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Bv Times #10 "Emotional Atyachaar Story Ka Achar"

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..::AT BVTimes Office::..

Lazy time lazy rootine.. as khushi is busy in laptop.. waching cartoon.. and really happy..  don enter in office smirk seeing her.. she greeted her.. happily..

Don: so balike. Kya chal raha hai..Wink

Khushi:  kuch nahi.. enjoy kar rahi hu' free ho gayi na mai.. at se mukti' ab mai at member ban kar bahot satuangi tuje.Wink.Big smile

Don: (with siren tone) maine tumhe shama kar diya hai.. isliye satane ka prayas vifal hoga balike Smile

Khushi: lagta hai.. fir se galt forum mai gum kar aagayi yeAngry. Nl ka kya huva Ouch

Don: kya hoga.. wahi jo hota aaya hai..Wink

khushi again dont understand whats' going on.. 

Khushi: I know ki tuje jhatka laga hai.. ab mai at maker nahi reahi isliye..lekin tang mai tuje kanrewali hu tu muje nahi' ok.. fine.. thik hai..mai tuje tang nahi karungi at mai.LOL

Don smirk  and reply.Cool

Don: wo to kuch nahi yaar , tu at maker rahe ya na rahe.. khushi hai sada ke liye wo kya hai.. na tu at se free ho sakti don se nahi.Evil Smile tera mukit pana ek bram hai.. tu meri mitrata se mukt nahi huvi hai Evil SmileROFL

Khushi:  what Shocked  mitrata what mitrata.. oye to hindi ki classes chod.. jaldi bata Angry

Don: sun simple baat tu at ka kaam nahi karegi par don ka to karegi.. tu meri partnership and friendship se free nahi hai meri dost.CoolApprove

 khushi feel irritated  and start singing..'

Khushi: muje to teri lat alg gayi lag gayi.. zaman kya hai friendship galat lag gayi..Broken HeartOuch

Don saw it continually evil smile playing on her lips..Evil Smile she think in mind let her sing Mai presentation karti hu..Khushi busy in singing and don presenting newsletter after making achar of khushi ka dimag.. .

Don : Presenting our Monthly newsletter.Wink.

Balikavadhu Times# 10 '  emotional atyachaar story ka achar.

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(BY adi2512 & Payali09 )

WEEK 1 : May 1ST to 4TH   The Week Where Almost Everyone's Wellbeing Gets Threatened
The Singhs are overjoyed to find out that Gehna is pregnant and Dadisa gives thanks to Devima for this blessing.  In Udaipur, Sanchi accidentally bump's into Sunny (the caf guy)'s bike while reversing which is seen by Sunny and his friends.  The family calls up Jagdish to let him know the good news and to thank him for his efforts.  Jagya congratulates everyone and tells them to take of care Gehna.  Seeing Jagya in his doctor mode, Sanchi becomes even more impressed.
Meanwhile Sunny and gang have caught up with the sightseeing pair and are chasing their car.  They finally overtake Sanchi's car and begun taunting Sanchi and blocking her car.  Jagya gets Sanchi to pull over at a signal.  Jagya calmly handles the situation and gives a lecture to Sunny and company.  He does not inform the traffic police about the situation and shames Sunny even further by doing so.  Sanchi continues to be impressed by the doctor's heroic deeds.
They both arrive at Kesar Bagh with all the presents that the Singhs sent.  Jagya finds out that Anandi has gone on her honeymoon.  Dadisa calls Jagya and finds out about Anandi having gone on her honeymoon, she then informs Jagya about Ganga's in-laws doing their drama at Badi Haveli.
Ganga's in-laws are then shown visiting Ratan in prison and informing him of Ganga's refusal to have anything to do with him.  Ratan reveals that he has got his bail papers ready and will be released from jail soon.  He'll then be free to get his revenge from Ganga, Jagya, the Singhs and Anandi.
Some goons arrive at Badi Haveli searching for Basant's files in his bedroom and accidentally assume that Ganga is his wife.  She plays along as she does not want Gehna, who is trapped in the bathroom, to be attacked.  She cleverly and sneakily speed-dials to call Basant for help.  Basant soon arrives and saves the pair.
Sanchi and Jagya are driving around Udaipur when Ira calls to invite Jagya for lunch.  She also informs Sanchi that Shiv and Anandi have finally left for Kashmir


