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|| :.PV Adieu Special.: Do Join In Everyone||

-Anarkali. IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 18 May 2013 at 10:05am | IP Logged

Zindagi Milegia Dobara 

Remarriage-"Life Will Meet Second Time"

20th February 2012, Monday.
After watching much promos, that was the day the much awaited Punar Vivah hit the television screen.
Gurmeet Choundary & Kratika Sengar were paired together for the first time.
They played the character of Yash & Aarti, A widow man & a divorce woman.
A show different from the rest, because it carried the concept of a Remarriage.
But if two incomplete person can become complete, Wouldn't it be worth having a remarriage.
Mad are those who say love can't happen twice. Crazy are those who say true love can only be found once.
These two prove a second is worth, with the extra ordinary roles they won millions of hearts. Not just hearts.
But they have made stranger became more like friends, who happen to be more like family.

We have had days that we laughed,
We had days where tears just unwanted swelled in our eyes.
At sometimes, we were very angry while
There were other times which made us nearly fall off our couch.

Punar Vivah teaches us on taking a second chance on life, on love, on family, on relationship itself.
We met each other expectantly & unwanted & we became close through this forum & now we have to say GoodBye, because this show is finally ending.
All we would have is memories & with that will move this forum forward. 
Time fly so early we never thought we would have have to bid Goodbye so early..
Together we had an amazing journey from the krazy chat clubs to the bashing thread, from all AT's to spamming a topic till it get pink, from games to discussion & from contests to playoffs etc, etc.. We had it all here.
But all good things must come to an end, who know maybe we may reach again. No matter what our journey never ends, because we have memories.

On behalf of PV & IF Development Team as we bid Goodbye to Punar Vivah Season 1 " Zindagi Milegia Dobara" we want to make sure your Goodbye is worth.

That is why we have lined up a series of activities for you our special Punar Vivah forum members. So that for one last time you can "showcase & flaunt what you got!"
Everyone is welcome because there is something for everyone.
If you have a funny bone, then take part in the Caption Contest.
For you crazy gals, who loves merging & mixing colors then there is the Siggy Contest.
If you dare to recreate the magic between AarYa in one video then do join in the VM Contest.
Die heart AarYa, who loves writing & re writing story just to keep the love alive then participate in the OS Contest.

If you can't do any of the above. Then we am not leaving you out.
There is the Slogan Contest for those unique phase that says it all, one doesn't need a skill for that.

But still you don't want / can't do any of the above then
Just us with the Friends Finale..

With all that said, we would like to welcome you all to the grand event & our final event because GoodBye are really forever..

Welcome To

This is series of activities set out just for you members to take part in, so that we can place all memories in one & remember the crazy days. At least ONE LAST TIME BEFORE WE SAY GOODBYE.

There are different contests, each carrying different rules & regulations & different due dates.

If you have any questions then please post the here in this thread.
Joyti, Deepz & myself will be happy to help you.

We hope that you have had a wonderful journey with Punar Vivah & with this forum.
We wish that you don't leave the forum just because PV had ended. Stay & Enjoy!

Remember, We rock & We will always do.

|| GoodBye ||
Because every endings have a new beginning.
Nothing doesn't last forever.

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-Anarkali. IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 18 May 2013 at 10:06am | IP Logged
Now for the Contests, Have you by now found your hidden talent.
Well then, if you have . Scroll down & start working.Wink

Creation Lovers, Without you guys our dabba would have been empty. Without you guys, our Creation gallery would be no fun. So here is contest just for you.Wink

Yeah!! A Siggy Contest.
We are totally aware of the fact that this forum have alot of Signature Makers. So this is just for you craziessWink.
However we have rules to follow. Are you ready from them?

Design a special  signature to BID GOODBYE TO PUNAR VIVAH.

