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Channel V Dil Dosti Dance

Dil yeh dhadakta hai,vrushi vrushi kehta hai^_^

swaronswaron IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 May 2013 at 12:37am | IP Logged
Vrushi once again bowled us with her performance last night much improvement within a matter of months? Isnt she proving that she is no  less than any other actor at such a  young age? That is the reason I adore her Embarrassed  
Well, this girl has EARNED her fans ...Impressing an already establised fanbase is not an easy task coz there are always chances  of  comparisions and getting bashed ..Impressing a passionate  fanbase that has merely waited for a confession for 2 years is a task ..Swaron fans have never been blind..I remember the times they used to criticise sharon for behaviour yet loved her character so much Embarrassed  The understanding and depth that we have of our favs is commendable ClapClap Swaronians you rock Star  That is what makes us love sharon and swayam both equally..Swaron are incomplete without each other ..D3 is incomplete without Sharon, the diva..Her charcter is irreplacable..noone can EVER take her place Star  Kria and Sharon were the only two strong charcters I could relate with.. Kria nahi hoti toh kaafi kuch  possible nahi hota story mein Smile

Frankly, Shakti and her dance was something that got me hooked  to the show..I was so excited about the first  dance-based show which had Shakti as the lead...Well, I have always maintained that Shakti is and will remain the BEST DANCER of  D3 Star..Although, I was never a kriyansh fan I loved the dance sequences performed by Arsha.. woa? they were perfectStar,...Dance and shakti were the reasons that got me hooked to the show ..I wont say that I miss her coz I was always a swaron fan and her quitting  the show  didnt affect  me much  . But .Im happy for her and hope she reaches new heightsStar...Thanks to Shakti ..I  noticed swaron Day Dreaming  I have never come across such a unique and  beautiful love story Embarrassed  Everything from the characterisations to the dances...loved evry phase of the love story...the concept of a dancing couple was something new in India ...the script was so interesting and the mind-blowing acting was  a bonus..

For me swaron and the storyline was the priority and my displeasure with the same made me quit the show in  august ..Sleepy I wasnt a regular viewer and watched D3 only for dance StarStar I  was no more an addict and watched it just for the amazing dances Embarrassed...
Then I came across  sharon's comeback video ...woahDay Dreaming Day Dreaming it was magical...pehla nasha was back ..i was still in double minds..i really didnt know if I could accept the new girl ..also, i had already lost interest in swaron till then Dead..I watched D3 only for danceEmbarrassed  I knew she wont be as good coz she is  new ..all I was expecting was a FAB  dancer opposite swayam Embarrassed I dared to watch her in her 1 st episode..well, the yaadein performance aired on day3 , i think  .and . I SO KNEW SRP IS BACKStarStarStar

so was i back as a swaron fan since the 3rd day of her arrival , morever a Vrushi fan  ..she surpassed all our expectations ShockedShockedShocked
She proved me wrong by her dancing skills..also, if one notices properly, yaadein also required some  good acting skills as it potrayed sharon's journey ..her underlying intense  emotions for swayam..she did a wonderful job...I feel so bad coz  I thought nothing of her before her scenes started getting aired  but she earned her fans rightfully Clap   vrushi's constant hardwork and improvement has made me love her Embarrassed  well, dancing ki baat chodo..even palki maam accepted how strong a dancer she isCool...the best part is that she a quick learner and grasps so well, as mentioned by tannu himselfStar     she makes all the scenes so graceful with her mere presence ..even the passionate dance sequences are so magical n graceful..ClapClapEmbarrassed one can feel the intensity, love , passion swaron share...Vrushan share an amazing chemistry...Swaron played by vrushan come across as  a young , adorable,cute yet hot college going couple in love..their chemistry is so natural

Vrushi, hats off girl..its amazing to see you form an individual identity amd earn fans' love with your adorable nature and mind-blowing performances Clap  The fact is that most swaron fans are vrushika fans too..they individually love both tannu and vrushi..oh how much we love vrushan?...ivs make up for the lack of progress in storyline Star lol..swaron fans ivs se bhi itna khush hote hain Star

