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#2 Virman ff- Tumse Hai Zindagi *LAST UPDATE* Pg.74 (Page 17)

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Next Part 

Manvi : Yeh kya hai ??
Virat : (sarcastically) Divorce papers ! sign karogi ???
Manvi : (made an angry face)
Virat : Yeh CBI officer ke approval official papers hai...!! 
Manvi : (eyes popped out) kya ??
Virat : Ha...Humne decide kiya ke...tum humaare saat kaam karogi..!
Manvi : aap saaf saaf kyun nahi kehte...?
Virat : Fine...!
Aaj se ek hafte ke liye...tum humaare under train karogi...
Iske liye hum sab personally tumhe train karenge...!!
yahi nahi...! balki...tum ek undercover CBI officer ki tarah rahogi...
Vidhyut : Jaise MAIN HU...!!
Manvi turned to vidhuyt in shock...
Manvi : Kya ??
Vid : Yes...!! 
Main ek Undercover CBI officer hu...
Baaki sab official CBI officers hai...
Magar hum sab tumhe mil ker train karenge...
Manvi : (to virat and all) Lekin...aap sab ne..aise achaanak kyun decide kiya ?
Virat : None of your business..!!
tumse jitna poocha hai..utna he batao..!
Say Yes or No...
Hum sab tumhe train kerne kke liye ready hai...
Kaam karogi humaare saat ? Ya Nahi...!!!
Manvi : (she took a second to think,looking at thr faces...She looked out to think ones again)
They all were waiting for her answer...Virat had a hope that her answer maybe YES...
Manvi rose up her head and looked at virat in his eyes
They all smiled a victory sign...
Virat : Fantastic...!!!
Toh phir done...!
Hum aajse start karenge...
Usse pehle...let me check you out first...!
(revolving around her,he started with his 1st question) 
Kabhi sports mein thi ??
Manvi : (standing still in her place) ha... school mein basket bal khela kerti thi...
Virat : running race wagera(etc) mein kabhi participate kiya ??
Manvi : ha...ek baar 400 meters running race be jeeti thi...(said proudly)
Virat : good..! 
tum flexible hogi phir toh...
(still revolving around her)
Karaate kid thi ?
Manvi : uumm...uummm... Nai...lekin 6th standard mein sirf ek he saal ke liye karaate mein thi...Uske baad...Nai..!!
Virat : don't worry...!
hum sikha denge...
So done !!!(stopped in front of her,he said) Dia and Tanushree tumhe Karate lessons denge.. thoda mushkil hoga... per i m sure tum ker logi...
Aur Gun shoot training thoda zyada difficult hai...toh main khud tumhe train karungaa...!
in sab ke saat saat tumhe physical fitness bhi bahot zaroori hai..!
diet control...gyming...yeh sab mein tumhe ghar pe he bataunga... 
IN sab ke baad...Sabse Difficult stage...Aaj se theek ek hafte baad..
Tum Union Public Service Commision Exam ke liye appear hogi... 
Manvi : (gulped) Exam..??
Virat : Yes...Exam...!!!
tumhara written exam hoga...aur saat mein practical exam bhi hoga...
Aur yeh sab...tum tabhi ker paogi...ja hum tumhe train karenge...
Ab Final decision tumhara hai...
Agar tum humaara saat dena chahti ho... toh in papers pe sign karo...!
They all looked at manvi...and manvi looked at those papers..
Manvi : Jab aaplog mere saat hai...toh sochna kaisa..(she took the pen and signed on those dotted lines on the papers)
They all smiled again...
Virat : (took the caller id and called deepak inside) 
Deepak immediately reported in his cabin in no time.
D : yes sir !
Virat : Deepak..(handing over those papers to him) yeh papers ko LDC examination center mein submit kerdo...
D : Ok...! 
(he left the cabin)
Virat looked at manvi again and said
Virat : Ab tum..! Ek normal ladki se ek Undercover CBI officer mein transform hogi..
Karan : So..? what are we waiting for ? let get started...
Ashish : ha tujhe bahot kaam hai na...?  
Karan : tu chup naa...
main virat se keh raha tha..
Virat :exaclty...
Manvi tum mere saat chalo..
Manvi : ACP Sir..ek min !
Virat turned to her "Kya ?"
Manvi : woh...drugs waali baat ka kya hua ??Virat : well...usko maine apni tarah se settle ker diya hai..
hum woh baad mein dekhenge..
Manvi followed him out of the cabin..
The went down...
It was like a builded underground cellar

