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||Farewell Kya Huaa Tera Vaada Team||

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[Logo credit: Tumhari_Khushi]

For bidding

Hola dear members. Never realized that we will be bidding farewell to this show so fast Cry

But never mind all good things comes to an end. So why not give a grand Farewell for our show? After all, we have many fav. moments / couples (either it be MoNeet / MoTin / ViBu Day Dreaming) related with this show ri8? Wink

So guys, please join in  for giving a grand Farewell to our Show

"Kya Huaa Tera Vaada"

and wishing "Good luck to the entire Cast and CrewClap
Thumbs Up

With Best wishes

Tata Bye Bye

From Ravzz & her Chota Sena (Swetha, Tanu n Madhu)


Ok ok. This is my bak bak actually in the name of note LOL
TongueEmbarrassed Sorry for this simple (ya stupid Stern Smile) thread. i didn't prepare anything for this as i was inactive for couple of days Ermm

and I'm very bad at bidding farewell to someone or something LOL (who will like to bid bye for ever ri8? Wink) anyways hope the thread is atleast ok. So drop in ur valuable wishes to the team Big smile

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Cast of the Show

The show has got some good actors and specially the return of Mona Singh for which many of us had hopes for this show and also for seeing Mona again in daily shows after 7 yrs.

The show has taken 10yrs if leap in the month of December, 2012. Let's see the Cast of the Show before and after leap... Smile

After Leap

Mona Singh as Mona Jatin Chopra - Jatin's wife;

(Ex. Mrs. Pradeep Singh)

Sargun Mehta as Bulbul Pradeep Singh - Mona and Pradeep's elder daughter.

Siddhi Karwa as Rano Pradeep Singh - Mona and Pradeep's younger daughter.

Yatin Mehta as Rajbir Pradeep Singh - Mona and Pradeep's son.

Apara Mehta as Suhasi Alok Singh - Pradeep's mother and Mona's mother-in-law.

Bhuvan Chopra as Alok Singh - Pradeep's father and Mona's father-in-law.

Ibrar Yakub as Manoj Alok Singh - Pradeep's younger brother.

Ekta Saraiya as Mallika Manoj Singh - Pradeep's sister-in-law and Manoj's wife.

Alka Amin as Mrs. Singh - Mona's Mother.

Raunaq Ahuja as Tarun Sarkar - Anushka's adoptive brother and Taani's husband.

Priya Chauhan as Taani Tarun Sarkar - Pradeep's younger sister and Tarun's wife.

Deepak Qazir Kejriwal as Balbir Bhalla - Anushka's present husband.

Mauli Ganguly as Anushka Balbir Bhalla - Pradeep's ex-girlfriend and Balbir Bhalla's wife.

Neelam Sivia as Anika Pradeep Singh - Anushka and Pradeep's daughter.

Sanjay Nath as Harsh Ruea - Vihaan's father.

Mohit Malhotra as Vihaan Harsh Ruea - Anika's ex lover.

Lily Patel as Daadi - Mom of Harsh Ruea n Daadi of Vihaan

Hiten Tejwani as Jatin Chopra - Mona's admirer and Vihaan's uncle

Before Leap - Old Cast & Cameo Roles

Pawan Shankar as Pradeep Alok Singh - Husband of Mona and boyfriend of Anushka (Dead).

Khushbu Takkar as Bitto - cousin of Mona.

Suyash Kumar as Kukreja - Immediate Boss of Pradeep.

Suyash Kumar

Buddhaditya Mohanty as Surinder Suri - Pammi's husband and Pradeep's best friend.

Delnaaz Irani as Pammi Surinder Suri - Mona's best friend and Surinder's wife.

Nandini Sen as Devashree Sarkar - Anushka & Tarun's mother.

Chetan Hansraj as Shaurya Mitra - Anushka's ex-husband (Dead).

Darshan Pandya as Vineet Raizada - Anushka's friend & Mona's ex-finacee

Maneka lalwani as Priyali Vineet Raizada - Vineet's wife (Dead).

Maneka Lalwani

Farida Dadi as Smriti Raizada - Vineet's grandmother.

Gajendra Chouhan as Mr. Chopra - Jatin's father.

Gajendra Chauhan

Prachiti Mishra as Mrs. Chopra - Jatin's mother.

Karam Rajpal as Madhav Chawla - Taani's ex-boyfriend.

