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Ronit Roy in Dhoom machale

Ronit IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 November 2004 at 1:12am | IP Logged

Hey Pmahesh , Ronitfan and all other Ronit Roy fan's out there did you people watched Dhoom Machale on Saturday Ronit was the host of the drama and he was really looking Smashing in those shalwar kameez.First of all baa gave a long lecture on diwali and then Ronit came.In the beginning he told that there would be a fight between stars.Tulsi said that Mehirr how can be there fight between stars he said that Tulsi Ho Gi!.Tulsi says okay chalein he says that app har baar mujhe yehi khati hain kay chalein phir khod nahin chaltein.Then there was a break.After the break mehirr came and Tulsi was not there with him he said Arra baba ab yeh Tulsi kahan chali gayi.Then he said TULSI!!!. And sang a song for tulsi which was like this

   "Tu chupi hai kahan may tarpta yahan"

Then tusli came and asked him what's up in signs.He says that Tulsi audience ka khen hai kay may jooro ka ghulam hoon.Tulsi says that they say me shazi ki raani. Then mehirr becomes romantic and tulsi says that Mehirr kuch tu sharam karoo bachoo kay bapp ho gaye ho abhi tak nahin sudhra.Mehirr says tu kia hoa Tulsi I Love YOU.Then he says Araa Mehirr audience dekh rahe hain.He says ahmm..Sorry.Then Tulsi says that our first guest is Komolika Mehirr just interrupts her and says NIKAAAAAAA!!!!.Tulsi says mehirr!!Then he says Komolika and indro from Kasuatii then he tells tulsi kay ab bohat chikni chikni larkian ayein gi.Tulsi says mehirr kuch tu sharam karoo he says Tulsi abhi tu phool jarein aa rahi hain baad may Bomb ayei gein.Then she calls Komolika and indro on stage.Then after a long time Prerna and anurag comes for a game round.Ronit tells that now here we have Anurag and Prerna.Tulsi says that SHHHHHHH!! Mr bajaj sun layin ga.He says well Mr bajaj anurag aur Prerna na un ki bohat kasautii li hai wo bechare ansoo bahat rahe.Tulsi says aa main hoo naa he says Really in a romantic mood.He pushes him away and says Mehirrrr.Then anurag and Prerna comes.They go in their places and Prerna says Mr bajaj Ronit says who Mr bajaj I cannot see him arar baba may tu Mehirr Virani hoon Yeh mera saath Tulsi Virani.Ronit then  tells them the game rulses. He says kay dono teams apni apni partener ko goad may otha kar bahga gain aur yeh mera peecha jo heart laga hai is ko jo phela apni partener ko otha kar de ga wohi jeeta ga.Anurag says that how can I pick shweta she so fat he says fat in signs.Mehirr says Tulsi tumhare jaisa haal wahan bhi hai.Then tulsi says that mehirr I want that heart and I want you to bring that for me.Ronit says araa may tumhe kais othaoun he says okay I will try in joke.Then he looks at Prerna and says haye Yeh wo chehra jis par saara jahan marta hai.Tulsi becomes angry and he says Sorry and says yeh wo chehra hai jis par jahan marata hai to tulsi.then another game begins and mehirr I mean Ronit says that tulsi is game say mujhe wo scene yaad a jata hai jab yaad hai tum ik dafa kidnap hoi thi.Tulsi says that Mehirr tumhe hamesha dookh bharri batein kyoun yaad aati hain he syas kyunki ab jo game aa rahi hai wo kidnapping say jori hoi hai.Then the game beging etc etc.Then they start to talk on some topic and tulsi says that pyarr kia tu darna kiya mehirr says haan hum bhi tu nahin darar that hum na bhi tu bhaag kar shaadi ki thi.Then he says pata hai tulsi may ne saara mehirr ka record tor diya hai kyoun kay ma he is drama may sab say zeyada dear tak mehirr ban kay raha hoon.Tulsi says ab mehirr tum bomb naa phoro.He says that maine bomb kahan poora bomb tu ab phoota ga.Then he selects someone from the audience to fight against Rishi and someone else.There was one boy and one girl.The boy was very active.Mehirr was just about to question when he raises his hand.At last mehirr says that vivek jii abhi may sawal poochta hi nahin hoon kay app haath khara kar deta hain.Then he asks a question from one of the audience he says that Mera ik bohat he achaa dost hain Rishabh bajaj oun kay teen bachoon kay naam batein he was really looking smashing in the drama plz Ronitfan is this drama going to be repeated plz tell me whenEmbarrassed