Manvi : (scanning the surroundings) yeh konsi jagah hai ??
Virat : Yeh indoor shooting area hai... yaha usually new comers train hote hai...
As they Passed by... the loud gun firing was audible to them 
Manvi : yeh toh goliyo ki awaaz aa rahi hai..!!
Virat : Ha kuch log train ho rahe hai...!!!!
As virat came inside that area,they all stopped and gave him a salute in order of greeting.. he nod his head in reply.
They all got back to thr training.
Manvi felt "waoo" being with him...Sooo much respect...!! she thought
Virat : aao... main tumhe duusra spot dekhata hu..!
They walked further...
and finally reached alone place...whr thr was only one dart at a distance...
and some different types of guns hanged at a corner

Manvi saw the gunwall
Manvi : itni saari guns...?? 
(asked excitedly) is mein se AK47 konsi hai ??
Virat : (smirk at her question) yeh sab tumhaare liye bahot badi hai..!! 
Hum..(he took a small yet heavy pistol 9mm)

Hum isse shuruaat karenge...
(asked her) Headset pehnogi ??
Manvi : zaroori hai ?
Virat : Actually iski awaaz zyada hoti hai..! 
Manvi : ok...
He gave her the headset...and she wore it covering her ears properly
He made her stand at the straight distance from the dart...
He asked while putting bullets in the gun
Virat : Nishaana kaisa hai tumhara ??
She didn't answer him,becuz she didn't hear him,as she was wearing headset which packed her ears
Virat looked at her and signed her to remove the headset 
She removed and asked
Manvi : kuch kaha apane ?
Virat : Pehle kabhi goli chalaai ??? 
She knew he is reminding her the Hotel scene when she shot those moron guys who raped anita
Manvi : (sarcastically) bachpan mein...diwali ke mele(exhibition) mein gubbare(balloons) 
phoda kerti thi...
Virat : (making her hold the gun) phir toh nishaana bura nahi hoga...!!!
She stood wearing back the headset on her ears...ready to shoot with the gun
Virat came and stood just behind her 
She pointed gun towards the dard...little bit nervous to fire
Virat : (standing behind her and guiding her how to shoot,he spoke little loudly so that she can hear)Relax..relax your elbows... Fire kerte samay saans pe control !!! 
Manvi : (prepared herself mentally and was about to press the trigger of the gun to 
fire,when she suddenly felt his palm on her waist,He held her waist unknowingly...She 
paused and looked at him...He looked back at her confusingly and asked)
FIRE !!!!!! 
Manvi concentrated and looked at the dart... 
She Fired !
Oops.. it missed... nowhere near the dart...that was horrible shot..
Virat : (took the gun from her hand and said) No...!! Give me..!
Main batata hu...(he pointed the gun towards the dart,and manvi looked at him closely...learning from him)
He fired ! 
AWESOME...!! Just in the center of the dart...Perfect !!
He looked at manvi proudly...
Manvi looked at him and asked 
manvi : kitne saal ka experiance hai aapko ?
Virat : 4 ya 5 saal..!
Manvi : 4 ya 5 saal ka experiance ?? aur mujhe 4 ya 5 minute ka experience bhi nahi 
hai... toh kaise karungi main aapki tarah ??? 
Virat : (giving her back the gun) Don't worry... Main hu na... Main sab sikhaa dunga... 
Manvi : acha ?? 
Kaise ? 
Trainer banke ?? Ya partner banke ?? 
Virat : (making her point the gun towards the dart) Kabhi Trainer..Kabhi Partner..! 
Abhi Focus !!! 
Filhaal Is gun ki partner yeh goli hai ... kabhi dhokha nahin deti ... jahan jati hai, 
jaan leke rehti hai...
Manvi : (focusing on the dart,she smirked and told) Huhh.. Obviously jaan legi yeh goli..!! 
Jitni tezi se jaati hai utni he tezi se jaan bhi leti hogi...
Virat : (standing right behind her,with his one hand on her waist and other on the 

