"

"Nidhi, I just want you to you to be cautio.. (seeing her pout).. I mean.. let things develop on their own okay Waise, what does he say? Kahin jaane ki baat chal rahi thi?"

"Nothing Baba, he has invited me" she replies casually

"Where? Is it just the two of you? A date kind of thing?" there was apprehension in his voice.

"Nothing of the sort Baba, it's probably just an evening out and I am sure he would have invited the whole gang.", she rued and got up from the table saying, "I am done Baba, chalti hoon, anji ke saath shopping pe jaana hai" and rushed to her room to get ready.

Col. Verma often wondered why his daughter was crazy about the guy. Nidhi was never the romantic kind. And I know, it's not love, it was a kind of infatuation. Natural, given her age. Yet, it seems that my daughter is more attracted to his success than the person himself.  It seems, as if Nidhi was weighing the advantages of being associated with such a guy, and this really worries me. Admitted that he is very successful and all. But, this is not how life works. Love is more important in marriage, rather than such cold-blooded calculations. Besides, I do have some objections against that guy. Actually, no point worrying about it now. Let's see how things shape up. And Col. Verma let his thoughts rest there. Or was it? Nidhi needs to grow up and fast. She just completed her L.L.B. but she still lives in a kind of dream world, where everything just revolves around what SHE wants. God, what do I do?    

Meanwhile, Ashutosh, after hanging up on her, had called his father. As soon as he picked up, Ashutosh said, "having lunch Baba?"

"Tujhe kya farak padta hai, Ashu main khaaoon ya na khaaoon? Ab jeeke karna bhi kya hai? Kaunse pote-potiyon ko khilana hai?" Mr. Mathur continued his drama, while looking at his plate full of rich food which Ashutosh wouldn't have allowed him to eat.

Ashu sighed tiredly, seriously, Baba ko toh actor hona chahiye tha, how did he become a lawyer. Then, he decided to talk in his Baba's language,  "Toh pahle batana tha na Baba, main faltu me hi aaj raat ko aapki honewali bahu ko propose karne ke liye dinner plans toh nahi banata."

"Phir se dinner plans? Means, you won't be home for dinner toni.." his father began absentmindedly while he waited patiently for his father's brain to register his words, when his father exclaimed, "ek minute, kya kaha tune? Hone wali bahu?"

"Ji Baba" he said and immediately took his phone off his ear, on hearing his father's loud whoop of joy. After a few seconds, he says, "Easy Baba, she hasn't said yes yet. I just informed you so that you don't heap calories on your digestive system, to prepare for your blackmailing drama, when I return home. So, Baba, tell kaka to take away that paneer makhani and give you the food, he has prepared for my dinner. As it is, I am going to Taj for dinner."

"Lekin, beta aaj toh khaane de, aaj toh celebration banta hai. Aaj toh lunch ke baad kheer bhi khaaoonga."

"Baba, if you don't listen to me, I am going to cancel this whole program"
"Oh, don't blackmail me. Okay I will eat that tasteless boiled inedible trash, which you call food"

"That's like a good father!" Ashutosh smiled with satisfaction, said "rakhta hoon Baba" and hung up.

Hiraman placed the hot chapatti full of ghee in his plate, when his employer said, "Nahin, Hiraman, ye sab tu kha le. Mere liye woh ghaas phoos aur ubla hua moong leke aa, jo tune Ashu ke liye banaya hai. Uska dinner bahar hai" He looks surprised, but nods obediently.                       

"Waise tera bhookh hadtaal wala idea tha kamaal ka, abhi toh maine shuru bhi nahi kiya aur asar bhi ho gaya!"

 "Ji Sahib? Kya matlab?"

"Arre aaj Ashu hamari honewali bahu ko propose karne wala hai, usi ke saath dinner pe jaanewala hai."

"Arre wah sahib, ye toh badi achchhi khabar hai, isi khushi me kheer bana doon?"

"Nahin Hiraman rehne de, Ashu ne meri baat maan li toh, mujhe bhi uski baat maanni padegi na"   

  "Ji bahut achchha sahib, waise vo ladki kaun hai?"

