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Nayi Umr Nayi Chunauti - Parvarrish - Agla Padav
Nayi Umr Nayi Chunauti - Parvarrish - Agla Padav

SS: Unexplored Bond(Last Part Pg 17)

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Scene 1

Ginny completes her breakfast at the table. She is frantically turning pages from her notebook.

Ginny: Mammaa...Where are you? I am getting very late.

Sweety comes running with lunch box. She puts it in Ginny's bag and looks her from top to bottom.

Ginny: Ma...what are you doing?Confused

Sweety: I am seeing if you are completely ready. [smiles] So confident?Smile

Ginny: [tensed] I think so. Little nervous.Ermm

Sweety: Don't is just pre-finals. Don't get very tensed. I know you have prepared well.Big smile [kisses her on forehead and gives a hug] Where is your Daddyji? He has not come down yet?Confused

Ginny: I don't know Ma..I still have 5 minutes. I will wait outside. Ask him to come na...please...[goes]

Sweety goes upstairs to check what Lucky is doing. Lucky had come very late the previous night from office. She had informed him that Ginny wanted him to drop her to school the next day. Lucky had agreed, but now she sees him sleeping. Disapprove

Sweety: Luckyji!! Get up!! Ginny is waiting for you...she is getting late for school.

Lucky: [without opening eyes] Sweetyji!. I am feeling so tired and feverish.Unhappy You please drop her. Please![turns and goes to sleep]

Sweety shakes her head and goes downstairs to Ginny.

Ginny: Where is Daddyji Ma? He is coming right?Stern Smile

Sweety: No Beta. He is sleeping. He asked me to drop you.

Ginny: [sad and angry] Nowadays Daddyji does not have time for me at all. It has been more than 2 days I saw him and talked to him properly. He does not care for me anymoreAngryCry [gets into the car angrily]

Sweety feels bad for Ginny, gets into the car and leaves.

Lucky has started to do business in neighbouring cities now because of which he has been very busy lately. He comes very late, by the time the children goes to sleep and when he gets up in the morning children have already left to school. Ginny has started missing her father a lot.

Scene 2

Lucky is sitting at the dining waiting for Sweety. Sweety comes home after dropping Ginny at school.

Sweety: You are up Luckyji? How are you now? [touches his forehead and checks temperature]You have fever Luckyji!

Lucky: I am ok Sweetyji. Is Ginny angry with me?Unhappy

Sweety: [looks at him] [sighs] Luckyji, honestly from the time you have started to go to other cities you don't have time for your family at all. I understand Luckyji. But you cannot expect it from children also right?

Lucky: [sad] What can I do Sweetyji? There are great opportunities in other cities. I am doing this for them only. If I get some good deals, our kids future will be even better right?

Sweety: Not at the cost of your kids Luckyji. Not at the cost of your health. You are not eating properly, no proper sleep, travelling is increasing your blood pressure also. Please listen to me and stop this new venture. Please.

Lucky is silent. Sweety does not want to argue more. She leaves to bring his breakfast. Lucky is thinking. If he continues for few more weeks, he is sure to get good profits. He wants to make sure his children's life is good and secured.

Scene 3

Ginny comes back home from exam happily. She has done her final exam very well, better than all the other papers. She runs to the kitchen and hugs Sweety.

Ginny: Maaa...Exams are over...and paper was so easy!!Dancing

Sweety: Wah..this is so nice to hear. Go and freshen up. I will prepare something good for you to eat.Wink

Ginny: Ok[happily leaves upstairs]Tongue

Lucky: Sweetyji! Sweetyji!Smile

Sweety is surprised that Lucky has come home this time. Lucky comes and sits at the dining.

Sweety: Arey Luckyji! You have come at this time?ShockedSmile

Lucky: Why? I should not come to my house?[winks] I have not come to see you, I have come to see my daughter[smiles] Where is she? She is home? How her exams went?Smile

Sweety: [very happy with Lucky] Yes. She has come and is upstairs. She has done her exams so well. She is very happy.