shoulder) Tezi goli mein nahi ... chalane wale mein hoti hai...
Manvi : (pressed the trigger and shot trice in a row back to back)
and Yeahh...Not bad...Close enough to the center point
ViraT : Good shot baby...!! Not bad !!!
Abhi toh Nishaana itna bura thaaa... I like Improvements !
Manvi : Bass... Us kamine chehra imagine ker rahi thi.. (winks)
Virat : (standing behind her, he wrapped his one hand around her stomach pulling her 
back,that her back hit his chest,He whispered in her ears) Tum Item kamaal ho...! Bass 
dimaag ki kacchi ho...
Manvi jaws dropped hearing him,especially the "Item" word...
Manvi : Hawww...Main aapko Item lagti hu ??????
Virat : (bendind his head in her neck,nuzzled a bit,he said releasing his breath on her 
neck) umm hmmm...! 
Manvi : (Moves her head sideways) karenge toh 1 hafta toh kya... ek saal mein bhi mujhe kuch sikhaa nahi paoge aap..!
Virat : (wrapping another hand arounfd her stomach,he said continuing his nuzzling in her cheek,jaw and neck) Koi baat nai... Main tumhe sab ek din mein bhi sikha sakta hu... 
Manvi : (before she looses her sense,she slightly came out of his grip by removing his hand from her stomach,she stopped him and turned towards him..saying) Training ?? Continue kare...???
Virat : (coming back to his sense,he said) Ohh...Alryt!! (blushing smile) 
They continued so...
After a long time of practice session...
They came back to Virat's cabin where Vidhyut and Ashish was discussing something
Virat : hey guys ! 
V and A : Hey !
Practise kaisi thi manvi ?? 
Enjoyed ?
Manvi : Practice ko goli maaro..! Mujhe iss waqt bahottt bhook lag rahi hai..!!
Khana nahi mila na...toh main yaha ka Furniture kh jaungi ! 
They laughed over manvi's statement
just then Tanushree entered and asked manvi 
T : Hey manvi !! ur done with virat ?
lets go..Main tumhe aaj basic karate lessons batati hu...! 
Manvi : Mujhe karate nahi Khana chahiye..!! 
Bhook se meri jaan ja rahi hai !!!!!!
(To virat) ACP sir.!! Mujhe khana chahiye..! warna main yahi gir jaungi..!
Virat : ok (he chuckles)
Manvi : toh hum lunch pe bahar chale ?? Please...(pouting like a little kid)
Virat : umm... ummm... Ok fine..!
Manvi : eeekkkss...
Virat : (to tanushree) T... Tum kalse manvi ki class lena..! 
Manvi looked at him in confused manner listening to his " Class" word
Virat : i mean... karate classes...
T : Sure boss..!
Main lunch kerke seedha ghar jaunga...!!! 
And kuch hoga toh mujhe batana... Main aa jaunga...
Virman left...
Manvi happily left with virat...
One Two One Bar and Grill at Worli 