WEEK 2 : May 6TH to 11TH.  The Week When Love Bloomed
Anandi and Shiv arrive in the heavenly surrounds of Kashmir and are greeted by their talkative guide, Abdul.  A man at the airport notices the honeymoon pair and calls someone on the phone.  Anandi, Shiv and Abdul make their way to Dal Lake where the houseboat the couple will be staying at is located.  This time someone is seen taking photos of the happy couple.
Jagya and Sanchi are shopping for presents for the Singhs.  Sanchi gifts Jagya a 'with love' teddy bear but says it is for Mannu upon seeing Jagya's surprised expression.  While having lunch at Kesar Bagh, Daddu has a pressure attack which Jagya treats. Sanchi continues her flirtations with Jagya who is oblivious to and made uncomfortable by her efforts.  He leaves to return home to Jaitsar and appears to be contemplative about Sanchi as he is driving away.
Jagya returns with presents everyone.  Gaga is especially thankful for Mannu's presents to which Jagya responds that he and Mannu are best friends so there is no need for thanks.  He checks Ganga's wound from the earlier goon attack as Ganga looks upon him gratefully.
Anandi and Shiv enjoy themselves in Kashmir; dancing, eating out, dressing up and going up in a hot air balloon.  The two lovebirds consummate their marriage in the candlelit privacy of their houseboat's bedroom.  They have more romantic moments the next day and go play in the snow.  Shiv disappears after going to get some medicine so Anandi begins searching with the help of Abdul.  Anandi informs the police but decides to hold off informing the family in case they panic.  The police's search efforts are futile.
Anandi begins her search efforts again the next day and finds out that Shiv has been kidnapped after being mistaken for another man named Vikram.  A helpful lady provides her with a disguise and takes her to a house where a drugged and beaten Shiv is being forced to marry at gunpoint.  The bride had been impregnated and abandoned by Vikram and once her father found out that 'Vikram' was in Kashmir again, he arranged for 'Vikram' to be kidnapped so that he could marry his daughter.



WEEK 3 : May 13TH to 18TH  The Week Where Relationship Dots Were Connected
Anandi and Shiv clear everyone's misconceptions and prove that Shiv is not Vikram.  Anandi is especially shaken by the incident so the two decide to return home to Udaipur.  Meanwhile the Singhs, Ganga and Mannu celebrate Mother's Day at the Badi Haveli.
Ratan arrives at Badi Haveli and requests to speak to Ganga privately to which Dadisa refuses.  Ganga however wants to hear what he has to say.  Ratan pretends to seek forgiveness and promises to treat her better if she returns to him.  Ganga rebukes him for his past deeds and false act to which Ratan responds by showing his true colours.  Jagya arrives and threatens Ratan to leave Ganga alone and leave the haveli before he calls the police.  Ratan in turn insinuates that there is a shameful relationship existing between Ganga and Jagya.  He also threatens revenge against the two before leaving.  Jagya comforts Ganga who is upset by the trouble she is causing to the family who have supported her so much.
Anandi and Shiv are welcomed by the Shekhars who inform them of Daddu's health scare.  The two share about the Kashmir trip but remain silent on Shiv's kidnapping incident.  Sanchi daydreams of Jagya and calls him.  Dadisa comes across a photo of a girl who she likes for Jagya and the family discuss contacting Nirmala (matchmaker) to set up a meeting with the girl's family.
It turns out that the girl's mother is none other than Urmi Devi, the person to whom Dadisa had slandered Shiv's character to prior to Shiv-Anandi's rishtaa being confirmed.  Urmi Devi agrees to meet the Singhs after being convinced by Nirmala about the Singh's good character and standing.  On the other side, Jagya confesses to Dadisa that he is not ready for marriage however Dadisa asks him to trust in them and everything will work out.
Anandi and Sanchi set off to Badi Haveli and arrive to find everyone getting ready for some guests to arrive.  Sanchi takes this opportunity to flirt with Jagya whilst Anandi is happy to hear that the girl's family are coming to see Jagya.  Both Anandi and Ganga notice that Sanchi has a strangely upset reaction to the good news when Ganga comes to fetch Anandi for the meet and greet.  Unfortunately Urmi Devi sees Anandi and confronts her about whether she married the disreputable collector.



