Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke


Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke
Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke turns 1

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                                                             The Talented Cast Tongue


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"Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke" - "Sweet dreams of youth"

The serial revolves around Rachna(Mahima Makwana) and Gunjan(Roopal Tyagi), two cousin-sisters who have faced the rocky roads of teenage life together. They may be different as night and day, yet they are in sync like dawn and dusk. 

Rachna - Creation

She has indeed created the beautiful bond between Rachna and Gunjan the day she wholeheartedly accepted Gunjan as her sister. She created the feeling of love in Vihaan's heart for herself and has created the beautiful bond of frienship with Chhaya. Rachna - indeed the creator of everything beautiful! Heart

Gunjan - Hum/Humming

All beautiful creatures hum...hum in itself is a melodious tune, designed to bring comfort and freshness. And that - she did. She stormed into the Garg's household with a  whiff of freshness, forcing all the members of the family to "hum" with her along the way. She brought comfort to awkward situations, thus living up to her name. Wink

Mayank - Moon

The elder son of the Garg's household, Mayank is certainly the moon in everyone's eyes. The moon illuminates darkness and is the most beautiful against a black sky. Destroying the "dark sky" (read Charu) hovering over the Garg's, he is definitely "Mayank". Big smile

Vihaan - Morning/Dawn/New Beginning

How apt for a guy whose love lies in "Creation" (read Rachna)!! Everyone looks forward to a new day; a brighter morning, which is inevitably possible from "creation" only. A loyal brother and a doting son, Vihaan is definitely a man to bring a "new beginning". Embarrassed

Rajeev - Lotus

The lotus thrive amongst the murkiest water, yet remain spotlessly beautiful. Rajeev is the man with a heart of gold, living in modern society. He stands against injustice and loves relentlessly, he's the lotus of the serial, indeed. Blushing

Shail - Mountain

Mountains are created from the inception of time and has remain in splendor despite the constant weathering. The epitome of humbleness, Shail is the mountain, standing tall and firm, of the Garg's household. Clap

Dayal - Kind-hearted

Lately, Dayal has been the kindest man by exercising utmost patience in the recent developments of the serial. Thumbs Up

Seema - Limit

She is indeed the limit to the serial! LOL It's surprising that her name itself means restriction, yet she never acts like it.  ROFL

Sangeeta - Musical

She certainly makes Seema dance to her tunes! Wink LOL

Charu - Good looking/beautiful

Using her good looks and charm, she can worm her way in and around any situation!! Respect to the girl! Cool

Dholu - Reliable

The only consistent and applaudable character in SSLK, the one the viewers rely on for support for Gunjan. Embarrassed

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke has certainly lived up to most of its origin, resulting in the many milestones and boundaries it has surpassed.

Bagging quite a few awards at the recent Zee Rishtey Awards, was concrete when the show became a chart-topper for consecutive weeks, creating excitement and joy for both cast and fans. 

Finally, reaching a great milestone, the first anniversary, is always most memorable. First year marks a new beginning for the creation of SSLK, with the brightness of the moon and the peaceful hum. Solid as a mountain, yet kind and musical, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke will live like a lotus and manage to stay within it's limit. SSLK is a reliable show that will bring Zee TV to it peak. Clap Clap Clap

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SSLK was a show with a breath of  fresh air and a different take on daily serials a story of 2 young teenage girls and their youth, started a year ago managed to create a niche for itself in the heart's of its viewers with its ever talented cast and unique storyline and had captivated the audience with its simplicity and raw emotions. We fell in love with the characters and have become so attached. 

The show has come a long way and has climbed the TRP ladder slowly. SSLK has now completed a whole year...Clap

Lets give it up to the amazing cast & crew of the show and to forget the amazing fans that made the show what it is today

So lets hear for our favourite show and here's to many wonderful years to come Party



Congratulations to cast and crew on reaching 1year old! It seems like yesterday, but then it also feels like SSLK has been around forever. Thank u for doing such a great job! All the characters are great, but i do especially appreciate Rachna and Vihaan, whose star-crossed putative love-story has caught my imagination. Here's wishing the best for all of you, and long may you continue to capture our hearts and minds.


