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FF: Saathi Re Continution- Part 16

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Hello...before i start..shaina here..used to be active before 1year ago..went off to my job training and had to leave the forum and my ffs. Finally got the time again to start the ffs...this is my profile..
Hai...friends who have remembered is ur ff...who are new...i have given a description above of myself...the preivious saathi re ff is closed, hence i had to oepn a new topic...
The link to the previous story so far happend is
Dont expect a lot from this part..beccause basically i am clsong all the loose threads in this part and bring out a new angle for the story...many confusions still arise..old past to dig out yet...everything wil be settle down with me settling down to ffs again.
So ...please do comment as i clearly need ur opionins about how to proceed on...Hope u would enjooy lets start...



The diamond ring was weighing like a 1000kg stone on her finger, though their was a huge silence filled around her on the terrace, Gopi was hearing all the voices of what people will be going to say about the engagement.

What was she now? Gopi was thinking to herself, friend and a would be to Mr.Jigar Modi, or ex-gf and financee to Mr.Ahem Modi, Was being an ex-gf of Ahem was not enough for her consicence to get pricked, that her fate made her as a finacee to Ahem now.

Who was she supposed to marry now? Ahem got engaged with her to save his family name, so is their engagement not valid. Can she marry Jigar even though her engagement was done with Ahem. What wil be the family decision. What is her decision, Can she marry Jigar after all the drama? Will he marry her?

"Of course!" shouted Jigar and all the elders looked at each other. "Why u people are even asking me this question, it was decided that gopi and i wil get married, so whats the point now?" "But she got engaged to your brother Jigar" Parag said, "Engaged!!,"Jigar snorted, "Kaka please dont call that

High drama of ahem bhai as a engagement cermony, we all know it was just a show off of mr.ahem modi" "Jigar i understand your anguish but now the matter is different, its not only about gopi getting engaged to ahem, she loves your brother."

"Oh SHUT UP!!" Ahem shouted at kinjal "stop your bullshit saying that gopi loves me, if she would have, she would have never decided to marry jigar" "But u are engaged" "So she should have waited"

"Wait for what?"urmila shouted, "I want my marriage to be postponed until ahem is happy again, our family is stable again." "Our family is just u and me, why do u care about the people who dint care for u at all". "They did!! and thats why we are still alive, what do u think would have happened to us if this

family dint support us all the time" "Hmph...they did to save themselves and their prestige, so that people shouldnt talk on them saying they left us careless." "Oh mummy shut up, until now u wanted me to marry ahem and now u want this marriage proposal done to be fast, what are u thinking of ur daughter, dont nobody wants

what i want, this is my life!!!"

"MY LIFE...that is what i am trying to explain" Jigar shouted, "Its my life decision and it is me how i handle my decisions." "But gopi being the DIL of this house is not so good prospective depending on the situations" Koki argued.

"Situations come and go" Ahem shouted "what do u think kinjal that this is the first time i am having pbm with momm and dad, its common for me, chill out...everything will be fine by tomorrow, the heat goes down, their temper goes down and tomorrow will be a new sun shine"


"Good morning auntie"Gopi said to hetal coming into their room. Hetal smiled at her "come dikra, i was about to call u, come sit with me" Hetal made gopi sit down with her. "Gopi...dont get me wrong..but..marriage is something which is important in everyones life's a tough decision to make, a choice which you have to choose which effects the rest of your life,

what happened yesterday dont matter to me, what happened before in your life also doesnt matter to me...what matters to me is what is your future?" Gopi looked at her confused. "Jigar is a good friend of yours and i assure you that the bond inbetween you two would never change no matter what happens, i am confident that my son wil always stand to support you, but dikra can u do the same for him?"

"Auntie...what" "Dont get me wrong gopi...i would be the happiest person in the world if u and jigar gets married. You two will be happy together, but with your marriage their comes a lot of adjustments for you. Their is no secret that ahem and jigar hate each other, so dont expect jigar will let u support ahem after ur marriage" "Auntie...i swear..their is nothing going on betwween me and ahem, he dont love me"

