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Suvreen Guggal - Topper of the year
Suvreen Guggal - Topper of the year

The Rebellious Teenagers Yuvreen FF Part 55 PG 147 (Page 63)

Anam Ali Coolbie
Anam Ali
Anam Ali

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Posted: 21 September 2013 at 4:52pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Chamakchallo30

Hilarious chapter diROFL but awesomeClap
Poor gyaneshROFLROFL
ab Suvi ko sazaa milegiParty
great updateStar
Please post next one soonEmbarrassed
Thank you for the PMBig smile
(as always im late in commentingDead sorry)
Thanks VibhaBig smile
Glad you enjoyed it.. yeah Suvi will get punishment she deserves itLOL
I will update tomorw evening
no Vibha ur not late its fine no need of sorryHug

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Anam Ali Coolbie
Anam Ali
Anam Ali

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Posted: 23 September 2013 at 7:00pm | IP Logged

Episode 23

Yuvi- not even in your dreams Yuvraj Singh ko koi nahiye harahsaktha

Suvreen- dont be so sure villager pehele mein nahiye thi yahaan ab mein agayi hoon bahuth jald tumhara topper walah title lehlonghi

Yuvi started laughing

Yuvi- yeh kabhi nahiye hogha.. ab khawab dhekna baand kar aur kuch kaam kar

Suvreen- maine toh sab questions karliye tumhari madat kardo on question 2

Yuvi- nahiye mein karlogha tum presentation type karo

Suvreen- look Villager this is teamwork so let me help you we are supposed to be a team

Yuvi- I will do my own work you do the typing dont interfere in my work

Suvreen- fine villager do whatever you want like I care if I get low marks becuase of you I wont spare you villager

Yuvi- I always get high marks its you who is the faliure

Suvreen- thats in the past now I will be topper of the year

Yuvraj started laughing

Yuvi-haaan haaan pehele kaam toh karo topper baneghi not in this life

Suvreen- u watch villager I will

After a while Princi comes to see Yuvreens work

Princi- Yuvraj I want to see your questions

Yuvi- sure Mam heres the paper

Princi- excellent now thats like it

Yuvi- thanks Mam

Princi- I want you both to present the presentation first once all the project is complete... so in 2 weeks time

Yuvreen- fine Mam

Princi goes to the next table

Yuvi- see Princi praised my work

Suvreen- yeah but she praised mines first villager so shame

Yuvi- dont be to happy only 1 praise so far have you forgot todays lunch time incident.. I saved you from Princi but who is going to save you from Auntyji you dont know Auntyji she is so strict you have no idea what she will do to you.. Auntyji is more dangerous then Princi

Suvreen- Villager you did it for yourself you didnt want to fall back on the project.. so dont make out as you done a favour on me...she's my Chachi end of the day I will handle her ... Suvreen Guggal can handle her own problems I dont need help from a villager like you

Yuvi- we will see how much you can handle (he started laughing) you have no idea what will happen to you?

The bell went everyone left the class it was time to go home

Ira had come college to collect Suvreen

All the way Ira was listening to classical south indian music Suvreen had a headache.. she was about to put her headphones but Ira took her headphones out

Ira- Aiyo Kanna music suna headphone ki koi zaroorth nahiye hai

Suvreen- I dont like this music

Ira- well tough luck

Ira got scissor and cut Suvreen headphones

Suvreen- what the hell they were my Apple headphones

Ira- Aiyo Kanna jab phone he nahiye hogha ine headphone ka kya karoghi (Ira snatched Suvi phone)

They reached home Suvreen was shouting and protesting


Ira laughed

Ira- complain to who Kanna who will listen to you? the police? let me tell you this is India not England

Suvreen- Chachu will listen to me he wont let you do this to me

Just then Rehaan came inside Suvreen went running to him shouting


Rehaan- Suvreen beta your Chachi is right its high time you learn to value everything this will teach you a lesson I dont interfere in your Chachi decisions... Ira mera samaan pack hua

Ira- Patidev all done

Suvreen- Chachu this is unfair I wont tolerate this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rehaan- its your own fault beta you should have listened to us instead of being so rebellious I suggest you listen to your Chachi

Ira- or else I have option 2 we can pack our bags and go to the village again I will bring you back once you have changed

Rehaan- great idea what do you think Suvreen beta nice plan

Suvreen- NO!!!!! YOU GUYS CANT DO THIS TO ME!!!!!

