Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

~::~MEIEJ:1st Anniversary Celebration~::~

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Hello .Adab ..Khusamdeed..Salam Namaste Everyone.

Waise you all must be aware why we are here(Title says it all) 

Yes..yes.. yesss...its the 1st Anniversary of Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon...aka .the successful 1 year completion of our favourite show..!!

Even before it started.. MEIEJ had fans literally holding their breath in anticipation... n why not.. when you have two charismatic actors like Vivian D'sena and Drashti Dhami at the helm!! 

Since its start.. the show has had its phases.

It started in a truly DRAMATIC style but did SLOW down.. but like its said 'The Best comes with Silence' ... the mesmerising and breathtaking jodi of DVD aka Rishbala just floored the audiences..! Together DVD crafted the success story of Madhubala..backed by a powerful supporting cast and an incredibly talented team of writers/directors/producers et all.

This story was never a simple love story where a middle class girl fall for a Rich man or a Rich man falling for an ordinary girl. This story was and is a little HATKE. They made us fall in love with there pagalpan. Because according to them they both are pagal and yes we all fell in love with these two pagals.

Not only the show completed a year, its our Forum 1st year anniversary too. The forum which we visit everyday has become our second home. We are here as a family. In a family there are always some ups and downs, ladna jhagadna, taane marna, cursing others. Our show had so many ups and downs but still we are here together watching the show , whether its for Drashti or Vivian Madhubala or RK , or if its for Rishbala.But my friends, lets keep aside all our differences, frustrations, complaints and come forward to celebrate this special occassion of our show. 
Leaving all things aside let us just remember the good memories. Lets just go back a year and think why we had started watching the show. Who made us watch the show. What/Who(Rishbala,DVD,RK, Madhubala) made us fall in love with this show.

 Thank you Nautanki Films for giving us such a great show, with a filmi style/Tadka!

So friends, join us today.. in CELEBRATING a show..that has truly become.. LARGER than LIFE..!! Dont forget to share your experiences with us.

People's Choice Awards India
Favourite New TV Drama
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Gr8! Performer Of The Year
Vivian Dsena

Most Lokpriya Naya Sadasya(Male)- Vivian Dsena
Most Lokpriya Naya Sadasya(Female)-Drashti Dhami
Most Chahita Personality

Best Fiction Series
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Best Jodi
Drashti Dhami and Vivian Dsena

Actress in a Supporting Role
Pallavi Purohit

Show Packaging (Fiction)
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Opening post Dimple
Story so far- Dimple
Rishbala Romantic Moments- Tanu (Armu4eva)
Rishbala Dance Moments- Jaz (jnawaz)
RK's Dialogues- Shivs (.BadtameezDil.)

VM's -Deepali-
Siggies and Avis -Deepali-
Dumdaar Pal-Tanu
Main Anniversary Banner- Marsh
Story so far sub banners-Marsh
Section Text headers, main/sub banners, Rishbala divider- Dimple

Thank you everyone who had contributed and made this Anniversary celebration thread possible. Without the team effort nothing could have been possible. Thanks to those who had made such beautiful Siggies/Avis/VM's.

A big thanks to the Madhubala DT who supported us always.

We once again would like to Congratulate the entire team of Madhubala Ek ISHQ ek JUNOON for completing a successful 1 year! It has seriously been a wonderful journey so far for all of us till now and wish to rock like this in the future also.

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The Story started with hatred, pure hatred. Hate for each other. A middle class girl who just entered into a Superstar's Studio just to give him an answer that not everyone in this world is greedy for money. She entered when RK was busy playing his piano. He was speaking his dialogues from the script and suddenly he saw a girl coming towards him...Madhubala Ahaannn
Madhubala a girl who was known for her values was ready to give RK a tight lesson. She wanted to see RK behind bars for what he did with Mukund. But Madhubala forgot what storm she was calling, what storm she was inviting with open arms. And the Storm was RK the Superstar (Rishabh Kundra) 

