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20/5:Dragon Club:AarYa's love journey will go on

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Welcome everyone to the Dragon Club, dedicated to the last official episode of Punar Vivah: Zindagi Milegi Dobara, starring the irreplacable, unmatchable Kratika Sengar and Gurmeet Choudhary!...

This Dragon Club thread will continue for the days to come till you guys want to discuss AarYa and PV1 here Embarrassed


AarYa and PV 1 part take for Monday Episode

Ok so I m suppose to do a take on today's AarYa scene and PV 1 episode but I feel so lost since Yash and Aarti  both r running some parallel story of PV 2 on two different parts of India ConfusedLOL...But will write down the scenes which I liked from AarYa story Smile

I m just happy that Ishita got a proper conclusion by getting arrested .. I m glad Yash stopped Ishita from comitting suicide which would hv been easy for her Thumbs Up.. I always wanted Ishita to suffer by staying alive and so going to Jail is the perfect conclusion that such a obsessive character can get Approve

Yash's stunt while saving Aayu from Ishita and her goons was amazing as usual since GC is a master when it comes to stunt and action ClapClapEmbarrassed .. Also I loved the way Yash gave another slap to Ishita and told her that this is not love but sheer madness Star... I m against physical violence but Ishita is a rare case and deserve all the slaps LOLLOL

I guess our hopes to see Aayu with AarYa will not come true since its clear from today's episode that Aayu will remain with PraDi only and CVs will just close that chapter here itself OuchOuch

My biggest grudge in all this is why CVs had to merge in AarYa with the new leads and characters of PV2 in this manner where Yash and Aarti r kept separate especially when viewers in last episode will always want to see their lead jodi together and not separate CryCry but instead we get Yash with Ishita first and then Yash's interaction with PV 2's lead whereas Aart there is busy attending the lead hero's wedding Ouch .. Its more like CVs r deliberately keeping AarYa separate in last episode of PV 1 so that viewers automatically detach themselves from PV 1 .. Is it ?? Ermm

Point I m trying to make here is after a year long AarYa journey , these characters and their story dont even get a proper ending but just a transition which leaves only bitter taste in everyone's mouth including the actors too since their tweets and also today Kratika's like on my  FB post regarding the politics played by PH and Channel says it all Smile

How many wanted to see AarYa holding Aayu and giving a pose to camera in last episode ?? be honest ?? Embarrassed.. But r we getting this ?? Nope Ouch .. This is where I do take bitter memories with me towards the end as a loyal PV 1 viewer and today seeing actors supporting the same bitterness with their silent like says it all Smile ..

I still  thank the PH for giving me AarYa and PV but I cannot turn a total blind eye to the politics that same PH and Channel hv played with all the actors and AarYa's storyline in the name of business Smile... A simple AarYa and Aayu together ending would not hv cost them much ..isn't it Smile

Last but not the least , let me say GC as Yash looked smoking hot in black suit and I did like his comparison of how big stars come from small towns only Smile...KS too looked gorgeous in her beautiful pink saree and I loved the way she along with Vidhi and others started reliving their moments in their Bhopal house Embarrassed..


AarYa and PV 1 part take for Final Tuesday Episode

AarYa telephone convo was supercute and finally we could see a AarYa kiss on phone at least WinkLOLTongue .. I just loved the way Yash kept saying ILU to Aarti on phone at least 3 times in a row and Aarti was planning to go to Disco with Yash ji for a night program ..woww ShockedShocked .. AarYa certainly hv come a long way not just as husband-wife but as lovers too WinkEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Last AarYa hug was truely precious .. that moment freezes with both hugging and yeh dil hai playing in background .. beautifull Day Dreaming,... I dint really bother listening to what they talk regarding PV 2 story LOL , my whole attention was just on GC-KS and how good they both look together on screen in that final hug  Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

It was not really a ideal ending for me because for me ideal ending would b AarYa and Ansh-PayPal and also Aayu together sharing a grp hug Embarrassed  since PV started not just with AarYa story but also with kids but its sad that in the end we dont see kids giving hugs to their parents CryCry... But neverthless I will make peace with the fact that AarYa r together and we get a happy ending ..Rest we can always assume that they will give a grp hug to the kids too same night WinkEmbarrassed...