Jia Mustafa as Jia Khurana - Taani's best friend.

Karuna Varma as Mrs. Bhagat - Acquaintance of Anushka. (Dead)

Karuna Verma

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Summary of the Story

Kya Hua Tera Vaada is the story of Pradeep and Mona Singh, a young couple who live in Mumbai with their three children. Between all their work they try their best to find time for each other. But every time, their children, is what creates a wedge between them. The plot revolves around their lives twelve years after their marriage.

The wedge between the couple is defined when Pradeep starts an affair with Anushka, his old college friend whom he had been in love with before agreeing to an arranged marriage with Mona. When the affair is revealed, Pradeep leaves Mona and moves in with Anushka, filing for divorce from Mona. Thus begins Mona's battle for her own identity and her children to show Pradeep and Anushka that she is more than just a mere housewife.

Finally Mona gets a job in Vineet's company, who has joined hands with Anushka's company. As time passes Mona proves herself and becomes the vice-president of the company along with Anushka. In all this time Pradeep realizes his love for Mona and thinks of giving a second chance to their marriage but they cannot.

Vineet falls in love with Mona and expresses his desire to marry her. But Mona is not ready for it. Soon, Mona and Pradeep's divorce procedure starts. Mona's father-in-law gets a heart attack and makes Mona and Vineet promise that they will get married. Pradeep hears this and asks Anushka to marry him.

Meanwhile Anushka's old husband, Shaurya Mitra comes back pretending to be her cousin brother, and later he blackmails her for money. Anushka tries to steal money from the company locker but fails. Finally, she steals the money Pradeep's father had arranged for Mona's wedding. But when she is caught, she blames Shaurya for stealing the money.

Anushka then sells a property as she has to give him 1 crore and get their marriage certificate back from him. But Shaurya has a second copy and he plans to give that to Pradeep. Anushka finds it out and gets into a fight with him and eventually killing him. Same time Pradeep comes into the murder place and the police accuse him to be the murderer. The same night Mona and Vineet's wedding is to be held, but Mona getting the news tell the police that last night Pradeep was with her and he is not to be accused and she saves him. Pradeep also tells Anushka that he will no more marry her as she is least bothered about him, he is just a fantasy for her.

In a crossover episode of Kya Huaa tera Vaada and Bade Acche Lagte Hain (another Ekta Kapoor series), a party is organized by Ram Kapoor and Rajat Kapur. In the party, Anushka first points gun at Priya Kapoor (played by Sakshi Tanwar) and Ram Kapoor gets shot in an attempt to save Priya. After that when Anushka tries shoot Mona, Pradeep comes in between to save her and is shot. Both Ram Kapoor and Pradeep are admitted in the hospital and are critical. Priya and Mona are together praying for their husbands. Ultimately Ram Kapoor is saved and Pradeep dies. Now, the story takes a ten years leap.

Ten Years Later

The Story moves forward, The kids of Mona & Anushka grows. Mona's daughter Bulbul is same like her, sweet, simple, caring and selfless. Now it is Bulbul's turn to get married, but Bulbul doesn't trust any man anymore because of the experience her mother went through 10 years ago. Mona then decides to make Bulbul meet a guy at the 5th anniversary of her restaurant.

Bulbul and the guy, Ajay, start to go out. But, Bulbul's mind is elsewhere, she gets a chance to visit the local jail. There she plans on meeting Anushka, but finds out that she has been taken out of the jail 5 years ago. Bulbul gets upset and the story goes to Anushka, who is currently residing in Australia. Anushka gets married to the richest man in Australia, Balbir Bhalla.

On their wedding night, Anushka keeps on begging Balbir to buy her Mona's restaurant. But, Balbir reminds her that he has taken Anushka out of jail on one condition, which is not to mess around with Mona's life. Mona then finds out that Ajay was actually using Bulbul for revenge because Bulbul had opened up his friend's dark secrets.

Bulbul's boss gets bribed and terminates Bulbul from the job against the co-operator whom she had exposed earlier. Anushka finally buys Mona's restaurant. Mona is really happy that the new owner Mrs Bhalla is Punjabi. Soon Anushka doubles the rent of the restaurant. When Mona finds out about Bulbul losing her job, she meets the owner of the company, who coincidentally is Jatin(Mona's Admirer).