Ira- well then just listen to what I say then you can have your phone back and you dont have to do chores

Rehaan- I suggest you listen


Suvreen was about to go upstairs

Ira- Aiyooo Kanna dishes kaun wash karegha niche aao wash the dishes then lay the table for dinner jaldi jaldi.. come on Kanna here's the apron

Suvreen- But I just came from college Chachi I need to rest

Ira- Aiyo Kanna no rest Ji kaam karoh jaldi jaldi

Suvreen comes down and washes the dishes

Omi had come back from college he was shocked seeing Suvreen laying the table

Omi- Behenah yeh tumhi ho nah kahiye mein sapna toh nahiye dhek raha

Suvreen- (Angrily) No its my ghost you idiot mein he hoon thanks to Chachi I am doing all this

Omi- Behenah trust me this will benefit you a lot in the future lage raho mein abhi atha hoon.. aur haan Behenah meri plate lagha denah

Suvreen was very angry Omi went laughing upstairs

Back in Singh house

Everyone was having dinner

Shalini- Bacho parayi kaisi ja rahiye hai

Yuvi/Annie/Alisha- Bahauth achi Mama

Shalini- aise he mehnaat karathe raho sab acha hogha

Yuvi- Jee Mama

Annie- Mama aaj college mein na food fight hui aur hum sabneh bahuth masti ki

Shalini- kya food fight bahuth galth baat hai aise koi khaana waste kartha hai kya

Annie tells Shalini all about the food fight

Annie- phir hamare Yuvi neh apni angrez ki aulaad ko bachaliya Princi seh Mama aap ko dheknah chahiye tha aise bhaghaa tha Ira Aunty keh saat sirf aur sirf Suvreen ko bachneh wah how sweet na Mama

Yuvi was very angry

Yuvi- bakwaas baand kar Annie aise kuch nahiye hai Mama yeh jhoot keh rahiye hai.. woh toh mein (interupted)

Annie- woh toh mein kya bhole Yuvi humhe sab patha hai tum nah Suvreen ko secretly pasand karthe ho

Yuvi- Nahiye aise kuch nahiye hai Annie bakwaas kar rahiye hai ab tu bholneh dehghi toh mein kuch kahogha na ab chupkar... Mama mein aapko samjata hoon mein aur woh angrez ki aulaad Junior Senior project keh liye partners hai aur agar Princi auseh suspend kardethi toh project delay hojatha aur agar mere marks down hojathe isliye maine madat ki.. aapko toh patha hainah agar hitler ko patha chaltha marks down hogaye toh mujhe chorthe nahiye

Shalini- haam beta tuneh help karkeh acha kiya.. Annie aisi baatien nahiye karthe

Yuvi- haan Annie ab Mama ki baat maan aur aisi baatien maat kiya kar samji aur parayi par dyaan deh

Alisha- Mama mein chalthi hoon mujhe parayi karni hai

Yuvi- dheka meri choti behen Alishi ko kaisi parayi karthi hai

Annie- Yuvi mein bhi parayi karthi hoon samjeh lekin isse Alisha ki tarah nahiye she has no life meri social life hai samjeh

Shalini- Alisha beta tumneh halwa toh kayah he nahiye pehele halwa finish karoh phir chaleh janah

Alisha- Jee Mama

Yuvi- haan kaleh aur haan itnah stress maat liya kar tere marks ache aiyghe

Alisha- Jee Bhaiya

Annie- waise Mama aap isse Yuvi ki shaadi kab karneh waleh ho

Yuvi was drinking water he choked on it

Yuvi- Annie toh phir shuru hogayi apni bakwas baatein baand karo

Annie- kyun mein toh sirf Mama seh pooch rahiye thi tu kyun gussa ho raha hai

Shalini- Annie rishtha toh goah seh he hogha

Yuvi- haan jo Mama kahiyeghee wahiye hogha ek achi seh goah ki ladki seh shaadi karogha jo bilkul meri Mama jaisi ho... aur sabka kyaal rakeha aur burah ka adarsh kareh