Congratulations to the Cast and Crew for completing one year of Sapne Suhane Ladakpan KeThumbs Up
Gunjan and Rachna are truly awesome i wish there was more ladakpan and not so many engagement and weddings. Never the less i love both the girls they are doing a great job.
I wish the entire team the best of luck and many many more success in the future.

Jonelle Smile

Happy one year Birthday for our show I love Gunjan,Shail,Rachna,Mayank and Dolu the most.  A special mention to the whole Garg family the are a big reason why our show is doing well some of the Garg drives me crazy but can't see the show without them.  Charu you also bring something to the show but please stay away now.  CV  keep it going and I hope our show stay for a long time Finally all SSLK fans I hope someday we will be like other forum that support their show no matter what.


Happy 1st birthday to SSLK!!!!  
To the entire Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke team, Happy 1st birthday and here's hoping to many more years to come!!!  Love the brilliant casting of the show...particularly Roopal ,Mahima and Vaishnavi ji!!! and oh...the young cute actor who plays Dholu...I'm afraid I don't know his name!!

From the moment this show started, i found myself ADDICTED to it!!  I found the show very different from other shows. It was like fresh air. We had Gunjan, a happy-go-lucky, naughty stubborn girl and Rachna, the total opposite of Gunjan, a sweet, shy girl but scared of almost practically everything. Both girls come from different worlds and are brought together via a tragedy. Out of these two girls, I was able to connect with Gunjan more and I really love that character the most in the show. 

What I liked most in this show was the bonding process that took place between Gunjan-Rachna and Shail-Gunjan, followed by the changes (for the better) in both girls as they interact with each other and started influencing each other. And then, there was all those issues brought up and tackled in the show: internet chat danger awareness, acid splashers, achieving your dreams (through the hockey track), the western vs traditional clothes issue, suicide and then the dowry case.

However, recently (more like a few months actually), the show (in my opinion) has started to go downhill with all these constant engagement and marriage tracks!! And now, there's going to be another marriage track for Mayank-Gunjan???  For the love of SSLK, please don't have another marriage track now. Like Sandy said, the girls are only 18!!!!! Why are you in a rush to get them married so fast??? Let them live their ladakpan before making them get into a life long commitment!!! Enough of these marriage tracks, it's getting really boring and just like Sandy said, viewers are starting to lose their interest in the show because of this (and that includes me)!!! 

Another thing is the characters of the show. 
1. Gunjan - she was this girl who used to stand up for what she believed in no matter what people thought of her. She stood up against social issues like the whole western vs traditional issue and made the right decision after Mayank's suicide even if it was difficult for her. She had spunk, was mischievous, happy-go-lucky, but now she's portrayed as this weak person who only has one thing on her mind and that of the boy she loves!! What happened to going to college and making something of herself? As far as I remember, she had plans to do a commerce degree then pursue her MBA...but she's not even going to college these days!!?!?

2. Rachna: I'm glad she has changed. She's no longer the scaredy cat she once was and now she speaks her mind. She's stronger now and that's good. Although, it's hard to accept that she's forgiven Vihaan all too fast!!!

3. Mayank: This guy is like a frigging roller-coaster seriously...that's all I can say about him. 

4: Rajeev: WHERE IS HE?!?!?!?!?!? PLEASE bring him back!!! Out of all the male characters...I like Rajeev the best!!! I love DHOLU as well...but i'm talking about the adult male characters.

5. Vihaan: As much as I don't mind seeing a Vihaan-Rachna romance...this guy still hasn't repented for what he did!!! We want to see him regretting his actions and apologizing to the family sincerely before we can accept him with Rachna!!