Jab Zindagi Mein Mohabbat Ya Nafrat Saare Intehaan Paar Kar De Toh Pagalpan Ban Jaati Hai.. Mohabbat Toh Tumse Kabhi Ki Nahi.. Par Toot Ke Nafrat Karne Par Tumne Majboor Kar diya."

yes yes Nafrat that was the only thing left with them. Madhubala was successful sending the Superstar, in his language the "ONLY Superstar" to jail.  And thats it, it all started  here with this moment only. RK sweared that he will make Madhubala suffer for the next 40 years(Chalis saal). 
Madhubala's Father Shamsher Malik was beaten alot. He was at the stage that if the family didnt paied 40 Lakhs for his treatment he could die. thats when Rk came to Madhubala and was ready to give the amount for Malik's treatment. But that was not over. He was ready but who can forget that RK is the most egoistic, arrogant and Badtameez kind of person. He wanted something in return. He wanted Madhubala Shamsher Malik to Marry RK the superstar
The wedding took place, but  this was not a wedding which a girl always dreamt of. This was a wedding which not even just the girl, no one had ever dreamt of.
And the wedding was called "4 Pheron ki Aadhi adhori shaadi". He was the man who didnt brought a wife in his house. He brought a servant for his house, A spot for his studio.
He throwed a party at his house for there wedding. Where he insulted Madhu in front of all the guest.

Woh kehte hain na whatever happens, happens for a reason. 

This was the reason. Destiny played games so that RK and Madhubala can become Rishbala...Yes It was true that RK was arrogant but behind this arrogance, a Girl named Madhubala saw a heart too. I remember once RK said that... 

"Jab tak tumhare seene mein dil hai, tum RK nahi ban sakti"

Rk always said that he never had a heart. But Madhu saw a heart. He saw that RK was an egoistic superstar for the whole world. But the world which RK showed to Madhu. Which Madhu saw herself , She saw Rishabh, ONLY Rishabh. 
And the journey of there love started. They both got attracted towards each other, The both started understanding each other. It was a journey from the studio night, Rishbala sharing the same room and same bed(Pillow waali diwar), RK getting shot at the ganpati visarjan, Madhu taking care of RK during all this, Madhu turning into a chemical Biwi, Rk trusting Madhu and supporting her, Madhu getting closer to RK, RK started getting closer to madhu and then Comes the part...

Main Aag toh tum bhi aag , Main tufaan toh tum bhi kam nahi, Main pagal aur tum mujhse badi pagal...aur is sab ke bawajood mein tum se pagalo ki tarah pyaar karta hu"

Tum hi meri chahat ho
Tum hi mera ishq ho aur tum he mera junoon

The most awaited confession came And life was as beautiful as both of them wanted.

Jis prem Kahani mein twist na ho, to woh prem kahani complete kaise hogi

And here it goes. Everything came into an end. We got the most shocking twist ever in any show. 
According to RK Everything was just fake, fake and fake. He only had Revenge, revenge, revenge in his mind. The heart always loved Madhu but the Mind always thought of revenge. He dumped her. He fooled her. He played with his BIWI's emotions, just for the sake of revenge. Madhu was all shocked. She couldnt belive what just happened with her, she couldn't believe that her RK(Rishabh) can ever do such thing with her. She was not ready to believe, she thought Rk was joking like always. But the truth was the this time he wasn't joking, this time he made a joke of their relationship.

He dumped her after loving her. According to HIM he never loved her. And that wasn't enought. He took a Shattered Madhu to the chawl and declared in front of the whole chawl people that he has no relationships with RK. He told that a girl like Madhu can never be in RK's life. He insulted her continuously.
He left her alone in the chawl. A shattered Madhu came back to her senses and beleievd that RK was lieing, he loves her alot. She just wanted to go to Rk, she screemed his name but he didnt turned up. She cried her heart out and said "Mein Kaise jiyungi" OMG these three words are not less then the three words "I love you" Coz these three words make your body go through chills.

And that was the unwedding night

Pyar to tha but EGO came between. Feelings to thi but REVENGE came between. 