Annie started laughing

Annie- yeh qualities toh teri angrez ki aulaad mein nahiye hai

Yuvi- nahiye hai toh mein kya karoo mujhe thoda auseh shaadi karni hai ab bas end of topic...aneh doh Papa ko uneh kehtha ho pehele teri shaadi karwaye woh bhi jald seh jald

Annie- kyun meri shaadi kyun tu mujseh barah hai samja pehli teri hoghi mein toh love marriage karoghi woh bhi apni pasand keh ladke keh saat

Yuvi started laughing

Yuvi- Papa yeh kabhi nahiye honeh denghe

Annie- mujhe apni baat manvanah atha hai waise bhi shaadi keh liye abhi theen char saal bakhi hai so I dont need to worry

Just then Annie phone rang she got really happy she ran upstairs and anwsered her phone.

Yuvi- iseh kya hua pehele toh yahin phone anwser karlethi thi

Shalini- patha nahiye beta tum hi pooch lenah kuch dino seh Annie yahi karthi hai jab bi phone atha hai khush hojathi hai aur bhaag jathi hai.. khaana bhi tike seh nahiye kathi

Yuvi- Alishi tujhe kuch patha hai

Alisha- nahiye bhaiya woh mujhe parayi karni hai mein chalthi hoon

Yuvi- haan chal tujah (to himself) Ab mujhe he patha lanah paregha akhir baat kya hai

Alisha goes to her room

Shalini picks up the dishes to wash them

Yuvi- Mama mein wash kardoongha aap rest kijiye

Shalini- nahiye beta mein karlonghi tum joa

Yuvi- nahiye Mama aap hamesha karthi aaj mujhe karneh dijiye aap jayee apna favourite serial dekhi

Shalini- lekin (interupted)

Yuvi- No lekin wekin aap jayee

Shalini- tike hai beta

Yuvi happily washes all the dishes

Suvreen is also washing dishes angrily and cleaning the kitchen

Omi- Amma aap kuch zydha nahiye kar rahiye hai hamaari behenah neh ab thak kuch nahiye kayah... I mean agar bemaar hogayi toh Tayahji naraz hoghe

Ira- Kanna hum yeh sab iski bhaliye keh liye kar rehey hai you do not worry ji... hum isko set kardehgha

Suvreen- Chachi I'm done now can I eat please?

Ira- ofcourse Kanna yeh loh plate idli, dosa, sambhaar jaldi seh finish karoh

Suvreen was shocked seeing south indian khaana

Suvreen- mujhe yeh sab nahiye khaana I want pasta

Ira- awww Kanna ko pasta khaana hai nahiye milegha punishment keh liye full 1 week you will only eat south indian khaana... samji so eat up

Suvreen- Chachi this is unfair

Ira- I will feed you Kanna come here

Suvreen- No I wil eat myself

Ira- ok Kanna then we will watch my favourite serial Ek Ghar Banugha

Suvreen- come again what me and watching serials you must be joking I dont watch that crappy star plus shows so much overacting and make up yuck

Ira- Aiyooo Kanna how dare you insult my show now you will watch with me for sure chaloh

In Singh house Yuvi had washed all the dishes cleaned the kitchen he made tea for Shalini and brought it inside the living room

Yuvi- Mama yeh lijiyeh aap ki chai

Shalini- thank you beta

Both Mom and Son spent quality time together

The next day we see Suvreen sleeping

Ira comes shouting in her room


Suvreen- NO!!!! LET ME SLEEP 5 MORE MINUTES GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!

Ira- AIYOOO NO JEEE NO 5 MINUTES (Ira threw cold water on Suvreen)

Suvreen got up angrily she was shouting


Ira- Aiyoo awaaz niche Kanna sirf mein aur Rehaan he uchi awaaz mein bhole sakthe hai samji ab joa jaldi ready hojoa

Suvreen- this is unfair!!!!