6. Chaaya: Isn't she supposed to be Rachna's and Gunjan's best friend. Please show us more scenes with Chaaya. 

7. Dholu: This is the BEST character in the show!!! The cute adorable natkhat Dholu!!! More scenes of him as well please.

My request is basically this: Bring back the ladakpan to the show. Stop all these engagement/marriage tracks!! Bring Rajeev back. By the way, I'm a Gunjeev fan as well and would love to see something develop between Gunjan and Rajeev...slowly...not in a rushed manner.

Personally though, I think SSLK should stop the love track for a while or if there must be a love track, make it light. Concentrate on bringing to light  ladakpan social issues just like how the girls rallied against the No-Jeans sanskriti group and succeeded. The series should also focus more on the girls' dreams. For example, Rachna's hockey. Have a scout come see her play and extend a scholarship to play at higher levels or something like that. More dreams coming true and more social issues, less ishq vishq is what I'm hoping for next in Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke.

Once again...congratulations on making it to the 1st year!!!


SSLK~ the journey of two sisters Rachna and Gunjan who are as different as chalk and cheese one who can adorn the cover of a fashion magazine while the other has never shaped her eyebrows ,one whose best friend is a guy who is ready to help her run away while the other wants to talk to guys but has never had the chance. Two people so different yet so similar. The centre of their universe -their mothers. They formed a bond which was nique strong as a pillar when one is down smooth as a ribbon which binds them in happy times. The girls had their own dreams their own rules and their own lifestyle each trying to adjust with the other and the challenges life throws at them. Yet in times of trouble they stick to one another, if Rachna who does not know how to swim jumps into the river to save gunjan ,gunjan selflessly goes out with Mintoo Rachna s stalker . Rachna willingly wears jeans to support gunjan s morcha for dress code while Gunjan is ready to take on everyone to make sure Rachna plays hockey

I felt a connection to the show the day Rachna had to buy a black bra and was hesitant as her mom was not in town. Have nt we all had our little quirks where we just cant do without our mom s? The connection further deepened when The Rajeev Rachna love story started. People may argue it s one sided but for me it never was. Rajeev or should I say ZS his eyes spoke volumes!! RajNa was scrapped overnight and in place we were given ViNa it was diffficult to adjust at first but honestly the amazing actress Mahi is she convinced me. The chemistry is believeable but accepting Vihaan without redemption is just not acceptableEmbarrassed

The tracks some time focus a lot on Gunjan while Rachna does remian in the sidelines. Waited for a Rachna love track for a year hope you dont make us wait moreLOL Sometimes I just wish the show focuses less on the romance and more on the dreams and the careers of the two female leads supporting each other .The show has completed one year and the journey has been suhaane for me.

Thank you to the cast crew and the entire team who give us our daily dose of entertainment from the spot boy, to the light men ,to the Assistant directors to the make up and hair , the camera men the extras the cooks, the script writers, the people who xerox the scripts , I hope I have not left out anybody. 

Mahi Embarrassed

Mahi it s almost one year since we have been seeing you my screen and trust me every moment is bliss. You managed to portray a meek docile character

who is nothing like you in real life to perfection.You play Rachna with so much ease off screen you are so bubbly and vivacious it is tough to imagine you 

could play the role of a girl who has problem stringing words in sentences in front of people. You brought life into Rachna I doubt any other actress would have

been able to essay the role of a shy teenager without making it OTT.

I honestly love our smile that s your best feature no doubt you manage to light up the TV screen when ever you are around.This one year we saw varied shades 

a sportsman a girl who does not like wearing western clothes, a simple girl who wants some attention but is not comfortably if she get s it.

The character growth of Rachna is tremendous. From a girl who was hesitant to ask for inner s to a girl who managed to trap Charu from a girl who shook when 

speaking to her dad to the girl who had no problem claiming her cousin ran away

It s pure entertainment seeing you on screen.