Madhu wanted to move on, Madhu wanted to forget everything and move on. But was that so easy thing to do? Forgetting, trying to hate the one you onced loved the most and love today? Madhu came to RK's studio for a job, she as now a Hairdresser. She now again had to face RK every day, every moment. She tried being strong but couldn't. He tried hating her but couldn't. 

He again insulted her in front of the whole crew. She cried her heart out again. But this time it was paining RK alot. He knew that those eyes has tears just coz of HIM.

He started getting jealous seeing Madhu with Sultan(a new entry) And he told Madhu too about this. Madhu asked him just a simple question. "Why it effects you so much" She wanted to hear the truth from his mouth. She wanted to hear that he loves her that's why. But yet he again failed, just coz of his ego.

He forcefully bought Madhu back to RK mansion, he chained her so that she cant run away. And Madhu didnt had any other option left with her. She had to stay. But this time the motive was different. This time she was ready to fight with Rk and his Complicated Dil. This time it was RK's turn to suffer. This time Madhu wanted his heart to break as her's were broken. This time it was for her self respect.

"Woh Ishq hi kya jismein pagalpan na ho"

RK always said that what can I do that you forgive me for the pain I gave you.

Madhu wanted RK to confess in front of the whole world that he loves her alot. And she knew that this is something which RK can never do Coz RK is not like that. But this time she was proven wrong. RK did propose her in front of the whole chawl people. This time he really wanted to Marry her and give her the love and respect which she deserved. 

Madhu was so confused seeing this face of RK that she now started feeling guilty about what she was about to do with RK with breaking his heart. She confessed to RK that she loves him alot and cant see his heart break.

The Love and romance was back in there life and the Wedding preparations had started.

For more, keep watching
Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

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'Madhubala Ek ISHQ aisa... jo lage RK ko JUNOON jaisa!!' 

Rishbala.. a couple.. who are rewriting the meaning of love..every day.. every moment... !Come lets lose ourselves.. in this epic HATKE love story.. jisme.. Madhu hai ISHQ.. aur Rishabh.. hai JUNOON 

Woh pehli baar.. jab hum sang rahe.. Day Dreaming isshhh ... has anyone forgotten that EPIC night?? An Angry bala.. stormed out n to the studio n an eager Tharkey kept tailing her..n just as she was about to get electrocuted..he saved her in time.. n then opened his heart to her Embarrassed A coat.. A bonfire .. and a Night SPENT together.. epic Rishbala Studio Night is indeed FOREVER

Tu hi mahi mera.. tu hi khuda hai.. tujh bin.. kaise jiyun.Cry  aah that moment.. when Madhu was overwhelmed with grief..seeing an injured RK sleeping by her side.. n as if on some  impulse.. RK turned n watched her stifling her sobs ..!Ouch Rishbala.. a pair whose love is wrought with pain..!! Heart

Mr. India aur Seema ji .. ki prem kahani hai dilchasp.. to lafzo me ye beyan na ho paye! Tongue LOL Aww my lovable cutipie Rishbala..  !! Embarrassed When Madhu saw her baby struggle.. to eat.. she decided to mother him a bit n feed him..  n that too with a cute story... ! In the midst of the cuteness RK caressed Madhus cheek she lost her heart.. to her baby...! Heart

Oh my o my. just when u thot things would be heating up between Rishbala.. RK boy went a step further n started IMAGINING Madhu.. n that too in Dipali .thanks to his pain medications Shocked but boy ...did RK imagine ..his biwi being all seductive and sensuous..Embarrassed Loved how RK kept trying to touch his Madhu n hold her..thru out the imagination! Heart

Baho ke darmiya.. Rishbala mil rahe hain Day Dreaming Adorbs.. total Adorbs.. our januable Rishbala celebrating their first Karwa Chauth in the studio.. while following all rituals and yet doing it RK style.with Chocolate.Embarrassed The arms in arms dance of Rishbala n RK carrying Madhu in his arms was enough to send us all to drool-world Blushing