So finally my journey with PV ends too Smile


Our last AarYa moment EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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My message for PV team and this lovely Forum Hug

Its been a wonderful 1 year journey with Punarvivah show as a viewer who started watching this show just as Gurmeet fan and wanted to follow him in his next show but once I started watching the show , not only I got hooked with the storyline and concept but also with rest of the fabulous actors in the show especially Kratika ClapClap...Today when the journey is coming to an end , I can proudly say that I am a Gurmeet and Kratika fan who have given me two of my most favourite characters Yash and Aarti which will forever remain with me in my memories and I am gonna cherish these memories of PV show and AarYa forever EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...

For me the most memorable part of Punarvivah was AarYa marriage and the Mumbai track which will always be special for me since AarYa and Gurika chemistry was at its peak that time and Mumbai track actually made me accept for the first time that woww AarYa can have a sizzling hot chemistry too especially when I saw their jai jai shiv shankar act and also the hum toh haare sequence EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Aayu's birth and all those super cute AarYa baby moments were also very special to me .. In fact every single AarYa scene in the show will be extra special for me and even after its end , I m gonna watch them all on youtube for sure especially those beautiful VMs made on AarYa Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming...

Apart from AarYa , I also got attached to all the 3 kids in the show ..that is Ansh and PayPal and also every single supporting cast from the show whether its Chetan ji or Zaheeda ji or Dishank-Leena or Pankaj-Vidhi , all hv become dear to me and I guess PV is only show where I am equally attached to the supporting cast as well because of their brilliant performances and I am gonna miss them like anything along with GC-KS CryCry...

But then all good things do come to an end and so I wish the entire cast and crew of PV team all the very best for their future projects and I m sure every single actor from the show will go a long way after the kind of popularity , respect and love they all received from this show Star... I really respect the entire cast of Punarvivah for the kind of rapport they share with their viewers and also among them .Thumbs Up...

I will also miss this wonderful PV forum and Dragon Club thread too Cry...PV is the only forum where right from start till end there was never any fight or negativity among fan grps or members bashing each other or any sort of division among the PV fans ... We r the only forum which is always in top 3 of Chaskameter chart without any fights and I m proud of it Big smile ...Its our unity and togetherness which have brought us on top of the rankings today and this is what is making me feel even more proud to b part of this wonderful forum which has always spread love , unity and friendship right from start till the end Clap...I m gonna miss this positivity and all my friends from PV forum and Dragon club because I know there wont b another such PV forum ever made with so much of love , understanding , unity and positivity CryCry... But I will always cherish these memories of PV forum and whichever forum I move in next , I m gonna take the example of how PV forum's unity and positivity that got us on top of IF ...Embarrassed

Overall it was a wonderful and memorable journey with Punarvivah show and this forum ...I will definitely miss this show and GC-KS  but I will always remain thankful to the Mittals for giving me such a beautiful AarYa pair and such a beautiful story Day Dreaming
Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

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awesome title and message Jyoti!  it was indeed a wonderful journey!Clap

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Awesome title jyo di.. 

- editing goin on - 

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                                                 MEETING YOU WAS FATE, 
                                BECOMING YOUR FRIEND WAS A CHOICE, 
Such is the relation between Aarti & Yash Scindia, they have come a very long way from their first meeting in the train heading 2 the Dargah...Little did they know that their lives would chance after that trip when their respective families talked to them about "remarriage" but both Aarti & Yash refused until they couldn't ignore the obvious problem anymore that children needed both parents. Yash & Aarti finally got married and from that day forward their journey began. 
And their journey was a beautiful one with plenty of hurdles but they got through them together, they laughed, they cried, they argued, they pacified and loved each other deeply...their union was made in the heaven and no human could ever separate them.