Ira- Aiyooo its fair jee joah jaldi

After a few mins Suvreen lays the breakfast table and serves breakfast

Omi- Behenah mujhe ek aur toast

Suvreen- it's on table cant you get it yourself

Ira- Aiyoo Kanna tumhare Bhaiya neh toast maangha toast doh WARNAH!!!

Suvreen- dethi hoon Chachi yeh lijiye Bhaiya happy do you want anything else

Omi- Beheana nothing else...Amma aap kuch lehghi

Ira- ek aur Chai woh bhi black tea no sugar

Suvreen- Jee Chachi

Suvreen made black tea and gave Ira

After a while it was time to go college

Omi- behenah nastha yeh loh idli aur chai

Suvreen- yuck I'm not hungry

Ira- Aiyo kanna aaj hum tumhe koi pocket money nahiye denghe soch loh shaam thak kuch nahiye milegha

Suvreen- I will be fine Chachi you dont worry.. chaleh Bhaiya

Omi- haan behenah chaloh

Ira- Kanna hum tumko khude choregha Omi Kanna tum joa

Omi- Jee Amma

Omi left immediately

Ira dropped Suvreen inside college and went

Yuvraj and friends were in the canteen they saw this

Yuvraj- Yeh loh agayi angrez ki aulaad woh bhi Auntyji keh saat

Suvreen- Shut up villager I'm not in the mood to argue with you

Omi- Bhai behenah neh nastha nahiye kiya aaj Amma neh punishment di hai only south indian foods aur isneh naiye kaiyah

Yuvraj- acha chaloh koi nahiye angrez ki aulaad canteen mein nashtha karleghi hainah ...chotu parathe lekeh aah woh bhi makhan waleh aur raita

Suvreen- eww thats even yucky I dont want to eat any of this either so Villager stop all this drama

Yuvraj- yeh bhi nahiye khaana acha yeh toh hamara desi walah nastha hai chaloh aise angrezo walah nastha dethe hai cornflakes, toast aur orange juice lekeh aah yeh toh tikeh hainah

Suvreen- Villager I dont need your favours agar mujhe khaana hua mein khude khalonghi ok I dont need you to talk on my behalf

Suvreen was about to leave the canteen

Yuvraj- angrez ki aulaad kahaan ja rahiye ho

Suvreen- tumseh matlab mein kahiye bhi joah none of your business

Yuvraj- well it is my business kyunki we have lecture with Princi aur lecture room ause taraf hai

Suvreen- mujhe patha hai samjeh I'm going Library to make notes I dont have time to waste like you

Yuvraj- acha phirja jaldi ja waise bhi faliures ko bahuth mehnaat karni chahiye theen theen baar fail honeh waloh ko double mehenat karni chahiye jaldi ja (Yuvraj started laughing)

Suvreen- bloody villager tum dhekna mere sabseh top mark aiyghe

Suvreen left the canteen angrily

Yuvraj was laughing

Rathi- Bhai mujhe lagtha isseneh challenge ko seriously lehliyah

Manu- agar iseneh top karliyah toh aapki toh (interupted)

Yuvraj- chup karoh aise kuch nahiye hogha Yuvraj Singh he topper hai DPSC ka aur hamesha rehagha yeh angrez ki aulaad kuch nahiye kar paiyghee.. waise Omi Auntyji neh isse achi punishment di hai

Omi- Haan Bhai aap dhekna Amma iseeh seedha kareghi

Just then Zorro and Naro come to canteen

Yuvraj- tum loge kahaan teh itni dher

Zorro- woh hum assignment par research kar rehey teh

Naro- haan Yuvi bahuth kaam hai

Yuvraj- Annie aur Tanu kahaan hai

Naro- woh... woh Tanu so rahiye hai auseki tabiyaat tike nahiye aur Annie auseke saat thodi dher mein ajayghe