they got seated 
Virat : kya khao gi ?
Manvi : (promptly without thinking) Hakka noodle..!(grinning like a small kid)
Virat : kooolll...
(he ordered hakka noodles)
Virat : So...!! Kaisa laga tumhe ??
Manvi : (looking around) kya ? yeh restaurant ? 
Achaa haiii...
Virat : haha... Restaurant nahi..!!
Aaj mere saat--
Manvi : ooohh... Gun shooting session !! 
Acha thaa...!!
Waise..mera chodo... 
Aapka nishaana toh ek dum solid tha...Kaise ker leto ho aap ??
Virat : huhh !! main Encounter secialist hu...
Aankh bandh kerke bhi sahi nishaane pe goli maar sakta hu...
(proud)Aise he log nahi darr te mujh se...! 
Manvi : waoo...
Sahi hai Boss...!! 
Virat : Heres ur Hakka Noodles..
The waiter served them..
They had the lunch enjoying...
She kept blabbering something something with him...
Virat forgets all his tension and worries when he is with Manvi...
She is such a sport...!!  
Truly one in a million girl...
He kept staring in her sparkling eyes which speaks volume...
Her priceless expressions.. kept mesmerizing him for every second
Soon they were done with the lunch 
Manvi : (satisfied with the food) aaahhh !! (gulped the whole glass of water)
After the billing.
while leaving towards the car
Virat : Tumhe pata hai... Khana khaane ke baad..Paani peena theek nahi hota !!
Manvi : offooo..!! Aap Indian ?? Arre hum Hindustaani ko kuch nai hota..!
aur waise bhi !!!!! khaane khaa ker paani peene ka mazaa he kuch aur hota hai !! 
(They sat in the car, virat turned on te engine of car)
Virat : (smirk) Fit rehne ke liye tumhe bahot jald yeh sab chodna hoga..! 
Manvi : Kya ?????? Chodna hoga matlab ?? Main khana khaana nahi chod sakti !!! 
Arre bhooke(hungry) maarna chahte ho kya ??
(Virat drove off,They left the place) 
Virat : Nahi Baba... Aisi Improper diet chodna hoga.. 
Don't worry..
Main tumhe bahot healthy khana Khilaaunga..! 
Bhooka nahi Rakhunga...
Soon they reached back home 
When at home Virat always seem to be busy on his phone and in study room engrossed in some files.. studying the cases... Manvi was least interested,but virat kept her beside him like his right that she learns how he think about a particular case... how he handles with any difficult cases... he kept giving her tips to remember ! 
Sometimes she used to be very attentive sometimes very lazy !!
Soon the Sun goes down and the star comes out brightly along with a beautiful spotless moon glowing to it's fullest..!!  
And so comes the Dinner time... and our Miss.Foodie is never late when it comes to 

Dinner was good...they shared a light moment...talking to the minimum !
Virat attended few calls...But at last the NIGHT !! 
It was 11 pm... 
In VirMan room
(Imagine VirMan in these clothes)