"But u did, and true love never dies" "Auntie if you think that i am not good for jigar then fine..." "No dikra..i dint mean that, what i mean is i know the value of first love in a person life. ours was a love marriage too, but their was a time when our elders rejected our love and considered to make me marry to some one else, u dont know the pain i went through, but i sure do what u would be feeling right now

all i want from u gopi is ur happiness" Gopi looked at her with tearful eyes "if u think u can accept jigar in your life, i wil be delighted but if u want to lead your life with ahem..i dont mind either..all i want is your happiness dikra" Gopi rushed and hugged hetal tears running down and hetal ran her hand over her head "Auntie no one had thought about me so much as u do, no one ever cared for my happiness as you do

and i am greatful for that, i am greatful for all the care you took of me my entire life, auntie i dont want to hurt you nor do i want to hurt anyone from this family, all i want is everyone to be happy, i dont know what i want, i dont know what is good for me but i know that my mother is here to take care of me, I accept that i am really confused from the point where i am standing but their is one thing with confidence

i can tell u is ...i Hate Ahem auntie...i really do hate him...I would never accept him in my life again..never" Hetal looked at her understanding and gopi turned to leave to find koki standing in the door way. Gopi left without a word leaving a huge silence between hetal and kokila.


"See what specials are made today? especially for my little sister" Jigar said placing the plate infront of kinjal. Kinjal turned her face to the side. Jigar sighed "i know this must be hard on you, i know what you are going through, but kinjal everything will be alright, i promise" "Nothing is gonna be right bhai, nothing is ...nothing was right before, nothing is right and nothing wil be right in the future."

"Kinjal relax...i agree it is tough on u...but i have a feeling that everything is going to be alright and u know.. i am always right" "of course, how can mr.jigar modi be wrong in anything" Ahem taunted from the door way. Jigar anger flared up immediately "If u dont know how to console then better get out" "How dare u jigar...u are not the only person concern about her" "Really i dont see any concern from ur side...and anyways why should you

as i see..u are the responsible for everything what is happing in the house." "Jigar!!!"ahem shouted and grabbed his collar "Ahem stop it" Rashi shouted and pulled them apart. Ahem took a step back shocked while rashi stood side to jigar. "U two should be consolling your sister but all i see is u dont have the time to fight among urselves" "She is my sister... i can take care of her"Ahem shouted. "She is my sister too" Jigar shouted.

"She needs both of u..."rashi shouted. Both brothers looked daggers at each other. Ahem left and rashi followed him giving a last repriminding look at him and jigar left hurt leaving kinjal and gopi who just stepped inside the room to console her broken friend. Kinjal broke into tears and gopi hugged her. "Shhh..kinjal calm down...everything wil be fine" "Do u really think so ..."kinjal asked not believing and gopi couldnt answer her back .


"Ahem stop"rashi shouted catching his hand. "Now what...want to beat me now.?" "ahem shut up" "u supported jigar!!" "no i stopped u from doing something which u would regret later," "i would never regret hitting jigar" "u would infornt of kinjal" "RASHI!!" kokila shouted and rashi jumped back. "Mamiji woh>..." "No matter how many times i tell u..u wont listen to me do u?" "no mamiji" "does disobeyeing me always give u such a pleasure rashi"

"no mami i was just making ahem understand..." "u are supposed to be stay away from him..dont u remember.." "Oh..come on mom.." Koki stopped ahem from speaking and dragged rashi away from him.

Gopi came down the stairs to see everyone busing on their phones. "our stocks are falling down fast, all our ventures are backing out" Parag told "All our projects are endagered to get stopped, we should do something bhai..and fast"Chirag said. "I am pulling out my forign deals and contacts so we would find something" Jigar said. "I know u people are upset about the deal, but this is not the way to work, come have some breakfast and discuss it

in a calm way, everything will be fine" hetal said. "maa..i dont have the mood to take breakfast" "Jigar, u mother made it for us, dont disrespect that..come lets all come to breakfast" "Arrey gopi dikra..come help me out"hetal asked gopi and gopi walked to the dinning area nervously. Their was nothing but silence on the table and the sounds of the dishes clanking. Rashi gave a weak smile to gopi and that was the communication they had. No one had the dare

to discuss what would happen to them next, everything was in a mess and no one could find oout what solution they would have for all their questtions.Ahem came to the breakfast at last and was about to sit down. "The dinning area is for family members only!!" Parag spoke immediately and ahem stood stunned. Everyone stopped eating and looked at ahem. "Dad..enough" "Kokila..i already told my decision that none of the family members can talk to him nor help him...

the fast he realizes he is bannned from our family the better it is for him." "Are u people crazy...u are punishing ur own son" "Its a matter of right and wrong" "What i did was right, i am not at fault" "And whos gonna believve you?" Parag questioned for which none of the members had any answer. "Kokila..tell this boy that if he have any respect left in leave this area right away" Ahem watched his father with hurtful eyes and stormed into his room.