Ronit IF-Dazzler

Joined: 14 October 2004
Posts: 3109

Posted: 07 November 2004 at 1:13am | IP Logged

Hey Pmahesh and Ronitfan I wanted to confirm a song from you.I am confused in the first two lines .This song comes after Mr bajaj I mean Ronit roy in kasautii I wanted to confirm the first two lines if anyone knows the correct lines then plz tell me.




Tu mujhko kuch samjhe ya Na samjhe

May tu samjhon tujhe apni zindagi

Chaha hai har pal yeh chaha hai har pal yeh chaha hai

Mila tujhe har khushi

Pao gii har mor pa mujhko tum kuch aisi hai meri deewanagi

May tera ansoo pe loon ga

Dooan ga tujhe apni hasi

Tera deewana poocha tujhse KIA pyarr karoge mujhse haan haan haan haan mujhse.


ronitfan IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 November 2004 at 8:44am | IP Logged

gr8 report yaar!

well the song goes like this-

tum apna samjho ya na samjho

maine to mana hain tumhe zindagi

chaha hain har pal yeh chaha hain

tujhko mile har khushi

paaogi har mod pe mujhko tum

kuch aisi hain meri deewangi

main tere aasoon pee lunga

doonga tujhe utni khushi

tera deewana pooche tujhse...