Alone manvi was engrossed in her phone..playing Temple Run..trying to score the highest
Just the Virat came back in the room...
And saw manvi sitting on the bed with her legs folded criss-cross and waggling by every 
second from left to right as she was sompletely in to the game
He just smiled seeing her...walked towards the bed
and suddenly snatched her phone from her hand to get her out of the game world 
Manvi : (she promtly jumped over to take back her phone) Arre mera game chal raha hai !!!! 
Virat not giving her the phone,he said
Virat : Mere yaha hote...tum game khelogi ?? 
Manvi : kyun ?? Zabardassti hai ?? (still trying to take her phone from him)
Virat : (not giving her the phone) Ha..!! (he loves to tease her)
waise bhi... woh bechara marr gaya jisse tum ittni der se bhagaa rahi thi (indirectly 
telling about the man in temple run,who runs always) thoda toh rest kerne do usse..! 
Manvi : (rolled her eyes who what he told) Ho ghaya aapka kaam ? 
Main soch ti hu... ke aap President kyun nahi ban jaate..? ha ? din-raat phone pe rehte 
aur jab kaam ho jaye... tab meri yaad aati hai !
Waise main na..ek din aapki "Busy life" pe book likhungi !! 
title hogaaa...aa..aa...ha !!! "THE LIFE OF ACP"..
Kabhi apne calls aur kaam se free ho jao na.. tab mujhe apni life ki history,geography 
batana..sab detail mein.!!!
Virat : Hey..!! Detail se yaad aya... Kal raat ka DETAIL toh batana he bhool gaya..
(wrapping his hand around her back,pulling her closer) Koi baat nai..abhi bata dunga... 
Sab Deeetail mein !!!! 
Manvi : (quickly escapes from his grip and told) Mu...mujhe neend aa rahi !!!! 
Virat : (burst out laughing) hahahahahaaa... Hahahaaa !!! 
don't worry...!!! Abhi detail main nahi bataungaa...
kya hai na..! tumhe kal subah jaldi utna hai... 
So tum Soo jao...Okay ?? (still chuckling over her reaction)
Manvi :Jaldi kyun ?? Mujhe koi sabzi(vegetables) bechne jana hai kya ??
Virat : Nai..!!! Early morning fitness best hota... Mera jo Gym thode din se khaali 
tha... ab finally tum usse use karogi..!! 
Ab so jao !!! 
Manvi : Oook Sir !! 
Early morning 4 am...
Silence over the city roads and every one sleeping !!
Here in ACP's house...
Virat wakes up rubbing his eyes...Ufff his messy hair and sleepy eyes 
He stretch his arms and crack his neck to left and right !! 
he lookes beside him and sees manvi sleeping peacefully cuddling a pillow in her arms 
"Khush kismat yeh pillow" he muttered,being jealous of the pillow...seeing how tightly 

she hugged that pillow...Just then he shook his head and smiled over his silly thought 
He gets freshen up..changes and came out in a gym suit

He walk towards the bed,looks at manvi still sleeping...
Manvi was sleeping like thr is no tomorrow... just like sleeping in heaven 
But then...A loud buzzer just close to her ear TRIINGGG !!! becuz of which she 
immediately jerked up from her peaceful sleep.. "Urrr..." she looked at virat confused and irritated "Kya huaaa ????" 
Virat : (grinning) Good morning !!
Manvi : (confusingly looked out at the balcony,she didn't find light of the sun...then she looked at the watch..It's just 4:15 am...
Manvi : abhi bhi raat hai... sirf 4 baj rahe hai !!! 
Manvi : Nai !! per aapki good morning abhi hai..
yaad hai naa... GYM...!! Practice !!! Training !!! 
Manvi : ha per itni raat ko kyun !!! 
Virat : No more questions..! Jaisa main keh raha hu waise karo..! 
Now hurry up !! 
k minute bhi late nai !! 
main neeche gym mein hu... 5 minute mein ready ho ker aa jana..
He sounded a bit strict...So she didn't uttered a word..and quietly walked to the 

washroom to freshen up..
She came to the gym 

wearing this

Virat : So..! tumne aajse pehle kabhi gym kiya nahi hai..toh hum slow and steady 
Aaj sirf warm up karenge...
first..we'll start with a slow treadmill walk...jisse tumhaare muscles rhythm aa jayenge..!
Now come..
Manvi silently walked on the treadmill...
As he started the treadmill... he said 
Virat : Itni chup mat raho.. Achi nahi lagti ho..!
This line got a wide smile on manvi's face,as she finally heard his cheerfull tone
Virat : (smiling along) There you go..!   
Ab smile ke saat start kiya hai... toh dekhna.. sab ache se hoga...
And THE Chatter box manvi started...
On and on and on...
after few minutes he stopped the treadmill...
and made her do some flexible stretching...
Manvi : yeh toh baccho waali training hai... Kuch interesting bataao na !!!
Virat : Manvi aaj pehla din hai !! agar abhi se maine tumhe difficult stretches karwaae 

na.. toh kal tak tumaara haat bhi nahi uthega...  
Manvi : (confused like a kid) woh kyun ??
Virat : (making her stretch her hands and arms) Suddenly Body muscles pe zyada pressure 

daal ne se muscles strain ho jaate hai...! jise muscle tightening kehte hai...!
Issi liye slow and steady...Ok ?
Manvi : (following his stretching steps)..Ok..!!
Now he was making her do this stretches