It's heart-touching to know that vrushi has SO MANY fans which she has earned within a  matter of 3-4 months Shocked, all coz of her hardwork ..I so wish, she had joined social-networking sites to interact with fans coz fans are always desperate to know more abt her n hence ask palki mam n the others to let her speak in her ivs..we so love her Star Nevertheless, she is so popular inspite of being inactive ...well, stay the way you are, vrushi  coz we ALL love you ,shantannu n swaron  Star

Last but not the least, thank you palki mam for giving us vrushika as sharon ..there could have never been anyone who could play sharon better after sneha left
Love vrushi and vrushan wala swaronStar
so vrushi lovers, please share your views Star

NOTE: I hope fans are aware of the forum rulesEmbarrassed
           Please comment keeping in mind the forum rules Embarrassed

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_Deepika_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 May 2013 at 12:39am | IP Logged

AMAZING POST dearHug..a tight hug for u ...u r an awesome post makerEmbarrassed

U voice the emotions of every SwaronianSmileClapClap
Coming to the post...Dil ye dhadakta..Vrushi..Vrushi kehta couldn't get better than thisSmileEmbarrassed
She came ...she worked..she conquered HeartsHeartHeartHeartHeart
We all were skeptical about the new person who is going to play Sharon Raiprakash...a girl with a beautiful face...sweet smile and cute antics showed up in the IV...we thought of giving her a chance...

Personally i gave a chnace to D3 for Shantanu..he was my sole reason for watching show after 4-5 months gap...i saw the 1st promo...a girl in while...tannu with his hypnotic smile and Pehla nasha...CVs knew how to get back Swaron fans...

1st day...was nothing much to was average..she looked pretty ...beautiful face..pretty eyes...

2nd day..the scene with Tannu..where she had to change her expressions...she had to show her pain as well as be rude to the love of her life...many people thought she is not good..i really liked her was awesome 1st attempt by a new comer..

3rd day...Yaadein came and it gave us the DREAM SWARON...we got to see Sharon's pain ...we could see sharon's tears in Vrushika's eyes...she danced her way to all Swaronians hearts...

Be it khamkha or Maula ...she was brilliant...and about acting...she is improving ...every day ..every scene I can see her sharpening her acting skills...

She gave a new SRP...the softened version still she is the DIVA...

About Vrushan chemistry ...they are just AMAZING...they portray the PURE & DIVINE love of SwaRon...

I so agree with you..she has EARNED her fans...

A Swaron fan...forever Smile


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cscs IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 May 2013 at 12:43am | IP Logged bacchiAngry
akansha..i loveee uuu fr dis postHug
a very well written post..
i will start wid my swaron journey..i also started d3 bcz of hooked up to swaron..
n it was tanhayye sequence wid which i bcm a d3 n swaron addict...
swaron has always been unique luv story..n dis was d 1st tym i actually fall fr any reel lyf luv story..dis is swaron charm...
aftr trial relationship i feel tht d essence of swaron was missing..i tried n tried bt addiction was getting lost..thn sk exit..n iwas lyk..yar swaron is gone..Cry
bt vrushi gv lyf to our swaron 1nc again...sheactually shwd us a new side of sharon..frm day 1 she has been impressive..n its nt at all easy to play such a difficult charactern tht too at such a crucial vrushi accepted d challange...n she has been living to ous expectations till nw...
ist day..her entry was gud..diva who is in luv..nxt day her scenes wid swayam n nostalagic scene..both were amazing..whn sharon was remembering her past scenes i was getting nostaligic as if i was witnessing swaron journey frm starting..
thn her yaadein dance..she actually shutted every1 mouth dere.. n iwas lyk..yar dis girl can dance act n luk beautiful..she is our SRP..
frm thn till nw she has proved herself in every situation..khamakha..she was fragile yet strong sharon..manbasiyo..a determined sharon..n MAULA MERE MAULA...a perfect DANCE fr perfect potrayed d feeling of both sharon n swayam so aptly..those who knw wht dance was alll about can surely understand its was a perfectly emoted n performed dance fr d dance lovers..
nw cmng to vrushika..she is nt only khubsoorat, gr8 dancer, gud a very sweet simple dwn to earth girl..wid whom 1 can easily relate 1 can say tht she is new to dis industry..i hv nvr really bothered abt any real lyf couple..i hv admired dem or liked dem...
bt in case of vrushan..i luv demm..seeing dere ivs makes me all charged up n i forgot all my tensions...vrushan is definately magic..Smile
n abt swaron fan base..u r rht..v r nt easily pleased..n if vrushi s lovd by us..thn boss dis girl is definately a rockstarStar
thank u palki mam fr gvng us vrushika n swaron..Smile
ps- dis is my longest comment on IFCool
ps- thanx r d note..i knw vo mere liye thaEmbarrassed