Vihaan's dad wants him to go and settle in Mumbai, so he proposes Anika. Rajbeer gets scholarship for Australia. At the same time Anushka's family and Vihaans family come to India. Rajbeer gets to know about Anushka's visit and he keeps his mouth shut in front of his family.

Next day Bulbul gets promotion from her boss Jatin as for that Jatin gives Bulbul to shoot the marriage of Vihaan and Anika. When Bulbul reaches the marriage hall she forgets the camera battery and then Mona comes to the hall to give the battery where Anushka sees Mona and Bulbul together. Anika was supposed to go to the Mandir but instead goes to a Disco. Vihaan finds her in the disco dancing with someone else. He gets depressed.

Finally Bulbul and Vihaan meet.anushka comes to know about ruia's bankcrupcy. then she tries to convince anika about breaking the marriage. anika comes back after getting away from marriage venue and breaks her marriage with Vihaan. Balbir gets heart stroke n as per his will, Mona also gets the share n the restaurant will be her's for ever. Vihaan starts his career as a low level employee n under Bulbul.

Meanwhile, Anushka confronts her husband who wants her to go back to Australia and yells at him, telling him she married him just for his money. He has a heart attack and gets admitted in the hospital. Anushka gets furious to know that the restaurant is still in Mona's name and vows to keep him alive, in order to not lose the restaurant. She comes face to face with Mona. The story proceeds with Anushka's rudeness to Mona. A new understanding develops between Vihaan and Bulbul.

Anushka organises a party and tells Mona to serve food to everybody, like a waiter. Anushka, in front of everyone calls Pradeep her husband, which makes Mona furious. She tells Anushka that Pradeep was only her husband and father of her children only. Hearing this, Anushka reveals the truth that Anika is Pradeep's daughter. This truth sends Mona into a shock. This truth is later revealed by Mona to Bulbul.

Anushka sends Anika's birth certificate to Mona's house. Rano plans to get Bulbul and Vihaan together. She sends both of them to the reunion party where Vihaan once again meets Anushka. Also, Vihaan's best friend Myra comes from Sydney and Bulbul gets jealous on seeing Vihaan and Myra together.

Rajbeer tries to jump off the terrace as he lost the scholarship to Australia and has come back. Jatin saves Rajbeer and reprimands him for trying to commit suicide. Rano gives redevelopment papers to Mona, asks her to sign it, and reveals that she works for Anushka now.

Jatin decides to announce Vihaan as chairperson of the company, and does so in front of everyone.because of this lie of vihaan, bulbul gets angry and they start quarreling.

Here mona get to know that the rajbir's collage scandal happen because anushka and now with the help of jatin and vihaan she telecasts this in news.anushka wants revenge now so she creates a scene for which jatin says he will marry mona, Anushka's plan fails. Rano dont agree with this marriage and leaves mona's house and shifts to anushka. rano makes rajbeer to refuse to accept mona and jatin's marriage.mona decides to call off her marriage with Jatin. Jatin invites mona's family to holi party in which anushka tries to woo jatin to create misunderstandings between them. Bulbul is still angry with vihaan and quarrels with him because of misunderstanding, like not listening to the voice mail he left her, vihaan angrily says that he hates her and that he does not want to see her again. After hearing this, Mona tells bulbul that everyone is not like Anushka so she shouldn't treat everyone as untrustworthy. Then Jatin in front of everyone, implies sindoor on Mona's head. Anushka is furious seeing mona happy.

Anushka sets mona's restaurant on fire to take revenge and then unfortunately Vihaan falls under a beam of fire, while Jatin saves Mona. Vihaan was saving Jatin from falling under the beam and instead he fell. Vihaan is kept under the eyes of the doctors and nurses there. When Bulbul finds out about who saved Mona's life, she starts to thank Vihaan and admits how much she loves him. And how much he means to her. Vihaan overhears and admits his feelings too. Vihaan's heartbeat increases and he falls asleep. In panic, Bulbul calls the doctors.

Hearing on the news that Vihaan was seriously injuried, Anika reaches the hospital and visits Vihaan. Vihaan, still thinking that Bulbul is by his side, says that he needs her to stay next to him in the hospital and says how much he loves her. Anika feels guilty about what she had done to Vihaan and promises to Vihaan that she will always remain by Vihaan's side.

