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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
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new ff / The Teacher updated chap 2 // 29th may

Amour_Reet Goldie

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Posted: 28 May 2013 at 10:26am | IP Logged
hello forumwassi's

i m new in this forum .this would the first post in ipkknd forum .
though some of you might know me from geet them hellos'
i m here with a fic that i have initially posted on maneet

have no idea how would you find it .if you like it at all..
still posting with fingers crossed.
if you dont find it good enough will simply delete it .
but please let me know .!

                   The Teacher


chap 2- page 2

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Amour_Reet Goldie

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My Teacher..

 chapter 1


The fine mist of late winter that draped the statue of Gautam Buddha in the middle of the campus was slowly getting unraveled by the  rising sun .the pigeons that were idly resting on the shoulder of his suddenly started flying with the dong of the bell somewhere rang in northeast of the campus. The morning was almost the same everyday in the campus of the goutam Buddha mahabidyalaya. growing from the dark bathed in the beams of the rising sun like a lone fortress situated 5 km away from river Ganges at Kannauj at Uttarpradesh. An age old heritage of culture and education situating on the lap of Ganges .

With the dong a sudden squirm started at the girl's hostel lobby ...pupils started walking fast towards the prayer hall at the east corner.


 what do you think you are doing  ...

the girl addressed to looked up confused .


Behind me...!!

The command came from a girl in peacock blue churider threw her plaits back and took the place of the girl in confidant stride and stood in front of the column..The fine chiffon of her red scarf blew in contest with the glowing sun...few strands of her silken hair caressed the perfectly sculpted face somewhat luminous ..big piercing brown eyes slightly adored with kohl... Eyebrows were arched over the curve before dispersing onto the bridge of her dainty nose. Plump, the lips had the strangest curl to them. This enchanting face was framed wavy, ebony-colored curls,.the reflection of grace from her olive skin blabbed her inheritance from a royal background.


i said ..stand behind me..!!

this time louder making girl startle


A muffled sorry came from the she quickly left the line to stand behind the group gathered behind her /she didn't dare to argue as someone whispered her name in her ear


Khushi gupta . the famous Khushi gupta 


Oh Khushi..! why do you have to always stand in front of every line..?another girl addressed the first girl..

I love to be the first  ! she winked at the girl...


Rohini zaria and sunanda smiled affectionately at her daunting reply. The few murmurs soon blurred by the suryapranam mantra recited by the principle..


That is Khushi..2nd  year English (hons)  the only granddaughter of anant singh gupta .exquisitely beautiful smart...bossy and compassionate at the same time. Alpha of her group ..bright in her studies though she seldom studied..her leisure time was occupied with irrelevant problems..she had a tendency to welcome them.or getting involved in somebody else's problem as if hers own...not hesitating a minute to spend for unknown. Involved in every cultural event of her college the perfect butterfly of her college. Teachers adored her ..her friends cherished her presence..the boys were attracted to her beauty like moths curious of her elegant aura yet the daunting personality of hers hindered them from being close to her..the girls who couldn't be close to her envied  though afraid of expressing it loudly..her family was one of the important trustees of the college was one big reason among the others.

As the prayer broke the girls started going towards the canteen for breakfast..Khushi's group took their regular place.

Why are you carrying the books with you now rohini.. .first class is English. Don't you remember the class is off today .sir hariprasad retired last Saturday..!

"Ohh...!my bad Khushi..!  totally slipped my mind.."


"Thank god for the free period...i m going to see what they have arranged for this year's saraswati puja's cultural program heed to the classroom."

Khushi walked away from the group to oversee the arrangement.she was on charge of the events .



Rest of the group finally decided to walk to the classroom chatter there waiting for the next class which was  English again..

Suddenly the few scattered murmurs of the large classroom stopped abruptly...rohini glanced up at the door to find the subject of attention.

A tall dark-haired suave young man clad in grayish black striped suit that contrasted his fair skin entered the lecture theater and took his place on the podium behind the speaker.

Hello class ...this is Arnav Singh Raijada..!

He added after a pause as the murmurs wandered around the class from now onwards I will be taking the classes of sir hariprasad..he addressed  the crowd and waited for the words to settle down.