WEEK 4 : May 20TH to 25TH   The Week Where The Infamous Dhokri's Truth Came Out
Sanchi becomes extremely upset hearing Urmi Devi insult her brother and then is further enraged upon finding out that Dadisa was the one who told all these lies about her brother to Urmi Devi.  Urmi Devi in turn accuses Dadisa of manipulating the situation so she could trap Shiv into marrying Anandi.  She also accuses Anandi of aiding Dadisa in her actions and leaves threatening to inform everyone of Dadisa's true nature.  Sanchi also leaves in disgust with Anandi following her attempting to explain. Dadisa is extremely upset that her actions will have consequences for Anandi in her sasural and the Singhs attempt to console her.
Upon arriving in Kesar Bagh, Sanchi angrily reveals what happened at Badi Haveli whilst Anandi helplessly watches on.  Urmi Devi also comes in and heaps more frustration and blame.  Ira reacts negatively and insults Anandi, which Shiv overhears as he walks in.  In response to the situation, he apologises to Urmi Devi, informs the family that he had known the truth from the beginning and demands that the family not blame Anandi for the situation as she is faultless in the matter.  Ira is upset over the situation and Sanchi eggs her on.  Alok, Daddu and Shiv all attempt to explain the situation but she is unwilling to let go of her anger.
Meanwhile at Badi Haveli Ganga shares her creativity and learning with Jagya in the form of a poem she has written.  Jagya drops Ganga for her exams and receives a call from Sanchi requesting help on a project.  Mahi returns and finds out about the Urmi Devi fiasco.  He rebukes Sanchi for her behaviour. 


WEEK 5 : May 27TH to 31ST  The Week Preoccupied With Sanchi's Badtameez Dil & Dress
Dadisa arrives at Kesar Bagh with Bhairon and she apologies for her behaviour.  She explains she did out of love but knows it was the wrong thing to do and has hurt many, especially Ira, because of it.  Everyone assures that Dadisa that they do not blame Anandi for what happened and she is their daughter as well.  It is mentioned later on that Ira has gone to spend time at her brother's house.
In Jaitsar, Ganga sits for her exams whilst Jagya is invited by Sanchi (on behalf of her college) to give a lecture after her assignment in which he helped became a big success.  Jagya hesitatingly agrees to come the next day.  He then conducts Gehna's sonogrpahy and advises Basant to continue caring for his wife.
Jagya presents his lecture at Sanchi's university regarding rural hospital management and is given a standing ovation.  Sunny (caf irritant) is fuming while sitting in Jagya's lecture.  Love-struck Sanchi congratulates Jagya and soon her friend's come up and request autographs.  Sunny approaches with his friends and feebly apologizes before leaving.  Sanchi and her friends convince Jagya to stay back for the night to attend a social party with them.
Sanchi returns to Kesar Bagh and excitedly shares the day's happenings with the family.  Her happy babbling about Jagya catches Shiv and Anandi's attention. While Sanchi is getting ready for the evening, Anandi notices a short dress on the bed and questions Sanchi.  Who responds by saying she will be wearing a skirt and coat over it which she then does and appears before Daddu and Anandi before leaving.  Daddu reminds her to take care of Jagya as he is a special guest.  Sanchi has sent Jagya a blazer which he wears to the social.
Sunny and company are also at the social and try to cause trouble with Jagya.  He handles the situation and Sunny leaves.  Sanchi arrives wearing the short dress (coat and skirt have predictably disappeared).  Sanchi fishes for a compliment from Jagya who responds that while he has nothing against western dress, he prefers girls wear indian dress.  Sanchi becomes upset hearing this and Jagya comforts her saying she shouldn't change for others and they should instead enjoy the party. 


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(BY blushing  )

Well Balika Vadhu celebrates Mothers day on 13th May 2013. Jagdish along with little Nadu prepare something special for their Grandmother & their respective Mother. Bhairon & Basant are grateful towards their rock solid Mother Kalyani Devi to raise them single handedly. Jagdish again made an apology to his mother Sumitra for troubling her time to time. Nandu also made her mother Gehna feel special.  Baby Mannu also gave rose to his mother Ganga. Bond between mother & their son is certainly emotional scene of the month.