Jatin vists Mona and she wakes up to see that Jatin is in the room. Mona tries to thank Jatin for his bravery, but fails because Jatin says that she doesn't need to say thank you for saving her life. Mona later asks about Rajbir and Rano. Jatin says that they are waiting outside.then jatin asks mona to trust him and then jatin gives a big lecture to rano then rano understands that anushka is the main culprit there.

Bulbul take cares of vihaan she sees the soup was too hot and then bulbul scolds the chef for that. She helps vihaan to drink the soup . Then mona understands that they like each other. and bulbul admits that too. and then the story moves on.

Anushka reveals a shocking truth to Anika about her birth. Anika shocked by anushka's truth leaves anushka's house and shifts to mona. Vihaan calls bulbul to meet him. Bulbul is getting ready while anika is sitting in the room. Anika also is getting ready to meet Vihaan.

Alok arrives at Anushka's house and tells her that mona has thrown him out of the house. anushka happy to see him and thinks that mona will be defeated as her biggest supporting system her father-in-law has thrown out by her. alok asks rajbeer that how was his acting and meets rano. Rano apologises for hurtng mona and all. they decide to stay together.

vihaan waits outside while anika and bulbul are coming to meet him.Anika suddenly hugs vihaan and and admits that she missed him so much.Bulbul sees that and is shattered. She thinks that Vihaan still loves Anika. Vihaan tells Anika that he doesn't love her and that he loves someone else. Later Anika tells Bulbul that Vihaan said that he loves someone else.

Anushka tells Anika the truth about Pradeep being her father. She at first doesn't believe it but after she comes to know that Bulbul is the one Vihaan loves she goes back with Anushka. Bulbul tells Vihaan that if he ever loved or respected her he should go away from her life.

Jatin tells Vihaan to act as if he is going to marry someone else. Jatin and Mona also help him in the plan. Bulbul get jealous. Bulbul overhears Vihaan's 'to-be-wife' (Binita) talking on the phone saying that she's only getting married to Vihaan for his money. She tells Mona and Jatin about it but they don't believe her. On Vihaan and Binita's engagement Bulbul tells everyone that Binita is getting married to Vihaan for his money. She even says that she still loves Vihaan and that she wants to get married to him. Vihaan says that Binita is an actress and that it was all his plan.

Bulbul and Vihaan later spend some romantic moments togheter where he proposes to her. Before agreeing she calls up Rano asking for advice. Bulbul decides to agree. Rano tells Anushka and Anika about Bulbul and Vihaan's wedding which shocks her. Anika gets jealous and she pretends that she is going to kill herself. Anushka and Anika tell a lie to Rano about how Vihaan is a drug addict and how abusive he is.

Rano doesn't believe them so she tells them that she will prove to her sister what a bad person Vihaan is so she takes Anika's camcorder. While playing around with the camcorder Rano presses the record button and she records that she knows that Anushka is a bad person and that she is pretending so that she can ruin Anushka. A servant comes and gives Anika her camcorder back. While looking through her camcorder, Anika finds the recording that Rano had recorded. She shows it to Anushka and Anushka decides to take revenge on Rano.

On Vihaan and Bulbul's mehndi Anushka sends Rano to give an order to some deserted place. Rohan(rano's ex- boyfriend) arrives there and tries to kiss her and Rano pushes him and he falls down from the buliding. Anushka arrives there and tells Rano that Rohan is dead.Rano returns to Mona's house whre Rajbeer is waiting for her.

Rano kills her friend - Vihaan and Bulbul hav decided to skip the engagement ceremony and get married as soon as possible.Meanwhile, Rano has accidentally killed her friend & on Anushka's advice rushes to her sister's engagement ceremony while she (Anushka) disposes of his body.

Anika confronts Vihaan - Both Anushka & Anika have decided to create ell in the lives of Mona and her family.Anika pays a surpirise visit to Vihaan at his house & has something to show him. Vihaan cant stand the sight of her and wants her to leave.

Its Bulbul & Vihaan's wedding day & everyone is eagerly waiting for the baaraat to arrive. But when they do, Vihaan is nowhere to be found.Everyone, including his own father and grandmother are searching for him hysterically .He finally arrives at the wedding venue with the huge shock & nightmare for Bulbul & her family.