                          SOMETIMES YOU JUST NEED THAT ONE PERSON, 
                                 WHO WILL LET YOU TALK AND RAMBLE,
                                     BUT STILL LOVE YOU ALL THE SAME


A episode for the fans of PV1 getting closure on the Ishita business in the first part and the Scindia parivaar getting emotional being back in Bhopal, the rest well I'll just let you decide for yourself Wink  

It commences with Ishita driving away with Aayu while Yash and Pratik chase the car, a girl on a scooter chases after Ishita's car...Yash and Pratik go back to their car and chase as well...I still can't understand how a woman with a limp can outrun anyone, I love how Pratik was helping in the chase as well to help get Aayu back Wink  

In Bhopal the Scindia family are getting ready, Aakash is asked to take the children along with him...Aarti is worried and wonders why Yash hasn't called her yet when he knows how worried she is, Radha tells her is there was a problem Yash would have called her and since he didn't it means that everything is fine...Aarti is pacified a little bit, just then SP comes and asks them to hurry up as they ppl who have invited them have called several times and that it doesn't look good for them to arrive late...Radha tells him that they will be out in the next 10 minutes, SP leaves...Vidhi says that more than the marriage she is very curious to see the people who are living in their old house, she goes on to say that they are lucky to be living in SM...She goes on yo say that tey will be able to see SM again only because of the marriage they are invited too, and that she is happy to see their house one last time she continues to say how much she misses the house at that she came there after marriage...Aarti to agrees with Vidhi and said that she too came there after marriage and did her and Yash's grihapravesh, Aarti says that they all will miss Bhopal but that the latter will miss them as well making everyone smile. They all leave....Awww they were all very emotional in that scene that just made me Unhappy Cry...I loved how hot my sly fox SP looks in his white suit Embarrassed Heart Aww they sure have changed a lot SP gave them an extra 10 minutes w/t complaining Big smile

The girl on the scooter continues to chase Ishita's car, the car takes a left turn and the scooter turns back...Yash, Pratik and Pari comes and stops wondering where Ishita is just then the woman on the scooter comes knocks on the window and tells them that in which direction the car went...Ishita comes into a warehouse and gives Aayu to her goons whom throw Aayu like he was a ball, Yash comes in a asks her what and wants to know if she has gone mad. Ishita tells him that he will get Aayu back only after he accepts her love and wants to know if Yash can do that, the latter tells her that it will never happen so the former tells him to forget about his Aayu...Yash goes on to tell Ishita that love can't be taking and that no one can't take Aarti's place which angers Ishita who tells Yash that she doesn't know what he sees in Aarti that he isn't willing to compromise even for his child's sake...Ishita tells Yash that because of his refusal what what she will do to Aayu, the goon starts to cut the rope while the other goons holds Yash back...Seriosuly Ishita do you think that Yash would chose you over Aarti, the man saw how cruel you are, you used his kid to get to him and to separate him from his beloved D'oh D'oh...he would rather die than have anything to do with you a woman who doesn't values relations when he is all about his family, he can't stand selfishness nor cruelty and those are two of your must powerful traits so no Yash for you, delusional tart Ishita Tongue LOL LOL