Soon he ends the warm up session and tells 
Virat : aaj k liye itna kaafi hai tumhaare liye..
Manvi : Finally...ab main ja rahi hu sone... good night !!
Virat : (ordered) Morning sharp 8 'O' Clock !! 
Manvi : (she made  BECHAARI face to melt him a little)
Virat : (making equal cute face) No excuse baby...!!
Next day...Tanushree taught her some self defense tricks 
And the routine followed by night..
Early morning training by virat...
This way 3 days passed..


Early morning training session
Manvi : (while doing the crunches) Main bore ho rahi hu...!!! 
Virat : Entertainment ki machine khud bore ho rahi haiii ???
Manvi : (made a Face)
What is Love song sequence in which the other 3 days also passes
While doing a body stretching in early morning...
Manvi : Is ke baad ??
Virat : Apni Jacket Utaaro !! 
Manvi : (shocked + confused) WHAT ?? 
Virat : apni jacket utaaro...!!!!!!
Manvi : per kyunnn...????
Virat : Tumhara rape nahi karunga..chill !!
aage ke stretches... tum jacket pehen ke nahi ker sakti hoo...issi liye utaaro !!
Manvi : (thought for a second)
Virat : manvi mere paas time nai hai... tum utaarti ho ya main khud utaaru apne haato se ?
Manvi : theek hai naa...
(tried to show some tantrums) aa...aap zara udar dekho...(turn around)
Virat : (he can't take all this anymore,So he pulled her closer and in no time he slided 

her jacket zip down and removed it...he did in such fraction of seconds that manvi 

couldn't react nor she could stop him) 
Now she was just wearing her very short sports top.. that reveals her ribs and bare waist

I m done !!
Sorry for making it little up side down !!


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wowww am the first one to comment feels great WinkDancing
this update was amazing the virman moments just awesome Big smile
manvi undercover agentShockedDancing
virat questioning manvi and her answers were cute yet funny LOL
and virat yaar kabhi itna khadoos toh kabhi itna naughty bechari manvi bhi confuse ho jati hai ke woh kaise react kare poor thing Wink

 "Tum Item kamaal ho...!" 

gosh kya yeh ACP virat singh vadhera ne kaha ShockedWink
and manvi she is soo cute innocent ek dam jhalli types bindaas hoke sab bol bhi deti hai Wink                                                                               her few dialogues and actions were too funny loved them...
and this whole training thing sounds really exciting...

"Khush kismat yeh pillow" he muttered,being jealous of the pillow...seeing how tightly 

aaye haye even we want manvi to hug virat like that Wink

and the best thing was the promo ahem ahem sounds really exciting update soon

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chandiniebinda IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 June 2013 at 4:05pm | IP Logged
Awsome update..
Was a veryy long update..
Love the precap...
Pleasee continue soonn...

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princess369 Goldie

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Posted: 08 June 2013 at 4:05pm | IP Logged
update soon next prt but long
nd especially the romance between the training
upate soon nd plZ plz plz pm me

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Posted: 08 June 2013 at 4:09pm | IP Logged
Hayeee<3<3<3<3<3 virman moments were awwwsum...
I really luved d update...
Nd d promo omggg its was superbbb lol
gym me bhi romance to banta hai boss!!
Update asap

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Sweet update ^_^ love the fact that Virat was a trainer n a partner tooo!!! Strict n soft! Love the training session n PROMO ahem subha subhaaa batamiz dil banaoge?? Bring it on!!! Can't wait for the updateee ^______^ hope u do it sooon

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