Hey SSLK, Many Many Congratulations on completing 1st anniversary Party 

May you complete many more such milestones to come.
SSLK as a complete package attracted me. It was a youth show, about dreams of adolescence. The Freshness & the youth oriented theme attracted me. I have loved the way Rachna's passion was shown through hockey & how Gunjan, always kept her self respect above everything & confidently tackled every problem in her way. I love the way the bond between the sisters is shown in the show, its really a treat to the eyes & definitely 1 of my favorite aspects of the show Embarrassed

The Other thing that most immensely attracted me to this show, are Gunjan & Rajeev= GunJeev Heart I so love both of them & deeply love the bond they share. Before them I wasn't rooting for any couple, simply watched the show for the Sister's but Gunjan & Rajeev simply made me fall in love with them. They just started off as Student & Mentor, then as friends. Their relationship is based on Trust, Mutual Respect & Understanding & affection & I firmly believe these to be the strong foundation of a relationship. I still remember that the Day Rajeev realised his love, that was my favorite episode & I had literally gone crazy that day on the forums LOL
I wanna request the makers to please bring back Gunjan & Rajeev. We GunJeev fans are desperately waiting for their scenes everyday & firmly believe that they have a lot of potential. Please utilize this couple & please don't dissapoint us. Rajeev & Gunjan are my favorite characters & I so hope that they are the endgameEmbarrassed 

Also, I have a request. I don't like how the show is going on currently. The Girls are just 18 & they are shown off to be getting married, repeatedly. Gunjan & Rachna are just 18 years old & just teenagers in the show. Please let them enjoy their ladakpan & dreams. It's really creepy to see these 18 year old girls, adorn the bridal wear & get dumped every now & then especially Gunjan :/ I request to please redeem the show & bring back its old glory, the fun, the ladakpan & the girls standing against social issues. As a viewer, I am loosing my interest & I hope the SSLK team reforms now.
I have loved the show & so I can't see it getting ruined. We want that ladakpan back in Gunjan & Rachna Embarrassed

The Cast & Crew of the show are brilliant. Roopal & Zohaib are my most favorites, they are fabulous Heart & I also adore Mahima, Nikhil & Ankit Embarrassed The supporting cast is mindblowing too. I have liked Vaishnaviji since MJHT & I like her here immensely too. I love everyone in the cast & all essay their roles perfectly. What else to say, I love Charu too LOL
Aanchal is fabulous & I am very happy she won the ITA, congrats Aanchal, very deserving Thumbs Up 

My Best Wishes with SSLK. Hoping for more & more milestones for it to achieve & keep improving. Keep Rocking team SSLK   Hug

-Loads of Love, 


Very very congratulation for 1st year celebration.. Clap     

For me SSLK started from Rachna s hockey in college started.. The shy girl plays hockey with passion but scares of her orthodox family but that time her teacher supports her and eventually her whole family accepts her  hockey with pleasure.. and I got hooked when RajNa story started. 

RajNa story has embossed so beautifully and effectively left its print that we waited for 4 months for their patch up.  RajNa can never be competed with Vihan rachna.

Some people rejected them only because of age of Rajeev, student teacher excuse  otherwise it is quite perfect. and it was about almost 4 months they have talked after their sudden broke up. And cvs did very bad joke with rajna fans showing them for less than 1 minute on valentine day episode.Cry '..