"Ek hi toh hai Hiraman" Mathur says, to which Hiraman nods knowingly. 


That evening, at the restaurant in Vivanta by Taj:

Ashutosh got up as soon as she arrived and waved to her. He looked at her while she walked towards the corner table where he was waiting. She smiled consciously. She had taken extra care while dressing up today. She really hoped to impress him today.

"Hi Ashutosh"

"Hi, please have a seat"

"Thanks" she takes the chair the waiter has drawn out for her.

The waiter poured out water in her glass and then there was an awkward silence.

"So? How did your argument go today?" he asks to break the silence.

"Don't ask, that creep of a public prosecutor, kept objecting at every instant. Breaking my flow of words.."

"Jagan Mehta, yes he is known for that, he uses objections as a weapon to break the coherency and reduce the impact of the defense's arguments."

She nods in an agreeing gesture, when the waiter arrives to take their orders. When the waiter withdraws, she asks "How was your hearing today – that Shanti builder's case? You were supposed to cross- examines that difficult witness"

He smiled saying, "uh huh, he was a difficult witness until I called his lie. That was enough to rattle him, and out came the facts from his mouth – easy and smooth. I didn't even have to ask any questions."

"You didn't have to or you didn't want to" she asked with glee in her eyes.

"Can you blame me? It would have been foolish to interrupt with question, when he was rattling off the facts like a parrot"

"Exactly! That's what I meant. You do know when to keep quiet"

"Well, I am not sure about that. But you do understand me quite well"

"That I do" she said sincerely.

Once they start talking, the easy camaradie and the mutual understanding they share is clearly visible. They are so engrossed in their discussions about their cases, that they never even realized when they finished the starters, main course and dessert.      

Their topics about courts and cases finally exhausted, Ashu asked her, "by the way, do you like to dance?" She nodded slightly.


At the Zero Degree Lounge & Disc (discotheque) near Vivanta by Taj:

Suddenly the music stopped and the DJ shouted, "So everyone, having fun?" There was a loud chorus of "YESS". The DJ continued, "Great, now you will have more fun, with some spicy, peppy numbers from the 90s, some original, some remixes. So, guys and gals and the in-betweens (a loud laughter ensues at these words), time to show some serious dancing, with back-to 90s! Enjoy!"  

"Wow, back-to-90s, I love the 90s music" shouted Nidhi. He made a face, "how boring!", but he anyways tries to pull her along to the middle of the dance floor. "You go, I will join you shortly. I am thirsty," she shouted over the music. He nods and his dancing feet carry him to the center, while she walks over to the bar.


(jab bhii koii la.Dakii dekhuu.N, meraa dil diivaanaa bole

ole ole ole, ole ole ole

gaao taraanaa yaaraa jhuum-jhuum ke haule haule

ole ole ole, ole ole ole

mujhako lubhaatii hai javaanii yahaa.N, mastii luTaatii zi.ndagaanii yahaa.N

maane na kahanaa paagal mast pavan saa dil ye Dole

ole ole ole, ole ole ole

ole ole ole, ole ole ole

jab hii koii la.Dakii dekhuu.N ...


koii maane yaa na maane, mai.n huu.N aashiq aavaaraa

mai.n ??? diivaanaa, mujhako chaahat ne maaraa

ye chikane-chikane chahare, ye gorii-gorii baahe.n

bechain mujhe karatii hai.n, ye chan-chan (???) shok adaae.n

mujhako milii hai ye bechain yahaa.N, likho khayaalo.n me.n kahaanii yahaa.N

dekhuu.N jahaa.N koii shamaa sa.ng se ga_ii haule-haule

ole ole ole, ole ole ole

ole ole ole, ole ole ole

jab hii koii la.Dakii dekhuu.N ...


mai.n dau.Dataa rahataa huu.N, yaado.n kii ra.Ng-raliyo.n me.n

mere sapano.n kaa ghar hai, mahabuubaa kii galiyo.n me.n

de dar jaaho pii.Dio.n kaa (???), mai.n bekaabuu ho jaauu.N

ra.Ngiin lage ye duniyaa, mai.n Kaabo.n me.n kho jaauu.N

maa.Nguu.n hasiino.n se nishaanii yahaa.N, bahake shabaabo.n kii ravaanii yahaa.N

husn kaa jalvaa merii in aa.Nkho.n kaa pardaa khole

ole ole ole, ole ole ole

ole ole ole, ole ole ole

jab hii koii la.Dakii dekhuu.N ...)