I love you Madhu ... Shocked Embarrassed Blushing that out of this world MOMENT when for the first time.. RK opened his heart.. n confessed his love for Madhu right in front of her..! Heart And what better way than to seal the deal..with a KISS on the lips..! Embarrassed *faints*

Kate nahi kat-te din ye raat.. kehni thi tumse jo dil ki baat ... lo aaj main kehti hun.. i love *snap* *snap* LOL wake up.. Rishbalans..well thats our RK n Madhu...u see.. seedhe seedhe I love u.. bol de.. to kya baat ..! An amazing night.. a gorgeous RK-Madhu.. in the spotlight.. grooving to the song from Mr. India.. boy ...what a sight..!! Day Dreaming

Bindiya chamkegi.. Rishbala behkenge..Wink oye hoye my naughty Rishbala .. spreading the fragrance of passion in the rustic locales of a village.. with Madhu full on seducing her drunken hubby .. Mumtaz style..Heart.n boy o boy..the way it ended... RK on TOP of Madhu.. was simply ..AWE-freaking-SOME Blushing

Pyaar ke geet zara sun le.. main aya re...Day Dreaming Oh my God.. has any reunion ever looked more magical..and colorful than our very own Rishbala?? Embarrassed Once back from London.. RK had only one destination ... the ghar of his BIWI Thumbs Up n here he came..with band baja and lots of color..! As RK pulled Madhu aside.. he told her... 'Tumhe aise rang lagane ka haq ..sirf MERA hai' *goosebumps*

'Will you marry me Madhu'?? Kya tum officially aur publicaly meri Biwi banogi ....Blushing *thud* *faints* omg... jis ka Madhu ko tha intezar. .jiske liye Rishbalans ka dil tha bekarar.. woh Ghadi aa gai... RK went down on his knee n proposed his BIWI ...Embarrassed Embarrassed n well Biwi had only one answer to give.. YES YES.. YES... forever..wala ..YES.. huzoor!! Heart

A jump from the terrace...A walk out... and a proposal later.Embarrassed. when RK confessed his love..n expressed his trust in Madhu ... there was no way that Madhu could stop herself..n well ..she ran to RK n hugged him n said..'Tumhari Madhu sach me tumhare paas wapas aa gai hai' ..!! Day DreamingEPICNESS indeed! Cool

Tujhme Rab Dikhta hai .. yaara main kya karun? Aww.. our beloved Madhu Hug  just as she tensed.. thinking RK would be touching her..n ahem SEEING all of her Blushing.. RK surprised her.. by asking her to open her eyes.. as he closed them..n helped her change..! Embarrassed How can she not love this Man.. who is just as lovable he is unpredictable! Thumbs Up

Bheegi si.. Bhagi si.. Mere Bazuon me samayi Embarrassed isshhh... mera Besharam Tharkey..full on maroing line on his Bheegi Biwi Embarrassed What a moment was..when RK decked up the bathtub for Madhu..but before he could surprise her.. he was dunked in the tub..n so ensured that Madhu too took the LOVE DUNK! Embarrassed


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Dream Masquerade 

this was the dance and the dream that started it all!! it was long before we knew how the CV's were planning on paring Rishbala was long before the slaps...long before they even knew the other existed...yet here in Madhu's dream...they met...and what a dance it was...we were used to seeing Madhu dressed in the frumpy...yes...FRUMPY...outfits that she had at the beginning...but in the dream...she looked like a gorgeous actress that was taking bollywood by storm! the music...the moves...really set the stage for all future firery Rishbala dances 

Teri Meri

well...this was a treat to watch...sort was great...because...hello...Rishbala dance...DD looked gorgeous really bringing Madhu to life in that black and red sexy saree...and RK...well...RK was RK...looking dapper in his suit...the romantic and perfect as it was...doh lafzoon mein bayaan naa ho was...intense...not in a good way...RK wasnt dancing with her to dance with her...he was dancing with her to possess show her who is boss...even though it was a dance filled with anger...hurt...pain...ego...and all that good stuff that goes with was so sensual...leave it to RK and Madhu to make even a dance thats forced, look so natural