Cv's tried hard to show audience this love story.

 they opened chapter of hockey as r\Rachna's extra ordinary skill to bring Rajeev in her life, they showed her concern for Rajeev when he was ill, they planned for picnic to bring close them, they brought Anushka to feel insecure Rachna and they injured Rajeev even while protecting her,  they showed Rachna taking blow instead of Rajiv to save him. they showed that only Rajeev could her pep up when Gunjan, Shail all were failed. she crossed boundary drawn by her father only because of Rajeev's guidance. she proved herself due to Rajeev only.  This story completely matches movie Bend It Like Backham..but sadly we did not get the end we wanted and RajNa scrapped overnight. That is really ridiculous..   Cry 

Creative team lost out completely on Rajna.  No clue on how to take the story forward so shut their communication for 4 long months with the fans anticipating their story to move forward but alas! they milked this cow dry. leaving the fans all confused and furious. their lots of eye locks were enough to understand that fire was from both sides, not from Rachna s side only. and they brutally killed RajNa stamping as crush of Rachna. If you wanted to show only crush you should not invested so much time from 17 th august to 16 january to show RajNa story.  They could finish that in 2-3 episodes only.  If they were not thinking for RajNa pair, they why they gave nomination to this jodi for ZRAConfused 

 Chhaya s crush was convincing.. not Rachna s if you are showing it as crush.

 If I would talk about old Rajiv Rachna, RAJIV knows how much rachna loved him. She was even ready to wait for him...dialogues from 25th october hug..They both are aware and their eye lock tells. He has been hiding all emotions for her sake because of student-teacher relation and for her career. He asked and forced Rachna to move on twice... She did finally, but was always uncomfortable when he was around. He knows that very well. He knows she does what her family wanted, so as obedient girl, he knows she accepted the proposal. He knows girl of her kind will give best to any relation she accepts...Remeber on 30th novemeber when rajiv is telling vihaan about rachna..he tells "use jaano...get to know her.."

 Hockey is like that it was only to show her inner strength in past only. It has no connection with Rajeev according to this Vihan's Rachna.

CVs played with RajNa fans ' we were literary pining of for RajNa  to CV's. We asked for screen space for Rajiv with Rachna but alas our hopes were destroyed After engagement of Rachna showing, they destroyed the most lovable character "Rajiv Agarwal"  who was man of few words, whose eyes were enough to say anything suddenly became talkative  day dreaming about a girl' where is that character  whom we  fell for in the beginning.?  RajNa was broken giving stupid reason of teacher student relation and cvs turned table overnight and gave solution of resigning job' ??????????

Rajeev was one character respected and appreciated even though he had minimal screen space initially.After the entire rachna,s engagement fiasco it seemed his character took an Unconvincing "U" turn  which leaves me wondering , is this the same guy who was so disciplined and upfront

Rajeev was just a lovable hockey coach initially . his multitalent was revealed later when he Fell after gunjanrLOL. We fell for a coach !!!!

He was so unconcerned when rachna was so hurt by his brothers antics . He did not feel responsible enough to even console or talk to her.

 Is the name of show is "sapne suhane ladakpan ke " or "sapne suhane Gunjan ke"   all is enough in this line only.

I have new banner for you cvs ,.if you want.Embarrassed

 Yes I am accepting Vihan Rachna because they have good chemistry and yes I salute Mahima Makwana she is classic girl and had good chemistry with Zohaib also.. Zohaib and Mahima both put so much efforts to show us that yes Rajiv Rachna  have muted but mutual love and understanding for each other..Please  Put Vihan on redemption otherwise Rachna fans could never accept ViNa also..

 But yes thank you for giving me incomplete RajNa story' I can never forget this story .. for me RajNa is Amar' I will never give them shradhdhanjali.. they will alive in lot s of RajNa fans hearts..  

For me RajNa forever Wink   Heart 



Congratulations to the whole cast and crew of Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke show for  completing 1 year...You all are doing a fabulous all the actors performances very much...though every one is good but I love Gunjan Rajeev Vihaan rachna Dolu Shail characters very much.dolu is very cute and good actor..both girls roopal n mahima are awesome in the show...I wish their was less off engagements and marriages ..the girls are very young to get married..Cvss please show more off ladakpan college scene then weddings...pls show both girls trying 2 make their career and rachana playing hockey...I love Gunjan and rajeev,...Vihaan and Rachna jodi ...I wish Cvs would show more of Gunjan Rajeev scenes and their love track and lately gunjan has become very weak Plss cvs show the strong Gunjan again who took firm and proper decisions in life...the show is really awesome and rocking...