Nidhi watched him dancing while sipping her drink. He was once again the center of attraction. That is the perfect song for him! She felt a tug at her heart when she saw him dancing with a dozen girls at once, but just shrugged it off! She knew him too well, didn't she? Girls attracted him like magnet, or was it the other way round? Moreover, she was almost secure in her relationship. The other girls, she knew, were a time-pass for him. What they shared was certainly more than that, and more than even friendship.. Yet, how she wished he would acknowledge their relationship at least once. Her life would be set if he marries her. All her ambitions including her biggest dream, would be fulfilled. He would be the perfect means to fulfill them.           

Her chain of thoughts was broken by her best friend Anji's panting "Hi" and she smiled back at her, as Anji went to get her drink, and then rejoined her. "I think we should leave" Anji shouted.

"Leave?! So soon?"

"Yaar, tu toh jaanti hai, Papa ko! If I am not home by 10, World war III shuru ho jaayega"

"Theek hai, chal, I will tell him we are leaving" and she waved frantically to catch his attention. After some time, he saw and came over to where they were standing.

"We are leaving?" Anji said

"Leaving! The fun is just beginning. Don't be a spoilsport"

"Papa will kill me if I don't leave now" she explained.

"Okay, just give me 5 minutes please, will you? I have to talk to Nidhi" and he hustled them to a quieter corner of the discotheque. When Nidhi looked at him questioningly, he looked around nervously, then suddenly went down on a knee, and took her hand in his, "Nidhi, you have ruled my every thought, ever since I saw you the first time in college. I can't sleep with dreaming about you, I can't spend a waking moment without thinking about you. I need you like I need my next breath, Will you marry me?"

Nidhi swallowed, then uttered softly, "Yes, I will, Rohan"

At the restaurant, Vivanta by Taj:

"I already knew you like to read and listen to music, but I didn't know you love dancing and cooking too."

"I too didn't know, that you play violin and piano. I would like to see you playing sometimes"


The waiter arrives with the bill. Ashutosh paid the bill, they both got up and left the restaurant. Ashutosh walked her to her car.

"Thank you Ashutosh for a wonderful evening"

"The pleasure is mine. Actually," he hesitated a bit, "there was a reason I invited you today"

"Tell me. I am all ears."

He clumsily wipes his hand on his suit, and takes out a small box from his pockets and opens it with unsure hands to expose a platinum ring with a huge solitaire, begins "Uh..well.. I don't know how these things are done," extends the ring towards her, and finally blurts out, "Will you marry me Mallika?"

Mallika closes her eyes unable to believe her luck. This was precisely what she had dreamt of, for at least the past 8-9 years. It had been love at first sight for her. On the first day of Law college, Ashutosh, who was a masters student, had saved her from ragging by a pair of boisterous boys. She had fallen head over heal for him right then. But, he had never looked at her that way, so what could she do? However, they had become very good friends over time. In fact, she was equally friendly with Armaan Chaturvedi and the threesome hung out together. When Ashutosh offered her a position in his father's law firm, Mathur and Associates, after she completed her bachelors, she immediately accepted the offer. She completed her masters while working in the law firm. Needless to say, he was her constant guide during her masters. Ashutosh and Armaan were already working there. Gradually Mr. Anand Mathur reduced his involvement in the firm and offered partnership to both Armaan and Mallika. On Mr. Mathur's insistence, the firm was renamed Mathur, Chaturvedi, Trehan and Associates. Tacitly, they divided the firm's work amongst themselves, with Ashutosh handling mostly real estate cases, while the family court and debt recovery cases were handled by Mallika. Armaan handled all the remaining miscellaneous matters. This bifurcation was not absolute and they ran the firm with an exceptional understanding and coordination.  