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swathi_swaron IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 18 April 2012
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Posted: 21 May 2013 at 12:53am | IP Logged

Amazing post Akanksha...

My D3 journey also started with Arsha Only...I always love the dance performances of Shakti in DID and and Khuda Jaane is a peformance where i became then fan of Arsha...I gave a try to D3 just because of Arsha...But i never knew that Arsha can gift me such a beautiful and unique love story - SwaRon...

I was unable to connect to their love story of KR but i really loved the character of kria played by Shakthi...KRIA and SHARON, the two strongest characters of D3...I always love to watch the KriSha scenes, their fights, tutu mein mein sab kuch...

Kria ke jaane ke baad abhi takh SHARON ke saamne kade hokar, usse takkar dhene wali character D3 mein koi aaye hi nahi aur kabhi aayenge bhi nahi...

I always love the SwaRon for their unique love story...but frankly speaking the charm of SS has decreased after the trial relationship...whatever may be the reason for that it should be accepted...

After SK's exit, i was left with very few hopes regarding the new sharon, but this Mehta girl dint gave any chance for me not accepting her as my new Sharon...

Introducing a new character is always easy to be accepted then a replacement...But Vrushika proved us wrong...

We accepted Vrushika not because we are left with no choice then to accept her...but we accepted her because SHE DESERVES TO BE ACCEPTED

She brought our SS back that too the PASSIONATE SS which was lost somewhere in D3...

I was literally surprised by the Yaadein sequence...

WOW girl, what a splendid performance...she just nailed it and i confirmed myself saying that yes THIS IS MY NEW SHARON

She had put so much hard work to improve herself in acting, her modulation, dialouge delivery, which is visible on the screen now...

I always doubt that is that only 4 and 1/2 months she came to acting industry Shocked

Vrushika is not only hard working, but cute , sweet, down to earth...i always love to see her off screen interviews of is actually very relieving looking at vrushaan...

And yes, i am loving this VRUSHAAN wala SWARON 


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BhaviJas IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 May 2013 at 1:06am | IP Logged
me 5th...
well first of all a fab post u hav made for vrushii...Hug
nd i really hope vrushii see this post...i m sure vrushii must b realy happy after reading ur post...Smile
well about my journey well i dint watch the epi from starting but i saw the haye rama promo on tv n from tht promo i got attracted towards swaron...soo i was actually a swaron fan...
thn steadily i started watching d3 n became a huge swaron fan n i really love the chemistry of swaron...thn after august smthing was missing thn after tht news came tht sneha was leaving...i cried for 3 days n u knw wht i thought to quit d3...
thn i dint saw d3 for few mnths thn after comeback promo released i was happy but i dnt knw about the new girl thn interviews came n thn i was like NAI earlier vrushiii was not a good actor...the diva attitude was missing...which is my pov...thn steadily she improved n thn i got even more atracted towards my vrushan wala swaron...n nw i can proudly say tht i m a vrushan fan...well vrushan ke sath sath i m vrushii n tannu fan also...LUV THM A LOT NW...