The entire class didn't only stopped at the arrival of the new teacher of them...but the appearance of his...the chocolate eyes with a streak of gold in them as they shone behind the rimless glass..the raven black hair perfectly gelled ..the stubborn confidant jaws. The day old stubble gracing it . The perfectly sculpted broad shoulders overflowed wisdom and strength, the depth of his eyes gave no hint to his thoughts..


The young age of his spoke for his over-achievement adding to his charisma ..


Hottt...!somebody dared to mumble from behind...some just sighed ..hayee...!! every girl admitted the adjective in their heart ..


the mumbles came from backbenches ...which didn't go unheard by Arnav. he ignored it subtly by asking the chapter they last read.the whole class was quickly tackled by him which engaged into literature .


Class went on for about twenty minutes when Khushiappeared at the doorway startled by the new lecturer.the class was supposed to be off ...

who is this ..?


Can I come in ..? she threw the question while already walking in the lecture theater.


" cant !!. " the daunted response came quick ...!


A sharp intake of breath of rohini's confirmed the apprehension. The unstoppable Khushi gupta has been denied..!


What...!! the startled reply escaped her lips...her porcelain cheeks started to turn reddish...


You are too early for the next go out ..!the nonchalant reply came from him  while flipping through the pages of the book in his hand ..didn't even bother to look back at the girl standing middle of class turning the brightest shade of red in humiliation ..


Sir...! this class was not even scheduled ...and I m just 15 minutes late... she retorted adamantly..the controlled annoyance was dripping.


Its twenty ..and you are supposed to be right on time ...not even a second late for my class..and lastly who confirmed you about the schedule of the class..? the last question was thrown looking right into Khushis eyes with piercing gaze ...which she flinched at.

it had something in them . she couldnt quite put her finger on .


Please get out of my class and don't waste my time...!! the last order came with which Arnav resumed his lecture unperturbed .

The nasal flares didn't even express Khushis anger...the apple of the eye of anant gupta the youngest girl of gupta family...the college was basically hers..even the building she was standing had been donated by anant  ...had never been disgraced like this ..that too infront of the whole class..she didn't waste another word and got out of class clutching the books to her chest.

how could it be possible..!! the class was supposed to be off...who is this new obstinate ...!and what does he think of himself ? she clenched her teeth and took a sharp breath inside..she couldn't able to forget the humiliation in front of the entire class ..of which she was the queen bee..she could hear him from here..

his deep baritone roaring the lecture hall...perfect pronunciation ..and melodic voice has rendered the class speechless...every eyes fixed on the stranger as he narrated john donne


and good morrow to our waking souls
which watch not one another out of fear
for love,all love of other sights controls
and makes one little room an everywhere
Let sea-discoverers to new worlds have gone,
Let Maps to other, worlds on worlds have showne,
Let us possesse one world; each hath one, and is one


with the ring of the bell the class finished ...and  few students started walking out of the class heeding for their next class who didn't have English as their honors subject..while Khushistood leaning on the pillar opposite to the entrance of the class..with her head slightly hung to her chest ...


Arnav slowly gathered his papers and started walking out of the class when he noticed the girl in firozi suit and a red scarf hung around her neck that reflected the colour of her cheek ..the slight pout of her plump lips didn't go unnoticed by him ... a ghost of a mysterious smile played through his lips . he took a turn and walked through the lobby passing her right front...


Khushididn't notice any of this ..who was absorbed in her own thoughts looked up when a miff of a masculine scent laced with aftershave hit her nostrils ...there was something uncanny enigma about the aroma..looked up to find back of new teacher of hers... the stride contained his intimidating persona. Khushiwas not only angered ...but slightly taken aback.



If he had not mortified her in front of the whole class..she might have been impressed..

however he did bad...! he shouldn't have scolded her in his first class..!she cleared up her thoughts from the verge of getting impressed


the day went over without any further discussion on the topic.nobody dared to pick up the topic in front of her...the relief short lasted until lunch break.


Just after the lunch break Khushi was called by the head of dept she pushed the heavy mehgony door open noticed the person of discussion resting on the chair placed just right to the Sir Biren Sahay their HOD .gulping down the anticipation she moved forward.


Oh yes ...Khushi come in ...MR . RAIJADA ..this is the student I was talking about ...she is the class representative Khushi gupta. Khushi meet .. prof Arnav Singh Raijada ...!

We have met ...! Arnav commented tilting his head back with his stare fixed on the downward gaze of hers..with the sudden mention of their previous encounter she looked up to meet his ..a flare quickly passed through ..