Lucky: You call her na? [eagerly] She will be surprised to see me.

Sweety: GINNY!! Come down fast.

Ginny: [from upstairs] Yeah coming.

Ginny comes down happily and enters the dining and sees Lucky sitting there. Lucky happily smiles at her. But Ginny is still angry at him. Ginny turns to go away from there.Ouch

Sweety: Where are you going Ginny? Come here and sit.

Ginny: No Ma. I don't have time for all this. I will come when I have time.Stern Smile[leaves]

Lucky understands Ginny is indirectly telling him. He feels helpless how to make his daughter understand. He knows he is not spending time with her and he misses her too. Sweety signals him to go and talk to her. Lucky goes to Ginny's room. He sees her sitting sadly with a book. He goes and sits near her. Ginny ignores him.

Lucky: Naraaz ho?

Ginny: [silent]

Lucky: I am sorry beta? Actually...

Ginny: I don't want your sorry Daddyji.

Lucky: I understand that you are angry..

Ginny: I am not angry Daddyji. I am hurt...Cryhurt because my father was not there for me when it needed the most.

Lucky: What are you saying? I am always there for you...Always..Confused

Ginny: Then tell me what happened 3 days back with me?

Lucky: [confused, silent] What happened? You mom did not tell me anything.

Ginny: [sad smile] I was down with high fever before my Maths exam because I was so scared. I wished you were by my side. Mom even called you many times on your phone. But you never answered.

Lucky: [shocked] What?Shocked [thinks] Probably I was with clie...I am so sorry beta...I promise it will never happen again.

Ginny: It has already happened Daddyji. I have understood that you care more for your business than me. I won't complain anymore. I will learn to live without you. You go and take care of your business. [pauses] I want to read my book Daddyji...ALONE.

Lucky is shocked to know the extent to which he has hurt his daughter. He realises his absence has created such an impact on her. He slowly gets up and leaves the room. He goes to his room and sits on the bed. Sweety is already there in the room

Sweety: [senses situation] What did Ginny say?

Lucky: [sad] Truth.Unhappy

Sweety sits near him silently.

Lucky: You were right Sweetyji! This new business is creating problems...I just wanted to do..children's happiness...I...[closes his eyes in sadness]Cry

Sweety: Luckyji! I understand. But you have to understand that children are not used to your absence especially Ginny.

Lucky: But Sweetyji, it has been only two weeksConfused. Even when I am at home Ginny and I don't spend that much time together. I mean..honestly I did not think my presence or absence will matter for her.Confused

Sweety: [surprised] Why do you think like that?Shocked

Lucky: What have I done for her? I cannot help her in studies, I don't speak to her about her school or friends, she is closer to you than me..I don't...Unhappy

Sweety: Enough Luckyji! What are you saying! [pauses] Remember? When Ginny was very little, she used to run and come and hug you when you reach home in the evening every day. You used to take her immediately and play with her till she sleeps in the night. [Lucky smiles] But one day, you were upset about something at office and did not play with her that day. Remember how angry she was with you at that age itself? [pauses] Don't think too much about this Luckyji. Ginny is just angry that you were not there...

Lucky: [shakes head] But you remember Sweetyji? After that incident, Ginny never hugged me when I returned home, till now. I tried everything  but that one incident changed everything. I keep breaking her trust. I fear the same thing is going to happen again...

Sweety: Luckyji! It was...

Lucky: But why didn't you tell me about her fever?

Sweety: You came back so tired on that day and went directly to bed. Ginny's fever had come down. I did not want to worry you.

Lucky: [silent] I am a bad father.Unhappy

Sweety: No Luckyji. Don't think...

Lucky leaves the room angry with himself. He comes downstairs and sees Rocky watching football match. Lucky is tensed as what Rocky thinks of him.

Lucky: [trying to be casual] Oye Rocky Singh! Whose match is going on?