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Angel-luvs-s IF-Rockerz

Joined: 13 February 2013
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Posted: 21 May 2013 at 1:30am | IP Logged
Awesome post akansha...okay so I was a big swaron fan since the beginning of you I also started watching because of amar and shakti but the kr story never fascinated me..(no offence kr fans) ..but I fell in love with swaron immediately...I loved the diva Sharon so much and her layers was something I have never seen before...then I became a taarey fan too when the swaron story story was going downhill...I also started loosing interest in swaron after a while...but then I saw the comeback promo came and I was so nervous about it..I didn't know if I could accept anyone else as Sharon...her role is something few people can play but I must say after yaadein i completely fell in love with vrushika...her innocence and attitude completely bowled me over...then from there there was no more looking back,..I really appreciate the way that she not maintained my interest In swaron but she reignited it and mapped it I am so in love with my d3 couples thank you vrushika Mehta 

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MrsChandlerBing IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 May 2013 at 1:33am | IP Logged
Res Smile

Amazing post di Embarrassed

When it comes to Kriya and sharon ..they were and r true divas of D3..and I'm too fan of shakti's dance That too from DID Embarrassed
Coming to Sharon ,her character is the most strong character of D3 ...whose presence can't be ignore Cool

Honestly I was disappointed by new sharon in her first scene BUT
After yaadein sequence my prospective totally changed ..
Vrush impressed me with her brilliant dancing skills ..and not only dancing but I was also pleasantly shocked Shocked
to see vrushan's chemistry Embarrassed

As you said it is not a easy task to impress such a passionate fanbase who r fully frustrated bcoz of lack in storyline despite of 2 yrs ...but vrushika is doing a commendable Job Cool
If we see her acting graph from day 1 till today it has made drastic changes (positive ones LOL).. This girl has improves a lot ..and it's truly because of her hard work and dedication Cool

Coming to her dance's truly awesome ...vrushan performances are always brilliant ...they give us intense and passionate swaron back (god knows dance ke baad Kya ho jaata hai LOL)..she is a versatile dancer Embarrassed

She has also earned fans in such a less span of time ..NO DOUBT its only bcoz of her efforts and hard work ..and she deserves all the support .Star
Thank you Vrushika for giving us vrushanSmile

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-.Spark.- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 May 2013 at 1:37am | IP Logged

Vrush has definitely improved by leaps and bounds. i remember the 1st time i saw her in her IV, she had impressed me quite a bit. She was looking pretty and her enthusiasm was what made me think SRP is back. but after watching the 1st episode, i thought she lacked something .         dont remember whether i can say it was dialogue delivery or her acting skills, but all i could say was she wasnt upto the mark. then caem the 3rd day where she did the yaadein sequence. and trsust me, she did a spendid job. The way she portrayed the feleings of Sharon, the grace she had in her dance, this was exactly what w all wanted to see. and there we had our SRP as well as our SS back! but it all didn't end there, these 4 months months have been an extremely pleasant journey for us SS fans, and thats only because of Vrushika. obviously we have been making demands for confessions but this time we are atlast getting  SS we wanted. so a big thank you to Cvs for giving us Vrushika as our Sharon. and regarding her acting skill, she has improved soo much and there is still so much left to explore in her. i just hope Cvs utilize her well now as we all can very well see what a girl she is!

and i still maintain, Shakti has been the best dancer D3 has had till date. And even started watching d3 because of kriyansh but in no time became a swaron fan. But still i always loved kriyansh and will as well. And also about Sneha, well she was the one who initially made me fall for swaron so for me, she is a big part of swaron till now an di will never be able to forget ehr, but yes in her presence i felt swaron scene getting dragged. so i have no regrets and im very happy and elate to accept vrushika as our new Sharon Raiprakash. 

PS - ure a very good topic opener. it was a very well written post. keep making such posts :)


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