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Suvreen Guggal - Topper of the year
Suvreen Guggal - Topper of the year

The Rebellious Teenagers Yuvreen FF Part 55 PG 147 (Page 4)

Anam Ali Coolbie
Anam Ali
Anam Ali

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Posted: 25 May 2013 at 11:20am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Deepika100

Sounds interesting...
Thanks DeepikaBig smile

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_shona_ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 May 2013 at 11:27am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Anam Ali

Originally posted by sushona

hi ani..Hughowz u..??
missed u yaar..okay i'll read after one hour just bst till then n see u der only at AT..Big smile
ani..just luved ur character sketch yaar..Heart it was too gud..
hope u post the parts soon..would be waiting for it..btw have u written anything alse too..if u have i'll check them out too..Big smileTongue
Thanks ShiraBig smile I'm glad you like it
I will post the part later on today
Yeah I posted the links of my old fanfics you can have a look when u wantSmile
okay i'll read them too..EmbarrassedBig smile n will wait for ur part..Tongue

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Anam Ali..Violetta..

Anam Ali Coolbie
Anam Ali
Anam Ali

Joined: 11 November 2005
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Posted: 25 May 2013 at 11:33am | IP Logged

Hi everyone hope you all are ok, here the first part to the FF hope you all like it

Episode 1

We see a girl getting ready to go out she was wearing a black dress... her phone rings

Girl- Hello yeah I'm nearly ready.. Ok see you in 10 minutes bye (she disconnects the phone) WOW!!! Suvreen you look great now shall I wear the black heels or the silver heels... let me see which one looks better (she tried both of them on) Black is best

She gets her bag looks at herself for the last time in the mirror and goes downstairs she was about to open the front door to leave

Lovely- SUVI!!!!!!!

Suvreen- What is it Mummy?

Lovely- Beta kahaan ja rahiye hai raat keh 10 bajhe hai aur woh bhi in kaproh mein

Suvreen- Mummy I'm going out I have party to go to mere dost ka birthday hai you know janamdin hai so like I have to be there, waise bhi disco toh raat keh 10 bajhe he kolteh hai... right I'm getting late bye Mummy

Lovely- wahiye rokja tu nahiye ja sakthi time dekha hai raat hogayi

Suvreen- Mummy, Bro is also out auseh toh aap kuch nahiye kehteh come on Mummy we discussed this before I have no time to argue jakeh sojayi or watch your Saas Bahu serial... don't wait for me I will be late bye luv ya Mummy

Before Lovely can say anything Suvreen leaves and Lovely isn't very happy

Lovely- aaj inseh baat karni he pareghi aise nahiye chalegha koi bhi meri baat nahiye suntha

Now we se Suvreen with her friends in the club dancing its 2am midnight

Esha- Suvreen we should be going now my dad must have come back from work

Suvreen- Esha it's only 2am too early for home

Esha- Rob you tell her if we don't go home I will get in trouble

Rob- relax nothing will happen we will leave in a while

Suvreen- What I don't want to go home yet no home only dance everyone dance

Suvreen was dancing like a mad person she was very happy

It was 3.20am we see Suvreen half drunk by her house

Rob- Suvreen where's your keys?

Suvreen- what keys?

Rob- House keys you drunkard

Suvreen- I don't know I think I left them in my room (she was dancing like a idiot) I wana dance dance the night away

Rob- she's too drunk looks like it I have to phone Samar only he can do something now (he took his phone out and dialled Samar number)

Now we see Samar sleeping peacefully in his room his phone rings he disconnects the phone, the phone rings again.


Rob- me, Suvreen and our friends went to club she's drunk outside with me she forgot her keys


Rob- what Samar please come open the door if Uncle sees Suvreen will get in trouble


Rob- Samar (just then Suvreen snatched the phone)


Samar- I'M COMING!!!!! (He disconnects the phone) this little sister of mine really has an evil mind even in a drunk state

He comes downstairs and opens the door

Suvreen- BRO!!!! (She hugs him) I knew you would come

Samar- get of me you stink how much did you drink go take a shower

Suvreen- No I don't stink you do

Samar-  Suvi go to your room before Mom Dad wake up your drunk go NOW!!!!!