Best of luck to the whole cast and crew ...May you have many many more years of Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Key...

love Gunjan


Hey Sapne suhane ladakpan ke...many many congratulations to you for turning 1Hug...hope u guys keep on growing this with such grace. Wink

Let me be honest with you, when I first saw the trailer, i thought another serial and that too with sister thing, ahhh..what's new??? But as the saying goes " Don't judge book , by its cover", that's what actually happened to me..when It started, i totally got hooked with this show..Show was realistic, and had a down to earth feel to it...I can totally relate to both Gunjan and Rachna, and specially to Gunjan..The show was like breath of fresh air in the market of serials with a light feel to it, which I like the most...I loved how you portrayed character gunjan as a self respecting women, she didn't married to mayank,that track was excellent, i totally totally respect you for that. 

Even i like how you made rachna fall into Rajiv, teacher crush and allLOL, it happened to me i find that track very interesting...Lets talk about couple, am in awe with Rajeev and Gunjan pair which we call it as GUNJEEV here in forums...tho' i like mayan too BUT GUNJEEV MORE and will prefer them anyday over mayanWink...I was like really never bothered about couple, but when you showed gunjan and rajiv pair , my heart chords just got strung...what a mature and sensible couple they would have come off if u have showed them..Tho' you have showed that Mayan will be the ultimate pair, am kind of really sad that the couple which i rooted on never even confessed their feelings also...Cv's why this injusticeCry, even rachna confessed her feelings for rajeev then why not rajeev confessing his true feelings for gunjan...Plz makers show Zohaib Siddiqui, really he has so many fans over here, even you can look at his ranking, his ranking has improved dramatically, so show him more...there has been so much rumors about him, hope you will not let him go so easilyLOL...and one more request, can u do makeover character Gunjan, her make up and hairstyle is quite dull...plz do show some fancy braids and fresh looking make upEmbarrassed

last but not the least, thank u all the cast and crew of SSLK for entertaining us for 1year, and making us hooked to our television sets...Thanks you all the people from directors to spot boy without u people, sslk would have never been sslk...Love you allHug


Happy 1st Birthday to All SSLK cast and crw. and also to all IF SSLK  members. I was nnot used used to watch SSLK..but  For Zohaib Siddiqui (Rajeev) i started watching sslk...Its not a big journey.But Now i am a great fan of SSlk..and rajeev... I love RajNa .They were great..but Alas!!..CV ruined that couple.In this 1 year All the cast did their GR88 job and also get less screenspace. CV shows all characters immaturity, Maturity etc etc... But thanked to CV for creating awareness on social issues .Congratulations To  Creative teams. And I request to SSLK CV to Bring Rajeev aka Zohaib Siddqui ASAP Otherwise I will leave this show.

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Jone :


Vibha :


Mahima Makwana/Rachna






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Wow now that all the boring stuff is taken care of let s dig in guys!!!

Can you live without Chocolate Cake??Tongue I definately cant!!! 

I already had a bite Wink

OK now are you hungry???

Hmm I guess you are!!! 

Hmm now it s time to get all of you drunk!!Evil Smile

First you wont like the taste


Then evil me will spike all your regular drinksLOL

Then this is your reaction

and my plan has succeded heee heee image

So now that u all are totally talli let s start the music and dance!!!

I hope you guys had fun !!!

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There was a time when I used to watch the show.. 

Congratulations to the whole unit and cast!!

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Fantastic jobClapClap Guys!  NostalgicThumbs Up

  Just made me emotional , I just can't get over Rajeev & rachna Cry RAJNAHeartDay Dreaming

Really wish could watch the show againConfused
 Happy 1st birthday SSLKHug

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