(BY Aakansha_7 )

The scene starts with Anandi admitting about her increased love for Shiv

Looking at the same Shiv get a naughty though in his mind and think of back back pain to do chance pe dance on Anandi's more increased love ROFL
MR.Smarty with his puppy face ...screams ouch LOLLOL
saying Anandi i have a back pain please do my maalish LOL LOLLOL...with mann mein laddo blasting of love ROFL
With this though Mr.smarty opens the buttons of his shirt of his well toned body...with the jet speed...actually giving competition to even jet ROFL
But Mrs.Smarty is more smart then her hubbidooLOLLOL...caught the right nerve...and got an idea Wink
Anandii :ohhh back pain ...challo we will go to doctor and get an injection Big smile
INJECTION Shocked Shocked...Mr smart becomes MR.Shocky Wink
well is loveable but injection iis painful...buttons closed with the same jet speed ROFL
Romance ...someday later WinkWink...LOLLOL LOL LOL
(BY  anjali_pi )

'It was Honeymoon time in BV. The couple shared a lot of beautiful romantic moments in the Heaven on Earth.The most beautiful was the one over the snow with a cup of steaming hot coffee.

A beautiful morning after their Suhaag Raat.  They enjoyed some snow activities and ended up in a show fight and finally a hugging patch-up. The couple took a break from the snow activities with a cup of coffee and they had a lovely heart to heart conversation. Anandi asks him why he sacred her by his angry act. She says she never knew he is good in acting too. Shiv says all these he learned from her only and he just wanted to patana her. Anandi thanks Shiv for helping her to move ahead in her life and for providing her support whenever she needed it. She thanks him for waiting patiently without any complaints. She says nobody does such a thing. Anandi says no husband understands their wife so much as Shiv does. Shiv replies that Anandi is the reason for that also. He says that Anandi is a person with a clear mind. Her inner feelings are visible in her actions as well as her expressions. So he never had any problem to understand her. He adds that he was sure that when she accepts a relationship she will do everything to fulfil their relationship sincerely and be the person all her life. Anandi says that she can't even imagine to live one day without him. Shiv replies that it is not necessary at all. He assured her that he will never leave her and will be with her forever. He will never leave her alone even for a day. Both hugs. 


(BY geekee)
Dadisa asking for an apology from Iravathi & Shekhar family.

After Urmidevi's fisco brought lot of tension between to families. later Dadisa who was really felling bad came to apology the whole shekhar family espically Ira. Dadisa folded her hands in front of every body and asked the forgiveness. Dadisa request Shekhar's becoz her deed they should blame Anandi for this she is innocent. 

The person one who was ordering every body and because of her one wrong thing she need to beg for the forgiveness. Lady never bow her head in front anyone now asking for forgiveness for her deed & for sake of Laadkunwar Aanndi 's happiness.  
Karma ka fal. 


(BY Manshi )

Blooper of the Month
Ganga was giving 10th Board Exam...
Ganga start going school on Basant Panchami means from the March and at that time she can't even write down her son's name "Mannu' properly.. nd now she is going to give the exam of 10th Board Shocked..which r taken in April. How can she prepare for the exam in just one month..WinkLOL...
nd Ok..let we suppose she try hard for the exam but what about the  form for 10th Board Exam. As we know every student have to fill the Form to appear in 10th Board Exam nd this process is done in November. So who fill the form for Ganga..even w/o knowing her..ShockedGeek...WinkLOL


(BY Anshurg5  )
  Best dialogue of the month came from the episode where Anandi and Shiv were reunited after kidnapping of Shiv by local peeps due to mistaken identity .Both were quite emotional and were opening their heart to each other . 
       Shiv told to Anandi ---
            Kahte hain inssan ko apni zindagi sabse pyari hoti hai lekin mera yakeen maniye jab un logon ne mujhe kidnap kiya to mujhe apni zindagi ki bilkul parwah nahi thi ,parwah thi to bas aapki ki aap par kya guzar rahi hogi, kitni taqleef ho rahi hogi aapko, aur jo insaan aapse itna pyar karta hai woh to aapko kabhi akela chod hi nahi sakta .

     Anandi replied to this ---
            Sach kahun Shiv , 24 ghante mujhe aapke aur kareeb le aaye hain, pyar aur rishta dono bahut gahre ho gaye hain .Embarrassed

         They kept on sharing their feelings with each other after this .Tongue This episode was on air on 14th of May.


(BY  AnjanaYYZ)


Ira da irritant

she has no brain of own
Sanchi's she took on loan
suddenly she is all frown
like a queen who lost crown
lets be happy she's outta town
& hope she doesn't return a tyrant

Shiv's mom is surprised #Balika Vadhu


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(By  Suchi-Virmanian)

This month was honestly one of those months where I had to put on my micro-glasses to see which episode actually deserved to be a good one. The whole saas bahu saga and the CVs dragging totally degraded the quality of the show in few levels. 