 I wouldn't say it was pleasant ...he quipped with a pursed lip smirk to Mr sahai ...!!


Who look slightly astonished but didn't comment back just smiled awkwardly at him .


Ahh...! she is slightly known for her ..ahem...let it be...he quickly changed the topic..he loved his chair and salary as the dept of head ..!but He couldn't help but notice the exchange of heat  between Arnav and Khushi.

So he is the new faculty in the place of sir hariprasad .he continued..

So he is the replacement teacher ..Khushi asked in order to confirm the short staying of his.

No...he is not a replacement ..

I will be staying if that is what you want to know ...Arnav added quickly !

Khushi looked back to be caught in his piercing gaze again...slight smile playing on his unduly red lips of a man ...that irked her ...but there was something else in his eyes...humor mixed with something unfathomable  ..she felt uneasy on stomach ...making avert her eyes.


Arnav  ..she will help you in arranging your classes ..

i doubt it!.. an almost inaudible mutter came out.


and Khushi... you should continue your thesis under him..Mr Sahay continued almost ignoring the comment .


why sir...last we talked said I can do it under you ...suppressed irritation dripped in her tone.


oh yes...but since Mr. Raijada is here should do it under him I am kind of busy at this time...

Khushi didn't say any further. Swallowing the plug of anger  she cursed her luck inwardly which was failing her one after another today...what is with this Arnav ...! stole a quick glance to be again caught under his gawk...

damn ..!!

doesn't he know its rude to stare ..!but it can't be denied he is a good far she has heard from out side the class...well..!!


Arnav stifled a laugh inwardly .. Thoroughly enjoying the dilemma.

I getting late for my class .you two talk it out ..Khushi be nice Mr Raijada .  Mr Sahai gave her a meaningful look before leaving the two alone in the teacher's room.

So what's was last chapter been taught in papar 1...Arnav asked breaking the awkward silence between them.

Khushi waited few seconds before answering it ..Othello- act two scene 2 .. she replied looking at nothing at particular .


I ..gotta go .she gave finalizing nod before coming out of the room...


See you in the next class time .! he said stressing on the last part..after Khushi's departing figure..

Khushi clenched her teeth after coming past the door..mad on Arnav and herself ashamed of her ineptness in the conversation..

why am I avoiding his eyes...i have done nothing wrong ..i could just meet his eyes speak to him directly ...ohh he must have thought I m so afraid of him..!damn you Khushi..!she talked to herself walking alone in the lone corridor of her college...and why did he had that look in his have done something so very wrong ...!

she stopped realizing she has come to the favorite spot of hers at the back of her college. a flat bed of stone underneath a sprawling neem tree...she used to spend her leisure time indulging irrelevant thoughts here...

she had the afternoon free to herself ..she sat on the stone ...and took out her copies to study ...othello act 2 scene 2 ..a chuckle played on her lips.






Arnav got in the apartment he has been scheduled..its in the northmost corner of the campus..slightly isolated from the hustle bustle of the campus..but that didn't affect him.he loved it ..after years of living in silence.he had no hobbies in his entire life except study ...he did that ..and pursued a great career in a very young age..he could get a chance anywhere even in Harvard but yet he chose this remote college of kannauj...

Rendering a casual look on the semi furnished room and the unfolded bags .he slouched on the armchair facing the window...Khushi gupta...beautiful smart egoistic and stubborn always..could it be possible she recognizes me..? he thought and instantly discarded it. It didn't seem so ...a taunt hovered his face..riches are tend to be forgetful..!




so how do you find it ?


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cheesemad IF-Sizzlerz

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nice one...
so arnav is khushi's new teacher n she hates this fact...
continue soon:)

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nnsunn Goldie

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Posted: 28 May 2013 at 11:53pm | IP Logged
Awesome start.
Liked arshi first encounter. Khushi to help arnav in arranging his classess, that wil be interesting. Have they met before? Would love to read more of this story.

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sarunlicious.. IF-Stunnerz

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Nice :)

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Amour_Reet Goldie

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Originally posted by cheesemad

nice one...
so arnav is khushi's new teacher n she hates this fact...
continue soon:)

thanx dear for ur support

Amour_Reet Goldie

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Originally posted by yappingduck


hey reva ..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Amour_Reet Goldie

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Originally posted by unnimolarcha


thank you !

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