Rocky: [looks at him] Who are you? I have seen you before somewhere. You used to stay in this house right?

Lucky is shocked at the response. He sits on the sofa defeated.

Rocky: Arey Dad. You took it seriously? I was just joking.[laughs] How are you Dad? How is work going on.

Lucky: [little relieved, nods head] You are also angry with me?

Rocky: [thinks] No, not angry. But yeah, definitely missed you. [smiles] Ginny missed you a lot more though.

Lucky: How is studies going on? When is your exams?

Rocky: [silent] Dad! My exams got over before Ginny's started. Don't you remember?

Lucky: [sighs] I guess I forgot everything and...everyone.

Rocky: [understands] Dad! Forget it! Just give Ginny some time. She will be fine.

Lucky knows he need to do something to get back Ginny's love and trust. But what? He gets a call from his Agra client. Lucky is thinking what to do. 

So this is PART 1. Please do share your views. I am trying to set a base here in this part. Please do let me know who needs PMs when I update.Smile

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Shwets1502 IF-Addictz

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ABdaKriticizer IF-Sizzlerz

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Hey, great starting, Shwets. Clap
Awesome first part and it felt like watching the show itself. Great writing. Big smile
Now, atleast something on the relation of G-L. Unhappy

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skyforceguy IF-Dazzler

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excellent part. Well in 2nd part, involve rocky a little more. Keep the focus on ginny and lucky but just casually involve him. Cuz it looks odd when parents constantly have talks with one kid and another is missing. But yes, this part was excellent as i said. Keep it up.

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Shwets1502 IF-Addictz

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@Ahsaan Thanks yar. Yes...if they are not going to show...lets do it ourselves

@Pritam I did realise I was not involving Rocky. Main reason I added the last scene...I just wanted to show that Ginny missed Lucky more as she needed him by her side. 

Will def add more RockySmile Thank you.

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skyforceguy IF-Dazzler

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it was just a piece of suggestion.
Well, yes, father and daughter share an amazing bond. I see it in my house, my sister is extremely close to dad. CVs should explore it a little. There are different kinds of dads exist. Like jeet is too dramatic with raavi whereas lucky is a silent lover.
But i had felt lucky caring deeply for ginny in early parvarish episodes... He does care but not really expressive.

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Shwets1502 IF-Addictz

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@Pritam Lucky is a totally different father than Jeet. His extent of love and concern for his kids is not known to even Sweety I feel. Sweety herself saw that love when he went to get permission from coach during football...I just loved Lucky as a father in that track

Lucky is very protective abt Ginny...probably one of the reason he keeps himself a little away from that he does not stop her from doing things. His support during cycling track was good.

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Part 2

Scene 4

Lucky gets a call from his Agra client. Lucky is staring at the phone thinking. Rocky is confused.Confused

Rocky: Dad! Your phone is ringing.

Lucky: [sighs, takes the call] Haan ji! [listens, sad] We will meet in my office in 30 minutes and complete it. Unhappy[keeps the call] I am going to office. Tell your mother. want anything from outside?

Rocky: [thinks] Don't worry I will go and get it myself.

Lucky: Arey! Tell me..

Rocky: Ok..I need a guide book. You will get it in the main book market only. I need a used one. I will message you the name of the book. And Dad..I want it today itself so please don't forget.

Lucky: [nods] Ok..Bye!


Scene 5

Lucky is sitting in a meeting with his Agra clients. The representative of the clients is furious.

Rep: What do you mean you cannot continue the process Luckyji? AngryWe are all dependent on you and suddenly you back off?

Lucky: Sirji! I understand your situation. But the entire process will take weeks or may be even months and it is not possible for me to manage.Ouch

Rep: Then why on earth did you start the work?Angry We would have gone to some other agent right? This is betrayal Luckyji!OuchAngry

Lucky sits there hearing the rep. He knows the mistake is on his side. He has to hear them. Probably it is going to cost him a lot too.