Yet I was able to find a good episode, that is of May 27th 2013. 

The main reason was Dadisa.

The Matriarch of the Singh Family. The woman who never knew how to bow down and always thought herself to be better than others due to her money and power had to face one of her wrongs. And She did not just dodge it as she had done once in her life but rather she took up the responsibility and showed that a human being , no matter how wrong once, always has the opportunity of change. And when such change is accepted, that person is elevated rather than debased in people's eyes. 

Dadisa owned up to her mistakes and this was the first time she had done such. She has been on a roll with her turning around. When she raised her hand to ask forgiveness for her mistake, I could just not stop my tears. Yes she was wrong but she accepted it and that made her grounded and in my eyes respected. 

The next reason why this episode was good was due to Ganga. Her zeal of accomplishment that she was depraved of for years was amazing. You could see total positivity in her eyes as if that after years of abuse , there was proof now .. that she can actually live. Live a life that has some meaning. 

Jagya was very good with trying to teach Ganga to enjoy the small happiness and celebrate. I felt happy at the same time sad that why did he not realize that when he should have. But, better late than never.


(By anjali_pi )

Sanchi and her dance and romantic date  dreams ...DS and Ganga...Ganga and Mannu.. Jagiya- Ganga example session ... Basant- Gehna sweet talk. A perfect filler episode on 31st of May.


(By khusi_* )

Kashmir tourism promotion cum kidnapping drama cum honeymoonWacko

Ghost from past ...urmi devi's secrete revelation

One balika vadhu gave exam of "bharosa"Stern Smile  another one gave exam of 10thThumbs Up

And with saanchi's love storySleepy

This months rating is 2.5Star out of 5Star


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(By  dixie123)



Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or who says it - Malcom X

After UrmiDevi unfolded Dadisa's wrong doings in the past about falsely badmouthing Shiv, DS was guilty of what she did. She gracefully accepted her mistake and genuinely apologised to the Shekhars, specifically to Ira, leaving behind all ego and pride so that her poti Anandi would not get affected due to her mistake. Ds proved that a wrong is a wrong irrespective of age.


(By  5cent  )

 ...this pic tell us exactly how Shiv turned Aji's nightmare become a dream againHeart

Finally a moment of BLISS after dealing with few punches now they are ready to embark on a new journey together.

This picture captures their essence  and spirit  beautifully. 
With eyes closed he wants to just feel and hear her heartbeat up-close
and she wants to melt in his arms.  Heart
We are going to be ONE Heart

And I love, admire, and respect YOU more than ever. It was worth the wait... I am one lucky man to have you.Heart  


(By 5cents)

It  was very difficult to select the best costume this month. 

According to me it has to be shared by foursome .  All of them looked dressed to kill. 

Well Dr. Sweets  was indeed looking very sweetHeart
 But so was cool and composed collector...Abs cool in blue, smart and confident  with aviators and not forget that short haircut which gives him a more trustable lookBig smile 
Aji looked beautiful in that ghagra choli & open hair. The look was completed with lovely fresh flowers from Mughal gardens. 
Sanchi looked stylish and prom ready in that outfit . 
So all four of them did try something new and different ...needless to say it did make them look  wonderful. Big smile

(By  blushing)

22nd May 2013

Pati ka samarthan Patni ko har lanchan'..har prahar ka samana karne ka dhairya aur sahas deta hain'' yahi Pati Patni ke rishte ki neev ko majboot banata hain.


Husband's support & trust gives a wife to courage to face all difficulties. This indeed makes husband wife relationship's base much stronger. 


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>>::FOR AnSh::<<

(By Don_theEvil)

The winner is  khusi_*

AND here is the prize of the winner


(By  DonIsback)

The winner avis is...By dixie123

AND here is the prize of the winner


(By adi2512   )

Saans mai teri

By hana

AND here is the prize of the winners 

(By  aparnauma)
Name of topic- Aaj Kuch Tufani Kartey hey
Name   of  Topic maker - Don_theEvil
Time  of posting this topic -4.45 am
Date of posting the topic - 12 may 2013
link of the topic- "Aaj Kuch Tufani Kartey hain.." 

the topic has get 52 likes and run till 15 pages
And here is the prize

(By Manshi )
The Winner is  pAL-pAL

AnSh FF ~Chalte Chalte~

(by pAL-pAL)
AND here is the prize


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(BY blushing)

FunCare of the Month

 After long time Vikram Look like srs

How an earth BV ke CV think this Vikram looks like evil or villain. He looked so daam funny. Hands down he is Fun Care of this month.