Bahoon Ki Darmiyaan

haye haye haye...aab iss dance ke bare mein main kya bataoon? now be honest...who didnt watch this sequence over and over and over again...i know i did...this was the first dance between...the true couple...Rishbala...there was masti...there was romance...there was passion...saab tha...once again...DD and Madhu and VD and RK looked their parts...the sheer saree with velvet border was perfect...the backstory of it being RK's way of breaking Madhu's karva chauth ka vrat properly in full filmy fashion was perfect! the cutest part though...came after the song ended when they were completely engrossed in each other...that awkward moment when your drooling over the spouse you're supposed to

Main Pareshan

this marked the turning point in the story...Madhu's realization of her feelings for RK...another dream sequence...and another flawlessly done dream sequence...Madhu's bright red saree against the crisp coolness of the icy snow...the white backdrop...the bridge...yes clearly it was a film set...but how they made that film set look so utterly know what i was just it just me or does DD sizzle in Red...and the CV's clearly know it! thats why they use it so much for her!! 

Bindiya Chamke Gi

now im  not gonna lie...this song threw me for a was kind of unexpected when it happened...the track was kind of off beat as well...Rishbala getting stuck in a village...but as they say...when in dressed in the orange saree looked totally the part that she was playing...the hair pulled to the side...the jewelry...the bright color of her saree against the somewhat darkness of the enviornment...what would have made it better is if RK was still in the kurta and dhoti that he had worn and not in his blue shirt and trousers...not that he didnt look suave in those was a masti piece...teasing... fun... enjoyable... one that made you wanted to shake a leg with Madhu...and not just drool over the hottness that is Rishbala...

Holi Hai

rang barse bhegi chunar wali rang thats the song i think of when i think of holi...definitely not Odhni...but dear lord...did the CVs successfully accomplish a downright intense sequence between reminded me of remnants of the Teri Meri dance...why? ...once was about RK and what he was "forced" dance...just like Teri Meri was...the touching...the sensuousness...this time...deliberate...unlike in Teri Meri...but now im was perfectly choreographed to the song...the song fit perfectly into the story line...piya ke rang rang de ni odhni...wah wah...of course...DD as Madhu looked superb in white as did RK...not many people can pull of white...but these two looked regal!

Mar Jawaan

talk about intense! i didnt know who to root for when i saw this lying...i know who i was rooting for...but...lordy...first time seeing Madhu so comfortable in that western gown...flaunting her hot hot body in front of all club goers to see...RK knew, he was the only one allowed to touch her and he took full advantage of that fact when he danced with her...sure Madhu started the dance on her terms...but the song sure ended on RK's terms...once again...very well choreographed...RK handles Madhu so well...the lifts...the sways...the dips...all so effortless...wah wah...wah wah...

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"Tum hi mera Ishq ho...tum hi mera junoon
bas...tum hi tum...
...with this "CUT" began the EXTRAVAGANT journey of Superstar Rishabh Kundra and his heart-thrilling dialogues. Witty, smirky, snappy Superstar RK! If you think Amitabh Bachchan was the epitome of dialogues,
TV-pur's RK shushes you all...
With Vivian Dsena's larger-than-life portrayal of Superstar RK ic-ing the cake, Raghuvir Sir's O.U.T.S.T.A.N.D.I.N.G dialogues, RK became the USP of Madhubala-Ek Ishq Ek Junoon. 

RK's character (described as "Kutta-Kameena" by his lovely CRAZY Pankhas or as you might call it, fan-girls!!) became the heart and soul of Madhubala. Girls went gaga listening his dialogues 
(Aah! well I did and most of the people I know did it too... Blushing
Now THAT is I right?
VD shushed all those C.R.A.Z.Y voices which yelled Vivian couldn't ACT or wasn't good in his dialogue delivery. Sexy voice, smirky lips, and slightly droopy and hawt eyes made Vivian and RK household names ALL over the WORLD.