Suvreen- NO!!!!!!

Samar- What the hell Suvi do you want Mom Dad to come down and take you upstairs

Samar helped Suvreen to go upstairs then went back to his own room

The next day we see Baldev Guggal reading his newspaper and having his tea, Lovely Guggal comes with breakfast

Lovely- maikya ji yeh raha aapka nashtha Aloo ke paranthe aur aapki Chai

Baldev- thank you Lovelyji

Lovely- Welcome Ji ... yeh bache kahaan hai

Just then someone comes and hugs Lovely

Someone- Mama!!!!

Lovely- Samar mera bacha (hugs him)

Samar-(big smile) Good morning Mama, Papa

Baldev- Good morning ab nashtha karo phir Uinversity bhi janah hai

Samar- Jee Papa

Lovely serves Samar food

Samar- Mama just 1 toast

Lovely- ek toast seh kya banegha betaji ek aur toh lenah he paregha

Baldev- Samar when is your exam?

Samar- Thursday afternoon

Baldev- good ache seh parayi ki hain I want you to come 1st

Samar- Yes Papa don't worry I will come first

Lovely- nashtha to karneh dijiyeh aap subha subha he shuru hogaye

Baldev- Lovelyji  aapko toh patha hainah aajkal keh bacho ko samjanah partha hai ineh toh sirf apni parties ki he parhi hoti, mujhe patha hai kal raat ko tum ghar mein nahiye teh bahuth late aiye teh

Samar- woh Papa... mein apne dost keh ghar mein parayi kar raha tha I only party on weekends... if you don't believe me you can ring Uncle Brijraj and confirm with him I was there

Baldev- woh toh mein office mein pooche longha.. nashtha hogayah

Samar- jee

Baldev- Ab joa jaldi seh University aur ache seh exam ki tyaari karnah

Samar- jee Papa

Lovely/Baldev- Good Luck

Samar- Thanks Mama, Papa

Samar leaves

Baldev- Yeh Suvi kahaan hai?

Lovely- Maikya ji mujhe aapse Suvi keh bareh mein baat karni thi (she tells him what happened)

Baldev- maine pehele he kaha tha aapseh yeh sab aapki he galthi hai itni choote deh hui... freedom  chahiye aaj kal keh bacho ko ma baap ki parwa he nahiye... aur agar haat uthaliya toh police ko phone karate hai British law ka lecture dethe hai ma baap ki toh koi respect he nahiye hai.. aaj mujhe Suvi seh baat karni he pareghi

Lovely- maikya ji araam seh baat kijiye aap samjayghe woh samaj jayghi

Baldev laughed sarcastically

Baldev- samaj jayghi itnah samjaye hai ause pyaar seh daanth seh phir bhi nahiye samji ab kya samajeghi

After a while Suvreen came down she was about to go out

Lovely- Suvi beta nashtha karlo phir chalijanah

Suvreen- No thanks Mummy I'm late bye luv ya

Baldev- SUVI!!!!!  I need to talk to you come in the living room

Suvreen- Dad I'm late so please save your lecture for later yeah bye

Baldev got angry

Baldev- (Angrily) We will talk now do you understand right NOW!!!

Suvreen- (Angrily) FINE!!! What is it?

Baldev- (Angrily) you're going out a lot these day that to at night

Suvreen- yeah SO!!! If I go out at night so does Bro what difference does it make just because he's boy you don't say anything to him I'm girl you shout at me... wow!!! What double standards you have dad.. Different rules for me and different rules for Bro.. not done let me remind you we live in England Boys and Girls are equal alright are you done yet with lecture or anything else left to say.. I know you love Bro more than me

Baldev- don't you dare say that I do difference between you and Samar I love you both... now listen to me I want you to do well in your A level exams not long left now... you need to study beta you have failed 2 times now this is your last chance I have paid for these exams they are very expensive

Suvreen- So we are rich (interrupted)

Baldev- that doesn't mean you keep failing... you have to pass these exams so from now on I have decided I will make sure you have tuitions at home I will supervise them myself after college you will come straight home and then tuition no more going out.. do I make myself clear?