Band Baja Barati

Sarvgunna sampana's mom aka urmi devi  & Mr perfect Husband Shivraaj  Sherkhar  

Singh's band bajao by Urmi Devi in Badi Haveli. 

Later drama shifted to Kesarbhag where Mr Shivraj Shekhar bajaoing his Sister & Mother for insulting his wife.


Bakra of the Month

   None other then

Shivraaj Shekhar 

Well'.after being macho man Shiv becomes Bakra that too during his HM in Kashmir. This was case of mistaken identity then kidnapping after that forced marriage with Kashmiri girl. But being Jagan Mata, Anandi saved Shiv in right time.



Glycrin of the Month

 Loyal Viewers of Balikavadhu across globe


Who will be better than us? As viewers we are crying over horrible tracks, kitchen politics then stupid storyline poor execution. Some time not so good performance, costumes, directing & most imp editing'blah blah'list is on & on''

Khatra of the Month

Dr. jagdish and his trainee nurse ganga 


Jagdish & Gang's gaining close proximity is khatara for Sanchi who is madly in love with Jagdish. 


Murgi of the Month

      Mrs.Iravati Alokraj Shekhar 

Shiv's mom is surprised #Balika Vadhu

Ira always misunderstood situation & over reacts. Sanchi always poisoned her mind for Anandi. In Urmi Devi fiasco Ira without checking reality reacted badly infact harshly towards Anandi & resulted hurting her own son Shiv deeply. Top it all Shiv stands with his wife not her.Being impulsive lady she made herself Murgi in front of family.  


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summary of the month(short summaries of 4 weeks)- adi2512(back up- payali09)
Best episode of the month-
Suchi-Virmanian(Back up-payalibm)
Filler Episode of the month-
anjali_pi (back up Suchi_Virmanian)
Rating of the Month-khusi_* (back up - adi2512)
Emotional scene of the month-
blushing (Back up-payalibm)
Funny scene of the month-aakansha_7 (back up -manshi )
Romantic scene of the month-anjali_pi (back up- bhavi_shiv)

Saddest scene of the month-aparnauma(back up -geekee)
Blooper of the month-Manshi(back up-dixie123)
Dialogue of the month-anshrug5(back up-dixie123)
Irritating character of the Month-
AnjanaYYZ(back up-Don_theEvil)
Best Character of the month-
dixie123(back up - payali09 )

Picture of the month-5Cents(back up -)
Best costume of the month-
5Cents(back up )
Siggy of the month-ritzi12(back up-  monamie111)
Avi of  the month-Don_theEvil(back up - AryaS)
VM of the month-
adi2512(back up - Suchi-Virmanian )

Most active thread of the month-surabhi01(back up- aparnauma)

Best voiceOver of the month-surabhi01(back up - blushing  )

Best FF/SS/OS of the month-manshi(back up-tv_princess)

Golmal award of the month-blushing(back up-don_theEvil)
Siggy of the month For jaga-monamie111(back up- )
Avi of  the month jaga -(back up - Hina13)
VM of the month-
saraluvRaghaVi(back up - Sidra08)
Best FF/SS/OS of the month-Sidra08(back up-saraluvRaghaVi )

Main siggy- shivu-

Winner siggies- khusi_*

Banners/logos- -shivu- , rashu ,khusi_*

Help in categories , NL- Don_theEvil

intro OS- Don_theEvil

Special thanks - BV Times Team 


 Our team will present the Newsletter Of Balikavadhu times Monthly. Its going to publish on date on 2 of every month alternately by khusi_* & Don_theEvil . Please drop to give your opinion and participate in NL activaties as much you can.. and support us as well to reading our updates. We ensure you all of you, will love this newsletter for sure.


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Any person who is unable to send the section within the prescribed time (12 days from start of the month) will be called off from Newsletter team & Back up will step in.

Any queries regarding BalikaVadhu Times Newsletter.. pm us khusi_* orDon_theEvil or anshbalikavadhu. But section only to be send on anshbalikavadhu only..


Back up needed for our nl team.. please if anyone interested... approach Don_theEvil id.. for above non mention name session and backup.. 

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