Superstar Rishabh Mohan Kundra is known for the "larger-than-life" dialogues which are his and the show's USP.


"Jailor tum pinjare mein band parinde ko udne ki chunauti de rahe ho...Pinjre mein band sher ko toh chuha bhi angootha dikha deta hai. Pinjra kholo, fir aanka jaaye ki tumhare daawe mein kitna dum hai aur hamari jurrat mein kitna zor."

...and here comes Vivian Dsena a.k.a Superstar Smexy Rishabh Kundra. Rain drops trickling down the forehead, RK enacts Prisoner Dilawar who is being shifted to another jail. Dilawar taunts his jailor sahab and escapes. This is the first ever glimpse of RK- The Superstar.

"Bittu ji, bujho toh jaane. Aisi kaunsi cheez hai jo RK nahi khareed sakta? (Bittuji - "Sir, aisi koi cheez hai hi nahi.")...
Wrong Bittuji. Khud RK."

...people had seen male-leads, they were sweet, chocolaty, nice and family-oriented; but TV Industry was YET to see a cranky, snappy, superstar which was man of "not-few-words". He was arrogant, he was proud and he was hawt...He was proud of what he was, the richest superstar who considered nothing beyond his reach BUT himself.

"Kisine itni shiddat aur mohabbat se hume yahan bheja hai... Ab toh iss saja mein bhi maja hai...Madhu-ba-la.."

...hence started the NEVER-ending love-hate relationship of Rishabh Mohan Kundra and Madhubala Shamsher Mallick. They fought, they loved, they attracted each other.

"Yehi to baat hai biwi...RK kabhi acha nahi ho sakta kyonki acha hona RK ke standard mein hi nahi hai...kyonki RK Best hai aur rahega"

lo ji... if biwi thought or expected RK to be the "pati-parmeshwar" for her.. ahaan! he's RK!! and RK can never be good...he'll always be the BEST!!LOL RK made it clear to everyone... He was here to rule!Cool

"Waise mujhse recently kisi ne kaha hai ki jo kaho wo khud bhi karo...Tumne wo dialog sirf TRP badhane ke liye bola tha?"

D'ohThis man is a PROVED psycho...ROFL I mean c'mon! seriously...! He never fails to amaze his phan-kas! Uff...! I wonder how his BIWI takes his antics... she's indeed a brave girl...

"Paglon ki si nafrat...Paglon ka sa ishq...Paglon ka sa Junoon...Dono ne milkar kya khoob nibhaya - Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon"

woah! woah!! that was indeed HAWT huh...Blushing how many of you fainted...Aah! well I did!!ROFL RK explaining the meaning of Madhubala-Ek Ishq Ek Junoon in RK style <3 Madhubala was shattered, the viewers got her sympathy but RK's dialogues made every viewer smirk a bit. This is RK, the multi-layered Superstar of Indian Television.

"Mere piyaa gaye rangoon...Wahan se kiya hai telephoon...Mobile tod gaya...Right Kameena Aflatoon"

you've had it're JUST TOO MUCH <3 ROFLROFL With Biwi shattered at his accusation, viewers fuming with anger for insulting the character of a woman like Madhubala, this surely got all the viewers roll down their beds and laugh at this croaky voice of Superstar RK singing the infamous "Mere Piya Gaye Rangoon"

"Phir bhale hi koi mujhpe Violence, Man-Handling aur Pagalpan ka ilzaam lagaye"

aur yeh maara...!! chauka chhakka!! and whateverROFL.. What a MASSIVE 'tamaacha' on the viewers...ROFLYeh hai RK meri jaan <3 You question him and he has answers to say it all...

"Maana Ki Hum Do Jism Ek Jaan Hai... Par Do Jism Ek Kaan Nahi Hai"

...who would have thought that people would get the extended version of Do Jism Ek Jaan in such a wayStern Smile, I wonder the original mind behind "Do Jism Ek Jaan" must be pulling his hairs for penning down such an epic line because our very own RK shushes everyone and makes it RK style... Do Jism Ek KaanROFL Poor Sultan, no one can EVER understand RK-The Superstar.