Yuvraj- acha kya hua auseh doctor ko bhulayah tum logo neh

Zorro- haan sab tike hai chaloh hum lecture chalteh hai woh loge ajayghe

Rathi- mein abhi atha hoon

Naro- Rathi woh loge ajayghe lecture chalo Yuvi iseh kaho chaleh

Yuvraj- haan chal Rathi lecture hai mein une dono ko dhek keh atha hoon

Naro- nahiye Yuvi woh ajayghe agar tum chalehgaye toh woh

Yuvraj- woh kya? mujhe kuch samaj mein nahiye araha hai

Zorro thought of a idea

Zorro- dhek Yuvi Princi ka lecture hai woh Suvreen pehele pooch jayghi aisa nahiye honah chahiye.. tum joa hum Annie aur Tanu ko leke athe hai

Yuvi- haan mujhe peheleh pochneh hai ause angrez ki aulaad seh.. tum loge jaldi joa

Everyone goes to lecture

Professor Noghadeh- students Principle Madam had an emergency meeting so she wont be able to take lecture.. heres your next tasks take them go to the Library and computer room

Suvreen- what? why Princi done this I spent so long doing these notes

Professor Noghadeh- Suvreen Guggal I'm shocked you are actually the only one complaining about this... you can show the notes tomorrow for now everyone leave

All students were very happy besides Suvreen

Yuvraj- angrez ki aulaad kal notes dikadenah koi baat nahiye im sure they are just basic

Suvreen- shut up villager i spent long time doing all this work I want high marks...stop underestimating me I will do top this year no matter what

Yuvraj- yeah in your dreams ab jakeh worksheet kar

Suvreen- dont order me what to do go yourself and do the worksheet I will do when I want samjeh

Yuvraj- we need to do the worksheet first its important I will do mines you do yours.. then we can do the referencing.. I will check the notes for you too.. if you still dont want to tu ja mein sab karlongha waise bhi faliures seh zydha kaam nahiye hotha

Yuvraj walked towards the Library

Suvreen- I'm coming to

Yuvreen work on the project


Yuvraj- yeh leh Pasta tuneh subha seh kuch nahiye kayah kaleh

Suvreen- no thanks I'm fine

Yuvraj- dhek zidd mat kar why do you always have to be stubborn? look if you eat you wil be able to work better kaleh

Suvreen- woh Chachi has given me punishment I cant eat anything other than south indian foods

Yuvraj- Auntyji kuch nahiye keheghi kaleh

Suvreen ate the Pasta

Suvreen- thank you yeh sab mere liye karneh keh liye

Yuvraj smiled

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-ParAnJas- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 September 2013 at 7:37pm | IP Logged
Awesome update ani...
Full episode fighting...

But loved mom-son bonding so cute and i do believe yuvi cares fr suvi n secretly likes her...

Precap is cuttest of all...
Waiting fr next update to come soon...
Ayiyo dis ira is so irritating...

Yuvi jst love him

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Anam Ali

Sasha_Yuvreen Senior Member

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Posted: 23 September 2013 at 8:44pm | IP Logged
wow, loving it so far...reminds me of the good old yuvreen days HeartDay Dreaming, but m really looking forwards to more romantic scenes now Smile

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Anam Ali

s1a5m1m2i Senior Member

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Posted: 23 September 2013 at 10:47pm | IP Logged
I jst Luv dis FF...n dis ws amazing updte...Star

ua an awsm writer...!!!!

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Anam Ali

..IshqShava.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 September 2013 at 3:02am | IP Logged
Hamesha ki tarah is baar bhi Awesomee chappy diThumbs UpClapClap
loved it Big smile
Yuvi is being so helpful to his mom...Tongue
and this Ira...OMG! she cut the head phones with a scissorLOL i think she is being too harsh on
eat Idli dosa indeed...yuckDeadLOL
Precap is niceBig smile
Continue soon diEmbarrassed
Thanks for the PMHug
(i'm right on time with the comment this timeParty)

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Anam Ali

..chotu.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 September 2013 at 3:19am | IP Logged
Anam di
I am so sorry I couldn't cmmnt on the recent updates...Forgive me :(
Ok so these updates were amazing...lovd yuvreen scenes and everything about the story...especially the dailouges...they are just continue soon n thnx for da pm :)

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Anam Ali

sujairohit IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 September 2013 at 3:53am | IP Logged
Very nice update,really liked it.

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Anam Ali

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