here' the song's lyrics.....enjoy!-



ronitfan IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 November 2004 at 8:47am | IP Logged
hi everyone.....
> yesterday's dhoom machale show was TERRIFIC.....that is....to say
> least..!ronit roy n smriti irani were the ideal hosts for yesterday!
> honest!their chemistry is very natural! i think they r not given ANY
> good scenes for themselves in kyunki....what a pity! neways...read
> it started off with a preppy title track of dhoom machale..then we
> had baa and savita standing in front of the idol of goddess
> durga...and then entered mihir and savita....mihir dressed to kill
> a dark blue sherwani with fine work done on it....and tulsi also
> looking good in a dark yellow sari with lots of jewellery and make-
> up...(i think v r used to it!!!haha!)
> then baa,savita,tulsi and mihir do a very short pooja after which
> tulsi and mihir take the announcer's podium which was decorated with
> flowers. then they show the prizes which today's winners r gonna
> the prizes were Electrolux items.then mihir calls upon the best
> father of indian televison-Om Agarwal with his sweet daughter Shruti
> Agarwal.Om was suitably dressed for the occasion with a white kurta-
> pyjama with red thread-work....Shruti was looking pretty in a golden
> ghagra-choli...
> and then tulsi said-"aur ab hum aapke dost...un logon ko bulane wale
> hain jo aapke dushman hain...aaiye...SD aur ambika"
> Om- to tum log yaha bhi aa gaye huh?
> SD- (with a smile..) tu jaha jaha rahega....mera saaya saath hoga...
> Om- humse bhale hi purane zamane mein jeet-te aaye ho...par yaha
> jeetoge...
> Shruti- haan papa...kyunki hamesha jhoot nahi....sach jeet-ta
> hain...right?
> then tulsi interferes and tells them not to fight like this as they
> have to fight out in a game....she explains the game....both the
> teams will get "phuljhadiyaan" and they have to light as
> many "deep"/earthen lamps as they can in a minute...
> Ambika- kyoon shruti....yeh to tum hi jeetogi na? hamare ghar to aag
> laga hi chuki ho....yeh koi badi baat nahi hogi!
> Shruti- Mummy ji aap kabhi nahi sudhrengi....deep jalana aapke bas
> baat nahi hain..
> and then they start the competetion and light the lamps...after 1
> minute mihir stops all of them....he and tulsi count the lamps lit
> the Agarwals and the Doshis resp. the Agarwals won by 45 lamps to 35
> lamps by the doshis. mihir and tulsi congratulates the winners and
> tell them to take their position....SD and Ambika are thanked 4
> coming and they leave.
> then there's a performance by ganga where she sings "jab koi baat
> bigad jaye". she really did sing it well and also was looking very
> pretty.
> afterwards there was a boys v/s girls competition where mihir called
> on his boys---rishi and varun and tulsi called on her girls---
> shivangi and someone else....do forgive me...i forgot who!
> anyways there was a tug-of-war compititon where first the girls were
> gonna win but the boys finally won after giving a HUGE tug.
> the girls were congratulated and they left....the boys were
> to take up the victors' positon with Om and Shruti.
> then...this was a very good segment..
> mihir- ab aaiye hum bulate hain one of india's most lovable
> couple....in this love-special contest.....plz welcome anurag and
> prerna from kasautii zindagi kay!
> tulsi--(hushing him up) mihir! dheere bolo nahi to mr.bajaj sun
> mihir- mr.bajaj!oh haan!in dono ne badi kasautii lee hain mr.bajaj
> ki...bachare bus aasoo bahate rehte hain..
> tulsi- main hoon na!
> mihir- sach!?....
> he stares lovingly into tulsi's eyes when she reminds him to welcome
> the guests.anurag and prerna come together. mihir...or rather bajaj
> holds prerna's hands and gives her a soft kiss on her cheek....and
> then later hugs anurag...tulsi follows suit with prerna and anurag.
> bajaj looks at prerna and says-yehi to hain woh chehra jis par poora
> hindustan marta hain...(tulsi clears her throat)...arre
> (pointing to tulsi)..yehi to hain woh chehra jis pe poora hindustan
> marta hain!haha!
> then they also call rudra and kesar....from kesar.
> the round is that anurag and rudra..have to carry prerna and kesar
> resp...and get the heart-shaped ballon as soon as possible.....the
> ballon was tied up a flight of stairs....
> tulsi interrupts him.....-mihir....mujhe woh chahiye...please!
> mihir- kaisi baate kar rahi ho tulsi....mera dil to kitne saalo se
> tumhare hi paas hain...
> tulsi- mihir....pleeeeaaasseee!
> mihir- achcha theek hain.....
> he's about to lift tulsi when rudra says-"sir ji!! hamara number kab
> aayega"
> and then-
> mihir- saved by the bell...sorry! saved by rudra!!! thank u rudra!
> aur chaliye hum yeh round shuru karte hain....ready?
> prerna- par mr.bajaj?
> mihir- mr.bajaj? yaha? kaha? main hoon mihir virani....haan aur yeh
> hain...tulsi virani. chaliye...on your mark!set!go!!!
> anurag and rudra lift their partners and run...anurag and prerna
> tulsi thanks the kesar couple for being such gr8 sports and bids
> good-bye and then turns to mihir--
> agar hum koshish karte na mihir....to hum zaroor jeet jaate!
> mihir- tumhe uthana mere bas mein to kya....kisi ke bas mein nahi
> hain tulsi...
> tulsi- Kya??
> mihir- kuch nahi tulsi!! arre tumhe utha ke to main meelo bhag sakta
> hoon...
> he then congratulates anurag and prerna and tells them to take their
> place.
> continued in next report.....
> watch this space for aryan-karma.....gomzy-CJ....sujal-
> kashish...indro-komo.....kamal-payal and  sahil-ganga!
Ronit IF-Dazzler

Joined: 14 October 2004
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Posted: 08 November 2004 at 3:30am | IP Logged
yarr he was looking soooo good that i wanted to kiss himmEmbarrassed
pmahesh Goldie

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Posted: 08 November 2004 at 4:03am | IP Logged


Really nice lyrics, when one reads it, it really seems so cute.

He is looking in the picture and looked great in the show.



iflover4eva Senior Member

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Posted: 21 May 2006 at 10:50am | IP Logged
nice lyric...
.Prometheus. IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 21 May 2006 at 11:01am | IP Logged
okay this is a very old post who dug this up

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