Scene 6

Sweety is in the kitchen making dinner. Ginny comes.

Ginny: What are you doing Ma? Can I help?Smile

Sweety: [smiles] No need beta. I can manage. You go and rest. You were reading some book? What happened?

Ginny: No mood [sad]Cry

Sweety: [realising] Why no mood? You were so happy that you did exams well. Your Daddyji also came home early to be with you. Then why no mood?

Ginny: [silent]

Sweety: Now I know. Luckyji told something to you? Scolded you? Wait I will call him now.

Ginny: No Ma. [not meeting eyes] Daddyji did not tell anything. Actually it was me.Disapprove

Sweety: [acting as if shocked] Oh! You scolded Luckyji! [pitying] Poor Luckyji! [looks at Ginny] Arey beta. You don't take tension. Luckyji won't take all this to heart. Everything will be fine. Why don't you call him and speak?Wink

Ginny: [thinking]

Rocky enters the kitchen looking for something to eat. He sees Ginny in deep thinking.

Rocky: Oye! Don't use your brain like this. Save it for final exams. Already it is a small brain.LOL [laughs, sees Sweety  staring] Ma. Give something to eat na..I am hungry.

Ginny: But what will I speak to him?Confused

Rocky: With whom?Confused

Ginny: Daddyji.

Rocky: Arey! You are thinking as if you are going to speak with the PresidentLOL. Call him and speak casually. That's all. And yeah, remind him to get my guide.

Sweety: [goes near Ginny] There is no compulsion beta. If you feel like talking to him, call him.Smile

Ginny: [smiles] Daddyji came home in the afternoon for me. [pauses] I will call him. He will also be happy. [leaves]Big smile

Rocky: Chips hai?LOL

Scene 7

Lucky is trying to convince his Agra clients.

Lucky: I understand we are more than half way through to sign the deal. I will myself arrange for another agent who will take over from where I left. I don't want any commission. You can deal with that agent.

Rep: Wah Luckyji! What planning you are making. You won't deal with us, but I know you will deal with the other agent and get your money.

Lucky: [shocked] What! No! I am saying I am not interested in this deal anymore. I am just trying to help you.

Rep: Where we need your help, you are not giving. We don't need your help Luckyji! We can manage ourselves.

Lucky: [frustrated] What do you want me to do now?

Rep: You will have to pay for the loss.

Lucky: What?

Ginny takes the phone excitedly and calls Lucky. Lucky's phone vibrates. Lucky sees the call from home. He thinks it is Sweety and cuts the call. Ginny is confused. Rocky comes and advices her to call again.

Lucky: But why should I pay for the losses? Where is the loss? We have not signed any deal in the first place.

Rep: Loss for cheating us. We have taken huge loan. 

Lucky: [shocked] Cheating?

Ginny calls again. Lucky cuts the call.

Rep: We can settle it by ourselves. Or else we will have to file a case against you for cheating us.

Lucky is trying hard to control his anger. He has always been honest in his work and now those people are accusing him of cheating. Ginny calls again. Lucky is confused why Sweety is calling him so many times. He thinks it has to be something important and excuses himself to take the call.

Lucky: Hello!

Ginny: Daddyji!

Lucky: What is the matter Ginny? Anything important?

Ginny: Actually...just wanted to speak to you.

Lucky: [voice down but angrily] You can speak to me at home also right? I am rejecting the calls so can't you understand that I may be in an important meeting? Keep the phone now. We can speak at home.

Ginny: [shocked, keeps the phone]

Rocky: What happened?

Ginny runs to her room.

Lucky comes back to the meeting and sits. He then realises what he had done. 

Lucky: [angrily to Rep] Whatever you want to do you can proceed. Send me detailed report of the loss and how much I have to pay for it. If it is genuine, I will pay the loses. Or else we will settle in court. [gets up, signalling them to leave]

Rep and the Agra clients get up and leave. Lucky sits there thinking angrily.

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