"Ahem!!" rashi tried to follow but kokila stopped her with her one look. Gopi looked at jigar who was having his breakfast without any empathy and felt hurt.


"Yes!!" Ahem shouted when he heard a knock on his door as he knew rashi would be coming with his breakfast for him. Ahem rushed to the door to see gopi coming with the plate rather than rashi. "where is rashi?" "

. "Who have asked you to come here, I dont want to eat anything u have brought." "well, i never intented to braing anything for u mr.modi, but rashi insisted as she is being held by ur mom"

"Oh right, how could i forgot that somebody have changed their sides, who used to be my ex and tried every possible way to break my engagement is already engaged to my brother who is a lucky jackpot" "One other word Mr.Modi..and i wont tolerate it anymore"

"What would u do, go andd complain to jigar or would cry infront of kaki, or complain to the rest of the members, I know..u can do anything to get urself stick in this family." "AHEM" "Dont u dare raise your voice at me, seriously u disgust me, u used to preach lectures and all in the college about self respect and so what about now..where did ur respect go. Affair with me, engaged to my brother what should i call u?" "Really...and what should I call u mr.Ahem Modi

the great rich eligible bachelor of the city is now standing infornt of me broken and distorted. What happned to ur so called soul partner. Lets agree for the argument sake that i am marrying ur brother for money, then dint anitha left u because of the same reason? How is she different from me according to u" Ahem face turned red with anger. "Atleast she had the dare to leave me ...not like u who jumps to the side of the men who have the power of money...I think u know what are they called outside in the society."

"Ahem!!" gopi raised her hand to slap him but Ahem was expecting that, and caught her hand in mid day "Dont u the same mistake again...never gopi...never" Ahem pushed her hand and the food plate and went stroming out of the room leaving gopi in angry tears.


gopi entered into jigar room and sat down silently. Jigar looked at her and smiled "I see someone are having cold feet here" Gopi looked at him. "I was pulling your leg..dont worry" "Jigar i dont want to marry u" Silence filled the room immediately. "Is this about ahem" "Why does everythng i say or do should relate to ahem?" "Because its only in his matters u take a very rash decision" "Am i not eligible to take a decision of my life." "You are..but if it have a valid reason." "Because its wrong"

"And how do classify error in our marriage" "Marriage is not only between 2 persons, its between two families, how do u think i would take up a responsibility of a DIL when i have a such a huge past issue, how would ur elders would cosider would this family future would be. This total family would be ruinned with our marriage." "And do u think that by me marrying someoneelse would make everything normal here." "Atleast i wont be the reason for the destruction." "U still love him dont you?"Jigar asked silently.

"I hate him" Gopi replied angrily. Jigar remained silent for a minute and stood up "i have never disapproved your decision gopi...nor i would forcce u to do something which u dont like. I like u a lot..but that doestnt mean i dont respect your feelings.If u think that u would be happy with some one else then fine..i dont mind" "I dint mean that, its just i am not good for this family" "U dont have the right to decide that nor anyone else have...its the time which have to decide for everyone of us what we should get in our lives."

"Jigar I am sorry" "Hey i got the privilege to get engaged to a beatiful girl for somedays.." "seriously jigar...u are flirting?" "Well ...its always worth trying" "No one can understand u mr.jigar modi." "Hey"jigar called gopi. "Yes" "Dont tell anyone...i wil tell them when the time is right k" "But.." "I know..u want to leave ..dont worry i wont stop u...i wil handle i said..right time plays a huge part from today." Gopi smiled and left leaving jigar in a deep thought.

"Goodbye auntie"gopi said. "Gopi..u are leaving so suddenly did jigar said anything to u..i mean what happened, what u two have decided?" "Time decides everything for us auntie..its nothing like i am leaving from this house in anger. I just need some time for myself...i have just came here for kinjal engagement, if u havent stopped me i would been gone by then" "I understandd dikra..but u can complete the formalities from here itself for ur future studies right." "Auntie...dont worry..i wil be keeping in touch with u, i can never forget

how u have taken care of me always, i would never do anything to hurt u" "God bless u dear, take care of urself." "yes auntie.. i would send bye to kinjal and wil come down." "Sure."