If you think you've had ENOUGH! Then... Ahaan! Wait a second...!! Its not over yet! 

Picture abhi baaki hai mere DUSHMAN!!Stern Smile 
*I am NOT rude... Ahaan! I am just madly in love with RK...Blushing. No wonder you guys must have understood...this is again one of his CRANKY lines*

 Not only did his dialogues machao-ed dhoom-dhadaka-tehelka, our adorable Tharkey's one-liners are almost on every second person's lips!..

"Madhubala... Ahaan!"

...the TRADEMARK of Superstar RK from Madhubala-Ek Ishq Ek Junoon. Depicting the not-so-good image of RK-The Snappy Superstar, this smirky line is on the lips of MANY of his fan-girls(Stern Smile)

"To aao Bhagwan-Bhagwan khele" 

Stern Smile I mean seriously RK, you're just too much...


...another of his trademark dialogue, God knows who casts RK in his films because records have it, RK has never completed a day's work properly and with a PACK-UP!

"Main bhi insaan hu...aasmaan se nahi tapka hu.."

...thanks for clarifying Superstar, we thought the other way round... no wonder your dialogues are way too simple for us... terrestrials to understand...Ahaan!ROFL

"OUT!! OUT!!"

...Deepali Gutter-queen Sikander Bhatia very well knows this punchline of RK-The Superstar Kundra... she's been the sole-proprietor and sole-audience of RK's OUT!

"I Love You Mere Kaatil Papa"

...Poor Shamsher Mallick, kaise aadmi se paala pada hai...

"Aap Sab Se Guzaarish Hai... Aur Guzaarish ki spelling hai O.R.D.E.R"

...bang on RK!! How dare can anybody point fingers at Mrs. Rishabh Kundra?Angry Well done...

"Kukku Bhatia and Performing Arts Nautanki Gang"

...does this need an explanation?? Deepali Bhabhi, Kukku Bhatia and Sikki ji...all hell bent on proving Madhubala Rishabh Kundra wrong and here comes the MASTER-STROKE... A very AWESOME phrase for Bhatia Group of Badmaash CompanyStern Smile

"Kaala Akshar Deepali Barabar"

..and here goes... kabada of one of the OLD sayings of Hindi Literature... Kaala Akshar Bhains Baraabar is NOW...Kaala Akshar Deepali Barabar...

Had fun? I am cent percent sure you had a laughter riot reciting RK's SUPER-TASTIC dialogues... For more, stay tuned to Madhubala-Ek Ishq Ek Junoon Mon-Sat, every night at 8:30PM!

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'A mothers love for her child is like nothing else.. it knows no law, no pity and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path' Thumbs Up And that is what our beloved Padmini Balraj Chaudhary aka Padmini Shamsher Mallik proved   Clap 


The lady who fled her village to save both her daughters...fought with the world for their safety and better future.. did not think twice before taking the gun and firing a shot at her psycho hubby ... when she saw her precious child (Madhu) at gun point..! Cool


When the courts and jury and lawyers labelled her a killer.. Madhu stood with her head held high.. n let the world know.. the struggles her mother endured to let her live and see the day light..! Approve


No wonder.. Roma addressed her.. quite rightfully ... MOTHER INDIAHeart



'Humne dekhi hai. .in ankhon ki mehekti khushbo.. hath se chuke ise rishton ka ilzam na do...sirf ehsaas hai ye rooh se mehsoos karo... aur aab.. iss rishte ko. .ek naam de hi do..!!' Embarrassed Embarrassed Shamsher and Padmini ... sath jitne poore... dur ..utne hi adhure Smile

What do u say..about a man who meets a hapless woman.. pregnant with her husbands child ..already having a daughter ... and without any question.. without any reason.. n without any social concern... accepts her.. in his life... respects her like a wife..and protects her and her daughters with his life??Selfless LOVE Heart

This beautiful story of kindness and concern which culminated into the marriage of the two lovers...  Shamsher and Padmini ...are what timeless stories of love are made of...!! Embarrassed 



'Tu jahan.. main wahan... sang sang yun chalun tere.. jaise tera asmaan' Cool ..when Ballu suddenly reappeared in the lives of Madhu - Paddo- Trish and put Madhu on the noose.. there was nothing in the world that could have stopped RK from saving his gal..!