Mallika slowly opened her eyes. Ashutosh was still waiting patiently and said, "Look Mallika, whatever your answer is, it won't change our friendship. If you want some time to think.."

"What took you so long Ashutosh? I would have said yes anytime", she said with a slight laugh.

He smiled in apparent relief and slipped the ring in her finger. She looked at him, then looked at the ring on her finger and then back at him, "Thank you! This is exquisite"

He smiled and said, "I am just glad, it fits you"

"Oh! It never occurred to me! How did you know my size?" she asked with curiosity.

Ashutosh said in a half comic tone, "Courtesy Armaan!"

She was even more bewildered, "Armaan, how did he kn.. Oh Goodness! So that's why.." and she burst out laughing. She kept on laughing uncontrollably.

He was mildly irritated, "could you please tell me what is the joke or is it a secret joke?"

She was surprised at the jealousy with which he said 'secret joke', that triggered her barely subsided laughter again. Controlling herself with great difficulty, she said teasingly, "Advocate Ashutosh Mathur, engaged for just about 80 seconds and already possessive! I like it" and again started laughing.

He glared at her, "that was not funny Mallika"

She stopped laughing and said, "okay okay, batati hoon. Aaj lunch pe Armaan ne hamari receptionist se poochha, 'What's your size, Maria?' the way it sounded, she was offended and gave him a disgusted look, he realized it too late, and hastily corrected it, 'uh I meant your ring size'. (By now, even Ashutosh is laughing) That set her off even more, and she walked away. Then he gave me an injured look and said, 'dekha Mallika, ladkiyaan hamesha mujhe galat kyun samajhti hain?' I too got in the mood, patted his arm sympathetically and said, 'Aww.. I feel so so sorry for you, buddy' he very cleverly said, 'usne toh apna ring size bataya nahi. Tum hi apna batado' I teased him, 'so, are you going to gift me a solitaire ring?' He winked and said, "you never know, I can be very magnanimous sometimes' and after that, I didn't even realize what he did – cajoled me, flirted with me, played word games with me, but the end result was that, I told him my ring size."       
Both stopped laughing and he said flirtatiously, "by the way, Mallika, what's your size?" and winked.

She looked at him agape, and then both again started laughing and finally hugged each other.  


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First hearty congratulations on the new FF.
Very nice start Shirley could visualize Alok Nath and SK enacting the opening scenes.. Nice lead up to the maang of a bahu in the house. 

Love that Armaan is a part of this FF as a good friend.

So Nidhi likes Rohan ... Liked how the suspense was built up over the Nidhi / Rohan & Ashu/ mallu scenes.

Very nice beginning has left me wanting for more and that too as soon as possible , but knowing your situation am going to wait for your PM. Enjoy your break but please do post one update in between that time.


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Hello Shirley, Thank you for this new ff!! I had read your earlier ff in bits and pieces but could not reply back to you partly owing to my busyness and partly owing to my laziness. Big smile But this time, to not miss replying to you, I am also reserving a place here. Will be back asap. Embarrassed

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Deepa and Tupu,
will be waiting eagerly for ur detailed reviews 
m sleeping now, good night.

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Hi Shirley!!

Congratulations on your new FF!!

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Shrikhand IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 May 2013 at 7:57pm | IP Logged
Good start Shirley :-) but Ashu proposing Mallu :-( ye kya ho gaya!!!
Par chalo dekhte hain aage kya hota hain till then i zip my mouth varna phir kuch anaap shanaap na kehdu :-(

BTW is it going to b just a love story or some mystery in it? When is the next update?

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Veni-Vidi-Vici IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 May 2013 at 8:39pm | IP Logged
wonderful beginning...I am hooked...CV isn't so sure about Nidhi-Rohan relationship...Ashu did have some doubts regarding whether Mallika was the one...So will something happen and make Ashni end up together...how will they break up with their partners? Ashu is already possessive about Mallu...

Thank God you included Mallu in this FF..I was dying for her

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