Suvreen- you're going to stop me from going out you must be joking dad I will do the tuitions and I will study but I will do it on my own terms ok now please I can't hear anymore of your lecture bye

Lovely- Beta nashtha

Suvreen left angrily

Baldev- dekha lovely ji aise baat karthi hai ab mein dektha hoon yeh kaise bahir jathi hai ghar aneh doh iseh

Lovely- Maikya ji dekhiye agar aap isepar itni sakthi kareghe yeh aise nahiye pareghee ap iseh time limit dijiye ghar jaldi aiye kareh bas ache seh pareh aur isse baar pass hojaye.. Mrs Sharma keh rahiye thi auseki beti 1st aiyi pureh college mein A stars liye hai apneh sab A Level exams mein.. aap dheknah hamaari beti Suvi bhi 1st aiyighi isse baar

Baldev- It will be a miracle if that happens 1st aur hamarI Suvi patha nahiye Lovelyji

Meanwhile we see Suvreen in college with her friend all are talking in the canteen and having breakfast together

Suvreen- Yesterday party was just amazing

Esha- Suvreen do you even remember what happened yesterday? You were so drunk

Rob- Did Uncle and Aunty find out

Suvreen- Yeah they found out I was out I went in front of Mom I don't hide stuff .. today morning Dad gave me lecture honestly same old crap do revision, tuitions, exams... come on there is more to life then exams.. Why won't parent s let us do our own thing? End of the day it's our life right

Everyone- Agreed but parents are oldies they never understand us

Suvreen- Exactly so I have my own rule listen to everything they say through the 1 ear and take it out the other.. simple... we need to be happy and enjoy life to the fullest that what I strongly believe Parents have lived their life now they should stop interfering in our lives

Esha- guys time for our Economics lecture lets go the 1st bell has gone

Suvreen- great early morning have to hear baldy Martin talk about Economics
Everyone goes to lecture

Precap-  We see DPSC

-Yuvraj and Friends

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_shona_ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 May 2013 at 11:41am | IP Logged
luv it ani..Big smile
u have came out with an great concept aniTongue..spoiled n rebellious suvi..and i really like her..WinkThumbs Up
well done gurl..waiting for yuvi entryTongue..go on..!! waiting..!!

Edited by sushona - 27 May 2013 at 12:34pm

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Anam Ali..Violetta..

PoohLover IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 May 2013 at 12:57pm | IP Logged
Yippie an update,its really great anu...suvi is indeed really different here but yeah im liking the story and how you are portraying each character...enjoyed reading it anu...lovely update it was and thank you for the sweet update and for the pm alsoEmbarrassedBig smileTongueClap

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Anam Ali..Violetta..

ShivuNozzie IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 May 2013 at 1:26pm | IP Logged
Loved the first chapter Ani! Really great start!
I like who you portrayed Suvreen and her character, thoughts, & lifestyle here. And her family- I liked them as well as her friends. I'm looking forward to seeing yuvreen meet, their polar opposites here and i am enjoying this ff already :D

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Kaushik.k.RC Goldie

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Posted: 25 May 2013 at 7:08pm | IP Logged
I liked d story...suvi to ekdum opposite hai real SG se. Upar se topper 2 times fail b hochuki hai... ROFL

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Anam Ali..Violetta..

..IshqShava.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 May 2013 at 12:19am | IP Logged
di, i loved the first partBig smile
Suvi is so so rebellious, just the opposite of how she is in the showWink
and poor Lovely she always has to run behind her daughter to get her to anythingLOL
i loved that scene where Suvi threatens SamarEvil SmileROFL
Suvi is a perfect example of how a teenager behaves lolLOL
it was a very good update diClap
excited about the PrecapBig smile
looking forward to read the next partTongue
thanks for the PMHug

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