Vihaan, Bulbul & Anika's grah pravesh - Anika has forcibly married Vihaan . His family refuses to accept her, but Anushka has come prepared for her daughter's Griha Pravesh. Just as she is about to enter, Bulbul arrives & forces her own griha pravesh, just to get back at Anika & Anushka.Vihaan later confronts Anika about her actions & how their's would never be a real marriage.

Bulbul fights for her love - Anika may have force Vihaan to marry her, but cannot force him to love her.While the situation is still awkward for the two of them, mentally they are both willing to let go & sort it out. Meanwhile, Mona goes over to Bulbul's room to comfort her but sees that she is nowhere to be found & goes running to her father-in-law, who tells her that he had sent her to Amritsar to live with her grandmother so she could get over this trauma, clueless that she has actually gone over to Vihaan's house to fight for her love.

Rano & Jatin's discovery - Things may be awkward between Bulbul & Vihaan, but they have built a united front against Anika. Collectively, they are down everything in they can to cast her out. Meanwhile, Jatin & Rano visit the police station to see if her friend 'Rohan's ' body has been claimed, but discover that the police hasnt found his body at all.

Rano reveals shocking truth to Bulbul - Jaitn shocked to see Bulbul in the city as she was supposed to be in Amritsar. Dadi reminds Vihaan about Pagphere ki Rasam. Bulbul gets to know about Rano's horrifying incident. Bulbul and Vihaan decide to fight together.

Mona slaps Rano - Anushka reveals a shocking truth to Mona about Bulbul who is not present in Amritsar. Mona suffers from a severe mental shock as she gets to know a shocking truth about Rano. Jatin stands in support of Rano.

Anika & Vihaan's romantic evening - Mona fumes in anger as Jatin did not reveal the truth to Mona about Rano and Bulbul. Jogi tries to figure out Anika's plan. Anika tries to get romantic with Vihaan in his room. Mona decides to file a police complaint against Rano.

Rano is proven innocent - After Rano confesses to Mona about Rohan's death, Mona takes her over to the police to turn her own daughter in, However, the police tell them that the body found was not Rohan's but that of a much older man. She breathes a sigh of relief & they all realize that Rohan may still be alive.

Rano & Jatin visit Rohan's house - Rano & Jatin are hot on Rohan's trail & visit hsi appartment to catch hold of him. They chance upon some shocking revelations that confirm Anushka's involvement in the whole conspiracy. Meanwhile, Mona is in Vihaan's home, completely against Bulbul's plan & makes her dislike for it very clear.

Anika attempts suicide - Anika is exhausted with the power-play that her mother has put her through & the lie that her marriage to Vihaan is. She attempts suicide by gulping down a bottle of poison. Anika out of danger. Anushka informs that she will file case against Vihaan n all. but Anika doesn't wanna talk to her. She apologize to Mona. Bulbul decides to leave vihaan for ever.

Anika confronts that Mona is the best mom n wishes to be her daughter. She then asks Mona to forgive Anushka. Mona withdraws the case against Anushka n forgives her. Anika gives divorce papers to Vihaan. After few days, all set for vihaan n Bulbul's wedding. Jogi n Anika confronts their feelings for each other.

vibu's gr8 wedding takes place and Jogi n Anika gets everyones approval. Anushka wishes everyone n decides to leave to Australia with Balbir. She also wishes Anika. A fun filled moments btw Jogi n rest of the family. Everyone greets ViBu. Thus Mona thanks Pradeep for supporting her til now n hope she fulfills other responsibilities as well.

***The END***

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Credits for the Farewell text banner - Ridzzi Hug
Glitters n blinkies - glitter graphics
Text layout - Swetha i.e me Embarrassed
Summary of the Story - Wiki Baba & Yutube Baba TongueLOL

Thank u all Hug Please do join me in wishing & bidding farewell to the team of the show. SmileEmbarrassed

Acha toh hum chalthe hain. Phir Milte rahenge Wink (apologies if my hindi sucks LOL)

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Okies Guys!! Please join in Big smile

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It's the first time , am attending a farewell Smile

Watched KHTV only after leap , that too specifically for ViBu Wink

A good and memorable journey Smile

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Beautiful post Swets:)

Farewell KHTV, you will be missed! Especially ViBul couple and chemistry!


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Awesome work with the FW thread, SwethaStar

I have only seen few of the ViBu scene, otherwise no clue about the show. 

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