Despite getting bashed up badly by Ballus goons , he stood right back up and arrived in true HERO style on a bike..! Not only did he cross several circles of fire.. he even reached to Madhu n saved her in time..! When the goons tried to beat RK.. Madhu came n took the beatings on her..own!! Clap Clap

In that moment of crisis n despair.. Rishbala stood up and were together.. for each other..!! 

Wherever u go.. our NETWORK follows... n well ..wherever RK goes.. BITTU JI follows Cool .. never before have we seen a more committed.. sincere.. 'ready-to-die-for-boss' and witty ..assistant than our very own Bittu Tongue

In fact.. be it right..or be it wrong.. Bittu had only one job.. 'Jo Chief bolenge..woh main karunga' Approve But..then..enter Mrs. Chief.. n like every sensible person. .he tilted a bit towards his beloved BHABHI JI ..n together..the duo.. did rib RK fully! LOL

Sadly.. Bittu n RK had their fights.. but ant bhala to sab bhala..n in the end.. Bittu has time and again proven his unflinching loyalty to RK Clap Kudos for that..!! 


'Tera mujhse hai pehle.. ka nata koi.. yunhi nahi dil lubhata koi' Embarrassed they say there is nothing greater than a mothers love for her child.. n when that love is projected between two strangers.. you would guess that a beautiful bond is forged..! Hug  

Such is the bonding of Aryan-Madhu..  !!

On a lonely night.. lost in the jungle.. Madhu found a specially abled child..gagged and being attacked..! The maternal feelings in her expressed themselves as she was ready to kill and get killed saving Aryan..! The fact that he was an underworld Don's son ..or the danger this bond posed.. din deter Madhu from doing her all to protect.. n love the child Embarrassed !! No wonder that Aryan too wanted nothing more than Madhu in his ..n his fathers life..!! Heart

Rah me unse mulakat hogayi ... jise darte the.. wohi baat ho gai .. Wink Wink Kyun HO GAYA Na .. Sultan bhai?? Tongue Well hamari Madhu hai hi aisi ... Wink

Strangers are friends we havent met yet...well thats what Madhu believes n even when that stranger spelled danger ..Madhu opened her arms to welcome Sultan  n Aryan in her life n in her chawl Clap! It wasnt a surprise that a cold hearted man soon melted and showed to Madhu n Aryan his softer n smiling side!!

The Sulbala bonding grew so strong that for the first time RK was left burning in rage n decided to improve his image! Even when Madhu decided to avenge her hurt from RK, a gun loving Sultan advised her to reconsider her way!! Raising a toast to this sweet bonding n hoping Sultan stays the same -gentleman that he is ...thru the way!

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Here is Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 1st Anniversary Vm made by our well known amazing and awesome VM maker Pritb.Thumbs Up..huts of you Prit The choice of the background score and just the one liner is perfect for these two Clap.  The all color of scenes one of my favorites could not have asked for any other scene perfect . Loved it Heart. As always great job.. absolutely love your VMs and this one was no less than perfect! .nevertheless, never stop making VMs on these two! :)Day Dreaming I loved the way all the scenes beautifully sank into the other and the way you matched the scenes with the  wonderful Music scoreThumbs Up..a big applause for your hard work.ClapClapClapClapClap...thank you

Another amazing and wonderful VM made by Humera'.so are  so brilliant yaarClap...i am gone mad...really your VM is so beautiful have matched the scenes with each what scenes you have  putted. Absolutely wonderful how you weaved their memories in between and just the perfect scenes chosenDay Dreaming...i mean the way scenes were changing they made VM more sizzler...just are  much perfect VM maker...well done dearThumbs Up....a big applause for your hard workClapClapClap

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