Your signature size must be Maximum :  500x300 pixels

You may submit a Maximum  of 3 entries

No Personal pictures of the cast may be used. 
Please make use of Promos/Photo Shoots/Episode Caps only. 
You can find them all the in Punar Vivah Picture Gallery #2

Please DONOT add any copyrights or Identifying marks to your signature or they will be disqualified

Do Not advertize your work through PM or any means until after the results are announced

To commemorate this event , text must be included on the signature, you can include any phase or verse that said Goodbye.

Deadline forentries submission: 15 June, 2013 
PM all entries to 
ZeeTVcontest  with subject: "PV Adieu Siggy Contest"

If you are not a siggy maker but want to give it a shot then visit here Post All Tutorials Here #3 

Remember, to keep the rules in mind & send in those fabulous entry. 
After then voting will be done, then the winner will be announced.
If you do have any questions concerning this Siggy Contest, Please post all questions here.

All Signature Makers.!

Thank You All For Participating.
C L O S E D...

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-Anarkali. IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 18 May 2013 at 10:07am | IP Logged


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-Anarkali. IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 18 May 2013 at 10:07am | IP Logged
Those crazy writers, this is one is for you.
Take part & write those wonderful lovestory for us to remember Yash & Aarti.

A One Shot Contest, So that you writers can have one last competition against each other just to prove who can write the most wonderful-est story.
Yeah, An OS with little restrictionsWink . Little because we wouldn't give you a topic, you select your own theme.Wink
Awesome! Isn't
But obviously, we do have some rules & here they are.

 All OS Entries must be more than 1000 not exceeding 1500 words. If your OS have more words, then you will be disqualified. (Please be aware, we will be having a word count) 

 All OS Entries must be related to the show Punar Vivah with all/any of its characters.

 You are not given a topic/theme to write about, so you will write on anything of YOUR CHOICE. 

  OS Entries MUST NOT include any mature or explicit adult content.

  You can send up to the Maximum of 3 OSs each

  DeadLine for all entries submission: 8 June, 2013

 PM all entries to on ZeeTVcontest with the subject "PV Adieu OS Contest".

 If you have no idea on how to write a proper story then visit here  How To Properly Write

Keep in mind the rules & send in those crazy stories. After then, voting will be done then all winner will be announced. Any questions concerning this One Shot Contest then please do post all of then here.

All OS writers.!

Thank You All For Participating.
C L O S E D...

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-Anarkali. IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 18 May 2013 at 10:08am | IP Logged
Our next Contest is for those who love cracking jokes & making fun post on a particular scene in an episode just have one or two of those funny bones in your bones.
Then this is for you.LOL

A Caption Contest just for those funny bones people...LOL Well, there is some awesome snap shot below all you have to do add a caption but there are some rules.

  You will be Give 'TWELVE'Pictures and 
You will have to Give 'Captions' for the each Picture.

  It can be funny, happy, romantic anything you wish!

  Every Caption has to Have Funny Content, 
Adult Content is STRICTLY Prohibited.

 Dirty, Slang, Abusive Language is NOT acceptable.
This might lead to 'Direct Disqualification' and it will be Reported.

  Its NOT necessary that you HAVE to send 3 Captions per picture.
You can even send 3/2/1 Captions each for the Pics.
Its Not Necessary to give Captions for EACH Picture.

  Each Member can submit Maximum 3 Captions Per Picture.

  The Voting Process will be done anonymously
DO NOT Advertise Captions Through PM's or any sort of thing.

  Also Make Sure you send your captions in this Format
Picture #1

Same with all the Pics or how many ever pics you want to make Captions.

  Deadline for entries submission : '1 June 2013'

  PM all entries to ZeeTVcontest with the subject: "PV Adieu Caption Contest"

Now for the pics.

Picture # 1

Picture 2

Picture # 3

Picture # 4

Picture # 5

Picture # 6

Picture # 7

Picture # 8

Picture # 9

Picture # 10

Picture # 11

Picture # 12

Do keep in mind the rules & send in those funny/romantic/ awesome captions.
Then voting will be done after which the winner will be announce.
If you have any questions concerning the Caption Contest, then please post them here.


Thank You All For Participating.
C L O S E D...