Aayu starts he fall but the girl on the scooter comes and saved him, Ishita wants to know who she is and asks her to hang her back the baby the girl obn the scooter pushes Ishita and she hands Aayu over to Pari.  The girl on the scooter goes away from there, Yash fights the goons while Pratik hold Ishita...the latter who tried to get away when Yash slaps her and tells her that what she feels for him isn't love but her selfishness and madness and he wants to know how she could ever think about him like that as she is his brother's wife and that she kept Aayu away from them...Ishita says yes and that she wanted to keep Aarti away as well, Yash  tells her that he never thought that someone could stoop so low and goes on to tell her that she is of no use...Yash turns away and Ishita tells him that her life is no use without him, she tells him that she will have to go away but she will come back even if she has to take several births to be with him cause he is hers, she picks up a knife to stab herself but Yash stops her.. Pratik asks him why he tells him that she deserves to go in jail, the police comes and are taking her goons away while she clings on to Yash's leg pleading with him to hold her lovingly once while the police are dragging her away...Pfffttt that was one delusional/demented tart did she really think that Yash would ever hold her when all he wanted to do was get away from her even when he was intoxicated and now that he has see her true colors she still dreams of being with him I really hope they get her psychiatric help when she is in jail she really needs it Wacko Wacko Wacko...Yash giving her that tight kantaap was a delight to see but it didn't help she got more delusional than ever Dead LOL...The fight sequence was great as always GC was in his element Embarrassed Clap Star 

Yash takes Aayu in his arms and kisses him, he tells Pratik that he is fine and whatever happens he doesn't want Aarti to find out about the incident as she will get scared, Yash asks Pratik who was the girl and he wants to know which girl...Yash tells him the one that told them about Ishita's whereabouts and the one who saved Aayu, he goes on to say that whomever she is she was an angel as she saved Aayu, Pratik agrees...Oh lord they had my Yash praising the new heroine alas there isn't anything we can do about that now they are being used as props now that PV1 has concluded it finale chapter with the delusional tart going to jail Silly...I loved the way Yash ran to Aayu and took him in his arms and that kiss aww such a beautiful papa and beta moment Heart Heart   

The Scindia parivaar arrive at SM , Aakash comes out of the car followed by the rest of the they are all looking at the house nostalgically...Aakash says that Scindia house is his identity now, Pankaj tells him that now its is the Jogatia Niiwas and that it is the way of life as it is a new beginning to an end...Ansh says that this house was theirs first now it belongs to someone else and that makes him sad, PayPal agree with him but Pankaj tells them that there is no need to feel bad as they live in Mumbai now and that a house is made out of love and that the will remember SM where they lived happily...Ansh says that now someone else will live there happily, buaji tells Ansh just like his mothe and aunts came into the house a new woman will come there too...Aarti says that just like the house brought them happiness she wishes that Sohan Lal ji's son Raj and his wife Sarita live happily as well...they all go inside...Aww it was so nostalgic seeing them watching the house Cry Cry Cry...It was great to see the three kids kids there together and even buaji was sad Ouch I just wanted to give them all a group hug they're gonna miss SM as much as we do Hug 

Yash and Pratik reach the venue where they have the meeting, the guard asks Yash to check his laptop, Yash gives him the laptop and just then the girl on the scooter comes and gives her laptop as well she rushes in...Pratika and Yash are going over some last minute details when his bag comes out the scanning machine, the girl takes Yash's bag by mistake while he takes hers. 

Meanwhile in Bhopal Vidhi tells Aarti that Yash must be having fun alone in Mumbai, Vedika says maybe with a girl to which Aarti tells them that her Yash isn't like that...SP comes and welcomes them, Sohan Lal ji introduces his family to the Scindias, the former and his wife are differentiating between boys and girls when Radha tells they that they shouldn't differentiated between girls and boys as they are equals...Sohan Lal ji's wife tells Radha that she is saying that cause he has four sons, and that she wishes her DIL is like Radha's and gives her a grandson in a year, Aarti tells the woman that marriage isn't all about that, they should be love, be together and then plan a family later...the woman replies that they can be together, have the children and then start loving, Radha leans n and tells Aarti that not everyone is smart like her MIL to understand what she is saying...Sohan asks about Yash and says that he is lucky to have two wives at home since he did a Punar Vivaah, Aarti looks at the man annoyed...SP tells him that Yash is in Mumbai...Seriously they are more orthodox than how SP, buaji and Gayatri  used to be...so the man thinks that Yash has two wives poor delusional man doesn't know that Yash is a one woman man, Aarti looked like she wanted to strangle him for saying such nonsense LOL LOL LOL...Radha comment made me ROFL loved it how could they think like that, I know that G3maa was like that but damn these people are too much Dead 