"Well well..someone are leaving i see"Ahem taunted. Gopi ignored himm and moved forward. "Today u have proved me right gopi...i was so right about u...finally u realized that its a time waste for u to stay here anymore as what u want is no more left with us..hence smart move...moving out so that u wont get messed up" "Well for ur information mr.modi...i am not like u to cheat the people who trust me...and not like u to backstab them. Your father have given u the right punishment mr.ahem modi...u deserve to be left alone because

all u care about is urself and this is why people always leave u and u are always being left alone. No one would support u Mr.Ahem one would and all i have to say to u today is ...i am glad u came back in my life again..because u made me realize people dont change. Good bye for forever Mr.Ahem Modi..never come back in my life again." saying so gopi left the modi bhavan leaving ahem standing alone in the corridor.


"So sir..this is the project proposal..and what would u think of that?" Parag and chirag kept silent...Jigar was thinking in deep thought. "Its too risky"Jigar said.."sorry i dont think this would work..we already have a lot at cost..and if anything goes wrong and we are doomed." "But sir..u are the best people in town who can handle this project in a right way." "Its a total new field which we have to look upon, the areas are normal times its worth a try but sorry not this time..thanks for ur time...we wil let u know when we are interestted."

Jigar said. "I would like to take upon the project"Ahem said without any hesitency leaving the reaming 3 stunned. "Ahem..previous projects are different this is different, this is too risky and u dont have the enough experience of it" "But its worth a try right..and frankly what other chances do u people have?" "We have hope whiich u are hell bent to destroy"Jigar said. "Those who are coward enough for challenges should keep quiet" "We all know who are coward enough and who are not..Bhai"Jigar said sarcasticly. "I dont care who are into this or not..but i am

taking this project up" "Then dont expect any help from the modi industries then" Parag said seriously. "WHAT?"Ahem said. "This is ur project right, this is ur dream..then prove ur dream, prove u are right, prove that this is not a hasty decision, take up a challenge ahem,, take up ur responsibility..and then i would agreee with u." "But..bhai..he dont have any experience in such a kind of project, their shhould be someone to help him." "I already told u..their wont be anyone from this family who would be helping him..this a challenge for u ahem...their wont be

any help provided by the company..any help provided from the family..its ur responsibilty to complete this project and be now tell me ahem..are u ready to accept this responsibilty, for accepting this task..." Silence filled the entire hall for the response of ahem. "Come on ahem..why dont u speak..afraid of challenges arent u?"Jigar taunted. "Jigar...if u cant help then u dont have any right to taunt also"Rashi shouted. "Yes...i cant help..because i dont want to burden my coinscience to drag my family to the road because of some

stupid heroic action..." "U are just afraid that he would suceed" "If u are so sure..then why do u go and help him out, join up a us u are sucessful as a pair" "Yes i would" "No u cant rashi!"Parag said immedialtely "i have clearly family members are allowed to help him" "Then i would help Ahem!!"Gopi spoke confidently at the doorstep leaving everyone rooted to their feets in shock. Ahem looked at gopi and looked at parag and spoke "I am ready!"

So how do u like it...please feel fee with ur comments...

as usual..who wants a pm as a remainder for ur next part...please do ask for a pm.
my ff's specialities are rahem...but gohem and raji lovers..opions are whole heartedly i give equal preferences for both the pairs.


and coming back to story...

What made gopi to come back to modi bhavan and the decision to help ahem.?

What changes will the modi family have to watch further?

Will ahem let go off his ego and accept gopis help
Will jigar back off and let his brother win oveer
Whats the future of the modi family and their children
and finally the truth of the rivalry of the brother wil be face down the next part.
all i have to say is stay tuned.

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Awesome update... Ahem!!!! he is such a arrogant jerk!!! Gopi going to help Ahem in his project dats indeed surprising... continue soon

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I was always a fan of this story and im super happy you are continuing it
Thanks a lot
The update is fantastic
Want jigar to lose and gohem patch upBig smile

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wonderful update as always Shaina Big smile
i like Raji Wink but i do love Rahem friendship bond but wud like Raji to be together Big smile
if possible can u add Raji scenes 

now gopi's gna help Ahme interesting 
really i feel sad for Ahem 
Parag is super sad to him Cry

Update soon Shaina 
Missed u & ur updates load Hugso happy ur back 
love u xxx Heart

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wonderful update Big smile  Plz continue soon
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Not bad...!! Very good
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Wonderful update i really loved it full of Ahem arrogent attitute but iam confused as why did Gopi decided to help him is its really xcoz of the family waiting for the next update update soonSmile
-nilani- Goldie

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Glad u continue dis story Tongue
Awating for the Next PartTongue

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