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-Anarkali. IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 18 May 2013 at 10:10am | IP Logged

Loving our contests so far? Hope you are. We aren't leaving out anyone.
Well yet some of you may be be able to take part in the above contest because of time or maybe you are a pro at those things, but have fear cause we have something for you. Something which you don't need a lot of talent of, you just need the right words.

Okay, A Slogan Contest.
Well as the name suggest a short, memorable phrase to describe what a show is about, in our case.LOL
One needs no talent to write a few lines to describe. Right!LOL
However, we have a few rules before you begin.

You are allowed to go upto 4 lines maximum to describe. 

The Slogan should rhyme and shouldn't be just descriptive or must be something unique. 

If you are doing it in hindi please provide a translation in English. The translation need not rhyme. It can just be to understand the meaning of the slogan for the people who doesn't speak hindi. We don't want to restrict you to any language.

No pictures are allowed only text.

DO NOT copy dialogues from the show or any other shows and incorporate in your slogan. It has to be your invention only. 

You may send a maximum of 5 entries each. 

DO NOT advertise your Slogan to others. We have ways to find out and if we find out then your entry will be disqualified.

Deadline for all entries submission: 1 June, 2013

PM all entries to on ZeeTVcontest with the subject "PV Adieu Slogan Contest".

So those who can't make a siggy nor a VM nor write a OS then take part in this Slogan Contest because its not that hard however there is no HOW TO Guide in IF on doing a SloganLOL.

However, if you do have problems then please post your questions here & you will get helpWink.

Slogan Peeps..!


Thank You All For Participating.
C L O S E D...

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-Anarkali. IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 18 May 2013 at 10:11am | IP Logged
Now for our last past, if you still have found something to take part in the you MUST participate here

Friends Finale, What this about??
Don't wonder too much..I will tell you.
Over the past year we have may many many friends in this forum.
So this is something specially for all members in this forum to do.
All you have to do is simply tell me the below.
Tell us about your Journey with Punar Vivah & in the Punar Vivah Forum.
Tell us, why you stayed in this forum.
Name a few people (or all if you can) that you have meet on this forum.
Name your favorite Yeh Dil Moment.
Gives us 5 scenes in Punar Vivah that you love & can watch over & over. 
If you were to relive one moment as a cast of Punar Vivah, which cast would that be, & which scene would you want to be in?
Do you think Second Chance are worth taking? A reason for you answer.
Will you ever leave this forum.
Any farewell word before we go.
Simple Na, So everyone MUST answer, then we will have a grand ParTay..LOLWinkIN July.Wink
Well you are to answer those questions and PM all answers to ZeeTVcontest with the subject "PV Adieu FF "
Deadline for submission 30 June, 2013

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-Anarkali. IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 18 May 2013 at 10:18am | IP Logged
That's all the contest, And we are positive that you must have found one contest that you want to participate in. So GoodLuck To All Members Participating, weather you are a siggy maker, VM maker, OS writer, taking part in the Caption Contest or the Slogan Contest or just leaving your msg at Friend Finale, GoodLuck To You.
We wish that you keep in mind that this contest in all about saying GoodBye & keep the memories alive.

But Now, It's time for us to go.
We have had a wonderful time with you & you have given us some beautiful memories, Punar Vivah we shall never forget.
Cause this is where our journey had begin however this is where is shall also end. But we know its worthed because there is so much to keep us alive.
Everyone had a wonderful time & that's what matter.
We didn't realize we were making memories all we know was that we were having a fun

How lucky are we to have something so special that make saying Goodbye so hard.

Good Bye AarYa's.
May our journey continue, even after we are parted.

Don't be sad, because you are saying GoodBye.
You should be happy because we have Memories
with us that we will cherish for Forever.

XOXO Punar Vivah-ians, My Lovely AarYas
Punar Vivah Forum Members.
We say Goodbye so that we can meet again.
See you guys sometime around.

Thanks To Visha_Dhami , Ridzzi.
Layout Credit: Qubool Hai Forum, Housewife Forum, SaraswatiChandra Forum.

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