Yash is at the venue, a woman comes and asks Yash if he has the designs to show them and she says that she wants everything to be perfect she goes on to insult Yash saying that small town people don't understand, Yash is listening to her nonsense and tells her that the designs are ready...he tells her the Mr Amitabh Bacchan, Akshay Kumar and from small town and made a name for themselves in the big city, she rudely tells Yash that she isn't interested and to go get the designs...Yash goes to get the laptop but realizes that  it isn't his, he reads the tag n the bag and it says Diya he says that if he doesn't get the bag back soon things won't go well for him and asks god to help him just then the scooter girl comes and taps him on his shoulder and her turns around and sees that it is the same girl that helped them out with Ishita and Aayu...facial introduction of PV2's heroine Divya...Wow some people like to assume things huh, that woman was just rude the way she was talking to Yash and the fact that he comes from a small town doesn't mean anything caue IMO the most intelligent ppl come from small towns cause they work hart to achieve their goals giving 200% of their all, I so wanted to smack her (no violence but she sure needed one) Angry LOL but i love the way Yash was sternly looking at her when she was talking rubbish, he was like woman please Tongue 

In Bhopal the the bride comes out and the Scindia amily looks at her and are smiling, the MIL to be asks Aarti to do the arti she tells her that she wants her DIL to be to be welcomed by Aarti, the latter does the arti...She takes the bride forward and tells her that her groom to be is on his way coming as the modern grooms make the brides wait, Vidhi joins them and tells the bride to be that the wait will be fun as they have something planned...Barkha Bisht and Mishal Raheja perform on Ghagra...teh groom to be parents are talking about them fixing his marriage without his consent, Aarti overhears and thinks if he didn't want to get married he should have said something and now she wonders what will happen Sarita...Oh my so Aarti met Sarita now she will meet Raj as well but I understand why Aarti was the one to be in Bhopal she went through a similar situation as Raj's, lets wait and see what happens tomorrow Ermm...Was it me it me or did feel a little weird to see Aarti and Vidhi talking to Sarita like they were bffs Confused 

PRECAP: Aarti dances while Sarita looks at the dor, Raj is on his bike driving in frustration...Meanwhile in Mumbai Yash is with Divya, he tells her that the person who has waited for her for so long would wait longer if he truly loves her, he looks at Yash with hope...Oh well it is official our AarYa and PV1 family are taking backseat now until they fade away and we say goodbye them forever Ouch 

 Kratika Sengar , Gurmeet Choudhary and the rest of the cast of PV-ZMD were phenomenal Star Star Star they are true champions Clap Clap Clap No other cast can come close to the awesome dynamic between the actors of PV-ZMD, I respect them ore each passing days Heart Heart Heart P.S Sorry for the delay for the delay couldn't bring myself to write anything then a late dinner...Hope you guys enjoy it Wink

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moi here only for AarYa... and my journey goes along wid AarYa and AarYa alone... love them miss them...

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Zetter OMGG Thats such a beautiful picture take on AarYa's journey right from start till end Day Dreaming...

Its so true that for AarYa , falling in love with each other was beyond their control since both initially were determinded not to fall in love for second time but they were meant to b with each other because of the soulmate connection they hv and so falling in love was obviousEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

What I loved about AarYa journey was how beautifully kids were used to create that beautiful connection between both as husband and wife Embarrassed...Whether its the Yash-Ansh bonding or Aarti-PayPal bonding , both helped AarYa to know each other closely and start developing a bond Embarrassed

Zetter this got to b one of your most beautiful picture take Clap

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